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All restaurants and bars in Connecticut are 100% smokefree. On October 1, 2003, Connecticut's restaurants and bars without cafe or tavern permits became 100% smokefree. On April 1, 2004, all bars became 100% smokefree, including bar areas of bowling allies, race tracks and off track betting establishments. Workplaces with 5 or more employees may permit smoking in separately ventilated employee-only smoking rooms, and workplaces with fewer than 5 employees must provide nonsmoking work areas for employees who request them.

Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Connecticut.

2017 State Legislative Session

State Quitline Number: 1-866-END-HABIT (363-4224)
State Law Compliance Complaints:
Employees: Call Connecticut State Department of Labor at 860-566-4550 Citizens: Call local police department. Complaints can also be directed to the American Lung Association of Connecticut. Call 1-800-LUNG-USA within the state.
American Cancer Society Quitline:
800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

Smokefree & Related News

Hollenbach, J.P.; Schifano, E.D.; Hammel, C.; Cloutier, M.M., "Exposure to secondhand smoke and asthma severity among children in Connecticut," PLoS One 12(3): e01745412017, March 31, 2017.

Conclusion: This is the first large-scale pragmatic study to demonstrate that children exposed to SHS in Connecticut have greater asthma severity, clinically determined using a systematic approach, and varies by insurance status.

Norwich City Council to extend smoking perimeters around City Hall
Norwich Bulletin - July 16, 2016

NORWICH - Smokers will have to move a little farther away from City Hall if they want to ... rules and ordinances as a means of curbing smoking in public areas.

Rule Changes Discussed For Rocky Hill Parks
Hartford Courant - March 22, 2016

... the town last adopted an ordinance governing use of its parks and recreation areas. ... all types of smoking and use of any kind of firearm and projectile device, ...

Connecticut one step closer to building casino to compete with MGM ...
wwlp.com - March 18, 2016

The two tribes had previously urged lawmakers not to approve the proposed ... Connecticut will lose more than 9,000 jobs and over $100 million in state tax ...

Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers Seek To Raise Smoking Age
CBS Local - March 18, 2016

Buoyed by a referendum victory for a total ban on smoking in ...

EDITORIAL: Vaping is trending, but is it safe?
Meriden Record-Journal - March 15, 2016

The states may be taking reasonable measures to regulate this new "vaping" industry, but we fear that it won't be any more effective than their efforts on smoking cessation.... This is not a good track record, and Connecticut has not distinguished itself...

E-cigs excluded from Ansonia ordinance banning tobacco products
New Haven Register - March 9, 2016

… So when the two pleaded with the Board of Aldermen Tuesday during a public hearing on an ordinance that would've banned use of "all" tobacco products on city recreational areas, electronic cigarettes included, they never dreamed their voices would've made a difference. But the aldermen heard their pleas and voted to allow use of electronic cigarettes in the ordinance, which still bans cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco from city-owned parks and fields. During the hearing, Schwarzenberg made a passionate argument about e-cigs, which don't burn tobacco or produce smoke, but rather deliver nicotine, if preferred by the user, by producing a vapor. The use of e-cigarettes is often referred to as "vaping." …

Blumenthal applauds banning E-cigs on flights
CT Post - March 7, 2016

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn, is applauding the Department of Transportation's decision to ban electronic cigarettes on commercial flights.

Fire at Killingly senior housing complex prompts calls for tighter smoking rules
Norwich Bulletin - March 4, 2016

And Verrette isnt the only one reconsidering the smoking policies at the Upper Maple Street complex. Killingly Housing Authority officials are proposing a ban on smoking inside all of the complexs stand-alone residences, a change they said is in direct response to the Feb. 24 fire.

Bill could raise legal smoking age to 21 [VIDEO]
WTNH Connecticut News (press release) - March 3, 2016

There's a bill to raise the legal smoking age in the state of Connecticut from 18 to 21. You know you have to be at least 21 to buy alcohol here in Connecticut. But now some lawmakers want the same laws for cigarettes. This bill would also make 21 the minimum age to buy e-cigarettes and vapor products as well. State Senator Mae Flexer authored the bill. …

Health Professionals Back Ban On Smoking In Cars With Kids
Hartford Courant - March 2, 2016

Health Professionals Back Ban On Smoking In Cars With Kids ... seven states and Puerto Rico have laws banning smoking in vehicles with children present.

Meriden officials to pitch smoking ban in parks
Meriden Record-Journal - February 25, 2016

MERIDEN Officials in the Department of Health and Human Services are drafting a resolution to bring to the City Council that would likely limit smoking and tobacco use to the paved perimeters of local parks after a recent online survey showed strong support for a tobacco- and smoking ban.

Hearing set for Tuesday in Ansonia on proposed ordinances
New Haven Register - February 23, 2016

Banning tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco, from city-owned parks and fields is another ordinance up for consideration. Edo said the ordinance was prompted by numerous complaints from residents about people smoking near children, and fears of second-hand smoke. The ordinance seeks to ban tobacco use on any public park property owned by the City and used for the purpose of public recreation. There would be designated smoking areas for those who do smoke at these facilities. A $50 fine has been proposed for violators.

Stemming the tide of underage vaping
Danbury News Times - February 20, 2016

If youve never heard of vaping gummy bear juice, you probably havent been in middle school lately. And if youre not aware of all the places you can buy smoke juice and vaping units to enjoy candy-flavored nicotine, you might want to ask a high schooler for help. Thats because the $3 billion electronic cigarettes industry is expected to mushroom to $10 billion in 2017, thanks in part to escalating numbers of young liquid nicotine inhalers.

No smoke: hookah lounge finally open in Milford
CT Post - February 16, 2016

MILFORD The Olive Tree Hookah Lounge, first proposed in 2008, has received its final approvals and is open for business. Although the business was allowed to open briefly in 2009, the city health director at the time, Dr. A. Dennis McBride, ordered it closed because of state laws prohibiting smoking in public places. Karout discussed turning the Olive Tree into a private club to resolve that, but McBride countered that the shared pipes could spread germs.

As vaping industry grows so does gov't oversight
Hartford Business - February 15, 2016

... by online vendors and locations like gas stations, pharmacies and general stores. ... E-cigarettes and the practice of smoking them (referred to as vaping) have ... brick-and-mortar vape shops generate annual non-online sales of more than ...

Smoking, vaping, chewing could be banned
CT Post - February 12, 2016

ANSONIA No more smoking, chawing or vaping in the citys parks or recreation sites, if a proposed ordinance is approved later this month.

Smoke free campus check point
The Southern News - February 9, 2016

Southern Connecticut State University has almost completed its first year as a tobacco-free campus. According to the SCSU tobacco-free policy webpage, the term smoking refers to: inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted tobacco products including cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and other lit tobacco products. Many students around campus are bothered by secondhand smoke, while some do not ... I see less smoking now that the campus has gone tobacco free, said ...

Ansonia Mulls Tobacco, Pet Bans On Recreational Properties
Valley Independent Sentinel - February 8, 2016

Should Ansonia ban tobacco use outside designated smoking areas on ... the City of New London banning smoking at its recreational properties, except inside ...

Connecticut moves closer to developing third casino
CT Post - February 8, 2016

They say they've generated $7 billion in tax revenues for the state over the last 20 years ... No Fairfield County cities or towns submitted proposals to tribes about ...

EDITORIAL: Smoke-free parks in Meriden
Meriden Record-Journal - February 8, 2016

Wallingford and Southington have smoke-free policies. New York's Central Park, one of the most renown outdoor places of all, is also now a place, all 843 acres ...

Meriden considers banning smoking in all parks
Meriden Record-Journal - February 1, 2016

The city Health and Human Services Department is poised to recommend a ban on smoking in city parks. An ordinance banning smoking also aligns with a goal of the Health Task Force of the Meriden Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan, Crown noted. Goal 3 of the plan, under the Health section, is to reduce asthma-inducing triggers...a strategy to reach the goal is to create a smoke-free park ordinance, she said.

Connecticut task force recommends banning smoking in cars with kids [VIDEO]
HLNtv.com - January 28, 2016

A legislative task force in Connecticut is recommending to lawmakers that they ban smoking in vehicles with children inside, CNN affiliate WFSB reports. The task force recommends banning smoking in cars with a passenger who is 18 years old or younger. First offense for breaking the proposed ban would be a warning. The second offense would warrant a $100 fine with the option to take an online education course instead, according to the recommendations of the task force.

VIDEO: Task force to decide on law banning smoking in cars with kids
WTNH-DT Channel 8 (New Haven, CT) - January 27, 2016

A task force is meeting today to discuss making it illegal to smoke in a car if there's a child in it. This follows years of unsuccessful tries to change smoking laws, but the co-chair of the task force tells News8, there's a real chance this time.

SCSU President Papazian announces resignation, will become ...
New Haven Register - January 27, 2016

... technology, engineering and math curriculum by launching an Office for STEM innovation and Leadership and leading a transition to a tobacco-free campus.

Connecticut should ban under-21 smoking and vaping, we say
Hartford Courant - January 26, 2016

Michael White: Just ban cigarettes altogether. If you designed a product today that would kill as many people, it would never be legal. Oh wait, tax money and ...

Smoking ban in Storrs Center approved
UConn Daily Campus - January 26, 2016

Members of the Mansfield Town Council unanimously vote to ban tobacco in ... up their pipes thanks to a new ordinance banning smoking in the town square.

State task force to decide on law banning smoking in cars
Waterbury Republican American - January 25, 2016

HARTFORD (AP) A legislative task force is expected to decide whether to recommend that Connecticut lawmakers vote to ban smoking in vehicles when a child is inside.

CT Should Ban Smoking And E-Cigs For People Under 21
Hartford Courant - January 20, 2016

Congratulations to Hawaii, which has become the first state to raise the legal smoking age to 21. Now it's time for Connecticut to follow suit. Hawaii's new law, which took effect Jan. 1, makes it illegal for those under 21 to buy, possess or smoke either traditional tobacco or electronic cigarettes. Young people violating the law may be fined $10 to $50 and required to perform community service. Stores caught selling tobacco or e-cigarettes to minors may be fined $200 to $2,000. …

Food court, hookah club planned for historical New Haven site
New Haven Review - January 19, 2016

Attorney James Perito said they will go to the Board of Zoning Appeals for ... Some of the hookah does not have any nicotine or tobacco in it," Afifi said. "It will be ...

VFW to sell hall to martial arts studio
Journal Inquirer - January 12, 2016

While smoking was allowed only in the bar, the smoke spread through the ... issues with membership declines - are happening for most military groups as well.

Conn. Task Force To Consider Smoking Ban In Cars With Child ...
CBS Local - January 11, 2016

Right now, it's not against the law to smoke in a car when children are riding along ... group will ultimately recommend when it comes to banning smoking in cars.

Nanny State of the Week: Connecticut may outlaw smoking in many cars
Watchdog.org - January 11, 2016

With the habit already banned in most public spaces, private spaces are now coming ... Legislation in the state General Assembly would ban anyone from smoking ... Eight other states and Puerto Rico already have similar bans on the books, ...

Connecticut considering ban on smoking in cars with kids [VIDEO]
wwlp.com - January 11, 2016

(WWLP) Connecticut lawmakers are proposing a ban on smoking in cars with ... Smoking inside restaurants has been banned for years in Massachusetts and ...

New Haven Launches Citywide Stop-Smoking Effort
CBS Local - January 7, 2016

Smoking is already banned in most restaurants and public buildings as well ... Harp said the city wants to raise public awareness about the dangers of smoking.

City Halfway To Stop-Smoking Outreach Target
New Haven Independent - January 7, 2016

Local universities have either made their campuses completely tobacco free or started to ban the substance from certain parts. The Housing Authority of New ..

City Spreading Word On Smoke-Free Zones
New Haven Independent - December 21, 2015

The ordinance, which was enacted back in May, bans the use of all forms of ... "The ordinance, as it was passed includes [a tobacco ban in] all sports fields, ...

Thinking about quitting smoking? There's help available
Yale News - December 1, 2015

Mollie Johnson '18 , a non-smoker and student ambassador for the "Tobacco Free Yale ... Let's Clear the Air" campaign, demonstrates the use of a device that ...

Legislators Study Ban On Smoking in Cars Carrying Children
Hartford Courant - December 1, 2015

Legislators Study Ban On Smoking in Cars Carrying Children ... Several states, including Maine, California and Arkansas, have passed similar bans. But at a ...

Smoking bans
Waterbury Republican American - November 26, 2015

Remember when the nicotine police called for smoking bans in municipal buildings, ... The next target is public-housing residents, who soon may be banned from ... and Urban Development has proposed banning smoking in residential units, ...

New target for nicotine police ($$)
Waterbury Republican American - November 24, 2015

Remember when the nicotine police called for smoking bans in municipal buildings, museums, and other places owned and occupied by the public? That was ... The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed banning smoking in residential units, common areas and administrative offices. Should residents feel the need, they would be allowed to smoke outside, but they'd have to walk 25 feet from the nearest building. Violators could be evicted. ...

Yale aims to eliminate tobacco use over next year
Yale Daily News (blog) - November 20, 2015

The recently launched Tobacco-Free Yale campaign, which held its kick-off event Thursday afternoon in the Woolsey Rotunda, aims to eliminate tobacco use at Yale within the next year. Our goal is to try a variety of approaches, and to listen to what smokers, former smokers and nonsmokers have to say, and that will help us shape our approach ...

Editorial: Connecticut lawmakers should leave car smoking ban to parents
Middletown Press - November 14, 2015

The proposed measure would ban smoking in a vehicle in which a child is present and heap fines on mothers and fathers, grandparents and anyone else who ...

Yale to go tobacco-free
Yale Daily News (blog) - November 9, 2015

Over the next year, Yale will become the fifth of 26 universities in Connecticut to take steps toward eliminating tobacco from its campus. Tobacco researchers and public health activists have applauded the announcement of Tobacco-Free Yale, with many calling it a positive step forward for the well-being of the University community.

Connecticut Addresses E-Cigarettes and Vapor Products, Imposes ...
JD Supra (press release) - November 7, 2015

Connecticut has passed a new law regulating electronic nicotine delivery ... and are not bound by the letter size and language restrictions imposed by the Act.

Connecticut Addresses E-Cigarettes And Vapor Products, Imposes ...
Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - November 6, 2015

Connecticut has passed a new law regulating electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products in various venues, including numerous places of employment. Effective October 1, 2015, Public Act No. 15 206 (the Act) supersedes and preempts any relevant provisions of municipal laws or ordinances regarding the use of these products.

