ANR in the News (2013)

CCU begins move to be tobacco-free by next fall December 28, 2013

Coastal Carolina University will launch a new initiative in January to help students and staff quit smoking as CCU transitions to a tobacco-free campus by next fall. At least 1,127 U.S. college and university campuses have gone 100 percent smoke-free since Nov. 20, eliminating smoking in indoor and outdoor areas across their entire campuses, including residences, and 758 of those are 100 percent tobacco-free, according to data from the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation ...

Flowers Hospital starts new year with tobacco ban
Dothan Eagle - December 24, 2013

Hospitals around the U.S. have been transitioning to tobacco or smoke-free campuses. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights ...

UDG Principal Don Buenger Received an Award for Innovative Architectural Design of Smokefree Casinos from the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation
PR Web (press release) - December 20, 2013

The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation recently hosted a workshop on creating safe and healthy smokefree casino jobs. Don Buenger, a Principal with the architectural firm Urban Design Group, was invited to speak about designing smokefree casino environments, and he was presented with an award for his firms innovative work.

New York City Extends Smoking Ban to E-Cigarettes
Mayor Bloomberg Expected to Sign Into Law in Regulatory Blow
Wall Street Journal December 19, 2013

New Yorks City Council voted Thursday to extend its public smoking bans to electronic cigarettes But e-cigarette critics, including Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, say less harmful isn't good enough and that secondhand vapor is a pollutant.

E-Cigarettes Encounter Rising Heat
Three Big Cities Weigh Bans; 'Vaping' Backers Say Opportunities to Quit Could Be Snuffed Out
Wall Street Journal - December 19, 2013

The electronic cigarette, the popular device created as a healthier alternative to smoking, is hitting strong headwinds. But e-cigarette critics, including the American Lung Association and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, say less harmful isn't good enough, and that secondhand vapor is a pollutant. They also argue e-cigarettes serve as a Trojan horse to avoid smoking bans and get more people addicted to nicotine.

Air Space: E-Cigs and Secondhand 'Smoke'
MedPage Today - December 19, 2013

The Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation reports that fewer than one in five cities and towns with the strongest level of smoke-free ...

Maryland colleges join national movement to snuff out student smoking
Cecil Daily - December 17, 2013

About one-third of Maryland colleges and universities have decided to follow a recent national trend to ban smoking on college campuses. ... Across the country, colleges and universities are rapidly adopting smoke-free policies. Since 2010, the number of smoke-free campuses has more than doubled, and 1,127 institutions now prohibit puffing on their premises, according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, which collects national data on smoke-free initiatives. “We’re seeing activity in all corners of the country and by all kinds of campuses,” said Liz Williams, a project manager for the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. “In the last four years, we’ve seen a massive uptake [of smoke-free policies].” Williams said there has been slightly more activity from state and publicly-funded universities, which is consistent with the pattern in Maryland where it is legal to light up at more than 20 private institutions ...

U of Illinois smoking ban takes effect in January
AP - Kansas City Star December 16, 2013

The University of Illinois is preparing to go smoke-free when the state's flagship campus bans smoking starting Jan. 1.

No-smoking policy on UI campus takes effect Jan. 1
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette December 15, 2013

The entire UI campus indoors and out is going smoke-free Jan. 1. And that means no more smoking at tailgates. Or in your car or anywhere else on UI property. It also bans e-cigarettes, which emit water vapor rather than smoke. They're used by some smokers to try to quit, with gradually reduced nicotine levels. The American College Health Association has urged campuses to adopt stricter policies in 2009, and in 2012 the Department of Health and Human Services partnered with the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation to launch a Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative. More than 1,100 college campuses are now smoke-free, or about 25 percent, according to the foundation.

Smoking restrictions on other campuses
Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette - December 15, 2013

The University of Illinois will be the third Big Ten school to go 100 percent smoke-free, indoors and out. Others in the Big Ten have partial bans, and some ban all forms of tobacco: Sources: University of Illinois, Big Ten universities, American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, Illinois public universities, Illinois Department of Public Health

Advocates worry about raiding Tobacco Trust Fund - December 13, 2013

The settlement fund is the result of a 1998 settlement between four tobacco ... about 13 percent of Vermont's high school students smoke, as compared with 18 ... the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. ... spending nothing on prevention, though the state's high school smoking rate ...

Indiana ranks 31st in protecting kids from tobacco
Indianapolis Recorder - December 10, 2013

Fifteen years after the 1998 state tobacco settlement, Indiana ranks 31st in the nation in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and ... The report on states’ funding of tobacco prevention programs, titled “A Broken Promise to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 15 Years Later,” was released by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.

Will CSU be smoke-free in the near future?
Rocky Mountain Collegian - December 10, 2013

...Last month, The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation published a list of 1,127 campuses in the U.S. that have implemented policies to be ...

Fifteen Years after Tobacco Settlement, Report Finds Most States Continue to Shortchange Prevention Programs
Sacramento Bee - December 9, 2013

Fifteen years after reaching more than $246 billion in legal settlements against the tobacco industry, most states have broken their promise to spend a significant portion of the money on programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit, according to a report released today by a coalition of public health organizations. The report, titled "Broken Promises to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 15 Years Later," was released by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

Anti-tobacco advocates say Kansas has underfunded smoking prevention
The Kansas City Kansan - December 9, 2013

On the fifteenth anniversary of the multi-billion-dollar settlement between the tobacco industry and the states, tobacco prevention advocates say Kansas has underfunded programs to prevent or stop people from smoking. In 1998, the four major tobacco ... The report is being released Monday by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

North Dakota No. 1 in protecting kids from tobacco
Grand Forks Herald - December 9, 2013

North Dakota is ranked first in the nation in funding programs to prevent kids from smoking and to help smokers quit, according to a report released Monday by a coalition of public health organizations. The annual report on states funding of tobacco prevention programs, titled A Broken Promise to Our Children: The 1998 State Tobacco Settlement 15 Years Later, was released by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

NC 45th in nation in funding for tobacco prevention programs
Greensboro News & Record - December 9, 2013

WINSTON-SALEM A coalition of public-health advocacy groups has taken North Carolina's elected leaders to task again for keeping the funding spigot cut off for tobacco-prevention programs. The coalition issued today its 15th annual national report that ... Besides the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, coalition members are American Heart Association, Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

How cigarettes became uncool on campus
Boston Globe Magazine - December 8, 2013

IT HAS BEEN about four months since signs went up all over Northeastern University announcing a smoking ban on school property. ... According to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, the number of campuses in
the United States that have enacted total smoking bans, both indoors and out, has grown from slightly fewer than 600 two years ago to more than 1,100 today. ...

Board of Trustees to discuss tobacco-free policy, 2014-15 apartment rates
Western Herald - December 5, 2013

Western Michigan University's Board of Trustees will be discussing the possible move to a tobacco-free campus at the last meeting of the year on Dec. 5. Trustees will consider the tobacco-free policy, which if passed would make WMU tobacco-free as of September 2014, joining just over 700 U.S. colleges with a tobacco-free policy, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation.

Flash: Smoke-Free Apartments Will Be the Law in Berkeley on May 1
Berkeley Daily Planet December 4, 2013

The Berkeley City Council unanimously supported an ordinance making 100% of all multi-unit housing smokefree at its Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 council meeting. Serena Chen of the American Lung Association and Liz Williams of Americans for Nonsmokers' rights were among the supportive speakers.

Berkeley moves forward with ordinance to ban smoking in multiunit housing
Daily Californian - December 4, 2013

As soon as next May, smokers living in the city of Berkeley may have one fewer place to light up their cigarettes. Im so thrilled that finally its come to fruition, said Berkeley resident Carol Denney, a cancer patient who has been working with the city on this issue for about six years. I live next to chain-smokers, but I cant afford to move. A lot of people are in similar circumstances. There are 32 other counties and cities in California that have adopted either partial or complete ordinances banning smoking in multiunit housing, according to Liz Williams, project manager for Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, a national lobbying organization housed in Berkeley. A smoke-free ordinance isnt just about telling people what they can and cannot do, said Valerie Yerger, an associate professor in health policy at UC San Francisco. Its about protecting people, especially vulnerable children and families. Even when the smoke clears, theres still toxic tobacco residue.

