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New Hampshire

All New Hampshire restaurants and bars are 100% smokefree as of September 17, 2007. This law was an important step forwards to protect many New Hampshire workers who remain exposed to secondhand smoke on the job. Unfortunately, the law did not address the existing smokefree regulations for non-hospitality workplaces, which can permit enclosed smoking areas, and the bill did not restore local control.

In 2010, the Legislature considered, but chose to not move forward on, bills to strengthen the smokefree law to include all non-hospitality workplaces, as well as state parks and beaches. Advocates will work hard to come back for another try to close the workplace loophole to protect all Granite State workers on the job.

For information about the smokefree law, call (603) 271-6891or visit the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program.

To report a violation, call (800) 852-3345 x 8949 or fill out an online form.

In 2009, the Legislature enacted a bill to create an exemption to permit smoking in cigar bars. Health groups and smokefree advocates fought hard against this bill, and continue to remain vigilant to prevent further exemptions and build support for expanding smokefree protections.

Smokefree air has long been in demand in New Hampshire. In 2006, a poll showed 79% of New Hampshire voters in favor of smokefree workplaces.

In 2003, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that the state Clean Indoor Air Act constitutes a comprehensive and detailed statutory scheme, and because it does not contain a provision permitting additional municipal regulation of smoking, the state law preempts local smokefree air ordinances that are stronger than the state law. J.T.R. Colebrook, Inc. v. Town of Colebrook (2003). Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in New Hampshire.

2017 State Legislative Session

State Quitline Number: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)

American Cancer Society Quitline: 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669)

Smokefree & Related News

Your Turn, NH: The reality of vaping isn't so cool
The Union Leader - March 21, 2016

AS A 100-year-old nonprofit public health agency dedicated solely to lung health, we at Breathe New Hampshire read the March 6 New Hampshire Sunday News article "What's so cool about vaping?" with interest and concern. … In an interview with Reuters Health, Glantz said one reason why e-cigs didn't help people stop smoking could be that vapers can get their nicotine fix in places ...

Tobacco use down, vaping up
Foster's Daily Democrat -March 5, 2016

DOVER Like a game of whack-a-mole, electronic cigarettes have replaced traditional tobacco products as a health concern among area youth. That's according to the latest in a series of statewide surveys on health-related teen behavior. Use of electronic cigarettes, e-cigs or vaping, has exceeded the use of any other ...

Electronic cigarette explodes while charging in Rochester apartment
WMUR Manchester - February 26, 2016

The Rochester Fire Department is putting out a warning about electronic cigarettes after one exploded inside a man's Rochester apartment early Friday morning.

Dover bans e-cigs where regular cigarettes aren't allowed
WMUR Manchester - February 11, 2016

A New Hampshire city has voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes where regular cigarettes are already prohibited.

Dover council bans e-cigarettes
Foster's Daily Democrat - February 10, 2016

The City Council on Wednesday night voted unanimously to ban the use of electronic cigarettes where regular cigarettes are already banned on city property. This includes on school grounds and on city athletic fields.

Reported use of cigarettes and alcohol down sharply in N.H. schools, but e-cigarette use is soaring
Concord Monitor - February 5, 2016

But its the relatively new phenomenon of electronic cigarettes, or vaping, that has really taken off, exceeding the use of any other substance in the survey except alcohol, with a quarter of all high school students using them. The data come from surveys of 14,837 students in 67 New Hampshire public high schools last spring.

Families First Receives $10K CVS Health Community Grant
Patch.com - February 4, 2016

... quit smoking and lead tobacco-free lives," said Eileen Howard Boone, Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, CVS Health.

Time to expand ban to e-cigs
Foster's Daily Democrat - February 2, 2016

On Feb. 10, there is a public hearing planned by the Dover City Council on a proposal to ban electronic cigarettes where conventional cigarettes already are prohibited. We think this is a logical extension of the battle against tobacco and for protecting the public's health...

Dover May Ban Vaping in Non-Smoking Areas
New Hampshire Public Radio - January 29, 2016

Electronic cigarettes could soon be banned in all places where regular cigarettes are already prohibited in a New Hampshire city.

E-cigarettes could soon be banned in Dover
Foster's Daily Democrat - January 27, 2016

DOVER - Electronic cigarettes could soon be banned in all places where conventional cigarettes are already prohibited in the city. The Dover City Council moved the ordinance along to a public hearing, set for Feb. 10. The ordinance would amend Chapter 131 of the City Code, which is titled "Offenses." …

Program to reward Winchester landlords for smoke-free housing
Keene (NH) Sentinel - January 26, 2016

A new program seeks to increase the availability of smoke-free rentals in town, while rewarding landlords who comply with the town's housing standards ordinance. But the future...is in question because of a petition warrant article seeking to rescind it a

Student body government aims to ban smoking on campus
The New Hampshire - December 7, 2015

UNH's Student Senate will be voting on a smoking ban for all UNH ... Cook saw that many other campuses around New England had smoking bans, and said, ...

Editorial: Smoking and No Smoking at the Legion
Valley News - December 1, 2015

...22 in Lebanon did the right thing two years ago when they voted to ban indoor smoking at their club. New Hampshire law, unlike Vermont's, doesn't require ...

