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Arizona's indoor workplaces and public places, including restaurants and bars are 100% smokefree indoors. Visit Smokefree Arizona's website for more information about Arizona's statewide smokefree law, including answers to frequently asked questions. The website also includes helpful information for businesses, such as a compliance checklist and the opportunity to order free "NO SMOKING" signs.

The Smoke-Free Arizona Act does not preempt the passage of local smokefree laws. Local municipalities in Arizona are allowed to pass stronger smokefree measures to include areas not currently covered by state law. Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Arizona.

Click here to report a complaint.

Trying to quit? The Arizona Smokers' Helpline provides free phone counseling, information about cessation programs in your area and help with reduced cost medication. The toll free number is 1-800-556-6222 or visit www.ashline.org.

ANR has additional information on Arizona economic impact and public opinion data.

2017 State Legislative Session

American Cancer Society Quitline: 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

Smokefree & Related News

Sahuarita, Ariz. Passes Parks Smoking Ban
halfwheel.com - August 21, 2016

While lighting up a cigar in the hot Arizona sun doesnt always sound like the most desirable experience, the city of Sahuarita has ensured that if you do decide to do so, it wont be in one of the citys six parks. The citys parks & recreation board approved the policy at its August meeting after a group of students proposed the idea and made a presentation. However, its not a city ordinance, but the group known as Student Wellness Advocacy Team, or SWAT, plans to take it to the city council next in hopes of making the ban an enforceable law, according to a report from TucsonNewsNow.com. The ban also includes e-cigarettes but does not extend to the parking lots,

Town of Sahuarita bans smoking at all public parks [VIDEO]
Tucson News Now - August 21, 2016

The smoking ban also includes e-cigarettes, medical marijuana and smokeless types of tobacco. But not everyone is on board with this decision.

E-cigarettes tried by more than half of Arizona high-schoolers
Arizona Daily Star - August 20, 2016

While teens are walking out of Smokeys empty-handed, a recent survey shows they are getting their hands on e-cigarettes, with more than half of Arizona high-schoolers reporting that theyve tried them.

Maricopa County to go tobacco-free at all county owned/leased ...
ABC15 Arizona - March 16, 2016

The county says the ban includes all buildings, sidewalks, walkways and parking lots. There will also no longer be designated smoking areas or ashtrays.

Legal 'gray area' leaves Arizona medical marijuana patients at risk for eviction
Tucson News Now - March 9, 2016

"Because the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is controlled by the federal government, it agrees that the use of marijuana, whether ...

Valley man recovering after e-cig explosion [VIDEO]
FOX 10 News Phoenix - February 26, 2016

The only thing he had in his pocket were two batteries for his e-cig. He spent a week at the Maricopa Medical Center's Burn Unit, and doctors say he isn't the first. "It sounded like you had a pocket full of fireworks going off," said David Garcia. Garcia has 2nd and 3rd-degree burns mostly on his right leg. He spent seven days in the hospital, where doctors did skin graphs on his leg, and his fingers were also badly burned. He was driving when something in his pocket exploded. "It just ignites, it just burst into flames. I knew I didn't light it or anything; there was no reason for this flame to be 8-12 inches from my leg," he said.

Arizona Marijuana-Legalization Initiative Doesn't Let Cities Ban ...
Phoenix New Times - February 25, 2016

Conversely, the ability for cities to implement a ban - if, indeed, the law provides ... The CRMLA states that municipalities can "restrict the smoking, production, ...

Having guests makes difference
TriValley Central - February 22, 2016

State law bans indoor smoking in nearly all public places, bars included. But fraternal and veterans organizations are exempt. Its up to the local chapter. In Casa Grande, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion halls are smoke-free. Its a trial run for the VFW. The Elks Lodge allows smoking. The lodge exemption isnt absolute, said Eric Thomas, program manager for Smoke-Free Arizona, administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Its tricky when they start accepting guests, Thomas said. In that case, the club has to provide a space for non-smokers.

New smoking, tobacco use policy in works for Yavapai College
cvbugle - February 11, 2016

PRESCOTT -- Yavapai College will begin enforcing a stricter smoking and tobacco use policy come this fall. All forms of tobacco use, including electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco fall under this new policy. Wills said the college will be taking a military approach to ...

Marijuana Legalization Could Improve Arizona Tourism
Phoenix New Times - February 11, 2016

If Arizona voters approve adult-use marijuana legalization this year, it won't hurt ... Anyone who risks smoking in public could be fined, and most hotels don't ...

MC Companies Set to Open Its Latest Apartment Community, The ...
MultifamilyBiz.com - February 10, 2016

The Place at Presidio Trails joins the MCLife Tucson family with an eye for what residents want and need. The property is even offering features that complement healthy living, explains Mr. Flatt: "We're going to be committed to a healthy lifestyle with one (or more) smoke-free buildings, a state of the art fitness room with positive reinforcements stenciled right onto the wall, and of course being right on a sprawling exercise trail." ...

Welcome to the Good Life: MC Companies Debuts The Place at ...
Digital Journal - February 9, 2016

... offering features that complement healthy living, explains Mr. Flatt: We're going to be committed to a healthy lifestyle with one (or more) smoke-free buildings, ...

Arizona's Tobacco Report Card Shows Room for Improvement
Public News Service (PNS) - February 8, 2016

…gave Arizona high marks in a recent report. But in other key areas of tobacco control, such as smoking prevention, tobacco taxes and smoking cessation programs, the state has a lot of room to improve. JoAnna Strother, director of public policy for the…

Anti-litter groups: Cigarette butts trash Arizona freeways
TucsonSentinel.com - February 3, 2016

The cigarettes that are detrimental to your health are also littering Arizona freeways, creating eyesores, leaching chemicals and causing a fire hazard. Cigarette butts account for more than 40 percent of the litter tossed on U.S. highways, according to

American Lung Association: Arizona gets failing grade [VIDEO]
KVOA Tucson News - February 3, 2016

We must also face the reality that youth use of other tobacco products nationwide like e-cigarettes and little cigars is at an all-time high," said Julie Reid, ...

Coconino Health Department Proposes New Vape Ordinance [VIDEO]
Northern Arizona Today - February 2, 2016

The new smoking trend has revitalized the issue of smoking indoors. These cigarettes, also known as Vapes are growing in popularity. Despite their difference in odor, Physicians claim Vapes are just as dangerous. The County Health Department plans to take a stand against the current trend by implementing changes proposed by the Coconino County Public Health Department. …

Bill's Newscast: City Discusses Smoking Issues
Prescott eNews - January 29, 2016

Some Prescott City Council members and residents are smoking mad over proposed smoking restrictions. Current Code prohibits smoking in City facilities or other enclosed buildings. On Tuesday, Council discussed tightening those restrictions further to include private property and City parks. While residents have expressed support for the parks restriction, they arent supportive of the private property restriction. Mayor Harry Oberg explains he has heard from some unhappy residents. Councilman Steve Sischka says even though hes a non-smoker Sischka explains he has no problem with this ordinance going back for further adjustment. Council has directed City Attorney John Paladini to rework the draft smoking ordinance.

Smoking restrictions may fizzle; code changes get mixed reviews ...
Prescott Daily Courier - January 28, 2016

PRESCOTT - Tightening up smoking restrictions on private property was a nonstarter this week for the Prescott City Council, as well as for much of the public.

Smoking restrictions may fizzle; code changes get mixed reviews ...
Prescott Daily Courier - January 28, 2016

Still, some support arose for expanding the smoking ban in public places, such as city parks, along with for two other code-enforcement changes.

Statistics find use of tobacco products among Arizona teenagers has decreased
KTAR.com - January 27, 2016

There has been a significant reduction in the amount of Arizona teenagers who use tobacco products today compared to three years ago, according to Arizona's Youth Risk Behavior Survey. … According to the survey, traditional tobacco products are becoming increasingly unpopular among teens. However, Christ said more high school students are using electronic cigarettes at an alarming rate. …

Letter -- Smoking gun: How about enforcing current laws before you ...
Verde Independent - January 26, 2016

Letter -- Smoking gun: How about enforcing current laws before you create new ... city monies to pay a city attorney to spend time writing a ridiculous ordinance?

Bill's Newscast: Council Considers Ordinances Regarding Group ...
Prescott eNews - January 26, 2016

The ordinance amendments will be considered at 6 tonight in Council chambers on ... The ordinances cover legal non-conforming uses, smoking, neighborhood ...

Prescott dealing with group-home impacts
The Daily Courier - January 25, 2016

Smoking - the current city code prohibits smoking in city facilities and buildings, with some exceptions. The draft ordinance would add the prohibition of smoking in all city parks and park systems, as well as in some private-property areas. Under the private-property section, the proposed ordinance states that smoking would be prohibited in all multi-unit residence common areas, except in an outdoor common area designated by a landlord as a smoking area; all areas within 20 feet of doors, windows, air ducts and ventilation systems of multi-unit residences, except while passing on the way to another destination; all single-family and multi-family outdoor balconies, porches, decks, patios, carports or areas of any residence from which second-hand smoke may be detected on any parcel other than the parcel upon which the person is smoking. The city memo states that the Smoke Free Act Arizona "allows cities to adopt smoking regulations more stringent than those imposed under state law."

Smoking Ban On All Maricopa County-Owned Property Goes Into Effect in March
KJZZ - January 22, 2016

Maricopa County will ban all tobacco products and e-cigarettes on county-owned property later this year. That includes jails, administrative buildings, public ...

Maricopa County properties to go smoke-free in March
ABC15 Arizona - January 21, 2016

Beginning in March, if you want to light up, you won't be able to do so on Maricopa County properties … Maricopa County says smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes are part of the prohibited tobacco products. March 16 is Kick Butts Day, a national movement to keep ...

Cottonwood asked to raise smoking age to 21
Verde Independent - January 21, 2016

90 percent of smokers begin after before age 18; 99 percent begin before age-21. ... is taxed, but it may restrict the age at which a person may purchase tobacco.

Normal Marijuana Users Treated Like Junkies in Arizona
Phoenix New Times - January 20, 2016

Dolson actually couldn't end up behind bars with a first offense, thanks to a ... now to 42 percent, which the site says was the rate of "cigarette smokers in 1965." .... and the third meets at Verde Valley Alano Club each Saturday in Cottonwood.

Maricopa County to eliminate all tobacco-based products from ...
KTAR.com - January 18, 2016

All designated smoking areas and ashtrays will be removed from the property. ... Smoke-Free Arizona became effective, banning smoking from most enclosed ...

Maricopa County going tobacco free
Phoenix Business Journal (blog) - January 13, 2016

Maricopa County is going tobacco free on March 16, which means that about 10.5 million square feet of its office space will no longer allow smoking - including e-cigarettes. …

Poll reveals support for age change on tobacco purchases
East Valley Tribune - January 12, 2016

A third topic was whether Native American tribes should be able to operate casinos at sites off traditional reservations. Forty-five percent support tribes' right to ...