EDITORIAL: University braces for smoke-free campus Jan. 1
The Daily Illini (U. of Illinois) - December 4, 2013

What began as a referendum to gauge students’ views on a potential campus-wide smoking ban in 2011 will come to fruition on Jan. 1. At the time, 70 percent of students who voted on the referendum were in favor of a smoke-free campus…. Just a year later, the Smoke-Free Ad Hoc Committee formed by Chancellor Phyllis ... According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, in the United ...

E-cigarette rules on the back burner
Still no guidance from the FDA, as more of us take up the habit
Consumer Reports - November 29, 2013

More than two years after the Food and Drug Administration first said it would propose rules on regulating electronic cigarettes, the agency still hasn't taken action. In the meantime, the number of people using e-cigarettes—which deliver a vaporized form of nicotine via liquid cartridges heated by a battery—has skyrocketed: U.S. sales are projected to reach $1.5 billion in 2013, triple the amount from 2012. ... See which states and municipalities have enacted bans on e-cigarettes. (The list is maintained by Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, a group that opposes electronic cigarettes.)

Boston expected to ban smoking in parks
Boston Globe-by David Abel - November 27, 2013

Gilbert Farley, the self-appointed town crier of Boston Common, had just stamped out his half-smoked cigarette, delicately preserving it for later, ... Similar ordinances are in place in New York, San Francisco, and nearly 900 other municipalities around the country, including 20 in Massachusetts, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, a California group that tracks the legislation.

Edmonds CC to become tobacco-free campus next year
My Edmonds News - November 23, 2013

On July 1, 2014, Edmonds Community College will be joining the 51 campuses in the Pacific Northwest that have already gone smoke- or tobacco-free and the more than 1,130 campuses nationwide that, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, have a 100 percent smoke- or tobacco-free policy in place.

US Colleges and Universities Deserve an 'A' for Going Tobacco-Free
Huffington Post - November 20, 2013

Our physical environment affects the daily choices we make about life and health. College and university campuses can prevent nicotine ...

Secondhand smoke gets in your rights
San Francisco Chronicle – November 18, 2013

When I asked Cynthia Hallett of the Berkeley-based Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights whether she supported the Arreguin recommendation, she answered, ....

Indy smoking law opens doors to conventions
Kansas City Star - November 15, 2013

Not so long ago, Indianapolis was passed over time and again for conventions and corporate meetings despite a massive expansion of the ... Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a California-based not-for-profit, started the Smokefree Meetings Campaign in 2004 to encourage organizations to host meetings only in smoke-free cities, and dozens of organizations — including some of the nation's largest health care groups — joined the campaign.

Berkeley's next smoking ban may hit home
San Francisco Chronicle - November 14, 2013

Berkeley, where residents take pride in exercising their personal freedoms and resisting government intrusion, is the site these days of a much different kind of movement - one to ban cigarette smoking from single-family homes. In general, smoking bans in multiunit dwellings have been very effective in prompting some smokers to quit, as well as protecting nonsmokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke, said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a Berkeley nonprofit. "Laws like these help change the social norm," she said. "Really, we shouldn't be smoking indoors at all."

E-cigarettes spark call for study, regulation
Chicago Tribune - November 15, 2013

Jay Altman smoked cigarettes for 25 years before deciding a few months ago that for the sake of his wallet and his health, a change was in order. Three states North Dakota, New Jersey and Utah already include e-cigarettes in their smoking bans, and about 100 cities and counties nationwide have taken similar steps, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Evanston joins more than 100 cities, counties banning e-cigarettes in public spaces
Daily Northwestern - November 14, 2013

After weeks of heated debate and emotional appeals, Evanston last month joined more than 100 other cities and counties that have banned electronic cigarettes in all public areas where other smoking products are prohibited. City Council on Oct. 28 approved an amendment to the Evanston Clean Air Act As of Oct. 1, only 100 local laws existed restricting e-cigarette use in public areas, according to a report by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. Two states New Jersey and North Dakota have put similar measures into effect.

Can you imagine this?
The Augusta Chronicle - November 3, 2013

I have a young friend who worked in bars and restaurants to support herself during college. She loved the people she met as well as the flexible hours, which enabled her to maintain a busy school schedule. One thing she didnt love? The smoky environment. This is why BreathEasy Augusta, a community coalition, is advocating for smoke-free workplaces in Richmond County, including bars. Our workers deserve better. In particular, blue-collar and service workers are the most exposed group to secondhand smoke and with Georgia in the nations top 10 for unemployment, job-hopping to avoid secondhand smoke is not an option. Every worker deserves a healthy workplace. And guess what? Other locales that have smoke-free ordinances have found that businesses actually thrive. For one, they avoid the costs associated with secondhand smokeroughly $10 billion in medical costs and lost wages, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

USI bans e-cigs because it looks like smoking
14 News WFIE Evansville - October 30, 2013

With the implementation of the policy on July 1, 2011, smoking and the use of other tobacco products are not permitted except in personal vehicles and, for those ... According to American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, as of July 8, 2013, more than 1,178 U.S. colleges and universities have enacted smoke-/tobacco-free ...

FDA: No Surprises Planned for E-Cigarette Regs
MedPage Today - October 27, 2013

When the FDA finally issues its proposed regulations on electronic cigarettes, which may be as soon as the end of the month, what will they look like? Probably pretty familiar, experts said. The first step is likely to be just bringing the nicotine-vapor devices officially under the agency's tobacco control authority and up to speed with the age, marketing, and packaging restrictions that have long been in place for conventional cigarettes. ... About 17% of cities and towns with the strongest level of smoke-free laws explicitly bar e-cigarettes as well, according to the databases of the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. That could be an undercount because many places enacted their smoke-free laws before the devices were widely available on the market, noted Cynthia Hallett, MPH, of the foundation based in Berkeley, Calif. ...

Smoke-free rental units growing more popular October 27, 2013

Smoking even in one's own home may someday be a thing of the past, as more real estate developers and landlords in the Philadelphia region are embracing the trend toward healthy housing. It's unclear how many privately owned apartment buildings have set similar standards, but vocal residents are often the catalyst, said Liz Williams of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. Noted Rick Haughey of the National Multi Housing Council: "After noise, smoke and odors are the second-highest complaint from renters."

Smoke-free initiative increases momentum
UAA Northern Light - October 22, 2013

There is no safe exposure amount to smoke. This is the message UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force hopes to communicate. ...According to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, more than 1,100 university campuses across the nation have established clean air policies, and members of the Smoke-Free Task Force hope UAA will be next to join the list. ...

Wisconsin colleges deal with e-cigarette
Green Bay Press Gazette - October 18, 2013

College campuses across Wisconsin are grappling with electronic cigarettes, a relatively new product that more young people are trying and using. ... In Wisconsin, 16 colleges and universities have smoke-free policies, both indoors and out, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. ...

Colleges consider whether e-cigarettes are covered by bans on smoking: smoking loophole
Inside Higher Ed - October 14, 2013

As the use of electronic cigarettes grows, colleges are trying to determine whether the products fall under their tobaccofree policies, many of which were adopted before the new form of smoking took off. ... Of the 1,178 campuses that enacted smoke-free policies as of July 2013, 793 are tobacco-free, according to the Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights Foundation. Many of the tobacco-free policies explicitly bar e-cigarettes. ...

Students split on ASG tobacco-free resolution
Daily Northwestern - October 10, 2013

A resolution that would ban tobacco products on campus brought before the Associated Student Government Senate on Wednesday night has been receiving mixed reactions from students. .. Northwestern would join almost 800 tobacco-free college campuses if it adopts such a policy, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Tobacco users up in smoke over 2014 ban
UNR The Nevada Sagebrush (registration) (blog) - October 10, 2013

Weve had discussions on enforcement, said University of Nevada, Reno President Marc Johnson. Some people, even student groups, have said, if you dont enforce it with hard sanctions no one will believe it. Thats not been the experience of other schools. In order to promote student health, the University of Nevada, Reno will be a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus beginning Oct. 1, 2014. According to university president Marc Johnson, citations will not be issued, but instead the university will rely on educational tools and social pressure to prevent smoking on campus. As of July 18, at least 1,178 college or university campuses have adopted a 100 percent smoke-free campus, according to

Student group trying to prohibit the use of tobacco on NAU campus ... - October 4, 2013

Recently, there has been a nationwide movement to create smoke-free campuses. According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, there are 1,178 campuses that have become smoke-free. 793 of those campuses are completely tobacco-free. In-state peer ASU started implementing a tobacco-free policy in August 2013.