Shelter for Legion Smokers
Valley News - November 21, 2015

Members of the American Legion Post No. 22 in Lebanon voted to ban indoor smoking nearly two years ago. Now they aim to make smokers more comfortable by constructing an outdoor smoking shelter. Those opting to light up e-cigarettes are allowed to do so indoors at this time, St. Pierre said. He said that would be the case until they become controversial. If they help people quit, were all for it, St. Pierre said. There is some legislative support for adding e-cigarettes to the list of items banned from indoor spaces that are open to the public. State Sen. David Pierce, D-Lebanon, put forward a bill last session which would have established a committee to consider revising the Indoor Smoking Act to restrict the use of e-cigarettes indoors. The bill passed out of the Senate, but the House found it inexpedient to legislate. Because e-cigarettes emit carcinogens, Pierce said, he could see no reason for keeping them out of the Indoor Smoking Act.

Campus-wide tobacco free policy now at Keene YMCA
The Keene Sentinel - October 7, 2015

The Keene Family YMCA is continuing to promote a healthier community with a new tobacco-free policy, according to a news release from Healthy Monadnock ...

Survey shows most NH pharmacies don't sell tobacco products
The Union Leader - September 24, 2015

Survey shows most NH pharmacies don't sell tobacco products. Source: ... The telephone survey - conducted in August - polled 33 independent pharmacies.

Smoke-Free Housing Directory to be unveiled in Monadnock Region
New Hampshire Business Review - May 27, 2015

People in search of smoke-free housing in the Monadnock Region will soon have a new resource. The regional Smoke-Free Housing Directory, offered by The ...

Letter: Ban smoking downtown
Concord Monitor - April 29, 2015

I see this daily from my office at Park and North Main streets. Let's transform Main Street by banning smoking in the downtown area.

Another View -- Jamie Burnett: The kids' bill no one is talking about ...
The Union Leader - April 21, 2015

"They thought that if they banned smoking in cars with kids, eventually they would ... In the very unlikely scenario that a smoking ban for private homes was to be ...

FORTIN: My Turn: E-cigarettes pose threat to New Hampshire's young lungs
Concord Monitor - April 15, 2015

In the future, with the appropriate testing, regulation and approval by the FDA and proper monitoring by a physician or health care provider, e-cigarettes may prove to be an effective smoking cessation tool. However, that is not how the majority of these...

From the files April 4, 2015
The Keene Sentinel - April 4, 2015

CONCORD Smokers may soon find theyre unwelcome in most businesses and public places in New Hampshire under stiff anti-smoking regulations passed by the House and expected to be backed by the Senate and Gov. Judd Gregg. Smokers who dont stay in designated areas would face a minimum $100 find and those in charge of the buildings who dont comply with the law could face fines as well. Restrictions on smoking in the workplace wouldnt take effect for three years, but some bans would start Jan. 1.

Taxing tobacco: Hassan's bad proposal
The Union Leader - March 31, 2015

Covering e-cigarettes would apply the tobacco tax to a non-tobacco product. E-cigarettes can deliver nicotine, but they do not use tobacco. They often provide ...

Post's smoking ban snuffed
The Union Leader - March 13, 2015

RAYMOND A plan to stop members of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4479 from lighting up has gone up in smoke. An official with the New Hampshire VFW determined that the Raymond VFWs vote to ban smoking at its post was invalid because it wasnt done properly. The decision means the VFW will remain a smoking establishment as it has for many years unless members renew the effort to go smoke free in the future.

ALTSCHILLER: Smoking and choking go hand in hand for kids in cars
Foster's Democrat - March 11, 2015

In New Hampshire we're proud of our motto "Live Free Or Die." If smokers want to die that's their business. It's the state's business to help children under the age of 18 live free from involuntarily inhaling the cancer causing poisons contained in ...

New Hampshire Bill Would Ban Car Smoking With ...
The Cigar Authority - March 3, 2015

So much for living free. The New Hampshire state motto is in jeopardy this week as lawmakers will hear arguments later today on a bill that would ban smoking ...

Grant aims to help UNH extinguish cigarettes
Foster's Democrat - December 2, 2014

University of New Hampshire Health Services staffers hope that a $180,000 grant from the State of New Hampshire Tobacco Prevention and Control Program will help users on campus kick the tobacco habit.

New Hampshire to mark Great American Smoke Out
Concord Monitor - November 19, 2014

Across New Hampshire, several universities are taking additional steps toward tobacco-free campuses, according to the department. The University System of ...

Campuses promoting tobacco-free policies as part of Great ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - November 19, 2014

CONCORD, New Hampshire - New Hampshire colleges and universities are working with students and faculty to promote and adopt tobacco-free policies as ...

Claremont Smoking Ban Starts Today
Valley News - September 11, 2014

Claremont - The city's new outdoor smoking ban in public parks takes effect today ... Bergeron, a vocal opponent of the earlier proposals that banned all smoking. ... Resident Cynthia Howard said banning smoking outdoors is an infringement ...

Claremont, NH Close To Park Smoking Ban
The Cigar Authority - September 5, 2014

On the eve of the Cigar Association of New Hampshire gold tournament, it appears the Claremont, New Hampshire is one step closer to banning smoking at ...

Claremont Closer to Smoke Ban
Valley News - August 29, 2014

Claremont After a few failed attempts, the City Council has passed an ordinance that would ban smoking in most city parks in all but designated areas. The ordinance will be presented at a public hearing in September and voted on again after a second reading.

