Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are NOT a safe alternative!

Electronic or e-cigarettes are devices designed to mimic cigarettes. The metal tubes are designed to look like real cigarettes and contain a cartridge filled with a nicotine-laced liquid that is vaporized by a battery-powered heating element. The nicotine vapor is inhaled by smokers when they draw on the device, as they would a regular cigarette. Most e-cigarettes claim to contain nicotine, and some claim to also sell nicotine-free cartridges. They come in a variety of flavors, nicotine levels, and varieties, all claiming to be a less dangerous alternative to smoking cigarettes, and are flooding the market.

Read our fact sheet on e-cigarette aerosol.

Source: Tobacco Fact Sheet: Electronic Cigarettes, Legacy, June 2013.

Science on Secondhand Vapor

The base of science on the constituents of e-cig "vapor" and the health effects of e-cig use and exposure is growing. A recent webinar hosted by California's Tobacco Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP) summarized many emerging aspect of e-cig science base. Visit http://www.trdrp.org/slides-disclosures.php to review four presentations on a variety of aspects including "Electronic Cigarette Liquids And Vapors: Is It Harmless Water Vapor?" and "Electronic Cigarettes: How Will They Impact Human Health?"

UCSF Professor Stanton A. Glantz has an informative blog post on the "10 chemicals identified so far in e-cig vapor that are on the California Prop 65 list of carcinogens and reproductive toxins."

Manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients in e-cigarette liquid, nor the substances present in the vapor inhaled and exhaled by the user. This information is critical, not only to evaluate the health risks for the users, but also to determine the risks for the people around them. At present, health research is underway into multiple facets of e-cigarette use and safety.

Health concerns exist about the safety of the e-cigarette to nonsmokers. A study published in February 2010 found that nicotine causes the formation of carcinogens when it reacts with nitrous acid - a common component of indoor air. Most e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is exhaled by the user in a vapor cloud. Nicotine is a sticky substance that remains on surfaces for days and weeks, so the hazardous carcinogens continue to be created over time, which are then inhaled, absorbed or ingested. A study published in 2012 in the journal Indoor Air looked at the contents of e-cigarette vapor and found that exhaling the vapor releases measurable amounts of carcinogens and toxins into the air, including nicotine, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde. The authors concluded that e-cigarettes are a new source of chemical and aerosol exposure and their potential health impact is a concern that should be investigated further.

In July 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released results of its analysis of certain electronic cigarettes, which was the first known analysis of these new products. The analysis found that the e-cigarette cartridges contain carcinogens, including nitrosamines, and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol. The FDA commissioner of food and drugs stated, "The FDA is concerned about the safety of these products and how they are marketed to the public." There is also concern that since e-cigarettes "have not been submitted to the FDA for evaluation or approval, at this time the agency has no way of knowing, except for the limited testing it has performed, the levels of nicotine or the amounts or kinds of other chemicals that the various brands of these products deliver to the user," nor is any information known about the risks of inhaling secondhand vapor. To read more from the FDA, see their press release and electronic cigarettes information page.

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights is concerned that e-cigarettes are being marketed as something that smokers can use in workplaces and public places where the smoking of tobacco products is prohibited. Absent any proof that e-cigarettes are harmless to people exposed to the vapors they emit, their use in workplaces and public places would be a great disservice to public health. We believe that public health officials should make it clear that e-cigarettes are not an acceptable substitute for tobacco products in places that the law requires to be smokefree.

False Claims and Misleading Advertising

E-cigarettes are widely promoted as a way for people to quit smoking, but they have not been submitted to the FDA for evaluation or approval, and there is no scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are an effective cessation tool. All cessation devices must be FDA approved in order to be advertised and marketed for this purpose, and there is great risk of the public being deceived by false and potentially dangerous advertising claims.

E-cigarette manufacturers and proponents are actively promoting the products with unsubstantiated claims through paid press releases and advertorials, and via online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Most egregious are direct advertisements with false and misleading claims, including that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices, that e-cigarette use is permissible in all indoor environments including venues that are smokefree by local or state law, and targeting pregnant women claiming that e-cigarettes are safer and healthier than other tobacco products.

Also troubling, e-cigarettes come in a wide variety of flavors, including chocolate and strawberry, that are likely to hook kids and other first-time users into trying the product.

E-Cigarette Regulation

E-cigarettes are currently an unregulated product, which leaves a great deal of unknowns not only about the health risks, but also about product manufacturing and safety. The FDA is investigating how it can regulate e-cigarettes to ensure that only safe and effective products are allowed on the market. The FDA aims to regulate them as tobacco products, after a U.S. Court of Appeals decided that the FDA cannot regulate e-cigarettes as a drug delivery device, which is how nicotine replacement products are regulated. The FDA believes that it is necessary to regulate these products, which have not yet been proven to be safe and which are proliferating around the country.

There are several hundred brands of e-cigarettes on the market, and test results vary greatly between brands and even among models from the same brand. Researchers have found inconsistent labeling of nicotine content on e-cigarette cartridges, such that cartridges labeled as not having nicotine did in fact contain nicotine, and vice versa, as well as other signs of poor quality control, including leaky cartridges and defective parts.

In September 2010, the FDA sent warning letters to five electronic cigarette retailers, informing the retailers that some of their practices are in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, such as unsubstantiated claims that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking. Additionally, the FDA has informed the Electronic Cigarette Association, a trade group, that the FDA plans to regulate e-cigarettes and associated products.

A 2010 study shows strong public support for regulation of electronic cigarettes. According to a study conducted by the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Disease, and the University of Michigan Child Health Evaluation and Research (CHEAR) Unit, 85% of adults favor prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, 82% support FDA regulation of e-cigarettes, and 69% support prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in indoor places and workplaces.

In Summary

The current lack of available research on e-cigarettes and the potential health risks posed by the use of these products, both to the user and to the people around them, is of grave concern. The burden of proof rests on the manufacturers of e-cigarettes to demonstrate that their products are safe. At this time, Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights recommends that e-cigarettes not be used in areas where people will be exposed to the vapors they emit.

Ban OK'd on e-cigs by supes at county buildings
Daily Democrat - April 9, 2014

In a 4-1 vote, Supervisor Matt Rexroad dissenting, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution updating the current smoking policy in county buildings, near entrances or in county-owned vehicles. Wherever a policy exists, "electronic nicotine delivery devices" will also not be allowed, according to a staff report. The devices create a nicotine vapor that's inhaled although some have no nicotine. "These amendments would prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes and similar devices that contain tobacco or nicotine in all areas where smoking is currently ...

Electronic cigarette ban proposed
Appeal-Democrat - April 9, 2014

New electronic cigarettes have recently gained popularity among tobacco users throughout the world, but they don't go over well in Orland. The City Council on Monday took its first step to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in all areas where smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited, including within 20 feet of primary business entryways, city parks and anywhere near playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor cafes.

Debunking the Five Most Ridiculous Assertions About E-Cigarettes
OC Weekly (blog)-by LP Hastings - April 9, 2014

Assertions about e-cigarettes run the gamut from factual, misinformed, overly positive, and just downright stupid. The latter is the easiest to run with because it's ...

Puff, puff, pass: Florida e-cig bill sparks debate
The Independent Florida Alligator - April 9, 2014

Compounding their concern: the language applies to the sale of all tobacco products, not just electronic cigarettes, the Times reported. While only a handful of ...

Boise passes e-cigarette ban for city workers
KBOI-TV - April 9, 2014

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise City Council has approved a change in policy that includes e-cigarettes on the list of banned tobacco use while city workers are ...

Arlington Heights bans e-cigarettes for minors
Chicago Tribune - April 9, 2014

Electronic cigarettes for minors are now banned by village code in Arlington Heights, although police and high school officials say they haven't seen it become ...

Health board supports ban
Greenfield Daily Reporter - April 9, 2014

GREENFIELD Electronic cigarettes should continue to be included in the countywide smoking ban, the Hancock County Health Board said ...

Council weighs water rationing options
Duncan Banner - April 9, 2014

Passed a resolution that allows the use of e-cigarette vapor devices outdoors on city property, except at Abe Raizin Park, where vapers will be required to be in designated smoking areas to inhale their various flavored vapors. Because vapers typically are ex-smokers who use the vapor devices to replace tobacco, they preferred not to be assigned to a smoking area, but they succeeded in heading off a total ban on outdoor vaping in city parks. The resolution prohibits indoor vaping on city property and within 25-feet of a door to city property. The resolution was opposed only by Councilman Ricky Mayes who said vaping sets a bad example for youths and can be used for illegal marijuana use. ...

Vape While You Can, E-Cig Ban Is Coming
Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia - April 9, 2014

Vaping, or puffing on an electronic cigarette, will soon be banned in indoor public places in Philadelphia.

E-cigs may be banned from use in county buildings
Tyler Morning Telegraph - April 9, 2014

Smith County commissioners Tuesday agreed to include electronic cigarettes to the list of tobacco products banned within and just outside county facilities.

Taylor Iwaszko: E-cigarettes are dangerous and need to go away
Capital Times (blog) - April 9, 2014

The aerosol produced by the e-cigs is made up of ultrafine particles at very high concentrations of nicotine and low levels of toxins known to cause cancer. Not only that but it contains traces of metals including chromium, nickel, and tin nanoparticles. This new fad in the smoking world is concerning to health professionals and parents alike as the industry continues to market to youth by producing products made of hundreds of different flavors like cherry, cotton candy, grape, bubblegum, and the list goes on. ...

E-cigarettes affect cells
Nature.com - April 9, 2014

Electronic cigarettes can change gene expression in a similar way to tobacco, according to one of the first studies to investigate the biological effects of the ...

Tobacco set to suffer as e-cigarette revolution takes hold
CITY A.M. (blog) - April 9, 2014

Menthol cigarettes have come under increasing pressure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after it published a report in 2011 concluding, "the ...

E-cigarette ban would be 'suicidal' for industry, says business
Llanelli Star - April 9, 2014

Health minister Mark Drakeford told the Senedd he was worried that e-cigarettes were "re-normalising smoking", and a white paper is now up for consultation, ...

Politicians spark up debate on e-cigarette safety
Llanelli Star - April 9, 2014

Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas said that "clear evidence" was needed on reasons for a ban before one is considered. "E-cigarettes are used widely by people ...

Watch an Unexpected Device Explode Right in Front of This Bartender
TheBlaze.com - April 9, 2014

While e-cigarettes might help people get around some smoking bans and save bystanders from the hazards of secondhand smoke, the device might prove to ...

E-cigarette explodes in English pub, nearly engulfs barmaid in flames
New York Daily News - April 8, 2014

The electronic cigarette had been hooked up to an iPad charger before it blew up, fell on the floor and scorched the tiles. Laura Baty says she heard a loud bang and saw a fireball bounce toward her: 'My dress caught on fire as I ran away and I just didn't know what was happening.'

Dr. Paula Walker discusses e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
WTVM - April 8, 2014

Are e-cigarettes safer than tobacco, or are they a high-tech way to hook a new ... E-cigarettes contain a cartridge filled with liquid, flavored nicotine that may be ...

Lorillard Expands its Board
Zacks.com - April 8, 2014

Tobacco companies have been facing declining cigarette volumes and ... E-cigarettes and menthol variants are also being strictly scrutinized by health ...

E-cigarette maker rolls out $20M marketing campaign
Grand Rapids Business Journal (subscription) - April 8, 2014

Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation in Nunica, near Grand Haven, is an over-the-counter stock with a market capitalization of $555.30 million, as of April 8, ...

GOP Reps. Say FDA Is Ill-Equipped To Oversee E-Cigs ($$)
Law360 (subscription) - April 8, 2014

House Republicans on Tuesday argued that the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations pending backlog of tobacco product applications signals that the agency is too inefficient to expand its oversight to include nontraditional nicotine products including e-cigarettes. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., was among Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee at a hearing Tuesday who grilled a Government Accountability Office official about whether the FDA could handle the additional labor of implementing a so-called deeming regulation, which would include e-cigarettes and other novel tobacco and...

Georgetown City Council bans e-cigarettes in public places
KXAN.com - April 8, 2014

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) The Georgetown City Council voted on Tuesday evening to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places as well as ...

E-cigarette Bans: Necessary or Needless
KEYE TV - April 8, 2014

They're also being banned. ... Many disagree with the ban like Terri Driver who says e-cigarettes have been "a blessing" for her ... Pettit says he thinks because they simply look like regular cigarettes or smoking they're put in the same category ...

Vape No More: Nutter to Sign E-Cigarette Regulations
Philadelphia Magazine (blog) - April 8, 2014

This press release, just now in our inbox, confirms Mayor Nutter will sign bills heavily regulating e-cigarettes in Philadelphia. If you were vaping publicly, well, its time to put an end to that: ...

Dewey Changes Ordinance
Bartlesville Radio - April 8, 2014

The Dewey City council approved a change to city ordinances Monday evening that affects smokers of e-cigarettes. After hearing and approving an extension appeal for dilapidation consideration from Larry Kerns, the city approved a change to city ordinances regarding tobacco use in city buildings, vehicles, and parks. The change adds e-cigarettes to the ordinance, banning their use in those spaces. City Manager Kevin Trease says this move is in line with what the state has done.

New rules sought for tobacco
Wicked Local Weymouth - April 8, 2014

Pharmacies and health institutions would be prohibited from selling tobacco products under proposed board of health changes to the towns health regulations, and people would be prohibited from smoking at town playgrounds, beaches, swimming areas and recreation fields, according to Weymouth Director of Public Health Daniel McCormack. The proposed regulations would also prohibit businesses with tobacco licenses from selling electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, and blunt wraps to buyers ...

Nic Fit
Baltimore City Paper - April 8, 2014

The flavored e-juice I use in my new e-cigs contains nicotine, though not all e-juices .... If e-cigarettes represent the new frontier, Abrams wrote, tobacco control ... of e-cigarettes could compete with tobacco companies and make the cigarette ...

E-cigarettes banned in county buildings
Hutchinson News - April 8, 2014

The spread of electronic or e-cigarettes, and the possibility illegal substances could be used with the cigarettes, spurred Reno County to tighten its smoking policies.

Reno County Commission bans e-cigs in county buildings, vehicles
hays Post - April 8, 2014

HUTCHINSON Saying it would be easier to eliminate all doubt instead of trying to police them, Reno County commissioners voted to ban all e-cigarettes from county buildings and vehicles during their meeting Tuesday.

E-cigarette users seek exemption from smoking ban
WTHR - April 8, 2014

GREENFIELD - The debate about e-cigarettes is heating up again. There's a petition circulating in Greenfield asking that people be permitted to "vape" in restaurants. Under the current smoking ban in Hancock County, e-cigarettes are not allowed to be used inside public restaurants and businesses.

Debate over e-cigarettes ignites in Greenfield
WTHI - April 8, 2014

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) A debate over the use of electronic cigarettes has ignited in one Hancock County community after the county's ...

Downers Grove high schools may change policy for e-cigarettes
Chicago Tribune - April 8, 2014

Downers Grove's high school district soon may adjust school policies to include rules on electronic cigarettes. Community High School District 99 does not ...

Del Mar bans e-cigarettes
Del Mar Times - April 8, 2014

Del Mar is the latest city in San Diego County to ban electronic cigarettes. In a unanimous vote, the Del Mar City Council on April 7 amended the citys existing smoking ordinance to ban the use of e-cigarettes in all public places where smoking is prohibited.

E-cig bill provision could cause local power struggle
ActionNewsJax.com - April 8, 2014

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- A new provision to the e-cigarette bill currently making its way through Tallahassee, could cause a power struggle between local and state governments.

Fabiola Santiago: E-cigarettes bring threat of new addiction for kids
MiamiHerald.com - April 8, 2014

For the uninitiated, electronic cigarettes are the tobacco industry's latest bad-for-you product. ... So it's not surprising that e-cigarette use has more than doubled among ... and a resolution supporting a state initiative to ban sales to minors.

Mobile City Council meeting - Live updates; Downtown ...
al.com (blog) - April 8, 2014

9:13 a.m. - Just a note, there will be a Youth Council meeting this afternoon after the regular council meeting. A group of youths want to push the city for some kind of regulation against electronic cigarettes.

Coconino County to add electronic cigarettes to existing smoking ban
Arizona Daily Sun - April 8, 2014

And now Coconino County health officials want to add other electronic smoking devices to the existing ban as well making it illegal to vape any substance in public. Health officials say that not only are electronic cigarettes potentially harmful to the user, they also have toxins that could be harmful as secondhand smoke. If Coconino County does adopt the ban, it would not necessarily affect all of the 1,400 establishments covered under the current ban on classic cigarettes. Incorporated areas of the county, such as the city of Flagstaff, would have to decide if they wanted to take a position on banning electronic cigarettes (see related story).

Flagstaff smoking ban doesn't include e-cigs
Arizona Daily Sun - April 8, 2014

The city of Flagstaff has an ordinance that bans traditional smoking in a long list of buildings used by the public, including bars, museums, theaters, heath care facilities, child care and adult care facilities, public areas in apartment buildings and businesses, restaurants, stores and sports facilities. But because the ordinance, which took effect in 2005, does not mention e-cigarettes, city spokesperson Kim Ott said city officials believe the use of the devices cannot be banned generally without amending the ordinance. Until or if that occurs, businesses and other organizations can establish their own policies on e-cigarettes.

E-cigs gain strong local popularity
Prescott Daily Courier - April 8, 2014

There's no denying the popularity of electronic cigarettes. With more and more people wanting to kick the tobacco habit, the devices have become a step back from Camels or Marlboros.

Prescott Valley E-cig store gains local popularity
Prescott Valley Tribune - April 8, 2014

"To quit smoking with one of our e-cigarettes, there has to be will power. You have to ... In 2013, a new Arizona law banned sales to minors under 18. But that ...

CSU students use E-Cigarettes to quit smoking
Rocky Mountain Collegian - April 8, 2014

On campus, E-cigs are technically considered in the same realm as cigarettes and therefore are still illegal to smoke in the dorms, classrooms, library or in any ...

Electronic cigarettes are an idea whose time has not come
Glenwood Springs Post Independent - April 8, 2014

E-cigarettes come in flavors. You can get them in coffee or mint or orange or strawberry or vanilla or ...

To Vape Or Not To Vape? E-Cigarettes Raise Questions
The Newtown Bee - April 8, 2014

On March 12, Governor Dannel P. Malloy introduced legislation to ban the sale of ... E-cigarette smokers slowly inhale the water-based vapor into the mouth, ...

Health groups spark debate on e-cigs legislation
First Coast News - April 8, 2014

The measure would prohibit the sale of e-cigs to minors, but the groups say it also strips local governments of their power to regulate tobacco products and ...

E-cigarette ban for city workers on the job could take effect this week
KBOI-TV - April 8, 2014

Boise City Council is considering a policy change that would ban city employees from using electronic cigarettes in and around the workplace.

IndyCar: Long Beach entry list notes
NBCSports.com - April 8, 2014

Sebastien Bourdais No. 11 KVSH Racing Chevrolet shifts from the black and green of Hydroxycut to the green and white of Mistic electronic cigarettes this race. A fellow eCig company, blu eCigs, made its debut in IndyCar at this race last year on Mike Conways No. 17 Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Honda.

Austin bans e-cigarettes, hookahs for a year
Post-Bulletin - April 8, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, hookahs and other devices to smoke herbs, tobacco or tobacco-laced liquid will be banned for a year from being used in all public spaces in Austin. The Austin City Council on Monday voted 4-3 to ban e-cigarettes because of worries about health risks to those nearby. Voting for the one-year moratorium were Steve King, Janet Anderson, Roger Boughton and Jeremy Carolan. Voting against it were Michael Jordal, Jeff Austin and Judy Enright. Vicki Kiefer said her husband quit smoking cigarettes and switched to e-cigarettes, but even those hurt her asthma. "I have had pretty significant attacks," she said.

With city approval, ban on e-cigarettes in public places could start ...
Austin Herald - April 8, 2014

The Austin City Council approved a one-year e-cigarette moratorium banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places and businesses during its public meeting Monday.

AG Opinion sought on e-cigarettes
DeSoto Times Today - April 8, 2014

HERNANDO DeSoto County will seek a Mississippi Attorney General's Opinion on whether or not the Clean Air Act which prohibited smoking from government buildings can apply to e-cigarettes. Tony Nowak, board attorney for the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors, said several years ago when the State of Mississippi passed the Clean Air Act it defined smoking as "an ignited tobacco product."

E-cigarettes can help smokers quit, but they are not without risks
www.app.com - April 8, 2014

For musician and music teacher Mark McCarthy, 27, e-cigarettes seemed like a good alternative to the real thing. A pack-a-day smoker since the age of 18, the Atlantic Highlands resident first learned about e-cigarettes from a friend, and has since built them into his daily routine.

Tobacco control group promoting smoke-free apartments
Bismarck Tribune - April 8, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. _ The North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy is promoting smoke-free apartments.

Ban e-cig use in public spaces
Muskogee Daily Phoenix - April 8, 2014

Electronic cigarettes should be treated as other tobacco products are by restricting their use in public spaces.

Council may cut local vapers some slack
Duncan Banner - April 8, 2014

DUNCAN The Duncan City Council today will consider a resolution to allow the use of electronic vapor devices outdoors on city-owned property, except for Abe Raizen Sports Complex. If the resolution is approved, it would prohibit the indoor use of e-cigarettes indoors on city-owned property. A proposal two weeks ago to amend the citys smoking resolution was to prohibit the vaping on city property, both indoors and outdoors, but the council agreed to reconsider after the head of the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League asked them to rethink the ban.

E-cigarettes banned within, just outside Smith County facilities
Tyler Morning Telegraph - April 8, 2014

Smith County Commissioners Court members agreed to include electronic cigarettes to the list of tobacco products banned within and just outside county facilities. Further official action will be taken upon review and changes of the existing county smoking policy.

When E-Cigarettes Meet Workplace Smoking Policies
Corporate Counsel (registration) - April 8, 2014

E-cigarettes are replacing real butts with those that have battery-powered cartridges and emit a vapor mix of nicotine and water. According to proponents, theyre odorless, help smokers quit and dont expose people to secondhand smoke. But as Seyfarth Shaw associate Sara A. Eber explains on the Employment Law Lookout Blog, U.S. health officials and legislators arent ready to give e-smokes the green light. So should employers let employees vape at will? Eber says first check state and local laws since many places have begun adding e-cigarettes to existing ...

London Cafe Invites Customers to Pair E-Cigarettes with Coffee
Emag.co.uk - April 8, 2014

Vape Lab, launched by French expats Pierre Durand and Jonathan Cadeilhan, opened its doors last month to sell not only e-cigarettes, but also to rent them out by the hour to caffeine fans while they enjoy their coffee.

Venomous vaping? Debate over 'poison vapours' threatens to send ...
Mancunian Matters - April 8, 2014

Worries over e-cigarette poisonings have ignited the debate over the introduction of a public UK ban. With more than 200,000 British children now starting to ...

E-cigs should be banned too
Shields Gazette - April 8, 2014

And it's difficult not to see e-cigs as a psychological crutch for those who cannot kick the habit. I've never been a smoker, but I also don't like moral crusades ...

BISMARCK, N.D.: State launches campaign against secondhand smoke
Associated Press April 7, 2014

North Dakota health officials are launching a campaign against secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. The North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy says the campaign encourages the implementation of smoke-free housing policies ...

Austin City Council Passes Temporary E-Cigarette Ban [VIDEO]
KAALtv.com - April 7, 2014

The E-Cigarette Moratorium is in Place For One Year and Includes Vaping in Public Places.

E-Cigs Banned From Warrick County Schools
Tristatehomepage.com - April 7, 2014

The Warrick County School Board is modernizing its tobacco and drug policy by banning electronic cigarettes. School officials say it's another example of keeping up with the times. School officials say instances involving students bringing e-cigs to school have been minimal, so far, but they are trying to be proactive before the problem gets worse. "We're a tobacco free area, and we don't want anything that looks like it," says Jane Wilhelmus with the Warrick County School Corporation. The Warrick County School Corporation works to eliminate electronic cigarettes or 'e-cigs' on school grounds. "We are really trying to discourage any type of tobacco use, and hopefully, preventing students from starting that habit."

Florida Health Groups Seeking to Snuff Out House E-Cigarette Bill
The Ledger - April 7, 2014

...The American Lung Association of Florida, the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, local officials and Students Working Against Tobacco have found themselves fighting the measure (HB 169) that would prevent youths under 18 from buying electronic cigarettes. That is because the proposal also would ban local efforts to restrict the sales of cigarettes and other tobacco-related products. "The bill is another attempt by Big Tobacco to weaken protections that we all seek ... forward to restrict the sale and possession of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Lawmakers push for e-cig ban [VIDEO]
WFSB - April 7, 2014

"E-cigs promise a lifetime addiction to young people to lure for them to begin using them," Blumenthal added. "The ads targeting young people need to be ...

Results from North County government meetings
U-T San Diego - April 7, 2014

The Oceanside City Council on Wednesday approved the introduction of an ordinance to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is prohibited ...

On the agenda: North County government meeting schedules
U-T San Diego - April 7, 2014

... to conduct a citywide satisfaction survey; introduction of an ordinance amending the municipal code to expand the definition of smoking to include e-cigarettes;

E-cigarette poisoning a growing risk
OCRegister - April 7, 2014

As e-cigarette use has risen, so has the number of people and children ... E-cigarettes deliver nicotine sometimes flavored to the smoker by using ... In some ways, it's more dangerous than tobacco because it can seep through your skin...

Should E-Cigarettes Be Treated Like Cigarettes?
KPBS - April 7, 2014

Several cities in San Diego have banned the use of e-cigarettes, in all areas where smoking is already banned, most recently Oceanside. And the city of San Diego is considering a ban. This week in San Diego at the annual meeting of the ...

Youth Commission to vote on banning electronic cigarettes
Pleasanton Weekly - April 7, 2014

electronic cigarettes within the definition of "smoking," which would have the effect of banning them wherever tobacco smoking is not allowed. The commission's ...

On Tap in the Capital, April 7
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - April 7, 2014

HEALTH GROUPS CRITICIZE PREEMPTION BILL: Health groups will hold a news ... power to regulate the sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes --- a legal ... The bill also would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Banning e-cigarette sales to minors [VIDEO]
WJXT Jacksonville - April 7, 2014

VIDEO: Taking a look at the move to make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes to minors and an amendment that is sparking much controversy.

Ban E-cigarettes in the stadium [Letter]
Baltimore Sun - April 7, 2014

The FDA is concerned that e-cigarettes can increase nicotine addiction in young people, that they may contain toxic ingredients and that there have been no ...

E-Cigarette Sale Banned For Youth In Nebraska
The Minden Courier - April 7, 2014

The Nebraska State Legislature passed a bill last week outlawing the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone younger than 18 years old. Minors caught using the product ...

NJ should not impose a 'sin tax' on e-cigarettes: Editorial
The Star-Ledger - April 7, 2014

Taxing e-cigs as if they were cigarettes only makes them less attractive to smokers who want to switch. And if the Christie administration's true concern is public ...

Smoking ordinance gets special session in Rowlett
Dallas Morning News - April 7, 2014

The Rowlett City Council will discuss amendments to its smoking ordinance in a special meeting at 8 p.m. Tuesday. The amendments would include a provision to prohibit the sale, use and possession of electronic cigarettes, liquid nicotine and associated paraphernalia to minors.

E-cigarettes are smoking's newest thing; potential dangers hazy
El Paso Times - April 7, 2014

On March 20 the City of Socorro tweaked its municipal clean indoor air ordinance, by changing the definition of smoking to include "electronic cigarette or e- cigarette or liquid nicotine." By doing so, Socorro now prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes in restaurants, bars and other indoor work environments.

Senators urge FTC, FDA to crack down on e-cig advertising
They cite unproven assertions that e-cigs help smokers break the cigarette habit
ConsumerAffairs - April 7, 2014

Six U.S. Senators are calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take action against e-cigarette manufacturers who are making what th senators say are unsubstantiated claims in their advertising. he bill has been endorsed by the American Public Health Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

Centers for Disease Control release new warning to E-Cigarette users
KLEW - April 7, 2014

Health leaders warn that more than half of all electronic cigarette poisonings happen to toddlers. Three years ago call-ins to the center about E-cigarettes weren't common, today there are over 215 calls per month. Mike Larson of the Idaho Public Health ...

It's pot, it's smokelessand it's publicly traded
CNBC.com - April 7, 2014

One company trying to figure out the right long-term strategy is mCig. The firm sells an e-cigarette-style product for marijuana, while at the same time is expanding into products that don't involve pot at all. E-cigarettes for marijuana are already widely available, but the mCig is different. It's something of a hybrid between an e-cig and a joint, in that you can put "dry herb" in it and heat it to the edge of combustion. "When you burn something, you burn about 50 percent of the material, whereas with this, you can turn off the power and nothing continues to burn," said mCig COO Mark Linkhorst. "It's very much more efficient than smoking it." He said the mCig is less harmful than traditional smoking, and it can make the same amount of marijuana last twice as long.

Lawmakers Push to Stop Advertising of E-cigarettes to Children
NBC Connecticut - April 7, 2014

Tobacco companies advertising e-cigarettes with flavors like bubblegum and strawberry are clearly targeting young people with the intent of creating a new ...

FDA Ready to Rule on Electronic Cigarettes
NACS Online - April 7, 2014

WASHINGTON The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is "pushing very hard" to release a proposed rule that would establish the agencys authority over electronic cigarettes, Reuters reports. FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told members of Congress during a Senate budget hearing last week that it has taken too long to move the rule forward, and that she expects the proposal to be ready very soon. The news source adds that FDAs proposal has been under review by the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for about five months.

Tobacco companies respond to CDC report on e-cigarette poisionings
Triad Business Journal (blog - April 7, 2014

On the heels of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that found an increase in poisonings involving e-cigarettes' liquid nicotine, Reynolds American Inc. is touting the safety of its product. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that Winston-Salem-based Reynolds (NYSE: RAI) says its Vuse e-cigarette is designed to limit the risk of "accidental exposure to e-liquid."

Blumenthal, Esty to discuss their effort to curb electronic cigarette ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - April 7, 2014

Blumenthal co-wrote federal legislation introduced in the Senate that would prohibit advertising and marketing of electronic cigarettes to children.

ProSmoke Surrounds 2014 NATO Show Attendees With Top Rated E-Cigarette Products
Marketwired (press release) - April 7, 2014

Their retail e-cigarette product offerings include electronic cigarette starter kits, e-cigarette flavored cartridges, disposable electronic cigarettes, and e-cigarette ...

Nicotine Hit: Does 'vaping' glamorise smoking?
Times LIVE - April 7, 2014

With millions of users all over the world, electronic cigarettes are definitely on-trend. They are also proving controversial. Public health experts are sharply ...

East TN jails say e-cigarettes help keep order
WRCB-TV April 6, 2014

At least two East Tennessee jails have started allowing inmates to smoke electronic cigarettes, saying they cut down on disturbances and a contraband trade in regular cigarettes.

Lawmaker seeks ban on e-cigarette liquids
News 12 Long Island - April 6, 2014

WOODBURY - A state senator is calling for a ban on so-called e-liquids, the potent and often flavored liquids that are sold as refills for e-cigarettes. State Sen. ...

Vape debate alive in Duncan
Duncan Banner - April 6, 2014

In Duncan a few weeks ago, the City Council considered regulating vaping, sometimes known as e-cigarettes, just as they did tobacco smoking, by prohibitings its use in or on city-owned property -- including parks. There were a few complaints at the local senior citizens center about people vaping too close to the front door. The council postponed making a decision after the whole vaping phenomenon was explained to them by Sean Gore, chairman and president of the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League, the first such organization in the United States. It mimics smoking, it looks like smoking, but its not smoking, Gore said.

Traditional tobacco going up in smoke
Richmond County Daily Journal - April 6, 2014

Vaping is a term used to describe the use of electronic cigarettes, and its popularity is soaring. Celebrities are seen at red carpet events puffing away on e-cigs. Manufacturers claim they are safe and harmless because they produce only water vapor and contain only nicotine and flavorings with none of the hundreds of other carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes. But government regulations could be just around the corner. Policy director Roxanne Elliott of FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital said it modified its tobacco-free environment policy in May 2012 to include electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, prohibiting their use anywhere inside or outside on the grounds. In 2013, the General Assembly of North Carolina ratified Senate Bill 530 which includes vapor products in the legal definition of tobacco products, making it a crime to sell them to minors.

Officials too tough on e-cigarettes, too easy on the real ones: Letter
NJ.com - April 6, 2014

I am writing in response to the op-ed E-cigarette tax would hurt N.J. tobacco quitters by Gregory Conley, a research fellow at the Heartland Institute. I concur with his findings, and that everything possible should be done to assist smokers become non-smokers, including health insurance paying for any method which will meet this goal, as well as a ban on enacting cigarette-like taxes on electronic cigarettes.

Boise Wants to Snuff Out E-Cigarettes Among City Employees
Boise Weekly - April 6, 2014

When the Boise City Council meets this Tuesday, April 8, they'll be asked to approve a resolution that would convert its stand-alone Tobacco Use Policy from the status of "policy" and group it with the "Drug-Free Workplace Policy" and regulations in its employee policies. Additionally, the change would add e-cigarettes to the existing restrictions.