Eastern looks to go tobacco free next year
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - October 3, 2013

Eastern will be a tobacco-free campus beginning in June of next year, President Michael Benson announced last week. The move would add Eastern to a list of nearly 1,200 schools nationwide that have banned tobacco or smoking on their campuses, according to an American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation study published in July.

Berkeley Boots Smoke Out of Multi-Unit Housing
Berkeley Daily Planet - October 2, 2013

The Berkeley City Council mustered five votes to protect tenants in multi-unit housing from their neighbors secondhand smoke at the October 1, 2013 city council meeting. The ordinance would go into effect in early 2014.

Berkeley City Council votes to amend proposed smoking ban
Daily Californian - October 2, 2013

The policies would have added nonsmoking clauses to leases and allowed ... Liz Williams, project manager for the nonprofit Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, ...

Right to Smoke? or Right to Fresh Air
SFA The Pine Log Online October 2, 2013

The more controversial issue is the effects of second-hand smoke. Its one thing for someone to destroy their own body, but its something else when someones habits affect the health of those around them. The CDC goes on to say that second-hand smoke causes an estimated 46,000 premature deaths from heart disease each year in the U. S. among non-smokers. Unfortunately, 20 feet from any entrance is not only difficult to gauge, but also difficult to enforce. A petition is currently on the table to ban smoking entirely from campus. The following is an excerpt from the petitions page on The purpose of this petition is to show support for a smoke-free campus at Stephen F. Austin State University. Implementing a smoke-free policy will create a more positive campus environment and promote the well-being of all students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. As per American Nonsmokers Rights Foundations April 2013 report, 783 University & college campuses in the U.S. have already adopted a smoke free or tobacco free campus policy. This is a high time now that SFA also adopts a similar policy and sets an example demonstrating its commitment toward community health.

Ban the Butts
Chargerbulletin - October 2, 2013

Exactly 20 feet from the Charger Plaza on Campbell Avenue, its hard to miss the dozens of cigarette butts littering the sidewalk on your way out of the parking lot. Walking up the stairs near Bethel Hall is another familiar sight: several freshmen smoking cigarettes in between classes, crowded around an ash receptacle. Smoking on college campuses is nothing new; in fact, it has become an increasing epidemic amongst college-aged students, some of whom begin as early as high school. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, one third (33 percent) of college students currently use tobacco productschewing tobacco, cigars and cigarettes to name a few. This is a jump from 1993 and 1997 where only 22 and 28 percent of students smoked cigarettes, respectively. Additionally, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed about 88 percent of adult smokers who smoke daily said they started smoking by the age 18. Due to this growing trend and the illnesses associated with smoking, smoking bans are becoming common throughout college campuses nationwide. A July 2013 report by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation listed 1,178 schools that have adopted a 100 percent smoke-free policy. The University of New Haven has yet to make the list.

SU forms task force to investigate having smoke-free campus
Daily Orange - September 26, 2013

The university's Campus Sustainability Committee has created a task force to explore the option of making the school a tobacco-free campus ... There are about 1,182 smoke-free campuses in the United States, according to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, a national lobbying organization for nonsmokers.

Tobacco-free helps all on campus
The Journal News | September 13, 2013

The widespread introduction of tobacco-free college campuses should come as a shock to no one. This is a concept that is almost 15 years in the making. Since 1999, colleges have been widely adopting smoke-free practices on their campuses. The move to a smoke-free campus has especially increased over the past three years. To date, 1,182 campuses are smoke-free and approximately 418 of these are 100 percent tobacco-free. The transition to a tobacco-free campus, while complicated, will result in improved health for both smokers and nonsmokers. In addition, the reduction in cigarette butt litter will result in a healthier environment. According to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, approximately 1.69 billion pounds of cigarette butts wind up as trash every year. As you can imagine, this poses a huge threat to aquatic animals, wildlife and pets.

UCSD is second UC school to prohibit all tobacco, even outdoors - September 12, 2013

A strict new policy at UC San Diego bans tobacco use everywhere on campus - even outdoors. That means smoking is prohibited on the university's more than 2,100 acres, and Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, a smoker, won't be allowed to light up at his soon-to-be official residence - a blufftop mansion in La Jolla that's undergoing renovations. … The UC ban is welcomed by anti-smoking advocates, who said many college students are already accustomed to smoking restrictions at bars and restaurants, in parks and on airplanes. "Many of our youths are growing up in smoke-free cities and states. Now they are going to campuses that are smoke-free," said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. "This is one of the ways to provide a healthy campus for the employees who work there as well as the students who are learning there." …

No tobacco zone in college campuses help students quit smoking
States Chronicles - September 12, 2013

Amid the debate of regulating cigarette smoking in the light of its growing popularity among teens, a report suggests that the initiatives taken by several colleges in the US for tobacco-free college campuses have resulted in checking rate of smoking publicly. … The number of college campuses that have adopted 100% smoke-free policies have more than doubled from July 2011 through July 2013 and now includes at least 1,182 campuses, says a report by Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR). …

No Smoking at Seminole State
Seminole Voice - September 11, 2013

Students and faculty at Seminole State College of Florida who smoke will have to find somewhere else to light up this academic year following a ban on tobacco, placing the school amidst a growing national trend of tobacco-free colleges. … At least 1,182 colleges and universities in the United States have banned smoking from their campuses - nearly doubling the 648 colleges recorded in January of last year, according to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. Seminole State now joins the 798 colleges that are 100 percent tobacco-free. …

FSU mirrors smoke-free policy
Central Florida Future - September 11, 2013

As of July 2013, at least 1,182 college or university campuses in the U.S. have adopted 100 percent smoke free campus policies, according to the group Americans for Nonsmokers Rights website. That number was more than twice the amount of two years ago, 530, and about three times the amount of three years prior, 420.

E-Cigarettes Will Be Illegal for Minors
550 KFYI - September 11, 2013

… But Cynthia Hallett, Executive Director of Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights, says there's lead and carcinogenic toxins in the vapor mist, so they're not safe. …

Tobacco-free campuses help student smokers quit
USA TODAY – September 10, 2013

According to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR), the number of college campuses that have adopted 100% smoke-free policies more than doubled from ..

Cal State Fullerton becomes the first CSU campus to implement ...
Daily Sundial - September 5, 2013

Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF) implemented a campus-wide smoke-free policy this semester, making it the first CSU campus to ban all tobacco products. This may be a path CSUN could soon take. About 1,182 schools nationwide have applied smoking bans. Of those schools, 800 have banned all forms of tobacco, including chewing tobacco, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights (ANR), the leading national lobbying organization for nonsmokers rights.

Casino smoking an issue with Foxwoods workers September 2, 2013

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. -- The smell of cigarette smoke hung heavily over the Great Cedar Hall at Foxwoods Resort Casino one recent weekday morning, as gamblers lit up freely in the cavernous slots machine room. Ventilation that workers say has improved over the years was keeping the smell to a minimum and eliminating what might otherwise have been clouds of smoke hanging over the giant room. Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, said smoking in casinos is an issue because the number of casinos is increasing in the United States. "We have a growing workforce exposed to secondhand smoke," she said, adding that "ventilation can only do so much."

Tossing Used Cigarette Butts On The Ground Now Illegal In Illinois
The Inquisitr August 29, 2013

Anti-smoking laws have limited the number of places someone can smoke and thanks to new legislation, it will now be illegal to toss those cigarette butts anywhere youd like. Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded pieces of waste worldwide according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, with an estimated 1.69 billion pounds of butts ending up as toxic waste every years.

College campus goes smoke-free August 25, 2013

Signs touting a smoke-free campus will greet students and staff as they return to Seminole State College campuses Monday. According to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights approximately 1,200 colleges and universities across the country are smoke-free.

Malecka: ASU's tobacco-free policy what a conundrum
East Valley Tribune - August 25, 2013

Arizona State University has banned the use of tobacco products on its property, and its enforcement is something difficult to imagine in the bustling university towns at the heart of communities like Tempe, southeast Mesa and Downtown Phoenix. The move is aligned with the Tobacco-free College Campus initiative, a national program under the guise of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ASU is now among the nearly 800 educational institutions that have implemented such a policy, according to a tally by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation.

