Wyoming Smokefree Ads

For more information, contact:
Julia Heemstra
Teton County Tobacco Prevention
Program Manager
(307)734-9718 (phone)
(307)734-2632 (fax)

How would you spend an extra $581 each year?
This print advertisement stated that $581 is spent each year on taxes for smoking-related government expenditures, suggested a variety of ways that one might otherwise spend that money, and urged that all workplaces and public places be made smokefree.

Ad created by Karen Brennan.

We know that breathing smokefree air is critical if we want to stay our healthiest, and compete at a world-class level. We believe the same is true for our community
This print ad featured young athletes speaking in favor of smokefree air in Jackson, Wyoming.

With Jackson's clean outdoor air, why wouldn't we want clean indoor air?
Transcript for a radio ad that featured athletes who support smokefree air in Jackson, Wyoming.

We believe we all have the right to breathe clean air
This print ad featured a photo of three young girls, and noted that studies show that smokefree environments help prevent youth from starting to smoke.

Quiz: If a business goes smoke free it will lose business and very well may be on the road to extinction. True or False?
This print ad featured Greg Smith of Snow King Resort, who stated that going smokefree has been good for business.