National Smokers Alliance (NSA) Introduction

In the fall of 1998, the ANR Foundation published its ground-breaking report, The National Smokers Alliance (NSA) Exposed.

This important document has already proven to be an invaluable tool for advocates working on local clean indoor air ordinance campaigns. In many communities, advocates have used this publication to educate elected officials and the media about the tobacco industry's #1 front group, limiting their ability to cause serious damage.

The NSA Exposed uses Philip Morris internal documents to show how and why the tobacco giant created this front group. Included are case studies from communities across the nation which have gone 'mano a mano' with NSA's slick, out-of-town operatives and have first hand experience with the group's opposition tactics.

The ANR Foundation is pleased to make the first revised edition of The NSA Exposed available on the Internet. The revised edition updates many of the case studies, including the important victories in Corvallis, OR and Portland, ME where citizens voted to uphold their new smokefree ordinances in tobacco industry supported referenda.


Philip Morris Cancels NSA Funding

On June 29, 1999, Philip Morris issued a press release announcing that it will no longer fund the National Smokers Alliance. ANR has issued this statement in response:

The NSA and the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF)

"All we're going to do is change the name on the door. We're going to continue to do what we've always done." Walker Merryman, Tobacco Institute Vice President in "Tobacco Institute workers confident of reincarnation," Los Angeles Times, June 24, 1997.

In January 2001, ANR reported that the Philip Morris-funded National Smokers Alliance (NSA) was dissolving and donating an unspecified amount of their assets to the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF). We knew then that both the NSA and the CIF were housed in the same building in Alexandria, VA, but the link between the two had just become clearer.

According to tax records for the Center for Individual Freedom for November 1998 - September 1999, three NSA employees were also officers for the CFIF: William Thomas Humber was President, David Eric Schippers was Secretary, and David M. Nummy was Treasurer. During the same time period, Humber was the President and CEO, Schippers was Vice President, and Nummy was "Director as needed" for the NSA.

Despite the NSA claims that they were going out of business, you can be sure that the activities of the CFIF will mirror those of the NSA and other tobacco industry front groups. The CFIF has a history of filing amicus briefs on behalf of their causes, so it is likely they will continue to oppose clean indoor air campaigns using legal threats and challenges. Much like the quote from Walker Merryman noted above, Philip Morris has done nothing more than change the name on the door.