E-cig bill gains traction in House
WJXT Jacksonville - April 6, 2014

The push to make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes to minors is gaining ... But an amendment to the bill has sparked controversy among anti-tobacco ... can make its own laws or rules when it comes to the sale of e-cigarettes. ... "I was a cigarette smoker for 22 years and I haven't touched a cigarette in over three years.

E-cigarettes could be banned from county-owned buildings
Daily Democrat - April 6, 2014

Rules may become clearer about the use of e-cigarettes in and near county buildings on Tuesday. The Health Department is asking the Yolo County Board of Supervisors to approve an update to the current smoking policy in county buildings, near entrances or in county-owned vehicles. Wherever a policy exists, "electronic nicotine delivery devices" will also not be allowed, according to a staff report. The devices create a nicotine vapor that's inhaled although some have no nicotine.

Lighter regulations on e-cigarettes desired
The Depaulia - April 6, 2014

USA Today reports that the Food and Drug Administration is considering labeling e-cigarettes as a tobacco product, which would make them adhere to the same policies as conventional cigarettes; including taxation on e-cigarettes. We have entire e-cig conferences dedicated to this. Sure we have competitors, but ultimately were all coming together for the same cause, Natasha said. Until one of the smaller shops gets big enough to fight directly against federal regulations, itll just be a local battle for now.

Ditching the matches: 'Vapor' shops proliferate as smokers turn to e-cigs
Longview News-Journal April 6, 2014

When the owner of seven Tobacco Junction stores decided in December to open a ... to electronic cigarettes, the shop on Gilmer Road would have been one of three in ... Cooper, who said his cigarette sales had seen a drop, added that his stores ... because they don't have a plan at this point nor have they been involved in ...

Hallsville woman has brought e-cigarettes to family
Marshall News Messenger - April 6, 2014

Husband, brother-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, cousin, boss. These are just a few of the people that Dee Kilgore of Hallsville has brought into the e-cigarette fold.

Dr. Vijay Talks E-Cigarettes And Festival of India
KIII TV3 April 6, 2014

On Sunday morning Dr. Vijay discussed the good and bad of smoking e-cigarettes. He also talked about the Festival of India celebration he helped to put on that ...

Are E-Cigarettes a Danger to Small Children?
WAND - April 6, 2014

In the past four years, the number of people sickened by e-cigs containing liquid nicotine has increased dramatically. From one a month in 2010 to at least 215 ...

Is the FDA Poised to Crack Down on E-Cigs?
Motley Fool April 6, 2014

Word is starting to leak out that the Food and Drug Administration is about to exert its power over the increasingly popular electronic cigarette market.

Reynolds: New Product, More Profit
GuruFocus.com - April 6, 2014

Governments around the world have been pushing through regulations on tobacco companies, in order to reduce consumption. Apart from obligating tobacco companies to include precautionary labels on cigarette packages, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is focused on banning menthol-flavoured cigarettes, while the European Parliament passed a regulation in February 2014 stating that e-cigs most prove their preventive qualities in order to be approved. Also, e-cigs with over 20 milligrams of nicotine per millilitre will now require authorization as a medicine.

Daily Sabah - April 6, 2014

What about the newest tobacco substitute, the electronic cigarette? ... remain divided over e-cigarettes' other ingredients, usually a mix of water, flavoring, and

Should We Ban Advertising E-cigarettes to Children?
Bill faces long odds
Politix - April 5, 2014

New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and several other cities have of late regulated electronic cigarettes. Now the feds are getting into the game. Rep. Elizabeth Esty has introduced legislation that would prohibit the advertising of e-cigarettes to children. Citing a study by the Centers for Disease Control, the freshman Connecticut Democrat said 1.8 million middle and high school students have tried e-cigarettes, which provide a smoker with nicotine, but not the tars and other chemicals that are linked to cancer and other diseases.

FDA 'Pushing Hard' For E-Cigarette Rule After CDC Report Brands Vaping As Poisonous To Kids
Medical Daily - April 5, 2014

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that e-cigarettes are poisoning children, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Thursday that its pushing very hard to create a rule to monitor vaping devices in light of emerging health concerns.

Researchers Unsure About Safety of E-Cigarettes
PsychCentral.com April 5, 2014

Many of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke are not present in e-cigarette vapor, and many believe that e-cigs are a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. But researchers are still unsure about their safety and long- term health risks.

City to decide on e-cig moratorium
Austin Herald - April 5, 2014

The Austin City Council will cast the deciding vote Monday on a one-year electronic cigarette moratorium that would ban e-cigarette use in public spaces and inside businesses. The council will consider a second reading of a proposed e-cigarette moratorium at its public meeting, which starts at 5:30 p.m. Monday.

Smokers Using E-Cigarettes to Break Habit
WICS-TV - April 5, 2014

A bill is also moving through the statehouse restricting e-cigarette displays, but those who take part in vaping argue, e-cigarettes helped them quit and they're ...

Rise in E-cigs leading to more calls, involving children, to poison ...
CBS42 - April 5, 2014

COLUMBIANA, Ala. (WIAT) The growing popularity of E-cigarettes have caused a sharp rise in emergency calls, according to the CDC. And more than half of ...

E-cig biz to protest ban plan ($$)
The Baytown Sun - April 5, 2014

Zach Jones, along with his brother Max, owns the only shop in Baytown that caters exclusively to electronic cigarettes and the liquid solution needed for vaping among users. And as the owner of Max & Zacks Vapor Shop on Garth Road, Jones isnt too happy about a proposed city ordinance that would limit where these popular e-cigarettes are used.

SFATA Responds to CDC E-Cig Study
Convenience Store Decisions - April 4, 2014

The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) was quick to respond with a statement. “We are aware of reports of increased calls to poison control ...

Reynolds American touts e-cig safety features in wake of CDC warning
Winston-Salem Journal - April 4, 2014

A federal report on the potential safety risks of electronic cigarettes has drawn a response from Reynolds American Inc. that claims its Vuse product is designed ...

E-cigarettes: Friend or foe for the LGBT community?
San Diego Gay & Lesbian News - April 4, 2014

In fact, since most smokers have already tried to quit, they're much more likely to be fellow fighters against tobacco than non-smokers. Sometimes they ask me ...

Are e-cigarettes really that much safer than smoking tobacco? I'm ...
The Independent - April 4, 2014

The Government has been equally dilatory over e-cigarettes, even though it gets very exercised about drugs like ecstasy and ketamine (just found to be very ...

E-cig Rule Coming 'Very Soon,' FDA Chief Says
NBCNews.com - April 4, 2014

The FDA says a rule to establish its authority over e-cigarettes is coming ... to release a proposed rule that would establish its authority over e-cigarettes, the ...

E-cigarette Advertising Expenditures Tripled from 2011 to 2012 ...
DigitalJournal.com - April 4, 2014

Electronic cigarette advertising expenditures tripled in the United States from $6.4 million in 2011 to $18.3 million in 2012, according to a study by RTI ...

Altria Buys E-cigarette Biz for $110 Million
Zacks.com - April 4, 2014

We now await the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) decision on e-cigarettes. The anti-smoking activists have requested the FDA to impose restrictions on ...

Seaga Features VapeStation At OneShow
VendingMarketWatch - April 4, 2014

Seaga has announced that its booth number 715 at the OneShow will feature the new VapeStation e-cigarette vending machine. The OneShow takes place in ..

E-cigarette ban wagon gaining steam
Seaside Courier - April 4, 2014

The Oceanside City Council opted April 2 to expand its anti-smoking ordinance to include electronic cigarettes, joining Encinitas, Carlsbad, Solana Beach and ...

Picking fights won't help e-cigarette ban
Sun-Sentinel - April 4, 2014

How else to explain the Florida House's hamfisted approach to banning the sale ... State law now bars smoking in most indoor workplaces, but it also bans local ...

Gainesville City Commission votes to ban sale of e-cigarettes to ...
The Independent Florida Alligator - April 4, 2014

It would ban selling them through vending machines, and it would ban their use in tobacco-free areas like UF's campus. Kathy Nichols, assistant director for UF ...

Lung Association Challenges Tobacco Companies on E-Cigs
The Ledger (blog) - April 3, 2014

“With this preemption language, the bill now does far more harm than good in the fight to keep Florida's children tobacco free,” she said in an email.

E-cigarette store plans to open in downtown Oak Park within 10 days
River Forest Leaves - April 4, 2014

Her electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery that charges a coil with resistance, Vasconcellos said. The coil warms as liquid is gradually delivered to the ...

Story County Board of Supervisors presents ordinance to limit e ...
Iowa State Daily - April 4, 2014

New York City has now banned e-cigarettes from being used in public ... this is why most people that try smoking usually end up becoming smokers themselves.

M.D. Harmon: 'More guns, less crime' just got proved all over again
Press Herald - April 4, 2014

... I wrote a column about the political left's attacks on the “electronic cigarettes” that ... but even so, I also noted in the column that e-cigs could be made illegal for ...

Liberty district moves to finalize ban on e-cigarettes in schools
Times Herald-Record - April 4, 2014

LIBERTY — Liberty's school board is in the process of adding a ban on ... “Would you want a kid in the cafeteria smoking an e-cigarette because it's not ...

Findlay reviews proposed ban on e-cigarettes in public
northwestohio.com - April 4, 2014

The Findlay Health Commissioner suggested to Findlay City Council to amend an ordinance that bans e-cigarettes in public places. City officials have raised ...

E-Cigs Cause Poisoning
Patheos (blog) - April 4, 2014

I encounter the lying part from my personal experiences with the debate over e-cigs in the Oklahoma legislature. We've had a two-year battle over attempts by ...

Downtown Wilkes-Barre Business Complex Nears Full Capacity
PA home page - April 4, 2014

The business will sell electronic cigarettes and the many flavors or juices e-cigarettes feature. "We're going to have a testing bar here and we're going to have ...

E-cigs spark blaze warning after three cause home fires
Tamworth Herald - April 4, 2014

FIREFIGHTERS are warning people not to leave e-cigarettes on charge for long periods of time following recent incidents where the devices have exploded.

Call for more evidence on e-cigarette ban plan
Tivyside Advertiser - April 4, 2014

Ceredigion AM Elin Jones has called on the Welsh Government to provide more evidence before pressing ahead with any plans to ban the smoking of ...

E-cig ban would be 'nail in coffin' for Uttoxeter's pubs
Uttoxeter News - April 4, 2014

Ministers in Wales are currently debated whether to ban the devices from ... He said: “The smoking ban, which has had a devastating affect on pubs, has already ...

Businessman hoping to open hookah lounge in Palmer
Allentown Morning Call - April 3, 2014

In addition to smoking, he said the lounge would sell e-cigarettes and hookah supplies and offer coffees, teas, cold drinks and snack foods. The zoning board ..

Christie's proposed e-cigarette tax is for public health, state treasurer says
Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger - April 3, 2014

"Our goal is to achieve rough parity with the tax burden on conventional cigarettes. Why? Our main concern is public health," Sidamon-Eristoff said at an Assembly Budget Committee hearing today. "Contrary to the claims of some users, e-cigarettes have no

Opinon: Don't forget about cigarettes
Kansas State Collegian - April 3, 2014

But in many places, including K-State, smoking in public is still allowed. Some restrictions have been put in place, such as bans on smoking in school buildings, ...

KC considers banning e-cigs on city buses
KCTV Kansas City - April 3, 2014

Sharp said the proposed ban is actually a request from the Kansas City Area Transportation ... But as far as everyone else, there's no second-hand smoking.

E-CIGARETTE PLAN: Story City Considers Ordinance For Minors
whotv.com - April 3, 2014

Supervisors want to pass an ordinance making it illegal to buy e-cigs or nicotine cartridges if you are under 18. Currently there is no state law prohibiting the sale ...

YESCiGS Releases New Range Of Ego E-Cigarettes With Latest ...
DigitalJournal.com - April 3, 2014

YESCiGS have released several new Ego E-Cigarettes that use the latest technology to enhance the ways in which smokers can get the best from these digital ...

Electronic cigarettes can be dangerous, even if you don't smoke them
Los Angeles Times-by Karen Kaplan - April 3, 2014

... come from burning tobacco leaves. The CDC estimates that 10% of American high school students and nearly 3% of middle school students used e-cigarettes ...

E-cig smokers should be aware of danger to children, pets
McDuffie Mirror - April 3, 2014

Seth Brantley, an employee at Crazy Vapors on Davis Road in Augusta, said the business adds as much or as little nicotine to its e-cigarette solution as the ...

Senator Durbin Calls For Regulation of E-Cigarettes Following CDC ...
eNews Park Forest - April 3, 2014

The CDC released a report last year highlighting the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes – or “e-cigs” – which have more than doubled in use among high ...

Innovative Vapors Unveils Vapor Lounge Catering To Concerns ...
Free Press Release Center (press release) - April 3, 2014

Despite previous controversy over the use of an electronic cigarette in Tempe, new studies indicate these smokeless alternatives to the traditional cigarette may ...

Oceanside moves to ban e-cigarettes
KFMB News 8 - April 3, 2014

E-cigarettes would be prohibited in the same places smoking is banned, such as public parks, beaches and restaurants. The ordinance will likely be up for final ...

Waiting to exhale
Sacramento News & Review - April 3, 2014

While each contestant seems to have produced the same 5 feet of smoke, the ..... Cordova drafted legislation to ban them everywhere cigarettes are banned.

L.A. e-cigerette ban totally blows
Los Angeles Loyolan (subscription) - April 3, 2014

A Los Angeles law will go into effect April 19 banning e-ciarettes from ... Cigarette Ban Is Gonna Happen (Very Soon),” e-cigs are going to be banned from ... ban is the perceived health risks of “vaping,” much like the consequences of smoking.

'Vaping' at schools tough to police
Thousand Oaks Acorn - April 3, 2014

The devices, which simulate cigarette smoking and deliver varying amounts of ... funding for schools that did not ban tobacco and drugs from their campuses. .... to come up with individual policies banning e-cigarettes on campuses, but no ...

Keep e-cigs off school campuses
Thousand Oaks Acorn - April 3, 2014

E-cigarettes, the battery-powered devices that produce sweet-smelling vapors as opposed to foul tobacco smoke, have begun popping up in principals' offices ...

TUSD Board Gets Info on E-Cig Policy
www.TurlockCityNews.com - April 3, 2014

The Turlock Unified School District, like many other governmental bodies, has been dealing with the controversy over e-cigarettes, also known as electronic ...

Five things to know for Thursday, April 3, 2014
Gainesville Sun - April 3, 2014

... business, a presentation on e-cigarettes and possibly a vote whether to start the process of regulating e-cigarettes, City Hall Auditorium, 200 E. University Ave. ...

District 158 to ban electronic cigarettes on campuses
Chicago Daily Herald - April 3, 2014

... have either banned or are considering banning the sale of electronic cigarettes ... Awrey said students are warned about the dangers of cigarette smoking in ...

Some still unsure why more youth are 'vaping' e-cigarettes
Vincennes Sun Commercial - April 3, 2014

Debate continues about why more youth are turning to the tobacco-free smoking alternative and what long-term health effects electronic cigarettes will ...

Senate week in review
Floyd County Times - April 3, 2014

Senate Bill 109 will prohibit the sale of "electronic cigarettes" to minors. These e-cigarettes are sometimes marketed and sold as a safer alternative to traditional ...

Newburyport raises tobacco buying age to 19
The Daily News of Newburyport - April 3, 2014

The regulations that go into effect in early July also contain the following changes: restrictions on the sale of inexpensive single cigars and electronic cigarettes; ...

Final approval of e-cigs bill scheduled for today
KHAS-TV - April 3, 2014

Nebraska minors could soon be banned from buying e-cigarettes. Today state lawmakers are scheduled to give final approval to State Senator Russ Karpisek's ...

Tobacco alternative gains popularity at Xsmoke Vape Smart in ...
Concord Monitor - April 3, 2014

Clough's is the kind of story public health officials want to hear about electronic cigarettes – a smoker who has cut down on tobacco use, reducing his risk for ...

Christie's proposed e-cigarette tax is for public health, state treasurer says
Newark (NJ) Star-Ledger - April 3, 2014

"Our goal is to achieve rough parity with the tax burden on conventional cigarettes. Why? Our main concern is public health," Sidamon-Eristoff said at an Assembly Budget Committee hearing today. "Contrary to the claims of some users, e-cigarettes have no

The E-Cigarette Tax – A Load of Bull? [POLL]
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio - April 3, 2014

Assuming you've been smoking for a number of years and have tried all the hullabaloo, have e-cigarettes been the eventual savior of your lungs – and your life?

Hannon Introduces Legislation to Ban E-Liquids in New York State
Long Island Exchange - April 3, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices allowing an individual to inhale nicotine, while emitting only vapor which comes from 'electronic liquids' or ...

Fast-growing e-cigarette market adds 2 more new retailers
Dayton Daily News - April 3, 2014

Tobacco-free e-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat liquid nicotine and flavors into a vapor that the user inhales. The industry faces the possibility of ...

New businesses will open in theater complex
Citizens Voice - April 3, 2014

He became interested in e-cigarettes after switching to them from traditional cigarettes six months ago. Morrow said e-cigarettes are safer and since he switched, ...

E-cigs Turn Beta Members into X-men
Whitman Pioneer - April 3, 2014

So we at the Beta house decided to switch to e-cigarettes,” he said. Another Beta, Dean O'Nutty, stated the change was for appearance's sake only. “We all just ...

New CDC study shows huge spike in poison center calls involving ...
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - April 3, 2014

Washington — - Calls to poison control centers related to liquids in e-cigarettes that contain nicotine jumped from one per month in September 2010 to 215 per ...

Cumbria landlord bans e-cigs from pub
NW Evening Mail - April 3, 2014

The UK government wanted e-cigarettes to be regulated as medical devices, which would have required stringent testing. But the European Parliament has ...

Backlash over Wales e-cigarette ban
Daily Post North Wales - April 3, 2014

A public ban on the use of e-cigarettes in Wales could hamper smokers ... a ban on new e-cigarettes in places where conventional smoking is already banned. ... to banning a product that young people may actually be using to stop smoking'.

Mercury opinion: E-cigarettes should not be banned
Leicester Mercury - April 3, 2014

However, it should be remembered that the reason for the ban on smoking in ... then, that the only possible justification for banning e-cigarettes would be if there ...

E-cigarette supplier forced to pull 'misleading' advert
MorningAdvertiser.co.uk - April 3, 2014

While acknowledging that the studies and literature referenced by E-Cigilicious in its response suggested that e-cigarettes in general could be a safer alternative ...

Would you work with electronic cigarette brands?
Media Week (registration) - April 3, 2014

Is it ethically justifiable to advertise electronic cigarettes? ... ads for the smoking-cessation brand Nicorette, has a policy of not working with tobacco companies.

Swansea firms anger at e-cigarette ban plan
Southwales Evening Post - April 3, 2014

A spokesman for ECigaretteDirect.co.uk said: "E-cigarettes do work for 1.5 million people in the UK, and scientists like Professor Britton of the Royal College of ...

E-Cigarette-Related Poison Center Calls Surge
Medscape - April 3, 2014

"This report raises another red flag about e-cigarettes — the liquid nicotine used in e-cigarettes can be hazardous," said CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, MPH, ...

FDA Close to Setting Authority over E-cigarettes
Moneynews - April 3, 2014

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is "pushing very hard" to release a proposed rule that would establish its authority over so-called e-cigarettes, the head ...

E-cigarettes: Smoke-free may not mean danger-free
Boston Globe - April 3, 2014

You might not get lung cancer from e-cigarettes — but that alone doesn't make them safe, and doesn't mean that federal regulators can turn a blind eye to ...

Are E-Cigs Not Bad For Your Health?
MainStreet - April 3, 2014

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — I don't know about you, but e-cigarettes seem a lot more glamorous and a lot less smelly and dirty than tobacco cigarettes. If I were a ...

Researchers examine risks and benefits of E-cigarettes
News-Medical.net - April 3, 2014

Some believe e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking tobacco since e-cig vapor doesn't contain the chemicals found in tobacco smoke. But we don't know a ...

Tobacco Industry 'On the Run': But E-cigs Opening a Door?
Medscape - April 3, 2014

2013;8:e62063), which was the first to introduce such a ban 10 years ago, highlighted ... "Over the last few years, smoking bans in public places, packaging, and

E-Cigarettes 'Could Encourage Young People To Take Up Smoking', Says Research
Huffington Post (blog) - April 2, 2014

The study by the Health Equalities Group and the Centre for Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University suggests that claims by manufacturers that e-cigarettes prevent heavier smoking of tobacco are not necessarily true, with teenagers seeing them

Cloud Chasers: Extreme Vapers
Guardian Liberty Voice - April 2, 2014

Also the executive director of the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association Cynthia Cabrera cautioned vapers, including cloud chasers, against being their ...

E-cigarettes to be sold at Va. Beach jail canteen
AP - Associated Press - April 2, 2014

Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle said a poll he conducted showed 85 percent of the jail’s roughly 1,400 inmates want access to the devices. Stolle says each e-cigarette is equivalent to 2½ packs of cigarettes and will sell for $15. He expects the jail’s ...

College Assembly Votes to Ban Electronic Cigarettes on Campus
Quo Vadis - April 2, 2014

College Assembly Votes to Ban Electronic Cigarettes on Campus ... One Assemblywoman said that she tried using the device to quit smoking, and found

Tobacco ban includes e-cigs, smoking in cars
The Eastern Progress Online (subscription) - April 2, 2014

This includes banning e-cigarettes on campus, as well as not allowing smoking in cars that are on campus. Fox said there is a lot of miscommunication about ...

Summit aims at snuffing out teen interest in e-cigs
Gainesville (FL) Sun - April 2, 2014

electronic cigarettes aren’t harmless, experts told an audience Tuesday of about 60 people — mostly health care professionals in rural North Central Florida — at a tobacco summit in Lake City. The sixth-annual gathering, which was organized by the Suwann

Lawmakers Poised to Ban E-Cig Sales to Kids
WUSF News - April 2, 2014

A bill that would ban sales to minors recently passed the Florida Senate ... several big questions surrounding e-cigarettes -- can they help people quit smoking?

San Clemente holds off banning e-cigarettes at parks, beaches
OCRegister - April 2, 2014

It's illegal to smoke in San Clemente's city parks and on trails, beaches and the pier, but the ban doesn't apply to electronic cigarettes, a split City Council ...

It's just distracting: Smoking e-cigs in classrooms is inappropriate ...
Diablo Valley College Inquirer - April 2, 2014

The future of smoking is here, and DVC's existing smoking policy does not address ... The banning of e-cig remains controversial and advocates against the ban ...

Health 101: E-cigarettes fall between cracks with bans
Herald & Review - April 2, 2014

1, already bans the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. ... of Transportation updated its policy to clarify the ban on smoking in aircrafts included the new devices in 2013. However, the 2008 law banning smoking in all public places, including offices, ...

Bill Restricting E-Cigarette Displays Advances at Statehouse
WICS - April 2, 2014

The House unanimously approved a measure Tuesday requiring retailers to keep the e-cigarettes and other alternative tobacco products in age-restricted ...

York High School Student Caught Selling E-Cigarettes Through ...
Patch.com - April 2, 2014

The student "admitted to posting the ad on Facebook and admitted to having the electronic cigarettes. All items were placed into evidence and the (student) was ...

Five on Three: VaporWize
Star Local Media - April 2, 2014

In addition to electronic cigarettes and E-juice, Vaporwize also provides vaporizers and accessories for E-Cigs including charms, lanyards and replacement ...

Administrators, students grapple with e-cigarettes
The Collegian (Tarrant County (TX) College) - April 2, 2014

Without a clear policy, TCC police, faculty and other college officials are forced to deal on their own with how to regulate the use of these products in the classrooms and hallways. Several schools in the area have already banned them, such as the...

21 Arkansas children ingested liquid nicotine from E-Cigarettes
KATV - April 2, 2014

(KATV)-The Arkansas Poison Control Center reports 21 children under the age of five have ingested liquid nicotine used to refill E-Cigarettes. Ingesting the ... "Nicotine is a drug. It's a very potent drug and in these refills where there's a lot of nicotine in that refill relative to what's in a single cigarette, I mean it's a major problem if a kid gets into it," said Howell Foster, director of the Arkansas Poison Control Center.

Oceanside considers ban on e-cigs
fox5sandiego.com - April 2, 2014

OCEANSIDE, Calif. Oceanside may be the next city to ban electronic cigarettes. A coalition of community groups plan to meet Wednesday with the Oceanside City Council to urge the city to join the dozen other cities in the county that restrict public e-cigarette use, basically making them like regular cigarettes.

It's confusing out there for e-cig smokers
OCRegister - April 2, 2014

Also in March, Long Beach city officials classified e-cigs as tobacco products, prohibiting their use in enclosed workplaces or public parks, among other public ...

Editorial: FDA must regulate e-cigarettes, liquid nicotine
West Hartford News - April 2, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is obvious there is nothing to stop children from buying them, and some are marketed with bright colors and flavors like vanilla cupcake and peach-mango. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., has come out strongly against e-cigarettes, especially the flavored ones known as e-hookahs, and every legislator on the state and federal level should join him. ...

E-cigarette store owners plan College Park cafe, retail shop
Diamondback Online - April 2, 2014

This spring, two university alumni will open an electronic cigarette and vapor ... being tobacco and menthol because they taste similar to traditional cigarettes, ...

Bill to regulate Baltimore County's hookah, vapor lounges [VIDEO]
WBAL Baltimore - April 2, 2014

Officials said it includes vapor lounges, where customers can purchase and smoke electronic cigarettes. A vote on the bill could come early next month.

Editorial counterpoint: E-cigarette fright is uninformed
Minneapolis Star Tribune by Thomas Briant - April 2, 2014

Allow me to explain, as I have to legislators, whats in these products and why its not dangerous. Thomas Briant is executive director and legal counsel for the Minnesota Wholesale Marketers Association and the National Association of Tobacco Outlets.

County looking to update its tobacco ordinance
Long Prairie Leader - April 2, 2014

Mackedanz said e-cigs currently aren't classified in state law as tobacco, but it was suggested they do it. For more, see this week's edition of the Long Prairie ...

Commissioners review tobacco use policy for employees
Chatfield News-Record - April 2, 2014

Fillmore County Human Resources Officer Kristina Kohn presented a policy for a smoke- and tobacco-free workplace, along with several other updates and a request to hire a part-time custodian during the Tuesday, April 1, Fillmore County Board of Commissioners meeting. .. Commissioner Randy Dahl suggested the policy include an implementation date so employees who smoke any kind of cigarette - even e-cigarettes - or use ...

E-cigs under pressure
Fergus Falls Daily Journal - April 2, 2014

Despite a likely watered-down version of a state bill aimed at curbing the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces, the Otter Tail County Public Health Department is against the use of the vapor cigarettes anywhere regular cigarettes are banned.

E-Cigarette Use Rising in Teens
NTV - April 2, 2014

As a bill to ban teens from using electronic-cigarettes sits in legislative committee, experts say more minors than ever here in Nebraska are using the device.

Liberty school board moves to ban e-cigarettes
Times Herald-Record - April 2, 2014

LIBERTY Liberty's school board is in the process of adding a ban on ... Would you want a kid in the cafeteria smoking an e-cigarette because it's not prohibited ...

Ask SAM: Still some confusion about where e-cigs are allowed
Winston-Salem Journal - April 2, 2014

Q: We were in a restaurant recently where two people were smoking e-cigarettes in the bar area where food is also served. If smoking isn't allowed, why are people allowed to use e-cigs when smoke is also dispersed from them? I found it almost as smelly as regular cigarettes. The manager didn't seem to know the rules regarding e-cigs.

E-cigarettes are covered under North Dakota's Smoke-Free law
KFGO - April 2, 2014

FARGO (KFGO-AM) -- Even if they don't emit smoke, those trendy e-cigarettes that are becoming more popular, aren't allowed in bars, restaurants and other public places in North Dakota. Holly Scott of Fargo-Cass Public Health says they're starting to get complaints of people using the devices to "vape" indoors. The statewide Smoke-Free law in North Dakota prohibits use of electronic cigarette in all of the same places a traditional cigarette is prohibited.

New businesses planned for Connellsville
Tribune-Review - April 2, 2014

On Tuesday, the Connellsville Planning Commission approved site review plans for a juice bar and an electronic cigarette store.

Students investigate smoking on campus
Villanovan (subscription) - April 2, 2014

The dangers associated with the use of tobacco products on the University campus have been the focus of a clinical health promotion course in this semester. Chewing tobacco, hookah and e-cigarettes are a common trend amongst students. Yet, many studies have shown a pattern of smoking throughout college will ...

Should Philly really regulate e-cigs like regular cigarettes?
PW-Philadelphia Weekly - April 2, 2014

Some people have told me that I have an anger problem, but I dont know what the fuck theyre talking about. I mean, all I want to do is smoke a goddamned cigarette. Being sober from booze and drugs means that I want to at least enjoy the one last vice I have: nicotine. Yes, my smoking addiction is inherently stupid, but I am an adult. I should be able to do whatever I want whenever I want wherever I want as long as Im not harming anyone else in the process. And so should everyone elseincluding those who smoke differently than I do. So when I heard that Philadelphia City Councilman Bill Greenlee wanted to start regulating e-cigarettes, my first instinct was to go libertarian. Once again, the nanny staters were infringing on my right to slowly kill myself and/or have a great time doing it. Goddamned communists, I thought, and shook my fist at a cloud. Then, I actually called the councilmans office. If people want to [smoke an e-cigarette], sit in the park and use it. Go outside, use it, Greenlee said. If it makes people quit smoking, we want people to quit smoking, so do it. Huh. He didnt sound like a fascist at all. What Greenlee proposed, and what city council unanimously approved last week, was a measure limiting Philadelphians use of e-cigarettes and electronic vaporizers in bars and public placesand their sale to children. The bill basically says these things will be treated the same, legally, as cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are being used for drugs [VIDEO]
KSFY - April 2, 2014

A town hall meeting Tuesday night aimed to teach kids and parents about the dangers of substance abuse. They have been holding this meeting for almost 10 years. But this time, they had a whole new focus on e-cigarettes. Because kids are now using them to do drugs. Attorney General Marty Jackley said passing the bill making it illegal for minors to buy or use e-cigarettes will help.

E-cigarette sales to boost revenues at county jail
Elk Valley Times - April 2, 2014

Revenue generated by selling the e-cigarettes will be earmarked for the sheriff's department and jail budgets and used at the sheriff's discretion, as long it's not ...

Up In Vapors
Austin Monthly - April 2, 2014

Smoking of any kind is banned in parks and enclosed spaces, but thats not keeping electronic cigarette shops from converting die-hard smokers into vaporers. E-cigs, also known as vaporizers, look similar to cigarettes in shape and size, but they don't contain tobacco or require a flame to light them. Instead, the devices ...

E-cigarettes: No Smoke, No Danger?
Newswise (press release) - April 2, 2014

Newswise Some believe e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking tobacco since e-cig vapor doesn't contain the chemicals found in tobacco smoke. But we ... Excerpted from: Emerging Issues Brief: E-cigarettes and Health by Susanne E. Tanski, MD, MPH, Norris Cotton Cancer Center Cancer Control Research Group and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine and James D. Sargent, MD, co-director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center Cancer Control Research Program and Professor of Pediatrics at the Geisel School of Medicine ...

Apollo E-Cigs Launches 1 Million Free E-Liquid Bottle Giveaway
PR Newswire (press release) - April 2, 2014

CONCORD, Calif., April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Apollo Electronic Cigarettes, a premier electronic cigarette and e-liquid company, is excited to launch an unprecedented 1 Million free e-liquid bottle giveaway. With a growing electronic cigarette market, and statistics showing that more people are transitioning from disposable or pre-filled type e-cigs to more advanced refillable "tank" type units, Apollo's giveaway is both timely and relevant.

Congressman Bishop Introduces Bill to Protect Children from E-Cigarette Marketing
The Sag Harbor Express - April 2, 2014

Late last week, U.S. Representatives Elizabeth Esty (D-CT), Diana DeGette (D-CO), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), Cheri Bustos (D-IL), Raul Ruiz (D-CA), and Tim Bishop introduced the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act to prohibit the advertising of e-cigarettes to children.

E-cigarette option to hit Grande Prairie
Alberta Daily Herald Tribune - April 2, 2014

The vaping craze has hit Grande Prairie, according to new business owner Cory Carson of vaporHUB. Carson and Wilson both said many people in Grande Prairie already use e-cigarettes and e-liquids but are limited for places to purchase the products. For that ...

The e-cigarettes phenomenon
BBC News - April 2, 2014

E-cigarettes come in two parts: in one end there is liquid nicotine, and in the other a rechargeable battery and an atomiser. When the user sucks, the liquid ...

Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation Invests $20 Million Behind VAPESTICK
Wall Street Journal - April 2, 2014

The new $20 million plus marketing and sales campaign spans multiple ... sold in Harrods Pharmacy, Tesco Pharmacies, WHSmith (Travel) and Costco, as well ...

E-cigarettes; what's your policy?
bdaily - April 2, 2014

As e-smokers are categorised by law as non-smokers, this leaves employers in a dilemma about how to handle e-smokers at work. Should e-smokers be ...

Wales considers banning public use of electronic cigarettes
Reuters - - April 2, 2014

LONDON (Reuters) - Wales could become the first part of the United Kingdom to ban electronic cigarettes in enclosed public spaces due to fears their use could ...