Ban on smoking in vehicles carrying minors considered
West Hartford News - November 6, 2015

HARTFORD >> A bipartisan task force examining the issue of smoking in vehicles with minors present learned this week that theres no direct causality between secondhand smoke and asthma rates. Dr. Michelle Cloutier, director of the Asthma Center at Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, told the group theres a strong association between secondhand smoke and asthma, but no direct causality.

'Tobacco-Free Yale' campaign seeks to create a healthier campus community
Yale News - November 5, 2015

President Peter Salovey announced on Nov. 5 that Yale is embarking on a journey to become a tobacco-free campus. In an email to the campus community, Salovey said: Our goal is to create a healthier university community, foster a campus culture in which tobacco users are supported in their efforts to quit, and become a model for other universities to emulate. The Tobacco-Free Yale Lets Clear the Air campaign will include awareness events, smoking cessation support programs, and community engagement and outreach place over the course of the next year.

Ban on smoking in vehicles carrying minors considered
West Hartford News - November 5, 2015

HARTFORD >> A bipartisan task force examining the issue of smoking in vehicles with minors present learned this week that there's no direct causality between ...

Joseph Pellon: Tobacco prevention program a dismal failure in ...
Danbury News Times - November 4, 2015

I am certain all Americans want our kids to be tobacco-free a.s.a.p. This can be done by proper goals and funding. Tobacco-free kids are the "Achilles Heel" for ...

Connecticut task force tackles issue of smoking in cars with minors ...
Torrington Register Citizen - October 27, 2015

"I think all smoking is bad. All secondhand smoke is bad," Cloutier said. "I just can't say based on the data that it causes asthma in any group or that it causes ...

Lawmakers to discuss smoking in cars with children present
WFSB - October 27, 2015

Lawmakers plan to look at the dangers of smoking in a vehicle with children ... last session calling for a ban on smoking in vehicles while minors are present.

Connecticut Airport Authority Wants A Casino At Bradley
Hartford Courant - October 20, 2015

The Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes have required that bids contain ... "Obviously, it brings jobs to the area and, for the town, it expands the tax base," ...

East Hartford To Submit Casino RFP
Hartford Courant - October 20, 2015

...6 and the tribes expect to select a site in December. ... would coordinate safety at the casino, size and scope of the facility, and estimated local tax contributions. ...

SCSU transition to tobacco free campus raises questions of enforcement
New Haven Register - October 17, 2015

About two months into a campus-wide ban on tobacco at Southern Connecticut State University, school officials say they are pleased with the programs rollout, although questions about consistency remain. Items such as electronic cigarettes are not in the spirit of cessation, and are therefore also prohibited. Rosenthal said SCSU earned a competitive two-year $235,000 grant from the state Department of Public Health for expanding its tobacco-free programs, which made its funds available after the university announced the ban.

Griswold committee will examine ordinances
Norwich Bulletin - October 15, 2015

The ordinance, proposed by Griswold Youth Services and the Parks and Recreation Department, bans smoking at all public parks. During town events ...

Mandates mean more training for school staff
Bristol Press - October 13, 2015

The ban on smoking on school grounds has been extended to include electronic vapor devices and annual safety reviews for special education bus ...

Kicking Cigarettes in the Butt
The Connecticut College Voice - October 7, 2015

According to no-smoke.org as of July, 2015, there are 1,577 smoke-free campuses, 1,079 of which are completely tobacco-free. I am surprised that Conn has yet ...

Connecticut e-cigarette restriction laws start today
WFSB - October 1, 2015

Lawmakers said there was enormous support for the law in both the state House of Representatives and the Senate, partly because e-cigarettes are not ...

The Ongoing Battle Against Tobacco
Chargerbulletin - September 23, 2015

The University of New Haven became one of the 1,500 schools to go smoke free in June. UNH is also one of the 25 percent of the smoke free campuses to go ...

Teens using e-cigarettes to vaporize pot
Danville Advocate-Messenger - September 21, 2015

...Blayne Hogue, owner of Vapor Vision, an e-cigarette shop in Danville, said he believes people are using e-cigarettes to vape a number of illicit drugs. "I know that some people will crush up pills and vape those," said Hogue. "People are resourceful when...

Surgeon General Targets Smoking Culture
New Haven Independent - September 17, 2015

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy's father smoked despite being a ... This year, Southern Connecticut State University and the University of ...

American Legion installs new officers
West Hartford News - September 17, 2015

The American Legion Hayes-Velhage Post 96 of West Hartford is a smoke free facility and is open to military veterans who have served honorably during a ...

Thoughts on Tobacco Free Campus
Chargerbulletin - September 16, 2015

While it seems reasonable to ban smoking due to the well documented "second ... yet in no way banned, regulated, or otherwise targeted for "health reasons."...

"Blow Bubbles, not Smoke" event celebrates tobacco free campus
The Southern News - September 8, 2015

Southern is among roughly over 1,500 campuses that have joined the tobacco-free wave, according to a report by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation ...

Teens Using E-Cigarettes to 'Vape' Pot, Survey Finds
U.S. News & World Report - September 7, 2015

There's new reason for parents to be concerned about e-cigarettes: nearly one in five kids who uses e-cigarettes may be using the devices to get high, a study finds. A confidential survey revealed that 18 percent of e-cigarette users in Connecticut high schools have "vaped" marijuana at some point, or used an e-cigarette to get high. In addition, more than one-quarter of kids who describe themselves as dual users of both e-cigarettes and marijuana have used the devices get high, the researchers found. Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said increased regulation will not solve the problem. "It is puzzling that the [study] authors believe regulation of vapor products will somehow address the use of marijuana products that are already illegal for minors to possess in all 50 states," Conley said. "The FDA is only empowered to regulate nicotine-containing vapor products, so marijuana vaping products will only truly be regulated if a massive change in U.S. drug laws take place," he added.

"Vaping": possibly healthier, not the best solution
The Southern News - September 2, 2015

Under the newly enacted "Tobacco Free Campus Policy," the use of all tobacco products has been prohibited on campus. So, vaping is not allowed on campus, ...

UNH Calls It Quits
Charger Bulletin - September 2, 2015

With the Smoke Free Campus, UNH is joining 1,577 other universities across the country." Signs around campus remind students, faculty and staff alike that ...

PoliticalNews.me (press release) - September 2, 2015

"Plain and simple, going tobacco- and smoke-free is one of the best ways a campus can help improve the health of its students and faculty. I will do whatever I ...

SCSU becomes first state university to ban tobacco
WFSB - September 1, 2015

Southern Connecticut State University announced last month that it now has a campus-wide policy that prohibits smoking and tobacco use on its property.

Southern to blow bubbles, not smoke today
CT Post - August 31, 2015

NEW HAVEN - Southern Connecticut State University plans to celebrate its decision to go 100 percent tobacco free on Monday. The new policy at Southern went into effect Aug. 25, 2015 and includes electronic cigarettes as well as tobacco products.

Voters Approve No-Smoking Ordinance For Town's Parks
Hartford Courant - August 18, 2015

Town voters recently approved an ordinance banning smoking at parks and recerational facilities. ... Griswold voters vote to ban smoking in the town's parks. ... As it stands, the ordinance bans smoking or other tobacco use, including chewing ...

Griswold to vote on town park smoking ban
FOX CT - August 11, 2015

GRISWOLD An ordinance is up for vote in Griswold that would ban smoking in town parks. The tobacco free ordinance would effect seven ...

Griswold smoking ban up for vote
Norwich Bulletin - August 6, 2015

Aubin, who also runs the town's recreation department, brought his concerns to the Recreation Commission and an ordinance was created to restrict smoking and tobacco use in some of the town's parks. The ordinance is up for a vote at a Town Meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 11.

Good, bad, dubious -- work's almost done
CT Post - June 6, 2015

Pending schedules, a special session is likely to take place in a week or so. ... distinctions regarding use of e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco products in ...

OP-ED | Nobody Scores! The Winners and Losers of Session 2015
CT Newsjunkie - June 5, 2015

Vapers E-cigarettes will now face the same restrictions as regular cigarettes. Good. Towns and cities The cap on car taxes passed in the budget has a lot of ...

More Engel cases dropped in Florida, including at least 11 involving Reynolds
Winston-Salem Journal June 5, 2015

A federal judge in Florida approved on Wednesday the dismissal of 12 Engle progeny cases and the removal of 12 abandoned cases. At least 11 cases involved R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., including at least 10 of those abandoned. The rulings were made by William Young, a judge in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Senate Follows House's Lead: Votes To Ban E-Cigarettes in Many ...
Hartford Courant - June 3, 2015

Senate Follows House's Lead: Votes To Ban E-Cigarettes in Many Public ... a bill that makes e-cigarette smoking subject to many of the same restrictions ... In accordance with this type of thinking, florescent lights of any kind need to banned next. ... bans the use of electronic cigarettes in state buildings, restaurants, schools, ..

University of New Haven goes tobacco-free
USA TODAY College - June 2, 2015

... Quinnipiac University and other campuses in the state to be tobacco- free and smoke-free, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

University of New Haven Campuses Ban Smoking, Tobacco
NBC Connecticut - June 2, 2015

Now smoking, tobacco and e-cigarettes are prohibited to use on campus. Signs have been posted everywhere on campus saying the University of New Haven is ...

University of New Haven to ban tobacco products campus-wide
WTNH - June 1, 2015

The University of New Haven is kicking off a campus-wide ban on all tobacco products with a celebration on Monday. As of June 1 the university is banning and tobacco as well as electronic cigarettes on its campuses in West Haven and Orange. The policy applies to all outdoor ...

Harp: We're Moving Toward Tobacco-Free
New Haven Independent - June 1, 2015

Mayor Toni Harp predicted that the citys new outdoor smoking ban will benefitnot disproportionately penalizeblack and Latino communities, in part by helping them bring down higher rates of heart disease.

Italian social club in Meriden bans smoking
Meriden Record-Journal - May 26, 2015

A statewide ban on smoking inside restaurants, bars, and many other public ... he said the vote was roughly 2 to 1 in favor of banning smoking inside. ... which banned smoking in its building on South Main Street building about a year ago.

City bans tobacco use in areas frequented by youth
Yale Daily News - May 23, 2015

The New Haven Board of Alders passed a new ban on tobacco use in many public areas to mitigate the health risks of tobacco products, specifically for children. The ordinance, passed on Monday, targets tobacco use in areas frequented by young people and prohibits use in government buildings, playgrounds, sports fields, public schools and Lighthouse Point Park. Tobacco use encompasses smoking, chewing tobacco and using electronic delivery systems. The ban will be effective immediately, but penalties will only be issued after a 90-day grace period. First-time offenders will receive a warning, but after the first infraction, police may fine offenders up to $100.

New Haven cracking down on E-Cigarettes
WTNH - May 19, 2015

Last night, the Board of Alders voted to ban e-cigarette smokers from lighting up ... on government property where there's already a state law that bans tobacco.

Most Madison Parks and Fields Will Not Have Designated Smoking Areas
Patch.com - May 18, 2015

In March, Madison officials approved a ban on smoking at town parks, and at the time vowed to include designated smoking areas for smokers. But according to Board of Selectmen meeting minutes, several town fields and parks will not have designated smoking areas after all.

CT moves closer to restricting vapor cigarettes
wwlp.com - May 16, 2015

Connecticut smokers of electronic cigarettes and other vapor products may soon face the same restrictions as tobacco smokers. It's now up to the state Senate to act on a bill that would prevent people from using e-cigarettes in state buildings, restaurants, places that serve alcohol, schools, ...

New Haven alders to vote Monday on tobacco ban
New Haven Register - May 16, 2015

A ban on all forms of tobacco including the use of electronic cigarettes in selected public city spaces is on the table when the full Board of Alders meets Monday night.

House says 'no smoking' means e-cigs, too
The CT Mirror - May 15, 2015

No smoking signs would apply to the use of electronic cigarettes under legislation passed late Thursday night by the state House of Representatives and sent to the Senate. The American Vaping Association, which represents e-cigarette shops, had tried ...

Stamford reps snuff parks smoking ban
The Advocate - May 14, 2015

STAMFORD -- There is a no-smoking policy in city parks. But that does not mean that the city can do anything about it. Mayor David Martin and the city health ...

Our view: Smoking battle is neverending
Norwich Bulletin - May 14, 2015

The first is the Griswold Recreation Department. Director Ryan Aubin wants to restrict smoking in most parts of the towns eight public parks. The second and more unusual attack is on cigarette butts. The butt, often thought of as the disgusting kin of even burger wrappers and coffee cups as inevitable roadside clutter, is getting attention at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Since November, the casino has saved about 650 pounds or more than 700,000 individual plastic butts from the garbage can. They are collected and then shipped to a New Jersey company that recycles the butts into other products. Its an innovative way to make the best of a bad situation. And we would hope that Foxwoods would consider offering more smoke-free areas on its property, offering customers and employees alike the opportunity to enjoy the casinos offerings with less haze and smell from smoke.

Southern Connecticut State University goes tobacco-free
CT News (blog) - May 14, 2015

In the its [sic] about time department, Southern Connecticut State University has announced it will become a tobacco-free campus later this ...

Southern Connecticut State University adopts tobacco-free policy
New Haven Register - May 13, 2015

The policy calls for the prohibition of smoking and tobacco use including e-cigarettes in all SCSU facilities and outdoor areas of campus without exception.

UNH, SCSU Campuses Going Smoke-Free
NBC Connecticut - May 13, 2015

Two University of New Haven campuses are going smoke-free effective next month and Southern Connecticut State University is going tobacco-free in August.

Griswold considers restricting smoking in town parks
Norwich Bulletin - May 10, 2015

Griswold considers restricting smoking in town parks ... proposed an ordinance to the Board of Selectmen to restrict smoking at the parks under the jurisdiction of the recreation department. ... She said she supports the restrictions on smokers.

Foxwoods Recycles Cigarette Butts Lots Of Them
CTNow - May 6, 2015

Smoke is part of the ambience at Connecticut's casinos because some people like to have a few cigarettes while they gamble. How many cigarettes? At least 716,000 in the past six months at Foxwoods Resort Casino. That works out to an average of nearly 4,000 cigarettes, or 198 packs, smoked daily at the casino. The number could be even greater than that, but 716,000 is the estimated number of cigarette filters, or butts, that Foxwoods bagged up from its casino ashtrays and mailed to a specialty recycling business in New Jersey.