Vapor smoking devices feeling heat
Arizona Daily Sun - December 22, 2015

In 2011 the board of supervisors added e-cigarettes to that smoking ban. ... Guadalupe -- have public smoking bans that include vapor devices, Koenker said.

Desert Diamond Casino's doors opening with wide options for slot ...
YourWestValley.com- D December 21, 2015

Take a walk inside the brand-new Desert Diamond West Valley Casino, and one ... Aisles in between the rows of slots are 2-3 feet wider than in most casinos to aid ... air handling system will keep the smoke rising quickly away from gamers.

Arizona tribal casinos place bets on millennials
TriValley Central - November 17, 2015

He said he remembers the thick fog of smoke and the dings of the machines ... It's a subject so pressing to tribal casinos, organizers devoted a panel to discuss ...

Smoking butts out of multifamily business
AZ Big Media - October 31, 2015

You have a smoker in one unit, and non-smokers in the surrounding units, and they are all impacted. Because it takes longer to clean a unit formerly rented by ...

Percentage of adult Arizonans who smoke dips to 15.3 percent
Arizona Daily Sun - October 27, 2015

The Arizona Department of Health Services says the percentage of smokers as of 2014 was at an all-time low of 15.3 percent. That's down a percentage point from the rate in 2013. Tobacco prevention and cessation...

American Legion Post welcomes new and returning members with ...
Peoria Times - October 23, 2015

... The post, whose combined Legion family membership is nearly 3,500, is adding a smoking patio in response to a recent membership vote and as part of its plans to reinvigorate membership growth. Because the American Legion Post is a members club, it was not required to transition to a smoke-free facility in 2007, when the Smoke-Free Arizona Act took effect. At that time, our members felt there was no need to implement change. But at a recent vote, members recognized a smoke-free environment would improve the facility and help increase Post, Auxiliary and Sons membership said Post Commander Al Franco. Past Post Commander Keith Brown added, Located on the west side of the building, the patio will be a place for smokers to relax in shaded and protected comfort. The last thing we want is for our loyal smoking members to feel literally left out.

What has Tempe banned in 2015?
azcentral.com - October 23, 2015

What was proposed: Banning smoking with kids in cars. Councilman David Schapira, who tried and failed to pass such a ban during his time as a state legislator, proposed a similar law for Tempe. Under the law, police could fine drivers who were stopped for speeding or other violations if they had a lit cigarette and child in the backseat. What happened? The measure passed, unanimously. The law took effect in June. A first offense could cost a driver $50 with subsequent fines rising to $100.

Anti-smoking ads just make people want to smoke more
The State Press - September 28, 2015

A tobacco-free campus sign is displayed on the Tempe campus on Sunday, May 24, 2015. ASU is stepping up its anti-tobacco enforcement in June.

Tempe smoking ban protects children in cars
Mesa Legend - September 27, 2015

For many years, people have been discussing the topic of smoking and its associated health risks. Doctors state that second-hand smoke causes more harm ...

UA Tar Wars chapter delivers education on health effects of tobacco to youth
Arizona Daily Wildcat - September 14, 2015

A UA group is working to promote tobacco-free living. The student-run organization Tar Wars visits fourth and fifth-grade classes around Tucson to provide education about the consequences of smoking.

First Take: Will parks find spot for smokers?
Yuma Sun - September 6, 2015

... are keeping open the option of later amending the restriction to allow cigarettes in limited, designated areas of the facilities, away from the non-smokers.

First tobacco-free Coconino County Fair
Arizona Daily Sun - September 5, 2015

For the first time ever, the Coconino County Fair is completely tobacco-free. In previous years, Flagstaff's Parks and Recreation department assigned a designated area in which people could smoke, but this year that area has been ...

Smoking ban not OK in San Luis parks
Yuma Sun - August 31, 2015

From reading the front page story this morning, Aug. 29, the city of San Luis is banning smoking in a (public) park, not a privately owned park. So it would seem ...

Smoke and Mirrors: A One-Year Review of the UA's Tobacco and ...
Arizona Daily Wildcat - August 28, 2015

"Even when the ban wasn't in place at all, I'd always try to find like a corner, a nook ... was permitted on campus, and her sophomore year, when it was banned. .... to enforce their respective tobacco bans, Northern Arizona University is moving ...

ASU: A breath of (almost) fresh air
The State Press - August 25, 2015

Prior to this, the policy was community enforced. ASU identifies itself as 100 percent tobacco-free, as well as 100 percent smoke-free, but is that actually possible ...

San Luis considers smoking ban in parks
Yuma Sun - August 16, 2015

A smoking ban in place at one city park here could eventually include all parks in San Luis. A youth group appeared before the San Luis City Council this week to urge that the ban now in place at Moctezuma Park be extended to the other parks. Mayor Gerardo Sanchez said he anticipates the council will discuss and possibly approve such a restriction at its next regular session.

El Oso Park Becomes Phoenix's First Tobacco-Free Park
KJZZ - August 3, 2015

... to measure the success of the initiative and report back to the Parks and Rec. department. There are currently no plans to make other parks tobacco-free.

City of Phoenix testing out smoke-free park program; El Oso Park designated as 'smoke free'
KNXV-TV ABC 15 (Phoenix, AZ) - July 30, 2015

The idea began in 2013 when students from Trevor G. Browne High School reached out to Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela's office about creating a smoke-free park near their school. On Tuesday, no smoking signs were installed at El Oso Park, located near 75th...

Students, officials clear the air with smoke-free park
AZ Central - Arizona Republic - July 30, 2015

Student advocates and public officials cleared the air Tuesday morning when they finished installing new signs in Phoenix's first smoke-free park. The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board approved the no-tobacco policy at El Oso Park, near 75th Avenue and...

No smoke and mirrors: Phoenix officially gets first smoke-free park
KTAR.com - July 28, 2015

Students with the STAND Youth Coalition fought for the park near 75th and Osborn to become non-smoking, which eventually led to the Phoenix Parks and ...

Report: Yuma County leading state in non-smoking
Yuma Sun - July 23, 2015

Yuma County residents are kicking butts, literally, according to new statistics from the Yuma County Public Health Services District. The per-capita number of ...

Arizona Daily Wildcat :: Tobacco ban puts out unhealthy habits
Arizona Daily Wildcat - July 22, 2015

"With each incoming class we're going to have a new cohort of students that come to the UA understanding that it is a smoke- and tobacco-free environment.

Cochise County Youth Health Coalition hosts "Tobacco-Free Day"
Sierra Vista Herald - June 11, 2015

... of reducing the possibility of children being exposed to second-hand smoke, The ... as tobacco-free, or at the very least create clearly identified smoking areas.

E-cigarette company moving to Mesa over tax fights
azcentral.com - June 11, 2015

According to a new study, vapor from electronic cigarettes harms human cells in a way ... tried unsuccessfully to treat and tax e-cigarettes more like traditional tobacco. ... Critics say young people are drawn to sweet-flavored juices sold in vape ...

No-smoking areas designated at Fairgrounds
Eastern Arizona Courier - June 9, 2015

Several months ago, three STARS members spent one hour picking up cigarette butts around the play area of the Graham County Fairgrounds. During that 60 minutes, they collected more than 4 pounds of butts all within feet of the play area. At a recent Graham County Board of Supervisors meeting, the students presented their findings and, as a result of their presentation about the dangers of smoking and tobacco, the board elected to designate several areas throughout the fairgrounds as nonsmoking.

Sahuarita sets up smoke-free section of North Park
Green Valley News - June 8, 2015

North Park in Sahuarita is going largely smoke-free this summer, the result of more than three years' work by local youths to ban smoking in the town's public ...

Smoking bans now enforced
Camp Verde Journal - June 5, 2015

Several parks in Cottonwood are now smoke free, except for certain designated areas.

Defending Pot
Tucson Weekly - June 4, 2015

... in a Maricopa County courtroom sometime in the future for the charges he faces resulting from his role in the operation of a private vape lounge in Phoenix.

Middle schoolers hope to ban smoking in Sahuarita Parks
KVOA Tucson News - June 3, 2015

SAHUARITA - School's out for summer, but some middle school students in Sahuarita are continuing their education. They're getting involved in the civics ...

Social enforcement of smoking flames out
The State Press - June 3, 2015

In fact, when Tempe Undergraduate Student Government passed the ban in 2012, the initiative was supposed to focus on education, not penalties.

Hats off to kids who worked on smoking ban
Yuma Sun - May 26, 2015

On April 13th, there was an article regarding "Somerton OKs ban on smoking in parks." It's great to hear Somerton City Council approved the resolution ...

ASU to crack down on tobacco-free policy
The State Press - May 24, 2015

After the failure of a social enforcement model to deter tobacco use on campus, ASU will begin taking further measures to enforce the universitys tobacco-free policy this June. We should promote a non-smoking environment on campus, Sharma said after he expressed his own willingness to join the tobacco-free enforcement team ...

Editorial: Where there's smoke there's fine
Kdminer - May 24, 2015

Councilman Mark Abram summed it up nicely. "I feel it's sad we have to legislate stupidity," Abram said at Tuesday night's City Council meeting. The topic was a proposal to ban smoking in vehicles that are occupied by minors. "I'm conflicted ... at what point do we stop parents from giving their kids five Mountain Dews a day?" I'll help the Council member out here. The answer is "never." I won't question the good intentions of the four members of the Council who supported the new ordinance.

Tempe approves fines for smoking in cars with kids [VIDEO]
azcentral.com - May 22, 2015

Smokers will need to crush their cigarette butts before driving in Tempe with a kid in the backseat if they want to avoid a fine. Tempe's City Council unanimously passed an ordinance Thursday night that would fine drivers $50 for a first offense and $100 for subsequent violations if they smoke while a child is in the car. Matt Morales, executive director of the National Association of Vaping Businesses, said lumping e-cigarettes with tobacco damages the reputation of a safer alternative for those with a smoking habit.

Kingman bans smoking with kids in car
TriValley Central - May 22, 2015

Kingman drivers will have to put out their cigarettes if they have kids in the car under a new smoking ban that takes effect this summer. Council members narrowly approved the ban with a 4-3 vote Tuesday, making it a secondary offense to smoke in a car with people under the age of 18 present, the Kingman Daily Miner reported. However, Kingman Police cant pull over a suspected smoker unless that person commits a traffic offense that warrants a stop. E-cigarettes also are covered under the ban.

Rogue towns outlaw our right to give kids lung disease
azcentral.com - May 22, 2015

We've long known about the dangers of second-hand smoke. The bans include e-cigarettes. As Tempe Councilman David Schapira said, "Children are among ...

Kingman Passes Ban On Smoking With Kids In Car
KJZZ - May 21, 2015

KINGMAN, Ariz. - Kingman drivers will have to put out their cigarettes if they have kids in the car under a new smoking ban that takes effect this summer.

