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United Arab Emirates

In 2008, the United Arab Emirates began implementing a smokefree law making bars, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, government buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational facilities smokefree, except in designated smoking rooms.

On the local level, Dubai has a smokefree law similar to the federal law. In 2009, Dubai passed a law making parks and recreation areas smokefree.

In January 2010, a smokefree law was signed that included public transport, enclosed public places, and vehicles in which children under 12 years were riding.

Smokefree & Related News

Zuma extends bar and lounge cigar ban to evenings
Hotelier Middle East - April 16, 2014

Zuma has introduced a ban on smoking cigars in its bar and lounge areas in the ... I felt it was necessary to lead the way in terms of banning cigars in all areas of ...

UAE's Ministry of Health rejects requests to lift ban on e-cigarettes
The National - March 23, 2014

The Ministry of Health has rejected requests from shop owners for permission to sell electronic cigarettes and electronic shisha pipes. Officials told the National's ...

UAE drives towards total ban on smoking in cars
Emirates 24/7 - February 10, 2014

The UAE could totally ban smoking inside cars in line with a proposal by the Dubai traffic police chief, who said he would soon push for such a ban.

Tough anti-tobacco laws come into force across the UAE
The National - January 20, 2014

The legislation makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle when a child under 12 is present, forbids the sale of cigarettes to under-18s and bans tobacco advertising and promotion

Passive smoking a concern at shisha cafes
The National - January 13, 2014

All smoking has damaging effects, both for those who smoke and those who end up passively smoking. It reminds me of a news story about a waitress who didn't ...

Abu Dhabi cafe owner: ‘Where will the people go if my shisha cafe closes?’
The National Newspaper (ae) - January 12, 2014

“They come back at night, too. People are inside the cafe all the time. If the cafe closes, where will people go?” The cafe is in a residential area and about 150 to 200 people visit each day, many of them regulars. Staff at cafes in the area have been

New rules for shisha cafes explained
The National Newspaper - January 12, 2014

...1) The rules come into effect from February 1. 2) All shisha cafes, except those who have applied for a special licence, will be banned from operating within 150 metres of residential areas, schools and mosques. 3) Shisha cafes must open from 10am to ...

Sharjah prison entirely smoke free
gulfnews.com - January 10, 2014

...He said despite the dramatic increase in air quality, the thing that surprised people the most was how well-behaved prisoners were after the tobacco-free policy ...

Smoke-free Dubai: Rules strictly in force Click to know where you cannot light-up
Emirates 24|7 - September 21, 2013

Salah Amiri, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality has stated that the civic body has issued a comprehensive guide regulating the smoking in public places. The guide contains instructions, guidelines and conditions for controlling smoking in

Smoking banned while driving children under 12
gulfnews.com - August 19, 2013

Dubai: The upcoming anti-tobacco law will ban smoking in private vehicles if a child ... The law bans any content that advertises tobacco products, such as ...

Dubai shisha cafes flouting rules face fines, closures
Saudi Gazette - July 28, 2013

The 'No to Passive Smoking' campaign was launched by the department last ... receiving pregnant women and children under 18 to reduce passive smoking.

For a tobacco-free Dubai
Khaleej Times - June 10, 2013

The Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) 'Tobacco-Free Dubai Project' is conducting a series of awareness campaigns to educate the community about the health ...

Smoking ban in cars when driving with children for UAE
The National - June 4, 2013

ABU DHABI // Legislation that bans tobacco advertising and promotion and makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle when a child under 12 is present was yesterday approved by the Federal Cabinet.

Call for smoke-free environment
Gulf Today - May 30, 2013

Dubai: Based on the upcoming World No Tobacco Day on May 31, doctors are relentlessly pushing for a 100 per cent smoke-free environment. Since the ...

Inauguration of Dubai Tobacco-Free Art Exhibition for Educational ...
AME Info (press release) - May 7, 2013

He also highlighted that last month Al Maidoor inaugurated the activities of the Dubai Tobacco-Free project and the smoking cessation clinic at in the campus of ...

E-cigarette ban in UAE goes up in smoke
Al-Bawaba - May 6, 2013

Despite the UAE-wide e-cigarette ban in the UAE, there is evidence of ... “Due to it being odourless, teens may smoke in their homes or at school without anyone ...

Dubai Tobacco Free project holds felicitation ceremony
AME Info (press release) - April 25, 2013

HE Al Maidoor, Dr Tayeb and Dr Reed honoured the participants of the Dubai Tobacco Free competition which was organized for students of the Higher ...

Sharjah Municipality bans cigarette sale in groceries
Khaleej Times (ae) - April 4, 2013

The Sharjah Municipal Council has issued a decision to ban the sale of cigarettes in certain grocery stores after a draft legislation was proposed last year. The Sharjah Council held its eighth meeting, chaired by council president ...

Call to end barbecuing, smoking in balconies
Khaleej Times (ae) - Jan 25, 2013

Residents and the Sharjah Department of Civil Defence have attributed the increasing number of fire accidents in flats and residential buildings in the emirate to barbecuing, throwing of cigarette butts and smoking of shishas in balconies.