Your view: Proposed e-cigarette ban
Radio 1 - April 2, 2014

... them not hindering." Jake Powell tweeted @BBCNewsbeat: "I wouldn't have been able to quit without them. The beauty of e-cigs is you can do it anywhere!" ...

Lorillard Leads As E-Cigs Continue To Grow
Convenience Store Decisions - April 1, 2014

Lorillard claimed the No. 1 spot among e-cigarette companies in c-stores, with 45.5% dollar share in the recent period ended March 15, 2014, up 17.6 share points, year over year, according to a report by Wells Fargo.

E-Cigarettes: Friend or Foe for the LGBT Communities?
Huffington Post (blog) - April 1, 2014

These days everyone's asking me something new: What about e-cigarettes? The shortest answer is "they could be helpful for a few, but we all worry about our youth." It's commonly known that it only takes about two weeks to kick the nicotine addiction of smoking, but anyone who's quit will tell you, it's the social habit of smoking that draws you back again and again. I'm not sure how putting a cigarette replacement in your mouth helps you kick that social habit -- sounds to me like it's just perpetuating it. Plus there is a new study showing other toxic chemicals in the vapor. To top it off, there's no real science on the long-term effects of inhaling nicotine vapor. So while I'm willing to bet it's better than inhaling tobacco smoke, that's like saying I bet it's better than inhaling truck exhaust. Vaporiums and e-cigs are all about enticing, and particularly enticing young people. Wander into your local vaporium belly up to the "bar" and you'll be shocked to see how many vaporiums look like the lovechild of a hip coffee shop and a candy store. I'm not sure exactly which adult Marlboro user would switch to cotton candy flavored nicotine cartridges, or banana nut bread, or cherry limeade. Sounds to me more like flavors I'd find at a little league game.

New Bedford bans smoking at parks, beaches, playgrounds, zoo
SouthCoastToday.com - April 1, 2014

NEW BEDFORD The city is posting new "smoke-free" signs at its parks, beaches, playgrounds and zoo, a news release from the mayor's office announced Tuesday. The signs will reflect the Board of Health's no smoking regulations, called "precedent-setting" in the release, which went into effect in 2012. The regulations prohibit smoking in these public places and also include a ban on using nicotine delivery products like e-cigarettes in public.

Ala. poison control says e-cigarette liquid poisonings are on the rise
WSLS - April 1, 2014

The substance can be found inside of e-cigarettes and refill bottles. "More and more people are using them. As something comes into the home, more likely a ...

Illinois House OKs new rules for e-cigarette sales
The State Journal-Register - April 1, 2014

The Illinois House on Tuesday passed legislation requiring retailers to sell electronic cigarettes behind store counters. Kathleen Willis, D-Addison, sponsored House Bill 5868, and said keeping e-cigarettes and other alternative tobacco products behind store counters, ...

New Fears Push More California e-Cigarette Bans
PublicCEO.com - April 1, 2014

Southern Californias thriving e-cigarette industry faces a big new problem: nationwide, their products are becoming a hot new focal point of public health worries. In the latest report casting vapes in a negative light, the New York Times called the nicotine solution found in e-cigs poison by the barrel. That has producers and retailers in a defensive crouch, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise. The most sensational danger posed by nicotine juice is its potential to kill children who consume even a teaspoon. That alarming piece of data presupposes a nicotine concentration level that not all vials of juice contain. For anti-vape advocates, however, the Times report is an aid in turning public opinion firmly against permissive e-cig laws.

Daly City considers regulations on electronic cigarettes
San Francisco Examiner - April 1, 2014

Daly City could soon join San Francisco and other Bay Area cities in restricting the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. At the request of Councilman Mike Guingona, Mayor David Canepa recently authorized a special subcommittee to study the issue. Joining Guingona on the subcommittee is Vice Mayor Carol Klatt. Some city officials are pushing for regulations on e-cigarettes in the same way tobacco use is regulated due to concerns about secondhand smoke and increased use by teenagers. But there has been some disagreement about the extent to which the city should regulate sales of the electronic devices.

Encinitas enacts e-cigarette restrictions
U-T San Diego - April 1, 2014

Encinitas will put electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, on equal footing with traditional cigarettes, and ban their use at parks, beaches and restaurants. The City Council unanimously gave its initial approval last week to proposed revisions to the citys smoking ordinance, emphasizing that existing restrictions on cigarette and cigar use also apply to the new electronic smoking devices.

Florida Poison Control warns of e-cig liquid refills posing risk to risk to children [VIDEO]
WKMG Orlando - April 1, 2014

THEY ARE ALL THE RAGE, E-CIGARETTES, AND MANY ARE USING THEM TO HELP IN AN EFFORT TO QUIT SMOKING. BUT IT COULD BE PUTTING YOUR ... The American Association of Poison Control Centers issue a warning as exposure cases among children increased 300 percent in the past year.

Smoking to be banned at all Georgia universities
Times-Georgian - April 1, 2014

The University System of Georgias Board of Regents has voted unanimously to ban all tobacco use on public college campuses, including the University of West Georgia, beginning Oct. 1. .. Under the ban, all forms of tobacco including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes will be prohibited on campus property. UWG adopted its current ...

New vaping lounge smoking up in Iowa City
kwwl.com - April 1, 2014

A lot of people are trying to quit smoking and many turn to electronic cigarettes to help kick the habit. With the e-cigarette industry lighting up, it's safe to say the ...

Legislature finishing up work for 2014 session ($$)
messenger-inquirer - April 1, 2014

FRANKFORT The Kentucky General Assembly on Monday banned electronic cigarette sales to minors and approved the state's first use of a medicinal marijuana product, among other measures, on the legislature's last day before the upcoming veto session. ...

Kamenetz wants Baltimore County hookah bars to close by 9 p.m. on weekends
Baltimore Business Journal (blog) - April 1, 2014

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is trying to crack down on the countys hookah lounges, amid a rash of late-night problems surrounding the businesses. A statement from Kamenetzs office also cited health concerns as a reason for limiting the hours of hookah and vapor lounges. There is a real health risk connected with both the products used at Hookah and Vapor Lounges, Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch, Baltimore Countys director of health and human services, said in the statement. Limiting the hours of operation of these businesses is not only good for public safety it is good for public health. Should e-cigarettes be allowed in offices, restaurants and stores? Submit your vote ...

Signs to discourage smoking, encourage healthy living in New Bedford
Turn to 10 - April 1, 2014

Regulations prohibit smoking in public places and also include a ban on e-cigarettes. The signs are intended to curb smoking and cut down on second-hand ...

City's e-cigarettes licensing requirements ensure residents' rights
Southernminn.com - April 1, 2014

On behalf of the American Lung Association in Minnesota, I would like to congratulate the city of Waseca for updating their licensing language to include e-cigarettes and prohibiting their use in public indoor spaces. The city of Waseca and the council have shown the foresight to move forward and protect their community from the unknown effects of e-cigarettes. These ordinances will ensure safe and clean air, put this product out of reach from children and more importantly help curb the temptation for young people to explore this highly addictive substance.

Smoking hot topic
DeSoto Times Today - April 1, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to tobacco smoking or as a first step to quitting altogether. ...

Growing popularity of e-cigs creates new culture of 'vapers'
NJ.com - April 1, 2014

The Wayne resident gazes heavenward and blows out a cloud of mist that swirls toward the ceiling and vanishes, leaving behind a subtle sugary aroma. Munsey is puffing and socializing on a Saturday afternoon at Flash Vapor, an electronic cigarette store in Little Falls.

Do You Use E-Cigarettes? [POLL]
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio - April 1, 2014

There has been an increase in shops that sell electronic cigarettes in the state, and the sight of people 'vaping' is has become less unusual. Many users of ...

Administrators, students grapple with e-cigarettes
The Collegian - April 1, 2014

Currently, TCC policy forces smokers of traditional cigarettes off-campus or to the parking lot to sit in their cars. However, the policy doesnt address electronic cigarettes at all.

E-cigarette ban for minors is best approach
Your Houston News - April 1, 2014

Schools are adopting many of the same policies, banning the use of e-cigarettes in the same way that smoking and the use of tobacco products are banned.

Don't raise tax on e-cigarettes
Rutland Herald - April 1, 2014

Please email your state senators and ask them to vote no on H.884. This bill will raise the taxes on electronic cigarettes and supplies by 92 percent. The members of House Ways and Means Committee think that this tax will raise $500,000 in revenue for the state, but they have the whole thing wrong. Let me explain.

E-cigarettes to be sold at Va. Beach jail canteen
WAVY-TV - April 1, 2014

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) Inmates at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center soon will able to buy electronic cigarettes at the jails canteen. ...

E-cigarettes: A benefit or health risk?: Congress called to regulate, industry representatives frustrated
San Mateo Daily Journal - April 1, 2014

Increasing use of electronic cigarettes paired with minimal government oversight of the industry has some politicians calling for federal support while company representatives worry misconstrued data is causing consumers to fear what may be a better alternative. U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, has called on Congress to investigate the health effects of e-cigarettes and the industrys presence in the marketplace. Despite clear health concerns, the booming e-cigarette industry has flown under the radar of the federal government. E-cigarettes are being marketed as a way for smokers to kick the habit but may in the end prove to be just another addictive and dangerous device with severe health risks, Speier said in a prepared statement. Cynthia Cabrera, executive director of the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association, represents a vast group of e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers. Certain regulations are appropriate but officials who misinterpret data give the industry a bad name, Cabrera said. We believe appropriate and proportional regulation is fine and were actually working on that. But regulation based on a very flawed and distorted argument in the New York Times is not appropriate, Cabrera said. Yet studies clearly show that although e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, the nicotine vapor exhaled during use contains carcinogens and toxic chemicals, Speier wrote. Because e-cigarettes are not tobacco products, they are a cleaner option for those trying to reduce or switch from traditional cigarettes, Cabrera said. There are a lot of studies already and more studies will continue to be done and thats fine. Theres no combustion in these products and we know that combusted tobacco is what kills people. So if theres not combustion and no tobacco, we already know right off the bat that were eliminating thousands of toxins, Cabrera said ...

Rep. Esty Introduces Bill to Forbid E-Cigarette Marketing to Children ($$)
Targeted News Service (subscription) - April 1, 2014

WASHINGTON, April 1 -- Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-Conn., has introduced legislation (H.R. 4325) to "prohibit the marketing of electronic cigarettes to children."

Leading Health Groups Urge President Obama to Release Proposal to Regulate Cigars, E-Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products
U.S. Politics Today - April 1, 2014

Six leading public health and medical organizations have asked President Obama to order the release of a critical public health proposal that would give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority over all unregulated tobacco products. The proposal has been stalled in the White House Office of Management and Budget since October 1. In a letter sent today to President Obama, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Legacy highlight the concerns about youth usage of cigars and the increase in youth usage of e-cigarettes, as well as a dramatic increase in poisonings caused by accidental ingestion of e-liquids, the liquid containing nicotine used to refill e-cigarette cartridges. These liquids, which come in candy-and fruit-flavors that are appealing to children, can be deadly if swallowed by children and adults.

Veteran E-Cigarette Users Fret 'Cloud Chasers' Give Them a Bad Name ($$)
Newsweek - April 1, 2014

Spike Babaian, founder of the National Vapers Club and co-owner of Vape New York, an e-cigarette chain with three stores in that city, is among those who disapprove, actively discouraging customers from using devices that emit large vapor clouds, sometimes called foggers, because they make for bad P.R. Its frustrating for the advocates who are trying to stop a ban when 20-year-old kids are blowing these giant clouds and are like, Look at me, Im so cool, says Babaian, who is fighting New Yorks prohibition on e-cigarette use in bars, restaurants and parks. Its like a whose truck is bigger, whose truck is shinier? kind of contest. .

APhA House of Delegates sets course for 2014 and beyond
American Pharmacists Association, pharmacist.com - April 1, 2014

Five New Business Items were considered by the House during its final session. Pharmacists' Responsibilities in Community Medication Awareness Programs, Controlled Substances and Other Medications with the Potential for Abuse and Use of Opioid Reversal Agents, and The Use and Sale of Electronic Cigarettes (e-Cigarettes) were adopted.

Cities' Ban E-Cigarettes and Manufacturers Push Back
Legal Examiner - April 1, 2014

E-cigarettes are usually made of metal parts combined with plastic or glass and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They heat the liquid nicotine solution, creating vapor that quickly dissipates when exhaled. The vapor looks like tobacco smoke and can feel like tobacco smoke when taken into the lungs at varying strengths, from no nicotine up to 24 milligrams or more. This description of e-cigarettes illustrate the difference between e-cigs and traditional tobacco products. It also shows that nicotine can be present in the electronic cigarette product, something that e-cig manufacturers and their supporters downplay.

This Little E-Cig Startup Could Be a Big Problem for Big Tobacco ...
SmallCap Network - April 1, 2014

All of the major "big tobacco" names now have an electronic cigarettes presence, though again, the market remains highly fragmented, poised to cause more ...

Numbers of poisonings because of e-cigarettes is climbing
The Southern - April 1, 2014

Reports of poisonings have been cropping up all over in the U.S. And in Britain, a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy in February died within hours of chewing a bottle of nicotine-laced juice used to fuel the new rage: electronic cigarettes. Throughout the country, the number of poisoning cases mentioning e-cigarettes has skyrocketed. The American Association of Poison Control Centers found a 307 percent increase from 2012 to 2013, but could not provide last year's total until its annual reports were completed.

Safer cigarette?
Kokomo Tribune - April 1, 2014

Its hard to deny the numbers: the percentage of middle and high school students who have smoked e-cigarettes more than doubled from 2011 to 2012. But pinning down other issues related to e-cigs is more a game of smoke and mirrors. Debate continues about why more youth are turning to the tobacco-free smoking alternative and what long-term health effects electronic cigarettes will have.

Largest Electronic Cigarette Trade Association Hosts Spring Conference Led by Industry Experts
Reuters - April 1, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2014) - The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), the largest trade association for the electronic cigarette (e-cig) industry, today announced its annual Spring 2014 Conference, the premier event for the e-cig and vaping community. The all-day conference will be held on May 5 in Chicago. It will feature the first industry-wide discussion focused on establishing uniform product standards for vaporizing products like e-cigarettes, as well as a host of other topics. "The electronic cigarette industry is approaching $5 billion in global sales, but it's still a relatively young category," comments Cynthia Cabrera, Executive Director, SFATA. "The SFATA Conference serves as an invaluable one-stop resource for SFATA members and for others, offering best practices, technical knowledge-sharing, and a range of international subject-matter experts who can benefit businesses on a fast growth curve."

Michael Clapper, President International of Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation Elected as New Chairman of ECITA, Europes Leading ECIG Trade Association
Reuters - April 1, 2014

Michael Clapper, President International of Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation Elected as New Chairman of ECITA, Europes Leading ECIG Trade Association...

Call for ban on e-cigarette advertising targeting youngsters
Gloucester Citizen - April 1, 2014

Advertising for the alternatives to tobacco cigarettes has been criticised for ... in Gloucester to back calls for a ban on certain types of e-cigarette advertising.

In the spotlight: e-cigarettes
BUPA - April 1, 2014

It's hard not to notice the recent increase in the popularity of electronic cigarettes. Also known as e-cigarettes or vapourised cigarettes, people are using these ...

E-Cigarette risk warning after Cannock fire
Connect Cannock - April 1, 2014

Firefighters are warning people not to leave e-cigarettes on charge for long periods of time following recent incidents where the devices have exploded.

Blackman, B - e-Cigarettes (community pharmacies) ($$)
DeHavilland (press release) (subscription) - April 1, 2014

Conservative MP Bob Blackman pressed on representations made regarding the sale of e-Cigarettes in community pharmacies. Responding, Conservative Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said that whilst she had received no specific representations on

Smoker has lucky escape after e-cigarette sparks fire in Cheadle home
Stoke Sentinel - April 1, 2014

SMOKER Phil Elkin had a lucky escape after his e-cigarette 'exploded' and set his house on fire causing thousands of pounds in damage. Mr Elkin thought nothing of leaving the supposedly-safe device on charge in his study. But just an hour later his wife, Joan, spotted glowing coming from the room. The 12 e-cigarette had overheated, causing it to shoot out of the plug and set the carpet on fire leaving Mrs Elkin frantically dousing the floor with buckets of water....

Same number of smokers smoke fewer cigarettes
DutchNews.nl - April 1, 2014

E-cigarettes have risen in popularity and now account for 3% of cigarette consumption, compared with 1% a year ago. The cabinet is planning to restrict sales of electronic cigarettes to people aged 18 and over. It also put up the age at which teenagers can buy tobacco products from 16 to 18 at the beginning of this year.

VAPE Holdings: $190-Million Market Cap With No Revenues; Likely ...
Seeking Alpha - March 31, 2014

On VAPE's website, the company says it intends to pursue opportunities in vaporizers, concentrates, e-cigarettes and acquisitions. We believe that with limited ...

THEIR VIEW: FDA should stop sales of e-cigs to minors
Bristol Press - March 31, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is obvious there is nothing to stop children from buying them, and some are marketed with bright colors and flavors like vanilla cupcake and peach-mango.

Did This Study Just Quash the E-Cigarette Market?
Motley Fool - March 31, 2014

A new study came out against the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as smoking-cessation devices. What does it mean for Altria Group, Reynolds American, and Lorillard?

GLANTZ: More evidence that ecigarettes are not reducing smoking
Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (UCSF) - March 31, 2014

On March 24, 2014, Rachel Grana, Lucy Popova, and Pam Ling published "A Longitudinal Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation" in JAMA Internal Medicine. Their bottom line: ...

Louisiana legislators prepare to regulate e-cigs
bestofneworleans.com March 31, 2014

Big leather couches, low lighting and a glass of Scotch beg for a cigar. At Winston's Pub & Patio, the Old Metairie staple whose sign features a silhouette of its namesake Prime Minister lighting a fat one, that was the winning combination for many of its customers. On Ash Wednesday, however, the longtime smokers' paradise turned on the no smoking sign a wooden "smoke free" notice hanging under Winston Churchill's silhouette.

Kentucky bans e-cigarette sales to minors
WHAS 11.com (subscription) - March 31, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) Anyone younger than 18 would be barred from buying electronic cigarettes in Kentucky under a bill the state Legislature has approved. The Senate gave the bill final approval on Monday. It will become law unless Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear vetoes it.

Parents using e-cigarettes around kids warned about dangers of ...
WRTV Indianapolis - March 31, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS - As e-cigarettes usage becomes more widespread, health officials are warning parents to be mindful about using them around small children.

CDC: Kids Treated for Poison From Drinking E-Cig Liquid
93.1 WIBC Indianapolis March 31, 2014

The government agency says calls to poison control centers related to the e-cig liquid more than tripled between 2012 and 2013, with more than 1,300 calls reported. Fortunately, no deaths were reported and almost three-quarters of the children whose parents caught them with the liquid did not have to go to a hospital. That doesn't mean it isn't a problem. "We as parents sometimes don't think parents will touch harmful things, but preschoolers are eager to touch and taste most everything," said Dr. Tanya Hole, a peditrician at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. ...

Pryor seeks control on liquid nicotine
Arkansas Times (blog) - March 31, 2014

Spurred by a report in the New York Times about the dangers of e-cigarette's liquid nicotine a neurotoxin that can cause vomiting, seizures and even death Sen. David Pryor, armed with information from Arkansas Poison Control, has asked the Food and Drug Administration to immediately require child-proof packaging. Liquid nicotine is not regulated; the FDA is considering regulations now.

Electronic Cigarette Lounges, Vapor Bars, Retailers in Fremont: City Wants Publics Opinion
Tell the city what you think by visiting their website
Patch.com - March 31, 2014

The City of Fremont is seeking feedback from its residents on permanently banning electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) retailers, lounges, and vapor bars within city limits. Weigh in on Fremont Open City Hall, our online forum. On Feb. 11, the Fremont City Council established a temporary ban on e-cigarette retailers, lounges, and vapor bars. The City would like input as to whether this temporary ban should be permanent. ...

Calgary to study e-cigarettes with an eye to regulation
Council votes to look into the safety around electronic cigarettes
CBC.ca - March 31, 2014

The City of Calgary will study the effect of electronic cigarettes and look at the ... Colleen Kahut-Seminuk says she uses her electronic cigarettes around the city.

E-cigarette smokers are chasing clouds
azcentral.com - April 1, 2014

Having one's head in the clouds has taken on new meaning as a Vapor Cigarette trend picks up popularity. It's called "cloud chasing," and its goal is to produce big, thick, white plumes of vapor. "It's a sport. It's about, how big can you make the cloud," said Kris Poma, manager of Vanity Vapor at 6670 W. Cactus Road, Glendale.

Vaping' Community Gathers for Bimonthly Meet in Madison
whnt.com - March 31, 2014

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) The electronic cigarette and vaporizer craze continues to grow here in North Alabama. Its not an FDA approved way to quit smoking cigarettes, but it is an alternative. Its also one that so many people are taking advantage of, that its becoming more than just a trend. Its about holding each other accountable.

Meeting schedules for North County councils, school boards
U-T San Diego - March 31, 2014

Agenda items include: introduction of an ordinance to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is prohibited and to initiate an amendment to the ...

How they voted: Results from council, school meetings
U-T San Diego - March 31, 2014

The Encinitas City Council on Wednesday declined to proceed with research for a tax-increase measure; received a report on the Interstate 5 widening project, directing staff and the Arts Commission work on potential freeway art projects; agreed to implement a Uriana Avenue traffic-calming project; and introduced an ordinance to expand the definition of smoke and smoking prohibitions to include e-cigarettes, and to prohibit smoking within 20 feet of city beaches, parks, trails, and outdoor dining areas of restaurants.

E-Cig Safety
Alton Daily News - March 31, 2014

... stage in the Illinois House. One would require retailers to put the e-cigarettes and other forms of nicotine behind the counter, as tobacco products are now.

Iowa Retailers Encourage Age-Restricted Sales for E-Cigarettes
NACS Online - March 31, 2014

Dawn Carlson, president the Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores of Iowa, which represents more than 2,000 business locations in Iowa, encouraged the state legislature to do the right thing and pass a bill that would restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and vapor products to those age 18 and older. ...

Kentucky bans e-cigarette sales to minors
Lexington Herald-Leader - March 31, 2014

Anyone younger than 18 would be barred from buying electronic cigarettes in Kentucky under a bill the state Legislature has approved. ...

E-cigarettes present new options, problems for lawmakers, smokers
WKAR - March 31, 2014

One of the issues being considered at the state capitol in recent weeks is the regulation of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat up a liquified nicotine solution. That produces a vapor rather than the smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Users call this vaping as opposed to smoking.

Questioning the safety of 'smoking' e-cigarettes
Press of Atlantic City - March 31, 2014

I felt as though I walked into the interrogation scene of the movie "Basic Instinct" when my patient asked me, "What are you going to do, charge me with smoking?" He was "vaping" on an electronic cigarette while he smirked at me, obviously sensing my discomfort and enjoying it. But unlike Sha-ron Stone, he was a 68-year-old man, dressed in a hospital gown, and awaiting surgery. He was dodging the "pesky" restriction of a smoke-free hospital environment and the need for an ashtray. On second thought, I felt as though I was on "The Twilight Zone."

Group hopes to overturn e-cigarette ban
NYU Washington Square News - March 31, 2014

The New York City Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment filed a lawsuit on March 25 in the New York County Supreme Court to overturn the ban on electronic cigarettes one of Michael Bloombergs last acts as mayor. ...

Alert Issued Regarding Electronic Cigarette Liquids
WLTX.com - March 31, 2014

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- The Palmetto Poison Center issued an alert regarding potential dangers of liquid nicotine e-cigarette refills. ...

The wild west of e-cigarettes
The Virginian-Pilot - March 31, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are hailed as safer alternatives to smoking, but their main ingredient - liquid nicotine - is raising alarms at hospitals and poison control ...

E-cigarette debate burns as usage rises
The Virginian-Pilot - March 31, 2014

Susana Meirinho exhales a cloud of vapor after inhaling from her e-cigarette Tuesday, March 25, 2014, in Virginia Beach. Meirinho has been using the vapor to ...

Why the jury is still out on e-cigarettes
89.3 KPCC - March 31, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that vaporize a nicotine-laced liquid solution into an aerosol mist that simulates the act of tobacco smoking.

The truth about e-cigarettes
AMERICAblog (blog) - March 31, 2014

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity with smokers who are trying to get away from real cigarettes, and their ensuing health risks. But the truth about their safety, and effectiveness in helping people quit smoking, is less clear than manufacturers would have you believe. ...

E-Cigarette Maker Partners With Seaga For 'Vapestation' Vending Machine
Vending Times - March 31, 2014

Vaporin Inc. will be the first company to market its electronic cigarettes through Seaga Manufacturing Inc.'s Vapestation vending machine. Under an exclusive agreement between the companies, Freeport, IL-based Seaga will configure its machine to vend Vaporin's products and Vaporin is the default provider of electronic cigarettes for all e-cigarette venders manufactured by Seaga.

Why Isn't the FDA Regulating E-Cigarettes?
Care2.com-by Robin Marty - March 31, 2014

[L]ike e-cigarettes, e-liquids are not regulated by federal authorities. They are mixed on factory floors and in the backrooms of shops, and sold legally in stores and online in small bottles that are kept casually around the house for regular refilling of e-cigarettes, writes Matt Richtel. Richtel then recounts the over 1,300 poisonings reported to the National Poison Data System, of which over one quarter required hospital trips. According to WebMD, a growing number of teens and younger children are seeking out e-cigarettes, in part because they can be easier to use due to flavoring, some of which even tastes like candy. The number of middle school and high school students whod tried the candy-like flavors of e-cigarettes doubled between 2011 and 2012. About 1.78 million U.S. students had tried e-cigarettes as of 2012, reports WedMD. And despite e-cigarettes allegedly being a way to stop people from smoking, in this case it appears to be leading those new smokers into trying the real, tobacco burning types. A study published earlier this month shows that middle school and high school students who smoke e-cigarettes also are more likely to smoke tobacco cigarettes. While that doesnt mean e-cigarettes lead kids to smoke tobacco cigarettes, it does show a strong link between the two habits. According to the Today Shows health report, e-cigarettes do eliminate more than 60 cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke. But in exchange for that benefit, they do contain toxic ingredients such as diethylene glycol (found in anti-freeze) and propylene glycol (a lung irritant found in fake smoke machines).

Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?
Boston Globe - March 31, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are certainly trendy look no further than the Vapefest in the nation's capital last week but whether inhaling nicotine vapors actually ...

Council to consider merits of banning e-cigarettes indoors
Calgary Herald - March 31, 2014

Diane Colley-Urquhart will bring a notice of motion to council on Monday seeking a working group to look at the impacts of electronic cigarettes and whether ...

E-cigarettes warning after devices explode
Derby Telegraph - March 31, 2014

FIREFIGHTERS are warning people not to leave e-cigarettes on charge for long periods of time following recent incidents where the devices have exploded.

No smoke without fire! Kids are caught puffing on e-cigarettes in ...
Liverpool Echo - March 31, 2014

Children in Liverpool are puffing on e-cigarettes and even taking them to school, ... with tobacco advertising in the '40s and '50s mirroring that of e-cigarettes with ... with smoking or nothing and I was speaking about my pen (e-cigarette) and he ...

Urswick pub becomes one of the first in the country to ban electronic cigarettes
The Westmorland Gazette - March 31, 2014

A FURNESS pub landlord has become one of the first in the country to ban electronic cigarettes from the premises for health reasons. E-cigs, using vapour ...

E-cigarettes could be facing an all-out hospital ban
thejournal.ie - March 31, 2014

At present there are no specific regulations governing electronic cigarettes in Ireland, with the Department of Health saying that they plan to have rules in place ...

Ban on electronic cigarettes to be voted on in 6 months
Jerusalem Post - March 31, 2014

Although the Health Ministrys bill to bar tobacco advertising in the print media failed to pass in the Knesset a few months ago due to vigorous lobbying by cigarette companies, public health head Prof. Itamar Grotto hopes its initiative to prevent the sales of electronic cigarettes does not share the same fate.

Health Ministry moves to ban electronic cigarettes
The Times of Israel - March 31, 2014

The Health Ministry announced Monday that it intends to ban the marketing and distribution of electronic cigarettes. In issuing the ruling, the ministry said that 10 ...

Zac Efron Vapes
CelebStoner - March 30, 2014

Zac Efron hits a vape pen in Los Feliz, a hip neigborhood in Los Angeles. Is it weed or tobacco?

Praise for e-cig restrictions
Bismarck Tribune - March 30, 2014

The American Lung Association in North Dakota would like to commend Bismarck and Mandan on the passage of city ordinances restricting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. These ordinances will help ensure that our children do not begin a lifetime of addiction to nicotine. ...

Tobacco ban on ga campuses
Newnan Times-Herald - March 30, 2014

The University System of Georgias Board of Regents has voted unanimously to ban all tobacco use on public college campuses beginning Oct. 1. Under the ban approved at the Regents' meeting March 18, all forms of tobacco including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes will be prohibited on ...

LETTER: RODU: Tax smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes at lower rates
Youngstown (OH) Vindicator - March 30, 2014

Gov. John Kasichs plan to increase taxes on all tobacco products is bad tax policy, built on an unscientific, unsuccessful anti-smoker strategy: Quit or die. Only one component of the governors plan makes sense increasing the cigarette excise tax.

E-cigarette debate reaches McLennan County
Waco Tribune-Herald - March 30, 2014

Cities in McLennan County are following national trends to ban smoking or vaping electronic cigarettes in public places as legislators try to catch up with an industry that is providing smokers new ways to inhale nicotine without tobacco. Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and the Texas cities of Socorro, near El Paso, and Frisco are some that have banned using e-cigarettes in public places. Hewitt and Woodway could soon follow suit.

Your Views: Janesville City Council earns applause for ban on selling e-cigarettes to...
Gazettextra - March 29, 2014

As someone who is on the Board of Directors for Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change (JM4C), I and my other JM4C members would like to thank the Janesville City Council for its recent ordinance amendment that specifically and clearly demonstrates the prohibition of purchasing or possessing nicotine products by children.

Tahlequah bans e-cigs on city land
Muskogee Daily Phoenix - March 29, 2014

Tahlequah city council members passed a city ordinance at a recent meeting to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on city owned or operated property.

As e-cig use grows, so does talk of regulation
Muskogee Daily Phoenix - March 29, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are used as an alternative to tobacco, but some people want cities to regulate where the devices can be used. To ban these products will drive people back to smoking, said Sean Gore, chairman of the Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League, or OVAL. Many cities are discussing ordinances to ban the use of e-cigs on city property as a safety measure for residents health. Some cities, including Tahlequah, have already passed such ordinances. Delbie Walker of the Muskogee County Health Department said that in August, the idea of banning e-cigs on city property was brought to the mayor of Muskogee Two main studies cited by Gore in his advocacy for e-cigs are the 2012 ClearStream-AIR study and Peering Through the Mist, conducted at Drexel University in 2013. E-cigs are the largest step forward in tobacco harm reduction in 50 years, Gore said. If tobacco sales go down, so does the amount of money into the trust by big tobacco companies, he said. ...

Assessing health effects of e-cigarettes
Buffalo News - March 29, 2014

Most hallways in Roswell Park Cancer Institute Maciej L. Goniewicz, 36, a Polish-born research scientist who studies the effects of e-cigarettes, is among those who work here. There was some risk. Should I study this? Was it an important topic? From the discussion with other scientists, we felt its very similar to cigarettes, and we knew at that time that many smokers who try to quit smoking are missing the behavior holding cigarettes, puffing on something. When I spoke with smokers in London, they would say, I can use the patch, I can chew the gum with nicotine, but Im missing something. I was thinking maybe electronic cigarettes can provide this behavior, and, of course, since these cigarettes provide the nicotine, which is the principle compound responsible for addiction, it would be similar to some products available in the pharmacy, so there was some promise in the hypothesis. Now, its more popular and researchers already have completed lots of studies.

E-cigarettes and 'vaping' hotly debated
Mesabi Daily News - March 29, 2014

ST. PAUL With exotic flavors, a sleek look and potentially less harmful toxins, electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a hot trend in Minnesota. But at the Capitol, debates on smoking e-cigs indoors (or vaping) are also in vogue with legislators attempting to determine which regulations, if any, should be placed on the smoking devices.

Take a cautious approach on little-studied e-cigs
Minneapolis Star Tribune - March 29, 2014

Adult e-cigarette users comfortable with the unknown health risks of vaping should feel free to fire up in their homes, their vehicles and in outdoor spaces where vapor from the devices quickly disperses. What e-cig users shouldnt be allowed is do is decide that e-cigs potential benefits trump the risks for other Minnesotans, such as the kid with asthma at the nearby restaurant table, the pregnant woman two seats down at the theater or the nearby elderly gent with a heart condition.

Will city follow county on electronic cigarette restrictions?
Clinton Herald - March 29, 2014

CLINTON Since July 1, 2008, smoking has been prohibited inside most facilities in the state of Iowa, but one thing that is not addressed in that Smokefree Air ...

E-cigarette bills draw fire
Highlands Today - March 29, 2014

Nobody in the Capitol, it seems, wants minors to buy electronic cigarettes. But an effort to ban sales of the trendy nicotine-delivery tubes to people under 18 has run into controversy in the state House. Health groups and local governments are criticizing a bill (HB 169) that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors because the measure also would prevent cities and counties from passing their own regulations on the sales of electronic cigarettes and tobacco products.