Code would ban cabbies from smoking, swearing, wearing tube tops
Seacoastonline.com - August 19, 2014

PORTSMOUTH - A proposed code of conduct for cab drivers would ban cabbies from smoking, swearing, idling, wearing tube and tank tops, asking for tips, ...

Vaping takes off as smoking's latest alternative
Seacoastonline.com - July 23, 2014

McNamara explained that unless a public park is posted as prohibiting smoking, electronic cigarettes are allowed in outdoor public places. She also added that ...

No ifs ands or 'butts' about it!
Foster's Daily Democrat - July 16, 2014

And we thought it nonsensical a law could be used to ban trans fats from ... but eventually we saw the wisdom of a state law banning smoking in restaurants.

Letter: Tobacco fight continues
Concord Monitor - July 9, 2014

... e-cigarette use among kids – we at the Tobacco Free NH network will continue to advocate for prevention of tobacco product use, especially among our youth.

Keep the pressure on tobacco companies ($$)
Nashua Telegraph - July 8, 2014

... e-cigarette use among kids, we at the Tobacco Free NH network will continue to advocate for prevention of tobacco product use, especially among our youth.

Cigarette butts a scourge at the beach
Seacoastonline.com - July 5, 2014

Municipalities like Rye and York, Maine, have recently declared their town beaches "smoke free" and posted signs asking visitors not to smoke in the hope it will ...

Claremont City Council Questions Smoking Ban
Valley News - June 19, 2014

As the City Council continues to grapple with whether to prohibit smoking in some city parks, the question of whether municipalities have the authority to pass a ban using the state law that bans indoor smoking in a number of public places seems unclear. Newports new ordinance which references New Hampshires Indoor Smoking Act banning smoking in such indoor facilities as elevators, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants and public schools was passed in March. The Newport ordinance applies outdoors only when there are events taking place, such as summer concerts on the common and athletics events and around playgrounds when people are using the structure.

Editorial roundup
The Keene Sentinel - June 19, 2014

Those were examined in Claremont last week, when the City Council rejected an outright smoking ban in several city parks. The ban would have prohibited ...

Editorial: No Smoking, Please
Valley News - June 18, 2014

While its good that smoking has declined both in practice and esteem, the role of government in restricting smoking has limits. Those were examined in Claremont last week, when the City Council rejected an outright smoking ban in several city parks. The ban would have prohibited smoking entirely in the parks and parking lots even in private vehicles. I think it is overkill, said councilor Vic Bergeron, who, given the surgeon generals warning about smoking, had an interesting choice of words.

Pelham adopts, rescinds smoking ban
Eagle-Tribune - June 12, 2014

PELHAM Less than two weeks after prohibiting smoking in town parks, selectmen have rescinded the ban. The board lifted the ban Tuesday after learning it was adopted in violation of state law, which only forbids smoking in enclosed public areas, Selectmen's Chairman Ed Gleason said. A community cannot outlaw smoking in an open public area, he said….

Claremont Turns Down Smoking Ban
Valley News - June 12, 2014

Claremont - The City Council agreed Wednesday night that an all-out ban on smoking in several city parks was not favored by many residents and instead, councilors appeared to prefer establishing designated smoking areas in the parks. …

E-cigarettes gain popularity as alternative to traditional cigarettes in ...
The Keene Sentinel - June 1, 2014

Lyle Hill of Richmond began smoking cigarettes at the age of 18, and, in time ... caused by nearly 40 years of tobacco use, he said in an interview last week. ...... Chocolate butterscotch, wild cherry, apple pie caramel, rum cola, raspberry menthol and strawberry ... The FDA proposed its first e-cigarette regulations last month.

Council Debates Park Smoking Ban
Valley News - May 15, 2014

Claremont — Rather than ban smoking at all city recreational facilities, ... is not groundbreaking as municipalities throughout the country have similar bans in parks. ... Koloski also wondered if banning smoking outside the community center or ...

First day of smoking ban drives Manchester's housing residents ...
The Union Leader - May 1, 2014

Others said they should have the right to smoke in their own homes. All complained about ... “It just makes it very difficult when there's a single ventilation system...

Smoking ban starts in Manchester public housing
The Union Leader – April 30, 2014

MANCHESTER — A smoking ban starts today in all of the nearly 1,400 apartments under the control of the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority.

NH health experts say FDA proposed rules on e-cigarettes only a ...
The Union Leader - April 24, 2014

Kate McNally, who counsels people on quitting smoking, said the U.S. Food and ... proposed rules, released Thursday, would require health warnings, ban free ... New Hampshire already has a law banning e-cigarette sales to those under 18, ...

Salem Planning Board approves hookah lounge for Main Street
The Union Leader - April 24, 2014

... hookahs are water pipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco that comes ... users think smoking from a hookah is less harmful than cigarette smoking, but ... The building is located in a commercial/industrial zoning district, which is ...

Editorial Roundup
The Keene Sentinel - April 17, 2014

Entrepreneurs who have found a niche marketing the new smoking ... Furthermore, there were undoubtedly other ways — short of a blanket ban on video and ...

New Hampshire Motor Speedway seeks casino license
GamingTodaySlotsToday - April 17, 2014
[no link avaialable]

... located adjacent to the buffet, will offer top-of-the-line technology with a FortuNet, Inc. BingoStar system, personal cocktail service and a non-smoking section.