Blumenthal discusses new ban on smoking in New Haven
FOX CT - May 2, 2015

NEW HAVEN It may soon be a little harder for smokers to light up in the Elm City. The New Haven Board of Alders is expected to vote on a measure that would ...

Parkgoers Prepare To Butt Out
New Haven Independent April 29, 2015

Quinonez was among the Fair Haven park users weighing in after a Board of Alders committee this week unanimously approved a proposed new law to ban outdoor smoking at public parks, playgrounds, and school grounds. The bill, which appears headed for passage by the full board, is aimed at protecting childrens health, along with the hope of encouraging smokers to break the habit.

Secondhand Smoke Exposure Remains High Among Kids, Adults ...
CT Post - April 29, 2015

Despite laws in many states that protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke, exposure remains especially high for children ages 3 to 11, African-Americans, and those who live in poverty or rental housing, according to a recent report. Jessica Hollenbach, the director of asthma programs at the Connecticut Children's Medical Center, agreed with the report, done by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and said tobacco is a negative toxin that can make other illnesses worse.

Lawmakers Target E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers for Cash [VIDEO]
NBC Connecticut - April 28, 2015

Members of the finance & bonding committee heard testimony Monday on a proposal to create new license for vendors of e-cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers, which would include a $100 fee to sign up and $500 for a license.

Smoking Ban Advances; E-Cig Measure Added
New Haven Independent - April 28, 2015

This ordinance is sending a message that certain spaces are non-smoking spaces, said East Rock Alder Jessica Holmes, the committee's chairperson.

New Haven alders amend anti-tobacco ordinance
New Haven Register - April 27, 2015

Members of the aldermanic Legislation Committee voted to amend a proposed citywide anti-tobacco ordinance, altering the original proposal to narrow the scope of the ban to apply to playgrounds, ballfields, public school grounds and public parks, including the beach at Lighthouse Point Park.

Milford bans smoking at ball fields, beaches and other recreation sites
Milford Mirror - April 28, 2015

... lighting or carrying of a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe or similar device; or the use of smokeless tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

Secondhand smoke exposure remains high among kids, adults in poverty
Danbury News Times - April 27, 2015

In Connecticut, 13.9 percent of public school students have asthma, according to a state Department of Public Health report released last year. The report also found that asthma prevalence rates significantly increased, from 13.2 percent in 2006 to 14.2 percent in 2011.

Milford Bans Smoking at All Recreational Facilities
Patch.com - April 26, 2015

The Milford Park, Beach and Recreation Commission this week approved a smoke and tobacco free policy for all recreation facilities under its jurisdiction. Basically, long story short, all recreational facilities are now smoke and tobacco free zones.

Editorial: Thumbs up, thumbs down
The Advocate - April 20, 2015

Thumbs up to Stamford Health Director Anne Fountain seeking to clear the air by pushing an ordinance that would make smoking illegal in city parks. The Parks ...

Latest anti-smoking bill has support, but some worry about practicality
Norwich Bulletin - April 19, 2015

It may be time to think twice before smoking in a car when a small child is a passenger. Connecticut is following in the footsteps of several other states that have enacted similar smoke-free car laws, including Arkansas, Louisiana, California, Maine, Oregon, Vermont, Nevada and Utah, according to the American for Non-smokers Rights Organizations website. If the bill turns into a law, first-time violators would receive a warning and subsequent violators would receive a fine.

Stamford may consider smoking ban in parks
Stamford Advocate - April 15, 2015

The Parks and Recreation Commission passed a no-smoking policy at its March meeting, and the city's health director will likely entreat the Board of Representatives to back that up with an ordinance making smoking in city parks illegal. ...

Southington Bans Smoking At One Senior Complex
Hartford Courant - April 15, 2015

The authority board passed the smoking ban last month after meetings where only two tenants of more than a dozen in the 40-unit building spoke against it.

Car Smoking Ban Is Unenforceable Overreach
Hartford Courant - April 8, 2015

I have no problem with protecting our children, especially when they are young and have no control over situations. In theory, I agree with the proposal to limit ...

Milford restaurant celebrates 50 years
CT Post - April 6, 2015

Smokers were also a big part of the crowd -- "it was like a fog in here" -- before smoking indoors was banned in Connecticut in the early 2000s. "Our business ...

Selectmen make beaches, parks smoke-free; Smokers will still have ...
Shoreline Times - April 3, 2015

MADISON >> The Board of Selectmen voted to accept the proposed ordinance making all public parks and beaches tobacco-free zones at its March 23 meeting.

KOHRMAN: For a smoking ban
Yale Daily News (blog) - April 3, 2015

The benefits of a smoking ban would extend far beyond our campus. American higher education looks to the Ivy League to set the example, and as of now, no Ivy League college has a campus-wide smoking ban. (Harvard has a ban on its Medical, Dental and Public Health schools.) If Yale were to mandate a campus-wide smoking ban, it would create a precedent and political space for other universities to do the same. Our school is one of a handful of universities that has the necessary profile and social capital to launch the fight against tobacco.

Madison designates 'No Smoking' areas, Greater New Haven ...
New Haven Register - April 2, 2015

MADISON >> As Madison becomes another municipality to ban smoking in its ... and other communities in Greater New Haven consider banning smoking in public ... parks and recreation director in Guilford, said the town banned smoking in ... invoked state statues to extend smoking bans to city property," the letter says.

Report: Cheshire Middle School Students Found with E-Cigarettes
Patch.com - April 1, 2015

Students at Dodd Middle School in Cheshire were recently found to be in possession of e-cigarettes, according to the Cheshire Citizen. The Citizen reports that ...

Connecticut moving to ban smoking in cars with children inside
WABC-TV - April 1, 2015

A bill that would bar people from smoking inside a vehicle when there's a child inside has cleared the public health committee of the Connecticut General ...

Selectmen make beaches, parks smoke-free; Smokers will still have ...
Shoreline Times - April 1, 2015

Residents told the board there should be designated smoking areas for ... Other residents commented on the amount of restrictions the ordinance puts on the ...

CT Law Makers Proposing Stricter Cigarette Laws
It's Relevant: New Canaan - March 31, 2015

Connecticut law makers are taking steps towards banning smoking with small children in cars, ... This would ban the use of e-cigs in places such as bars, restaurants, and other places where traditional cigarettes have already been banned.

A little too much
Hartford Courant - March 31, 2015

I wholeheartedly agree that secondhand smoke in automobiles is dangerous to children [March 31, Connecticut, "Bills Seek To Restrict Smoking In Cars, ...

Middle schoolers caught buying and using e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
WTNH - March 30, 2015

Officials say students at Dodd Middle School used cash to purchase prepaid credit cards to buy e-cigarettes online.

Connecticut bills would ban smoking in cars with young children, restrict vaporized cigarettes
Daily Journal - March 30, 2015

A bill that would bar people from smoking inside a vehicle when there's a child inside is progressing through the Connecticut legislative process. Lawmakers are also moving along legislation that would prohibit people from smoking electronic or vapor cigarettes in certain places, including restaurants, bars and retail food stores.

Law | Madison, CT Reaches Smoking Ban "Compromise"
The Cigar Authority - March 24, 2015

As we reported last week, the town of Madison, Connecticut held a hearing on a proposal to ban smoking at beaches and parks. The original proposal called for ...

Anti-smoking forces say cigarette tax hike is a no-brainer
The CT Mirror - March 23, 2015

... according to the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Madison Looking to Ban Smoking at Beaches and Parks
Patch.com - March 21, 2015

Madison residents will have an opportunity to weigh in on the towns proposed ordinance that would ban smoking at town beaches and parks. The public hearing is 7 p.m. March 23. Madison is proposing to ban cigarettes including e-cigarettes at all town beaches and parks.

Region has united stance in favor of more casinos
theday.com - March 18, 2015

Julie Kushner, a UAW regional director, said the union was proposing that the bill include language banning smoking at the facilities. The union continues to ...

Tribes: Connecticut could lose 18000 casino jobs
Waterbury Republican American - March 18, 2015

The tribes want to build a casino as soon as possible along the Interstate 91 corridor ... "cannibalization of lottery sales" if expanded casino gambling is allowed.

Sportech asks lawmakers not to leave it out of gaming discussion
Hartford Business - March 17, 2015

The Connecticut AFL-CIO also said it supports the bill because of jobs, but urged for strong union agreements and a smoke-free work environment. Anne Noble ..

Madison considers banning cigarette butts at beaches
WFSB - March 17, 2015

It would ban all tobacco and e-cigarettes. Enforcement ... I have a right to smoke, don't tell me what to do." Manware, however, said he quit smoking cold turkey.

Gaming expansion draws considerable support, some opposition
The CT Mirror - March 17, 2015

Because Connecticut prohibits casino games in the state outside of the tribal .... that the union also would like the facility, unlike the casinos, to be smoke-free.

CT should help smokers, not cigarette industry
Hartford Business - March 16, 2015

Yet politicians and public health officials are targeting not cigarettes, but e-cigarettes. How did we come to this, where the solution has become the problem?

Madison proposes smoke-free parks, beaches
New Haven Register - March 15, 2015

MADISON - The Beach and Recreation Commission is looking to make the towns parks and beaches tobacco-free zones, and the decision will ultimately be made by local residents later this month. The Board of Selectmen discussed the ordinance earlier this week during its board meeting and said there will be a public hearing at the selectmens meeting March 23 at 7 p.m.

Lawmakers mull ban on smoking in cars with children
Waterbury Republican American - March 13, 2015

HARTFORD (AP) -- Connecticut lawmakers are again considering a bill that would prevent people from smoking in a motor vehicle when there's a young child ...

Conn. Woman Claims Underage Kids Used Her Address To Buy Banned E-Cigarettes
CBS Local - March 13, 2015

In Darien, Conn., some underage children believe they may have found a way to get their hands on outlawed e-cigarettes. One woman in Darien said she has been receiving packages from e-cigarette vaping companies that she herself didnt order, containing vaping juice that powers the e-cigarettes. She suspects high school friends of her son may be using her address to mail the paraphernalia.

Forum: Connecticut should help smokers, not cigarette industry
New Haven Register - March 13, 2015

On the subject of public health, the Connecticut legislature is off to a very bad start. New measures have been introduced in both the Houses that would severely interfere with smokers ability to quit their deadly habit. Passing laws that re-define common words, such as tobacco and smoke, is a slippery slope. Using that subterfuge to torpedo a successful and safe smoking cessation method is the opposite of responsible lawmaking, antithetical to public health, and will wipe out many thriving, successful small businesses.

State Police Will Be Good Soldiers if New Anti-Smoking Law Passes
WTNH-DT Channel 8 (New Haven, CT) - March 12, 2015

Now cops have to check if everyone has seatbelts on; if drivers are talking on their cell phones, free of any hands-free device; if a driver is texting; and soon, perhaps, if an adult is smoking in a car with a little kid along for the ride.

Should E-Cigarettes Be Added To Smoking Ban?
CT Newsjunkie - March 12, 2015

A bill that would include electronic cigarettes in the state's smoking ban is garnering ... Smoking also is banned in school buildings while school is in session or ... and close a loophole in the smoking ban" by banning the use of e-cigarettes in ...

Connecticut Law About Smoking
State of Connecticut Judicial Branch - March 11, 2015

These links connect to resources available and are provided with the understanding that they represent only a starting point for research.

CT lawmakers considering a smoking ban in cars
wwlp.com - March 11, 2015

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - Connecticut lawmakers are looking to protect the littlest lungs in their state. They're working on a bill that would ban drivers from ...

UNH goes tobacco free
Chargerbulletin - March 10, 2015

This new initiative will ban all tobacco products, including, but not limited to, ... they give off an atmosphere that promotes smoking, they have been banned with ...

Conn. lawmakers, tribes back bill for new casinos
GazetteNET - March 10, 2015

Tribal officials hope to open a location along the Interstate 91 corridor before ... it collects annually from the state's personal income tax than the approximately ...

New Haven city owned property could become smoke free
WTNH - March 4, 2015

No smoking could be added to the list if some city leaders have their way. ... City leader submitted a proposed ordinance now it will face public hearings before it ...

Thumbs up, thumbs down
Greenwich Time - March 3, 2015

Thumbs up to efforts to ban smoking on rail platforms. ... a deep effect, as commuters already see "No smoking" signs because it is banned across the border.

Parks, Schoolyards Could Become Smoke-Free
New Haven Independent - March 3, 2015

"Right now there are some very obvious spots" where smoking could be ... Adam Marchand, submitted a proposed ordinance amendment at the board's Monday ...

City Council could kick butts out of parks
Milford Beacon - December 3, 2014

Milford City Council is slated to vote Monday on a proposed smoking ban at all ... A proposed smoking ban seeks to curtail smoking in Milford's public parks, ...

Nursing students promote nonsmoking at Great American Smokeout ...
The Southern News - December 1, 2014

Lamberti's station in particular focused on the connection between smoking and ... up at the stands, inferring that smoke ban will take away all smoking zones.

Town wants more data before acting on smoking ban
Stratford Star - November 26, 2014

O'Brien said the proposed smoking ban is not to punish smokers, but it is to ... as whether smoking is already banned at Penders Field, which is a town-owned ...

Law prevents youth e-cigarette access, but use on rise
Hartford Courant - November 26, 2014

Jay Challinor stands in front of bottles of flavored e-liquids in The Smoke Shack. ... On Oct. 1, Connecticut joined 27 other states in banning e-cigarette sales to minors. ... The American Medical Association has called for a ban on what it calls ...

City looks to be smoke-free
Yale Daily News (blog) - November 21, 2014

The Elm City may be smoke-free by June 2015. Mayor Toni Harp gathered with city officials and community leaders yesterday evening to launch New Haven Smokeout her plan to eliminate smoking from the city by the end of this fiscal year next June. The effort is part of the annual Great American Smokeout, an American Cancer Society campaign that encourages smokers to quit, even just for a day, on the third Thursday of November. The city has previously supported the national movement, but this is its first year with a plan that will include tangible goals working towards a smoke-free city. We want to not only advance towards a smoke-free city but also improve the overall health and well-being of people in New Haven, city Community Service Administrator Martha Okafor said As part of the New Haven Smokeout, Southern Connecticut State University has pledged to become smoke-free by May 31.

Smoking ban at town parks public hearing Nov. 24
Stratford Star - November 19, 2014

A proposed ordinance to ban smoking on Stratford beaches, athletic fields, and parks and on the Short Beach golf course will get a public hearing on Monday, ...