More Zones Closed for Smokers
TopNews Arab Emirates - December 20, 2012

But, smokers are smokers and despite many restrictions and warnings, they find some way to smoke. It is thus that health authorities in Tasmania have decided ...

Smoking parents may lose custody of children after divorce
Zee News - November 5, 2012

Dubai: Smoking Saudi parents may lose custody of their children after divorce in the kingdom, the world`s fourth largest cigarette importer, with the country’s courts considering smoking a determining factor in such cases. … In July, a judge in the country ruled that women suffering from passive smoke, as a result of their husbands’ smoking habits, could file for divorce. …

HCT-Dubai launches 'Thank you for not smoking' campaign on ...
AME Info - October 18, 2012

Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) - Dubai launched student activities related to the "Thanks for Not Smoking" campaign on the men's campus. The HCT ...

DMC to be a smoke-free zone in Feb
Gulf Today - October 17, 2012

DUBAI: The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) - Dubai Men's College (DMC) will be declared a completely smoke-free zone in February when there will be ...

Smoking ban 'should apply to all' in UAE
The National - October 6, 2012

Since adhering to a smoking ban in malls put into effect by the Department of Economic Development (DeD) at the beginning of July, the owner has seen a vast ...

Abu Dhabi residents call for ban on public smoking to be implemented
The News International - August 27, 2012

Smoking in enclosed public areas has been banned in Dubai since 2007, and in Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah since 2008. Ajman, too, has had a ban in place ...

Ban on smoking needs to be expanded
gulfnews.com - August 26, 2012

The UAE has banned smoking in enclosed public places since 2009. ... smoking ­ something that the authorities are looking at bringing under the smoking ban

Smoking ban no threat to profits, Abu Dhabi health chiefs say
The National - August 10, 2012

ABU DHABI // Health chiefs have been urged to persuade shopping-mall cafe and restaurant owners that a ban on smoking need not lead to tumbling profits.

Dubai cafes to face fines or shutdowns over passive smoking
The National - July 29, 2012

Shisha cafes and coffee shops and restaurants with smoking areas have been ordered to put up notices alerting customers to the dangers of passive smoking. … Inhaling tobacco smoke can also cause infections of the ear, nose and throat in newborns. For pregnant women, passive smoking is said to add to the risk of low ...

DED launches campaign on passive smoking
Khaleej Times - July 24, 2012

... campaign to create awareness on the dangers of passive smoking targeting sheesha ... Inhaling tobacco smoke is reported to cause respiratory problems and ...

Ban on smoking in mall cafes must be fully enforced
The National - Jul 4, 2012

Other letter topic today: cafe smoking, costly cupcakes, India's problems, and ... If you are going to create a rule banning smoking in mall coffee shops, then you ...

Ajman bans smoking in public places
Emirates 24|7 (ae) - Jun 3, 2012

The Department of Municipality and Planning has banned smoking in public parks as well as other prohibited places. It has also banned shisha

Smokers, beware when you are in Al Qasba
gulfnews.com - May 10, 2012

... has become the first outdoor venue in the UAE to ban smoking in public. ... with anti-smoking messages on the ground, a few feet away from each other.

UAE health ministry plans tough measures to curb smoking
Zawya (registration) - April 30, 2012

Dubai: The Ministry of Health said it will go ahead with its plans to make smoking more difficult and costlier in spite of what one senior official described as a worldwide interference by the tobacco industry in public health policies. ...

Tobacco sale ban in Sharjah residential areas soon
Emirates 24/7 - Apr 29, 2012

Any offenders will be punished." The rule will be strictly implemented to ensure students and teenagers stay away from smoking, he added.

JTI opens five new smoking lounges in Dubai
DFNI (uk), 2012-03-27

Ventilated rooms are officially opened today at Dubai International airport in exclusive partnership with JTI …

Smoking in public places likely to be banned
Kahlee Times (ae), 2011-06-29
Silvia Radan

Once the Ministry of Health passes the anti-tobacco law, which is under preparation, smoking in the public places is very likely to be banned throughout the country. ...

UAE set to decide on smoking laws next month
AME Info - March 29, 2011

The UAE health council is set to vote on new regulations aimed at regulating the sale of cigarettes in shops near schools, banning smoking in some indoor areas and the licensing of shisha cafes, The National has reported. "The Health Council has to ...

Date for smoking ban is delayed
The National Newspaper (ae), 2010-02-08
Mitya Underwood

A national ban on smoking in public places will be delayed while it is decided which government bodies will be responsible for enforcing various parts of the legislation, health officials said yesterday.

Key players involved in drafting the anti-smoking regulations told The National that the public will be fully informed once the details have been worked out, which could take weeks or months.

Discussions between bodies such as the Ministry of Health, police and individual municipalities will lead to decisions on how and when parts of the law come into force. ...

E-cigarette smokers may also face ban
National - Matt Kwong - January 21, 2010

ABU DHABI // If it does not contain tobacco, should it still be prohibited under the UAE’s new anti-tobacco laws?

