Meet Vincent "Vinny" Rennich

Vincent "Vinny" Rennich. Vinny, a former casino games supervisor at the Atlantic City Tropicana Casino, is ANR's 2007 Smokefree Hero of the Year. Vinny has worked in Atlantic City casinos for the past 25 years. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. His doctor advised him to quit smoking ...but Vinny never smoked a day in his life.

During New Jersey's recent smokefree legislative battle, Vinny spoke up and asked that his workplace -- a casino -- be smokefree too. This spring he was fired. Secondhand smoke cost Vinny part of his lung. Speaking up about it cost him his job. The good news is that lung surgery was successful, and Vinny is now cancer-free. He says his destiny now is to inspire others in the fight for smokefree air. Let's not let him down.

The best way to help Vinny and thousands like him is by supporting the fight for comprehensive local and state smokefree workplace protections. That's our job here at ANR. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can breathe smokefree air. This year we are working harder than ever to fully protect nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, and the tobacco industry is still fighting back with its dirty tricks and deep pocketbooks. Our objective is to pass more new, strong smokefree laws all over the country, as well as to work with cities and states to strengthen laws that currently contain loopholes or do not cover all types of workplaces. Those laws addressing casinos are extremely compelling, but are also some of the most challenging.

Our smokefree accomplishments are made possible by the generosity of ANR members and donors like you! Your support has helped us to pass and defend thousands of local and state laws, as well as track and report this data to other policy makers, advocates, and to the media. Your ongoing support will allow us to continue to make progress toward smokefree air and to help those like Vinny Rennich and others to work in a safe, smokefree workplace.

Join us! Together we can save lives by making smoke-filled workplaces a thing of the past.

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