DeLauro wants bans on e-cig flavors, sales to minors
The Valley Gazette - November 17, 2014

... Margaret Hamburg to back a rule that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors. ... in e-cigs use but conveniently forgetting the equal drop of 3% in smoking.

Foxwoods Tells Union It's Cutting 80 Dealer Positions
CTNow - November 12, 2014

During a transition phase, some Rainmaker areas will remain open, including a newly created nonsmoking slots area consisting of about 500 slot machines, ...

Mohegan Sun seeking new casino in northern Connecticut
WTNH - November 12, 2014

The plan is to protect the mega-million dollar investment the Mohegan Tribe has ... for us to do, to protect not only our business venture, but the state tax revenue.

Southington parks board to further study tobacco restrictions
Meriden Record-Journal - November 6, 2014

In August, parks board member Bryan Meccariello proposed banning ... Meccariello suggested three options: the complete ban; smoking allowed only in ...

In this week's Bulletin
Wilton Bulletin - November 6, 2014

New law prohibits minors from possessing e-cigarettes. o Warrior Words: A cold welcome. o Panel addresses school stress and adolescence. o Wilton receives ..

New law prohibits minors from purchasing, possessing e-cigarettes
Wilton Bulletin - October 26, 2014

A new law regarding electronic nicotine delivery systems and youth smoking prevention went into effect Oct. 1. Public Act No. 14-76 makes it illegal for a minor (under age 18) to buy or possess in public an electronic nicotine delivery system or vapor product known as e-cigarettes and for anyone to sell, give, or deliver one to a minor

New state laws take effect
Fairfield Sun - October 16, 2014

Laws affecting residents who live on private roads, how hospitals advise patients of their status, restricting e-cigarette sales and increasing fines for robo calls ...

New state laws go into effect
Easton Courier - October 8, 2014

...e-cigarettes Laws affecting residents who live on private roads, how hospitals advise patients of their status, restricting e-cigraette sales, and increasing fines for ...

Southington Park Smoking Ban Discussed
Hartford Courant - October 7, 2014

The idea of making parks "tobacco free" was suggested two months ago by board member Bryan Meccariello. It was referred to the Plainville-Southington ...

Law | Southington, CT Smoking Ban Arguments
The Cigar Authority - October 2, 2014

On Wednesday night in the town of Southington, CT a hearing was held on the proposed park smoking ban that faces residents. The comments were mixed with ...

New state laws in effect Oct. 1
The Redding Pilot - October 2, 2014

Dannel Malloy's recommendations regarding electronic nicotine delivery ... nicotine delivery system" or "vapor product" - known as e-cigarettes - and for ...

NCC Goes Smoke Free with New Campus Policy [VIDEO]
It's Relevant: Norwalk - October 2, 2014

The policy has enabled the college to rid its campus of former 'smoker shacks' and prohibits any type of tobacco product, including electronic cigarettes and ...

Southington park board hears from public on smoking ban
Meriden Record-Journal - October 2, 2014

SOUTHINGTON Several members of the Southington Town-Wide Effort to Promote Success, known as STEPS, spoke in favor of tobacco free parks during a ...

Milford One Step Closer To Banning Public Smoking [VIDEO]
FOX CT - October 1, 2014

At the monthly meeting of the Milford Recreation Commission, the process to enact a no smoking policy began. The city of Milford is considering a smoke-free policy at outdoor locations, including city little league fields, playgrounds, beaches, and possibly at city sponsored ...

New Laws Include E-Cigarettes Bans, Heightened Reckless Driver ...
NBC Connecticut - October 1, 2014

Several new laws will go into effect Wednesday, including heightened penalties against reckless drivers and e-cigarette bans for minors. Drivers who seriously ...

Milford considers public smoking ban [VIDEO]
WFSB - October 1, 2014

The city of Milford is considering stamping out cigarettes in public places like Little League fields and downtown areas. The idea came up after officials from the Parks and Recreation Department received complaints from non-smoking parents. "If kids or adults don't want to tolerate ...

Milford mulls smoking bat [sic] at Little League fields
WSHM-TV - September 29, 2014

MILFORD, Conn. (AP) - Milford's Recreation Department is considering a smoking ban at Little League fields and possibly parks, beaches and other recreation areas. The New Haven Register reports (http://bit.ly/1uwCk7n ) that Director of Recreation Paul Piscitelli says it's an idea, not yet a formal proposal to be brought to the Parks, Beach and Recreation Commission. He says the department has received complaints over the last few years about smoking at ball fields

More Connecticut towns move toward smoke-free parks
New Haven Register - September 28, 2014

MILFORD >> The citys Recreation Department is considering a ban on smoking at Little League fields and possibly parks, beaches and other recreation areas, joining a growing number of municipalities across the state.

Bridgeport smoking ban reconsidered
CT Post - September 25, 2014

The City Council is considering a watered-down version of a smoking ban in city parks that members rejected in May. Instead of relegating smokers to special sections within the parks, the revised proposal has been reduced in scope to public beaches, playgrounds and sports fields. DeJesus, however, said he would exclude e-cigarettes, which produce a vapor of nicotine and are marketed as a healthier alternative for smokers trying to kick the habit. "If you've smoked 30, 40 years, you need something," DeJesus said.

Students speak out about Southern's smoke-free campus policy
The Southern News - September 24, 2014

Smoking is banned in all classrooms, offices, building entrances, hallways, stairwells, ... However, does banning smoking from college campuses infringe on the ...

Southington considers potential tobacco ban in town parks
Meriden Record-Journal - September 13, 2014

SOUTHINGTON The Board of Park Commissioners is looking into designating parks in town as tobacco free.

Suggestion To Ban Smoking In Southington Parks Wins Health District Support
Hartford Courant - September 12, 2014

... Regional Health District means the board backs the idea of Southington parks commissioner Bryan Meccariello of declaring town parks tobacco free.

Action postponed on proposed smoking ban in parks
Stratford Star - September 11, 2014

The Town Council's Parks and Recreation Committee voted unanimously on Aug. 27 to recommend that the Council create an ordinance banning smoking on ...

Darien High School bans e-cigs
The Darien News - August 29, 2014

Darien High School has stubbed out e-cigarettes with new policies in place for the 2014-15 school year. Last year, school administrators treated the "e-bugs," as some teenagers refer to them, as they would other tobacco products. However, the school policies did not explicitly address e-cigarettes.

CCSU Expands On-Campus Smoking Ban
NBC Connecticut - August 25, 2014

"The majority of the respondents preferred a smoke-free campus with a few designated areas reserved for smoking," McLaughlin wrote in an email to NBC ...

Hookah club permit discussion continues
Danbury News Times - July 22, 2014

The association has called on governments to close loopholes that exempt hookah bars from smoke-free laws. Patel's Cloud 9 club on Ives Street was open for a ...

Harwinton to prohibit smoking on all town grounds
Torrington Register Citizen - June 26, 2014

The signs are not the result of an ordinance, but rather a town-wide policy that Criss said he hopes residents adhere to with the help of town employees and Connecticut State Police.

Smoking ban in Bridgeport parks on hold
CT Post - June 25, 2014

Though embraced by Mayor Bill Finch and the Bridgeport Parks Commission, a proposed smoking ban in city parks faced tough questions last month from members of the City Council's Ordinance Committee. Even though smokers would have designated areas to satisfy their nicotine cravings, members felt it was too restrictive and there would be issues with enforcement. But rather than voting the measure down, they tabled it ...

Smoking banned on town playgrounds
Danbury News Times - June 19, 2014

NEW MILFORD -- All playgrounds in New Milford are now designated smoke-free zones. The decision was reached at the June 10 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting.

LETTER: How About Showing Veterans Some Respect?
Hartford (CT) Courant – May 31, 2014

But confiscating the vets' cigarettes and dictating the times that they can smoke? Even though the smoking areas are out in the open air?

CT Department of Veteran Affairs Cancels Scheduled Smoking Ban
NBC Connecticut - May 29, 2014

In a statement the DVA says the veterans residing and hospitalized have agreed to “smoke within designated areas outside of the buildings, on campus grounds, one of which would be the outside gazebo located outside the chronic disease hospital.”

Veterans fight back about smoking policy changes
WFSB - May 29, 2014

Veterans in Rocky Hill fought back against a controversial smoking policy at the home where they live. The plan was for the entire facility to go smoke-free, but ...

Veterans Fuming Over Smoking Limits At State Veterans' Home
Hartford Courant - May 29, 2014

Residents and administrators have been battling over a long-anticipated ban on smoking at Department of Veterans' Affairs properties, including the center, ...

Panel not ready to vote on smoking ban
CT Post - May 28, 2014

She and her students are campaigning to prohibit smoking in the parks, arguing that a ban ... Price noted alcohol is banned in some public areas. ... who smokes, said he had been contemplating a smoking ban at sports fields and playgrounds ...

Employment Law: Employment laws to be aware of
Thehour.com - May 22, 2014

It should be noted that an earlier Connecticut law requires employers to establish smoking and non-smoking areas unless an exception is granted due to an ...

School administrators want to stub out e-cigs
CT Post - May 9, 2014

"There was someone exhaling a cloud of smoke in class," Wisinski, a Darien High ... which would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18.

Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services ...
Insurance News Net (press release) - May 8, 2014

This bill makes it illegal for a minor (under age 18) to buy or possess in public an ... It tightens the law pertaining to the sale of tobacco cigarettes to minors by

E-cigarettes to be illegal for minors
Connecticut Post - May 8, 2014

Several bills promoting children's health won final approval in the General Assembly late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, led by an effort to make so-called e-cigarettes illegal for teens under 18 years of age. After a four-minute debate short

Malloy says bill banning e-cigarettes helps youth
Waterbury Republican American - May 8, 2014

Malloy says bill banning e-cigarettes helps youth ... legislation banning the sale and possession of e-cigarettes and other so-called vapor products to minors.

Our View: E-cigarette ban is a good step forward
Norwich Bulletin - May 8, 2014

However, we would be naïve to think that young people aren't already smoking, thus the question: Is banning e-cigarette sales to minors in effect also denying ...

School administrators want to stub out e-cigs
The Darien News - May 8, 2014

The Conn. General Assembly is considering a pair of bills that would force manufacturers to label electronic cigarettes and prohibit sales to anyone under 18 ...

'Vaping' loft for e-cigarette enthusiasts opens in Fairfield
Fairfield Citizen - May 8, 2014

Customers at the newly-opened Sovereign Vapors Loft, all former smokers, recently enjoyed 'vaping' with electronic cigarettes in a comfortable enviornment.

E-cigarette ban awaits governor's signature
Meriden Record-Journal - May 7, 2014

A bill banning the sale of e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices to minors, proposed by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's administration, passed unanimously ...

Governor expected to sign e-cigarette ban for minors
The CT Mirror - May 7, 2014

Connecticut is poised to ban minors from buying or possessing e-cigarettes and ... say e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking, anti-tobacco advocates worry ...

Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services ...
Insurance News Net (press release) - May 2, 2014

This bill makes it illegal for a minor (under age 18) to buy or possess in public an "electronic nicotine delivery system" ("e-cigarette," which for the ... It tightens the law pertaining to the sale of tobacco cigarettes to minors by extending the ...

RJ Editorial: Fuming over e-cigarettes
Meriden (CT) Record-Journal - May 1, 2014

we can simply ban the sale of such devices to minors, just as we ban the sale of liquor. The e-cigarette came along quickly and grew into a multibillion-dollar industry well ahead of state and federal efforts to regulate it. But now it’s time.

RJ Editorial: Fuming over e-cigarettes
Meriden Record-Journal - May 1, 2014

But action is being taken: Blumenthal wants the federal government to ban such ... cigarettes and put more money into smoking prevention and cessation efforts.

Potential smoking ban sparks mixed reviews from students
Chargerbulletin - April 30, 2014

The University of New Haven may be the next university to join the smoke-free/tobacco-free campus trend sweeping the nation. The push for smoke-free/tobacco-free campuses is a growing national movement. A 2013 report from the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights showed that almost 20 college campuses in Massachusetts were entirely smoke-free, including all four campuses of Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Harvard. A full list released by the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation in January 2014 showed that there are at least 1,182 smoke-free campuses nationwide. Of these, 811 are also 100 percent tobacco-free. Quinnipiacs North Haven Campus is the only college campus in Connecticut that has a 100 percent smoke-free/tobacco-free policy in place at this time.

A Letter to UNH, who is proposing a tobacco ban
Chargerbulletin - April 30, 2014
The idea to make campus a tobacco free place was most likely done in good faith with the intention of making the campus a healthier place. However, this ...

Compromise on the smoking ban
Chargerbulletin - April 30, 2014

Smoking is disgusting. I think it is one of the biggest turn offs and nothing good comes from it. This is just an opinion. Thousands of people still smoke whether ...

State Should Ban E-Cig Sales To Minors
Hartford Courant - April 30, 2014

One reason for their action was the lack of federal regulation of e-cigarettes. ... in the previous month also smoked at least one tobacco cigarette during that time.

Blumenthal and Yale-New Haven doctors push for stricter e ...
New Haven Register - April 29, 2014

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., calls for further action restricting the sale and use of e-cigarettes during a press conference at Smilow Cancer Hospital ...

State Senate passes bill that bans e-cigarette sales to minors
The Wilton Bulletin - April 27, 2014

Banning the sale of e-cigarettes and other vapor products to minors. Reducing the number of tobacco retailers who commit repeat offenses by implementing a ...

Madison students craft bill to limit smoking in cars in Connecticut
New Haven Register - April 27, 2014

Earlier this month, the class started to put together a bill that would ban smoking in a car with children who fall under the car seat threshold less than 6 years old or under 60 pounds. The students are essentially melding an existing law in Oregon and proposed legislation in Connecticut that wasnt brought to a vote.

Gov. Malloy Applauds: Governor Dannel P. Malloy yesterday ...
HamletHub - April 25, 2014

... and other devices to minors and strengthens Connecticut's anti-smoking laws. ... among minors by banning the sale of e-cigarettes and other vapor products to ...

CT Votes to Ban Electronic Cigarettes
WFUV News - April 25, 2014

The Senate on Thursday voted 35-0 in favor of legislation that prevents minors from purchasing e-cigarettes - also known as an electronic nicotine delivery ...

DeLauro wants quick implementation of proposed e-cig rules
Shelton Herald - April 25, 2014

DeLauro raised concerns about the continued sale of e-cigarette flavors she believes ... DeLauro also is worried about continuing to allow e-cig point-of-purchase ... The FDA's proposed new rules on e-cigarettes and other tobacco products ...