Panel to study proposed park smoking ban
Green Valley News - May 20, 2015

Sahuarita Parks & Recreation Commission will study the pros and cons of creating a town ordinance banning smoking in Sahuarita parks as a teen action group ..

Cottonwood parks now tobacco-free zones
Verde Independent - May 20, 2015

One of the graphic ways the youth outlined the need for such an ordinance was by ... If there are questions about the locations of the designated smoking areas, ...

Parks panel looking at banning smoking
Sahuarita Sun (subscription) - May 18, 2015

... banning smoking in Sahuarita parks as a teen action group is requesting. ... and seeks to ban smoking from town parks altogether, the commission decided to ...

Tempe Could Be First AZ City to Ban Smoking with Kids in Car
Public News Service - May 1, 2015

Tempe could become Arizona's first city to ban smoking with children in the car.

SAVAHCS reduces smoking areas
Tucson News Now - April 30, 2015

Lights out for lighting up. The Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Southern Arizona cutting almost all of its smoking areas. Today VA officials are gearing up for the change. Right now, the VA's main hospital campus here in Tucson has 30 designated smoking areas. Tomorrow that number will drop to eight.

Tempe weighs ban on smoking while children are in car [VIDEO]
azcentral.com - April 27, 2015

The Tempe City Council continued to consider a proposed ordinance that would fine drivers $50 for a first offense and $100 for subsequent violations if they smoke while a child is in the car. Smokers of all types, including e-cigarette smokers, could be punished under the proposed ordinance.

Editorial: Smoking hot second-hand climate study
Kdminer - April 26, 2015

There is plenty of information on the Internet about how second-hand smoke is bad. There's also plenty of information out there about how the EPA study regarding second-hand smoke is so much bull. I've yet to find any information online about the seismic shift that moved Kingman into California, but the Council's absurd eagerness to take up the KYCBUTT proposal to outlaw adults smoking in cars when minors are present suggests it's possible. In the Miner's news story, did I detect excitement at the prospect Kingman might be the first city in the state to have such an ordinance? Busybodies Up To Terribly Intrusive Nonsense, anyone?

Where there's smoke, there's a fine?
Kdminer - April 23, 2015

Currently, the only minors in Arizona who are protected by a smoking ban in vehicles are children in foster care. Nine states, however, already have similar ...

The Skinny
Tucson Weekly - April 23, 2015

... 21 could buy or possess up to an ounce of weed and grow up to six marijuana plants, but you could still face a fine of no more than $300 for smoking in public.

Will Arizona tribes legalize pot before we do? They can
azcentral.com - April 21, 2015

Will Arizona's Native American tribes do for marijuana (and for themselves) what they did for gambling (and for themselves)? ... Like preventing sales to minors. ... Meantime, the potential tax revenues for states where legalization remains an ...

Editorial: Where there's smoke ...
Kdminer - April 19, 2015

Kingman Youth Coalition Beating Up Teen Tobacco deserves kudos for its anti-smoking and anti-litter campaign for Kingman's parks, and for being civically active. When I was in high school, I didn't even know where my town's City Hall was; the idea of meeting with council members or a police chief to pursue a policy goal never entered my mind. But the group's latest proposal, while well intentioned, goes too far. They plan to ask the Kingman City Council for a new ordinance that would make it a finable offense to smoke in a vehicle with minors in it. The prohibition would include traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes, and it would be a secondary offense - that is, one could only be cited for it if pulled over for another reason first.

Anti-smoking group's goal: Don't smoke in the car
Kdminer - April 17, 2015

That's what the Kingman Youth Coalition Beating Up Teen Tobacco (KYCBUTT) will be pursuing at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday. The group is asking the council to enact an ordinance that would make smoking in a vehicle with a minor a secondary offense. ...

Somerton, Ariz. Bans Smoking in Some Parks
halfwheel.com - April 14, 2015

Smoking is now banned in parks in Somerton, Ariz. Well, some parks. And it's banned, but there's no punishment for violating the ban. The Somer City Council ...

Law | Somerton, AZ Bans Park Smoking
The Cigar Authority - April 13, 2015

The city of Somerton, AZ is turning its public parks, all three of them into tobacco-free zones. However, the city is not penalizing anyone who does light up.

Somerton OKs smoking ban for parks
Yuma Sun - April 12, 2015

This city is turning its three public parks into tobacco-free areas, but for now it's not penalizing anyone who lights up. That could change in a year, however, if visitors are still smoking at Joe Munoz, Council Avenue and Perricone parks. ...

Tempe considers ban on smoking in vehicles with children
KPHO Phoenix - March 31, 2015

The city of Tempe is considering making it illegal to smoke in a vehicle with children ... "There's a lot of states that already have a ban in place so I think Tempe is ...

Show Podcast for Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2015 @broomheadshow
KFYI - March 31, 2015

On today's show, Gov. Doug Ducey vetoes his first bill -- and many police officers aren't happy about it. Meanwhile, Tempe wants to ban smoking in the car if ...

With federal grant, UA out to get more Native Americans into medicine
Cronkite News - March 30, 2015

Smoking prevalence was highest among Native American youth and adults ... "But then not knowing a tribe or how they function can be a problem - almost like ...

Smoking in cars with kids could be fined in Tempe
azcentral.com - March 30, 2015

Drivers who smoke with a child in the car could soon be subject to a fine if their vehicle is pulled over in Tempe. The city is considering a law that would fine a person for smoking while driving with a child.

'Welcome Home Party' scheduled at VFW Post 10227
Prescott Daily Courier - March 24, 2015

He further noted that the VFW post is a non-smoking venue. "We don't smoke in our building, so everyone can come and breathe the good Arizona fresh air,' he ...

AWC Recognized for Tobacco-Free Campus and Wins Award
Yumanewsnow - March 24, 2015

Yuma, Arizona - Arizona Western College was recognized on February 21 in Tempe, AZ for their Tobacco-Free Campus Policy including no e-cigarettes since ...

Cottonwood restricts smoking in parks and eases permitting for food trucks
Verde Independent - March 19, 2015

The Cottonwood City Council heard the second and final reading of three ordinances Tuesday. One, promoted by a youth anti-smoking organization, would restrict where smoking could occur in public parks. It would provide for smoking receptacles, signs and levy fines for violations. Students from Cottonwood Elementary and Mingus Union High School brought the proposal to the city council first during a December 2014 meeting.

Pima County sewer rate hike postponed
Arizona Daily Star - March 11, 2015

Bronson seemed to support a surcharge for those employed by the county who are smokers, saying it is unfair for non-smokers to subsidize them. …

NACA students hope to ban cigarette smoking in Flagstaff parks
Navajo-Hopi Observer - March 10, 2015

If some high school students with a Native American for Community Action (NACA) youth program have their way, Flagstaff parks could be tobacco free, which ...

Editorial: City smoking law sounds good, but enforcement another ...
Verde Independent - March 7, 2015

The Yavapai Anti-Tobacco Coalition of Youth, with chapters at Mingus Union and Cottonwood Middle School, asked the city council for a full or partial ban of ...

Cottonwood, Ariz. Bans Smoking in Parks
halfwheel.com - March 6, 2015

A proposal to ban smoking in parks unanimously passed the Cottonwood, Ariz. City Council on Tuesday evening. The move comes after the Yavapai ...

Outsiders push to impose new rules for Cave Creek's trails
Sonoran News - December 3, 2014

... were already in the ordinances, plus a couple of suggestions such as no smoking. ... people in the audience knew what the town's ordinance on dogs entailed.

Arizona Weighs Controversial Debate On E-Cigarette Taxation
KJZZ - December 1, 2014

The product is advertised as a healthier and cheaper alternative to regular cigarettes; it's tobacco free and users inhale a virtually odor-free liquid nicotine vapor.

Youth coalition seeks smoking ban at Somerton park
Yuma Sun - November 30, 2014

Members of the Yuma County Youth Anti-Tobacco Coalition appear before the Somerton City Council to ask for a ban on smoking at the city's Council Avenue ...

Phoenix officials want to stop smoking in public housing
azcentral.com - November 26, 2014

Phoenix housing officials want the City Council to extinguish smoking in public ... Smoking bans are common at restaurants, work sites, in airplanes and other ...

Arizona e-cigarette tax could bring in $6M a year
AZFamily - November 24, 2014

PHOENIX (AP) -- The Arizona Legislature's budget analysts say a tax on electronic cigarettes could bring $6 million a year in new revenue into the state's coffers.

Arizona among nation's best at fighting lung cancer
Verde Independent - November 14, 2014

... company that the state's restrictions on where people can smoke are the best in ... 26 states do have some type of laws restricting where people can light up.

State receives high marks in battle against lung cancer
TriValley Central - November 13, 2014

The 2006 ballot measure makes most indoor establishments, ranging from offices to bar and restaurants, smoke-free areas. The law also requires hotels to ...

Arizona good place to fight cancer
Sierra Vista Herald - November 12, 2014

What helped Arizona's overall ranking was the conclusion by the financial advice company that the state's restrictions on where people can smoke are the best ...

Gilbert becomes third Arizona city to regulate e-cigarettes
azcentral.com - November 10, 2014

A closeup of a woman smoking an electronic cigarette outdoors. ... lauded Tempe's amendment, saying that e-cigarettes reinforce the image of regular smoking.

We love to hate on smokers, unless it's pot
azcentral.com - November 6, 2014

The nicotine patch and gum are fine to use, so why tax e-cigarettes? ... Now, people are advocating more taxes on e-cigarettes even though there is no proof ...

Students Work to Enact Smoking Ban at NAU
Northern Arizona Today - November 4, 2014

With around 20 percent of the student body already in favor of the ban, Danielle Goettl, SHAC Secretary, says they still need to gain the support of all the faculty ...

Taxing e-cigarettes: For sin or consistency?
azcentral.com - October 29, 2014

These new "smoking" products won't produce nearly as much revenue as ... Cities like Tempe have banned them, even though the federal Food and Drug ...

Liv apartments now open in Ahwatukee
Ahwatukee Foothills News - October 28, 2014

The entire property is also smoke-free. "We've had people who were smokers quit to move in here," Hoy said. "They say 'I've been looking for a reason to quit ...

Mohave County Assessor to make Planet Ranch presentation to ...
Today's News-Herald - October 28, 2014

County supervisors have cited the declining land on county tax rolls, arguing it increases the cost to taxpayers. ... Nicholson said local Indian tribes have transferred or applied to transfer into ... a piece, they diminish the percentage of land available (for taxes)," he said. ... Keep e-cigarettes out of Mohave County buildings (7) ...

Should e-cigarettes be taxed in Arizona?
Tucson News Now - October 27, 2014

A $1 billion shortfall in the state budget by 2016 could be reason for state lawmakers to tax electronic cigarettes.

Tempe's public e-cigarette ban rankles some as counterproductive
Arizona Daily Star - October 26, 2014

In August, Tempe became the first city in Arizona to pass an ordinance restricting the use of e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, in enclosed public areas including restaurants and bars. Despite the new limitations, Dewberry and others say Tempes e-cig industry isnt slowing down.