Cleveland State University campus-wide tobacco ban is now in ...
Plain Dealer (blog) - August 26, 2013

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Anyone who lights up a cigarette outside a building at Cleveland State University today will be told politely and firmly to snuff out their butt because the entire campus is tobacco-free. Nearly 1,200 colleges nationwide have gone tobacco or smoke-free as concerns are raised about the detrimental effects of tobacco on the health of employees and students, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Your View: Casinos need to be smoke-free - August 19, 2013

A ground-breaking medical study published last week about smoking in casinos makes a compelling case for clearing the air in America's smoke-filled casinos and everywhere else workers are exposed to on-the-job secondhand smoke. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, found that when Colorado made its casinos smoke-free in 2008, ambulance calls originating from casinos dropped by nearly 20 percent. As Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights points out: "Americans have high standards for the safety of the water we drink and the restaurant meals we eat. Why isn't the same true of the air we breathe when we're out in public or at work? Many states have made great strides to be smoke-free, yet roughly one-third of Americans are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke, even though the U.S. Surgeon General determined some years ago that there is no risk-free level of exposure to tobacco smoke."

Kaws recognized for having first completely smoke free casino in OK
Native Times - August 19, 2013

KAW CITY, Okla. Americans for Nonsmokers Rights recently awarded the SouthWind Casino Kaw City for going smoke-free along with the Kaw Nation and Kaw Enterprise Authority for their leadership in supporting this smoke-free property. The award was presented during the annual Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association expo held at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City last week.

Should Volusia, Flagler beaches be smoke free? Ask Tallahassee
Daytona Beach News-Journal August 18, 2013

DAYTONA BEACH When Skip Beeler strolled the smoke-free beaches of California, he noticed the difference right away. Other states especially California have embraced smoke-free beaches, according to a list compiled by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Smoking ban at American University will now cover outdoors, too
Washington Post (blog) August 16, 2013

American Universitys ban on smoking went into effect Thursday throughout its Northwest Washington campus except for three outdoor spots, where smokers will be able to light up a few more months to help them through the transition. Nationwide, the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation estimates that nearly 1,200 college and university campuses have gone smoke-free. Montgomery ...

Smoking opponents take fight outside in Chattanooga
Chattanooga Times Free Press August 15, 2013

More than 800 U.S. cities have banned smoking in public parks, according to an April list from Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a California-based nonprofit ...

USC tobacco ban starts Jan. 1
The State - August 9, 2013

COLUMBIA The University of South Carolinas Columbia campus will go tobacco free on Jan. 1, school president Harris Pastides announced Friday. Nearly 1,200 colleges nationwide have gone tobacco or smoke free, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Have pub beer gardens now become smoking gardens?
BBC News August 7, 2013

Indoor smoking bans across the UK have pushed tobacco users into areas outside bars and pubs. Are these now no-go areas for non-smokers in the summer? Certainly, smoking bans have not always come to a halt at the door of the bar or cafe. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, there are bans on outdoor smoking in over 840 parks and 150 beaches and the US.

Smoking Ban Tilts Odds Against Ambulance Calls From Casinos
NPR - August 6, 2013

Public health advocates have lobbied hard in recent years to clear restaurants, bars and other workplaces of tobacco smoke, and the winds seem to be at their back. Already, 36 states and the District of Columbia have enacted some version of an indoor smoking ban to protect the health of workers and patrons, and many local communities in other states have followed suit.

No Smoking in Casinos, Fewer Ambulance Calls
MedPage Today - August 5, 2013

Extension of smoke-free laws to casinos led to decreases in ambulance calls to the gambling venues that were similar to what had been seen for other sites, researchers reported. They noted that currently only 19 states and Puerto Rico require state-related casinos be be smoke-free, according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation.

Study: 20 pct fewer ambulance calls to Colorado casinos since smokefree law was instituted (blog) - August 6, 2013

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), writing in the scientific journal called Circulation, found a 20 percent reduction in ambulance calls to casinos following the implementation of Colorados smokefree law. ... The UCSF study confirms the life-saving benefits of smokefree worksites including casinos, said Cynthia Hallett, Executive Director of Americans for Nonsmokers Rights (ANR). This study is a wake-up call to all policy makers whether state, local or tribal to adopt smokefree protections for their workers and customers in casinos.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air: GW is Officially Smoke-Free
In The Capital - August 1, 2013

Joining the more than 1,182 college campuses committed to barring students from lighting up on school grounds, GW is now officially smoke-free as of August 1, 2013. The only problem is that as of this afternoon the university only has an interim draft smoke-free policy in place with no standards truly set in stone.

Smoke-free Workplaces Work
Turtle Mountain Times - July 29, 2013
Item is not available online

BELCOURT - Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights is the leading national lobbying organization, dedicated to non-smokers' rights, taking on the tobacco industry at all levels of government, protecting non-smokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, and preventing tobacco addiction among youth. Char Day, Program Manager with Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights, visited Turtle Mountain and the Spirit Lake Nation last week…

Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public
KERO-TV 23 July 24, 2013

The 27-year-old from Minnetonka wasn't breaking the law: He was using an electronic cigarette. Wolberg, who calls himself an advocate of "tobacco harm reduction," isn't shy about using his e-cigarette. "I'm rather proud to display it in public because I think it needs to be seen," he said. Cynthia Hallett couldn't disagree more. Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, says vaping could undermine the hard-won battles to establish nonsmoking areas. Proctor echoes her concerns. "If you can't tell whether someone is vaping or smoking, that could work to erode established no-smoking zones," he said.

OUR VIEW: Auburn University puts up no smoking sign
Gadsden Times July 22, 2013

The air in the Loveliest Village of the Plain ideally will be a little cleaner when fall semester classes begin Aug. 21 at Auburn University. Data compiled by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation showed, as of July 8, 1182 US colleges listed as smoke-free and 798 as tobacco-free.

Viewpoint: Anti-Smoking Advocates Have Misused Science
TIME - July 22, 2013

Nothing drives academics crazier than when the right-wing ignores, undermines or misuses scientific evidence to achieve ideological public policy goals that they favor, whether the issue in question is global warming or abortion. But as a new paper by tobacco control proponents Ronald Bayer and Kathleen E. Bachynski of Columbias School of Public Health, in the respected journal Health Affairs shows, the left can play games with science too. These bans began took off in the late 1970s and now include more than 840 parks and 150 beaches across the United States alone, according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. California has bans in 155 parks and on 46 beaches; Minnesota, 118 parks and 25 beaches and New Jersey, 83 parks and 18 beaches. France, Australia and New Zealand have enacted bans as well.

Chattanooga landlords move to ban smoking in rental units amid growing concerns of third-hand smoke
Chattanooga Times Free Press - July 21, 2013

Phil McKenzie signed a yearlong lease but is moving out of his Chattanooga apartment four months early because he and his girlfriend just can't deal with the neighbors. Smoke-free apartment complexes like the one McKenzie plans to move into are becoming more common across the United States as a growing number of apartment owners ban tenants from lighting up in their units. "It's definitely a nationwide trend," said Bronson Frick, associate director at Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. "There is a lot more awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke inside the housing complexes and there is a growing action across the country to get the smoke outside." And with about 1,400 new apartments in the pipeline for Chattanooga, it's a trend that could soon sweep through the Scenic City. "Secondhand smoke is more than a nuisance, it is a health hazard," Frick said. "And in an apartment building, there is shared air. So unlike a neighbor playing drums downstairs at three in the morning, this can actually affect the health of tenants."

Western Michigan University considers going tobacco-free
The Detroit News - July 18, 2013

Western Michigan University may join a long list of campuses that have become tobacco-free. A committee formed to examine the issue recommended Thursday to the Board of Trustees that the campus go tobacco-free on Sept. 1, 2014. Nationally, 1,182 campuses are 100 percent tobacco-free, according to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, which tracks the issue. ...

Alaska Job Corps goes tobacco-free
Anchorage Daily News - July 17, 2013

Press release below reprinted as an article.