Hartford Adds Rules For Public Lands
Valley News - April 16, 2014

When the changes go into effect in 60 days, residents will also be banned from smoking in parks, walking dogs on athletic fields and occupying parks after dusk.

Tobacco alternative gains popularity at Xsmoke Vape Smart in ...
Concord Monitor - April 3, 2014

Clough's is the kind of story public health officials want to hear about electronic cigarettes – a smoker who has cut down on tobacco use, reducing his risk for ...

Smoking sections: Now we're dividing towns, too
The Union Leader - March 21, 2014

Some towns and cities ban or have considered banning smoking on ... of severity, but outdoor smoking bans are cropping up around the “Live free or die” state.

Kicking butts
UNH The New Hampshire - March 21, 2014

“It's a very powerful display, I'm so impressed. ... to inspire youths to “stand up, speak out, and seize control against Big Tobacco,” according to its website. ... Each day, more than 3,200 Americans under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette.

7th-grader's effort paves way for smoke-free beaches
NewHampshire.com - March 17, 2014

Hillman, 12, led a petition drive to put a warrant article before voters, asking them to approve a nonbinding resolution declaring all town beaches smoke-free.

Claremont officials consider smoking ban in city parks
The Union Leader - March 16, 2014

City Council members discussed a smoking ban in city parks last week.

Claremont considering smoking ban in parks
WMUR Manchester - March 14, 2014

The city of Claremont is looking at the idea of banning smoking at local parks. ... City Manager Guy Santagate said he'd like to look at similar bans in other cities.

Editorial: James Pilliod, a lawmaker governed by common sense
Concord Monitor - March 13, 2014

...When the state Supreme Court said in 2003 that New Hampshire towns had no authority to ban smoking in bars, he sponsored legislation to give them that right....

Rye police chief eyes beach patrol
Seacoastonline.com - March 13, 2014

..."I believe there are going to be some expectations about how the ordinance is ... and he is unsure which, if any, of the state park areas in town allow smoking. ...

Few show up for hearing on smoking ban in social clubs
The Union Leader - March 12, 2014

CONCORD A bill to ban smoking in social, fraternal and religious clubs drew few people Tuesday for a public hearing. The only person to testify on Senate Bill 382 was the bills prime sponsor Sen. Lou DAllesandro, D-Manchester. He said the clubs have been exempt from the smoking ban for restaurants, bars and work places, but now some clubs want to have the state make the requirements the same. He said the bill was requested by the members of Sweeney Post 2, which has recognized that smoking is not a good thing. ...

Vote to make Rye beaches smoke free
Seacoastonline.com - March 11, 2014

Did you know that more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered worldwide each year? This Tuesday, I urge Rye residents to vote "yes" on Article 24. Article 24 states that the town of Rye should create a non-binding resolution that would make all town beaches smoke-free zones. A non-binding resolution ...

Former Sen. Barnes back on Raymond Board of Selectmen
The Union Leader - March 11, 2014

Voters did pass a citizen's petition warrant article calling for a ban on smoking on recreational property, including Riverside Park, Cammett Field and the Town ...

Are regulations necessary for e-cigarettes?
New Hampshire Business Review - March 7, 2014

As tobacco smoking and sales continue to decline, the e-cig version of the gold rush ... Federal Cigar supports the ban on sales to minors, but believes the policy ...

Newport sets March 17 hearing on ordinance changes
The Union Leader - March 5, 2014

NEWPORT The Board of Selectmen will take feedback at a public hearing March 17 on changes to the town ordinances and the addition of three new ordinances. The second proposed ordinance would prohibit smoking on town property during events. Smoking is already prohibited inside town building, but this would pertain to the town common and ball fields, Brown said. If there is a concert or farmers market or ball game or another event, smoking would be prohibited.

Durham boasts first NH electronic cigarette store
UNH The New Hampshire - February 18, 2014

EliteVapor NH on 7 Jenkins Court is the first business of its kind in the entire state. The store, which held its grand opening on Oct. 12, 2013, offers electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as their primary business model. These items were once only available in New Hampshire as experimental products in tobacco, or novelty shops.

Legislators consider repealing smoking ban at NH veterans home
Concord Monitor - February 7, 2014

Legislators will weigh in next week on whether the New Hampshire Veterans Home should be able to ban smoking on its Tilton campus. The campus is almost ...

CVS stores, including 41 in NH, to stop selling tobacco
Manchester (NH) Union-Leader - February 6, 2014

Dan Fortin, president and CEO of Breathe New Hampshire, believes others retailers will one day do the same. "When you look at the health consequences of tobacco use, and examine the economic impact to all of us, organizations can no longer ignore...

N.H. sees drop in youth tobacco sales
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune - January 8, 2014

...Tobacco sales to youth in NH dropped to 11.2 percent in 2013, down from 13.2 percent in 2012, according to recent compliance checks. Three hundred and twelve tobacco retailers were surveyed as part of the SYNAR compliance check program. ...

Keno: The Next Big Bet For The NH Lottery?
New Hampshire Public Radio - January 7, 2014

...Unlike casino gambling, which Murphy said would hurt local bar and ... in the wake of the smoking ban, auditors recommended that lottery officials look for ways ...

Derry playground smoking ban would reach 30 feet
The Union Leader - December 18, 2013

DERRY Town Councilor Al Dimmock proposed Tuesday night during the council's meeting that the town adopt an ordinance to ban smoking at playgrounds in town. Dimmock is proposing an ordinance that would ban smoking only at playgrounds, within 30 feet of playground equipment.