That is what local proponents of so-called “electronic cigarettes” are asking as they wait for the haze to lift over the forthcoming federal anti-smoking policy.

Dr Wedad al Maidour, the head of the country’s Tobacco Control Committee, said the answer should come in March, though she doubted e-cigarette users would be immune from the rules that ban people from lighting up in public.

“There is nicotine in these e-cigarettes still,” she said of the battery-powered devices, which resemble the real thing but deliver a hit of liquid nicotine without burning tar, carbon monoxide or other cigarette additives. ...

SPIERS: Smoking divisive in the workplace
There are not many people now who would really want to put the clock back
Gulf News (ae), 2010-01-19
Carol Spiers

If the UAE's sweeping new laws about smoking in public arouse anything like as much controversy as ours did in the UK, you're going to be in for a long debate, with smokers complaining about state bureaucracy and anti-smokers claiming to uphold national standards of health.

But from the British vantage point, having seen the success of the anti-smoking campaign over several decades, let me assure you of one thing: There are not many people now who would really want to put the clock back.

The steady reduction in smoking has benefited the public to a degree unimaginable when the link with lung cancer was first proved, fifty years ago.

One close colleague of mine, a non-smoker, was in the Army in a regiment where 90 per cent were smokers.

When he attended his first reunion, after a 30-year interval, he was astonished to find how many of those men had died prematurely from cancer, strokes or heart disease . . .

As always, with important news in the UAE, I like to take the national pulse by checking various media for what the readers' comments reveal. For such an emotive topic, I was impressed with the quality of debate. ...

Smoking ban leaves capital in a haze
National - Yasin Kakande, Mahmoud Habboush - January 8, 2010

Dubai will immediately implement the federal smoking ban, but Abu Dhabi is awaiting clarification before deciding which areas of the city will be non-smoking.

On Wednesday, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, signed a law effecting a nationwide smoking ban and controlling the import and advertising of tobacco products throughout the emirates.

Yesterday, uncertainty was rampant among private businesses and government officials alike over when and where the legislation would come into force. ...

Khalifa issues federal anti-tobacco law
WAM - Emirates News Agency - January 6, 2010

WAM Abu Dhabi, 6th Jan. 2010 (WAM) -- President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued federal law no 15 of 2009 banning import of tobacco and its by-products into the country unless specific standard requirements accredited in the UAE are met.

Those conditions include posting of clear word and image warnings on the box and a ban on all kinds of advertisements, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products.

The law also prohibits smoking on modes of public transport and public closed places. Under the provisions of the law, no licence will be issued to cafes or similar outlets serving any types of tobacco or its products inside residential buildings or quarters or near them. Smoking will also be banned during vehicle driving in the company of a child under 12 years.

The law sets a series of penalties against offenders reaching in some cases up to Dh 1 million in addition to a jail term of not less than two years. ...

UAE-wide smoking ban comes into force
National - January 6, 2010

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, President of the UAE, signed a wide-ranging anti-tobacco bill today that would ban smoking in a variety of places, including cars and cafes and prohibit imports of tobacco that do not meet strict guidelines.

The legislation says fines of up to Dh1 million (US$270,000) can be levied for violations, together with jail terms of up to two years. Smoking will be banned on public transport and in public closed places.

Under the provisions of the law, no licence will be issued to cafes or similar outlets serving any types of tobacco or its products inside residential buildings or quarters or near them.

Smoking will also be banned during vehicle driving in the company of a child under 12 years, the legislation says, according to the state news agency, WAM. All advertising of tobacco products is prohibited as well, according to WAM.

Although it is unclear when enforcement will begin, typically a law signed by Sheikh Khalifa goes into effect immediately. ...

No shisha at public parks, warns authorities
Xpress - April 16, 2009

Dubai Municipality has handed out 2,400 written warnings to people smoking shisha at public parks last month.

The Public Parks and Horticul-ture Department this week in-stalled signs at park entrances warning people that shisha smoking is no longer allowed. “One hundred and sixty-two people carrying shishas turned away after they saw the sign,” said Ahmad Mohammad Abdul Karim, Director of the Department. ...

Tobacco in the United Arab Emirates
Euromonitor.com - September 2008

The year 2007 was literally the “no smoking” year for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) given the government’s clampdown on tobacco products. Tobacco consumption has been banned at workplaces, public places, vending machines and ministries, with the “No Smoking” sticker posted all around the main cities. Selling tobacco to minors has also been forbidden, and a draft bill on a controlling health warning written on cigarettes packs is still under deliberation. The anti-smoking legislation is in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2007-2015 to protect public health and improve the quality of life of UAE nationals and expatriates living in Dubai. ...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Plans Smoking Ban
Associated Content - May 30, 2007

Traveling to Dubai to enjoy the shopping malls and Middle Eastern culture mixed with modern luxury? Before you leave make sure you learn about the new smoking rules adopted by this city.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, according to Reuters, is planning to end smoking in the city by the year 2009. The city will be implementing the ambitious plan in a phased manner. ...