Alaska Job Corps Goes Tobacco-Free; Joins Regional Fresh Air Campus Challenge
Campus implemented a tobacco-free policy on July 1, 2013
Alaska Job Corps Center - July 16, 2013

The Alaska Job Corps Center campus is now tobaacco-free. The policy went into effect July 1, 2013. The Alaska Job Corps Center is the second campus in Alaska to join the Fresh Air Campus Challenge ... The Fresh Air Campus Challenge is supported by a broad coalition of local, state and national tobacco prevention and control partners, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Region X; American College Health Association; American Lung Association; American Cancer Society; American Nonsmoker' Rights Foundation; American Heart Association; and the state tobacco prevention and control programs of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. For more information on the Fresh Air Campus Challenge, visit

Tobacco Free College Campuses
Homeroom Official Blog of the U.S. Dept. of Education - July 15, 2013

... Institutions of higher learning around the country are increasingly adopting new policies that reinforce their longstanding commitments to student health while strengthening and protecting their communities against tobacco addiction. When the initiative launched in September 2012, 774 colleges and universities were tobacco- or smoke-free, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation [sic].Today more than 1,159 university and college campuses have implemented tobacco- or smoke-free policies, reflecting exponential growth. ...

Maine ban on smoking in cars with kids largely unenforced
Lewiston Sun Journal - July 11, 2013

On Jan. 8, 2007, Bangor became the first Maine community to prohibit smoking in vehicles containing children. In 2008, this became state law. Since then, however, several police agencies in Maine say theyve cited or only even warned a handful of smokers for indulging their habit with kids in the car. The purpose of these laws is not to punish people but to educate them about the dangers of secondhand smoke, said Liz Williams, project manager for Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. The idea is to educate people so they become self-enforcing.

No More Piles of Cigarette Butts - July 11, 2013

... Using data from the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, the researchers set out to determine whether the reasoning behind smoking bans could be backed up with results. ...

D.C. Council to vote on smoking restrictions, big-retail-store wages, immigrants' licenses
Washington Post - July 9, 2013

The D.C. Council will vote Wednesday on a broad new proposal that would ban smoking within 25 feet of any city-owned park, community or recreation center, hiking trail or bus stop. ... Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, said the District’s proposed law “is in line with trends happening across the country” as more states and cities seek to curb smoking in public places. "People with disability or seniors, waiting for the bus, why should they have to wheel away from the stop while someone else smokes?" Frick said, adding that the key to a successfully implemented law is "good signage." ...

Statewide bans boost smoke-free campus momentum
USA Today - July 9, 2013

... There are about 1,180 schools with 100% smoking bans, according to the advocacy group Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR). Of these, about 800 campuses ban all forms of tobacco. Originally starting on the community college level, the smoke-free trend is now growing larger. In recent years, more university systems and even state governments are considering and passing bans affecting multiple campuses at once, said Liz Williams, project manager for ANR. "With the college campuses, states are recognizing the fact that this is a good way to encourage people to have healthier tobacco-free lifestyles," she said. ...

Denormalizing smoking: Making the case for banning cigarettes in ...
EurekAlert - July 8, 2013

A national database maintained by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation shows that from January 1993 to June 2011, US smoking bans were put in effect ...

Cigarette Bans in Parks, Beaches May Just Be Smoke and Mirrors
Everyday Health - July 8, 2013

The paper highlights the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation's tracking of smoking bans pioneered by such states as California, Minnesota, ...

University tobacco bans now in effect
Charleston Daily Mail July 1, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- On campus today, at Marshall and West Virginia universities, not much looks different from how it looked last week. "I think in general, I think what we've seen over the last five years is this rapid growth in the number of college campuses doing this," said Cynthia Hallett, executive director at the foundation. "The number of these campus policies has grown exponentially."

UMass Amherst Set to Go Smoke - Free Monday
BostInno - June 30, 2013

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst will join more than 1,100 campuses nationwide on Monday when it implements a policy to go smoke-free.

UMass Amherst campus to join 1100 other campuses becoming smoke-free - June 29, 2013

More than 1,100 campuses have already enacted a smoke-free policy, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website. Among them is Holyoke Community College, which became smoke-free last August.

MU to become smoke-free on July 1
UM Maneater - June 17, 2013

A colorful sign plastered on a yellow sandwich board in the middle of Speakers Circle congratulates MU’s move to a 100 percent smoke-free campus, effective July 1. ... More than 1,000 universities in the U.S. have already adopted (with some yet to take effect) 100 percent smoke-free campus policies, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. ...

Western Michigan University considers becoming a tobacco-free campus
Western Herald - June 11, 2013

... have a 100 percent smoke-free policy and over 700 tobacco-free colleges, as of April 2013, according to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Jonesboro extinguishes smoking on city property
Clayton News Daily - June 11, 2013

The Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website,, maintains a list of 1050 municipalities in the United States which have enacted laws to become ...

Smoking in Portland is getting harder to do
Portland Press Herald - June 9, 2013

At least smokers entering Portland's city limits can still light up at the cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery is one of the few designated public places where people can still light up a cigarette.
Portland is far from the only city where outdoor smoking is limited. South Portland, Westbrook and Gorham also ban smoking in city parks, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Thirteen cities and towns in Maine and more than 800 communities across the United States have similar laws on the books, according to the foundation's website.

LETTER: It's UWS' turn for tobacco-free
Superior Telegram - June 7, 2013

It is time for the University of Wisconsin-Superior to take a leadership role in the community and go tobacco-free. The University of Minnesota Duluth, St. Scholastica, Lake Superior College and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College already have policies in place for smoke- or tobacco-free campuses, as do many other schools throughout the UW System. In 2003, all UW System residence halls went smoke-free, and in 2010, workplaces and public places in Wisconsin joined them. The Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation recently released their updated list of tobacco-free college campuses. To date, 16 Wisconsin campuses encompassing 57 sites have made the move to a tobacco-free campus, indoors and out.

Coffee And Cigarettes Part Ways In Starbucks Smoking Ban
Medical Daily - June 2, 2013

Starbucks' new non-smoking policy took effect at all locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., many states and municipalities ban smoking in public areas. More than 81 percent of the American population resides in areas with some type of smoking ban, including bans on smoking in restaurants, bars, workplaces, or even outdoor areas, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Cynthia Hallett, executive director of American Nonsmokers' Rights group, told the media that Starbucks would be the first major retail chain to enforce an issue usually left to the state legislature. "Starbucks is the first chain to go smoke-free on its patios," she said.

Starbucks smoking policy bans smoking outside cafes
Christian Science Monitor - June 1, 2013

Starbucks customers will soon have to stamp out their cigarettes before approaching the cafes. It is in line with making more livable communities and helping insure that these green spaces dedicated to active living be smoke free, says Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers Rights in Berkeley, Calif. The rationale for making the beaches smoke-free, he says, is to prevent pollution.

Starbucks to Become 1st Retail Chain to Ban Smoking on Patios - June 1, 2013

It has been said so as Starbucks is going to ban smoking within 25 metres of their stores. Not only this, it has been said that smoking will not be allowed on patios and on storefronts at every Starbucks shop in Canada as well as in the US from June 1. The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation said that it has not happened for the first that a certain business group has refused to permit people from smoking at their place. Foundation officials were of the view that as much as 81.3% population in the US have been facing one or the other kind of ban on smoking. The ban can be at workplace, eating joints or event at bars. Cynthia Hallett, Executive Director of American Nonsmokers' Rights was of the view that Starbucks is going to be first business, which has implemented a policy due to a cause. "Starbucks is the first chain to go smoke-free on its patios", she further affirmed.

Starbucks to forbid smoking within 25 feet of its stores
Fox News - May 31, 2013

In a move that further pushes smokers to the sidelines, Starbucks will forbid smoking within 25 feet of its stores, where local law allows. Electronic cigarettes will also be banned at Starbucks locations. Many states and local jurisdictions ban smoking in public areas. According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, 81.3 percent of the U.S. population lives under some kind of a ban on smoking, either in the workplace, restaurants, or bars. Executive director of American Nonsmokers' Rights Cynthia Hallett told that Starbucks will be the first major retail chain to enforce a policy for an issue that has typically been left up to the state. Starbucks is the first chain to go smoke-free on its patios, she said adding that the chain tested the policy in California in June 2010 when it enacted a 25 foot rule which went beyond the 15 foot rule set by state law.

Campus Smoke-Free Effective Immediately
El Vaquero May 28, 2013

GCC became the 1160th campus in the US to go smoke-free, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Glendale follows UCLA as they became smoke ...

Everyone Knows about Secondhand Smoke--But Thirdhand Smoke?
Oconee (GA) Patch - May 26, 2013

According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, Athens is one of nine areas in Georgia to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. The state's Smokefree Air Act, which went into effect in 2005, bans smoking statewide in all enclosed workplaces in Georgia, except as otherwise designated.