Shop owners: Tempe ban on e-smoking in public spots not hurting ...
KTAR.com - October 22, 2014

He smoked for 25 years but hasn't picked up a cigarette since he started vaping. ... restricts access or the freedom to use the product is never good for business.

Navajo Nation state of the nation address reflects on Shelly-Jim ...
Farmington Daily Times - October 21, 2014

... years in office was the execution of the Commercial Tobacco Free Executive Order, which banned smoking in buildings that house executive branch offices.

AS votes to approve new student fee for statewide student ...
Daily Sundial - October 20, 2014

Zaich also spoke about the results of a survey regarding banning smoking on campus. 34 percent of students surveyed said they would support a complete ban ...

Tobacco-free park policy under consideration in Chandler
Arizona Republic - October 16, 2014

The tobacco-free policy would affect programs such as the Chandler Youth Sports Association, which allows outside groups to use Chandler parks to coach ...

Pushing smoking off-campus good for students
Arizona Daily Sun - October 15, 2014

Thus FUSD has banned smoking both inside buildings and on school grounds, ... directly to new President Rita Cheng to petition for an outdoors smoking ban. ... NAU is a leader on many fronts - banning smoking deserves to be one of them.

County adds e-cigarettes to smoke ban
Mohave Valley News - October 8, 2014

Smoke and tobacco products are banned at all county buildings or in a county vehicle. Tobacco is also prohibited by employees in public use when they ...

Maker of marijuana e-cigarettes enters Arizona market
Phoenix Business Journal - October 9, 2014

A Denver company that makes the equivalent of an electronic cigarette for marijuana use and sells cartridges, vaporizers and other products used by medical ...

Legislative District 9: Friese and Orr think clearly
Arizona Daily Star - October 8, 2014

One way to pay the $317 million tab is by enacting a tax on e-cigarettes, he suggests. We disagree with Orr's stands on issues such as reproductive rights and ...

Mohave County supervisors move to ban e-cigs from county buildings
Today's News-Herald - October 7, 2014

Supervisor Buster Johnson said a couple of complaints from county employees moved him to clarify the policy and extend the types of smoking that are ...

College implements designated smoking areas
Cochise News - October 3, 2014

Cochise College has designated smoking and tobacco-use areas for students, visitors and employees at its campuses and centers. New policies permit the use of cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, pipes and chewing tobacco only at specific outdoor areas on campus or within an individuals personal vehicle. The use of these products is prohibited inside all college facilities.

Keep e-cigarettes out of Mohave County buildings
Today's News-Herald - October 1, 2014

E-cigarettes occupy a gray area for those who regulate such things. Unlike their paper-and-tobacco cousins, many believe e-cigarettes don't endanger others with second-hand smoke. That unpleasant musty smell of stale ...

'No smoking' signs could be posted at Mohave County sites
Today's News-Herald - September 30, 2014

Johnson has moved to expand the countys no smoking policy to include a ban on e-cigarettes and hand vaporizers after two incidents at the county building in Lake Havasu City, when a visitor refused to stop smoking his electronic cigarette, blowing smoke into a county employees face one occasion....

Four Tri-state fire district elections cancelled
Mohave Valley News - September 16, 2014

The board also directed staff to come up with a policy about e-cigarettes being smoked at county buildings. Public Health Director Patty Mead said there is not ...

Mohave County Supervisor Johnson seeks state PILT payments
Today's News-Herald - September 10, 2014

Last month, the board directed county staff to clarify its smoke-free county building policy to include e-cigarettes and vaporized nicotine devices. Johnson said ...

Mixed emotions toward new tobacco policy
Arizona Daily Wildcat - September 2, 2014

Students so far have reported a mix of appreciation, anger and indifference towards it. The policy states that the university now “prohibits the use of products that contain tobacco or nicotine, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, bidis, kreteks, hookah...

New smoking ban in place for 1st U of A football game
Tucson News Now - August 29, 2014

... ban; as for smoking in Arizona Stadium, there are two designated areas on the east and west outer ramps, but smokers are only allowed to use e-cigarettes.

OPINION: Changes help Sun City grow
YourWestValley.com - August 23, 2014

In the 1980s, some 30 members started a movement to ban smoking in our recreation centers. It was eventually a ballot question, and a smoking ban was enacted. Later in that decade the pro-smokers were successful in getting the issue on the ballot. The smoking ban was confirmed and continues to this day; recently, e-cigarettes were in included in the ban.

Legal questions surround Pima County plans to not hire smokers
Inside Tucson Business - August 22, 2014

... Control, which estimates that each smoker costs his or her employer about $3,400 more per year than non-smokers due to lost productivity and medical costs.

Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly orders clean air for tribal ...
Farmington Daily Times - August 21, 2014

A 2006 U.S. surgeon general's report states smoking is the leading cause of ... The ban does not restrict using natural mountain tobacco for traditional and ...

Casinos Worry As More Navajo Communities Go Smoke-Free
NPR - August 18, 2014

Walking onto the gaming floor at the Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff, Ariz., is a sensory-rich experience, with winning bells and slot machine jingles a constant. But in addition to hearing the sounds of the gaming floor, visitors also smell cigarette smoke. The Smoke-Free Arizona Act doesn't apply to this casino, located just inside the southern borders of the Navajo Nation. That means smoking in an enclosed public space is legal.

President Shelly issues Executive Order No. 12-2014 for smoke free workplace
Window Rock, AZ: The Navajo Nation - August 15, 2014

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.- The right to fresh air in the workplace. Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly signed Executive Order No. 12-2014 into law and said it was to protect the health of tribal employees. "The use of commercial tobacco at is prohibited at all interior spaces operated by the Executive Branch," President Shelly said. "This includes a distance of 25 feet from all entrances, windows and ventilation systems."

No jobs for smokers?
KGUN 9 - July 30, 2014

Smoking is not as popular as it used to be, but Pima County estimates about 32 ... He wants to ban new hires who have used any type of nicotine in a year's time.

County contemplates nicotine-free workplace
Tucson News Now - July 29, 2014

He also says "although there may be some controversy initially, as there was with the tobacco free initiative two years ago, I am confident it will be short lived."...

GC STARS strategize in Washington
Eastern Arizona Courier - July 25, 2014

“They are eager to learn all they can to promote the education of the dangers of firsthand, secondhand and thirdhand smoke at the grass-roots level in Graham ...

Smoking, Chewing, Even 'Vaping' Banned At University Of Arizona ...
The College Fix - July 24, 2014

...At least 1,372 campuses across the country are smoke-free and 938 of those campuses are tobacco-free, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights ...

Another Campus Falls to Anti-Smoking Zealotry—Even E-Cigs Are ...
Reason (blog)-by Robby Soave - July 24, 2014

Another Campus Falls to Anti-Smoking Zealotry—Even E-Cigs Are Banned ... The University of Arizona has decided to follow colleges around the country in banning smoking on all campus property. ... Some students are irritated about the ban, but who are they to stand athwart ...

ENCINAS: Many get burned by new UA tobacco ban
Arizona Daily Wildcat - July 23, 2014

A more reasonable policy would have allowed tobacco users to only smoke in designated areas that are away from areas of heavy foot traffic, and banned e-cigs and smokeless tobacco from indoor public areas only. The designers of the policy failed to take ...

Mesa mayoral candidates: Who's the best fit?
azcentral.com - July 23, 2014

Mesa recently had passed its smoking ordinance, and angry restaurant owners stormed each meeting, saying they were going out of business and begging for ...

Paiute convenience store thriving
St. George Daily Spectrum - July 23, 2014

Paiute tribal members listen as retired Arizona Bureau of Indian Affairs ... "A lot of people come back because we don't charge tax. ... The store's biggest seller is tobacco, including some Native American-brand cigarettes that don't use ...

UA adopts policy to ban the use of tobacco products on campus
Arizona Daily Wildcat - July 22, 2014

He said he endorses the tobacco-ban personally and as the ASUA president. Ortega has asthma and said that family members choosing to smoke around him ...

University of Arizona goes smoke free
KOLD TV Channel 13 (Tucson, AZ) - July 18, 2014

Public comments started in March and will continue until July 27. If you'd like to give a thumbs up or complain, you can e-mail the UA Vice President for Human Resources, Allison Vaillancourt, at ...

Council backs tribe's casino-resort plan
YourWestValley.com - July 15, 2014

Councilman Sammy Chavira, one of four members voting for the resolution, said he supports any project that would bring jobs, sales-tax revenue and economic ...

UA Promotes Healthy Living With Campus-Wide Tobacco Ban
KJZZ - July 14, 2014

The University of Arizona is joining hundreds of colleges across the nation with a campus-wide ban on tobacco. The new policy will prohibit smoking, smokeless ...

University of Arizona Banning Smoking on Campus, Including E-Cigarettes
Phoenix New Times (blog) - July 14, 2014

The University of Arizona will be joining hundreds of other universities across the country with a campus ban on smoking. The Maricopa County Community College District actually enacted a smoking/tobacco ban on its campuses in 2012, including a ban on e-cigarettes, too.

AWC bans tobacco use on campus
Yuma Sun - July 8, 2014

... campus not only indicates the speed limit and possession of weapons is prohibited, but also advised all visitors that the campus is smoke and tobacco free.

Miami votes to make Veterans Park smoke-free
Arizona Silver Belt - June 18, 2014

Miami At its meeting on June 9, the Miami Town Council voted 4-2 to make Miami Veterans Memorial Park a smoke-free area. Michael Black, Don Reiman, Robert Baeza and Darryl Dalley all voted for the measure, while mayor Rosemary Castaneda and vice mayor Susan Hanson voted against it.

San Luis imposes smoking ban at city park
Yuma Daily Sun - May 24, 2014

San Luis will be the first city in Yuma County to have a smoking ban in place at a public park, thanks to the efforts of a youth anti-tobacco group that lobbied the City Council to enact the prohibition. The ban designates Moctezuma Park as a smoke-free ...

Poll: How recently have you visited an Arizona casino?
Phoenix Business Journal – May 23, 2014

in no- smoking areas only, including getting to shows. We do not gamble, but we have eaten in the buffets and seen a show. I haven’t been in the past year, but have definitely been many more times never …

Smokers can still light up at parks
Mojave Valley Daily News May 21, 2014

BULLHEAD CITY Although sympathetic to members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River, which is trying to get the city of Bullhead City to ban smoking in its parks, council members all opposed the idea during their Tuesday meeting.

Vape Fair is coming to Tucson
Explorer News - May 14, 2014

The Tucson Vape Fair is an international trade event which will bring together direct manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers geared towards the alternative vaping industry all under one roof. Exhibitors will display the largest selection of newly designed vapes, e-cigs, e-hookahs, e-liquids and many other products and accessories offered at the lowest wholesale prices on the market. One of the highlights of the show will be the Vape-Off: Americas largest e-liquid competition, organized by top industry bloggers who have committed themselves to the alternative vaping lifestyle….