Lawmakers in 2014 may tighten NH's 2007 indoor smoking ban
Concord Monitor - December 8, 2013

Since 2007, smoking has been banned at every New Hampshire bar and restaurant save American Legion halls, Veterans of Foreign Wars post canteens, fraternal club lodges and the like. The Legislature will decide in 2014 whether to end that exception and apply the states indoor smoking ban to those clubs an idea sure to face opposition from smokers and their defenders.

Moose leader, member welcome smoking ban
Foster's Daily Democrat - November 28, 2013

DOVER — After members weighed in on a proposed smoking ban in local private club organizations, the governor of the Loyal Order of the Moose wanted to ...

Lowering the bar on smoking ban
Nashua Telegraph - November 26, 2013

.. The law already bans smoking at private clubs. ... Banning smoking at a private club flies in the face of the whole idea behind allowing private ...

Private club smoking ban bill reaction mixed
Foster's Daily Democrat - November 25, 2013

Local legions and lodges already prohibit smoking in their function areas, but have ... smoking and that allowing it to continue in private clubs while it is banned ...

Proposal to ban smoking at private clubs draws fire from ...
Nashua Telegraph - November 18, 2013

Harnadek said, by banning smoking in private clubs, the proposed ... “If smoking should be banned in restaurants ... because second hand smoke will kill you, ...

Don't upset a winning streak of good ordinances
Foster's Daily Democrat - October 24, 2013

City councilors, too, acted wisely with the partial smoking ban on the Common. This recent ordinance arose from a few complaints registered by citizens disturbed by smoke during band concerts, or concerned about people smoking around the childrens play area. After discussion, councilors tailor-made the ordinance to give smoke-free relief to certain areas of the Common, while allowing people who enjoy a cigarette to still light up at a picnic bench in another part of the public park.

Smoking banned in key area of Rochester Common: Not allowed on ...
Foster's Daily Democrat - October 16, 2013

Smoking banned in key area of Rochester Common: Not allowed on playground ... According to Mayor T.J. Jean, the idea of the smoking ban came forward after ...

Smoke much?
keene-equinox - October 10, 2013

The smoke sifts through crowds, a puff escapes. One student exhales while another begins to cough. Keene State College students have expressed their opinions on the KSC tobacco smoking policy on campus, and a few feel that their fellow classmates are not aware of the rules or simply opt out of the given protocol. The KSC tobacco smoking policy on campus prohibits smoking anywhere within 25 feet of a building. The policy, approved by the Presidents Cabinet in August 2012, also includes tobacco-free areas. These areas include entrances and stairways to facilities, lines where students queue to buy tickets for campus events, bus stops and even seating areas outside the dining commons and student center, seeing as food is provided in both buildings. ...

Council weighs making Rochester Common smoke-free
Foster's Daily Democrat - August 17, 2013

ROCHESTER The City Council on Tuesday will have a discussion on whether to make Rochester Common a smoke-free environment.

Letter: Re Smoking banned at vets' home (Monitor front page, Aug ...
Concord Monitor - August 6, 2013

Will we never rid ourselves of all the petty dictators? At least those veterans of World War II still living really were fighting for freedom and democracy. Remember ...

Grant to UNH Institute will evaluate public health funding in NH
Foster's Daily Democrat - July 30, 2013

The New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice (NHIHPP), a research institute at the University of New Hampshire, has received a $150,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to identify New Hampshire's myriad sources of public health funding with an eye toward improving the funding and delivery of public health services in the state. For example, she says, tobacco prevention services may be supported by a range of sources, including state funding, community organizations, hospitals, and ...

Mark Hayward's City Matters: Smoke-free living divides apartment ...
The Union Leader - June 13, 2013

SMOKING. Our government and our bosses have banned it from airplanes, restaurants, arenas, workplaces. Next in store: the home. Twelve days ago, the Carpenter Center — a subsidized housing project in downtown Manchester — went smoke-free. After more than a year of warnings, reworded leases and smoking-cessation programs, the residents of the 96 apartments were told to snuff out the butts in their individual apartments as of June 1. …

College has no plans to ban smoking
The Dartmouth - June 11, 2013

Despite the proliferation of campus-wide smoking bans across the country, ... Smoking by College employees is also banned from all “shared work areas and ... If the College were to consider banning smoking completely from campus, ...

Students Look to Gauge UNH's Interest in Banning Smoking reports ...
OfficialWire - April 1, 2013

San Francisco, CA- A University of New Hampshire student group is now attempting to try and clear the air, so to speak. Substance Awareness through Functional Education is inviting students to sign an online petition that will ban smoking on the UNH campus. Since its inception on March 5, the petition currently carries 109 students signatures. … Since the start of 2013, over 1,100 colleges and universities have banned on-campus smoking for both indoor and outdoor use, according to no-smoke.org. No-smoke.org cites the rapid trend of the smoking bans as a growing victory for a health conscious college scene. New Hampshire currently has no 100% smoke-free college campuses. …

Student org tries to ‘clear the air’ with smoke-free petition
UNH The New Hampshire – March 22, 2013