New England editorial roundup
The State March 29, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is ... D-Conn., has come out strongly against e-cigarettes, especially the flavored ... Their statement noted that, according to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, ... in which he said, "E-liquids are the new snake oil of cigarette marketing with ...

Encinitas moves toward banning e-cigarettes
Seaside Courier - March 28, 2014

Public health officials and advocates say companies behind e-cigarettes are ... Reports also indicate that teens are using the devices with marijuana and hash ...

E-cigarette bill draws lots of debate
Miami (FL) Herald - March 28, 2014

Health groups and local governments are criticizing a bill (HB 169) that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors because the measure also would prevent cities and counties from passing their own regulations on the sales of electronic cigarettes and tobacco

Bill to Let Florida Cities Ban Playground Smoking Is Stalled
Lakeland (FL) Ledger - March 28, 2014

He pinned the bills' lack of progression on strong lobbying by the tobacco industry. The House bill (HB 309) was referred to two committees and the Health Quality Subcommittee. None of them have voted to advance it. The subcommittee doesn't have any mor

E-Cigarette Bill Draws Fire Over Preemption
Daily Business Review (registration) - March 28, 2014

But an effort to ban sales of the trendy nicotine-delivery tubes to people under 18 ... vaporized nicotine without all the health risks of smoking regular cigarettes.

Lawmakers' Proposal to Ban E-Cigarettes for Youths Lights Up Local Governments Over Additional Strictures
FlaglerLive - March 28, 2014

Health groups and local governments are criticizing a bill (HB 169) that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors because the measure also would ...

State House OKs keeping e-cigarettes away from minors ($$)
Owensboro (KY) Messenger Inquirer - March 28, 2014

Kentucky House has passed a bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Supporters say the measure carries the same rules that apply in banning youth access to tobacco products.

House OKs keeping e-cigarettes away from minors
WCPO - March 28, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The Kentucky House has passed a bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Supporters say the measure carries ...

Newton retailers smoked over proposed nicotine regs
Wicked Local Newton - March 28, 2014

... to 21, banning the sale of flavored nicotine products and banning the sale of single ... The group questioned the city's ability to regulate prices and ban legal products. ... Nicotine-specific retailers would be exempt from the bans in the provision, but ... change because most minors who start smoking do so before they're 18.

Parents given lowdown on a variety of drugs that threaten children
Harborcountry News - March 28, 2014

They are being bought by teens to smoke marijuana, heroin and Ejuice. Schools and public places are being urged to ban them as part of their smoke-free ...

Public hearing to cover proposed county tobacco ordinance
Post-Bulletin - March 28, 2014

Products added to the law, and now to Olmsted County's ordinance include electronic cigarettes and smokeless products, such as chewing tobacco, snuff, ...

Toxic e-cig 'juice' can appeal to children
Columbus Dispatch - March 28, 2014

Vinh Nguyen gives his customers at Vapor Bombz every warning there is about electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them. Show me ID.

Letter: Doctor warns of the dangers to youth of 'e-cigarettes'
Corvallis Gazette Times - March 28, 2014

There is no scientific data that e-cigarettes are equivalent to nicotine-patches or gums to wean smokers from nicotine craving. If anything, they are flooding the ...

Bills to curb e-cigarettes pass City Council
Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer - March 28, 2014

In the face of a lobbying and advertising drive by the new industry - much of it owned by big tobacco - Council unanimously passed bills to include e-cigarettes in the city's existing ban on public indoor smoking and forbid their sale to minors. ...

SD Governor signs last bills of session into law
Rapid City Journal - March 28, 2014

One new law will treat e-cigarettes as a regulated tobacco product, prohibiting sale to minors. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that create nicotine ...

Vermont House rejects higher taxes on rich
Bennington Banner - March 28, 2014

It endorsed a 92 percent tax on the wholesale cost of e-cigarettes, and boosted taxes on other smokeless tobacco products, including snuff and chewing tobacco ...

PodMed: A Medical News Roundup From Johns Hopkins
MedPage Today - March 28, 2014

0:42 e-cigarettes and cessation. 1:40 Did not predict ability to quit. 2:36 Dangerous levels of nicotine. 3:29 Barrett's esophagus and radiofrequency ablation.

Concerns over potential health risks of using e-cigarettes gaining ...
News-Medical.net - March 28, 2014

Some try smoking or "vaping" with the devices as a way to help wean ... and cities have banned the use of e-cigarettes wherever tobacco smoking is prohibited.

E-cigarettes: a doctor's view of the good, the bad and the ugly
Fox News (blog) - March 28, 2014

Several years ago I learned a technique for hypnotizing smokers to quit, and ... I believe that, and though 12 states including New York ban e-cigarette use for ...

UK's Skycig Becomes Blu Following Lorillard Acquisition
Convenience Store Decisions - March 28, 2014

UK electronic cigarette company Skycig is rebranding as Blu eCigs in May, following the acquisition of the company by Lorillard, owner of U.S. electronic ...

How I Beat The Odds: Adrian Everett, E-Lites
Management Today-by Lizzy Anderson - March 28, 2014

The smoking ban had come in and we came across the story of this chap in China who had invented an e-cigarette - an unheard-of device at the time. A smoker ...

Don't let vaping, obesity and boozing become norms
New Scientist-by Kat Austen - March 28, 2014

Why are you against increased use of e-cigarettes? ... They are often aimed at children with their flavourings – not only menthol but cookies and cream and bubblegum. They are sold ... We have even got a verb for e-cigarette use: to vape.

Regulate e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine
Sentinel and Enterprise - March 28, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is ... D-Conn., has come out strongly against e-cigarettes, especially the flavored ones ... E-liquids are the new snake oil of cigarette marketing -- with purity and ...

KTAR - March 28, 2014

He smugly told me his electronic cigarette produced no smoke -- only vapor. Then, with double smugness, he shared with me the tantalizing fact that the nicotine ...

Further study for e-cigarettes
Burlington County Times - March 28, 2014

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration won the power to regulate smoking-related products in 2009. It has announced it will regulate e-cigarettes. So why is the .

Dr. Nancy Snubs Out E-Cigarette Myths
NBCNews.com - March 28, 2014

Dr. Nancy Snubs Out E-Cigarette Myths. Do e-cigarettes really help smokers quit? Dr. Nancy Snyderman debunks myths surrounding the cigarette substitute.

Don't let vaping, obesity and boozing become norms
New Scientist March 28, 2014

Why are you against increased use of e-cigarettes? ... They are often aimed at children with their flavourings not only menthol but cookies and cream and bubblegum. They are sold ... We have even got a verb for e-cigarette use: to vape.

A minor problem: Ordinance bans e-cig sales to those under 18
Star Local Media - March 27, 2014

The city of Mesquite is joining several other Metroplex municipalities in regulating the use and purchase of electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are often referred to. The city council has passed two ordinance amendments within the last two months to add provisions regulating the use of e-cigs at city-owned facilities and the sale of the devices to minors.

Senate bill focuses on marketing e-cigarettes to children
KRNV My News 4 - March 27, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. (MyNews4.com & KRNV) -- The U.S. Senate is considering legislation that would prohibit the marketing of electronic cigarettes to children.

Category: Health and Fitness
eNews Park Forest - March 27, 2014

“E-cigarette makers are adopting the deplorable marketing tactics once used by ... the tobacco industry to market regular cigarettes to youth – including flavoring ...

1.8 million students have tried e-cigarettes
WFSB (Hartford, CT) - March 27, 2014

U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty introduced the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act to prevent the advertising of e-cigarettes to our youth. Esty said in a release Thursday e-cigarette manufacturers have been targeting children and tee

Unfounded reports being used to discourage electronic cigarette use
Examiner.com - March 27, 2014

The Voice of Vapers website for example, has started a movement called the I Am One Movement where e-cigarette users can tell their stories about how e-cigs ...

Libs Hell-Bent on Banning E-Cigarettes
RushLimbaugh.com (subscription) - March 27, 2014

RUSH: How many of you people are partaking of these electronic cigarettes? How many of you are using e-cigarettes? It's an increasing number of people.

E-cigs offer loophole to Tech's nonsmoking policy
Tennessee Tech Oracle - March 27, 2014

Smoking cigarettes has become more taboo than trendy, and the habit is rather expensive to keep up. Tech passed a campus rule in 2010 stating that tobacco ...

Philadelphia Poised to Regulate E-Cigs
TIME - March 27, 2014

The city council unanimously voted to treat e-cigarettes like traditional smokes and fine businesses that sell them to minors. If the mayor signs the legislation, ...

Supporting parents with a message of prevention: Town hall ...
West Central Tribune - March 27, 2014

... in working with local authorities to develop a tobacco-free policy for Kandiyohi County beaches, social host ordinances and a prescription drop box program.

Tobacco license moratorium in the works: Stillwater Council moves ...
Stillwater Gazette - March 27, 2014

“If the same permit is issued, there's nothing on e-cigarettes, would it be treated differently than the current 16?” “No, we would do them all the same,” Gannaway ...

E-Cig Store Holds Grand Opening
KEYC - March 27, 2014

They've been open since February, and have seen heavy interest in the community, mostly they say, because e-cigs are the sole focus of their business.

Bullitt Co. Health Dept. encouraging businesses to go smoke-free
WDRB - March 27, 2014

"There's no need for reservation about smoke-free policies because going ... and Grille in Shepherdsville says she's seen how smoking bans do affect business. ... The Bullitt County Health Department passed a smoking ban in 2011, but it was ...

House passes compromise e-cigarette ban
The Courier-Journal - March 27, 2014

FRANKFORT, Ky. – A compromise effort to ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors passed the Kentucky House on Thursday, giving the broadly supported ...

E-cigarette ban for minors runs into trouble over local control
Orlando Sentinel - March 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular as they allow users to inhale vaporized nicotine without all the health risks of smoking regular cigarettes. ... the devices can hook people on nicotine, which could lead to use of other tobacco products. ... But that bill does not have the preemption of local regulations.

Liquid Nicotine Can Be Deadly
KOLO - March 27, 2014

RENO, NV - Health officials are reaching out to the public, warning that the fluid used to refill electronic cigarettes can be very dangerous. It's so toxic, a teaspoon ...

Counties crack down on e-cigarettes
Mountain View Voice - March 27, 2014

Smoking e-cigarettes is getting harder to do in parts of the Bay Area after the San ... sales where cigarettes are banned, including at county facilities, parks, hospitals, ... Detractors of the e-cigarette bans include members of the state chapter of ...

E-cigarette refills' dangers for kids
Sierra Wave - March 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, called e-cigarettes, are drug delivery devices originally designed to look like regular tobacco cigarettes. Now they are larger reusable ...

EXCLUSIVE: E-Cigarette Ads Rejected by All Local Television ...
Gossip Extra - March 27, 2014

MIAMI — A controversy has erupted in local television on whether electronic cigarette ... “It is CBS4 police not to accept e-cigarette ads,” says Lee Zimmerman, ...

E-Cigarette Bans Advance in Minnesota and Georgia
NACS Online - March 27, 2014

E-Cigarette Bans Advance in Minnesota and Georgia ... maintain second-hand vapors qualify them for inclusion in Minnesota's statewide indoor smoking ban.

2014 Ballpark Recommendations & Policies
Chicago White Sox - March 27, 2014

In accordance with the law, smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in all areas of U.S. Cellular Field. There is a designated smoking area outside ...

E-cigarette store planned for Oak Park
Chicago Tribune - March 27, 2014

Vasconcellos said she started opening the stores after e-cigarettes helped her stop smoking tobacco in 2009. She said the endeavor isn't about the money.

Iowa View: Do the right thing: Restrict sales of e-cigarettes
DesMoinesRegister.com - March 27, 2014

The law is often slow to keep up with technology, and that appears to be the case with electronic cigarettes. In the absence of federal regulation, 26 state ...

BURGE: Another View: Columnist Harmon misconstrues motives of e-cigarette makers
Portland (ME) Press-Herald - March 27, 2014

..I’m a physician, and I’ve yet to see one representative or one medical journal advertisement touting the benefits of e-cigarettes. Instead, I hear about them at home, from my three teenage sons. One even began an online group to tout the virtues of ...

Hookah lounges, e-cigarettes under fire
Andover Townsman – March 27, 2014

... regulations since Town Meeting banned cigarette smoking inside restaurants in 1994. ... In addition to banning tobacco lounges, the new regulations would treat ... The regulations would ban the sale of single cigars priced at less than $2.50. ... “For...

Controversy over E-Cigarettes
WWLP 22News - March 27, 2014

An employee at My E-Cigs in Agawam told 22News a basic E-Cigarette set costs $49, and the nicotine liquid is a fraction of the cost of actual cigarettes. ...

A different cigarette
Daily Mining Gazette – March 27, 2014

HANCOCK - Electronic cigarettes have been around for years, and some of the manufacturers of the devices claim they help the user quit smoking tobacco, but ...

How Michigan is trying to keep e-cigarettes out of minors' hands
Michigan Radio - March 27, 2014

You may have seen someone firing one up in a restaurant – where you thought smoking was banned. Maybe a friend or relative uses them. Or maybe you have ...

Editorial: Danger of nicotine fluids is growing
West Central Tribune - March 27, 2014

The growing debate concerning electronic cigarettes has often focused upon the ... Tuesday that the current proposals this year to ban indoor use of e-cigarettes ...

Flash Points: E-cig rules are not 'undoing'
St. Cloud Times - March 27, 2014

New e-cigarette regulation is not “undoing.” Save that for next time. If they aren't going to “undo” more, go home and save taxpayers per diem money. Don Casey.

Flash Points: Tax e-cigs if they are health risk
St. Cloud Times - March 27, 2014

As an ex-smoker – last cigarette December of 1984 – I do not know anything about these e-cigarettes and what the smokers are inhaling. If they prove to be a ...

Dayton ignites e-cigarette ban debate
Insurance News Net (press release) - March 27, 2014

"After we came down pretty hard on smokers last session, that's probably enough for this biennium .... Some communities have banned "vaping" in public places.

E-cigarette ban for minors the state's best approach
Grand Island Independent - March 27, 2014

Since my aunt's passing in 2003, due to lung cancer caused by her smoking, I tried ... Banning, crackdowns, fears , concerns, questions, gateway, fears, harming ...

Smokers sue NYC over e-cigarette ban
Oneida Dispatch - March 27, 2014

The Smoke-Free Air Act was signed into law in December, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's last month in office. The law prohibits e-cigarettes in all areas where ...

Business owner, health care professional differ on effectiveness of e ...
Westfield Republican - March 27, 2014

Martinelli is not alone in his thinking, but many - particularly young people - are seeing e-cigarettes as a smoke-free, and therefore completely safe, alternative to ...

Something New to Ban: Leg. Aney Paul wants E-Cigs strictly regulated
Rockland County Times - March 27, 2014

Optimism that the smoking option can help long time puffers quit the habit, and concern that the cigarettes have unknown risks and could be appealing to ...

Several Oklahoma Cities Ban E-Cigs On Public Property
News On 6 - March 27, 2014

Several Green Country cities are banning e-cigarettes on public property. ... some of the Green Country cities that have banned e-cigarettes on city property. ... Some say that money is why both Tahlequah and Skiatook passed these bans. ... "Vaping does not have the secondhand smoke like smoking does, so I don't see ...

E-Cigarettes and their hidden dangers
Wallowa County Cheiftain - March 27, 2014

Oklahoma City, Okla. -- (KFOR) The number of kids getting their hands on liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes and being rushed to the emergency room ...

E-Cigarette Restrictions Pass Council
Philly.com (blog) - March 27, 2014

City Council unanimously passed two bills Thursday to add electronic cigarettes to the Philadelphia's public indoor smoking ban and to forbid the sale of ...

Philly City Council Bans E-Cigarette Use in Public Spaces
Philadelphia Magazine (blog)-by Dan McQuade - March 27, 2014

Right: I used past tense, because City Council unanimously voted to ban ... be treated like plain old regular cigarettes — you can't smoke them in public, and you ...

E-Cigarettes Ban Sparks Support, Disdain on Social Media
NBC 10 Philadelphia - March 27, 2014

The battery operated devices heat flavored liquids and produce a vapor which is inhaled ... Vaping is a term used to describe the action of using an e-cigarette.

Inquirer Editorial: A case of the vapers
Philly.com - March 27, 2014

A second bill would add the devices to the city's ban on smoking in most bars, ... important purpose of indoor smoking bans has been to discourage the habit, ...

Smoke shops proliferate in Pike
The Pike County Courier - March 27, 2014

Smaller than Smoker's Choice, the store sells cigarettes and loose tobacco for ... And if you're in the market for e-cigarettes, cigarette rolling machines, vapor ...

A minor problem: Ordinance bans e-cig sales to those under 18
Star Local Media - March 27, 2014

...17 meeting, when it banned the devices from use at the city's parks and recreation ... The devices are used as part of a city-sponsored smoking cessation plan ... board meeting to ban the use of e-cigs at school and extracurricular activities. ...

RAYSAC discusses E-Cigarettes and teens
Roanoke Times - March 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices often designed to ... E-cigarettes also come in flavors, which were banned in traditional cigarettes in ...

LETTER: PERRIN: Children and E-Cigarettes
New York Times - March 27, 2014

The potency of liquid nicotine, lack of F.D.A. oversight, and the abundance of e-cigarettes in the market combine to create a toxic environment that puts children at risk of serious injury and death. The administration must act quickly to regulate these

Academic Studies Make E-Cigs Look Bad--But How Accurate Are ...
OC Weekly (blog)-by LP Hastings - March 27, 2014

One study claims that e-cigarettes are more likely to make adolescents pick up conventional smoking and the other asserted that e-cigs fail to work as smoking ...

House Dems float e-cigarette bill
The Hill (blog) - March 27, 2014

... the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.

US Representatives Fight To Ban The Marketing Of E-Cigarettes To ...
Hamptons.com - March 27, 2014

U.S. Representatives Fight To Ban The Marketing Of E-Cigarettes To Children ... "Having actively worked on smoking prevention and cessation throughout my ...

No Longer Blowing Smoke? e-Cigarettes Could Surpass Traditional ...
Supply & Demand Chain Executive - March 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are winning over smokers so quickly that some analysts predict the battery-powered newcomer could come out on top of traditional ...

E-cigarettes don't reduce smoking
Clinical Advisor - March 27, 2014

HealthDay News -- Use of electronic-cigarettes does not increase the rate of smoking cessation or reduce cigarette consumption after one year, study findings ...

Imperial Tobacco Goes after E-Cigarette Competitors
bdaily - March 27, 2014

Imperial Tobacco, Europe's second-largest tobacco company, has decided to take on three of the most powerful e-cigarette heavyweights in America by way of a ...

E-cigarette use not linked to quitting smoking
BusinessWorld Online Edition - March 27, 2014

WASHINGTON -- People who use electronic cigarettes do not report higher rates of quitting than regular cigarette smokers, according to a US study out Monday.

FDA, Tobacco Businesses Create Forum For Debate Over E ...
Latin Post - March 27, 2014

A lot of people are now shifting to the use of electronic cigarettes because they are ... According to e-cigarette creators, this is the perfect way for those who want to ... option and are less addictive, manufacturers keep on advertising it that way.

FDA authority should keep pace with innovation
Supermarket News (blog) - March 27, 2014

“There is a contradiction in having these dangerous and devastating tobacco products ... An e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that heats an element, which ... prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes — which are sometimes flavored to smell and ...

E-Cigarettes: What the Research Shows
WebMD - March 27, 2014

E-Cigarette Anatomy Infographic March 26, 2014 -- Teens usually start smoking cigarettes to be cool or rebellious, or because their friends are doing it.

Warning Issued by Poison Centers about Dangers of E-Cigarettes ...
Franchise Herald - March 27, 2014

The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) issued a warning on Tuesday of the dangers of electronic cigarettes and to keep them away from ...

World Vision, Bad Science, and Living Death Sentences
Patheos (blog) - March 27, 2014

The front page article in the New York Times (“Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes“) didn't mince words. The bad science reporting ...

Leading Irish consultant compares e-cigs to methadone
Irish Independent (ie) - March 27, 2014

A HOSPITAL consultant has compared electronic cigarettes to heroin substitute methadone after revealing that two children arrived in an emergency department after being poisoned by liquid nicotine. ...

'Potential harm' of e-cigarettes to be monitored
Irish Medical Times (ie) - March 27, 2014

The Department of Health will continue to monitor existing and emerging evidence on the potential harm and the potential benefits of e-cigarettes. The EU Tobacco Products Directive does not cover rules on smoke-free environments in relation to e-cigare ...

The E-Cig Market Grows Up
Motley Fool - March 26, 2014

Aside from the fact that the electronic-cigarette market has grown from virtually nothing ... out their "mods" with bling as they enjoy flavored juices that they drip on coils. ... rates still in its future, e-cigs have the potential to eventually surpass tobacco sales. ... It's agreed that calling the early devices electronic cigarettes was an ...

E-cigarette vapor not annoying to most Americans, national study finds
Pasadena Star-News - March 26, 2014

“There is no smoke, only vapor, and they don't smell, they don't invade ... voted to develop a smoking and vaping ban that covers all outdoor public areas as well ...

JAMA headlines blare, and gullible press swallows the hype against e-cigarettes, again
American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) - March 26, 2014

the study’s authors, the journal, and the academic home of the authors all conspired to announce that the mission had been accomplished and the answer was, “No — they don’t help.” It was a phony summary of a phony study that got most of the attention.

Electronic smokes
The Ranger – March 26, 2014

Officials in our schools, our public health offices and our regulatory agencies are taking an approach toward electronic cigarettes that ranges from the cautious to ...

Health: Changes May Soon Come For Electronic Cigarette Users In ...
CBS Local - March 26, 2014

Smoking electronic cigarettes in public places in the city of Philadelphia could soon be restricted. City Council is set to vote Thursday on whether to ban them in places like ... City council will also vote tomorrow on banning sales of the product to ... E-cigs are already banned in public places in New York, Chicago and Los ...

Oklahoma Vapor Advocacy League Pushes For E-Cig Regulation
news9.com KWTV - March 26, 2014

EDMOND, Oklahoma -. The leader of the local "Vaping" community speaks out, a day after the Director of Oklahoma's Poison Control Center warned of the ...

Lancaster County Board Bans E-Cigs
1011now - March 26, 2014

If you're an e-cigarette smoker, you may need to find a new place to smoke after the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners decided to ban e-cigs in some ...

Laws must change with the times
Houma Courier - March 26, 2014

The state Senate unanimously passed a bill aimed at banning the sales of ... some smokers in recent years as more public places have banned traditional cigarettes. ... traditional cigarettes should be enough reason to ban their sale to minors.

D-158 looks to punish students caught with e-cigarettes
Northwest Herald - March 26, 2014

Students smoking and possessing tobacco is already banned as well," Drzal said. ... District officials also were motivated to ban e-cigarettes in the hallways, ...


ED MURRIETA: There's at least one place your e-cigarette is welcome, Vapour House
Sacramento Business Journal - March 26, 2014

While cities throughout California and across the nation are snuffing out the use of non-tobacco electronic cigarettes in bars, restaurants and other places where traditional tobacco-based combustible cigarettes are already outlawed, there's a bar in midtown Sacramento where the house rule on e-cigarettes is effectively thus: Vape it if you've got it. Vapour House is an e-cigarette bar where patrons can use e-cigarettes, drink beer and alcoholic cocktails, and eat bar food.

Bill would ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Houma Courier - March 26, 2014

Sentiment in Louisiana and locally is mounting against electronic cigarettes, which some people believe are more harmful than regular tobacco products. Some local e-cigarette retailers said they're already refusing to sell the products to minors in advance of a possible law that would prohibit such sales.

Senate to consider e-cigarette bill
Brainerd Daily Dispatch - March 26, 2014

ST. PAUL - The full Senate is due to consider a bill that regulates electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco cigarettes. The House, meanwhile, is moving a measure that restricts e-cigarette use by youths, but does not outlaw them in all public places like the Senate bill would do.

Gov. Splits With Health Commissioner On E-Cigarettes
CBS Local - March 26, 2014

Gov. Mark Dayton has broken with his Health Department commissioner over the extent of regulation needed on electronic cigarettes. Dayton said that he is uncomfortable with legislative efforts to put e-cigarettes in the same category as conventional cigarettes when it comes to prohibition of use in public spaces. His comments published Wednesday directly contradict testimony from Health Commissioner Ed Ehlinger. Dayton says he would sign a bill to restrict childrens ability to buy e-cigarettes, but he would likely oppose proposed restrictions on their use indoors.

Bill would ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Houma Courier - March 26, 2014

Sentiment in Louisiana and locally is mounting against electronic cigarettes, which some people believe are more harmful than regular tobacco products. Some local e-cigarette retailers said they're already refusing to sell the products to minors in advance of a possible law that would prohibit such sales.

School board bans all look-alike tobacco products
North Platte Telegraph - March 26, 2014

The North Platte Board of Education approved the policy change Tuesday night, adding e-cigarettes and look-alike tobacco to the list of banned substances ...

Get Healthy: E-cigarettes are billed as safe but still may pose danger
Nevada Appeal - March 26, 2014

Nationally and in Carson City, e-cigarettes are becoming more readily available. Commercials tout the benefits of e-cigarettes and make claims about freedom to smoke, but the risks associated with these devices are still largely unknown, and many users are not aware that they may be endangering their health. Slick marketing campaigns and sponsorships make vaping look cool and desirable, but the focus for these companies is selling a product and making money, not ensuring the well-being of consumers.

Poll: Should electronic cigarettes be included in outdoor smoking bans?
NJ.com - March 26, 2014

The statewide Smoke-Free Air Act, which was adopted in 2006, bans public indoor smoking. In 2010, legislators in Trenton amended the act to also bar the public indoor use of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes / Why tax quitting
Press of Atlantic City - March 26, 2014

Chris Christie's budget plan - which he claims contains no tax increases - includes a proposal to extend the $2.70 tax to electronic cigarettes? E-cigarettes use a ...

City takes first step to include e-cigs in laws
West Fargo Pioneer - March 26, 2014

The City of West Fargo will be updating its tobacco-related ordinances to include electronic cigarettes. The City Commission passed the first reading of ordinance changes on March 17 to require that anyone selling electronic cigarettes be licensed to sell tobacco and prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Child poisoned after ingesting liquid nicotine [VIDEO]
FOX 8 News WVUE-TV - March 26, 2014

A mom says her 4-year-old son got terribly sick after drinking some of the liquid nicotine used to refill her e-cigarettes. The number of kids getting their hands on liquid nicotine used to refill e-cigarettes and being rushed to the emergency room grows each year. Ren Gaulrapp's son was one of them. "We hear a little noise, come in and he has taken the lid off of all of them and has this liquid everywhere," she said. "He's got it all over him. He`s been eating it. The liquid itself is very sweet. There`s not really anything in it in the lower nicotine levels that are going to discourage a child from wanting to play in them." He vomited all day and then suffered painful withdrawal symptoms. But doctors said he was lucky Gaulrapp's e-liquid had low nicotine level

Georgetown smoking ban amended to include use of electronic vaping devices
Community Impact Newspaper - March 26, 2014

Using electronic vaping devices, or EVDs, could soon be considered the same as smoking tobacco products in the city of Georgetown. At its March 25 meeting City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance that would add EVDs into the citys smoking ordinance. Because it is new technology there is very limited testing as to the serious health issues that may or may not be there not only for the user but for the second hand vapor that is being extended, City Manager Paul Brandenburg said.

Steer: Picture a puff-free planet
Roanoke Times - March 26, 2014

Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia could follow the lead shown by North Attleboro, Mass., which in 2010 enacted a ban on the use of nicotine delivery products in workplaces and public spaces. While Virginia has enacted laws restricting smoking in restaurants, government buildings and other public places, one can smoke while preparing the food, placed on the food truck or cart, that I will eat later in the day. And there is the relatively new emergence of the popular and unregulated vaporized cigarettes.

Poisoning Cases Related to E-Cigarettes Skyrocket
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK) March 26, 2014

Across the United States, poison control centers are reporting a soaring number of accidental poisonings related to the nicotine liquid used in electronic cigarettes. These reports have spurred a growing call for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to finally regulate these products, including from newspaper editorials and U.S. senators.

E-cigarette accidents prompt poison centers' warning
Greenville News - March 26, 2014

The warning, issued Tuesday by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, comes as the group reports a surge in calls about exposure to e-cigarettes ...

So Far, E-Cigarettes Don't Seem to Have Inspired Many Smokers to ...
Smithsonian - March 26, 2014

When electronic cigarettes began gaining traction several years ago, they were billed as a way to wean smokers off of traditional cigarettes and cut down on smoking-related health problems. So far, however, that doesn't seem to be happening. According to a new study, e-cigarettes have not made a significant difference in the number of people smoking one way or another, Nature News reports.

Fred Lu Joins VMR as Vice President of Products
EIN News (press release) - March 26, 2014

VMR Products (www.vmrproducts.com), a global leader in the electronic cigarette industry and maker of V2, the worldwide online leader in electronic cigarettes, today announced the appointment of product management, chemical and technology expert Fred Lu as Vice President of Products. In this role, Lu is responsible for the planning, organization and engineering of existing and new products.

E-Cigarette Liquid Nicotine Could be Deadly if Misused: FDA Regulations to Come
Science World Report - March 26, 2014

Bubble gum-flavored water vapor in an e-cigarette seems safe, right? According to health officials, this unregulated "e-juice" used in the electronic cigarettes could be extremely harmful

Electronic cigarette company Skycig becomes Blu eCig
Design Week - March 26, 2014

The UKs leading electronic cigarette company Skycig is rebranding as Blu eCigs in May following the acquisition of the company by Lorillard, owner of the best-selling US electronic cigarette brand Blu eCigs.

No longer blowing smoke? E-cigarettes could surpass traditional ...
Macon Telegraph (blog) - March 26, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are winning over smokers so quickly that some analysts predict the battery-powered newcomer could come out on top of traditional cigarettes within a decade. That's unsettling for the farmers and manufacturers who still make North Carolina the national leader in tobacco production and Virginia the leader in cigarette manufacturing. Greensboro, N.C.-based Lorillard, the nation's third-largest tobacco company, has been perhaps the most aggressive, snapping up an established e-cigarette company called Blu in 2012 for $135 million. Lorillard now has nearly half the national market share for e-cigarettes. And the nation's second-largest tobacco company, Reynolds American Inc., based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has launched its own e-cigarette subsidiary, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. It has developed an e-cigarette that, unlike nearly all its rivals, is made in the United States.

Controversy continues over benefits and risks of e-cigarettes
MinnPost.com (blog) - March 26, 2014

Thats why a new study, published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine by researchers at the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, has received such widespread attention. It found that people who use e-cigarettes are no more likely to quit smoking or even reduce their cigarette consumption over a period of a year than those who smoke traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, however, that finding, although interesting, is not definitive.

Are E-Cigarettes A Potential Smoking Cessation Tool?
WWNO - March 25, 2014

But, you know, we have about 42 million smokers in the country. ... cities like New York, Los Angeles, ban e-cigarettes everywhere real cigarettes are banned.

5 Substances in your home more harmful than E-Cigarettes
Examiner.com - March 25, 2014

The results of the report show The top five substance classes most frequently involved in all human exposures were analgesics (11.6%), cosmetics/personal care products (7.9%), household cleaning substances (7.2%), sedatives/hypnotics/antipsychotics (6.1%),and foreign bodies/toys/miscellaneous (4.1%). Electronic cigarette related calls were also recorded in the data gathered by the report, but the number of cases that were reported are not as severe as some news agencies are making them out to be.

E-CIGARETTES: Vaping industry defends its wares
Press-Enterprise - March 25, 2014

Vinh Nguyen gives his customers at Vapor Bombz every warning there is about electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them. 'Juice' poisoning concern scrambles e-cigarette industry into defensive mode. ... California law bans sale of e-cigarettes to minors. ... In its purest form, nicotine, which is extracted from the tobacco plant, can be toxic to the touch. ... from a broken vial, for instance, it could make a person nauseated to the point of vomiting.

Durbin, Democrats Rip E-Cigarettes as 'Candy-Flavored Poisons ...
Roll Call (blog) - March 25, 2014

Seven Senate Democrats are calling on the Food and Drug Administration to regulate electronic cigarettes, citing a new report on nicotine poisoning. Unlike traditional cigarettes and tobacco products, these novel nicotine products are not ... I am all for restricting sales to minors, but adults like flavors too!

Easy remedy to e-cigarette dangers? Opinionline
USA TODAY - March 25, 2014

What people are saying about a New York Times story highlighting risk of liquid nicotine.

Okla. Poison Center: Exposure To Liquid Nicotine Can Be Dangerous
news9.com KWTV - March 25, 2014

A new danger related to e-cigarettes is being felt all over Oklahoma. It's related to the liquid form of nicotine e-cigarettes use. Oklahoma Poison Center Director Scott Schaffer said the liquid nicotine people buy in refill bottles at vape stores can be very dangerous. He said in the past year, his call center has received 27 calls from people who were exposed to liquid nicotine. Twenty-four of those cases involved young children.

Tahlequah street commissioner defends work record
Tahlequah Daily Press - March 25, 2014

During Monday evenings special city council meeting, councilors also: Approved an ordinance prohibiting electronic cigarettes on city property.