RCSC places restrictions on electronic cigarette use
YourWestValley.com - April 29, 2014

Smoking electronic cigarettes is now banned in Recreation Centers of Sun City facilities except for designated smoking areas. Additionally, public use of the devices has been prohibited in the states of New Jersey, Utah and North Dakota, as well as 24 counties in states such as West Virginia and Kentucky, according to a report by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. ...

E-cigarette trend already meeting public resistance
Kingman Daily Miner – April 24, 2014

Their usability in places where tobacco use has been banned is a common selling ... College, which revised their tobacco policies to ban or restrict use of e-cigs without ... Mohave County has the highest adult smoking rate in the state, with 31 ... Here we are banning tobacco products and electronic cigarette's, but we had ...

Arizona making strides to curb tobacco use statewide
Willcox Range News - April 24, 2014

In the last four years, the number of smokers under 18 dropped by 30 percent. ... pass smoke-free ordinances at local parks and expand smoke-free boundaries.

Gilbert Legion commander to quit after notable term
Arizona Republic - April 23, 2014

His tenure was significant in that in September 2013, he introduced a smoking ban inside the Legion building in downtown Gilbert. He credits the ban for the ...

Report: Big increase in nicotine exposure from e-cig liquid
KTAR.com - April 20, 2014

PHOENIX -- A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a nationwide rise in nicotine exposure from the liquid in e-cigarettes, mirroring increases seen by Arizona's poison control centers.

Rec boards discuss smoking policies
YourWestValley.com - April 17, 2014

The ban would allow residents to smoke electronic cigarettes only in ... I think if it helps someone to stop smoking then, yes, they should be allowed to smoke ...

Mesa company bans workers from smoking
East Valley Tribune - April 16, 2014

Lee Benson, CEO and owner of Able Aerospace Services, began banning smoking in 2010 and fires its employees if they do decide to smoke, according to a ..

Able Aerospace bans smoking even off the job
Phoenix Business Journal April 14, 2014

You better not smoke em if you got em if you work for Lee Benson. Benson does not allow workers to smoke even off the job saying it saves the company between $750,000 and $1 million annually in health insurance costs. We drug test for nicotine, Benson said.

Coconino County to add electronic cigarettes to existing smoking ban
Arizona Daily Sun - April 8, 2014

And now Coconino County health officials want to add other electronic smoking devices to the existing ban as well making it illegal to vape any substance in public. Health officials say that not only are electronic cigarettes potentially harmful to the user, they also have toxins that could be harmful as secondhand smoke. If Coconino County does adopt the ban, it would not necessarily affect all of the 1,400 establishments covered under the current ban on classic cigarettes. Incorporated areas of the county, such as the city of Flagstaff, would have to decide if they wanted to take a position on banning electronic cigarettes (see related story).

Flagstaff smoking ban doesn't include e-cigs
Arizona Daily Sun - April 8, 2014

The city of Flagstaff has an ordinance that bans traditional smoking in a long list of buildings used by the public, including bars, museums, theaters, heath care facilities, child care and adult care facilities, public areas in apartment buildings and businesses, restaurants, stores and sports facilities. But because the ordinance, which took effect in 2005, does not mention e-cigarettes, city spokesperson Kim Ott said city officials believe the use of the devices cannot be banned generally without amending the ordinance. Until or if that occurs, businesses and other organizations can establish their own policies on e-cigarettes.

E-cigs gain strong local popularity
Prescott Daily Courier - April 8, 2014

There's no denying the popularity of electronic cigarettes. With more and more people wanting to kick the tobacco habit, the devices have become a step back from Camels or Marlboros.

Prescott Valley E-cig store gains local popularity
Prescott Valley Tribune - April 8, 2014

"To quit smoking with one of our e-cigarettes, there has to be will power. You have to ... In 2013, a new Arizona law banned sales to minors under 18. But that ...

Letter: Cottonwood needs tobacco-free policy for city parks
Verde Independent - April 3, 2014

We'd like to see our parks become healthier by making them tobacco free. The 2010 Surgeon General's report on secondhand smoke concluded that there is no ...

Innovative Vapors Unveils Vapor Lounge Catering To Concerns ...
Free Press Release Center (press release) - April 3, 2014

Despite previous controversy over the use of an electronic cigarette in Tempe, new studies indicate these smokeless alternatives to the traditional cigarette may ...

E-cigarette smokers are chasing clouds
azcentral.com - April 1, 2014

Having one's head in the clouds has taken on new meaning as a Vapor Cigarette trend picks up popularity. It's called "cloud chasing," and its goal is to produce big, thick, white plumes of vapor. "It's a sport. It's about, how big can you make the cloud," said Kris Poma, manager of Vanity Vapor at 6670 W. Cactus Road, Glendale.

STAND Arizona Unveils Student-Made Robot for Tobacco Control ...
AZoRobotics - March 20, 2014

Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) Arizona's anti-smoking youth ... from banning smoking in public parks to being vigilant of retailers who sell to minors.

Flagstaff City Council mulls permitting sidewalk seating citywide
Arizona Daily Sun - March 16, 2014

According to the proposed resolution, cafes or restaurants that wanted to add an outdoor seating area would have to leave between 5 1/2 feet to 8 feet of open space for pedestrians between the seating area and the back of the curb. The size of the open space depends on how wide the sidewalk is. A movable barrier must also be put up around the area and smoking is not allowed. Serving alcohol within the area is prohibited from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m.

AS presidential candidates face off in debate
Daily Aztec - March 13, 2014

Both candidates agreed the on-campus bans, such as the smoking ban and the ... “The bans were done without input from all of the students, which is the ...

Arpaio: Deputies bust pot 'compassion clubs'
azcentral.com - March 13, 2014

Deputies arrested 39 suspected drug dealers and seized an ATM, marijuana, ... Sheriff Joe Arpaio's detectives to three medical marijuana "compassion clubs," ...

ASUA Senate hears updates on guaranteed tuition, tobacco ban
Arizona Daily Wildcat - March 13, 2014

Updates on the tobacco ban, guaranteed tuition, bylaw revisions, and other topics ... If the policy is passed, Chavez said he would like to see smoking areas off ...

UA tobacco ban smokes out healthier substitutes
Arizona Daily Wildcat - March 12, 2014

The ban would allow “smoking cessation products,” like nicotine patches, but that's ... Banning smoking at the university is not going to lead most smokers to quit.

Tobacco-free campus policy up for review
Arizona Daily Wildcat - March 12, 2014

The UA is looking to join the more than 800 universities nationwide that have tobacco-free campuses. The Student Health Advocacy Committee has been working on a draft for a tobacco-free campus policy for two-and-a-half years, and the plan is now under public review.

La Paz County students to gather at State Capitol on tobacco issues
Parker Live - March 10, 2014

On Tuesday, March 18th, students from La Paz County will take a STAND against tobacco use at the Arizona State Capitol. Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) is organizing their first legislative day on March 18th. More than 250 students from 25 local youth chapters will gather at the State Capitol to showcase their efforts to pass local legislation that promotes smoke free environments. ...

ASUA presidential hopefuls talk big issues
Arizona Daily Wildcat - March 2, 2014

Should a smoking ban be implemented on the UA campus? ... On my personal experiences, I would like to support a tobacco ban, but it is about representing the ...

Using electronic cigarettes for weight loss?
AZFamily - February 11, 2014

PHOENIX -- Could losing weight be as easy as smoking flavored electronic cigarettes? A Valley mom says it's her solution to trying to shed baby weight and ... My favorite flavor is blue raspberry; cotton candy is awesome, said Joel Vinson of Vape Escapes in Phoenix.

New shop brings 'vaping' to Nogales ($$)
Nogales International - February 4, 2014

An e-cigarette shop opened its doors in Nogales, offering local residents the chance to join a nationwide trend of vaping. On Thursday afternoon, Nogales ...

Valley doctors seeing more kids swallow e-cigs' poisoneous liquid nicotine
KTAR.com - February 4, 2014

PHOENIX -- Valley doctors are expressing concern about electronic cigarettes. E-cigs use water vapor instead of smoke to deliver nicotine, and many people think they're healthier than regular cigarettes. But at the Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center, doctors are worried that people, especially children, are swallowing the liquid nicotine. "Many of them come with refills that don't come in child proof containers," said Dr. Frank Lovecchio. "The refills are typically very tasty, with flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. Flavors that tend to appeal to a younger user."

Survivor of cancer fights HOA ban on medical marijuana [VIDEO]
Arizona Republic - February 4, 2014

A cancer survivor who lives in Carrillo Ranch in Chandler says he will begin circulating a petition to overturn that homeowners association boards rule that homeowners and guests cannot smoke medical marijuana in their yards or on their patios.

HOA bans medical marijuana in home yards
Arizona Republic - February 1, 2014

Ekmark said homeowners associations are mainly concerned with smoking in ... said of the Carrillo Ranch ban, My reaction is that it's probably not a valid rule.

E-cigarettes blamed for overexposure cases
azcentral - January 31, 2014

With electronic cigarettes gaining popularity, officials in Arizona and nationwide are seeing more cases of people exposed to too much nicotine, not just from inhaling but by spilling or swallowing the liquid drug. Banner Good Samaritan Poison & Drug Information Center received 24 calls last year about nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes, 13 of them involving children. Thats up from 10 cases four involving children in 2012. In the first weeks of this year, the center had received six calls, four involving children. It is very concerning, said Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the centers co-medical director. The public has to be educated that nicotine is very toxic and has been associated with deaths, he said

Arizona seeing more cases of nicotine over-exposure from e-cigarettes
Cronkite News (Phoenix, AZ) - January 30, 2014

With electronic cigarettes gaining popularity, officials in Arizona and nationwide are seeing more cases of people exposed to too much nicotine, not just from inhaling but by spilling or swallowing the liquid drug. Banner Good Samaritan Poison & Drug

Smoking ban diminishes on-campus diversity
Daily Aztec - January 29, 2014

It made me nauseous and I didn't smoke again. The people who lived in the village either didn't know, chose to ignore, or had simply forgot that smoking is bad ...

E-cigs spark smoking etiquette revamp
Arizona Daily Wildcat - January 29, 2014

Electronic cigarettes may not actually be ducks, but they are quacking. Despite our perception of e-cigarettes as a new form of smoking, they look like cigarettes, ...

Northwest Medical Center now smoke and tobacco-free site
Tucson News Now - January 2, 2014

Northwest Medical Center is starting out 2014 as a tobacco and smoke free campus. As of Jan. 1, NMC's new policy prohibits the use of any tobacco products on the campus, as well as any affiliated facilities like urgent cares, ambulatory surgery centers and physician's offices. ...

Arizona fire officials see increased fire danger with e-cigarettes
10News - January 1, 2014

PHOENIX - As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, so do the number of fires they start. Phoenix Fire Department officials say they've noticed the increase ...