Survey: Students Want Smoke-Free Campus
KRWG - May 24, 2013

NMSU health officials polled students and staff and found support for a smoke-free campus as colleges across the United States consider the role smoking and tobacco should have on their campuses. According to the American Nonsmoker's Rights Foundation, 1159 college campuses across the US have a smoke-free policy. Of those, 783 have a tobacco-free ...

Bill takes aim at secondhand smoke on campuses
The Alestle - May 22, 2013

College campuses throughout Illinois could face major changes as a result of decisions made by Illinois legislators. Senators are currently discussing a bill that would ban smoking on college campuses beginning Summer 2014. ... According to the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights' website, “there is a need to protect employees and students from exposure to secondhand smoke on college ...

Heard of Thirdhand Smoke?
Athens (GA) - May 17, 2013

Firsthand smoke is the direct inhalation of smoke from burning tobacco encased in cigarettes, pipes and cigars. The environmental tobacco smoke that is inhaled involuntarily or passively by someone who is not smoking is secondhand smoke. Did you know there is a thirdhand? … According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, Athens is one of nine areas in Georgia to ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. The state's Smokefree Air Act, which went into effect in 2005, bans smoking statewide in all enclosed workplaces in Georgia, except as otherwise designated.

Smoke travels to non-smoking hotel rooms, study shows
USA TODAY May 13, 2013

Traces of cigarette smoke "don't stay in the smoking rooms" Anyone who has ever walked into a "non-smoking" hotel room and caught the distinct odor of cigarette smoke will not be surprised by the findings of a new study: When a hotel allows smoking in any of its rooms, the smoke gets into all of its rooms, the study suggests. Nicotine residues and other chemical traces "don't stay in the smoking rooms," says Georg Matt, a psychologist from San Diego State University who led the study, published Monday in the journal Tobacco Control. "They end up in the hallways and in other rooms, including non-smoking rooms." The research comes as smoke-free hotels are becoming more common, though not as common as smoke-free bars and restaurants. Many large chains, including Marriott, Westin and Comfort Inn, have gone smoke-free and hotels must be smoke-free by law in four states and 71 cities and counties, according to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Nearly two-thirds of hotels responding to a recent survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association said they were smoke-free, though just 39% of economy hotels said so.

Ban the butts - May 10, 2013

The Burlington County Board of Freeholders said this week that all county parks will be smoke- and tobacco-free beginning May 31. Secondhand smoke is a public health hazard, even outdoors. Concentrations of outdoor secondhand smoke can be as high as indoor concentrations, depending on where the smoking is taking place and the amount of secondhand smoke present, according to the nonprofit Americans for Nonsmokers Rights.

Our Opinion: UIS should go all in on smoking ban
The State Journal-Register May 10, 2013

Officials at the University of Illinois Springfield are dragging their feet on an opportunity to improve public health at a premiere educational institution. As of April, at least 1,100 college and university campuses across the country have adopted 100-percent smoke-free campus policies that ban all indoor and outdoor smoking, including in residences, according to Americans for Non-Smokers Rights, a California-based organization that lobbies for nonsmokers rights.

SMOKING BAN: butts into personal choice
The Signal - May 2, 2013

College students, faculty and staff should be provided freedom of choice. The proposed ban on smoking would allow the governing bodies of the California Community Colleges (CCC), the California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) to set enforcement standards for their local campuses [and] impose a fine for a first, second, and third offense and for each subsequent offence. In an argument made by the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, under Why are campuses going smoke-free and/or tobacco-free? the association states as its first point, the majority of Americans do not smoke ( The United States should not accustom laws only to accommodate majorities.

Student Government invites new officials
UAA Northern Light May 1, 2013

At the April 26 USUAA student government meeting, president Alejandra Buitrago swore in president elect Andrew Lessig. Lessig then swore in vice president elect Drew Lemish. Lessig and Lemish swore in two new senators, chemistry major John Paoletti and Jackie Odena. Bree Villar, UAA student and health education coordinator with the American Lung Association joined fellow student Valeria Delgado and Gabriel Garcia, assistant professor of public health, to speak to USUAA about the current smoking standards on campus and potential future amendments. According to Villar, students must smoke 20 feet from the doors at University of Alaska buildings and 50 feet from doors at medical buildings in the state of Alaska. The Smoke-Free Task Force and a group of students have gathered 514 student signatures petitioning for a smoke free campus. According to the group advocating a smoke-free campus, 1,159 campuses in the nation are now smoke-free and 783 are tobacco-free. They said three states have passed laws banning smoking on college campuses. The group plans to propose a letter and the signed petition to USUAA in the fall for a smoke-free resolution. Delgado said only 20 percent of UAA students smoke.

UO receives accolades for tobacco-free policy
AroundtheO - April 25, 2013

The UO has received the Fresh Air Gold Campus award for adopting a 100 percent tobacco-free policy, the highest level of achievement awarded by the Fresh Air Campus Challenge. According to the Americans Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, the United States has at least 1,159 smoke-free campuses. Of these, 783 have a tobacco-free policy.

Green River recognized for tobacco-free initiative
Auburn Reporter - April 24, 2013

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded Green River Community College the Fresh Air Gold Campus Award for its implementation of a tobacco-free policy. At least 1,159 college campuses in the United States had adopted a 100 percent smoke or tobacco-free policies as of April, according to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

Glendale Community College campus goes smoke-free
Valley Sun April 20, 2013

When Glendale Community College students return from spring break on Monday, they will be greeted with a new warning: It's official, the campus is going smoke-free. "You'll be joining nearly 1,200 colleges nationwide and a growing number in the state of California," he told the trustees after they cast their vote. About 10 community colleges in California most of them in San Diego County have adopted no-smoking policies, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. ...

Smokers back bill to ban lighting up at state-run colleges
Times-Picayune April 19, 2013

A bill to ban smoking at state-run colleges is gaining support, even from smokers. The proposal by state Sen. David Heitmeier, D-Algiers, which the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare passed unanimously on Wednesday, awaits final action by the full Senate. If the Legislature passes Heitmeier's bill and Gov. Bobby Jindal signs it, Louisiana will join Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Northern Mariana Islands, which have outlawed smoking on publicly run colleges, according to American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, a lobbying organization. Iowa has gone one step further, forbidding people to light up on all of the state's 66 campuses, public and private, according to the organization's website. Legislators in Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina and New Mexico are considering bills similar to Heitmeier's, said Bronson Frick, a foundation spokesman. In addition to these statewide bans on college smoking, about 1,150 campuses have forbidden smoking, according to the foundation, which updates such information quarterly. This trend toward smoke-free campuses is about 10 years old, Frick said. "It started with community colleges questioning the role of tobacco in an academic setting and trying to have a healthier workforce and deal with health-care costs. It spread through academic networks." ...

Clouds of smoke lead to community conversation on tobacco use
Macalester College The Mac Weekly April 19, 2013

... I think Macalester should do something to match [recent anti-smoking legislation], Meyerson said. Walking through a cloud of smoke on my way to breakfast is not what Im paying $50,000 for. Revamping the campus smoking policy is not a new debate at the college. In February 2010, Laurie Hamre, Vice President of Student Affairs, formed the Tobacco-Free Environment Task Force committee to look at the rights of non-smokers. This committee was chaired by Lisa Broek, the Associate Director of Health Promotion, and Denise Ward, Director of the Health and Wellness Center. A recent report by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation stated that there are now at least 1159 college campuses with a 100% smoke-free policy.

UIC to go tobacco-free this summer
UIC to go tobacco-free this summer - April 16, 2013

... Other Illinois colleges that have already instituted tobacco-free campus policies include Rush University, City Colleges of Chicago, Olivet Nazarene University and College of DuPage, according to a list from the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation ...

Grand Valley Lanthorn – April 7, 2013

According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundations, there are currently 1,161 colleges and universities in the U.S. with smoke or tobacco-free policies, 33 of those are in the state of Michigan. …

Camden Yards' smoking ban in effect on Opening Day
Baltimore Sun – April 5, 2013

Camden Yards was one of 10 Major League Baseball ballparks that had designated smoking areas within the ballpark last season, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. …

Study Suggests E-Cigs' Potential as Cessation Devices 3, 2013

LONDON -- Although most electronic cigarettes aren't being marketed as smoking cessation devices, an online study hosted by the University of East London .....