A student group at UNH is trying to clear the air. Substance Awareness through Functional Education is inviting students to sign an online petition to ban smoking on the UNH campus. Since its inception on March 5, the petition currently carries 109 student signatures. … As of Jan. 2, roughly 1,129 college and university campuses nationally have banned on-campus smoking, indoors and outdoors, according to no-smoke.org. No-smoke.org cites a rapid trend in on-campus smoking bans, whereas only 530 campuses were ‘smoke-free’ in July 2011. New Hampshire currently does not have any 100 percent smoke-free college campuses. Massachusetts has 14 smoke-free campuses, while Maine has five – all of which do not permit any tobacco substances at all, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. …

Speedway smoking ban draws fiery fan reaction
NewHampshire.com - March 17, 2013

LOUDON - Smoking will be banned at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway's grandstand starting this season, the speedway's general manager said in a message to fans, which prompted strong reaction from smokers and non-smokers. Smokers still will be allowed to light up in designated areas, including concourse areas, parking lots and campgrounds, as well as souvenir, display and hospitality areas. …

Smoking Policy
New Hampshire Motor Speedway – [March 18, 2013]

For the health and comfort of our guests, grandstand seating at New Hampshire Motor Speedway is now smoke-free.In conjunction with this policy, designated smoking areas will be conveniently located throughout the concourse level. Smoking is also allowed in parking lots, campgrounds, as well as souvenir, display and hospitality areas. …

In wake of Pariseau high-rise fire, Manchester housing officials ...
NewHampshire.com-January 20, 2013

MANCHESTER - Top officials at the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority said the organization will discuss a smoking ban in the apartments it ...

Letter: Plagued by secondhand smoke
Concord Monitor - November 29, 2012

I am so sick of fighting secondhand smoke that comes into my living area ... It's funny because elderly housing facilities in other towns have prohibited smoking. …

Hudson board is aiming for smoke-free Benson Park
The Sun - November 26, 2012

HUDSON, N.H. -- While playing with her nearly 2-year-old son at the playground in Benson Park recently, Hudson resident Lindsey Benson found herself very ...

Charity gaming bringing in less money
Slow economy, competition cited as factors
Eagle-Tribune – October 11, 2012

…Paul M. Kelley, director of the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission, speculates the down economy and competition are key factors. … Callahan speculates the reasons could be the prize limits in New Hampshire versus neighboring states, restrictions on smoking and the emergence of online gaming. ….

Charity gambling revenues dropped in NH from $13 million to $11.5 million last year
The Republic - October 11, 2012

New Hampshire charities are seeing less revenue from gambling. … Paul Kelley, director of the state Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission, says the economy and competition are key factors, while Rockingham Park manager Ed Callahan points to prize limits in New Hampshire versus other states, restrictions on smoking and the emergence of online gaming. …

Council proposes new rules for Bickford Place Park
Berlindailysun (NH) - October 2, 2012

Smoking will also be banned in the small pocket park in the downtown. ... to the city ordinance to reflect the Bickford Place Park smoking ban and night curfew.

Senior apartments to go smoke-free next June
NewHampshire.com - September 3, 2012

But non-smokers say they have a right to clean air, and they're miffed that the initial ... reviewed a recommendation by Stewart to make the property non-smoking ...

Hudson American Legion Post 48 smoking ban called off
Nashua Telegraph - July 31, 2012

One of the last bastions of smoking freedom will remain one, at least until further notice. Members of Hudson’s American Legion Post 48 voted overwhelmingly to call off a ban on smoking in the building’s canteen/bar area that was set to go into effect Wednesday …

Hudson Post 48 Legionnaires pass smoking ban
Nashua Telegraph – July 28, 2012

The handful of members present at American Legion Post 48’s most recent meeting voted unanimously after 15-20 minutes of discussion to ban smoking in the bar and lounge, executive board Chairman Pete Ledoux said. …

Smoking ban being debated at Hudson's American Legion Post 48
Nashua Telegraph - July 24, 2012

Five years ago, smokers who belonged to Legion posts and other private fraternal and social clubs exhaled a puff of relief when they learned their establishments would be exempted from the state’s new rule banning smoking in public restaurants and bars. But now veterans, family members and friends who call Hudson’s American Legion Post 48 home are again holding their collective breaths as they await word whether a recent vote to ban smoking as of Aug. 1 will take effect or be overturned at an upcoming special meeting. …

College has no plans to ban smoking
The Dartmouth (NH), March 27, 2012

Despite the proliferation of campus-wide smoking bans across the country, Dartmouth does not enforce a full ban and has no current plans to do so, according to Director of Media Relations Justin Anderson. While no Ivy League university has implemented a smoking ban, 648 colleges and universities nationwide have fully smoke-free campuses, according to a study by the American Nonsmoker’s Rights Foundation published in January 2012. …

Reintroduced legislation could enact smoking ban at NH beaches
Foster's Daily Democrat - Katy Sternberger - November 4, 2010

Smoking may be banned within certain areas of New Hampshire state beaches and state parks as early as next summer, due to a bill that has been stirring up a lot of controversy.

“People don't like to be told what to do. It's the ‘live free or die' attitude,” said state Rep. Susan Kepner, who sponsored the bill.

Proposed by the House Committee on Resources, Recreation and Development, the bill prohibits smoking in congregate areas at state parks, historic sites and state beaches.

Such congregate areas include restrooms, eating areas, playgrounds and outside stages, while the affected beaches include Wallis Sands State Beach, North Hampton State Beach and the state beaches of the Lakes Region ...