Phoenix Fire Department officials warn electronic cigarette users about fire danger
KNXV-TV ABC 15 - December 31, 2013

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, so do the number of fires they start. Phoenix Fire Department officials say theyve noticed the increase and want families to know about the potential danger These things are causing fires, said Phoenix Fire Department Captain and Arson Investigator Gary Hernandez. He responded to the fire at the Ormans house, but this wasnt the first e-cigarette-related fire hes seen. They had plugged this in, in the

Lack of e-cigarette research prompts questions of health effects, UA ...
Arizona Daily Wildcat - December 10, 2013

A lack of research and knowledge has led some faculty and students to question whether electronic cigarettes should be banned from campus.

NAU campus tobacco ban still remains undecided
JackCentral - December 3, 2013

The Tobacco Free Policy resolution considered by the Associated Students of Northern Arizona University (ASNAU) at the meeting on Nov.14 failed by a 6-5 ...

Officials hope law curbs e-cigarette use by kids
TriValley Central - December 4, 2013

PHOENIX — With electronic cigarettes increasingly popular among children nationally, officials and advocates hope a new Arizona law banning sales to those ...

ASUA to host open forum regarding tobacco-free campus initiative
Arizona Daily Wildcat - November 14, 2013

ASUA is looking for additional student input on whether to support a tobacco-free campus initiative through a forum on Friday. The Associated Students of the University of Arizona is hosting the forum in order to get feedback and opinions on the tobacco-free campus initiative that was introduced to the ASUA Senate last March. The initiative, which was officially introduced by the Student Health Advocacy Committee, aims to create an entirely tobacco-free campus.

Gilbert Legion says 'smoke 'em if you got 'em' ... outside
Arizona Republic - November 12, 2013

American Legion Post 39 has banned smoking inside its premises in downtown Gilbert. Since the ban was initiated in mid-September, the legion has had an uptick of new members, while others have stopped coming. More people have turned up for karaoke, and also, those who shunned the place earlier because of the smoke have returned. Erickson is monitoring attendance and the changes to its economics but wont draw any conclusions on the impact until the end of the year. He has answered several phone calls from regional posts asking about the business impact. I expect membership to rise and I expect business to increase. Its a gut feeling. I expect the average age to drop a little bit as younger people do get active. I see a lot of good news and I see little downside other than the initial loss of business, he said. Post manager Debbie Schwartz, who is also the bartender, used to smoke here but now uses an electronic cigarette.

Prosecutor pushes for tougher standard on marijuana driving ...
Verde Independent - November 7, 2013

A prosecutor argued Tuesday there's nothing wrong with charging a motorist who smoked marijuana up to a month ago with driving while drugged. In arguments to the Arizona Supreme Court, Susan Luder acknowledged that Carboxy-THC, a secondary metabolite of marijuana, can show up in blood tests for a month after someone has used the drug. And she did not dispute the concession of her own expert witness that the presence of that metabolite does not indicate someone is impaired.

Activists Push For Laws Similar To Smoke-Free Arizona On Native American Land
KJZZ - November 4, 2013

When Arizona voters banned smoking indoors several years ago, the law didnt cover Native American land. Now, an anti-smoking activist is trying to pass smoking ban that will cover the Navajo Nation. Dr. Leland Fairbanks is president of Arizonans Concerned About Smoking, which helped push through the Smoke-Free Arizona Act in 2006. 55 percent of the reservation people, who are part of Arizona, voted for the Smoke-Free Arizona Initiative, but they said it doesnt apply to them because theyre independent nations, Fairbanks said. So unfortunately theyve already voted; they would like to have what we have in the rest of the state. Now, hes trying to collect about 10,000 signatures to get an initiative on the 2014 Navajo ballot banning indoor smoking.

Flagstaff Unified School District bans electronic cigarettes
Arizona Daily Sun - October 25, 2013

Flagstaff Unified School District has officially banned electronic cigarettes. The FUSD Governing Board voted unanimously Tuesday to add language about e-cigarettes, tobacco substitutes, vapor products and other chemical inhalation devices to its policy prohibiting smoking in district buildings and vehicles, and on district premises.

Phoenix FD: faulty e-cigarette likely to blame for fire that injured Vietnam vet
WSHM-TV - October 24, 2013

PHOENIX (CBS5) - CBS 5 News has told you about two different electronic cigarette-related fires, here in the Valley, during the past six months. In April, an exploding device caused a car fire in Glendale. Then in August, a "Smokin' T" e-cigarette is believed to have caused a small apartment fire in Phoenix. Nobody was hurt in either of those fires. But, now we're learning of a house fire in Phoenix last week that injured a Vietnam veteran.

College considers smoking limits on campuses
Aztec Press - October 17, 2013

Tobacco and e-cigarette users at Pima Community College may soon find themselves ... The use of electronic cigarettes has exploded across the country and ...

Hookah lounges pervasive near UA campus
Arizona Daily Star - October 11, 2013

Hookahs are water pipes used to smoke flavored tobacco. ... say hookah smokers are at risk for the same kinds of diseases caused by cigarette smoking. ... Hookah is not a safe alternative to cigarettes, a spokesman for a Phoenix-based ...

PCC administration submits new smoking restriction proposal
Tucson News Now - October 10, 2013

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Pima Community College may implement a policy to restrict smoking, e-cigarette and tobacco products to designated areas on campus.

Attitude Indicator: Now that campus has been tobacco-free for two ...
Horizons Newspaper, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - October 2, 2013

I know that teachers arent too happy about it. They cant take smoke breaks, leaving grumpy professors to teach us. Rachel Vogt, Freshman Transfer ** It helps me because I have asthma and it helps not having the second-hand smoke. I do a lot of physical activity and it helps to have the clean air. Josh Waltz, Freshman ...

No e-cigs in classrooms
Arizona Daily Wildcat (blog) - September 29, 2013

Electronic cigarettes are the new fad among smokers. They allow nicotine to enter into the body without the added harm of tobacco. Another plus: They can be ...

ASUA has to consider all students' opinions
Arizona Daily Wildcat - September 24, 2013

Last week, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona failed to fulfill its primary mission of representing the UA student body. At their regular Wednesday meeting, ASUA members discussed a resolution supporting the Student Health Advocacy Committees Tobacco-Free UA Policy Implementation Plan. In the plan, SHAC members presented the findings of a 2012 Health and Wellness Survey administered by UA Campus Health Service, where 70.2 percent of undergraduate students said they supported making the UA campus tobacco-free.

ASUA Senate votes against tobacco-free campus resolution
Arizona Daily Wildcat - September 19, 2013

A majority of the ASUA Senate voted against a resolution in support of a tobacco-free campus on Wednesday, putting it at odds with its president, as well as the Student Health Advocacy Committee.

ASUA Senate seeks student input on tobacco-free campus
Arizona Daily Wildcat (blog) - September 12, 2013

ASUA senators discussed a resolution to make the UA a tobacco-free campus at their weekly meeting Wednesday night. The Student Health Advocacy ...

Smoking ban idea may not stay lit
Yuma Sun - September 8, 2013

Though well-meaning, a youth group will have a tough task convincing the city council it needs to ban smoking in public parks in San Luis, Ariz. Dangers of ...

Lit tobacco ban shuffles smokers around campus as fall classes ...
Diamondback Online - September 5, 2013

With this university's smoking ban in effect, smoke in the air is now more isolated ... This university banned lit tobacco products in July as part of a University ...

San Luis city council pushed on park smoking ban
KPHO Phoenix - September 2, 2013

A community in southwest Arizona may ban smoking at all city parks. The Yuma Sun reports that San Luis city council is being pressured to consider an ordinance that would prohibit smoking in city-owned parks and athletic fields.

San Luis council asked to adopt smoking ban in parks
Yuma Sun - August 31, 2013

SAN LUIS, Ariz. The city council may find itself in the middle of a debate over the rights of smokers and non-smokers if it acts on calls for a ban on lighting up in ...

ASU, smokers grapple with tobacco ban
KPHO Phoenix - August 26, 2013

Arizona State is the latest higher education institution to implement a tobacco ban on its campuses. Hundreds of colleges and universities around the country ...

Malecka: ASU's tobacco-free policy what a conundrum
East Valley Tribune - August 25, 2013

Arizona State University has banned the use of tobacco products on its property, and its enforcement is something difficult to imagine in the bustling university towns at the heart of communities like Tempe, southeast Mesa and Downtown Phoenix. The move is aligned with the Tobacco-free College Campus initiative, a national program under the guise of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ASU is now among the nearly 800 educational institutions that have implemented such a policy, according to a tally by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation.

Group seeks to ban smoking at San Luis facilities
Yuma Sun - August 14, 2013

SAN LUIS, Ariz. - If a youth group has its way, people who smoke in this city's parks will face fines as stiff as those they'd pay if they got caught littering.

No butts about it: ASU campuses go smoke-free
MyFox Phoenix - August 1, 2013

TEMPE, Ariz. - Arizona State University students will need to think twice before lighting up on campus. A smoking ban begins on all ASU campuses and buildings on Thursday.

TUSD board votes to ban e-cigarettes for everyone
Arizona Daily Star - July 24, 2013

Students, staff and members of the public can no longer smoke e-cigarettes on school grounds in the Tucson Unified School District. The TUSD Governing Board approved the ban Tuesday night on a 3-2 vote, adding the device to a list of prohibited tobacco ...

TUSD to decide tonight on e-cigarettes
Tucson News Now - July 23, 2013

Happening today, the Tucson Unified School District will consider banning the use of e-cigarettes. Tobacco use is already banned on TUSD campuses, but now ...

Rio Rican works to make ASU tobacco-free
Nogales International - July 23, 2013

Megan Wittenberg of Rio Rico, a senior kinesiology major at Arizona State University, is playing a key role in transforming one of the largest public universities in the country into a tobacco-free institution. They took over the reins of the tobacco-free campaign in 2011, AND in November 2012, ASU announced its plans of becoming a tobacco-free university beginning Aug. 1, 2013. ...

Twin Arrows workers should be smoke-free
Arizona Daily Sun - July 20, 2013

Despite progress in other workplaces, tribal members still have to work in casinos filled with toxic secondhand smoke (SHS). Casino workers are getting sick and dying from breathing SHS, which includes over 250 toxins and 69 carcinogens. There are now 500 smokefree gaming venues and casinos in the U.S. (ALL Canadian casinos are smokefree). Please ask the Twin Arrows Casino to protect the health of the 800 Navajo employees in the casino by providing them with a safe, healthy smokefree workplace.

Tucson Unified School District considers e-cigarettes ban
Arizona Daily Star - July 19, 2013

While the possession or use of tobacco products is already prohibited on TUSD campuses, the district is considering adding electronic cigarettes to the ban to ...

