Philip Morris Comes Out of Hiding in Duluth

November 5, 2001

Late last week, Philip Morris surfaced publicly in a "last ditch effort" to undermine support for Duluth's strong smokefree ordinance with a direct mail piece to Duluth residents from Philip Morris U.S.A. postmarked Dulles, Virginia. The red, white and blue brochure asked residents to oppose the clean indoor air measures on the ballot in Duluth on November 6th.

Up to this point, the tobacco industry has hidden behind the sheep's clothing of local third party allies-- a typical strategy in local clean indoor air campaigns. Now, we finally can point to Philip Morris' direct involvement in attempting to derail the local smokefree law in Duluth.

"All along we have suspected that big tobacco is behind the scenes," said Pat McKone, senior director of the American Lung Association in outstate Minnesota. "We now have proof of direct contact." [Duluth smoking ban on ballot again, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Saturday, November 3, 2001, by Larry Oakes / Star Tribune.]

View the Philip Morris mailing to Duluth residents by clicking on the links below:

Page one of the mailing(size - 47 KB)
Page two of the mailing(size - 61 KB)