Ventilation Ads
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Who supports...protecting the health of all workers with a comprehensive smokefree ordinance for Delaware County?
This print ad listed a variety of health groups that supported smokefree air in Delaware County, IN, as well as noting that the opponents of the ordinance included "Big Tobacco and its allies."


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Colorado Tobacco Education & Prevention Alliance
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Sondermann/E-Squared Partners
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Cyanide, Myth, and Juggling
A series of direct mail pieces targeted to restaurateurs, which describe the hazards of secondhand smoke exposure, and how ventilation fails to correct the problem.


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Restaurant Times & Health News Issue 8 -- Ventilation
Direct mail piece.


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"Ventilation?" That's Just Tobacco Blowing Smoke Again
Half-page print ad that explains why Big Tobacco pushes ventilation sytems

"Ventilation?" That's Just Tobacco Companies' Blowing Smoke Again
Half-page print ad that explains why ventilation does not protect against SHS exposure


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The ANR Foundation at
"Air Filtration"? That's Just Tobacco Companies Blowing Smoke Again
This print advertisement describes why air filtration systems do not protect against secondhand smoke exposure.


For more information on smoking in restaurants and bars, and to see more ads in this series, visitTobaccoScam
"We didn't fall for Big Tobacco’s ventilation scam. And customers love our smokefree atmosphere.”
One in a series of TobaccoScam ads published in restaurant trade journals, exposing the tobacco industry's tactics to keep smoking in restaurants.