Youth group seeks smoking ban in San Luis parks
Yuma Sun - June 9, 2013

SAN LUIS, Ariz. A youth group here hopes to convince the San Luis City Council to ban smoking at all city parks and athletic facilities.

Ban Electric Cigarette for Minors Eloquent Arizona Bill
SBWire (press release) - May 24, 2013

... cancer society wants to ban the selling of electric cigarette to minors. ... also not define these products in the same category as tobacco cigarettes or products.

Navajo President Shelly celebrates non-smoking in...
The Navajo Post-May 22, 2013

President Shelly praised the efforts of the non smoking initiative and thanked the officers for their service. He also told a joke and made everyone laugh, ...

Arizona Teens Combat Tobacco Use With Community Pledges and ...
International Business Times (press release)-May 22, 2013

The theme of this year's World No Tobacco Day is "Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship." As a counter to their advertising, some teens were ...

Prescott National Forest Implements Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
Prescott eNews-May 22, 2013

PRESCOTT, AZ (May 17, 2013) – Campfire and smoking restrictions will go into effect on the Prescott National Forest Wednesday, May 22, at 8:00 a.m. Forest ...

Arizonans smoking less at home, in cars, than national average
KJZZ - May 16, 2013

Arizona does better than the national average in terms of residents who report smoke-free homes and vehicles. The numbers come from a new report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC survey shows around 86 percent of respondents in Arizona reported smoke-free homes in 2009-10. That ranked the state 6th in the country.

Smoking ban's enforcement left to students, staff
Downtown Devil - May 10, 2013

In just 83 days, Arizona State Universitys new soft approach of community enforcement against the use of tobacco on campus and secondhand smoke will take effect. After August 1, tobacco will be prohibited on university property, facilities, grounds, parking structures, university-owned vehicles and structures owned or leased by the university, according to ASU.

BUCKLIN: While drug-free, e-cigarettes push dangerous habit
AZ Central - Arizona Republic - May 6, 2013

Hookah pens give young people practice on the ritual of smoking. ... Perhaps 20 years from now we will be able to tell you positively whether hookah pens lead to smoking. In the meantime, my kids don’t play with guns or e-cigarettes. What about your kids

Ban smoking on campus
Aztec Press - May 1, 2013

Pima should ban smoking anywhere on campus. Even though college policy currently prohibits smoking within 25 feet of building entrances, smokers ignore the rules. Now that smokers have electronic cigarettes, they also use them inside buildings and even in classrooms. Thats annoying, too.

Horne could face challenger in GOP primary
Arizona Daily Star - April 23, 2013

State Attorney General Tom Horne could have to fend off a bid to keep him from getting his own party's nomination for re-election. Mark Brnovich confirmed Friday he is "seriously considering" whether to challenge Horne in the Republican primary. Before heading the agency responsible for overseeing tribal gaming, Brnovich was a state and federal prosecutor. He also has deep contacts in the conservative wing of the party, in part because of two years he spent at the Goldwater Institute. While there, he opposed a statewide ban on smoking in public places, including bars and restaurants, calling it an interference with property rights and the free market. Voters subsequently approved a ballot measure approving such restrictions.

ASU to go tobacco-free Aug. 1
Ahwatukee Foothills News - April 18, 2013

Starting next semester, students who smoke will have to find other places to light up between classes. All Arizona State University campuses and buildings will become tobacco-free beginning Aug. 1. When the ban goes into effect, all tobacco products, including alternative tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and hookah will be prohibited. ASU has found these products to be harmful and are banned because they do not fit with the universitys environment of health and wellness. ...

Smoking ban steps on members' freedom
Today's News-Herald - April 17, 2013

I respect the choice of those who want a non-smoking environment. I truly do. And for those who prefer this, there are 139 bars and restaurants just in Lake ...

ASU campuses to go tobacco-free Aug. 1
East Valley Tribune - April 17, 2013

Student-government groups at ASU's four campuses voted on whether they support making the university a tobacco-free campus last semester. The motion was ...

Guest column: Wide show of support for SHAC tobacco-free campus campaign
Arizona Daily Wildcat - April 1, 2013

The Student Health Advocacy Committee is turning heads with its campaign to transform the UA into a tobacco-free campus. On March 20, SHAC hosted its first ever UA Kick Butts Day Cleanup Competition to promote awareness of tobacco use on campus. …

ASUA approves funding for Texting While Driving Campaign ...
Arizona Daily Wildcat - March 6, 2013

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona approved funding for a campaign against texting and driving and declared its support for a tobacco-free ...

Student Health Advocacy Committee asks ASUA to support Tobacco-Free Initiative
Arizona Daily Wildcat (blog) - February 28, 2013

The ASUA Senate discussed the possibility of turning the UA into a tobacco-free campus at its weekly meeting Wednesday night. … Its most recent project is the Tobacco-Free Initiative, which would ban the use of ... Currently, the UA Health Sciences Center campus is tobacco-free and SHAC ...

County smoking ban receives honors
Tucson News Now - February 14, 2013

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Pima County is being recognized for taking the smoking ban to another level. … The award is to recognize the smoking ban Pima County put in place at the beginning of this year. The non-profit says they were impressed by the wide range of ...

Pima County recognized for move to tobacco-free environment
Tucson Citizen-February 13, 2013

PimaCountywas honored as a result of the decision by the Board of Supervisors in November to make all County properties tobacco-free. As of Jan. 1, smoking ...

New push at Capitol to outlaw electronic cigarettes for kids
Arizona Capitol Times - February 11, 2013

Isaacson noted that a recent law against selling hookah pipes to minors has ... it a petty offense for minors to possess electronic cigarettes and for others to sell, ... Ray Story, CEO of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, said the ...

E-cigarette commercial during Super Bowl has lung association officials fuming
azcentral - February 8, 2013

A Super Bowl television ad that aired in Phoenix and other markets has worried some health groups because it shows a man smoking what appears to be a cigarette, even though smoking ads have been banned for more than four decades. The ad shows a man puffing a Scottsdale-based company’s electronic cigarette with the “look, feel and flavor of the real thing.” The commercial ends with this kicker: “Cigarettes, you’ve met your match.” …

New push at Capitol to outlaw electronic cigarettes for kids
Cronkite News - February 7, 2013

PHOENIX – To a state senator, nicotine is nicotine regardless of whether the product delivering it is chewed, smoked or inhaled as mist, and all forms should be illegal for minors. SB 1209, authored by Senate Majority Whip Adam Driggs, R-Phoenix, would add electronic cigarettes to a list of products including cigars, cigarettes and chewing tobacco that are illegal for minors to possess. …

North Country Health: North Country HealthCare goes tobacco-free
Arizona Daily Sun - February 4, 2013

North Country HealthCare began a tobacco-free policy on Feb. 1. The policy went into effect at all of its locations in 13 communities and affects employees, ...

Pima County to start the year tobacco-free
Tucson (AZ) Citizen - December 28, 2012

Signs will announce the change on County-owned parcels, starting with the downtown complex first, noting they are now tobacco-and-smoke-free in accordance with a policy passed by the Board of Supervisors in November. ...

Supervisors approve ban of tobacco on county property
KVOA Tucson News (AZ) - November 14, 2012

TUCSON - The Pima County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a stricter policy that bans smoking and all other tobacco products on county property.

Valley View going smoke-free Thursday
Mohave Valley News (AZ) - November 14, 2012

FORT MOHAVE — Valley View Medical Center becomes Mohave County's third tobacco-free hospital on Thursday, the date of the annual Great American ...

PCC eyes ban on smoking
Aztec Press - November 9, 2012

Pima Community College may become the latest college to join the trend of banning smoking on campus. …

To put out smoking on campus, bans must address causes of smoking
Arizona Daily Wildcat - October 24, 2012

If you’re familiar with the UA campus, you know that the red-brick courtyard outside the Main Library and the path between the Administration and Modern Language buildings are smoker’s enclaves. … To put out smoking on campus, bans must address causes of smoking ... Unfortunately, an across the board tobacco ban will fail to achieve its intended goals, ...

ASU planning campus-wide smoking ban
Arizona Daily Sun - October 10, 2012

ASU has 73,000 students at campuses in Tempe, Glendale, downtown Phoenix and Mesa and already bans smoking indoors or within 25 feet of building ...

ASU to ban smoking on campus
Bizjournals.com - October 10, 2012

Arizona State University, one of the largest colleges in the U.S, will ban smoking on its Valley campuses. That includes outside areas. The ASU smoking ban is ...

County smoking ban could affect CPAC
Sahuarita Sun - September 25, 2012

A proposed outdoor smoking ban on Pima County property would mean that an ... The county is considering a smoking ban on most outdoor county properties ...

Kingman panel endorses limits on smoking
KTAR.com - September 25, 2012

A proposal aimed at discouraging smoking in parks in Kingman has cleared a key hurdle. The Kingman Daily Miner reports that the city's Parks and Recreation Commission voted 6-1 to send the proposal to the City Council. The proposal would designate certain areas of parks as non-smoking and provide containers for smokers to get rid of their butts. …

Plan to curb smoking in Kingman parks OK'd
Total ban nixed; Council will make the final call
Kingman Daily Miner - September 24, 2012

There will be no absolute ban on smoking in Kingman parks for now, but a pilot program to discourage smoking in certain areas cleared a major hurdle Wednesday. ...

County considers ban on smoking
Arizona Daily Star - September 18, 2012

Pima County employees might soon have good reason to take a smoking break - or more accurately, take a break from smoking. If the Board of Supervisors agrees later this year, smoking will be forbidden on or near any properties owned or operated by the county. The gathering of workers - and accompanying blue-gray cloud - just beyond the door to many county buildings would be history. …

The Cerbat Gem - Aug 16, 2012

MOHAVE, AZ - Valley View Medical Center will be tobacco-free beginning November 15, the date of the Great American Smoke-Out. With a 90 day countdown, ...

Area community-college campuses go smoke-free
620KTAR (Phoenix, AZ) - Jul 2, 2012

One of the largest community college systems in the country is smoke- and tobacco-free on campus. …

Tobacco ban goes into effect Monday on all MCCCD campuses
East Valley Tribune - June 29, 2012

Starting Monday, Jodi Soden, a student at Mesa Community College, will be among those who have to get through the day without having a smoke on campus as all Maricopa County Community College District facilities become smoke- and tobacco-free. …

Mohave County noted for reducing complaints in Smoke-Free Arizona annual report
Today's News-Herald - June 22, 2012

Mohave County was noted in the state's Smoke-Free Arizona annual report's community outreach success stories for the county's reduced complaints through ...

Cigarette ban may have cleared out more than smoke
KJZZ - May 30, 2012

Five years ago this month the Smoke Free Arizona act went into effect. A Valley bar owner and a health services expert talk about how the act changed the ...

Fifth anniversary of Arizona Smoke-Free Act May 31
SanTanValleyToday.com - May 24, 2012

This year, "World No Tobacco Day", - celebrated May 31 - will be a date of special significance for Arizonans.

