Passport to Smokers' Rights


Click each image to view a full size version of the items in the "Passport to Smokers' Rights" kit, created in 1988 by the Tobacco Institute's "Smokers' Rights Alliance."

This is the introductory letter by Dave Brenton, President of the Smokers' Rights Alliance.
This is the Issue Brief.
Petition to Congress.
Airline Writing Campaign Guide
USA Today Clipping of Op-Ed from The Tobacco Institute

Postcards to sent to various authorities to protest smokefree flights. The excerpt below is from a card intended to be sent to airlines:

Customer Relations Department:

I believe the new bans on airline smoking have gone too far! These bans are unnecssary, unfair and unwarranted. Since 1973, federal regulations have forced smokers to "the back of the bus." Now you have allowed the government to ban smoking completely on most flights, despite few complaints and even fewer problems.

Airline travel is very expensive and full of headaches these days. And for the price we are forced to pay, the airlines should accommodate all passengers - smokers and nonsmokers alike. Bring back the old system.

Small, matchbook-sized booklet
Enlargement of part of the matchbook-sized booklet, above