Official wants tobacco-free parks
Danbury News Times - April 15, 2014

NEW MILFORD -- Mike Crespan, town health director, has approached the New Milford Parks & Recreation Commission about having tobacco-free areas in ...

Let's Follow Our Instincts On E-Cigarettes
The Newtown Bee - April 10, 2014

The novelty of e-cigarettes for erstwhile smokers is almost irresistible. ... On March 12, Governor Dannel P. Malloy proposed legislation to ban the sale of ...

New Bill Aims to Curb Teen E-Cigarette Use
NBC Connecticut - April 10, 2014

The debate over e-cigarettes is heating up once again. The state Judiciary Committee took new steps Wednesday to keep them out of kids' hands. “They don't ...

To Vape Or Not To Vape? E-Cigarettes Raise Questions
The Newtown Bee - April 8, 2014

On March 12, Governor Dannel P. Malloy introduced legislation to ban the sale of ... E-cigarette smokers slowly inhale the water-based vapor into the mouth, ...

Lawmakers push for e-cig ban [VIDEO]
WFSB - April 7, 2014

"E-cigs promise a lifetime addiction to young people to lure for them to begin using them," Blumenthal added. "The ads targeting young people need to be ...

CT smoking rates decline, disparities remain
Danbury News Times - April 3, 2014

Although smoking rates in Connecticut decreased between 1996 and 2012, ... that would ban smoking in cars carrying children and encouraging pediatricians to talk ... of strategies -- from smoking and advertising bans to taxation and more -- are more ... Local enforcement of federal laws banning the sale, distribution and ...

Editorial: FDA must regulate e-cigarettes, liquid nicotine
West Hartford News - April 2, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is obvious there is nothing to stop children from buying them, and some are marketed with bright colors and flavors like vanilla cupcake and peach-mango. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., has come out strongly against e-cigarettes, especially the flavored ones known as e-hookahs, and every legislator on the state and federal level should join him.

Hookah Pens attracting young kids to smoking
WWLP 22News - March 21, 2014

...Thursday night she has a warning for parents about E-cigarettes with nicotine, especially the types called hookah pens. “If a pack of cigarettes has 20 cigarettes ...

Restrict e-cig sales
TheDay.com - March 19, 2014

Connecticut does not regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes - the tobacco-free, but nicotine-laced, substitute for regular cigarettes. It should. E-cigarettes are ...

Thumbs up, thumbs down
Ct Post - March 17, 2014

Thumbs up to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors. "What I'm proposing is to strengthen Connecticut's tobacco laws and keep tobacco out of the hands of young people," the governor said at a press conference at the Hartford Boys and Girls Club. The devices -- aka e-cigs -- heat a flavored nicotine liquid to create a vapor that's similar to smoke. Though they're marketed in some instances as a way to quit smoking, critics say because of the varied flavors that are offered and because some celebrities have adopted the e-cig, they actually make smoking appear attractive to young people. Malloy is doing the right thing by cracking down on sales to minors.

E-Cigarette Endangers Health of Kids? Connecticut to Ban Sales to ...
Franchise Herald - March 14, 2014

Dannel P. Malloy announced on Wednesday his goal of banning the sale of ... which found that 5.4 million kids alive today will die of smoking-related diseases.

Hookah lounge looks to open in city center -- again
Danbury News Times-by Dirk Perrefort - March 13, 2014

... began charging customers for the use of the increasingly popular device that's used to smoke shisha, a tobacco product often flavored with fruit and spices.

Malloy seeks to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Meriden Record-Journal - March 13, 2014

“It mirrors in many ways what the smoking experience is,” Malloy said. ... Cigarette Association, said the industry supports banning e-cigarette sales to minors. ... Twenty-seven other states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to children.

Must Keep E-Cigs From Minors
Hartford Courant - March 12, 2014

The efforts of U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal to fight the proliferation and sale of e-cigarettes to minors should be supported vigorously. Once pre-teens and teens become enthralled with the addiction of nicotine, it has a lock on their emotions and psychology for the rest of their lives. The step from use of e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes will become a virtual certainty. the tobacco industry is without question one of the most nefarious industries ever allowed in our country. As a member of the West Hartford Town Council in the mid-1980s, I introduced an ordinance to ban the sale of tobacco to minors. It was an idea whose time had come and it spread from town to town, eventually embarassing the legislature into adopting the same ban.

Connecticut Gov. Malloy proposes ban on sales of on electronic cigarettes to minors
Daily Journal - March 12, 2014

Dannel P. Malloy is seeking to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. ... some adults stop smoking, it also has been shown to be gateway for children to ... as "vaping," but 27 other states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to children.

Bill Would Ban E-Cigarette Sales to Minors In Connecticut
Hartford Courant - March 12, 2014

Connecticut would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors under legislation announced Wednesday by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

E-Cigarettes present fire risk
UConn Daily Campus - March 7, 2014

Fires started by e-cigarettes have been increasing across the country and could do ... Although no fires at UConn have been started by e-cigarettes yet, smoke ...

Health districts urge Norwich to ban tobacco from city parks
TheDay.com - March 4, 2014

Norwich - Officials from the Uncas and Ledge Light health districts are asking Norwich officials to consider making city parks tobacco free to reduce health risks ...

Smoking ban proposed for Bridgeport parks
Ct Post - March 3, 2014

Cigarette butts and discarded packaging filled the freezer bags spread out on the dining room table. Just the sight of so much smokers' debris might be enough ...

E-cig sellers say no to warning labels
Danbury News Times - March 1, 2014

HARTFORD -- The General Assembly is poised to force electronic cigarette manufacturers to reveal what's in their products in an effort that reflects national concern over an increasingly popular smoking substitute. Lawmakers are considering two bills, one of which would require large labels on all electronic cigarette products. Another bill would prohibit sales to minors.

DIX: Colleges should be smoke-free or taxed
Hartford (CT) Courant - February 16, 2014

University of Hartford where I teach, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding secondhand smoke...at college, smoking isn't just deadly. It's instructional. It teaches smokers to be inconsiderate, nonsmokers to be apathetic and children to become smokers...

Murphy urges colleges to go smoke-free
Yale Daily News (blog) - February 14, 2014

According to Conroy, smoking is not permitted in Yale buildings and is banned in the Medical ... This is not the first time smoking bans have been brought up at Yale. ... committee was formed to investigate whether a campus-wide smoking ban ... When Yale was debating banning smoking in 2011, though, not all students ...

Town Council approves increased sewer fees Monday night
Meriden Record-Journal - February 10, 2014

Also during Monday nights meeting, the council unanimously passed ordinances restricting placement and advertisement of alcohol and tobacco products. Southingtons Town-Wide Effort to Promote Success proposed the new laws, arguing that they could help reduce underage drinking and smoking. One requires tobacco products, such as rolling papers, bongs, electronic cigarettes and pipes, to be placed behind counters in stores. The other ordinance requires every sign advertising happy hours to include that patrons must be at least 21 years of age and show identification. The laws will come into effect 21 days after publication.

Editorial: E-cigarettes, marketed as a safe alternative, should be approached with caution
UConn Daily Campus - January 28, 2014

The market for electronic cigarettes has exploded in growth over the course of the products very short existence, with some analysts such as Wells Fargos Bonnie Herzog estimating the e-cigarette market will grow from its current figure of $2 billion to $10 billion by 2017. The appeal of e-cigarettes lies in their substitution of acrid smoke inhalation with an aerosol-based nicotine delivery system. This has lead to the assumption that e-cigarettes are an overwhelmingly more safe alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The potential of e-cigarettes has attracted the attention of major tobacco companies like Phillip Morris, which recently mended relations with its estranged parent company, Altria, to invest $682.1 million in the construction of a manufacturing facility that will produce 30 billion units upon completion by 2016. Unfortunately, e-cigarettes may not be the miracle product they appear to be, as new studies by the FDA and researchers at the University of California Riverside have found trace amounts of carcinogens and other toxic materials within e-cigarettes nicotine vapor.

Southington Council sets hearing on tobacco, alcohol ordinances ...
Meriden Record-Journal - January 27, 2014

SOUTHINGTON The Town Council on Monday scheduled a public hearing on ordinances restricting the sale of tobacco products and new alcohol advertising requirements. Both were developed by Southingtons Town-wide Effort to Promote Success, a group combating risky behavior. Youth members of STEPS presented the ordinances to the council. One would require tobacco products, such as rolling papers, bongs, electronic cigarettes and pipes, to be placed behind counters in stores.

Smooth Vaporz brings vaping to Thomaston and Waterbury
Towntimesnews - January 24, 2014

Smoking is out, vaping is in, according to the owner of Smooth Vaporz, Nick Ricciardi. The newest trend, and alternative to smoking, has been the use of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vapes. The opening of vapor and e-cigarette stores have grown widespread over the last few years, especially in areas like Florida, California and Colorado

Ellington selectmen approve location of smoking ban signs
Journal Inquirer - January 15, 2014

ELLINGTON — The Board of Selectmen on Monday unanimously approved the locations of new signs that alert the public to the town's new ordinance banning ...

Board of Directors Considering Banning Smoking at Public Events
Patch.com - December 12, 2013

When the Manchester Board of Directors met earlier this week they discussed establishing a policy that would ban or restrict smoking at town sponsored or ...

Putnam teen on quest to ban smoking in local parks
Middletown Press - October 24, 2013

At the first whiff of smoke, high school senior Michael LaRochelles asthma makes him turn and get away. Partly because of his health and partly fueled by a desire to do something positive for Putnam, LaRochelle has been on an almost two-year quest to make the towns parks smoke-free. The Board of Selectmen has granted him his wish at least in spirit.

Newtown High School Adds E-Cigs to No-Smoking List
Newton (CT) Patch.com - October 24, 2013

Newtown High School students can't smoke at school, of course but a change in school policy will also restrict their electronic, smokeless equivalent.

Connecticut Legislator Proposes E-Cigarette Ban
NACS Online - October 24, 2013

HARTFORD A Connecticut state senator is seeking to relegate e-cigarettes to the same public restrictions placed on traditional cigarettes, CBS New York ...

Local lawmaker looks to ban e-cigarettes from public places
WFSB - October 21, 2013

E-cigarettes don't produce any smoke or have tobacco inside them. ... health concerns and whether they should be banned in public areas like real cigarettes.

Teen's long effort for smoke-free Putnam parks pays off
Norwich Bulletin - October 21, 2013

Colchester kennel's adoption event connects pups, owners ... 'Gravity' still going strong at box office ... Teen's long effort for smoke-free Putnam parks pays off ...

Connecticut lawmakers consider adding e-cigs to smoking ban
Middletown (CT) Press - October 20, 2013

State Sen. Edward Meyer, D-Guilford, said legislators are currently asking if the definition of smoking real cigarettes should be expanded to the electronic devices. “What isn’t in question is the medical testimony” Meyer said. ....

Students ignore smoking ban
The Ridgefield Press - October 10, 2013

Despite the month long ban on smoking at Ridgefield High School, many students continued to puff away, the Oct. 6, 1988 Press reported. A number of students ...

Ban the Butts
Chargerbulletin - October 2, 2013

Exactly 20 feet from the Charger Plaza on Campbell Avenue, its hard to miss the dozens of cigarette butts littering the sidewalk on your way out of the parking lot. Walking up the stairs near Bethel Hall is another familiar sight: several freshmen smoking cigarettes in between classes, crowded around an ash receptacle. Smoking on college campuses is nothing new; in fact, it has become an increasing epidemic amongst college-aged students, some of whom begin as early as high school. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, one third (33 percent) of college students currently use tobacco productschewing tobacco, cigars and cigarettes to name a few. This is a jump from 1993 and 1997 where only 22 and 28 percent of students smoked cigarettes, respectively. Additionally, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed about 88 percent of adult smokers who smoke daily said they started smoking by the age 18. Due to this growing trend and the illnesses associated with smoking, smoking bans are becoming common throughout college campuses nationwide. A July 2013 report by the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation listed 1,178 schools that have adopted a 100 percent smoke-free policy. The University of New Haven has yet to make the list.

Killingly Republicans line up against bylaw banning smoking in parks
Norwich Bulletin - September 13, 2013

Based on a Killingly Town Council vote this week, it is unlikely that a proposed ordinance restricting tobacco use in town parks will pass next month.

Manchester Could Ban Smoking in Public Places
NBC Connecticut - September 11, 2013

Lighting up in Manchester could soon become a problem if the town instates a ban outlawing smoking in public places. The Manchester Board of Directors discussed the ban Tuesday night, with some pushing for a wider ban and others for a more narrow ordinance that would provide designated smoking areas and only ban smoking in places like parks and at public events.

Directors consider smoking ban in parks
Journal Inquirer - September 11, 2013

MANCHESTER — The Board of Directors is considering a ban on smoking in public parks and at town-sponsored athletic programs following a request from the ...

Casino smoking an issue with Foxwoods workers
MiamiHerald.com September 2, 2013

MASHANTUCKET, Conn. -- The smell of cigarette smoke hung heavily over the Great Cedar Hall at Foxwoods Resort Casino one recent weekday morning, as gamblers lit up freely in the cavernous slots machine room. Ventilation that workers say has improved over the years was keeping the smell to a minimum and eliminating what might otherwise have been clouds of smoke hanging over the giant room. Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, said smoking in casinos is an issue because the number of casinos is increasing in the United States. "We have a growing workforce exposed to secondhand smoke," she said, adding that "ventilation can only do so much."

Dealers overwhelmingly ratify Foxwoods contract
Kennebec Journal - September 1, 2013

Dealers at Foxwoods Resort Casino overwhelmingly ratified a contract that raises ... banning smoking does not apply to the Mashantucket Pequot-owned casino ...

Veteran Evicted After New Smoking Ban In Apartment Complex
MyFox Philadelphia - August 25, 2013

NEWINGTON, Conn. - 90 year old Newington Resident Andy Nowicki started smoking 70 years ago, while serving in the United States Army, during World War II. And, it's this habit that has brought him and his wife to the brink of eviction from the apartment they have called home for 20 years. On January 1, 2012, the Newington Housing Authority banned smoking inside all enclosed areas in the three housing complexes they oversee. And, they mandated that smoking only be done at least ten feet from any of these buildings. This has caused major problems for Mr. Nowicki, who uses a wheelchair and can barely walk.