Smokers' rights advocates challenge legality of NYC's e-cigarette ban
Daily Caller - March 25, 2014

A New York City law restricting electronic cigarettes is facing a legal challenge. According to the law firm filing the case, the recent ban signed by then Mayor Michael Bloomberg violated the New York State Constitutions and New York City Charters One Subject Rule, which restricts legislation topics to only one subject. Audrey Silk, founder of Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.) and one of the parties behind lawsuit, suggested that critics of e-cigarettes are trying to ban the device not out of concern for the publics health, but because they want smoking to be frowned upon socially.

E-cigarette users want acceptance from non-smokers
NBC40 - March 25, 2014

Holly Lowther has been smoke-free ever since she traded in her cigarettes for a ... A personal vaporizer consists of a wick that carries flavored e-juice to a ...

County board bans electronic cigarettes
Lincoln Journal Star - March 25, 2014

Lancaster County employees will have to put away their electronic cigarettes after the Board of Commissioners banned them in all county-owned buildings and vehicles Tuesday. The battery-operated devices will be treated the same as their tobacco-based counterparts.

Independence looks at e-cigarette ban
KCTV Kansas City - March 25, 2014

Retired physician Dr. Donald Potts went before Independence City Council asking them to consider a city ordinance against e-cigs. Potts said the fake cigarettes powered by a lithium battery still contain nicotine and he's concerned that teenagers will refill them with other dangerous liquids, like antifreeze.

Independence looks at restrictions on e-cigarettes
KSHB - March 25, 2014

The Independence Advisory Board of Health said the council needs to change the city's smoking laws to include e-cigs. Donald Potts, a member of the board, ... Donald Potts, a member of the board, said e-cigarettes are advertised as a way for people to stop smoking. But many who use them also smoke regular cigarettes. "This ordinance is just to level the playing field and include e-cigarettes in the restrictions we have against regular cigarettes in the city of Independence," Potts said.

Santa Clara County moves forward with e-cigarette ban
Vallejo Times-Herald - March 25, 2014

Puffing an electronic cigarette is officially a no-no at Santa Clara County facilities, including Valley Medical Center and other health clinics, after a Tuesday decision to add the vaporizing gadgets to existing tobacco policy. According to nonprofit American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, more than 100 cities and counties in the United States -- many in California -- have placed restrictions on e-smoking, although the breadth of such bans vary greatly.

Health, taxation concerns envelop fast-growing e-cigarette industry
Chattanooga Times Free Press - March 25, 2014

...As of January, 108 municipalities and three states included e-cigarettes as products that are prohibited from use in smoke-free environments, according to the nonprofit Americans for Non-smokers Rights. ...

What Your City Should Know About E-Cigarettes And How Other Cities are Dealing with this Growing Trend
PublicCEO.com - March 25, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have been promoted as a safer alternative to cancer-causing tobacco products that can wean heavy smokers off their habit. But this month, Los Angeles officials joined a growing list of cities that treat e-cigarettes just the same as regular cigarettes, banning their use in parks, restaurants and most workplaces. The decision came after an impassioned, and at times highly personal, debate (according to published reports) at a city council meeting that highlighted the backlash the smokeless cigarettes have generated as their popularity grows. More than 45 communities in California have included e-cigarette regulations in their smoking ordinances. Fifty-nine include e-cigarettes in their tobacco retailer license programs, meaning that those who want to sell e-cigarettes must obtain a license. Also, 21 jurisdictions have included e-cigarettes in smoking provisions that apply to housing complexes. Los Angeles follows in the footsteps of New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston, as well as five states that have restricted vaping in some way. L.A.s ban, however, will allow people to use e-cigarettes in vapor lounges, e-cigarette stores and for filming or theatrical purposes. Local governments in California do have options, ranging from taking no action until the state and federal government issue more guidance and regulations for the industry, to an outright ban on the sale and manufacturing. The question does not appear to be whether the popularity of e-cigarettes will continue to grow, but instead it is where and how such growth will occur. At least for now, the answer rests with local governments.

Outman seeks to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors in Michigan
Greenville Daily News - March 25, 2014

Several pieces of legislation, in both the Michigan Senate and House, have been introduced in a three-bill package to block the sale of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, to minors.

Vaporizing pot pens used to inhale hash, cannabis oil without the ...
WRTV Indianapolis - March 25, 2014

Marijuana vaporizing pens are growing in popularity and although it is against Denver ordinance to smoke pot in public, police have difficulty identifying the odorless products.

Vapor Corp. Chooses Arrae Creative for Promotion at Colorado's Snowball Music Festival
PRNewswire March 25, 2014

Vapor Corp. (OTCQB: VPCO), one of the world's largest suppliers of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, has selected Arrae Creative Agency as its agency lead for marketing in Colorado's Snowball Music Festival on April 4-6, 2014. Vapor Corp. will be the exclusive electronic cigarettes company at the festival. ...

Orland Park considering e-cigarette restrictions
Chicago Tribune - March 25, 2014

Orland Park officials are considering restricting use of electronic cigarettes, citing growing interest from vendors eager to sell the devices in local malls. "This needs to go in our no smoking ordinance. They're preying on our young population, and it's just another incentive to smoke, especially if they're in kiosks in malls," Trustee Kathleen Fenton said at a Development Services, Planning and Engineering committee meeting last week. ...

Johnson County supervisors discuss use of e-cigarettes
The Gazette - March 25, 2014

The Johnson County board of supervisors are taking part in the discussion of e-cigarettes, but are focusing on the terminology of what to call the fast-rising products, rather than discussing the health aspects. ...

Misuse of 'e-juice' for electronic cigarettes can be deadly
Kansas City Star - March 25, 2014

Michael Wooderson used to sell bubble gum-flavored nicotine e-juice at Aqueous ... tend to inhale even more puffs than they would with a tobacco cigarette. ...

e-Cigarette ban OK'd by Senate
The Advocate - March 25, 2014

The Louisiana Senate on Monday night advanced legislation banning sale of e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products to minors. The Senate voted ...

Minn Senate to take up E-cigs
KFGO - March 25, 2014

ST. PAUL, Minn (KFGO AM) -- A bill that would prohibit E-cigarette sales to minors, and prohibit using them wherever regular cigarettes are banned is headed to ...

City Council approves change to St. Peter tobacco ordinance
Southernminn.com - March 25, 2014

City Council members approved a modification to St. Peter's tobacco ordinance Monday, making it necessary for merchants to hold a license to sell e-cigarettes...

City urged to restrict e-cigarettes
Blue Springs Examiner - March 25, 2014

People will use them when they have to, he said, such as in non-smoking areas, but then they go back to regular cigarettes. In Potts' information packet he ...

E-cigarettes policy on school board agenda
North Platte Telegraph - March 25, 2014

The North Platte School Board will consider banning e-cigarettes and look-a-like tobacco chew as they look to update the district's tobacco policy tonight.

New York City E-Cig Ban Faces Legal Challenge
Wall Street Journal - March 25, 2014

E-cigarettes, which release vaporized nicotine instead of smoke, were added to the city's 2002 Smoke-Free Air Acta law banning smoking from places like ...

Smokers group files lawsuit against NYC e-cigarette ban
Politics on the Hudson (blog) - March 25, 2014

A New York City smokers-advocacy group filed a lawsuit Tuesday to overturn the ban on electronic cigarettes in places where tobacco cigarettes are also banned. Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that simulate smoking and can release both nicotine-laced vapor or non-nicotine vapor, Gannetts Ashley Hupfl reports. New York City Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment claim electronic cigarettes do not fall under the Smoke-Free Air Act because the purpose of the law is to protect citizens from second-hand smoke exposure and the group claims electronic cigarettes are not harmful to others.

Smokers' Rights Group Files Suit to Stop NYC Electronic Cigarette ...
MMD Newswire (press release) - March 25, 2014

New York, NY (MMD Newswire) March 25, 2014 - Today, NYC Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment (C.L.A.S.H.) and advocate Russ Wishtart, through their attorneys Joshpe Law Group, filed a lawsuit against New York City and the New York City Council seeking to overturn the public ban on electronic cigarettes (e-cigs).

Ohio Gov. John R.Kasich signs several bills into law
The Harrison Press (subscription) - March 25, 2014

Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich recently signed the following pieces of legislation into law: Sub. HB 144 - includes alternative nicotine products within the restrictions that currently apply to the sale or distribution to, and possession or use by, minors of cigarettes and other tobacco products and to declare an emergency. ...

E-cig plan sounds counterproductive
The Baytown Sun - March 25, 2014

The e-cigarette is helping and has helped people stop smoking. ... We ban smoking here and there but take away a substitute for no good reason, because it ...

Vermont vapers cheesed off by tax proposal
R Street - March 25, 2014

The Vermont Legislature is considering a new (vastly higher) tax on e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco that would treat them very much like cigarettes.

Alarm raised over poisoning risk from e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
Today.com - March 25, 2014

There was a 307 percent increase in total e-cigarette related poisoning cases from 2012-2013, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Liquid nicotine, also called e-liquid, is a potential toxin when ingested and when it comes into contact with skin. Some potential symptoms of exposure to nicotine include rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness. Severe exposure can potentially cause seizures leading to coma and death.

E-cigarette use not linked to quitting smoking: study
Times LIVE - March 25, 2014

"Regulations should prohibit advertising claiming or suggesting that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices until claims are supported by scientific ...

Investigation reveals e-cigarette smokers may inhale metal [VIDEO]
Anderson Independent Mail - March 25, 2014

In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist invented the e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking. Instead of lighting up traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes, smokers use a ... for adolescents," he said, adding the slick advertising is attractive to kids, too.

E-cigarettes won't help you quit, study finds
Science Recorder - March 25, 2014

By analyzing self-reported data from 949 smokers, the researchers were able to determine if e-cigarettes were associated with more successful quitting or reduced cigarette consumption. According to a new report from researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, is not associated with increased rates of quitting smoking or reduced cigarette consumption following one year of use. The report appears in JAMA Internal Medicine in an article titled A Longitudinal Analysis of Electronic Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation.

UK: Skycig To Spend 20m On New Brand Positioning
Namnews - March 25, 2014

SKYCIG, a leading electronic cigarette brand in the UK, has announced that it will ... quality cartridge refills, disposable e-cigarettes and charging accessories. ... including Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Rich Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, ...

Editorial: FDA must regulate e-cigarettes, liquid nicotine
Troy Record - March 25, 2014

The need to regulate electronic cigarettes and the liquid nicotine that fuels them is obvious there is nothing to stop children from buying them, and some are marketed with bright colors and flavors like vanilla cupcake and peach-mango.

Teenage e-cigarette use likely gateway to smoking, study finds
NorthJersey.com - March 25, 2014

E-cigarettes, which are facing bans by municipalities and scrutiny from U.S. regulators, received another setback from scientists: A report released Thursday suggests the devices may be a gateway to old-fashioned, cancer-causing smoking by teens. Youths who reported having used an e-cigarette were six times as likely to smoke a traditional cigarette as those who had never tried an e-cigarette, according to a study in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

E-cigarette industry fumes over report
OCRegister - March 25, 2014

The New York Times noted that Minnesota's poison-control center received 74 calls in 2013 related to poisoning cases from e-cigs or nicotine. Of those, 29 were ...

The NY Times is blowing smoke: Toothpaste poisons more people than vaping liquid
Digital Trends - March 25, 2014

Scary stuff, to be sure. Unfortunately, the Times report sends entirely the wrong message. The problem here isnt inherent in, or unique to e-liquid or e-cigarettes. The problem is as is so often the case with avoidable accidents ignorant, irresponsible people. More importantly, the problem isnt nearly as widespread as the Times report implies.

Electronic Cigarettes vs. E Hookah Pens: What's The Difference?
PR Newswire - March 25, 2014

The electronic cigarette has rapidly become one of the fastest selling products in recent history. With sales surpassing $1.7 Billion in in the United States in 2013, even Big Tobacco cant help but bite a chunk out of this ever growing pie. Through the acquisition of up and coming e-cigarette companies such as Blu Cigs and GreenSmoke, and the development of their very own line of e-cigs, the three largest tobacco companies in the world are now major players in the e cigarette industry.

US academic calls on State to regulate e-cigarettes
Irish Times - March 25, 2014

A Harvard professor has called on the Government to show leadership in the EU by regulating electronic cigarettes as medical devices. Prof Gregory Connolly, director of the Center for Global Tobacco Control at Harvard, argues that if unregulated, e-cigarettes could be the panacea for the tobacco industrys woes by discouraging quitting and encouraging children to take up smoking. However, if regulated, e-cigarettes could offer a miracle for getting people to quit smoking. Prof Connolly was in Dublin yesterday to mark the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the workplace smoking ban at an event in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI). The reason why I came here is to tell this nation you need to go in and show leadership within the EU. Youve got to pass a law here regulating [e-cigarettes] as medical devices, he told The Irish Times...

Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned?
SantaCruz.com - March 25, 2014

But new rounds of smoking bans, including the UC-wide smoking ban, which took effect on January 1, are increasingly banning the use of e-cigarettes and ..

SF's Board Of Supervisors Unanimously Passes Ordinance Regulating Use and Sales of E-Cigarettes
The San Francisco Appeal - March 25, 2014

Smoking e-cigarettes is getting harder to do in parts of the Bay Area after the San Francisco and Santa Clara County boards of supervisors approved restrictions on the devices today. An ordinance regulating use and sales of electronic cigarettes was unanimously passed in a final vote at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting this afternoon. Supervisor Eric Mar sponsored the bill that prohibits use of electronic cigarettes where traditional cigarettes are already banned.

E-cigarettes included in Santa Cruz tobacco smoking regulations
Santa Cruz Sentinel - March 25, 2014

"Smoking" electronic cigarettes earned treatment equal to its tobacco-smoking cousin by a vote of the Santa Cruz City Council Tuesday afternoon. The council unanimously approved an update to its city ordinances to include the battery-powered "e-cigarettes," which emit vapor and typically contain nicotine and other flavorings. ...

Mailbag: Vaping done right can be good
Huntington Beach Independent - March 25, 2014

Patrice Apodaca's column "Clear air about vaping" (March 20, Huntington Beach Independent) was interesting to read, although heavily slanted. Vaping has gotten a large amount of press on the downside, and I agree it can be harmful if misused. Parents should make it a priority to be aware of what their children are doing and warn them of the dangers of misuse. But there is also an upside to vaping.

Cerritos council to vote on more than $334000 in park upgrades
Long Beach Press-Telegram - March 25, 2014

Lakewood, Long Beach and Los Angeles have approved regulations treating e-cigs the same as traditional tobacco products, meaning they can't be used in ...

E-Cigarette industry being unfairly attacked over availability of E-Liquid
Examiner.com - March 24, 2014

On March 23, 2013, New York Times reporter Matt Richtel reported a story titled: Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes which many Vapers are calling an unfair attack on the electronic cigarette industry. This of course is just one of the most recent news stories being reported on the e-cigarette industry which seems to be based more on sensationalism more than facts. This problem is one that is increasing across all major news outlets and is one that many people want to see stopped. A forum post on e-Cigarette Forum has several people in the Vaping Community outraged at this type of reporting.

Chevron to Sell American Heritage E-Cigs
CSPnet.com - March 24, 2014

LAS VEGAS -- American Heritage International Inc. said that its premium brand of disposable electronic cigarettes is now available for purchase in select ...

Study raises questions about if e-cigarettes help smokers quit
Boston Globe - March 24, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are certainly trendy look no further than the Vapefest taking place in the nations capital this week but whether inhaling nicotine vapors actually helps smokers quit traditional cigarettes remains a subject of fierce debate. A new study is bound to add fuel to the fire. Researchers followed nearly 1,000 smokers for a year and found that those who used e-cigarettes were no more likely to quit smoking or reduce their dependence on tobacco cigarettes compared to those who werent using the products at the beginning of the study. But the research, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine also raises more questions than answers since only 88 of the 949 smokers in the study reported using e-cigarettes.

Pittsburgh not immune to poisonings related to e-cigarettes
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - March 24, 2014

Reports of poisonings have been cropping up all over -- Minnesota, Missouri, Utah, Nebraska, Kentucky, Oklahoma, even Sweden. In Britain, a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy in February died within hours of chewing a bottle of nicotine-laced juice used to fuel the new rage: electronic cigarettes. Pittsburgh has not been immune. Since the first case of e-cigarette poisoning in Pittsburgh was reported in 2009, the number of cases -- children and adults -- has consistently gone up. The number of incidents rose from 12 in 2012 to 18 in 2013, according to the Pittsburgh Poison Center. There have already been seven reports so far this year -- putting 2014 on track to exceed last year's total.

Bill banning e-cigarette sales to minors moves through House
WOKV - March 24, 2014

A bill aimed at keeping e-cigarettes out of the hands of minors will soon head to the ... Renuart says although they don't contain tobacco, they do have nicotine ...

Santa Cruz may join regulatory trend for e-cigarettes
Santa Cruz Sentinel - March 24, 2014

Electronic cigarettes may join traditional tobacco in the doghouse of the city's smoke-free regulations, joining similar efforts across California and the country. The Santa Cruz City Council meets Tuesday afternoon to hear a proposed update to the city's tobacco-related ordinances.

Santa Cruz considers e-cigarette ban in public spaces
KSBW The Central Coast - March 24, 2014

Santa Cruz is looking at joining 45 other communities in California that have included electronic cigarette regulations in their smoking ordinances.

E-cig ordinance fizzles in Harrison City Council committee ($$)
Harrison Daily - March 24, 2014

Harrison City Council committees decided Thursday night to postpone any action on a proposed ordinance banning electronic cigarettes from any place where state law prohibits smoking tobacco, but not before discussion on both sides of the issue. ...

Fremont extends moratorium on e-cigarette retail stores and lounges for two years
Fremont Bulletin - March 24, 2014

Fremont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend a temporary moratorium on e-cigarette retail stores, lounges and vapor bars that was put into effect at the council's Feb. 11 meeting. The 22- month and 15-day extension was given in order to provide staff with additional time to adequately study the issue before coming back to council with a recommendation on the city's stance on e-cigarettes. Fremont has joined cities across the Bay Area in studying the effects of electronic smoking devices. The city of Milpitas voted unanimously this Tuesday as well to ban e-smoking devices near playgrounds and city facilities and to restrict sales of e-cigarettes to those 18 years old and older, as the city already does with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigs' dangerous luring of youths
Napa Valley Register - March 24, 2014

Heres hoping Napa County teenagers and their parents are not being taken in by the e-cigarette companies hype that e-cigarettes are safe alternatives to regular cigarettes, and a great way to quit smoking. There is zero independent science to back those claims up.

Santa Clara County considers adding e-cigarettes to smoking laws
San Jose Mercury News - March 24, 2014

On Tuesday, county supervisors will consider a resolution that would add electronic vapor inhalers to current anti-tobacco ordinances. Specifically, it would outlaw use of the gadgets at county buildings, including health-care facilities, with a 30-foot no-puff zone around doors, vents and windows. It would also prohibit use in county vehicles. According to a staff report, more than 100 cities and counties in the United States -- more than 40 in California -- have placed such restrictions on electronic cigarettes.

Santa Clara County Considers E-Cigarette Regulations [VIDEO]
NBC Bay Area - March 24, 2014

Billed as a safer, cleaner way to get a nicotine fix, electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity. But how safe they are is still up for debate. "I don't like them ...

How they voted: Meeting results for North County agencies
U-T San Diego - March 24, 2014

The Del Mar City Council on Monday directed staff to draft an ordinance that amends the municipal code to include e-cigarettes in the definition of smoking; ...

Louisiana Corrections Department presents budget, e-cigarettes bill ...
The Times-Picayune - March 24, 2014

The Senate will take a floor vote on prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes and similar devices to minors. ...

Growing use of e-cigarettes draws attention of entrepreneurs, lawmakers
Baltimore Sun - March 24, 2014

Annapolis businessman David Purdy started smoking when he was 15. He tried nicotine patches to kick the addiction. Later, he tried Nicorette gum. Neither ...

Northampton extends smoking ban to include private clubs, municipal parks, recreation areas
MassLive.com - March 24, 2014

Smokers at the American Legion post in Florence had better take that last drag while they can. The tobacco world has just gotten smaller in Northampton. And that goes for electronic cigarettes, too. Last week, the Board of Health expanded the no smoking regulations [see the full regulations embedded at the end of this story] in the city to include private clubs, municipal parks and recreation areas. ...

Northampton health officials tighten anti-smoking restrictions to include many outdoor sites
Greenfield Daily Reporter - March 24, 2014

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts Northampton health officials have tightened restrictions on smoking, barring tobacco and e-cigarettes from many outdoor areas. The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports (http://bit.ly/1f6rdGh) that the city's Board of Health banned smoking in public and private clubs, city parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming areas, nursing homes and within 25 feet of city buildings, outdoor areas of restaurants and bus stops and taxi cab waiting areas. The regulations take effect June 1. ...

Rules requested for e-cigarettes in Genesee County
The Flint Journal - March 24, 2014

The county's top public health official could make recommendations for regulating electronic cigarettes in a matter of weeks. Members of the Board of Commissioners have asked Health Officer Mark Valacak to bring them his recommendations for regulating the nicotine-delivery devices, which could range from age requirements for buyers to treating the product like tobacco and banning its use in public places. ...

NJ Assembly budget chairman says no to tax on electronic cigarettes
The Star-Ledger - March 24, 2014

TRENTON The Assembly's point man on the budget indicated today that he would not support a tax on electronic cigarettes , which has been proposed by ...

Schaer: Budget Committee needs to find $35 million
The Ocean Signal - March 24, 2014

Electronic cigarettes not only spur commerce, but will save lives and wean people away from tobacco, according to advocates who testified this morning before ...

Vapefest shows e-cigarette-users have developed their own subculture
Standard-Examiner - March 24, 2014

HERNDON, Va. -- The scent on the breeze is -- what? Guava, with a hint of lion's mane? Or maybe a cocktail of vanilla and cherry menthol and jungle juice. Past the hotel lobby, the haze thickens. Smells sharpen, then muddle, then sharpen again. It's smoky, except it's not, because it is vapor that's being expelled in great white plumes in the ballroom, which is clogged with vapers, because this is Vapefest. An announcement is being made.

Full steam ahead: The e-cigarette market is returning cigarette advertising to TV screens
The Drum - March 24, 2014

It's almost 50 years since cigarette advertising was banned from British TV, and two ... tobacco firms pour millions of pounds into electronic cigarette advertising. ... Some of the the appeal of e-cigarettes, let's be candid, is that you can use them ...

Liquid nicotine: Just a teaspoon could kill
USA TODAY - March 24, 2014

It can be bought on the Internet in flavors like chocolate and bubble gum and just a teaspoon could kill a child: The New York Times takes a look at liquid nicotine, the e-liquid used in e-cigarettes, which it describes as a "powerful neurotoxin ... far more dangerous than tobacco."

The Real Dangers Of Liquid Nicotine
Forbes - March 24, 2014

As vaping becomes more popular with new flavors, aromas and colors to entice the public, a growing dangerhighlighted in todays New York Times article outlining the toxicity of liquid nicotinepoints out the real risks of this emerging trend.

SONE ventures into e-cigarette sector with three year contract
bdaily - March 24, 2014

... this market that market research company *Euromonitor, estimates by 2050 that a full 4% of the global smoking market will have switched over to e-cigarettes.

Quitters say ban is unfair, but there is no conclusive evidence on using e-cigarettes to quit
Irish Times - March 24, 2014

... even banned the consumption of e-cigarettes. These battery-powered devices resemble cigarettes and deliver nicotine via inhaled ...

Airport and Aviva to join ban on e-cigs unregulated: E-cigarette
Herald.ie - March 24, 2014

THE capital is one step closer to being totally vape-free, with Dublin Airport and the Aviva Stadium becoming the latest places to ban the use of electronic cigarettes. They join Irish Rail, Bus Eireann and Dublin Bus which recently announced that they were banning the practice.

Selling a Poison by the Barrel: Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes
New York Times - March 23, 2014

A dangerous new form of a powerful stimulant is hitting markets nationwide, for sale by the vial, the gallon and even the barrel. The drug is nicotine, in its potent, liquid form extracted from tobacco and tinctured with a cocktail of flavorings, colorings and assorted chemicals to feed the fast-growing electronic cigarette industry. These e-liquids, the key ingredients in e-cigarettes, are powerful neurotoxins. Tiny amounts, whether ingested or absorbed through the skin, can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal. A teaspoon of even highly diluted e-liquid can kill a small child. But, like e-cigarettes, e-liquids are not regulated by federal authorities.

Unanswered questions put cloud over e-cigarettes
Buffalo News - March 23, 2014

Whatever your experience is with electronic cigarettes, it seems that the battery-powered devices, which deliver a form of nicotine and mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes, are here to stay, according to Consumer Reports. Sales grew from about $500 million in 2012 to an estimated $1.5 billion in 2013. Thats a fraction of the tobacco cigarette market roughly $100 billion per year but reflects a 200 percent growth, in contrast to the steady decline in tobacco cigarette sales. In the meantime, some states and municipalities most recently New York City have enacted bans on e-cigarettes in public parks and indoor venues where cigarette smoking isnt allowed. You can find a list of local bans at no-smoke.org/pdf/ecigslaws.pdf.

E-Cigs get a closer look by the FDA.....do you know what you're (really) smoking?
The Virginian-Pilot - March 23, 2014

E-cigarettes have not been fully studied so consumers currently don't know: The potential risks of e-cigarettes when used as intended. How much nicotine or ...

No longer blowing smoke? E-cigarettes could surpass traditional brands, experts say
Charlotte Observer - March 23, 2014

...When change has come for tobacco during its nearly two centuries as a star of North Carolinas economy, it usually has arrived at a leisurely pace. Not this time. The crop and products made from it face something that has gutted or transformed many other industries in recent years: a disruptive technology. ...

Few bans on selling, using, promoting e-cigarettes
Great Falls Tribune - March 23, 2014

There arent a lot of laws and regulations governing e-cigarettes, officials say, and that could be either because their health risks and benefits havent been thoroughly studied yet or because restrictions on tobacco cigarettes were written before their electronic versions came into regular use. For instance, the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act, which bans tobacco smoking in public enclosed places, does not prohibit the use of electric cigarettes, said Nicole Bronec, youth tobacco prevention coordinator with the City-County Health Department. ...

EDITORIAL: Local governments must restrict e-cigarettes
Fresno Bee - March 23, 2014

But this nation reached that conclusion only after decades of studies, millions of deaths from lung cancer and heart attacks, and tobacco company lies. We learned the cigarette lesson the hard way. We shouldn't repeat that with the next generation of the burning tobacco stick -- electronic cigarettes. ...

Unanswered questions put cloud over e-cigarettes
Buffalo News - March 23, 2014

Whatever your experience is with electronic cigarettes, it seems that the battery-powered devices, which deliver a form of nicotine and mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes, are here to stay, according to Consumer Reports. Sales grew from about $500 million in 2012 to an estimated $1.5 billion in 2013. Thats a fraction of the tobacco cigarette market roughly $100 billion per year but reflects a 200 percent growth, in contrast to the steady decline in tobacco cigarette sales. In the meantime, some states and municipalities most recently New York City have enacted bans on e-cigarettes in public parks and indoor venues where cigarette smoking isnt allowed. You can find a list of local bans at no-smoke.org/pdf/ecigslaws.pdf. ...

WT bans e-cigarette use inside buildings
Amarillo.com - March 23, 2014

...Barraza, a West Texas A&M University senior, smoked e-cigarettes indoors on the WT campus until a recent policy change banned their use inside buildings. I see peoples point that they dont want people smoking indoors, even if its just vapor; but on the same token, it doesnt seem to be nearly as dangerous as cigarettes, he said. ...

Paris City Council expected to adopt ban Monday on smoking in and around restaurants and other public places
eParisExtra.com - March 23, 2014

The Paris City Council is expected on Monday to adopt an amended smoking ordinance that will add restaurants, ballparks and bowling alleys to the prohibited list. .. The compromise also omits any mention of electronic cigarettes. Task force members didn't feel there is adequate scientific proof of the danger of E-cigarettes. ...

On the Job: Point Vaper opens in Stevens Point
Stevenspointjournal - March 23, 2014

Point Vaper sells electronic cigarettes, various accessories and liquids. ... location sealed his decision to open an electronic cigarette shop in Stevens Point. ... about 30 flavored liquids, and has the ability to create roughly 100 custom flavors.

A New Study Has the Potential to Kill the E-Cigarette Market
A new study has linked e-cig use to higher youth smoking rates, and this is a problem for Altria, Reynolds American, and Lorillard
Motley Fool - March 22, 2014

Anyone who has been watching the electronic-cigarette, or e-cig, debate knows that a key argument used to support possible regulation is the belief that e-cigs normalize, or encourage, the action of smoking. As of yet, this has been nothing but hot air from health campaigners and government agencies. But a new study has released groundbreaking data showing that there is in fact a link between the use of e-cigs and traditional cigarettes among US adolescents.

CDC: One in five adult smokers have tried e-cigarettes
The Sun - March 22, 2014

"If large numbers of adult smokers become users of both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes -- rather than using e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes completely -- the ...

Invitation to All Points: Council considers restrictions on e-cigarettes
Fort Worth Star Telegram - March 22, 2014

The Fort Worth City Council is considering a ban of electronic cigarette sales to minors, following actions taken by several other cities in Texas and elsewhere. Proponents of e-cigarettes see them as a helpful and healthier tool in promoting smoking cessation, and opponents believe they are a gateway to tobacco cigarette smoking. But the FDA has yet to issue guidelines about the potential health risks of e-cigarettes. ...

Baytown should ban e-cigs too ($$)
The Baytown Sun - March 22, 2014

The City of Baytown is considering adding e-cigarettes to its public-smoking ban ordinance. The proposal would prohibit them from being sold to minors and ban them in public places where smoking is banned. ...

E-cigarettes included in West Deptford smoking ban
Gloucester County Times - March 22, 2014

There is no scientific proof that (electronic cigarettes) are harmful, she later added. If you're going to ban E-cigarettes, then under the same argument you ...

North Shore teens join efforts to fight smoking
The Salem News - March 22, 2014

Teens are kicking butts 86 percent of Massachusetts youth dont smoke, according to The 84, a statewide anti-smoking group. On the North Shore, Peabody, Danvers and Swampscott teens have launched their own chapters of the group and joined 200 of their peers for a day at the Statehouse. The teens point to e-cigarettes, tobacco products flavored like candy, product placement ... There is no federal or state law restricting age on an e-cigarette sale.

Some fume over town e-cigarette regs (VIDEO)
The Sun March 22, 2014

...But the Farbers say they're worried their business will suffer now that the Board of Health voted this month to ban the sale of all tobacco products and e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 21. The town is the first in the area to take this step, while only about 10 others in Massachusetts have adopted a similar regulation. Those on the list include Arlington, Canton, Dedham, Hudson, Needham and Scituate. ...

Makers, sellers of electronic cigarettes could face taxes
fox4kc.com - March 22, 2014

Starting in July, it will be illegal for retailers like Kansas City Vapes to sell e-cigarettes to minors in the state of Kansas. The Federal Drug Administration said it intends to regulate e-cigarettes just like it regulates normal cigarettes, which leaves them wide open to being taxed in any state.

Council panel OKs parks smoking ban ($$)
Maui News - March 22, 2014

A Maui County Council committee recommended passage of a bill Friday to ban smoking at all county parks and beaches, but it decided to remove language that would have also banned electronic cigarettes...

Q-Line: Up in vapor
Santa Monica Daily Press - March 22, 2014

A tenants rights group in Santa Monica is asking city officials to ban e-cigarettes, a relatively new technology that delivers nicotine in the form of a vapor instead of smoke. So, this weeks Q-Line question asks: Do you think e-cigs are dangerous and why?

Op-Ed: Will marijuana vaping escape San-Fran's e-cig ban?
DigitalJournal.com - March 22, 2014

But marijuana advocates report that rules regarding e-cigs proposed by Supervisor Eric Mars would most definitely be applied to cannabis vape pens ...

County Moves to Regulate E-Cigarettes
San Jose Inside (blog) - March 22, 2014

Until now, electronic cigarette users have enjoyed unfettered freedom to vape when and where they please. But Santa Clara County supervisors want to catch up with the trend and pull it under the purview of existing anti-smoking laws....

South County cities consider e-cigarette regulations
OCRegister - March 21, 2014

Aliso Viejo looks at prohibiting smoking lounges in some areas; Laguna Niguel eyes law ... Though he does not smoke, he said he didn't want to further restrict ...

The City of Santa Monica is taking steps that could lead to the ...
Santa Monica Mirror - March 21, 2014

Over time, cigarette smoking has become heavily regulated and has formed a ... as Los Angeles from banning e-cigarette use in public places within its borders. ... which governs the European Union, reportedly passed a ban on e-cigarette ...

San Francisco Restricts E-Cigarette Sales
NACS Online - March 21, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – San Francisco's Board of Supervisors has approved regulations that place electronic cigarettes with all other tobacco products, thus ...

Hookah Pens attracting young kids to smoking
WWLP 22News - March 21, 2014

...Thursday night she has a warning for parents about E-cigarettes with nicotine, especially the types called hookah pens. “If a pack of cigarettes has 20 cigarettes ...

Lawmaker plans to ban e-cig sales to minors
khon2.com - March 21, 2014

Senator Josh Greenwants to ban children under 18 from purchasing and using ... of the tars from other resins like marijuana resin smoking that,” said Green.