College smoking ban sparking some controversy
Phoenix Business Journal - March 29, 2012

A new campus and system-wide smoking ban goes into on Maricopa Community College's campuses this summer. The sweeping ban is sparking some protests from ...

College students demonstrate against planned smoking ban
KPNX-12 - March 28, 2012

Students who believe that banning smoking on college and ... the protest against the tobacco ban, which takes effect this summer. …

Navajo casinos exempt under smoking ban
by Felicia Fonseca - Associated Press, azcentral.com, July 21, 2011

WINDOW ROCK - Navajo Nation lawmakers have voted to prohibit smoking in public places on the vast reservation, with an exemption for tribal casinos. The Tribal Council voted 14-5 in favor of the measure Wednesday during its summer session in Window Rock. …

Glendale businesses required to provide employees with an area to smoke?
ABC15.com (KNXV-TV) - Katrina Schaefer - June 7, 2011

GLENDALE, AZ - Glendale wants businesses to provide employees with an area to smoke. State law currently bans smoking inside businesses, but it doesn't require employers to provide smoking areas. That apparently became a problem outside two Glendale ...

Council Member Considers Smoke-Free Amendment
MyFox Phoenix - June 7, 2011

If approved, Glendale businesses would be allowed to have designated smoking areas. In 2006, voters approved the act banning smoking in most public buildings in our state, including businesses.

State Senator Yarbrough Suggests Ban of Selling Electronic Cigarettes to Minors
Release-news.com (press release) - Robert Key - March 2, 2011

State Senator Yarbrough wishes to keep electronic cigarettes out of children's hands by making this a petty criminal offense for merchants to sell them to minors and for minors to buy them. “If we’re going to say children cannot purchase normal cigarettes, it does not seem valid to say they are able to have access to electronic cigarettes,” mentioned Sen. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler. “Hopefully this will keep many young individuals from nicotine destructive addictions with this ban.”

The actual so-called e-cigarettes are battery-powered plastic and metal devices which heat a fluid nicotine which users inhale like a mist. They’re obtainable in countless flavors, such as cherry, dark chocolate and beer....

Arizona smoking bans drawing fewer complaints
Arizona Republic - Edythe Jensen - February 15, 2011

Once the source of contentious public debate, years-old city and state indoor-smoking bans have changed public habits and are drawing few complaints, officials say.

Steve Chucri, president of the Arizona Restaurant Association, said customers have grown to appreciate smoke-free dining and owners of establishments that catered to smokers accommodate them on patios.

"In the recent year or two, we haven't heard from our membership that there are ill effects (from the ban)," he said.

Chandler hasn't issued a single citation for illegal smoking since its municipal ban started in 2004, records show. Tempe, which passed one of the state's first municipal smoking laws in 2002, wrote one citation during the past 12 months, to a man who lit up in the city's police and courts building then skipped out on his court appearance for smoking. Police spokeswoman Molly Enright said Tempe citation records are not available for previous years.

Complaints about smoking to the Department of Health Services have plummeted since the voter-approved state ban took effect in 2007. The major issue in recent years has been the 20-foot smoking-distance requirement from public entries or exits, agency spokeswoman Laura Oxley said.

Complaints about puffing too close to doorways are the most common, and it's difficult to catch smokers in the act because state inspectors can't be on the scene to respond immediately, she said. ...

Effect of the Arizona Tobacco Control Program on Cigarette Consumption and Healthcare Expenditures.
Lightwood, J.; Glantz, S.
Social Science and Medicine. 10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.11.015 [doi]. November 24, 2010, [Epub ahead of print].

This research investigates the relationship between per capita tobacco control expenditures, cigarette consumption, and healthcare expenditures in the state of Arizona. Arizona's tobacco control program, which was established in 1994, concentrates on youth uptake of smoking and avoids public policy and commentary on the tobacco industry. We use a cointegrating time series analysis using aggregate data on healthcare and tobacco control expenditures, cigarette consumption and prices and other data. We find there is a strong association between per capita healthcare expenditure and per capita cigarette consumption. In the long run, a marginal increase in annual cigarette consumption of one pack per capita increases per capita healthcare expenditure by $19.5 (SE $5.45) in Arizona. A cumulative increase of $1.00 in the difference between control state and Arizona per capita tobacco control expenditures increases the difference in cigarette consumption by 0.190 (SE 0.0780) packs per capita. Between 1996 and 2004, Arizona's tobacco control program was associated with a cumulative reduction in cigarette consumption of 200 million packs (95% CI 39.0 million packs, 364 million packs) worth $500 million (95% CI: $99 million, $896 million) in pre-tax cigarette sales to the tobacco industry. The cumulative healthcare savings was $2.33 billion (95% CI $0.37 billion, $5.00 billion) and the cumulative reduction in cigarette. Arizona's tobacco control expenditures are associated with reduced cigarette consumption and healthcare expenditures, amounting to about 10 times the cost of the program through 2004. This return on investment, while large, was less than the more aggressive California program, which did not limit its focus to youth and included tobacco industry denomalization messages. ...

Hospital admissions found to decline since AZ public-smoking
Arizona Daily Star - May 20, 2010

Arizona hospital admissions for stroke, asthma, heart attacks and angina fell more than 10 percent in the year after a statewide smoking ban took effect, a new study says.

While there have been studies on the economic impact of the ban on smoking in public places, including bars and restaurants, the researchers believe the study on hospital admissions is the first to look at the health ramifications of Arizona's smoking law.

For their report, University of Arizona psychology department researchers Patricia M. Herman and Michele E. Walsh analyzed admission data from Arizona's 87 hospitals between January 2004 and May 2008 for Arizona residents only.

Their findings are published in a peer-reviewed article in this month's issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

The new study shows evidence of a direct relationship between exposure to secondhand smoke and asthma and cardiovascular disease.

Herman and Walsh found that in the 13 months after the law took effect in May 2007, admissions for asthma dropped by 22 percent; heart-attack admissions by 13 percent; admissions for unstable angina by 33 percent and admissions for acute stroke by 14 percent.

For strokes, angina and heart attack, the researchers used data from adult admissions only, but they included babies and children in their analysis of the asthma data, Herman said. The study looked at hospital admissions, not emergency room visits, she stressed.

The cost savings of those reduced hospital admissions was nearly $17 million, the researchers estimate. ...

Flagstaff smoke shops continue smoke-free
Arizona Daily Sun - Joe Ferguson - October 8, 2009

The Flagstaff City Council has unanimously rejected a petition from a local business owner who wants to allow smoking inside his two smoke shops.

MikThe Flagstaff City Council shows no interest in allowing smoking inside a tobacco shop.e Mrozek, who owns the two locations of the Rebel Smoke Shop, had gathered more than 900 signatures from his customers backing an amendment to the Flagstaff Smokefree Air Ordinance. The petition, however, failed to sway a single member of the Council on Tuesday night.

Mayor Sara Presler was the first to oppose the request, adding that she wants to explore whether the city could expand existing laws to ban smoking in city parks and, possibly, the homes managed by the Flagstaff Housing Authority. ...

Legislative Round-up
Consideration of Citizen Petition
JackCentral - Cathy Cooksey - October 1, 2009

A request to revise City Code Chapter 7-05, Smokefree Air, to allow an indoor exemption to smoke shops.

Attorney Matthew J. Poirier has submitted 900 signatures, asking city council to change the Smokefree Air in the Flagstaff City Code to allow smoke shop personnel to be able to smoke in the building.

The Smokefree Air Ordinance, passed in 2005, prohibits smoking in all public buildings.

Smoking ban on Goodyear parks starts July 1
AZ Central.com - May 27, 2009

Goodyear plans to stomp out smoking in city parks, starting July 1.

The measure comes after city officials declared the new Goodyear Ballpark a smoke-free venue.

"We're not establishing smoke police or anything like that, it's something we hope will be more through compliance," Deputy City Manager Jim Nichols said. ...

Lawmaker seeks smoking ban in state prisons
The Arizona Republic, 2009-02-01
Sean Manget

Banning tobacco products from prisons would save several million dollars a year that Arizona spends treating inmates for ailments caused by lighting up, a state lawmaker contends.

Rep. Bill Konopnicki, R-Safford, wants to prohibit state prison inmates from possessing tobacco products and to prevent prisons from selling them. He introduced HB 2004, which has won committee approval and is heading to the House floor.

Savings aside, Konopnicki said his goal is improving the health of prison inmates. He said prison culture, in which cigarettes are used as a form of currency in exchange for goods and services, often leads inmates who haven't used tobacco to pick up the habit.

"We re-create the problem all over again," Konopnicki said.

Taxes, restrictive laws cited for drop in AZ smoking
620KTAR (Phoenix, AZ), 2009-01-01

The number of adult cigarette smokers in the United States has declined for the first time in four years, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The CDC said tobacco use nationally has dipped below 20 percent for the first time since the 1960s, and Bill Pfeifer with the Arizona Lung Association said Arizona is following the trend.
About 18 percent of adult Arizonans smoke, but the numbers are getting better each year, Pfeifer said.

"We passed a significant tobacco tax increase in 1994 here in Arizona and really that resulted in kind of the first step to see a significant decline in tobacco use in the state of Arizona," he said.

He believes Arizona's smoking rate could fall to around 10 percent within the next decade.

ASU study: 2007 smoking ban has not hurt bar, restaurant sales overall
Tucson Citizen, AZ - September 3, 2008

The May 2007 indoor smoking ban has not had an overall adverse effect on bar and restaurant sales, an Arizona State University WP Carey School of Business ...

Judge upholds anti-smoking law
East Valley Tribune, AZ - March 11, 2008

No butts about it.Tobacco store owners serving alcohol are banned from allowing patrons to smoke, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled Monday.

The ruling was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by Amar M. Patel - owner of Magnum's Cigars Wine & Liquor in Phoenix - who wanted the court to bar state health officials from enforcing the 2006 Smoke Free Arizona Act, which bans smoking in public places, including bars.

In the suit, Patel asserted that he was exempt from the ban because it made exceptions for tobacco store owners who derived a majority of their sales from tobacco products.

Although Judge Richard J. Trujillo called Patel's argument "thoughtful and interesting," he sided with the state, which argued that Magnum's is a bar because it has a license to serve booze.


Photo courtesy of Kerry Moss

Smoking ban in bars not big drag so far: No fines yet in Pima; some smokers like change
Tucson Citizen, June 27, 2007

Patios are being built, bartenders are breathing easier and even smokers don't seem to mind waiting to inhale.

Although a group is seeking to reverse a voter-approved ban on smoking in bars and restaurants that took effect May 1, many are taking the changes in stride.

"I'm a smoker and I like it because I have cut down a lot," said Christy Stutler, a bartender at the Bay Horse Tavern, 2802 E. Grant Road.

"Going outside is also a nice environment. It can get depressing sitting inside a bar all night It is really surprising how good just stepping outside can make you feel."

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