Texas Smokefree Ads
For more information, contact:
Julie Winkler
TRUST for a Smoke-Free Texas

701 Brazos Street, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701

¿Cuál derecho se debe proteger?
This Spanish language print ad emphasizes the dangers of secondhand smoke and the right to breathe clean air.

The Smoke Will Wash Out of Her Clothes... But What About Her Lungs?
This print advertisement stressed that all employees have a right to smokefree air, and described the harmful chemicals in secondhand smoke.

Like Private Property Rights?
A photo of an opposition yard sign from Lubbock, TX ballot challenge.

It's your right to live smokefree!
Lawn sign in support of the ordinance.
Second-hand smoke causes heart disease!
Lawn sign in support of the ordinance.

Our first-rate city doesn't deserve second-hand smoke.
This direct mail piece from the Smoke-Free Dallas Coalition urges people to join the coalition.


For more information, contact:
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) at anr@no-smoke.org

How To Tell If A Smokefree Proposal Is Fake. Or For Real
Print ad in support of strong smokefree policy without loopholes