Assembly 2014: Guns, drug tests, income tax -- but no marijuana
13WMAZ - March 21, 2014

It will be illegal to sell smokeless so-called e-cigarettes to minors or for teens to possess them. People on food stamps can be drug tested if state officials have a ...

Indy airport board bans e-cigarettes
wishtv.com - March 21, 2014

1 hour ago - INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Airport Authority on Friday amended its ... the buildings and vehicles owned by the Indianapolis International Airport. The airport had already banned the use of traditional cigarettes, ...

Use of e-cigarettes prohibited at Indianapolis International Airport
Fox 59 ?- March 21, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 21, 2014)—An expanded smoking ordinance approved by the Indianapolis Airport Authority Board of Directors will ..

E-cigarettes banned from county buildings
Clinton Herald - March 21, 2014

CLINTON — It is official — the use of electronic cigarettes will no longer be permitted inside Clinton County buildings. A vote on Monday unanimously passed ...

Vapors store opens
Hays Daily News - March 21, 2014

Amanda Davis's father-in-law smoked two packs of cigarettes each day. After he experienced ... Davis describes vapor pens as "electronic cigarettes but better."...

M.D. Harmon: Resistance to safer 'e-cigs' may reveal more ominous ...
Press Herald - March 21, 2014

...Never having smoked cigarettes, I have always observed both smokers' efforts to quit and government regulation of their behavior from a certain distance. ...

What is, or is not, safe for others to inhale? (Cumberland Times-News)
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online - March 21, 2014

Research indicates that emissions from e-cigarettes pose no apparent health risks to innocent bystanders — which doesn't mean there is no risk. E-cigarettes ...

Graham: War on bottles, not bongs
Boston Herald - March 21, 2014

E-cigarettes create nothing but water vapor, while pot can create an entire generation of sofa-surfing losers digging change out of the cushions to buy another ...

New data shows spike in smokeless tobacco sales
Medical Xpress (PhysOrg.com) - March 21, 2014

The number of smokeless tobacco products sold in Massachusetts is soaring, as are the levels of nicotine packed into many of them, according to a new analysis from UMass Medical School and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH).

March 21, 2014 Daily Poll
WWLP - March 21, 2014

... will be prohibited in public and private clubs, workplaces, city parks, and recreational areas in Northampton. This includes electronic cigarettes as well.

Honoring work done, identifying work ahead
Sentinel and Enterprise - March 21, 2014

Richard Hooks Wayman, CEO of LUK inc., in Fitchburg, asked for support on a bill that would ban the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free areas and ban the sale of ...

Tim Skubick: E-cigarettes bill would ban sales to minors; so what's ...
MLive.com - March 21, 2014

Ban those under 18 from smoking e-cigarettes. Last week the state senate approved the ban and earlier this week a house committee voted to do the same, ...

Snyder Wants E-Cigs Controlled And Possibly Taxed
News Radio Wood - March 21, 2014

Michigan lawmakers appear to be scrambling to outlaw e-cigarettes for children, but Governor Snyder says that does not go far enough. He says e-cigs ought to ...

E-cig sales ban for minors sent to final Neb. vote
KTIV - March 21, 2014

(AP) - A proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors in Nebraska is headed to a ... from parents who might want to use e-cigarettes to help a child quit smoking.

Proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors headed to final vote in ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - March 21, 2014

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors in ... heard from parents who might want to use e-cigarettes to help a child quit smoking. ...

Thieves Target E-Cigarette Stores
1011now - March 21, 2014

For years cigarettes have been a hot commodity. Now electronic cigarettes are sweeping the nation, becoming more and more popular, not just with customers. ...

Davis will advance e-cigarette bill in 2015
Hillsboro Tribune - March 21, 2014

A bill to regulate “electronic cigarette” sales to minors in the same way tobacco products are regulated will have to wait for the beginning of the next session of ...

Socorro bans electronic cigarettes
KVIA El Paso - March 21, 2014

The Socorro City Council voted Thursday to add e-cigarettes to the city's public smoking ban. Socorro is the first city in the El Paso metropolitan area that has ...

Fort Worth looks at banning e-cig sales to minors
Fort Worth Star Telegram - March 20, 2014

In February, the Fort Worth ISD banned the use of e-cigarettes on district property ... city in Texas that does not ban tobacco smoking in bars, so a broader ban on ...

Teens Who Use E-Cigarettes More Likely to Smoke Real Cigarettes
TestCountry.com (blog) - March 21, 2014

“The use of e-cigarettes does not discourage, and may encourage, conventional cigarette use among U.S. adolescents,” the researchers, led by Stanton Glantz ...

E-Cig Entrepreneurs Say No to Proposed 'Sin' Taxes
Fox Business - March 21, 2014

According to analysis from the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, federal taxation on e-cigarettes could lead to a 20% drop in sales. And e-cigarette ...

Clinical trial: e-cigarettes are satisfying cigarette substitutes
R Street - March 21, 2014

A clinical trial demonstrates that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine, reduce craving and satisfy vapers. The research, published in Scientific Reports, is the work of ...

E-Cigarette Sales Set to Surge in 2014
Convenience Store Decisions - March 21, 2014

...Even though e-cigarette category dollar sales started 2014 with slight deceleration, growth is expected to remain “robust” going forward, according to ...

E-cigarette Businesses Can Profit From Tobacco Bans
Guardian Liberty Voice - March 21, 2014

Georgia announced a ban on all tobacco use on university campuses, effect next ... Georgia plans to institute its no smoking policy on all college and university ...

Do E-Cigs Save Money Over Cigarettes?
SavingAdvice.com - March 21, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as e-cigs, have become more common over the past decade. You might have seen someone smoking one in public ...

The VAULT Vaporizer Hits E-Cigarette Market as Stigma of Smoke ...
EIN News (press release) - March 21, 2014

While the company does offer a line of e-cigarettes and e-cigars, they are promoting The VAULT as the next evolution of vaping. The Vault is a larger product, ...

American Heritage International Inc (OTCBB:AHII)'s Climb Continues
HotStocked - March 21, 2014

Three weeks later, they informed us that the American Heritage e-cigs have hit the shelves of some stores in New York which should give the company quite a ...

Ireland should lead the e-cigarette way
Irish Medical Times - March 21, 2014

Health promotion has reached a plateau in helping save smokers' lives and it's time ... Decades later, Micheál Martin introduced a smoking ban, which has been ...

OK To Vape In The Office? Cities, Feds and Firms Still Deciding [AUDIO]
NPR - March 21, 2014

E-cigarettes aren't yet federally regulated as tobacco products, but many cities and some states are already moving to include the devices in their smoking bans. Such bans are raising a debate about whether e-cigarettes should be permitted to be used in smoke-free workplaces. "Smoking is smoking is smoking," says Cynthia Hallett, executive director of the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, a group that organized in the 1970s and '80s to support anti-smoking laws in the workplace. "E-cigarettes are definitely reigniting old debates," says Hallett. "I feel like I'm in a time machine. I'm having a terrible case of deja vu." As more traditional tobacco companies, such as Altria and Reynolds, invest more in the budding e-cigarette business, Hallett says the rhetoric suggesting that vaping is a more healthful alternative ramps up. " 'Gee, I can't smell it, so therefore it's not a problem,' should not be your benchmark for determining whether or not e-cigarettes are dangerous," Hallett says. ...

Vapor Cigarettes Look to Take Bite out of Big Tobacco
Daily News Miner - March 20, 2014 7:15 am

(NewsUSA) - For decades, tobacco companies have signified big business. Now, however, with the continuing decline in U.S. sales, the once booming industry has been working to protect its multi-billion-dollar bottom line by relying on its global reach into Asia and other continents.

San Mateo County flirts with the idea of banning smoking inside ...
San Jose Mercury News-by Bonnie Eslinger - March 20, 2014

The ordinance also would ban smoking in common areas of those buildings, including hallways, paths, lobbies, courtyards, elevators, stairs, community rooms, ...

Milpitas council extends smoking ban to e-cigarettes
Milpitas Post - March 20, 2014

Milpitas council extends smoking ban to e-cigarettes ... Still, resident Robert Marini, who generally approved of banning smoking to those younger than 18, ...

Northampton health board approves new smoking restrictions
GazetteNET - March 20, 2014

NORTHAMPTON — City smokers have until June 1 before new regulations take effect that will ... Sales of blunt wraps in the city will also be banned under the new ... said he comes from a family of smokers and is in favor of the ban in parks, ...

Concord Currents: What's new and happening in Concord
Boston.com - March 20, 2014

These revisions are aimed at reducing youth access to tobacco and nicotine ... The Board of Health is also considering prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in all ...

NJ Proposal To Raise Tax On E-Cigarettes Met With Resistance By ...
CBS Local - March 20, 2014

Joe Vitale, said he heard the same argument when New Jersey's smoke-free ban went into effect. “It was also the end of the world for the business community ...

Electronics cigarette lands man a traffic ticket in Upstate New York
Examiner.com - March 20, 2014

You are driving down the road on your way to the grocery store and you look over to see someone puffing away on an electronic cigarette. No big deal, right? ...

MCTC board approves 2014-15 tuition increase
Huntington Herald Dispatch - March 20, 2014

In other business, the board approved amendments to the college's tobacco use policy to prohibit e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and miscellaneous smoking ...

Doctors: some children being poisoned from e-cig nicotine
myfoxny.com - March 20, 2014

E-cigarettes have battery-powered cartridges that heat up flavored liquid nicotine that produces a nicotine vapor. They have grown in popularity as many use ...

Troutman Sanders LLP | E-Cigs at the Forefront
Linex Legal (press release) (registration) - March 20, 2014

In 2009, Congress enacted the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco ... Consistent with the trend to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, some states ... Prior to states adopting smoking bans, there was extensive research into the ...

BC's top doc worried about second-hand e-cigarette vapour
News1130 - March 20, 2014

“It creates a whole different environment if they are smoking inside. I think personally smoking everywhere should be banned,” he tells us. ...

LA Community College District Bans E-Cigarettes
EGP News - March 20, 2014

The district's non-smoking policy, which was amended to apply to “comparable, personal, vapor-generating devices,” went into effect immediately following the ...

Proposed California bill, SB 1262, would ban marijuana ...
Daily Digest - March 20, 2014

Related products, including waxes and oils, are often used with pen vaporizers that have a very similar appearance to ordinary e-cigarettes. Tim Cromartie ...

Nicotine device bill advances in Colorado
9NEWS.com - March 20, 2014

The measure has already been approved by the Senate Colorado already bans electronic cigarettes for minors, though Democratic sponsors say the law needs ...

Ban on E-Cigarette Sales to Minors Inches Forward in Delaware ...
Delmarva Public Radio - March 20, 2014

Currently, there is no reference in the law to e-cigarettes and minors. WBOC reports that data shows there has been an uptick in the use of e-cigarettes by minors ...

What to Do This Weekend: March 20 to 23
Washingtonian.com (blog) - March 20, 2014

E-CIGS: “Vapers” have taken something that seemed gimmicky and weird (electronic cigarettes) and turned it into something of a national phenomenon.

Stocks in the Spotlight - Epazz Inc. (EPAZ), Fusion Pharm, Inc ...
Techsonian (press release) - March 20, 2014

... it has secured product placement listings of its premium brand of disposable electronic cigarettes in a select number of 7-Eleven stores in the state of Florida. ...

Village panel tackles Old Orland parking crunch
Regional News - March 20, 2014

Committee members also discussed possibly adding electronic cigarette use to the village's 'no smoking” ordinance. Fenton and Gira appeared to favor the ...

Nicotine devices find an audience
Boston Globe - March 20, 2014

Three months ago, after a friend quit smoking for vapor pens, and with a ... extend existing tobacco laws — including bans on sales to minors and smoking in ...

Snyder: Treat E-Cigs Like Tobacco
Interlochen - March 20, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder says he wants electronic cigarettes to be regulated in Michigan as tobacco products. E-cigarettes deliver a dose of nicotine to users in a ...

Gov. Snyder Uncomfortable With Current E-Cigarette Bill
WLNS - March 20, 2014

The reasoning is, young kids will get hooked on the e-cigs and switch to the real thing later on. It's not that the governor is opposed to the ban, but he wants to ...

DeSoto County bans use of e-cigarettes
Jackson Clarion Ledger - March 20, 2014

DeSoto County has added electronic cigarettes to a local smoking ban in ... In 1997, DeSoto County banned smoking in all public areas of county-owned ...

Missouri youth support anti-smoking policy at state capitol event
KBIA - March 20, 2014

The students were also there to speak to their representatives against House Bill 1345, which would put e-cigarettes in a category separate from traditional ...

Proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors headed to final vote in ...
The Tribune - March 20, 2014

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors in Nebraska ... Minors who use e-cigarettes and stores that sell them to minors could face a ...

GN ed board proposes banning e-cigarettes
The Island Now - March 20, 2014

The board's current smoking policy already prohibits the use of tobacco ... The proposed addition would extend that ban to electronic cigarettes. Long Island school districts with e-cigarette bans in place include Lynnbrook, Jericho and ... adults of legal smoking age should be banned from smoking e-cigarettes on district ...

From smoking to vaping: Locals talk e-cigarettes
Kingston Times - March 20, 2014

E-cigarettes (generally shortened to “e-cigs”) deliver nicotine by vaporizing liquid to be inhaled rather than by burning tobacco. They're typically designed to give ...

Smoke Free Lowcountry lecture at MUSC
Moultrie News - March 20, 2014

Smoke Free Lowcountry lecture at MUSC. Thursday, March 20, 2014. Dr. Erin Sutfin will be at MUSC on March 28 to give a lecture entitled “E-cigarettes, ...

Main Street lighting debated in Pleasant View
The Tennessean - March 20, 2014

A resolution to adopt a new personnel policy for the town with regard to tobacco use was also approved, with e-cigarettes added in by the city attorney. ...

Campus tobacco ban includes electronic cigarettes
UT The Daily Texan - March 20, 2014

Howarth-Moore said banning e-cigarettes was part of the stipulation for ... smoking an electronic cigarette, I didn't even know they were banned,” Alvarado said.

Jeff Griffith Discusses LP&L, Downtown Redevelopment, and Other ...
News/Talk 790 KFYO - March 20, 2014

Griffith was also asked about a number of other local issues, include a sales tax increase and a smoking ban. But in most cases, Griffith stated that he was ...

Campus smoke-free
The Ranger - March 20, 2014

Smoking e-cigarettes, vapor, cigarettes or using any tobacco products is not allowed on campus, Dr. Robert Vela, vice president for student and academic ...

MP council hears airport, health department reports
Daily Herald - March 20, 2014

Smith also reported that a teacher at the high school had done a quick survey about e-cigs in her classes. The teacher said out of 40 students seven had ...

Journal Times editorial: Keep e-cigarettes legal for now
Journal Times - March 20, 2014

Under the state's indoor smoking ban, smoking is defined as burning or holding, or inhaling or exhaling smoke from any lighted piece of smoking equipment ...

E-cigs face tight restrictions
Leicester Mercury - March 20, 2014

The key one is smokers who switch to vaping (a term for e-cigarette use) might ... It would be crazy to ban them because they help people so much." An earlier ...

Villa legends to turn out at Town
Stratford Observer - March 20, 2014

The all-day Football Festival is being organised by E-Lites electronic cigarettes to help raise funds for Forces Support, its chosen West Midlands-based charity ...

SFATA spring conference
us6.campaign-archive1.com - March 20, 2014

Chicago May 5, 2014

CDC concerned teens, middle schoolers picking up e-cigarettes
WTOP - March 20, 2014

"What's concerning, from a public health standpoint, is that also could mean that they're using e-cigs as a potential gateway," says Dr. Brian King, senior adviser ...

A new household poison
KIMT - March 20, 2014

There are debates about what, exactly, is inside the electronic cigarette devices. Because you can select the amount of nicotine you want, smokers are using ...

Global E-cigarette Market 2014-2018
Broadway World - March 20, 2014

E-cigarettes are being adopted among smokers who want to quit smoking tobacco but ... E-cigarettes are banned in many countries, including some of the big ... Many countries are planning to impose stringent regulations or even ban the sale ...

The US Domestic E-Cig Market Is About to Be Shaken Up
Motley Fool-by Rupert Hargreaves - March 20, 2014

Imperial Tobacco's e-cig division is called Fontem Ventures and around the ... Development LLC, FIN Branding Group LLC, Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp.

Undervalued Dividend Stocks For 2014 [The Dow Chemical ...
ETF Daily News - March 20, 2014

While Lorillard is less well known, it's the market leader in menthol brand cigarettes. And it also has a strong presence in electronic cigarettes — owning over ...

Tips on how to market controversial products
The Drum - March 20, 2014

Vapourlites is an e cigarette brand and it is the marketing team's task to promote our e cig product. For us it is simple; electronic cigarettes are a real substitute for ...

Hop-on Enters Cannabis Market
Consumer Electronics Net - March 20, 2014

USAcig has completed development and testing, and entered mass production of electronic cigarettes containing cannabis oil byproducts for distribution and ...

How Vape Pens Could Threaten the Pot Legalization Movement
Mother Jones-by Josh Harkinson - March 20, 2014

Though many high schoolers use vape pens to inhale candy-flavored oils that ... to consume nicotine concentrates (e.g. they'd tried "e-cigarettes"), double the ...

V for Vaping: E-cigarettes and the new smoking culture
NDTV - March 20, 2014

For the uninitiated, vaping is the term used for smoking e-cigarettes. And for Bhonsle, the advertised health benefits have been a reason good enough to invest ...

Puff of e-smoke
Scotsman – March 19, 2014

E-cigarettes are an adult product, and we therefore support calls for a ban on ... not want e-cigarettes banned in public and recent research concluded that: “The ...

Cash-Strapped States Plan Tax on e-Cigarettes to Generate Revenue
Tax Law Home (blog)-by Mark Johnston - March 19, 2014

In approximately half of the states that are facing budget shortfalls, legislators are evaluating the best way to begin taxing e-cigarettes to generate additional ...

Choices you think are healthy, but aren't
Albany Times Union - March 19, 2014

Cities across the United States, including Baytown, Texas, are considering restricting e-cigarettes in the same way that other tobacco products are restricted.

Times Writers Group: Research will lift e-cig haze
St. Cloud Times - March 19, 2014

During the past 30 years, research has confirmed the dangers of smoking. ... images of smoking on television and billboard advertising to the banning of it in public ... recent influx of electronic cigarettes on the market, a new push to ban these also ... places, and many colleges are considering adding them to smoking bans. ...

E-cigarette tax bill stalls in legislature
The Wahkiakum County Eagle - March 19, 2014

Saez was able to quit smoking cigarettes last July, and he credits the use of electronic cigarettes, or vaping, as the reason why. He recently started work at the ...

Baytown considers treating e-cigarettes as other tobacco products
Houston Chronicle - March 19, 2014

... are considering restricting e-cigarettes in the same way that other tobacco products ... Currently, there are no restrictions on e-cigarettes, meaning in theory a minor could ... and smoking that would bring e-cigarettes under the same restrictions. ... He added that his workplace has already decided to restrict e-cigarette use.

County bans e-cig use
Beatrice Daily Sun - March 19, 2014

County bans e-cig use. Saved ... cigarettes have been used as a loophole in areas that banned traditional cigarette use. ... County Clerk Dawn Hill said the tobacco ban dates back to 2007 when the County began prohibiting smoking or mouth ...

Waseca ordinance regulating e-cigarettes passes with no public ...
Southernminn.com - March 19, 2014

At the public hearing on March 18 he said that people "can certainly smoke and ... still be smoked, bought and sold in Waseca, there will be new restrictions on ...

Doctors Say E-Cigs Not as Safe as Promoted
KAALtv.com - March 19, 2014

(ABC 6 News) -- It's "Kick Butt" day in Minnesota, a campaign put on by the group "Quit Plan" to get college age groups to stop smoking. There have been many ...

Council Okays Interim Ban on Tobacco Products Shops
Belleplaineherald - March 19, 2014

A tobacco-related products shop is defined as a retail establishment that ... states that applications for a tobacco license, building permit or zoning approval will not ... public hearing notice indicated) a temporarily ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, ...

From the Daily: Prioritizing minors' health
The Michigan Daily – March 19, 2014

Michigan is poised to take another step to prevent underage smoking by extending a ban on electronic cigarettes with state Senate Bills 667 and 668.

Dangerous trend with children and e-juice grows in Hawaii
khon2.com - March 19, 2014

An alarming trend is growing in Hawaii, involving children who are getting their hands on the liquid used in e-cigarettes and ingesting it. The liquid can cause a ...

Restrict e-cig sales
TheDay.com - March 19, 2014

Connecticut does not regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes - the tobacco-free, but nicotine-laced, substitute for regular cigarettes. It should. E-cigarettes are ...

DeGette Asking For Tougher Regulations On E-Cigarettes
CBS Local - March 19, 2014

DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado Congresswoman is asking for tougher regulations on advertising for electronic cigarettes. Rep. Diana DeGette believes the ...

San Francisco Supervisors Vote To Ban E-Cigarettes
SFist - March 19, 2014

Supervisor Eric Mar, who previously snuffed out fun by banning Happy Meals, ... Under Mar's bill, e-cigs and vaporizers will be banned from most public places ... their right to smoke flavored nicotine vapor pretty much anywhere they'd like.

San Francisco Is The Latest City To Restrict E-Cigarettes Under Anti ...
Huffington Post - March 19, 2014

“The ordinance would allow smoking e-cigarettes in the same places that cigarettes are allowed; prohibit them where cigarettes are prohibited; prohibit the sale ...

Electronic cigarettes added to Sunnyvale's smoking ban
San Jose Mercury News - March 19, 2014

The council declined a smoking ban in all outdoor dining areas. ... Council members directed staff to further study the effect of banning smoking near retail and ...

San Francisco approves e-cigarette regulations
Fresno Bee - March 19, 2014

San Francisco is banning the use of electronic cigarettes at bars, restaurants and businesses. The San Francisco Chronicle reports (http://bit.ly/1fHpwOY ) that the city's Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to treat electronic cigarettes like regular, combustible cigarettes. In addition to prohibiting their use in most public places, that means sellers will have to secure a special permit and electronic cigarettes can't be sold at pharmacies and other businesses where tobacco sales are banned

E-cigarettes to become illegal in San Francisco restaurants and bars
San Francisco Chronicle (blog) - March 19, 2014

Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban e-cigarettes in San Francisco bars and restaurants (and other public places), essentially deciding to treat vaporizers like their fiery, smoky counterparts.

Del Mar City Council to consider regulating e-cigarette use
Del Mar Times - March 19, 2014

Days after neighboring Solana Beach officially adopted an ordinance that bans the use of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited, the Del Mar City Council requested staff to draft a similar ordinance. The item, which was approved 5-0, was included on the councils March 17 consent calendar.

SF supes vote for same smoking laws for e-cigarettes
San Francisco Chronicle - March 19, 2014

Smoking electronic cigarettes in bars, restaurants and businesses will soon be illegal in San Francisco, after the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to treat the relatively new product like combustible cigarettes. The legislation by Supervisor Eric Mar is intended to limit children's use of the nicotine product, which he and other supporters contend has been marketed heavily toward young people, and to protect all members of the public from the secondhand aerosol emitted by the devices, he said.

Council approves final item for development
Santa Maria Times - March 19, 2014

In other business, the City Council officially approved an ordinance that includes e-cigarettes, or vapes, in its definition of smoking, making it one of the first cities between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to do so. The council voted for the measure at its first reading March 4. ...

Senate Snuffs Out E-Cigarette Sales To Minors
CBS Local - March 19, 2014

Amid concerns about kids getting hooked on nicotine or tobacco, the Florida Senate on Tuesday voted 40-0 to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. The proposal (SB 224), sponsored by Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, quickly moved through the Senate, and a similar measure (HB 169) has been approved by two House subcommittees.

Brazen' use of e-cigs at District 156 leads to new ordinance
Northwest Herald - March 19, 2014

McHENRY Kids caught with e-cigarettes in McHenry will now face a fine. The ordinance, which was unanimously approved by the McHenry City Council Monday evening, was put together after a request from District 156, Police Chief John Jones said. The number of incidents involving electronic cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products has grown to a "pretty fair share" of school policy violations and some of the cases are "more brazen in their nature," McHenry West High School Assistant Principal Carl Valliantos said. Because e-cigarettes are odorless and the vapor dissipates quickly, some students have taken to vaporizing in public, even during class, he said. The nature of e-cigarettes raises another significant concern for administrators, Valliantos said. Some schools have seen the devices filled with chemicals other that just nicotine. ...

Bill would ban e-cigarette sales to minors
Minden Press-Herald - March 19, 2014

A proposal to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 18 in Louisiana sailed through a Senate judiciary committee Tuesday. ...

Bill would ban e-cigarette sales to minors in La.
Houma Courier - March 19, 2014

Bill would ban e-cigarette sales to minors in La. ... BATON ROUGE A proposal to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 18 in ... be sold to minors in the state, putting them on par with cigarettes and other tobacco products. ...

Bill Would Ban E-Cigarette Use in Maryland's Public Places
Patch.com - March 19, 2014

E-cigarettes contain a liquid solution that usually contains a mix of nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The device heats up the ...

Daily Talker: How Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated?
CBS Local - March 19, 2014

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity as an alternative to smoking, so do concerns about teens who use them. D.J. Wilson of the Massachusetts Municipal Association says the self-reported rate of e-cigarette use by high schoolers doubled between 2011 and 2012. For kids, its cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes, said Wilson. Right now, there is no national regulation on the sale of e-cigarettes, although some states and cities do limit their sale. At Vape Daddys, an e-cigarette shop in Newton, no one under 18 is allowed inside. How should electronic cigarettes be regulated? Share your comments below, and watch for them on WBZ News in the Morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. ...

Many positive updates at school board meeting
Forest Lake Times - March 19, 2014

...The tobacco-free policy, changed to add e-cigarettes to the list of banned products, received one no vote. Member Karen Morehead said e-cigs should not be ...

Letter: Electronic cigarettes have sweet smell of success in quitting
NJ.com - March 19, 2014

To think that e-cigarettes are a good way to give up smoking is idiotic. ... Why is it the idiotic way to replace tobacco smoke with sweet-flavored vapor? Look ...

Suffolk County approves law to increase tobacco purchase age to 21
Port Times Record - March 19, 2014

The Suffolk County Legislature voted on Tuesday night to raise the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 19 to 21, effective Jan. 1 next year. ... all of the Legislature's Republicans voting against the measure. The bill applies to tobacco products including cigarettes, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. ...

Sports Vape owners selling tobacco alternative
Prairie Business - March 19, 2014

FARGO, N.D. - Sports Vape, an electronic cigarette store and oxygen bar, has opened in the former home of Mothers Records at 1621 S. University Drive. Owners Jeremy Veum and Darius Endres thought the two enterprises fit well together under their theme of clear air. ...

How safe is your E-Cigarette and/or vapor product?
Tulsa Native American Times - March 19, 2014

Among e-cigarettes and vapor products, the chemical and nicotine content vary greatly. These unregulated products may provide uncontrolled doses of harmful ... If you are around somebody who is using e-cigarettes, you are breathing an aerosol of exhaled nicotine, ultra-fine particles, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins. Dr. Stanton Glantz, Director for the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco. At least 10 chemicals identified in e-cigarette aerosol are on Californias Proposition 65 list of carcinogens and reproductive toxins, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. The compounds that have already been identified in mainstream or secondhand e-cigarette aerosol include: Acetaldehyde (MS), Benzene (SS), Cadmium (MS), Formaldehyde (MS, SS), Isoprene (SS), Nickel (MS), Nicotine (MS, SS), N-Nitrosonornicotine (MS, SS), Toluene (MS, SS). Terry Cline, Oklahoma Health Secretary, disagrees, saying e-cigarettes are not marked as cessation products and should not be treated as such until further study can be done. Cline added secondhand smoke from e-cigarettes can, in fact, be harmful. It is a myth that the vapor is on a water vapor. ...

Letters: E-cig truths lost in political smoke
Philly.com - March 19, 2014

It is in this haze of fear that politicians who are lobbying to ban electronic cigarettes end up leaning on preconceived notions, conflicting interests and few ...

Smoking still a real concern
The Tennessean - March 19, 2014

Although e-cigarettes carry a risk of nicotine addiction, many states do not restrict their sale to minors. A recent study found that the use of e-cigarettes doubled ...

Vaping draws local entrepreneurs
Community Impact Newspaper - March 19, 2014

Though first skeptical of e-cigs, Robertson said she was able to quit smoking in two days because of vaping. We got into this to help other people, knowing that ...

Big Tobacco Beware, Vapor Cigarettes Are Here
Graham Leader- March 19, 2014

For decades, tobacco companies cornered the market on cigarette sales. However, sales have been taking a nosedive lately, and the once-booming industry is seeking to protect its multi-billion-dollar bottom line by concentrating on its global reach in Asia and other continents. Besides the usual suspects as reasons for the declinehealth risks and cost at the forefrontother obstacles exist. In 2008, China became the first country to introduce a non-tobacco alternative known as the electronic cigarettealso known as the vapor cigarette. ...

Letter: Do e-cigarettes need more study?
Deseret News - March 19, 2014

Has "big tobacco" inserted its tentacles into Utah's political scene? A good effort to control a poison being made available to our children has been stymied. No one in our state legislature spoke against the bill to regulate e-cigarettes, but Deidre Henderson (Spanish Fork), Todd Weiler (Woods Cross) and Curt Bramble (Provo) somehow felt it necessary to give it "more study." ...

Helpful habit?
Global Times - March 19, 2014

What's the easiest way to break a bad habit? Replace it with a new one. Smokers who have struggled to stub out their craving for nicotine are turning to e-cigarettes in droves. With their familiar shape and flavored vapor, these trendy gadgets help satisfy habitual tactile, visual and olfactory cues. Smokers can watch the vapor slowly escaping from their mouths, creating an intoxicating swirl even as they experience the ecstatic lightheadedness in a new way. "Unlike with traditional cigarettes, consumers can choose from various flavors of e-cigs, such as strawberry, apple, blueberry and so on, to reduce their addiction ...

Retailers feel the heat over tobacco sales
CBS News - March 19, 2014

The pressure is on some of the nation's top retailing names to quit selling tobacco products, which now bring in billions of dollars in revenue. No. 1 retailer Wal-Mart (WMT), along with Walgreen (WAG) and Rite-Aid (RAD), two of the largest pharmacy chains, and top grocery store operators Kroger (KR) and Safeway (SWY) are feeling the heat from state attorneys general and public health advocates. ...

Yes, This Sparkly E-Cigarette Necklace Actually Exists
Business Insider Australia - March 19, 2014

An online retailer of e-cigarettes is trying to lure female smokers with bejeweled vaporizers that double as necklaces and come in flavours like Rodeo Drive ...

London's first e-cigarette coffee shop opens its doors to capital's ...
The Guardian - March 19, 2014

Vape Lab on Shoreditch High Street offers punters 'old fashioned coffee and beautifully engineered electronic cigarettes' ...

Should e-cigarettes be banned from markets?
Lancaster Today - March 19, 2014

A spokesman for South Lakeland District Council said: We don't have apolicy or restriction on the sale of e-cigs on the street market in Kendal. SueByers ...

The Future Of Smoking
The Economic Voice - March 19, 2014

Despite Government regulation which has increasingly side-lined smokers in society, its thought that about 22% of the UKs adult population still light up on a regular basis. But the fastest growing trend among people looking for a hit of nicotine is actually vaping, or to you and me, smoking an electronic cigarette. Figures show vaping is growing at an incredible rate e-cigarette sales are up 340%. A report by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) suggests that 11% of daily smokers have now tried e-cigarettes and 25% have used e-cigarettes in the past. ...

Scaremongering or safe? The two sides to banning e-cigarettes in ...
thejournal.ie - March 19, 2014

COULD RESTAURANTS IN Ireland end up banning electronic cigarettes? Currently, e-cigarettes are not illegal, but there is the possibility that individual restaurants might decide themselves if they want people smoking the devices on ...

States push to regulate, tax booming e-cigarette industry
Fox News - March 18, 2014

While waiting for the debate on electronic cigarettes to heat up on Capitol Hill, several state and local governments are pressing ahead with their own agendas for taxing and regulating the popular battery-powered smoking alternatives. Utah, North Dakota and the District of Columbia have included e-cigarettes as part of their indoor-smoking bans, setting up the argument that the vapor sticks should be regulated like other tobacco products in the state. Wyoming, Tennessee, New York and Colorado are among nine other states that have already dumped e-cigarettes into the tobacco product category.

Letter: E-cigs become new fad for teens
Newsday - March 18, 2014

In the article "E-cig pitch under fire" [News, March 10], Sen. Charles Schumer said e-cigarette sellers were using questionable marketing tactics clearly aimed at youngsters by offering bubble gum and cotton candy flavors. I am aware that smokers turn to e-cigarettes to quit or cut down on real cigarettes, which are more harmful to their health. However, the flair of having an e-cigarette is appealing to many and has caught the specific attention of those in middle and high school. It has become the new fad

Possible health risk for pregnant women using e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
KRNV My News 4 - March 18, 2014

Battery-powered devices known as E-cigarettes produce doses of vaporized nicotine that are inhaled, and many people are using them as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

E-cigarette exemption bill garners mixed reaction from local advocates, legislators
The Oshkosh Northwestern - March 18, 2014

A bill that would allow the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, despite Wisconsin's smoking ban, is garnering mixed reaction from local stakeholders. Introduced ...