Ellington passes no-smoking ordinance in a 10-4 vote ($$)
Journal Inquirer - August 7, 2013

ELLINGTON Just 14 of Ellingtons more than 15,000 residents came out to a town meeting Tuesday to vote on a no-smoking ordinance for public areas in town, ultimately passing the measure in a 10 to 4 vote.

Ellington residents to vote Tuesday on proposed no smoking ban ($$)
Journal Inquirer - August 5, 2013

ELLINGTON Residents will get the chance to vote on a proposed smoking ban ordinance at a town meeting in Town Hall Tuesday night. Drafted by the town ...

Killingly considers restricting smoking in town parks
Norwich Bulletin - July 31, 2013

Killingly officials are working on a smoking-restriction ordinance for the town's parks aimed at addressing fire and health dangers. After a discussion at a recent ...

Ellington selectmen approve no-smoking ordinance that would affect beach, other areas of town ($$)
Journal Inquirer - July 16, 2013

ELLINGTON The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Monday to adopt a no-smoking ordinance that would affect town locales such as the beach at Crystal Lake and athletic facilities.
The selectmen then sent the ordinance to a town meeting set for Tuesday, Aug. 6, where residents will get the final say in a vote on the matter. The selectmens decision did not come without some heated discussion, however.

EDITORIAL: Fresh air at the park?
The Westerly Sun - July 12, 2013

It may be hard for some mostly non-smokers, of course to believe that in 2013 were still talking about where you can smoke and where you cant smoke. The nonsmokers have gained much ground here over recent decades, but until all the tobacco companies are gone, well all still run into that wafting smoke while trying to smell the roses. So it was a breath of fresh air when we learned that the board of directors that oversees Dow Field in Hope Valley had voted to ban smoking at the recreational complex.

Ellington Proposing Outdoor Smoking Ban on Town Properties
Ellington-Somers (CT) Patch.com - July 11, 2013

The Town of Ellington is considering an ordinance that would regulate smoking in outdoor town-run public areas, such as athletic facilities, beaches, parks and playgrounds.

Ellington residents split on proposed beach smoking ban
Journal Inquirer - July 9, 2013

ELLINGTON — Residents were split in their opinions of the proposed smoking ban ordinance at a public hearing in Town Hall Monday. Some asked selectmen ...

Public hearing set for tonight on proposed smoking ban at beach ...
Journal Inquirer - July 8, 2013

ELLINGTON At a public hearing tonight residents will get the chance to weigh in on a proposed ordinance that could ban smoking at such areas as Sandy ...

Rocky Hill Smoking Ban for Public Buildings Now in Effect
Rocky Hill (CT) Patch.com - July 7, 2013

July begins the first month of the town's ban on cigarettes at all town buildings and parks. The Rocky Hill Town Council voted in favor of the ban and signs will be posted alerting residents that there is no smoking in these areas, Reminder News said.

Towns enact smoking bans at recreational facilities
The Westerly Sun - July 5, 2013

On June 10, Charlestown passed an ordinance banning smoking at town-owned facilities after it became clear that the town's voluntary smoking ban wasn't ...

All Rocky Hill Grounds and Properties Will Be Smoke-Free
Patch.com - June 13, 2013

At its latest Town Council meeting, the Council proposed and adopted a motion to make all Rocky Hill municipal properties smoke-free. "I think this is the way to go and I'm 100 percent for it," Mayor Timothy Moriarty said as he introduced the proposal. "Everywhere you go it is already smoke free. All state buildings, hospitals and schools are smoke-free. I think its the direction we are going in."

Groton City considers leash law, smoking ban
TheDay.com - May 27, 2013

Violation of the smoking ban would carry a $120 fine, while breaking the leash ... Park, said he supports ordinances banning smoking and controlling animals.

Conn. High School Places Ban on E-Cigarettes
abc40 - April 9, 2013

The Amity Regional High School, which serves Woodbridge, Orange, and Bethany, put out this letter to parents about electronic cigarettes. The letter points out ...

The Download: Electronic Cigarettes at Schools
fox8.com - April 9, 2013

A high school in Connecticut wants to blow the whistle on students puffing on electronic cigarettes on school grounds. Amity Regional High School says it deals ...

Task force honors Charlestown pharmacist for his refusal to sell ...
The Westerly Sun - April 9, 2013

WOOD RIVER JUNCTION ­ Scott Campbell, pharmacist and owner of the Ocean Health Mart Pharmacy in on Old Post Road in Charlestown, does not sell tobacco products of any kind. On Monday night, members of the Chariho Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention honored him with a “Leadership” award for taking a stand. …

Amity High School sounds the alarm on e-cigarettes
New Haven Register - April 7, 2013

WOODBRIDGE - Amity Regional High School in Woodbridge has identified a new concern for parents: electronic cigarettes. The devices are “unsafe and unfit ...

Editorial: UConn smoking ban would be a misguided move
UConn Daily Campus-April 3, 2013

Editorial: UConn smoking ban would be a misguided move ... a smoke-free campus, it would mean tobacco smoking would be banned on all University property, ...

Conn. lawmakers consider e-cigarette ban
NECN - March 15, 2013

Electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes, are a nicotine delivery system designed to be used in places from which smokers are banned because the vapor from it isn't smoke.
Cheryl Richter runs Cherryvape, an e-cigarette company. She says what comes out is "Basically water vapor. There's no particulates. There's no second hand smoke like there would be with a cigarette." Despite that, there is a proposal in the Connnecticut legislature to treat e-cigarettes the same as tobacco cigarettes and banish users to designated smoking areas. Why? "E-cigarettes are another mechanism of delivering a harmful product," Conn. Health Commissioner Dr. Jewel Mullen says. That's true. Nicotine is harmful and e-cigarettes deliver nicotine. However, smoking restrictions are designed to protect people from second-hand smoke and, as we've already heard, e-cigarettes produce water vapor, not smoke. …

Lawmakers Consider Expanding Smoking Ban To Include E-Cigarettes
Hartford Courant - March 15, 2013

State lawmakers are considering a bill that would further restrict public smoking and clarify that those restrictions also apply to electronic cigarettes. Senate Bill 990 would bar smokers from lighting up outside if they are within 25 feet of a doorway, window or building vent. It would also end an existing exemption regarding smoking in the workplace by covering all employers, except home-based businesses in which the owner is the sole employee. Currently businesses with five or fewer workers are exempt. The Connecticut Restaurant Association raised questions about the proposed changes. …

Snuffing 'third-hand' smoke; Stratford Health Department sparks ...
Stratford Star - March 1, 2013

A website, SmokeStinks.org, offers information in English and Spanish about third-hand smoke, smoking cessation resources and more, and it is gaining ...

Weston-Easton-Redding Readers React To Smoking Ban, Tolls
The Daily Voice - February 28, 2013

The proposed smoking ban is not the only bill in Hartford that Facebook readers are reacting to. A proposal to bring tolls back to Connecticut highways drew this ...

LETTER: Supports Bill Banning Smoking In Cars With Kids
Hartford Courant - February 26, 2013

The American Lung Association supports legislation that would protect Connecticut children from being exposed to secondhand smoke while they are riding in vehicles [Feb. 21, CTNow, "Teen Pushing New Smoking Ban Bill"]. Laws prohibiting smoking in vehicles when children are present have already been enacted in states like Arkansas, Maine and California. …

EDITORIAL: Smoking In Cars With Kids? Can't Outlaw Stupidity
Hartford (CT) Courant - February 22, 2013

Should people smoke around kids ­ in a car, or anywhere? In fact, should they smoke at all? Any sensible person would say no. Unfortunately, you can't always legislate common sense. …

Parents who smoke around young kids are ignorant but not criminals
Hartford Courant - February 21, 2013

Should adults be allowed to smoke in a car carrying young children? No, said many of those who spoke at a state Capitol hearing recently on a bill that would make it a crime. Not all stupid behavior can be outlawed, however. Adults who expose children to secondhand smoke are ignorant and irresponsible, but whether they should also be criminals is doubtful. …

Smoking Ban? Here's Where Cigarettes Are Still Allowed
Daily Beast - February 21, 2013

As Connecticut threatens to ban in-vehicle smoking, the already small pool of places where cigarettes are allowed is shrinking fast. From a rebellious Washington sports bar to a sophisticated Paris hotel, here is a guide to smoking freedom …

Smoking ban for vehicles carrying kids finds support from Mansfield youth
Middletown Press-by Christine Stuart - February 21, 2013

Henry Genga's bill to ban smoking in vehicles with children. “It would prevent fatal injury to the lungs and body, as well as greatly increase road safety,” Abdullah ...

Danbury Readers Mixed On Proposed Ban On Smoking In Cars
The Daily Voice - February 21, 2013

Danbury residents have mixed feelings about a proposed smoking ban for drivers with ... Smoking could soon be added to the list of banned activities for drivers with ... “I support banning smoking in cars that I am in,” Debra Oria commented.

Potential Conn. vehicular smoking ban raises debate
NECN - February 20, 2013

Potential Conn. vehicular smoking ban raises debate ... Kvadas believes that, unlike those other bans, this one is about the health of the ...

Connecticut lawmaker mulls smoking ban in cars with children
New York Daily News - February 19, 2013

A Connecticut lawmaker is focusing on a law that would ban in-car smoking, even with the windows down, for drivers with underage passengers. New York Assemblyman David Weprin previously introduced a similar bill that would have instated a $100 fine for smoking in cars with passengers under 14 years of age. …

Conn. Lawmakers Consider Car Smoking Ban
NBC Bay Area - February 19, 2013

Smoking is already banned in restaurants and businesses in Connecticut and some parents welcome broadening the ban to protect children in cars. "We want ...

Connecticut to consider smoking ban in cars with kids
7Online.com - February 19, 2013

HARTFORD (WABC) -- Should Connecticut ban smoking in cars that contain small children? That's the question state lawmakers will take up later this week in ...

Anti-Smoking Rule To Stay At Fairfield's Jennings Beach
The Daily Voice - February 5, 2013

Fairfield’s restricted smoking rules at Jennings Beach are now permanent, but the town has no plans to extend the program to its other public beaches, the Parks and Recreation Commission ruled last month. … Smoking will still be allowed without restrictions at Fairfield's four other public shoreline beaches and Lake Mohegan Commission member Barbara Rifkin asked ...

Connecticut lawmakers may consider ban on smoking in cars with children
Middletown (CT) Press - December 27, 2012

Lawmakers may be considering re-introducing a bill next year that would ban smoking in a vehicle in the presence of a child. A lawmaker recently asked the Office of Legislative Research for a description of laws in other states banning smoking in vehicles when children are present. …

Private clubs put their own limits on smoking
Norwich Bulletin - December 8, 2012

At their annual meeting in March, members of the St. Joseph’s Polish Society in Colchester voted to limit smoking. The new policy prohibits smoking on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and even on days when smoking is allowed, bans it when there are a large number of people in the bar of the private club. …

Is Connecticut helping its smokers quit? Yes and no, says report
Connecticut Post - December 4, 2012

Though Connecticut has made some strides in funding measures that help smokers quit, there's still a lot of work to be done....

Connecticut clubs slowly move to snuff out smoking
Norwich Bulletin - November 29, 2012

Members-only private clubs are experimenting with non-smoking areas, nine ... The group tested a few nonsmoking nights over the past two years to gauge ...

Members-only clubs curb hours when smoking is allowed ($$)
Waterbury Republican American - November 29, 2012

That's starting to change, albeit slowly, as three large private clubs in the region have begun experimenting with designated nonsmoking times in their bars and ...

Conn. clubs, exempted from state's no-smoking ban, slowly move to ...
The Republic - November 29, 2012

WATERBURY, Connecticut ­ Members-only private clubs are experimenting with non-smoking areas, nine years after the Connecticut General Assembly ...

Moffa admits disguising tobacco shop donations to speaker
Waterbury (CT) Republican-American - November 4, 2012

One year ago, David "Buffalo" Moffa was hatching a conspiracy in a Waterbury tobacco shop to violate campaign finance laws and corrupt the state legislature. Moffa pleaded guilty Friday in federal court in New Haven to participating in the illegal scheme ...

South Windsor Town Council Majority Against Banning Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies
South Windsor (CT) Patch.com - September 18, 2012

… “A pharmacy is a place you should go to get better, not get cancer,” Anwar said during his presentation. “It is physically wrong to sell cigarettes in the same place. But the Republican majority on the Town Council and members of the public who weighed in on the discussion said that the council either should not: 1. infringe on one’s personal responsibility from refraining from or choosing to use tobacco; 2. single out CVS from engaging in legally sanction commercial trade; or 3. overreach in its responsibilities as a local governing body. …

South Windsor Council Hears Proposal To Ban Tobacco Sales At ...
Hartford Courant - September 17, 2012

A proposal to ban the sale of tobacco products at pharmacies in town produced a lively exchange by town council members Monday night. …

South Windsor Town Council to Discuss Prohibiting Pharmacies From Selling Cigarettes
Patch.com - September 17, 2012

The Town Council will debate, among other things, the issues of corporate responsibility and personal choice tonight at its regular meeting tonight when it discusses the possibility of passing an ordinance banning of the sale of tobacco products at CVS Pharmacy. …

READER SUBMITTED: No Ifs, Ands or Cigarette Butts: S&S Going Smoke-Free
Hartford Courant - September 13, 2012

Can going smoke-free make a company safer, cleaner, healthier and more productive? S&S Worldwide is about to find out. A 100 percent tobacco-free campus policy goes into effect Oct. 1. "Our new policy will clean the air," said Co-President Adam Schwartz. "That benefits everyone, and it's good for business." …

Council to discuss ban on cigarette sales in local pharmacies
Journal Inquirer (CT) - September 12, 2012

Council to discuss ban on cigarette sales in local pharmacies ... discussions Monday on banning the sale of tobacco products — particularly cigarettes — from ...

Partial Smoking Ban Approved For New London Parks
Patch.com (CT) - September 5, 2012

The City Council voted 6-1 on Tuesday to enact an anti-smoking ordinance for New London's parks, although the decision does not ban smoking outright and ...

POLL: What Do You Think Of The New London Anti-Smoking ...
Patch.com (CT) - September 5, 2012

In the region, smoking bans are also in place for the parks of Groton, Montville, ... advocates supporting a smoking ban as well as residents concerned that the ...

Johnson Memorial Medical Center to impose smoke-free ban on ...
Journal Inquirer - August 17, 2012

To promote a healthier environment for employees, patients, and the community, Johnson Memorial Medical Center campuses in Stafford and Enfield will ...