Let communities decide on smoking laws, instead of state
WyoFile - April 2, 2013

Twenty-eight states now ban smoking in all enclosed public places, including bars and restaurants. Despite widespread support in Wyoming for obvious health reasons, there’s enough dissent from residents who think businesses should decide their own smoking policies that I doubt our state will ever join the list. Several attempts to pass a statewide smoking ban have failed in the Legislature, though one bill managed to get through the House before stalling in a Senate committee. The preference in Wyoming seems to be to allow local governments to control smoking in public places, instead of a state law. According to Americans for Non-smokers’ Rights, 25 communities in the state have some restrictions on smoking. …

Students Look to Gauge UNH's Interest in Banning Smoking reports ...
OfficialWire - April 1, 2013

San Francisco, CA- A University of New Hampshire student group is now attempting to try and clear the air, so to speak. Substance Awareness through Functional Education is inviting students to sign an online petition that will ban smoking on the UNH campus. Since its inception on March 5, the petition currently carries 109 students signatures. … Since the start of 2013, over 1,100 colleges and universities have banned on-campus smoking for both indoor and outdoor use, according to cites the rapid trend of the smoking bans as a growing victory for a health conscious college scene. New Hampshire currently has no 100% smoke-free college campuses. …

Smoking ban debate hazy
Vermont Cynic – March 27, 2013

For those who feel like they’re having déjà vu, the threat of a tobacco ban is not news. The difference between this year’s tobacco ban and last year’s tobacco ban is very real. According to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, as of January 2013, more than 1,129 schools have banned tobacco and/or marijuana use nationwide. With each email update it seems more likely that our own groovy UV is the next to follow in their footsteps. …

No E-Cigarettes Allowed
HuffPost Live - [March 27, 2013]

A California County has voted to regulate electronic cigarettes like regular cigarettes. Without medical proof they're bad for your health, does this move go too far? ... Cynthia Hallett,. Berkeley , CA. Executive Director of Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights ...

Smoking Will Be Banned on OU Campus This Fall
Rochester-Rochester Hills (MI) - March 25, 2013

Starting this fall, Oakland University will join 21 other Michigan colleges and universities in becoming a smoke-free campus. … According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, as of the beginning of 2013, at least 1,129 campuses across the country were entirely smoke free, including 22 colleges and universities in Michigan. Oakland Community College has a smoke-free policy; so does the University of Michigan. Michigan State University and Wayne State University do not. …

Glendale Community College ponders going smoke-free
Glendale News Press – March 23, 2013
Officials at Glendale Community College this week proposed that the college join a small handful of smoke-free campuses statewide. … According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, about 10 California community colleges have adopted campus-wide non-smoking policies, most of them in San Diego County. ...

Student org tries to ‘clear the air’ with smoke-free petition
UNH New Hampshire – March 22, 2013

A student group at UNH is trying to clear the air. Substance Awareness through Functional Education is inviting students to sign an online petition to ban smoking on the UNH campus. Since its inception on March 5, the petition currently carries 109 student signatures. … As of Jan. 2, roughly 1,129 college and university campuses nationally have banned on-campus smoking, indoors and outdoors, according to cites a rapid trend in on-campus smoking bans, whereas only 530 campuses were ‘smoke-free’ in July 2011. New Hampshire currently does not have any 100 percent smoke-free college campuses. Massachusetts has 14 smoke-free campuses, while Maine has five – all of which do not permit any tobacco substances at all, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. …

Daytona State board wants student survey on smoking issue
Daytona Beach (FL) News-Journal – March 21, 2013

DAYTONA BEACH ­ The Daytona State College board is moving toward making its campuses nearly tobacco free, but will survey students first. … About 1,100 colleges and universities nationally prohibit smoking, including 766 that do not allow any type of tobacco products, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. …

A plan in cigarette ettiquette [sic]
Vermont Cynic - March 21, 2013

Banning tobacco products on campus is a growing trend among U.S. universities. The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation reported in 2013 that over 1,000 colleges have banned smoking on campus. However, just because other universities are joining the anti-smoking movement does not mean that UVM should do so blindly. …

Lufkin City Council discusses smoking ordinance
Lufkin Daily News-March 20, 2013

Members of Smoke Free Lufkin then submitted a model ordinance for consideration from the Berkeley, Calif.-based American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation ..

The battle over secondhand smoke hits home
Orange County Register - March 15, 2013

The battle over secondhand smoke is intensifying in California, as the focus shifts from public spaces to the most private of places: Lighting up at home. … Liz Williams, project manager for the nonprofit Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, applauds the trend toward quashing secondhand smoke. "People, especially in California, are very used to breathing smoke-free air," she said, "and people are very upset that their home environment is often the last place they are exposed to smoke." …

Completely smoke-free policies don't belong in UWGB
Fourth Estate Newspaper – March 13, 2013

According to The Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, as of Jan. 2, at least 1,129 college and university campuses in the U.S. have adopted 100 percent smoke-free campus policies to eliminate smoking across the entire campus. According to the ANR, this number has increased by 110 campuses between July 2010 and July 2011. The number rapidly increased by 599 campuses between July 2011 and January 2013. The ANR expects this number to continue to climb quickly as a result of the growing social norm of supporting smoke free environments. Support also comes from within the academic community for such policies for campus health and well-being, but it’s not practical to bring the policies to UW-Green Bay. …

PSU joins effort to go smoke-free by 2016 – March 8, 2013

…Nationally, 1130 campuses nationwide have smoke-free policies, up from 530 in 2011, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. …

Rachel Maddow Show - March 7, 2013

This show re: Morton Downey, Jr., his talk show, and his smoking habit and changing attitudes toward smoking. The program discussed Downey's involvement in the National Smokers Alliance (NSA), a tobacco industry front group, and his disaffection with smoking after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The show described how the NSA was formed by Big Tobacco and how it was shown to be an astroturf group. The show used screen shots of materials provided by the American Nonsmokers Rights' Foundation.

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Kaw Nation to open smoke-free casino
Journal Record - March 6, 2013

As discussions of smoking laws continue around the state, the Kaw Nation is taking a step forward in the casino industry by opening the state’s first nonsmoking facility. ... According to Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, smoke-free casinos are needed. "Casinos …

UMass enacting campus-wide smoking ban on July 1 - February 28, 2013

UMass Amherst will soon be a smoke-free campus. Starting July 1, the university joins 1,129 campuses across the country that have smoking bans.

E-Cigarette use is growing, study finds
Consumer Affairs – February 28, 2013

Everything else is electronic today, so why not cigarettes? That seems to be the thinking behind the growing use of electronic cigarettes, though whether this is a good thing is open to question. … One group that's already made up its mind is Americans for Non-Smokers Rights. It's gone on a crusade against the March keters of e-cigarettes, claiming they are using press releases and social media to tout the benefits of their product, despite a lack of independent peer-reviewed scientific evidence demonstrating the safety or effectiveness. E-cigarettes don't just produce harmless water vapor, the group claims. Instead, they say, they pollute indoor air with detectable levels of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals. "What I find most egregious are the direct advertisements with false and misleading claims, including that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices, that e-cigarette use is permissible in all indoor environments, including venues that are smoke-free, and targeting pregnant women claiming that e-cigarettes are safer and healthier than other tobacco products," said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Non-Smokers Rights. …

TARGET 8: Lawmakers Still Smoke in Their Capitol Offices – February 26, 2013

JEFFERSON CITY - Public places in Jefferson City went smoke free nearly two years ago, but some very special parts of the state capitol building have yet to follow suit. While the building as a whole requires state employees and visitors to smoke outdoors, elected officials in this building can still light up in their offices. … Missouri's capitol building is one of 11 capitol buildings in the country that are not smoke-free, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Seven of the eight states bordering Missouri have smoke-free capitol buildings, with the exception being Kentucky.