No e-cigs for kids
Tribune-Review - March 18, 2014

Nationally, we already have about 3 million students in high school or below smoking tobacco. And we know that the use of e-cigs among our youth is growing.

E-cigs face greater scrutiny
Asheville Citizen-Times - March 18, 2014

Buncombe County Health Director Gibbie Harris said her concern is with e-cigs being marketed as a safer alternative to tobacco. Users inhale nicotine, an addictive stimulant that can increase blood pressure. The reality is there is nicotine in the e-cigarettes, and the content of that nicotine is not regulated in any way, she said. There have not been many studies that have really looked at the safety of e-cigarettes, so my concern is that the statement of safety is made by the manufacturers without proof. ...

Millard Looks to Block e-Cigarettes
WOWT - March 18, 2014

The Millard School District is taking steps toward vaporizing e-cigarettes on all its campuses...

Latest e-cig fear: Poisoned kids
Minnesota health officials reported 50 cases of children drinking e-cigarette liquid in 2013, a tenfold increase over the previous year.
Minneapolis Star Tribune - March 18, 2014

Reports of children consuming poisonous liquid from e-cigarettes rose sharply in Minnesota last year, prompting health officials to warn that the state may be facing a new public health hazard. ...

Metropolitan State University going smoke and tobacco free
Insight News - March 18, 2014

Continuing a commitment to provide a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment for students, faculty, staff and guests, Metropolitan State University's Saint Paul Campus will go fully smoke-free on May 1, joining more than 1,000 colleges and universities in the nation that classify themselves as 100 percent smoke-free. The policy prohibits the use of any smoking and tobacco related products while on Metropolitan State campus property and requires compliance with the policies in place at any of the university's leased facilities. That means inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted cigarette, e-cigarette, cigar, pipe or other such device that contains tobacco or other smoke-producing products will be prohibited in all areas of the Saint Paul Campus. ...
Temp. ordinances set for night clubs, e-cigs
Northern Star Online - March 18, 2014

After a unanimous vote for the first reading and waiving the second reading, DeKalb aldermen passed a temporary ordinance for e-cigarettes and teen night clubs that may come to the city. During the March 10 City Council meeting, an ordinance was approved that will be in place for 180 days for potential electronic retailers or teen nightclubs. This will give city officials time to create permanent laws and licensing agenda for the businesses. For now, the ordinance says applicants for businesses such as e-cigarettes retailers or teen night clubs will have to undergo background checks and licensing procedures that resemble the liquor license procedure. ...

San Francisco Supervisors Approve Legislation to Restrict E-Cigarette Use, Sales
NBC Bay Area - March 18, 2014

The practice of smoking electronic cigarettes without any restrictions may soon end in San Francisco under an ordinance unanimously approved by the city's board of supervisors on Tuesday.

So Long E-Cigs: Supes Approve Plan To Ban Devices Anywhere Traditional Cigarettes Are Prohibited
The San Francisco Appeal - March 18, 2014

The practice of smoking electronic cigarettes without any restrictions may soon end in San Francisco under an ordinance unanimously approved by the citys board of supervisors this afternoon

What do zombies, body snatchers, and the tobacco industry have in common?
UC Berkeley (blog) - March 18, 2014

Answer: Everything they are one in the same! I recently spoke to my daughters 7th grade science class on the dangers of smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Of course, I had to come up with a metaphor that would capture their attention and tell a story ZOMBIES! We can all imagine zombies trying to get into our home which we have fortified to protect us from the walking dead. The zombies are the tobacco industry. The fortified home is legislation to protect us from getting bitten and becoming one of them nicotine addicted walking dead. However, now the zombies have become body snatchers. They look normal like us, but their nicotine bite is just as addictive. The body snatchers are the tobacco industry peddling e-cigarettes.

E-cig ban fails in Austin
Albert Lea Tribune - March 18, 2014

The Austin City Council couldnt unanimously pass an e-cigarette moratorium during its meeting Monday night, but the issue isnt dead. The council could enact a ban on e-cigarette use in public places and businesses for up to one year at its April 7 meeting, which is likely to happen. Austin isnt the only Minnesota community looking at the issue. Duluth has banned e-cigarettes in public places while Waseca and Mankato debate a similar ordinance. Eden Prairie recently banned e-cigarette and hookah lounges, while Sauk Rapids City brought e-cigarettes under its tobacco sale license requirements. More than 100 cities and three states ban e-cigarette use in tobacco-free environments as of January 2014, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. Minnesota legislators are discussing whether to add e-cigarettes to the state Clean Indoor Air Act, which would ban e-cigarettes in public places similar to other tobacco products. The measure has already passed House and Senate committees. ...

E-cigs in taxis could be banned in Ribble Valley taxis
Lancashire Telegraph - March 18, 2014

SMOKING electronic cigarettes in taxis in the Ribble Valley could be banned under plans to be discussed today. The borough council's licensing committee will ...

E-cigarettes under fire and could face tighter restrictions
Leicester Mercury - March 18, 2014

She said: "It could be that the e-cigs are classed as a tobacco product and, if that's the case, they could be crushed out of existence. As someone who is an ...

Smoking ban proposed at Cambridgeshire County Council sites
Wisbech Standard - March 18, 2014

They will not be allowed to use e-cigarettes on council sites or in work time if off-site because current evidence on their safety and effectiveness is insufficient to ...

Go easy on e-cigarettes
Gulf Daily News - March 18, 2014

E-cigarettes are proving to be the most effective nicotine replacement therapy to date, and the reason isn't difficult to see as 'vapers' feel, psychologically, that ...

My Turn: E-cig restrictions unreasonable, premature
Juneau Empire (subscription) - March 18, 2014

Now over a month into the legislative session, some lawmakers in Juneau are considering enacting a statewide ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places, including indoors. If lawmakers proceed with Senate Bill 209 and House Bill 360, they will erroneously expand an existing smoking ban to products that do not emit smoke. In doing so, they may unnecessarily impose burdensome restrictions on adult consumers and get in the way of these products playing a role in reducing tobacco-related harm in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated environment. ...

Time to clear the air over use of e-cigarettes
Irish Examiner - March 18, 2014

Depending on who you talk to, e-cigarettes offer the greatest hope of eliminating or drastically reducing harmful smoking or they are a new way for tobacco ...

What it says in the papers
Irish Independent - March 18, 2014

'Pubs and restaurants on verge of e-cigarette ban' the Irish Examiner also ... smoking ban, pubs and restaurants are to start banning e-cigarettes because of a ...

E-cigarettes - Encouraging smoking
Irish Examiner - March 18, 2014

It is almost a decade since smoking was banned in the workplace and in some ... One of the great benefits of the smoking ban is that those who wish to stop ...

Scottish GPs call for e-cigarette ban
GP online - March 18, 2014

GPs have called on the Scottish government to ban e-cigarettes in enclosed public places, describing the products as 'addictive, unlicensed and unregulated'.

E-Cigs to Be Restricted at Los Angeles Harbor College
Patch.com - March 18, 2014

E-cigarettes will be allowed in just a few places at Los Angeles Harbor College. Patch file ... "No one should be forced to breathe the vapor e-cigarettes emit.

E-Cigs to Be Restricted at Los Angeles Harbor College
Patch.com - March 18, 2014

E-cigarettes will be allowed in just a few places at Los Angeles Harbor College. Patch file ... "No one should be forced to breathe the vapor e-cigarettes emit.

Mammoth Town Council: water, pay raise, and e-smokes
Sierra Wave - March 18, 2014

Another item is back that started at the last meeting regulation of e-cigarettes. Before the Council is an amended ordinance that includes e-cigarettes in the Towns already existing tobacco regulations....

Gray area about where e-cigs can be used
Tbo.com - March 18, 2014

TAMPA The four men sat at Charley's Steak House, having dinner and puffing away on electronic cigarettes, creating a wafting cloud of smokelike vapor in ...

Today in Tallahassee: Five Things To Know
MiamiHerald.com (blog) - March 18, 2014

The Senate is likely to approve a measure by Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. A similar proposal is moving through the House....

Senate committee backs proposal that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors in Louisiana
The Tribune - March 18, 2014

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana A proposal to ban the sale of electronic ... of e-cigarettes and noting the FDA hasn't approved them for smoking cessation, though many ... At least 27 states already have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, ...

E-cigarette youth ban advances
The Advocate - March 18, 2014

A state Senate panel Tuesday advanced legislation that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to youth under age 18. At least 27 states have prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes or vaping/alternative tobacco products to minors, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Bill would ban e-cigarette sales to minors in La.
Healthrender March 18, 2014

A proposal to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under ... nicotine products to the list of items that cant be sold to minors in Louisiana. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that provide users with aerosol ...

Bill Would Ban E-Cigarette Use in Maryland's Public Places
Harford and Anne Arundel Counties have restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes. Could the rest of the state soon follow?
Patch.com - March 18, 2014

E-cigarettes contain a liquid solution that usually contains a mix of nicotine, flavoring, and propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The device heats up the ...

County smoking ban violates privacy rights [Letter]
Baltimore Sun - March 18, 2014

Baltimore County's proposed smoking ban violates the constitutional rights of Marylanders ("Council votes to restrict smoking in Baltimore County parks," Feb. 18). I agree that smoking is unhealthy. But that is a private matter; people have a right to smoke if they want to. They drink beer, wine or whiskey in the parks, but I ...

Letters: Michigan lawmakers not going far enough to regulate e-cigarettes
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - March 18, 2014

Recently in The Grand Rapids Press there were two articles regarding the legal status of electronic cigarettes (State's top doctor: Treat e-cigarettes like tobacco on March 6 and Senate backs banning e-cig sales to minors on March 7). I work in the prevention field and see the increasing use of e-cigarettes among youth. In a press release dated Nov. 14, 2013, from the Center for Disease Control, emerging tobacco products gaining popularity among youth. ...

E-cigarettes: Should they be regulated the same as the real thing?
KIMT - March 18, 2014

Over the years, weve come to accept restrictions on smoking in public places, but there are not the same restrictions on the newest form of smoking: e-cigarettes. The ordinance would call for a one year suspension of the electronic cigarettes in all places where smoking is prohibited by the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act. ...

Report: E-cigarette poisonings 10 times more common among kids and teens in 2013
Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews - March 18, 2014

More Minnesota children and teenagers were poisoned by e-cigarette liquid last year than in 2012. The Department of Health reports there were five reports of e-cigarette related poisoning in 2012. Last year, that number jumped to 50. E-cigarette poisonings accounted for 23 percent of the states 218 teen and child tobacco-related poisonings in 2013. Poisonings include calls where e-cigarette liquids, also known as e-juice, have been swallowed, inhaled, come in contact with the eyes or absorbed through the skin. ...

E-cigarette issue under evaluation
DeSoto Times Today - March 18, 2014

Whether or not to allow electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes inside DeSoto County government offices could be dependent upon a ruling by the Federal Food and Drug Administration as to whether e-cigarettes pose a risk or health danger to the public. ...

Letter: Electronic cigarettes put kids, teens, in harm's way
NJ.com - March 18, 2014

To the Editor: I was absolutely flabbergasted to read a Times' op-ed article (March 15) with the headline E-cigarette tax would hurt N.J. tobacco quitters.

Should Electronic Cigarettes Be Taxed? [POLL]
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio - March 18, 2014

Many believe that electronic cigarettes should not be taxed, because they are effective in helping people to quit smoking. Some listeners called in to the Jim ...

Could Chris Christie's e-cigarette tax send his presidential hopes up ...
Washington Examiner - March 18, 2014

What little science exists on the safety of e-cigarettes shows that they are a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. But that hasn't stopped some in government - including New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie - from proposing a tax on the cigarette alternative that would make them the same price as regular cancer sticks....

Pacific University Considers Banning Smoking on All Of Its Campuses
University Herald - March 18, 2014

Pacific University is considering banning smoking on all of its campuses starting May 2015. The University Council, which includes staff and faculty, passed a proposed policy on March 13 that would ban smoking on the school's campus. It is waiting to be reviewed by the President's Cabinet, Pacific University Director of Media Relations Joe Lang told The Oregonian. The smoking ban includes, but isn't limited to, use of pipes, hookahs, cigarettes and "nicotine delivery devices such as e-cigarettes," according to the policy. ...

East Stroudsburg store offers flavored alternative in e-cigs
Pocono Record - March 18, 2014

A new kind of store in East Stroudsburg is dedicated to electronic cigarettes, the vapor-producing puffers that many smokers are turning to. While e-cigarettes are ...

Why e-cigarettes should be banned from minors
Philly.com (blog) - March 18, 2014

Are e-cigarettes dangerous? Good data on long-term consequences is not available yet, but no one is talking about addiction and that is the undeniable problem ...

Nicotine con job: The state must protect against faux cigarettes
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - March 18, 2014

E-cigarettes come with dubious claims: They are not real cigarettes, so they arent regulated yet by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. No need to restrict their sales then. Theyll keep kids from moving to real cigarettes. Theyll help smokers quit their habit. These assertions deserve as much credence as those made by the tobacco industry over the years in falsely defending regular cigarettes. This is becoming increasingly clear from scientific studies, just as it did with tobacco products.

City Council Is Gonna Stop You From Looking Foolish With That E-Cigarette
Philebrity.com - March 18, 2014

Last week, a City Council committee decided that e-cigarettes should be treated the same as regular ol cigs, which, do they even see the e there? By doing so, the committee has made their sale to minors illegal and made it so No Smoking signs also apply to them. ...

The City of Baytown Wants to Snuff Out E-Cigs
KTRH - March 18, 2014

While some residents agree with city council saying they are as harmful as regular cigarettes, supporters argue that since they contain no tobacco, the electronic devices are not as bad for the user and less invasive for those around them as traditional smokes. Baytown City Manager Bob Leiper says "In a nutshell, we want to treat e-cigarettes the same as cigarettes. That's the best way to describe it. The city will revisit the issue on April 10th and if they decide to put those restrictions in place, they could go into effect as soon as ten days later. ...

E-Cigarettes, Refills Pose A Danger To Children, Local Doctors Say
KWTX - March 18, 2014

The Texas Poison Control Network is reporting an increase in cases involving young children who have gotten hold of the liquid refills for increasingly popular electronic cigarettes, and doctors shared the concern Monday at a forum at Scott & White Hospital in Temple. 'More than half of the exposure is kids under 6 years old," said Dr. Ryan Morrissey, the Central Texas Poison Centers medical director. "The numbers have gone up as e-cigarettes have become more popular." Statewide statistics released Monday show the center got 11 calls in 2011 involving children who either inhaled or ingested the liquid that contains the nicotine whose vapor electronic cigarette users inhale. In 2012, the center got such 43 calls and the number increased to 123 in 2013. So far this year, the center has already received 58 calls and officials estimate that the total could come close to 300 by years end. ...

New Competitors Enter, Threatening Lorillard's Dominance in the E-cig Sector
Motley Fool - March 18, 2014

Lorillard (NYSE: LO ) dominates the US' juvenile electronic cigarette, or e-cig, market with its brand of Blu e-cigs. Indeed, during the fourth quarter of last year, ...

E-cigarettes aren't the best way to stop smoking
You're better off with behavioral counseling and nicotine-replacement products, Consumer Reports' experts say
ConsumerReports.org - March 18, 2014

Wondering if electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, which deliver an atomized form of nicotine that users call vapor, will help you to finally stop smoking? Well, don't count on it: The research is mixed and preliminary. A new study even suggests e-cigarettes may encourage teens to smoke regular cigarettes. If you or a friend or family member is trying to kick a smoking habit, its better to stick with the following strategies that have proved to be effective, listed in the order we think you should try them. Under the health care law, new health plans must pay 100 percent of the cost of tobacco-cessation treatment. Coverage details vary, though, so check with your insurer.

RAYSAC Radar: Addictive e-cigarettes marketed to youth
Roanoke Times - March 18, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices often designed to look and feel like regular cigarettes. They use cartridges filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. A heating device in the e-cigarette converts the liquid into a vapor, which the person inhales. That is why using e-cigarettes is known as "vaping." Because e-cigarettes don't burn tobacco, people don't inhale the same amounts of tar and carbon monoxide as they would with a regular cigarette. But anyone using an e-cigarette still gets an unhealthy dose of nicotine and other chemicals.

Actor Kevin Spacey the Latest to Vape for Art
Film News - March 18, 2014

The number of Hollywood celebrities using electronic cigarettes seems to be growing every day. So do the instances in which devices are showing up in television and film. The latest example, according to an alert House of Cards viewer and member of the E-Cigarette Forum is none other than A-list actor Kevin Spacey. The viewer claims to have recently watched the entire second season of the series, catching Spacey's character vaping after his wife throws out his tobacco cigarettes. If you're unaware, the American version of House of Cards is in an adaptation of the popular UK show from a number of years ago. It is one of the more popular streaming television shows available exclusively to Netflix subscribers. House of Cards has received very good reviews in the States despite some questionable casting choices.

Parks & Rec's Aubrey Plaza Knows A LOT About Vape Pens
East Bay Express-by David Downs - March 18, 2014

In another sign of how more and more Americans are coming out of the cannabis closet, very mainstream network television actor Aubrey Plaza of "Parks & Recreation" appeared on a weed-focused online video series and apparently knows a LOT about vape pens. ...

Jacksonville school board finalizes contract with architects for new ...
Anniston Star - March 17, 2014

The council plans to vote on Monday concerning an ordinance to give the ... and the board decided to amend the policy to keep the new smoking devices off the ...

E-cigarette patent wars
A case of the vapers
Economist March 17, 2014

IT IS perhaps a truism that when big tobacco marches in, its lawyers are never far behind. So it is proving with e-cigarettes. Earlier this month Fontem Ventures, a Netherlands-based subsidiary of Britains Imperial Tobacco, sued 11 American e-cigarette makers in federal court for a range of patent infringements. Among the companies Imperial wants to smoke out are NJoy, Logic Technology Development and LOEC, a subsidiary of tobacco-giant Lorillard that also owns e-cigarette maker Blu eCigs. The trio controls about three-quarters of high-street sales in Americas swiftly growing $1.5 billion vaping market (business online, where many e-cigarettes are sold, is less concentrated) ....

University policy to now include e-cigarettes
ConnectAmarillo.com powered by KVII - March 17, 2014

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- If it applies to one, it applies to all. West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) recently submitted change to a current policy that prohibits students from smoking inside to now include electronic cigarettes. Experts have estimated electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes a nearly $1.7 billion industry in 2013. The newest e-cigarette shop, Anywhere E-Cig, in Canyon opened just before the university submitted changes to its policy

Debate on health effects of e-cigs heats up as teen use grows [VIDEO]
FOX 4 News - March 17, 2014

A growing number of school districts in North Texas have found it necessary to formally ban the use of e-cigarettes on campus because its use among teenagers is exploding.

DeSoto Supervisors Outlaw E-Cigarettes in County Buildings
wreg.com - March 17, 2014

According to Young, they're looking for the latest in electronic cigarettes, They're just booming everywhere We average anywhere between 50 to 100 or so ...

How they voted: City council, school board actions
U-T San Diego - March 17, 2014

The Solana Beach City Council on Wednesday continued to May 14 a hearing on a permit for a wireless cell tower at 305 S. Highway 101; conducted a hearing on and approved the Housing Element Progress Report; and held a second reading of and adopted an ordinance to ban e-cigarettes in public places.

Rancho Cordova Bans New Hookah Lounges While Reviewing E-Cig Plan [VIDEO]
CBS Local - March 17, 2014

The city of Rancho Cordova has voted to ban new hookah lounges in the city while the city reviews smoking ordinances. As e-cigarettes become more popular, cities are looking to rewrite their smoking regulations. In Rancho Cordovas case, hookah lounges could be part of those new rules.

Vapers, sellers, cities adapt with tobacco-free e-cigarettes
St. Cloud Times - March 17, 2014

As electronic cigarettes become more popular, local and state government are figuring out how to best regulate them. Last week, Sauk Rapids City Council decided to regulate e-cigarette sales under its tobacco license, bringing it in line with other St. Cloud-area cities that require a license. And the state Legislature is discussing this session whether to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places. . As of Jan. 2, 108 cities and three states include e-cigarettes as products that are prohibited from use in smoke-free environments, according to Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. ...

Thumbs up, thumbs down
Ct Post - March 17, 2014

Thumbs up to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his proposal to ban e-cigarette sales to minors. "What I'm proposing is to strengthen Connecticut's tobacco laws and keep tobacco out of the hands of young people," the governor said at a press conference at the Hartford Boys and Girls Club. The devices -- aka e-cigs -- heat a flavored nicotine liquid to create a vapor that's similar to smoke. Though they're marketed in some instances as a way to quit smoking, critics say because of the varied flavors that are offered and because some celebrities have adopted the e-cig, they actually make smoking appear attractive to young people. Malloy is doing the right thing by cracking down on sales to minors.

E-cigarettes safe; no need for SF to ban them
San Francisco Chronicle - March 17, 2014

There's a new product on the market that offers a chance to find a workable middle ground in America's smoking debate. Called vapes, electronic cigarettes or ...

Bolingbrook Trustees: Tobacco Laws Apply to E-Cigarettes, Too
Patch.com - March 17, 2014

If you want to sell electronic cigarettes in the Village of Bolingbrook, you have the follow the same rules as tobacco products. Last week, village trustees voted to classify e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco products, meaning the same licensing and sales regulations must be followed by retailers. Many cites, including Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C. have all passed laws restricting the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

E-cigarette maker Johnson Creek partners with Illinois distributor
Milwaukee Business Journal - March 17, 2014

Johnson Creek was the first company in the United States to make and produce Smoke Juice for electronic cigarettes. "Republic Tobacco has been carefully ...

IndyCar notes: Griffiths HPD resignation plus new liveries
NBCSports.com - March 17, 2014

Mistic Electronic Cigarettes will be the primary sponsor for the seven remaining events in 2014 as well as the co-primary sponsor for the 2014 Indianapolis 500. Heres the car: ...

Iowa Lawmakers Look To Regulate E-cigarettes
KWQC 6 - March 17, 2014

Buying e-cigarettes could soon be a thing of the past for Iowa teens if some lawmakers get their way. A measure is moving through the Iowa legislature that ...

Bill would prohibit e-cigarette sales to minors
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - March 17, 2014

Bill would prohibit e-cigarette sales to minors ... A bill that would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and vaporized nicotine to minors sailed through the ... and alternative nicotine products under the same rules and regulations as tobacco products....

Gallot pushes for measure banning sales of e-cigs to minors
Monroe News Star - March 17, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or vaporizers, do not burn tobacco or produce combustible smoke like traditional cigarettes. However they do ...

E-cigarette safety still up for debate in Utah
Cache Valley Daily - March 17, 2014

Electronic cigarettes often are advertised as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but Utahns still have a lot of questions about their safety. E-cigarettes provide users with nicotine through a liquid solution that also contains other substances and flavorings. Because they were invented only a decade ago and are not yet regulated, whether they are safe is unknown, said Christian Stumpf, regional director of public policy, American Lung Association. ...

Olympia: Where legislation goes to die
Crosscut - March 17, 2014

Another session casualty was the tax on electronic cigarettes proposed by Rep. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle. Carlyle originally sought a tax rate of 95 percent on ...

Local delegates champion successful e-cig bill
Martinsburg Journal - March 17, 2014

Delegate Tiffany Lawrence couldn't forget the tales she heard about area youngsters and their increasing use of e-cigarettes, right down to principals in Jefferson County who spoke with frustration about students bringing them to high school. In another instance, a parent recalled when a 13-year-old boy pulled out an e-cig and talked about having bought it himself, she said. "He was just totally shocked about how easy it was for a young person to buy them," Lawrence said with a sigh. ...

E-Cigarettes Poison or Panacea?
Metropolitan News-Enterprise - March 17, 2014

Listen to Willie Nelson sing Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette (by Merle Travis and Tex Williams). Might Willie next try ... Do we ban it? Do we regulate it like ...

Social pressures rather than physical dangers may restrict ecigarette use, says university professor
News-Medical.net - March 17, 2014

As part of the Psychology Invited Speakers Seminar Series at the University of Leicester, Professor Jason Hughes from the University's Department of Sociology will today argue that e-cigarettes, which are currently unregulated throughout the United Kingdom, will soon face legislation that will restrict and ban them - and that concerns about social dangers, more than physical dangers to health, will be the cause of it.

Why Altria Group Could Derail E-Cigarette Growth
Motley Fool - March 17, 2014

E-cigarettes are the buzziest new product class to hit the tobacco industry in decades. Growth projections are through the roof for these products, with some ... Given tobacco companies' history of misdeeds, Altria, Reynolds American, and Lorillard's participation in the e-cigarette market may be partly responsible for public officials' skepticism of the new product. Since the stigma attached to these companies will never go away, e-cigarettes may have a better chance to succeed from outside the big tobacco umbrella; e-cigarette company NJOY has more credibility arguing in favor of its product than does, say, Altria, which has deliberately deceived the public in the past. Tobacco companies recently settled a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Department of Justice and will admit, through a series of ads as well as "corrective statements" on cigarette packages, to lying about the dangers of smoking and the addictive nature of nicotine, among other breaches of the public's trust. The stain from the industry's unscrupulous past gives it a weak hand in pushing a new product onto the public.

Doctors: E-cigarettes present health risk for users
Marshfield News-Herald - March 17, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have been touted as a guilt-free alternative to traditional smoking, and pop star Bruno Mars reportedly started vaping, the term for using e-cigarettes, last year in an effort to keep a promise to his mother to become tobacco-free. While e-cigarette users arent exposed to tobacco and many harmful chemicals found in conventional cigarettes, local doctors say nicotine inhaled while vaping poses health risks. A heating element in the e-cigarette converts liquid nicotine to vapor, which is inhaled by the user.

10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Electronic Cigarettes
WhatCulture! - March 17, 2014

Back in 2010, A-list actress Katherine Heigl stunned the politically correct crowd in Hollywood by using an electronic cigarette on a popular American late-night television show. Her brand of choice, Vapestick, was just getting its feet wet in the burgeoning industry. Nevertheless, since then, electronic cigarettes have taken off among the worlds top celebrities. It is no longer uncommon to see singers, actors, politicians, and even athletes vaping in public places. Here is our list of the top 10 celebrities who use electronic cigarettes:

GrowLife and Vape Holdings Enter LOI to Fund and Develop ...
SYS-CON Media (press release) - March 17, 2014

The company also plans to develop electronic cigarettes. Vape Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. For more information on VAPE ...

VMR Unveils First Electronic Cigarette Brand for Women
DigitalJournal.com - March 17, 2014

MR Products (www.vmrproducts.com), a global leader in the electronic cigarette industry and maker of V2, the largest online cigarette brand, today announced the launch of Vapor Couture -- the first line of electronic cigarettes designed especially for adult women. The brand was developed over a three-year period of beta testing and product feedback, with VMR surveying nearly 1 million V2 customers online to identify the key features female users wanted most. E-commerce data was also analyzed to determine trends across female preferences and tastes.

Letter: Too many e-cigarette questions ($$)
Dubuque Telegraph Herald - March 17, 2014

It seems like electronic cigarettes are everywhere these days. I half expect a doctor to appear on TV and tell me electronic cigarettes are somehow good for my ...

When Cigarettes Were Good for Women
History News Network - March 17, 2014

A recent advertisement in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for blu eCigs, a popular brand of electronic cigarettes, hit what one public health expert has called a new high in terms of chutzpah. It is audacious, though a more literal description might be that the ad hit a new low: its a crotch shot, showing a womans body cropped from just above her pierced belly button to her mid-thighs. A miniscule black bikini bottom, adorned with the companys logo, barely covers whats underneath. Posed provocatively around the bikini, the womans hands appear ready to remove the item of clothing, if you can call it that. The caption reads, Slim. Charged. Ready to Go.

E-cigarette brand launches new product to counter vapour concerns
MorningAdvertiser.co.uk - March 17, 2014

According to the company, Clear Steam aims to make e-cigarettes more distinguishable than traditional cigarettes by removing the visual concern that has led to ...

E-cigarettes now banned on all buses
Herald.ie - March 17, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have been outlawed on all buses. The news will come as a breath of fresh air for commuters on Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann, as both companies have extended their policy on tobacco smoking to include the prohibition of e-cigarettes and smoking vapour devices. ...

Convenience store lobbying group advises stores not to sell e-cigs to youths
myfox8.com - March 16, 2014

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. The push to prevent the sale of electronic cigarettes to youths has gotten another boost, with the leading convenience store lobbying group coming on board. The National Association of Convenience Stores board of directors is advising members to adopt, as a best practice, a policy of treating these products as age restricted.

Editorial: Put brakes on unregulated e-cigarettes until they've been ...
Sacramento Bee - March 16, 2014

Depending on whom you ask, these smokeless alternatives to cigarettes are either the best thing that has happened to public health since the polio vaccine or the worst thing since, well, cigarettes. We are hoping for the former, but society needs to prepare for the latter. Local, state and federal authorities should regulate their use in public, enforce product quality standards and, most importantly, make sure these untested devices dont get into the hands of minors. Los Angeles, San Francisco and other major U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago and Seattle have passed ordinances restricting public use of e-cigarettes within city limits. The cities of Davis and Rancho Cordova are looking at restrictions, and officials in Folsom and Roseville told The Sacramento Bees Cathy Locke they might look at e-cigarette regulation, too. They should.

Popularity of e-cigs prompts concerns over use by youths
NorthJersey.com - March 16, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton. Those are just some of the celebrities photographed vaping and it worries opponents of e-cigarettes and related devices who frequently cite concerns about kids and e-cig use.

Thousands turn out to Vape Blast
FOX 4 News - March 16, 2014

Organizers of Vape Blast 2014 say the weekend expo in Lewisville featuring vapor cigarettes was a huge success. The festival was the first of its kind in our area ...

Regulate e-cigarettes
Scranton Times-Tribune - March 16, 2014

They're addictive because they are designed specifically to deliver addictive nicotine to users, but e-cigarettes so far have evaded the regulation that is necessary to keep them away from kids.

E-cigarettes Shifting to the Domain of Big Tobacco
Guardian Liberty Voice - March 16, 2014

The precipitous rise in the sales of e-cigarettes, combined with impending regulations too expensive for small companies to meet, are shifting manufacturing and distribution into the domain of big tobacco. A number of corporations worldwide are getting on the bandwagon as e-cig sales are expected to grow from $1.5 billion, in 2013, to $5 billion in 2015.

Bill would ban e-cigarette use in public places
Cumberland Times-News - March 16, 2014

As the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise, so does the concern over the health implications of e-cigarettes. Theres decades of research that concludes that tobacco smoke from traditional cigarettes is harmful....

inFocus: This Week at The Beach (3/9-3/15) ($$)
Daily 49er (blog) - March 16, 2014

The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to categorize electronic cigarettes with tobacco products, thereby restricting the use of e-cigarettes to ...

E-cigarettes banned at San Diego County Fair
Coast News - March 16, 2014

DEL MAR Electronic cigarettes and other similar devices will not be allowed at the upcoming San Diego County Fair, which begins June 7, after the governing ...

Council takes a look at e-cigs
Santa Monica Daily Press - March 16, 2014

Concerned that kids will pick up the unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes, Councilman Bob Holbrook wants to restrict the use of the electronic version. Holbrook will ask his colleagues on the dais Tuesday to take a closer look at bans on vaping in cities like Los Angeles and New York to see if there is enough research on the health impacts of electronic cigarettes to add them to Santa Monicas comprehensive smoking restrictions, which prohibit smoking tobacco at local beaches, parks, the Third Street Promenade, restaurant patios and even inside apartments. ...

'Vaping' hangouts for e-cigarettes on the rise
Kansas.com March 16, 2014

The air inside Luckys Vape Shop and Lounge is covered in a thin fog. People are smoking in the lounge located 575 W. Douglas, but it doesnt smell like traditional tobacco there are hints of watermelon and apple. ...

Poll: Should NJ raise taxes on e-cigarettes?
NJ.com - March 16, 2014

"Electronic cigarettes have the potential to make smoking obsolete within a generation," Clark said. "With the right combination of tailored regulation and ...

E-cigarettes finding a North Jersey fan base in ex-tobacco users
NorthJersey.com - March 16, 2014

As New Jersey mulls an e-cigarette tax and the medical community continues to stress the unknown health implications of so-called electronic vaping devices ...

Legislators talk education, e-cigs, water
Daily Ardmoreite - March 16, 2014

Frank Simpson, R-Ardmore, talked about efforts to prevent youth access to e-cigarettes. Simpson and Ownbey have worked on legislation, although Simpson ...

Smart Talk: E-cigarettes; Patient portals [AUDIO]
witf.org - March 16, 2014

E-cigarettes aren't approved by the Food and Drug Administration in part because ... at Penn State Hershey to discuss what he's learned about e-cigarettes. ...

Editorial: E-cigarettes should be illegal for minors
Sioux Falls Argus Leader - March 16, 2014

It took a long time for South Dakota to join the battle against smoking, but finally, we did. And the states voters backed the smoking ban in a convincing manner when asked to vote on it. Thats one reason its encouraging that lawmakers are trying to get in front of potential problems with the growing use of e-cigarettes. The legislature passed a law banning the sale of the devices to minors. ...

City weighs e-cigarette restrictions ($$)
The Baytown Sun - March 16, 2014

They can be seen just about anywhere these days electronic cigarettes. Often used by smokers and others who want to avoid the health problems associated with tobacco products and smoke inhalation, these e-cigarettes are gaining momentum in popularity. ...