Milford Schools Smoking Ban Aimed at Adults
Patch.com (CT) - August 15, 2012

BOE member Dora Kubek proposed adding e-cigarettes to the ban. The legal reference for the policy is Connecticut General Statute 19a-342: "Smoking ...

New SUBASE smoking policy urges cessation, lists prohibitions
Dolphin - July 26, 2012

Published this month, Naval Submarine Base New London’s new smoking policy outlined in the base instruction "Tobacco Use Policy for Naval Submarine Base New London," highlights the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke and urges cessation as it redefines areas and limits of tobacco use. …

Smoking Banned in East Lyme Parks and Beaches
The Lymes (CT) Patch.com - July 19, 2012

Smoking bans in public parks and beaches have been a matter of much debate in some towns but in East Lyme, a smoking ban went into effect on July 15 with very little fanfare. That may be because the ban isn’t an ordinance, which would have had to be approved by the Board of Selectmen. Instead, it’s a Parks and Recreation policy and the …

Town mulls ban on pharmacy tobacco sales
Journal Inquirer (CT) July 18, 2012

Town mulls ban on pharmacy tobacco sales ... ways to ban tobacco products, particularly cigarettes, from being sold in local pharmacies. ...

Councilor Seeks to Ban Cigarette Sales in South Windsor Pharmacies
Patch.com (CT) - July 18, 2012

"My hope is to restrict pharmacies from selling tobacco-based products because they ... to excess, can lead to health problems, and tobacco-related products like cigarettes. ... 25 communities have banned the sale of tobacco products from pharmacies and ... Related Topics: South Windsor Government and cigarette bans ...

Teens advance Putnam smoking ban plan
Norwich Bulletin (CT)- June 13, 2012

... and Drugs, or TRIAD, last year with a goal of banning smoking on town property. ... state statutes regarding whether the town could pass a smoking ban.

Sun a poor choice for health program
TheDay.com - June 4, 2012

I was interested to read in May 30, Region section of The Day that the local launch of the Million Hearts national initiative to prevent heart attacks and strokes will take place at the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. As a public facility that still permits indoor smoking, this is an ironic and poorly chosen choice of venues for an event with a mission to educate the public about prevention of cardiovascular disease. … When smoking is permitted within the casino, both its patrons and employees are at high risk for secondhand smoke exposure, a well-documented cause of ...

Wallingford Housing Authority discussing possible ban on smoking ...
Meriden Record Journal - May 29, 2012

WALLINGFORD - At its last two meetings, the Wallingford Housing Authority's Board of Commissioners has discussed the idea of making its properties ...

Bristol Housing Authority Goes Smoke-Free July 1
NBC Connecticut - April 27, 2012

Bristol's Housing Authority has decided its facilities will go smoke-free on July 1. … The number of current smokers who will be impacted by the ban is not known. ... The anti-smoking group, Match Coalition, supports the bans, ...

People using Windham parks soon won't be able to smoke
Norwich (CT) Bulletin - Apr 21, 2012

Starting Memorial Day weekend with the official opening of the parks, Hallam will have to choose between her desire to smoke or her desire to go to the park with her 6-year-old son, Noah. The town has adopted a rule making all parks in town smoke-free. …

Smoking ban considered for Windham parks
Norwich Bulletin - March 23, 2012

The town is trying to pass a law so that all the park in Windham will be smoke-free. By FRANCESCA KEFALAS When Windham parks officially open Memorial Day ...

Town may make tobacco-free zones
Lewisboro (CT) Ledger - March 16, 2012

"Creating tobacco-free zones will take the onus off people who ask others to stop smoking," said Town Board member Peter DeLucia. "This ordinance will give ...

Putnam may outlaw smoking in parks
Selectmen studying ban for all town-owned property
Norwich (CT) Bulletin, 2011-12-25

After Putnam High School students proposed the idea, the Board of Selectmen will research the possibility of imposing a smoking ban on all town-owned property. ...

Killingworth BOS Rejects Smoking Ban at Parks and Fields
Patch.com - Michael Hayes - July 28, 2011

Killingworth Selectman Fred Dudek and Richard Cabral both rejected a proposed ban on smoking at town parks and athletic fields during ...

Proposal to ban smoking in city parks dies in committee
TheDay.com -Kathleen Edgecomb- July 27, 2011

New London — A City Council committee has snuffed out a proposed ordinance to prohibit smoking in city parks. The request for smoke-free parks and playgrounds died after a tie vote Monday in the Education, Parks & Recreation …

New London may ban smoking in parks
WTNH - Tina Detelj - June 29, 2011

New London, Conn (WTNH) - Lighting up a cigarette while sitting on a park bench, or taking a stroll, may soon be banned in New London. The City Council is looking into an ordinance banning smoking in the city's 22-parks. It seems to be a national trend ...

New London to consider banning smoking in city parks
TheDay.com - Kathleen Edgecomb - June 23, 2011

"Let's face it, smoking is one of our biggest concerns." He said recreation commissions in surrounding communities are also looking into smoking bans. The council sent the no-smoking initiative to its Parks & Recreation and Education Committee for ...

Hookah Lounge Ban Narrowly Passes Committee Vote
WFSB Hartford - May 10, 2011

A bill that would ban smoking in Connecticut hookah lounges, except those establishments that opened last year or earlier, has narrowly cleared a key legislative committee. The Planning and Development Committee passed the bill Monday on an 11-10 vote. ...

Hookah Lounges Face Possible Changes
A Bill Up For Vote Could Adopt New Regulations
Associated Press (AP), 2011-05-08

A bill that prohibits smoking in Connecticut hookah lounges, except those open before the end of last year, is facing a key legislative vote. ...

Montville council votes for ban on tobacco in parks
Rule will take effect May 11
Norwich (CT) Bulletin, 2011-04-12
ADAM BENSON The Bulletin

The Montville Town Council late Monday night banned the use of tobacco products at all recreational facilities, making it the third community in the state to adopt such a provision. ...

General Assembly: Committee extends smoking ban to small businesses
The Public Health Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly approved a bill on Monday that would extend the ban on workplace smoking to all businesses--even the self-employed who work alone.
Hartford (CT) Courant, 2011-03-29
RINKER BUCK The Hartford Courant

Even the self-employed who work alone would be banned from smoking under a bill that passed the legislature's public health committee Monday. ...

Smoking Wars Heat Up In 4 States
Private Clubs At Issue
Vending Times, 2011-03-02
Marcus Webb MarcusWebb@aol.com

The smoking battle is moving into high gear in South Dakota and Connecticut. The two states have joined, or may soon join, several other states that are debating -- or litigating -- whether there is a right to smoke in private clubs and restricted-entry establishments. Currently, 29 states have banned smoking in all public venues including bars and restaurants. But some states have also carved out exemptions for such private venues as cigar bars, veterans' clubs and video poker lounges, among other commercial establishments that are not open to the general public. ...

Conn. lawmakers consider ending smoking in clubs
Bloomberg - February 10, 2011

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Some state lawmakers want smoking snuffed out in private clubs, one of the few places where people can still lawfully light up in Connecticut.

The General Assembly's Public Health Committee heard testimony Wednesday on a bill that would add clubs such as the local VFW, The Hartford Club or a golf club to the list of places where smoking is now prohibited under state law — joining restaurants, bars and businesses with five or more employees.

While proponents argue that extending the ban would help protect workers from being exposed to the health dangers of second-hand smoke, representatives from the clubs believe the General Assembly is overreaching, telling a private entity that's governed by its own boards and commissioners how to operate ...

UConn Health Center campus to become smoke-free
Waterbury (CT) Republican-American, 2010-10-24

The University of Connecticut Health Center is preparing to become an entirely smoke-free campus in a few weeks.

Smoking has been prohibited since 1990 inside John Dempsey Hospital on the center's Farmington campus. The new policy, which starts Nov. 18, will prohibit tobacco use of any kind anywhere on the property. ...

Smoking Ban: Seven Years Later, Dramatic Changes in Fairfield County Bars
After early resistance, smoke-free bars and restaurants are embraced by patrons and workers alike
Patch.org, 2010-10-23, Marisa Torrieri

As it turns out, a lot has changed since the law took effect seven years ago, restauranteurs [sic] in New Canaan and other Fairfield County towns tell Patch. For starters, the number of disgruntled patrons who puff has declined -- a sharp contrast from when the law took hold . . .

According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, the number of cigarette smokers in the state peaked in 1999 at 22.8 percent. In 2009, the same year that the state cigarette tax was raised from $2 to $3, that number fell to 15.4 percent. ...

Smoking Ban in Town With Tobacco History?
NBC Connecticut - Nidhi Sinha - Jun 30, 2010

Smoking could be banned at all public facilities in South Windsor if some Town Council members have their way. A new proposal would ban ...

Plan would restrict smoking to designated areas at Fairfield
Ct Post - Genevieve Reilly - June 15, 2010

Smokers have been kicked out of bars, restaurants and workplaces. Now, a Fairfield resident would like to see smokers be restricted to designated areas at the town's beaches.

Susan Hersh has asked the Parks and Recreation Commission to consider designated smoking areas when it meets at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Postol Recreation Center.

Right now, the town does not allow smoking at in parks when youth recreational activities are taking place or at playgrounds.

The proposal to restrict smoking would apply to Fairfield's five shoreline beaches as well as the beach at Lake Mohegan. ...

Smoking ban set for public housing units
Norwalk (CT) Hour, 2010-06-06
ALEX NITKIN Hour Staff Writer

Following strong encouragement from the federal government, Norwalk is planning to follow several other Connecticut towns in implementing non-smoking policies in its public housing facilities.

According to Candace Mayer, deputy director of the Norwalk Housing Authority, one of the 13 buildings at the Roodner Court housing complex will soon be designated as a smoke-free area.

"After specific requests from the families, we're definitely working on establishing a ban at the complex," Mayer said. "We reviewed it with our housing officer and we decided that legally, there isn't really any right to smoke."

Time runs out on 2 Conn. smoking ban bills
BusinessWeek - May 6, 2010
Lawmakers have run out of time to vote on two bills that would expand a ban on smoking in the workplace and in hundreds of state-licensed child care facilities across Connecticut.

The General Assembly's 2010 session ended Wednesday at midnight.

Rep. Betsy Ritter is co-chair of the Public Health Committee. She says there wasn't enough time to vote on the two bills in the House of Representatives. Both had passed the Senate.

One bill removed the minimum number of employees required for the current ban on smoking in workplaces to kick in.

The other bill would have banned smoking at child day care centers and group day care centers licensed by the Department of Public Health. ...

State Senate Bill Bans Smoking In Day Care Centers
Hartford Courant - 4/30/2010

A bill that prohibits smoking in hundreds of state-licensed child care facilities across Connecticut has cleared the Senate.

The bill passed the Senate, 35-0, on Thursday. It awaits action in the House of Representatives.

The legislation bans smoking at child day care centers and group day care centers licensed by the Department of Public Health. Smoking in DPH-licensed family day care operations would be prohibited during business hours.

Violators would face fines ranging from $35 to $90. ...

State Senate would restrict smoking
Journal Inquirer - April 23, 2010

The state Senate has voted to expand a ban on smoking in the workplace by removing a minimum number of employees required for the law to kick in. The bill, which passed Thursday on a 24-11 vote, moves to the House of Representatives for further action. The prohibition on smoking now applies to workplaces with five or more employees. But some lawmakers said secondhand smoke is harmful no matter how many people work in an office. The bill applies to a person who’s self-employed, whether or not that person has any employees, but doesn’t apply to an employer’s home. Republican Sen. Robert J. Kane said the bill intrudes on the rights of a small businessperson and that it’s not the role of government to keep people healthy.

Smoking Restrictions And Bans Spreading To Private Clubs In Connecticut
Harford Courant, April 19, 2010

For many years, the state's Elks and Moose and ethnic, military and loyal orders of every brand have been free to drink, smoke and exchange secret handshakes in private clubs.

… Private clubs throughout the nation are either choosing to go smokeless or being forced to clear the air by workplace laws meant to prevent exposure to secondhand smoke, said Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights [ www.no-smoke.org].

"It's definitely a national trend," Frick said. "Increasingly, even in private clubs, people don't want to have to breathe toxic air. ... We've heard of a number of different private clubs around the country that are going smoke-free as part of an effort to refresh their membership." …

Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership Adopts Smoke-free Facility Policy -- 465 Units of Public Housing Covered; First Housing Authority in Connecticut to Do So
SFELP, 3/23/2010

On March 16th, the Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership adopted a smoke-free facility policy covering all 465 units of public housing. The policy went into effect on March 17th for all new residents and all guests and staff; the policy is effective November 1, 2010 for all current residents. It covers all 465 units of Milford’s housing for families and the elderly and disabled. We at SFELP are pleased to have been able to assist them and pleased that they were able to use our model policy for their own. This is the first public housing authority in Connecticut to adopt a smoke-free policy for some or all their buildings. To access the Milford Redevelopment and Housing Partnership web site, click above.

Falcons ban smoking
Middletown Press - March 9, 2010

MIDDLETOWN — At the bimonthly membership meeting of the Polish Falcons Nest 519 on Prout Hill Road last week, a motion was brought before the membership to ban smoking in the clubroom.

Smoking is allowed currently in private clubs under Connecticut law.

After discussion from members on each side of the issue, it came to vote. When the vote was tallied, the motion passed 90-51.

As a result of this vote, beginning May 1, smoking will not be permitted in the club room. ...

Hospital gets smoking ban on Newell road
Bristol Press - Steve Collins - February 9, 2010

BRISTOL — City councilors Tuesday gave their unanimous backing to naming a municipal street beside Bristol Hospital a no-smoking zone.

The hospital made a formal request last year to have Newell Road declared a tobacco-free zone, the first city street to gain that designation.

City Councilor David Mills said that while he voted for the measure, he is concerned it may be a problem. ...

Foxwoods table-games dealers, Mashantuckets give tentative nod to historic ...
TheDay.com - Brian Hallenbeck - January 27, 2010

Mashantucket — Fourteen months after negotiations began, the union for some 2,500 table-games dealers at Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods have reached tentative agreement on a historic first-ever contract with the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, which owns the casinos. ...

Other key provisions of the agreement address health and safety issues, creating "an industry model," the union said. The contract would extend the length of medical leave for seriously ill workers from six months to a year and provide for the establishment of a 24-table "smoke-free pit" separated from other gaming areas for the benefit of dealers susceptible to secondhand smoke. Under the agreement, the tribe and the union would work together on air-testing protocols and ventilation systems. Such steps go beyond those the state called for in an agreement the tribe reached last year with Gov. M. Jodi Rell, the union said ...

