ANR News Releases (2005)

Washington State Voters Approve Smokefree Workplaces
December 8, 2005

Washington State Voters Approve Smokefree Workplaces
November 9, 2005

Landmark California EPA Report Confirms Dangers of Secondhand Smoke
September 29, 2005

ANRF Statement on Annual Secondhand Smoke Costs
August 17, 2005

Illinois Restores Local Control for Smokefree Workplace Policies
August 12, 2005

Statement by Cynthia Hallett Re: State Smokefree Laws
July 11, 2005

Wisconsin Legislature Considers Eliminating Smokefree Workplace Laws :Bill Would Roll Back Important Public Health Protections
June 23, 2005

Celebrating 15 Years of Smokefree Skies on February 25th
February 23, 2005

Letter to NCSL on Philip Morris' Youth Development Grant
January 26, 2005

Smokefree Transportation Chronology
January 25, 2005
ANR recognizes the 15th anniversary of smokefree domestic flights

Map of Smokefree Cities and States
April 4, 2005