Penn Medicine decision not to hire smokers part of a controversial trend - February 21, 2013

Penn Medicine's decision to hire only nonsmokers starting July 1 is part of a slow-moving trend that goes back decades and that is still controversial even among public health workers, who often see tobacco as enemy No. 1. … Some see hiring as a different issue. "The tobacco companies made a highly addictive product, and it is difficult to quit," said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, a Berkeley, Calif., group that fights for smoke-free workplaces nationwide but that has not taken a position on hiring. "I don't know that we can penalize people who are addicted to cigarettes because that is exactly what the tobacco companies wanted to do." …

UT approves designated 'smoking zones'
Tampa Bay Wake Up Call, Tampa Bay Business Journal - February 14, 2013

... According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, the University of Tampa will be one of 1,000 higher learning institutions in the country, including 35 in Florida, to ban or create smoking zones on their campuses ...

Electronic cigarettes now part of ban debate
Marco Island Sun Times – February 10, 2013

They look like cigarettes and act like cigarettes. But does that mean electronic cigarettes should be treated like their tobacco-laden counterparts? … Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, an organization seeking to implement smoke-free air across the country, has called for e-cigarettes to be included in all smoking bans. “E-cigarette companies are trying to say they are safer, they’re better,” said Cynthia Hallett, the group’s executive director. “We don’t have any evidence to support this.” Hallett said she wanted to know why the companies made their products with different flavors, including bubblegum. “Who are they marketing their products to when they have these little candy flavors?” … “It’s an enforcement nightmare,” Hallett said. “They’re designed to look like the real thing. “Enforcement is easier when they’re all banned.” …

CU-Boulder makes smoking ban official, will create designated smoking areas
Ban begins with educational phase, goes into effect Aug. 19
Daily Camera – February 6, 2013

Chancellor Phil DiStefano signed the University of Colorado's no-smoking policy Wednesday, making the school the second in the Pac-12 with such a ban. … There are now roughly 1,130 college campuses across the country that are smoke-free with no exemptions, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, a California-based group. A majority are smaller or mid-sized campuses. But momentum is building, said Liz Williams, a project manager for the foundation. "I think the reason some larger schools may not have implemented smoke- or tobacco-free policies is because it takes longer to consider and adopt policy changes," she said. …

Chancellor signs CU-Boulder no-smoking policy
San Francisco Chronicle – February 6, 2013

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) ­ The chancellor of the University of Colorado, Boulder has signed a policy that would generally ban smoking on campus starting Aug. 19. … The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation based in California says there are roughly 1130 college campuses around the country that are smoke-free. …

City Council bans smoking in Portland parks
Portland (ME) Press-Herald – February 5, 2013

The City Council on Monday voted to ban smoking in 36 city parks and open spaces, including Monument Square. … Nationally, more than 700 cities and towns have banned smoking in municipal parks, and the laws are "self-enforcing," Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, told the Press Herald last month. …

Fort Collins considers outdoor smoking ban for bar and restaurant patios
The Denver Channel - February 5, 2013

The city of Fort Collins is considering an outdoor smoking ban for bar and restaurant patios, part of a larger statewide trend to restrict smoking in outdoor areas. ... "Colorado is seeing a great trend towards expanding their local indoor smoke-free laws and ordinances to include outdoor areas," said Char Day with Americans for NonSmokers' Rights. … Fort Collins isn't the first Colorado city to consider a smoking ban on bar and restaurant patios. At least eight cities, including Avon, Arvada and Edgewater already have similar bans in place, according to Americans for NonSmokers' Rights. …

Similar paths for tobacco, gun lobby?
USA Today – February 1, 2013

Scientists argue the gun lobby has thwarted attempts to explore factors behind misuse of guns, following a familiar and largely successful playbook: that of the tobacco companies. … The gun lobby has been even more successful than tobacco companies in limiting local action against guns, says Pertschuk, who previously led grass-roots campaigns at both Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights and Californians for Responsible Gun Laws. …

Alabama flunks smoking report
The Decatur Daily- January 24, 2013

FLORENCE — Alabama didn't passs a single course on its report card from the American Lung Association. The report card was released last ... Dickens pointed out that in 2011 Alabama was honored by the group, Americans for Non-Smokers Rights, for passing the greatest number of local smoke-free laws that year. Alabama tied with California in 2011 with four new municipal indoor smoking ordinances.

Bills Would Ban Smoking in Cars with Kids
Capital News Service, – January 21, 2013

A bill to forbid smoking in cars carrying children is dead in the House, but a similar proposal remains alive in the Senate … It’s not uncommon for states to ban smoking in cars carrying children. Arkansas, Louisiana, California, Maine and Puerto Rico all have such laws. The age of the minor varies from state to state. Anti-smoking advocates would like to see Virginia join that list. “Virginia is far behind what other states have,” said Bronson Frick, an assistant director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, a national advocacy group. Virginia does ban smoking in restaurants, but the state law doesn’t cover other areas. “It’d help Virginia be a part of a trend with most of the United States,” Frick said. Most states that have outlawed smoking in the car with a child present, Frick said, usually take an educational approach, too: They have a campaign to inform the public about the health risks of second-hand smoke. …

Most major US airports that allow smoking won't kick the habit – January 18, 2013

Smoking is still allowed in specific areas at the five major U.S. airports detailed in a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed air pollution levels that are significantly higher than those at non-smoking airports. … "In general, smoking is limited to a handful of hub airports," said Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. "The list is pretty small. Ten years ago, smoke-free airports were something of an anomaly." …

Only one smoking lounge remains open at Denver International Airport; 3 closed in 2012
The Denver Channel – January 14, 2013

DENVER - Three smoking lounges at Denver International Airport closed in 2012. … According to a news release from Denver International Airport, the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation says 27 of the top 35 U.S. airports are 100 percent smoke-free indoors.

In support of a tobacco-free campus
Cistern Yard - January 12, 2013

I support a tobacco-free campus for what it will provide long-term, which is make the College of Charleston a healthier, cleaner and all-around more productive place to live and learn. … MUSC is one of over 1,130 institutions of higher education in the United States that has adopted smoke or tobacco-free campus policies.

A review of Tri-State campus smoking policies
WCPO – January 10, 2013

... colleges and universities to adopt campus-wide smoking bans in the country, according to a list maintained by American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

Knowing the Enemy: Tobacco Industry Tactics
Public Health Law Center- January 10, 2013

Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, University of California, San Francisco; Bronson Frick, Associate Director, Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights; ...

'Addiction Incorporated' To Screen at SLHS
Reston (VA) - January 9, 2013

The South Lakes High School Parent Teacher Student Association and Student Government Association leadership class are sponsoring a screening of the movie Addiction Incorporated on Friday. … Among the panelists: Pat Hynes, Hunter Mill School Board Member; Sharon Arndt, Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services; Sharon Eubanks, US Justice Department and board member for Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights; Ritney Castine, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. …

County can't ban smoking, its attorney says
Herald-Tribune - January 8, 2013

Sarasota County does not have the authority to ban smoking at public beaches, outdoor sports facilities or parks, the county attorney told shocked county commissioners today. ... The problem is a 2003 Florida law that allowed smokefree restaurants and workplaces. But the law had an exemption that expressly declared that only the state could ban smoking in other locations. Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights said local governments cannot ban smoking in bars, beaches, parks, or any outdoor places because of the exemption passed in 2003. ...

Ky. known for its tobacco, but residents favor a ban
CincyBiz Blog, Business Courier – January 8, 2013

About 59 percent of Kentuckians favor a statewide law to ban smoking in all indoor public places, a survey suggests. The survey was jointly funded by the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati … According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, 36 states, along with the District of Columbia, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have laws requiring nonhospitality workplaces, restaurants or bars to be smoke-free.

Where there's smoke, there may be a city ban
Portland (ME) Press Herald - January 7, 2013

... Nationally, more than 700 municipalities have banned smoking in municipal parks, and the laws are "self-enforcing," said Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers'Rights. "We rarely hear of a citation," he said. ...

In our opinion: A bill against smoking in the car unlikely to result in fewer incidents
Deseret News - January 6, 2013

… Parental rights aside, there are no persuasive data that making the practice illegal will stop people from doing it. A handful of other states and several municipalities have enacted such laws, but none have offered evidence that the rate of such incidents is thereby diminished. Even the advocacy group, Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, admits on its website that a law, "by itself, is unlikely to eliminate second-hand smoke exposure in cars … " The organization says such laws should be accompanied by a "strong education effort." …

HCC Campuses Go Tobacco-Free
Brandon (FL) - January 6, 2013

…Yes, according to the American Non-Smokers Rights Foundation, there are at least 704 colleges and universities that have gone 100% smoke-free, as of April 1, ...