Bristol Hospital wants city to declare Newell Road smoke free
Bristol Press - Steve Collins - December 8, 2009

BRISTOL — Bristol Hospital recently made a formal request to have a city road that runs through its grounds declared a no-smoking zone.

Hospital President Kurt Barwis asked the city to have Newell Road — the primary entrance for its emergency room, medical office building and Connecticut Spine and Pain Center — designated as smoke-free under a new law Bristol passed last summer.

Barwis said that having the street made into a no-smoking zone would be "the last step in allowing us to change over the entire hospital campus as smoke-free," a move it began in 2008.

City officials said they plan to ask the Hearings and Assessment Committee to look into the request and make a recommendation to the City Council. Little opposition is expected.

The city’s new ordinance, which hasn’t been used yet, allows it to designate public streets and sidewalks as no-smoking zones, except where state law dictates otherwise. ...

Smoke-free zone encircles hospital
New Haven (CT) Register - November 7, 2009

Bronson Frick, a spokesman for Americans for Non-Smokers Rights in California, said Friday that more than 1,000 communities nationwide have enacted some type of ban on smoking in various public places, which can include parks, restaurant patios, transit facility stops, certain areas of commercial districts and doorways to certain buildings and other places.

He said the issue is a local one, and communities that adopt such bans often do so when a particular problem is identified, He said perceived problems tend to be in areas where people congregate. It is a growing trend, he said. ...

Blumenthal Pledges Fight For A Ban On E-Cigarettes
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-08-19

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal called on consumers and retailers Tuesday to avoid electronic cigarettes, discounting claims that the devices are safer than real cigarettes.

The e-cigarettes, as they are known, are powered by batteries and produce a mist containing nicotine and propylene glycol, an organic compound. Users inhale the mist, satisfying their craving for nicotine.

"I will vigorously fight to ban e-cigarettes, unless approved by FDA, and any attempt to retail the devices in Connecticut, as well as work with federal authorities to regulate Internet sales," Blumenthal said at a press conference in Hartford.

He cited the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's finding last month that two brands of e-cigarettes, Smoking Everywhere and NJoy, contain known carcinogens. An antifreeze ingredient, diethylene glycol, was found in a Smoking Everywhere cartridge. ...

Smoking ban
Danbury News Times - August 6, 2009

No-smoking zones proposed for the area outside of Danbury Hospital and the city public library make sense. Tobacco smoking is unquestionably bad for one's ...

Smoke-free zone up in flames
Waterbury Republican American - July 21, 2009

The Waterbury Board of Aldermen balked at an effort Monday to create a smoke-free zone around Saint Mary's Hospital. Several aldermen claimed it was unfair to prohibit pedestrians on the public streets, sidewalks and walkways a block from the hospital from smoking. The board took no action on a proposed ordinance to ban smoking on city property located inside a circle surrounding the hospital's campus. ...

Hookah club owner plans appeal, may sue
New Haven Register (subscription) - Susan Misur - June 30, 2009

MILFORD — A lawsuit against the city isn’t out of the question for the owner of the Olive Tree Hookah Lounge, which was ordered to close for the second time Saturday.

Sammer Karout said he is working with two lawyers to continue fighting health officials’ demands to close the lounge at 2007 Bridgeport Ave. because of public health concerns.

“I’m fighting to go after them (city officials). I want to try to sue them because they caused me a lot of harm. They shut me down,” said Karout, who opened the lounge May 15. ...

Casino smoking ban snuffed out
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-05-12
Ted Mann Day Staff Writer, Politics

The legislature's Finance Committee killed through inaction a pair of controversial bills Tuesday afternoon, including a proposal to ban smoking at the state's two tribally owned casinos.

The committee did not take up the smoking ban bill before adjourning around 1:30 p.m. Under legislative rules, bills referred to committee must be acted upon within seven calendar days or three legislative session days. That rule means the smoking ban was effectively killed by the Finance panel's failure to take action today. ...

The smoking ban - which is vigorously supported by organized labor but opposed by Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods - is dead for this session, and unlikely to return, said Sen. Eileen Daily, D-Westbrook, the co-chairwoman of the committee and an opponent of the bill.

"Aside from any promise of a legal challenge it would be very costly... in terms of lost revenue because of lost business for the casino," Daily said. "So our businesses, all of them, are in enough trouble without our taking action today that would be more costly." ...

It appears smoking in Conn. casinos will continue
NECN - May 11, 2009

NECN: Brian Burnell, Hartford, Conn.) - Smoking is banned in most public places, but one place it is not is in Connecticut's casinos. There has been an effort underway for a couple of years now to change that, but the economic climate dictates it won't happen this year.

Unionized workers at Foxwoods have spearheaded the effort, saying smoking in the casino is detrimental to the health of employees. But, there are economic considerations that even people who agree with the workers say make a ban right now impossible.

There has been talk of banning smoking at the two indian-owned casinos in Connecticut for a couple of years. Though they have opened smoke-free gaming areas, the tribes have resisted an outright ban, saying it would hurt business. Officials at Mohegan Sun commissioned a study they say shows a total ban at the casino could result in the loss of between 2,000 and 4,000 jobs because smokers would go elsewhere to gamble. ...

Rell Signs Agreement For Limited Smoking Ban At Foxwoods
Hartford (CT) Courant, 2009-05-08

In an effort to extinguish a controversial issue, Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed an agreement with the Mashantucket Pequot nation Thursday for a voluntary, limited smoking ban at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

The agreement is similar to one that Rell signed earlier this year with the Mohegan Sun casino.

The deal was announced as the state legislature is still debating a highly controversial bill that would impose a phased-in, total ban on smoking at both casinos in southeastern Connecticut. Two major legislative committees have voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban, and some proponents say the bill should still go forward even with the new agreements.

The tribes, however, have reacted strongly against the bill, raising the specter of a potential battle over nearly $400 million a year in slot-machine revenue currently added to the state's cash-strapped coffers.
Those threats remained real Thursday as the Pequots hailed the new understanding with Rell as a major step forward.

Mohegan Sun CEO asks legislators to kill casino smoking ban bill
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-05-05
Ted Mann

The chief executive officer of Mohegan Sun urged state lawmakers Tuesday to kill a proposal that would compel the two tribally owned casinos in Connecticut to ban cigarette smoking by 2011, saying the resulting drop-off in business would cost the state millions in slot revenues and lost jobs.

“We are now competing directly with thousands of slot machines in neighboring states,” CEO Mitchell Etess wrote to the leaders and members of the legislature’s Finance Committee, which received the bill Tuesday morning, when it was referred from the House floor. “Patrons who smoke will take their business to other states, if a ban is approved in Connecticut, and revenues could drop up to 20 percent. There will be layoffs, and a cascading loss of business to us and our vendors.”

Etess pointed to the examples of Illinois and Delaware, where the imposition of smoking bans cut casino business by 17 percent and 19 percent respectively, and also backed his conclusions with a new analysis from the Connecticut Economic Resource Center.

The think tank’s study projects that business could fall by as much as 20 percent if a smoking ban is imposed on Mohegan Sun, which is operated by the Mohegan Tribe, and Foxwoods Resort Casino, operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

The group’s study, commissioned by Mohegan Sun, projected a widening ripple effect from business losses at the casino. ...

On Politics - State Weighs Ban on Casino Smoking
New York Times, 2009-04-26

Now, the state legislature is trying to decide if it is willing to risk seeing that cash flow diminish, or even stop, in the name of public health by requiring the two tribal casinos to ban smoking by Oct. 1, 2011.

The tribes say that a smoking ban would drive away gamblers from a business already hurt by the recession. For the first time since the Sun opened in 1997, slot revenue to the state dipped by $19 million last year after a decade of steady growth.

Moreover, the Mohegans and Pequots assert that a legislative mandate on smoking would violate their tribal sovereignty, allowing them to withhold all slot revenue while they contested the issue in federal court.

"This is the first state to try to do something like this," said Bruce Bozsum, chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council. "So it's my job right now to try to protect my tribe and to even reach further to protect all tribes across the country. Everybody is watching."

Jackson King, general counsel to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, said the proposed smoking ban is the biggest threat to tribal sovereignty since the Pequots and Connecticut signed the compact in 1993. The Mohegans became a signatory after their federal recognition in 1994. . . .

Mr. Blumenthal said the smoking measure is defensible under the compact, which requires the tribes to abide by public health laws that the state imposes on itself. He said the tribes would have the right to challenge the law in federal court, but not withhold slot revenue.

"There is no legally justifiable reason to withhold that money, except, of course, to put a gun to the state's head," he said.

The Mohegans said they were not averse to limiting or, perhaps, eventually banning smoking, but only under the terms of their compact with the state -- through negotiation with the governor. . . .

Sovereignty is no small matter to the Mohegans and Pequots, two tribes driven to the brink of extinction, he said. Thirteen tribes in Connecticut went out of existence.

They are memorialized in a section of the Mohegan Sun, the "Hall of Lost Tribes."

It is smoke free.

Despite Threats, Casino Smoking Ban Advances
Hartford (CT) Courant, 2009-04-21
CHRISTOPHER KEATING * The Hartford Courant

Despite threats of legal action and a potential battle over nearly $400 million a year in slot-machine revenue currently added to state coffers, a key legislative committee voted Monday to ban smoking at the state's two Indian casinos.

The Democratic members on the legislature's government administration and elections committee said they have the right to ban smoking to protect the health of casino workers -- including those who have complained about the health effects of second-hand smoke.

But Republican lawmakers said the bill is clearly unconstitutional and would violate the compacts between the state and the Indian tribes that operate the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos. They said the bill specifically targets casinos while allowing private clubs to continue permitting smoking.

"This, indeed, does buy us a substantial fight in the courts," said Rep. John W. Hetherington, a New Canaan Republican who serves as the ranking House Republican on the committee. "This is going to be a very long and costly fight for Connecticut." ...

Five years after ban: Smoky bars not missed
The Hour - April 1, 2009

Five years after a ban on smoking in bars, bartenders and pub owners say a cloud of smoke has been lifted from their heads.

One local bar owner and a local bartender said the smoking ban has not damaged their business and has benefited their health.

"Smokers are going to come out, drink and have a good time no matter what," said Buckley Ryan, owner of B.J. Ryan's. ...

Mohegans threaten suit over smoking
Tribe says it may also withhold slot money if ban passed by committee becomes law
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-03-26
Ted Mann Day Staff Writer, Politics

A controversial bill to ban smoking at tribal casinos in Connecticut becomes law.

In letters addressed to Gov. M. Jodi Rell and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Tribal Chairman Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum and Mohegan Attorney General Helga M. Woods said the smoking-ban bill, which was handily approved earlier this week by the legislature's Public Health Committee, would infringe on the tribe's right to sovereign governance under federal law. Its passage, they said, would lead to a long and costly court fight.

"I cannot and will not allow this legislative affront to go unchallenged," Bozsum wrote.

Bozsum and Woods also warned that the tribe, which contributes hundreds of millions per year in slot machine payments from its Mohegan Sun casino, could cease the payments or place them in escrow for the duration of any court fight - a potentially serious blow as the state faces huge budget deficits in the coming years.

Casino smoking ban bill advances
Norwich Bulletin - March 23, 2009

The state House Public Health Committee released a bill Monday that would ban smoking in the state’s two American Indian-owned casinos by 2011. The process is in its infancy, but with a full Senate approval last year, advocates are hopeful of its passage and implementation.

“We’d love to have it banned immediately. This is a workers health issue and a customer health issue. But given the current economic environment, we can support 2011,” said Bryte Johnson, Connecticut director of government relations and advocacy for the American Cancer Society.

Casino smoking bill seen lacking
Advocates of total ban tell lawmakers current proposal inadequate
The Day (New London, CT), 2009-02-28
Brian Hallenbeck Day Staff Writer, Gaming

Saying a bill to regulate smoking at the state's tribally owned casinos doesn't go far enough, unionized table-games dealers from Foxwoods Resort Casino and antismoking advocates voiced support Friday for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's plan to phase in a complete ban on smoking at the casinos by October 2011.

In testimony before the General Assembly's Public Health Committee, members of UAW at Foxwoods, which is negotiating its first contract with the casino owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, said the bill offered by the legislature's southeastern delegation "falls woefully short," largely because it specifies no date for a total ban on smoking at the casinos, which many believe is inevitable. The bill, incorporating the terms of an unofficial deal the Mohegan Tribe, owners of Mohegan Sun, reached with Gov. M. Jodi Rell, calls for the tribes to enter into an agreement with the state "governing the reduction, removal and monitoring of secondhand smoke."

Smoking Ban or Bust
MSNBC - February 10, 2009

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is taking another roll of the dice, hoping Connecticut lawmakers will ban smoking at both Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos.

Two separate bills are currently before the legislature calling for a smoking ban. One of the bills calls for an immediate ban, and is supported by the American Cancer Society, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association. The other bill, would phase out smoking gradually over a three year period, and is backed by Attorney General Blumenthal.

Governor Jodi Rell is currently in talks with both casinos hoping to find a solution that would respect tribal sovereignty while putting an end to casino smoking.

State high court upholds smoking ban
New Haven Register, February 6, 2007

The state Supreme Court Monday upheld a 4-year-old state ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, rejecting claims that the law is unfair because it doesn't apply to private clubs and tribal casinos.

The highest court voted 4-1 in favor of the decision that the smoking prohibition for bars and restaurants is constitutional…

Jan C. Trendowski, an Essex lawyer representing four bars that brought the court challenge, said he is "saddened by the decision," but that there are no current plans to appeal the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, however, called the decision a "landmark victory that extinguishes the last legal challenge to Connecticut's smoking ban."

Apply Smoking Ban To Clubs, Too
Hartford Courant, February 7, 2007

In response to the Feb. 6 article "Where There's Smoke ..." [Page 1]:

I am a nonsmoker and I belong to three private clubs, one of which I frequent about once a week. All three clubs have seen increased membership since the smoking ban went into effect. Why do I have to suffer and put up with annoying smoke while I am trying to have a drink or socialize?

I believe that any establishment in Connecticut with a liquor license should be required to abide by the no-smoking law. Most of my friends who smoke say they would have no problem going outside to have a smoke if they had to. I think it is very unfair that the casinos and private clubs are exempt from the law. They have employees and customers who also would like not to be subjected to cigarette smoke.

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