Searching for Tobacco Industry Documents

August 2010

There are various collections of tobacco industry documents being maintained by tobacco control advocates and others. They are often easier to search than the industry sites. Here are some of the main ones:

Search the tobacco industry document sites and find your own "best of the worst"...

ANR suggests using some of the following key words in the "search box" on these web sites:

  • your state or city (e.g., California or San Francisco)
  • last name of tobacco industry employees and lobbyists (e.g., Merlo or Humber)
  • name of groups or organizations you think have ties to the industry (e.g., National Smokers Alliance or its acronym NSA)
  • litigation
  • ETS or passive or sidestream or secondhand or EPA
  • bill or proposition numbers (e.g., Prop 10)

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has written "The tobacco industry documents: an introductory handbook and resource guide for researchers" - the document is in PDF Format.