Cigarette ban likely to pass in N.H., too
But opposition to proposals for state parks is expected to be more intense than in Maine
Portsmouth (NH) Herald, 2010-10-12
Dave Choate

Maine's smoking ban on state beaches and in many areas of state parks was passed with little fanfare. You can bet your (cigarette) butts that it won't get by so easily in New Hampshire.

Following Maine's lead, a N.H. House subcommittee has taken two proposed bills, pulled them apart and is now discussing how to move forward with a partial smoking ban. While they're just discussing the idea with the public now and any action could be months away, there's a real possibility that a hybrid bill will be reintroduced that would effectively ban smoking at state beaches, and the public and lawmakers turned out recently for a feedback session in Rye.

There's likely to be a lot of debate over a law that ultimately would have no teeth. . . .

Most surprising during the feedback session in the Rye Public Library was how little attention was paid to secondhand smoke, which often is the hot button issue associated with smoking bans in restaurants and other public spaces. The discussion instead focused on the staggering number of cigarette butts that end up in the sand. ...

Kepner, if re-elected, will pursue outdoor smoking bans in N.H.
If re-elected, Kepner, Day will seek to bar butts at beach
Portsmouth (NH) Herald, 2010-09-19
Patrick Cronin

Two controversial smoking bills that were sidelined this year may make a comeback in the next legislative season. One bill would have banned outdoor smoking in public areas of state parks and another on all state beaches in New Hampshire.

The N.H. House Committee on Resources, Recreation and Development, chaired by Rep. Judith Spang, D-Durham, has been working on legislation that would limit the areas of beaches where smoking would be allowed. The committee will present its findings and recommendations during a public hearing Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. at Rye Public Library.

State Rep. Susan Kepner, D-Hampton, said the committee's findings came after the group studied her bill and one sponsored by state Rep. Judith Day, D-North Hampton. Kepner's bill proposed a ban on outdoor smoking in public areas where people congregate at state parks, while Day filed legislation to ban smoking on beaches similar to what Maine did. Both were referred to interim study.

Ogunquit looks at banning smoking at beach
Seacoastonline.com - Casey Sullivan - August 10, 2010

OGUNQUIT — Smokers may have to refrain from lighting up at Main Beach if a smoking ban considered by the Select Board at a Tuesday, Aug. 3, meeting goes forward.

Town Manager Tom Fortier said a Main Beach smoking ban would reduce pollution and eliminate second-hand smoke health hazards, which studies have shown causes a greater risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

“Why cigarette smokers think it’s OK to flick their cigarette butts out the window of their car is beyond me,” Fortier said. “The world is their ashtray.”

Fortier added that he had seen a picture of kids making sandcastles at the beach "with cigarette butts as their flags." ...

Portsmouth waterfront park ruled mostly non-smoking
Foster's Daily Democrat - Roni Reino - June 22, 2010

PORTSMOUTH — Smokers down by the waterfront might find themselves left out of much of the park.

At Monday's City Council meeting, councilors voted to make the bulk of the new Ceres Street Waterfront Pocket Park non-smoking.

The park, which officially opened last Tuesday, June 8, sits along side Poco's Bow Street Cantina with a waterfront view and seating. However, by the request of area restaurants and City Attorney Bob Sullivan, it was brought to the council to make it smoke free on Monday.

Sullivan, with the owners of Poco's Bow Street Cantina, Old Ferry Landing and The Riverhouse Restaurant, took a walk to the park on June 11 to determine the effect of smokers in the area. They were greeted by children playing in the area, which Sullivan said, paved the way for their proposal.

"Everyone present noted it should be non-smoking," he said. ...

Cigar fest back
The Keene Sentinel - David P. Greisman - April 16, 2010

Not close. Yes, cigar.

A cigar tasting event will be allowed to go on this August on city property, thanks to an 11-3 vote Thursday night by the Keene City Council.

CC&H Framing & Cigars, located in Central Square, has held such events in front of the store for the past three years. Its owner, Clark Anderson, wants to do it again this year, setting up a canopy, table and chairs in a few parking spaces.

Anderson had already received permission early this year for a June 5 event. But his request for an Aug. 28 event ran into some resistance over it being contrary to the city’s vision of a healthy community.

“I have nothing against cigars; I have nothing against a cigar once in a while,” said Keene City Councilor Philip M. Jones. “Smoking a cigar is a self-serving activity just for the enjoyment in one’s self. I think it’s inconsiderate to smoke cigars in an area where others are going to be affected.”

Jones was one of the three voting against the event. He was joined by councilors Ruth R. Venezia and Janis O. Manwaring. ...

City to take up smoking ban
Concord (NH) Monitor, 2010-04-12
MADDIE HANNA Monitor staff

The city may ban smoking near the entrance to city buildings in response to complaints about people lighting up in front of the library.

An ordinance that would ban the use of tobacco products within 50 feet of the main entrance to city buildings will go before the city council in May. In a brief report to th mayor and council, city Solicitor Paul Cavanaugh wrote that smoking had become a problem outside city buildings, "particularly in the entrance area of the City Library."

Library Director Pat Immen said she's been hearing the complaints for a while.

"We've had members of the public comment it's difficult to get into the library, there's so many people standing outside smoking," ...

NH Moving Ahead With E-cigarette Ban For Youth
AP, 2010-03-13
NORMA LOVE, Associated Press Writer

Electronic cigarettes are readily available at mall kiosks and the Internet, come in flavors like tobacco, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, and replace smoking with "vaping."

