Smokefree Branson

ANR UPDATE, 34(3), Fall 2015

Smokefree Branson

Branson, MO is home to popular music festivals, theaters, wineries and museums. Not only can you find a famous fiddle festival and the World's Largest Toy Museum in Branson, but now you can find 100% smokefree air indoors! Thanks to its City Council, Branson became the 761st addition to ANR's List of Local 100% Smokefree Laws.

Branson, a city sometimes referred to as the Vegas of the Midwest, has the highest adult smoking rate in Missouri at 30%. For Alderman Rick Davis who supported the ordinance, this high rate was a growing concern.

"We know smoking is an addicting habit, leads to less productive lives, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer and often times an early death. We also know that smokefree communities are healthier than smoke-filled communities," said Davis. "This ordinance will help make our community a healthier place to live, to work and to visit," he added.

Local advocate and ANR member Teri Harr is thrilled with the new law and told ANR, "Branson is breathing easier! I was grateful to take my Dad, a proud Veteran who suffers from COPD, to enjoy all the 4th of July activities in this now SMOKEFREE city."

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