Tobacco Industry Ads
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Only Big Tobacco would fight cutting heart attacks in half
This print ad described a study that found heart attack rates in Helena, Montana dropped while a smokefree ordiance was in effect, and noted the other health hazards of secondhand smoke exposure.


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Chris Quint
Colorado Tobacco Education & Prevention Alliance
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Sondermann/E-Squared Partners
Amy Guttmann

Warning: Tobacco Industry Tactics Are Hazardous to Fort Collins Health


FEAR. The tobacco industry wants you to believe that going smoke-free is bad for business
This document is a series of direct mail pieces for restaurateurs, which debunk the notion that going smokefree economically harmful.


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Pete Bialick
GASP of Colorado
2885 Aurora Ave., Suite 37
Boulder, CO 80303-9930

Why is the Colordado Restaurant Association feeding us tobacco industry lies?
This print advertisement described the financial ties between the Colorado Restaurant Association and the tobacco industry.


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"Accommodation" Isn't About Fairness. It's About Profits
Half-page print ad describing the tobacco industry's "Accommodation" strategy


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Philip Morris Changes Name to Altria
An example of print ad and flyer developed by the You Decide youth group in Grand Rapids, MI.


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Kelly Buettner-Schmidt
Assistant Professor
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707

Who says the most effective means of controlling indoor tobacco smoke pollution is...
This ad from Minot, ND contrasts the messages given by health professionals with those offered by the tobacco industry.


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How To Tell If A Smokefree Proposal Is Fake. Or For Real
Print ad in support of strong smokefree policy without loopholes


For more information on smoking in restaurants and bars, and to see more ads in this series, visitTobaccoScam
"Those so-called experts who warned against going smokefree? Find out who they really work for."
One in a series of TobaccoScam ads published in restaurant trade journals, exposing the tobacco industry's tactics to keep smoking in restaurants.


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The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NAATPN)
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Toll-free 1-888-4-NAATPN
Don't Be A Fool. Organize to Rid the Black Community of Tobacco Abuse
This print ad alerts the reader to the health toll on African Americans caused by tobacco.

Slay 'Em. Toxic. Intense.
This print ad urges African Americans to stop smoking.