And though they deliver a dose of nicotine steam, they can still be legally sold to and used by minors.

Mara Zrzavy, a 16-year-old ConVal Regional High School student from Peterborough, thinks that's just wrong, and worries kids her age will view e-cigarettes as cool and become addicted to the nicotine. After they're hooked, some will switch to regular cigarettes, which are cheaper, she said.

"It's like having a new cell phone. It's cool. It's electronic," she said.

Zrzavy and other New Hampshire youth involved in anti-drug programs helped persuade the House to pass a bill barring e-cigarette use by minors and hope the Senate will do the same.

Supporters want lawmakers to apply New Hampshire's law on tobacco products to e-cigarettes. ...

NH Lawmakers Weigh Smoking Ban For Parks, Beaches
WBZ - February 11, 2010

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) ? State lawmakers are considering bills banning smoking at state parks and beaches.

One would ban smoking at the park's public gathering areas, such as the pavilions and restrooms.

At a legislative hearing Thursday, Ted Austin of the Parks and Recreation Department said his agency is not taking a position on the proposal but says it does get complaints about second-hand smoke.

But the acting head of the Cigar Association of New Hampshire, Ed Santamaria, said the bill would infringe on people's ability to enjoy themselves in the parks. ...

Housing group says no smoking
The Keene Sentinel - Anika Clark - Feb 11, 2010

The Keene Housing Authority is snuffing out smoking this spring in all of its Monadnock Region properties.

“This is going to be best for the vast majority of the people we serve,” said P. Curtis Hiebert, Keene Housing Authority’s CEO. Hiebert estimated about 20 percent of the housing authority’s adult tenants smoke.

The agency owns or manages 465 residential units in Keene, Swanzey and Winchester for people of low to moderate income.

The indoor smoking ban will go into effect at all of the housing authority’s residential units on April 1, although Hiebert said current tenants who are smokers will have six months before they must stop lighting up inside.

Hiebert described the impetus for the ban — which was approved unanimously by the housing authority’s board of commissioners in January — as three-fold.

In addition to health concerns, smoking inside also sparks safety risks because of the potential for cigarettes to be improperly disposed. And the cost of readying a smoker’s apartment for a new, nonsmoking tenant “is just phenomenal,” Hiebert said.

Reaction mixed to possible anti-smoking bill
Hampton legislator eyes ban at beaches, parks
Portsmouth (NH) Herald, 2009-09-06
Patrick Cronin

State Rep. Susan Kepner, D-Hampton, announced last week that she is considering putting forth a bill in the upcoming legislative cycle that would outlaw smoking at playgrounds, outdoor concerts and other places where a significant number of people congregate outdoors.

"I'm still trying to figure out the wording and exactly what it will entail," Kepner said.
New Hampshire already bans smoking in public buildings, offices and work places, except in smoking areas that are effectively segregated.

Smoking is also banned in schools, child care agencies, hospitals, grocery stores, elevators, buses, tramways, restaurants and bars.

Beachgoers at Hampton Beach were not thrilled Friday afternoon with the idea of seeing more places where they won't be able to partake in a cigarette. ...

EDITORIAL: Smoking crushed in Hilltop parks
It is about public health, convenience and example
Foster's Democrat, 2009-08-20

Smoking is not allowed in public buildings and in Somersworth it is no longer allowed in public parks.

The City Council said Tuesday night there are no "butts" about it. There is no more lighting up in the city's 12 parks and outdoor recreation areas.

The ordinance was well-advised and neighboring communities without a similar restriction would do well to consider following suit.

It is not "nanny" legislation. It is a matter of good health and eliminating a source of trash and setting an example for the city's children. . . .

It doesn't matter how many "butt cans" are placed in an area, there are always people who will treat the space they are in as a public ashtray ­ choosing to crush underfoot, or more likely toss away, the remains of their smoking materials.

Yes, smokers have rights, too. But their rights do not include ­ or at least should not include ­causing others needless discomfort or endangering the health of others. ...

Somersworth council bans smoking in parks
Foster's Daily Democrat - Jason Claffey - August 19, 2009

SOMERSWORTH — The City Council has snuffed out smoking in public parks.

The council voted unanimously on Monday to ban smoking in city parks following a recommendation by the Recreation Committee.

Smoking joins intoxicating beverages, drugs, starting unregulated fires, launching fireworks, posting signs and other activities that are banned under the city ordinance governing park behavior. Those who violate the ordinance may be subject to a $100 fine. ...

Senate approves cigar bar bill on liquor sales
WCAX - May 13, 2009

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Cigar bars would be allowed to sell liquor under an exception the Senate has approved to New Hampshire's 2-year-old ban on smoking in public bars and restaurants.

The bill next heads back to the House to review limits the Senate placed on the proposed cigar bar liquor license. The cigar bars could not sell food or allow cigarette smoking on the premises. ...

EDITORIAL: Cigar bars: Make the term reality
Manchester (NH) Union-Leader, 2009-05-12

House Bill 392, up for a vote in the Senate tomorrow, would add "tobacco retailers" to the long list of businesses and organizations allowed to obtain a state liquor license. . . .

HB 392 simply allows these shops where people already congregate -- and smoke -- to sell beer. There is no public safety justification for refusing these shops this additional revenue stream, or for refusing smokers this added pleasure. ...

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