Fred Risser gears up for another fight over smoking
Madison.com - March 16, 2014

State Sen. Fred Risser has been fighting against cigarettes for more than 50 years. Now Risser is concerned that the state is taking a step backwards in its fight against tobacco use. A Senate committee recently approved a bill that exempts electronic cigarettes from the state indoor smoking ban. E-cigarettes, which are now being marketed as a method to wean people off of traditional cigarettes, work by vaporizing a liquid mix of nicotine and other substances, such as flavoring, so that smokers inhale and exhale a vapor rather than smoke. ...

Vaporizers, e-cigs of the pot world, are booming
WXIA-TV - March 15, 2014

Chris Folkerts started selling electronic cigarette-like devices from the trunk of his car two years ago. Now he and two partners own one of the biggest brands in the business, with products in 4,000 stores nationally, an art deco office on the city's fashionable Miracle Mile and an endorsement deal with rapper Snoop Dogg.

Poll: 50% of employers have not addressed e-cigarettes in their smoking policy
HR.BLR.com March 15, 2014

The results of a BLR HR poll show that half of respondents (50 percent) say that their organization has not addressed e-cigarettes in their smoking policyand close to a third of respondents (31 percent) say they havent thought about it yet! Only about a fifth (19 percent) of respondents has prohibited e-cigarettes where tobacco products are banned in their company smoking policy.

E-cigarettes lead to pneumonia in Spanish patient
Health and Beauty News (blog) - March 15, 2014

It is quite strange that Spanish people have tendency to catch pneumonia after consuming E-cigarettes. Recently a patient from Spain was diagnosed pneumonia due to heavy consumption of E-cigarettes. A 50 year old man has been admitted in the northwestern city of A Coruna for all together separate illness and eventually showed lung problem. Along with the initial problem doctors also diagnosed pneumonia and when tested found out that source of problem is regular consumption of E-cigarette. This particular case has raised a big question on the consumption of E-cigarette. It has always been popularized as a safe option to the normal smoking. Now this situation is giving birth to endless doubts regarding the product. In defense, Alejandro Rodriguez, vice-president of the National Electronic Cigarette Association, which represents 500 companies operating in Spain explains, There is no proof that this illness was linked to use of an electronic cigarette. How many people die every day from smoking? If in the 15 years that e-cigarettes have been around only two people in the world have caught light pneumonia from this product, we should say well done to it.

Can E-Cigarettes Measure Up to Traditional Smoking Cessation Products?
E-cigarettes from Lorillard, Reynolds American, and Altria are taking on traditional smoking cessation products from GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. How well do these new devices stack up against nicotine gum, lozenges, patches, and anti-smoking drugs?
Motley Fool - March 15, 2014

All of these smoking cessation products have clear benefits and drawbacks. However, the growth of e-cigarettes in contrast to traditional smoking cessation products like Nicorette and Chantix can't be ignored. As the e-cigarette market continues growing, big tobacco companies like Lorillard, Reynolds American, and Altria could ironically be better bets on declining rates of smoking than traditional choices GSK, Johnson & Johnson, or Pfizer. ...

Smoking ban clarification sought regarding e-cigarettes
Journal Times - March 15, 2014

In Wisconsin, even though there is an indoor smoking ban, using e-cigarettes indoors is allowed. But the way the law is written, its a little bit murky, said Assembly Speaker Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester. E-cigarettes are growing in popularity and the law should be cleared up to show they are legal, Vos said. ...

Lehigh Valley schools fear the growing use of e-cigarettes by students
The Express-Times March 15, 2014

Pennsylvania minors can't walk into a Wawa and buy packs of cigarettes, but there is nothing stopping them from buying electronic cigarettes from a store. There's no Pennsylvania law banning the sale of the devices to minors, leaving school districts scrambling to update tobacco policies to explicitly prohibit the devices as they grow in popularity.

Smoke signals
Philly.com - March 15, 2014

Council was hearing testimony on whether electronic cigarettes, so-called smokeless cigarettes, which do not burn, should be treated the same as tobacco cigarettes, which do burn and emit smoke. Presenting the all-clear (among others) was Bill Godshall, executive director of SmokeFreePA, an anti-smoking organization opposed to the legislation sponsored by Councilman Bill Greenlee. "It's difficult to have a rational discussion with ideologues who have their minds made up already," Godshall gripes, adding he has sent weekly email tobacco harm-reduction updates filled with the latest science, to everyone on Council and to the Health Department. "I sent the Health Department over 100 published studies done on e-cigarettes, they either didn't read or they misrepresented all the evidence in those studies," Godshall says.

E-cigs clear the air for smokers, but health experts urge caution
WRAL.com - March 15, 2014

Cary, N.C. Alex Makam smoked a pack of Marlboro Lights a day for 20 years. Two years ago, a friend introduced him to an alternative electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes a growing trend in South Mississippi
SunHerald.com - March 15, 2014

Electronic cigarette shops are popping up along the Coast, and business owners say sales ... Evans uses the menthol tobacco flavor with 2.4 percent nicotine.

Dryden Schools moves to snuff out e-cigarettes on campus ($$)
Thecountypress - March 15, 2014

DRYDEN Theyve been around since 1963, but a recent uptick in the use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, among young people has set off alarm bells from New York to Los Angeles. On Monday the Dryden School Board voted unanimously to ban the use and possession of e-cigarettes on school property.

Lynn Lauridsen: Companies working to hook kids on tobacco
Santa Cruz Sentinel - March 15, 2014

A recent front-page article detailed the launch of the statewide Healthy Retailers for a Healthy Community campaign with its goal of cutting down the sale of unhealthy products. Since federal law banned the sale of single cigarettes, tobacco companies began a focus on small cigars, or cigarillos. Cigarillos are sold as singles, often for less than a $1. Wrapped in colorful packaging, cigarillos come in flavors such as grape, chocolate and pi?olada. Also gaining popularity with youth are electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or hookah pens). Thirty-four percent of tobacco-selling stores in Santa Cruz also sell electronic nicotine delivery devices. Like cigarillos, ENDD products come in many flavors and are heavily marketed to youth. Use among youth is rapidly on the rise with the likelihood of kids transitioning to traditional tobacco to feed their nicotine addiction.

El Cajon Council Asks Staff to Regulate E-Cigarettes and Hookah
East County Magazine - March 15, 2014

By a 4-1 vote, El Cajons City Council voted to add electronic cigarettes to the citys tobacco ordinance. The measure will also regulate hookahs. Only Mayor Bill Wells voted against the measure, calling it government overreach. The proposed regulations will next go before the citys planning commission, after which the Council will hold a public hearing. ...

'Vaping' under legal haze in Attleboros
Attleboro Sun Chronicle - March 15, 2014

The crayon-like sticks, colorfully packaged in purple, orange and lime green, come in flavors appealingly named "Blueberry Blast," "Peach Mango Paradise" and "Melon Dew Rush." Flavored, smokeless "hookah pens" and "e-hookahs," are available at many convenience stores and are an offshoot of the growing market for electronic cigarettes. And although the devices are sometimes labeled for purchase only by those over 18, public health officials say the hookahs or "vape pipes" are really meant to get a new generation of young people hooked on a smoking-like habit. Local teens say the devices are popular, both among teens who already smoke cigarettes, and others. "They're a safer alternative to cigarettes," says Daniel Lazarro, 16, a student at Attleboro High School. "They also don't hurt your throat like smoking does." Elizabeth Malloy, 17, said the fruit-like flavors are an attraction for teens, although most find they're not as satisfying as regular cigarettes. "They're like cigarettes light," she said. ...

Reducing tobacco use at Langley AFB
DVIDS - March 15, 2014

LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. - Across the U.S. Air Force, leaders have made strides in promoting the goal of a tobacco-free of force. The effort is continuing at Langley Air Force Base through smoke-free policies and tobacco cessation classes. Tobacco includes, but is not limited to, cigars, traditional and electronic cigarettes, stem and water pipes, hookahs and smokeless products. Because the goal is ...

Solana Beach City Council to consider requiring retailers of ...
Del Mar Times - March 14, 2014

After officially adopting an ordinance that bans the use of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited, the Solana Beach City Council on March 13 ..

Long Beach Bans Vaping in E-Cig Stores, Making it Most Anti-E-Cig ...
OC Weekly (blog)-by LP Hastings - March 14, 2014

In early February, Los Angeles banned the public use of e-cigs. Last week, Long Beach city council took those regulations even further and decided that no ...

E-Cigarette Endangers Health of Kids? Connecticut to Ban Sales to ...
Franchise Herald - March 14, 2014

Dannel P. Malloy announced on Wednesday his goal of banning the sale of ... which found that 5.4 million kids alive today will die of smoking-related diseases.

How I got into the e-cigarette business
Pacific Business News – March 14, 2014

...for a couple of weeks. I am an avid user; it totally helped me quit smoking. We are not allowed to promote our product as smoking-cessation devices, because we would have to go through FDA approval. We …

Hanover Park to vote on electronic cigarette regulations
Chicago Daily Herald - March 14, 2014

Hanover Park is poised to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone younger than ... The industry argues they are a safer alternative to tobacco products. ... “The advertising is trying to appeal to a younger generation who are invulnerable ...

Beauregard Parish School Board votes to revise dress code for next ...
The Tribune - March 14, 2014

Ankle socks can be of any design for the latter grades. The board closed a policy loophole by voting to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes beginning in the .

Iowa Legislative 'funnel' ends hope for many 2014 bills
Insurance News Net (press release) - March 14, 2014

... banning minors' access to electronic cigarettes, regulating government and private use of drones, expanding access to broadband especially in rural areas, ...

E-cigarettes not allowed at MHS
Marshalltown Times Republican - March 14, 2014

"Typically for smoking, there would be a citation for underage possession of ... A Senate committee passed a bill Wednesday to completely ban the sale to minors. ... D-State Center, said he agrees and thinks e-cigarettes should be banned for ...

Tobacco use going up in smoke at fort
Sentry - March 14, 2014

CAPE ELIZABETH — A proposal to ban smoking at Fort Williams Park, in the ... list added electronic cigarettes to the litany of tobacco products to be banned ...

Nicotine con job
Toledo Blade - March 14, 2014

They deliver nicotine but don't give off smoke, just a watery vapor that looks like ... by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; no need to restrict their sales then.

Organizations speak out
Toledo Blade - March 14, 2014

The cigarette tax would be extended to other products like cigars, electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and pipe tobacco that are currently subject to lesser tax ...

Committee seeks to add e-cigs to public ban on smoking
Philly.com (blog) - March 14, 2014

A CITY COUNCIL committee yesterday agreed to treat e-cigarettes the same as the traditional kind, banning their sale to minors and applying the same no ...

E-cigarettes banned from Green Bay school campuses
Appleton Post Crescent - March 14, 2014

A few districts are updating policies to include the ban of e-cigarettes, and some schools ... That could include education to help them stop smoking or detention

Electronic cigarettes bill clears hurdle
WIBA-AM - March 14, 2014

Smokers back use of e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. Doctors and scientists say toxic particles in the nicotine-laced vapor could be ...

NACS Issues Position Relating to E-Cigarette Sales
National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) - March 14, 2014

NACS has issued a statement of position that encourages stores selling e-cigarettes to adopt, as a best practice, a policy of treating these products as age restricted and subjecting them to the same age-verification procedures as those applicable to toba

Convenience stores to start carding for e-cigs
The Hill (blog) - March 14, 2014

The nation's convenience stores are moving to impose voluntary restrictions on purchases of electronic cigarettes ahead of an expected federal crackdown on ...

Spain patient gets pneumonia by e-cigarettes
AFP - Agence France Presse (fr) - March 14, 2014

"He was diagnosed with exogenous lipoid pneumonia caused by an excessive use of electronic cigarette," said the source at the A Coruna University Hospital, who asked not be named. The disease was caused by a vegetable-based ingredient in the replaceable

Smoking-gum makers Glaxo, J&J lobby against e-cig comptetitors
Philly.com (blog) - March 14, 2014

GlaxoSmithKline Plc wants an advertising ban and strict European regulation of electronic cigarettes, which don't contain tobacco, but which do "compete with its .

Republic Tobacco takes 50% stake in Johnson Creek Enterprises
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - March 14, 2014

The company, started by Berkey in 2008, already makes all the juice used in Lorillard Inc.'s blu eCigs, the largest-selling electronic brand. Johnson Creek also ...

The results of a BLR HR poll show that half of respondent (50 ...
HR.BLR.com - March 14, 2014

The results of a BLR HR poll show that half of respondents (50 percent) say that their organization has not addressed e-cigarettes in their smoking policy—and ...

Electronic cigarettes may encourage teens to smoke regular cigarettes
ConsumerReports.org - March 14, 2014

(Such flavors have long been banned in traditional tobacco cigarettes.) ... as at least 100 cigarettes, or 5 packs, in their lifetime) and to be current smokers.

The Economy of Pot
U.S. News and World Report - March 14, 2014

... which sell everything from hemp-based health products to e-cigarettes, aim ... “first in people's minds,” he says, through advertising and news conferences. ... It is one product that could compete with billions of products like alcohol and tobacco.” ... held, including OpenVape, which makes a device similar to an e-cigarette.

Planned regs on e-cigarettes long overdue
Daily Democrat - March 14, 2014

And if the kids were already regular smokers at the time they experimented with ... Those are all smart rules, as is a ban on sales to minors and restrictions on ...

Court fails to clear air on e-cigarettes
Budapest Times - March 14, 2014

A Budapest court has ruled that electronic cigarette cartridges may not be classified as pharmaceuticals but the state health secretariat believes the ruling does ...

new doll ... same old stereotype
Herald.ie - March 14, 2014

I thought e-cigs were odour-free? If they're banned on the grounds of smell rather than health, why not ban people wearing strong perfume or those who haven't ...

E-cigarettes should be banned, say Scots doctors
Scotsman - March 14, 2014

E-cigarettes are nicotine-containing smoking simulators, which give off vapour ... the image of smoking and extend the ban on smoking in enclosed public places to cover ... However, Mr Quinn said they supported banning sales to under-18s.

Restrictions to e-cigarette use will be enforced due to social ...
Loughborough News - March 14, 2014

“However, most interestingly, these bans will likely not be based on the ... role of the devices as either 'healthy alternatives' that can be used to help quit smoking ...

E cigarettes in Harrison
KY3 - March 13, 2014

Aas far as she's concerned, smoking shouldn't be allowed to be around anyone under the age of 18. A reason why folks at city hall are talking about banning e ...

E-cigarettes: How should they be regulated? Local experts say ...
Times-Standard - March 13, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that simulate tobacco smoking ... their city ordinances to treat e-cigarettes like commercial cigarettes, Moerner said. ... and can't be used anywhere where there's already a smoking ordinance in place.

Santa Maria reins in e-cigs
Santa Maria Sun - March 13, 2014

Cigars, cigarillos, and electronic cigarettes in mint, chocolate, and gummy bear flavors hang out next to Snickers bars, Sour Patch Kids, and Altoids at the front ...

King of the Vapes: Kevin Drake
OC Weekly-by LP Hastings - March 13, 2014

He's the owner of e-liquid company Drake's Vapes, but the thin, 34-year-old with bright blue eyes doesn't resemble a bro blowing obnoxious plumes of smoke in ...

Malloy seeks to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Meriden Record-Journal - March 13, 2014

“It mirrors in many ways what the smoking experience is,” Malloy said. ... Cigarette Association, said the industry supports banning e-cigarette sales to minors. ... Twenty-seven other states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to children.

Bill would prohibit sale of 'e-cigarettes' to minors
Pacific Daily News - March 13, 2014

A bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors got full support during a public hearing yesterday. Bill 264 would prohibit the sale and distribution ...

Outdoor areas approved Bolingbrook bar and grill
Chicago Tribune - March 13, 2014

...The board Tuesday also voted to classify electronic cigarettes in the same way as tobacco products, subjecting the e-cigarettes to the licensing, sales and other ...

Senate tackles E-Cigs
KMAland - March 13, 2014

Senator Joe Bolkcom, a Democrat from Iowa City, says the ban would apply whether ... It simply bans the use of these simulated smoking devices, also known as .

Iowa panel supports e-cigarette ban for minors
WKBT La Crosse - March 13, 2014

E-cigarettes simulate the act of smoking by heating liquid and nicotine into a ... William Dotzler, D-Waterloo, said implementing a ban is important to ensure that ...

MINNESOTA NEWS ROUNDUP: E-Cig bill clears Senate committee
Pierce County Herald - March 13, 2014

ST. PAUL -- E-cigarette sales to minors would be prohibited everywhere in Minnesota ... regular cigarettes are banned, under a bill that passed a Senate committee ... Duluth banned e-cigs indoors and regulates them as other tobacco products, ...

Panhandle Public Health Reminds Smokers To Protect ...
KCSR - March 13, 2014

It is very important that parents and caregivers store ALL tobacco and nicotine products out of reach of children and that they do not smoke or use e-cigarettes ...

Christie's 'sin tax' on e-cigs would burn quitters: Op-ed
NJ.com - March 13, 2014

Chris Christie trying to punish people who have quit smoking? ... the sale of e-cigarettes to minors has already been banned in New Jersey, as it should be.

4 Reasons E-Cigarettes Eyed for Hefty N.J. Tax
newjerseynewsroom.com - March 13, 2014

But Steven Clark, a member of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives, says e-cigarettes can eventually eliminate smoking, and calls raising taxes ...

Lights out for e-cigarettes in Port Jefferson schools
NorthShoreOfLongIsland.com - March 13, 2014

The board of education voted Tuesday night to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes with new language in three of its policies: policy 1530, on smoking and other ...

'Guaranty' ruling aids school budget
The Island Now – March 13, 2014

Susan Healy, the board's policy chair, discussed during the meeting the possibility banning of e-cigarettes on district property. The policy proposal was read for ...

Schumer: e-Cigarette Companies Targeting Children Through ...
LongIsland.com - March 13, 2014

Schumer's action comes in light of a recent study, released this week, that revealed that kids who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to eventually smoke ...

Serving a bigger vision
Columbus Dispatch - March 13, 2014

A 60-cent hike in the cigarette tax, to $1.85 per pack, along with new taxes on other tobacco products and electronic cigarettes will raise useful revenue while ...

City Council in Tahlequah, OK looks again at E-Cigarette ban
City-sentinel - March 13, 2014

The Tahlequah City Council discussed a ban ordinance on Monday (March 3), but ... Action League (OVAL) said, “Lumping e-cigarettes in with smoking would be a ... Gore has guided efforts to oppose e-cigarette bans throughout the Sooner State. ... an executive order banning personal use of e-cigarettes on state property.

COMMENTARY: Battle over E-cigarettes in Oklahoma is getting lost ...
City-sentinel - March 13, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY — As a new legislative week begins at the Oklahoma Capitol, proposals are advancing to clarify that e-cigarettes are products that cannot be ...

Virginia-based retail group urges youth e-cig ban
The Virginian-Pilot - March 13, 2014

Virginia-based retail group urges youth e-cig ban ... that they are risky products and could lead to somebody starting to smoke tobacco products," Henry Armour, ...

Local Government Insider: Another 'fact' out of DC you can't believe
Columbus Dispatch - March 13, 2014

Upper Arlington's ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors might be the ... League said the league hadn't received inquiries about banning e-cigarettes ...

Council cuts through haze by extinguishing e-cigarette ban
Yakima Herald-Republic - March 13, 2014

The vapor resembles tobacco smoke in appearance to the observer and in feel ... smoking is banned, including parks and buildings that are open to the public.

State Senate panel backs bill allowing e-cigarettes indoors
Green Bay Press Gazette - March 13, 2014

Sam Zaretzke smokes an e-cigarette while working at It Is Vapor in Oshkosh. / Joe Sienkiewicz/Gannett Wisconsin Media ...

Bill Allowing E-Cigs Indoors Clears Hurdle in Wis. Senate Committee
WDIO-TV - March 13, 2014

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A bill allowing electronic cigarettes indoors has cleared a Wisconsin Senate committee. The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary ...

Wis. Bill Would allow use of E-Cigarettes Indoors
WSAW - March 13, 2014

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin lawmakers are considering a bill that would let smokers use electronic cigarettes indoors. The bill is up for a committee vote .

Pierce County Herald - March 13, 2014

The judiciary panel is scheduled to vote on exempting e-cigarettes from the state's three-and-a-half year old public indoor ban on tobacco smoking. West Bend ...

Retail group urges youth electronic cigarette ban
MassLive.com - March 13, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-0 to approve an ordinance to ban e-cigarette use, or "vaping" at public places where tobacco smoking is restricted.

NACS Issues Position Relating to the Sale of E-CigarettesCurrently ...
NACS Online - March 13, 2014

ALEXANDRIA, VA – NACS has issued a statement of position that encourages stores selling e-cigarettes to adopt, as a best practice, a policy of treating these ...

Tobacco company subsidiary sues 11 electronic cigarette makers for ...
Legal News Line-by Jessica Karmasek - March 13, 2014

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) — A Netherlands-based company is suing 11 electronic cigarette makers in a California federal court, claiming patent ...

Vapor World Expo
March 13, 2014

Vapor World Expo is scheduled May 7-8 at the Donald E. Stephens ... Electronic cigarettes and related vapor devices have reached the tipping point. Having ...

Genuine Insights, Sweeping Predictions and Pure Promotion–Our ...
Flip the Media - March 13, 2014

Judging by all the SXSW hipsters sucking on electronic cigarettes, 2014 might be the year these devices become mainstream. For a more left-field tip, I would go ...

Start Your Engines: American Heritage(TM) Sponsored Bauman ...
MENAFN.COM - March 13, 2014

American Heritage's disposable premium electronic cigarettes havecombined authentic true to life flavor with a soft filter which haspushed it to the forefront in ...

Time to scope out a colonoscopy this month
Cleveland Jewish News - March 13, 2014

Avoid tobacco in any form, including e-cigarettes. The tiny miracle medicine aspirin has been shown to reduce colon cancer risk by as much as 40 percent in ...

Are e-cigarette marketers ensnaring the next generation of teen ...
Yahoo News - March 13, 2014

A new study found that teens who used e-cigarettes were more likely to be heavy tobacco cigarette smokers and less likely to quit. Yet America still lets the e-cig ...

Sri Lanka's CTC eyes e-cigarettes as fears over kids rise
Lanka Business Online - March 13, 2014

E-cigarettes were originally marketed as an aid to quit smoking but with ... Last week Los Angeles passed a law to ban the product where smoking is banned.

E-Cigarettes Pose Real Risks to Teens
Businessweek - March 13, 2014

While hardened adult smokers might find that e-cigarettes help them quit the unprefixed ... 26, the European Parliament passed a list of e-cigarette restrictions, ...

Banning E-Cigarette Marketing to Kids
Bloomberg Businessweek - March 13, 2014

S. 2047 Protecting Children From Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act of 2014

Clinton Looks To Regulate E-Cigarettes
KWQC 6 - March 13, 2014

The Clinton County Board of Supervisors discussed banning e-cigarettes and other ... The City of Clinton already has a smoking ban in public parks during ...

Dangers Of E-Cig
KNOP - March 13, 2014

And some of the E–cigs have been found to have what is called tobacco specific nitrosamines, which are cancer causing agents,"says Haws. Haws says it's ...

What passed, what didn't at the 2014 Utah State Legislature
fox13now.com - March 13, 2014

... more regulations on e-cigarettes died in the final minutes of the Utah State Legislature. The Senate enacted changes, but it was not considered in the House.

Altria Group Inc (NYSE:MO) Spared From ecig Lawsuit
Financial Trends - March 13, 2014

...has been spared from the lawsuit, as this company is known to develop the technology for the ecigarettes internally. The lawsuit will affect Lorillard Inc as it offers a brand called the blue Cigs, NJoyInc, Ballantyne Brands LLC at Charlotte as well as M...

blu eCigs Presents The Electric Lounge At Summit Nightclub
Consumer Electronics Net - March 13, 2014

... electronic cigarette in their choice of Classic Tobacco or Magnificent Menthol ... experience of traditional cigarettes without the tobacco smoke, ash, or smell....

Care home fire was caused by e-cigarette, investigation reveals
The Argus Brighton Hove and Sussex (uk) - March 12, 2014

Fire and Rescue Service, Mark Hayter, said: “This fire was not an isolated incident; other fire services have reported similar instances including a fatal fire in Derbyshire. The problem appears to be with batteries that are attached via a USB cable and ...

Special Assignment Debate over e-cigarettes heating up in Wisconsin
Newsradio 620 - March 12, 2014

MILWAUKEE - The smoking ban in our state is pretty clear--no smoking in public ... in places like bars and restaurants--where cigarettes are currently banned.

Health board urges ban of e-cigs in government buildings
Lincoln Journal Star - March 12, 2014

Electronic cigarettes should be treated the same as cigarettes that contain tobacco: banned in all local government buildings, according to the local Board of ...

This Week's Music Previews
The Portland Mercury (blog) - March 12, 2014

On a more surface level, the thing that I don't understand about e-cigarettes is the way the industry seems to be coalescing around "vape" as a verb to describe ...

E-cigarettes: Much safer than cigarettes, don't tax them
The Seattle Times (blog) - March 12, 2014

The editorial “Put heat on e-cigarettes and 'vaping' ” [Opinion, March 6] suggests that we should tax e-cigarettes because they represent a health hazard to teens ...

Sound Off for March 12th: Would you like to see a ban on E ...
KXLY Spokane - March 12, 2014

But, e-cigarettes aren't faring so well in other U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. Councils there have voted to ban the use of e-cigarettes in ...

VIDEO: Imperial Tobacco Sparks E-Cigarette Legal Battle: Video
Bloomberg News - March 12, 2014

This is why phillip morris and imperial are doing vast amount of research and development. They won't when that taste better -- they want one that tastes better.

E-Cigs and Second-Hand Vaping
Huffington Post - March 12, 2014

OK, in this post we're going to clue you in on some of the potential issues with electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, as they're diminutively known. But before we do, we ... But don't be fooled into thinking that e-cigs are without risks or that you should now be able to vape to your heart's content. Or that theyre plain healthy. ...

Do e-Cigarettes Threaten the Future of Big Tobacco Companies?
Motley Fool - March 12, 2014

E-cigs have become much more than a tobacco-smoking substitute. ... take a stand on whether electronic cigarettes should be banned in the U.S. Nevertheless, ...

Is the government killing its citizens by banning, taxing e-cigarettes?
Economic Collapse News - March 12, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as e-cigarettes (e-cigs), are digital vapor devices that are powered by a battery. It looks like a regular cigarette and simulates tobacco smoking but it instead it just vaporizes a liquid solution, whether its a mixture of nicotine and a flavor or only a particular flavor. E-cigs now replicate cigars and pipes, too. ...

Health Canada tracks e-cigarettes
TheChronicleHerald.ca - March 12, 2014

But anti-smoking groups have called for tighter restrictions on e-cigarettes. The Canadian Lung Association called them gimmicky, unproven methods and ...

E-cigarette ad banned over health claims
The Guardian - March 12, 2014

An advert for an e-cigarette brand has been banned after the advertising watchdog ... The leaflet for Ten Motives' disposable electronic cigarettes claimed they were ... "Nicotine safety in the context of e-cigarette use and tobacco dependance".

Will Government Regulation Vaporize E-Cigarettes?
WBUR - March 12, 2014

But, according to USA Today, at least 30 states are considering excise taxes on e-cigs. There's plenty of debate over whether electronic cigarettes make people ...

The Anti-E-Cigarette Conspiracy
National Review Online (blog) - March 12, 2014

Many experts in tobacco control believe e-cigs present the best hope of improving the unacceptably low rate of successful quitting among addicted smokers. Yet, in a perverse inversion of public-health policy, these devices face relentless opposition and not from Big Tobacco, whose interests seemingly are most threatened by the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Rather, it is the official public-health agencies, such as the CDC and the FDA, and the big health nonprofits, such as the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, that are fighting this public-health miracle.

E-Cigs Biggest Talking Point On No Smoking Day
Mix 96 - March 12, 2014

Today is No Smoking Day and Buckinghamshire's stop smoking service continues its push to help people quit. The big talking-point at the moment is of course ...

EU regulation and the e-cigarette marketplace taking the world by storm
The Information Daily - March 12, 2014

With unprecedented growth propelling the e-cigarette marketplace to new heights and drawing international attention, regulation will undoubtedly determine the direction this new market takes.

Davis City Council discusses impact of e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
KCRA Sacramento - March 12, 2014

As electronic cigarettes become more popular, cities across California are clamping down on their use in public. The Davis City Council discussed the issue at its meeting Tuesday night.
Restaurants like Bistro 33 banned e-cigarettes as soon as they started becoming popular. What little smell they do have, we still get complaints about it, so wed rather not have it in general, bartender Matt Padilla said. So far, research on the health impact of e-cigarettes has been inconclusive. Another concern is enforcement," said Kelly Stachowicz, the deputy city manager of Davis. "E-cigarettes are made to look like and replicate conventional cigarettes." Depending on the nature of a ban if the city decides to move forward enforcement could be similar to smoking, with mainly restaurants and businesses cracking down.

Cerritos council to consider ban on e-cigarettes use at city facilities
Long Beach Press-Telegram - March 12, 2014

The use of electronic cigarettes in all city-owned or operated facilities might be prohibited by May. Council members will consider an ordinance on Thursday that would ban the use of e-cigarettes in public areas, such as parks and the Civic Center grounds.

E-cigarette use increasingly snuffed out
U-T San Diego - March 12, 2014

Government agencies are increasingly snuffing out vaping or puffing on electronic cigarettes in public spaces. On Tuesday, the Del Mar Fairgrounds board and the El Cajon City Council approved restricting their use. Solana Beach, Vista, Carlsbad, Poway, La Mesa, Encinitas and Lemon Grove also have or are set to include e-cigs in their smoking-control ordinances.

Fair board bans e-cigs, hears from opponents of elephant rides
Del Mar Times - March 12, 2014

Dont plan on firing up an e-cigarette after downing a cinnamon roll, deep-fried Twinkie or slice of chocolate-covered bacon at this years San Diego County Fair. The board that oversees the state-owned fairgrounds voted unanimously at its meeting on Tuesday, March 11, to ban the use of e-cigarettes and other similar devices during the San Diego County Fair. Last year, the 22nd District Agricultural Association board outlawed smoking tobacco cigarettes during the fair.
About 10 people spoke in favor of the e-cigarette ban at Tuesdays meeting, and there were no speakers against the action. I just encourage the board to seriously consider banning e-cigs, said Ray McEdward, who said his asthma is aggravated by the vapor from the electronic devices. Theyre not the harmless items everyone thinks they are.

County moves to regulate e-smoking devices
fox5sandiego.com - March 12, 2014

SAN DIEGO The Board of Supervisors today took two actions intended to limit the use of electronic-smoking devices.

Must Keep E-Cigs From Minors
Hartford Courant - March 12, 2014

The efforts of U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal to fight the proliferation and sale of e-cigarettes to minors should be supported vigorously. Once pre-teens and teens become enthralled with the addiction of nicotine, it has a lock on their emotions and psychology for the rest of their lives. The step from use of e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes will become a virtual certainty. the tobacco industry is without question one of the most nefarious industries ever allowed in our country. As a member of the West Hartford Town Council in the mid-1980s, I introduced an ordinance to ban the sale of tobacco to minors. It was an idea whose time had come and it spread from town to town, eventually embarassing the legislature into adopting the same ban.

Connecticut Gov. Malloy proposes ban on sales of on electronic cigarettes to minors
Daily Journal - March 12, 2014

Dannel P. Malloy is seeking to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. ... some adults stop smoking, it also has been shown to be gateway for children to ... as "vaping," but 27 other states have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to children.

Bill Would Ban E-Cigarette Sales to Minors In Connecticut
Hartford Courant - March 12, 2014

Connecticut would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors under legislation announced Wednesday by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Lawmakers Roll Foward E-Cigarette Bans
NorthEscambia.com - March 12, 2014

Minors wouldnt be able to buy electronic cigarettes under one proposal ready for a full Senate vote and another working its way through House committees. The Senate on Tuesday teed up its measure (SB 224), sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, for a full vote as early as March 20.

VIDEO: Support for Bill Banning E-Cigarettes to Minors, but Vape Shop Owners Against Taxing Them
Pacific News Center - March 12, 2014

Guam - There was tremendous support for Senator Dennis Rodriguez's Bill 264, which would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors under the age of 18. But the discussion at the public hearing today could also inspire further legislation to regulate the controversial product, even among adults.

Health officials support prohibiting sale of e-cigarettes to kid - KUAM ...
KUAM.com - March 12, 2014

Guam - Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular throughout the nation and it's no different here on Guam. But because they're highly unregulated, it's fallen into the hands of our island's youth. Legislation aims to prevent just that.

County moves to ban e-cigs in buildings
Clinton Herald - March 12, 2014

CLINTON Clinton County is moving forward to ban the use of electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems in county buildings. County Attorney Mike Wolf brought the idea of a policy to address the new devices to the Clinton County Board of Supervisors earlier this year. He presented a resolution Monday to the board to approve the policy. Chairwoman Jill Davisson advised that this policy will not prevent visitors from carrying e-cigarettes in the county courthouse or county administration building. Visitors will be banned from using the items inside the buildings. ...

State legislation work continues
The Harlan Daily Enterprise - March 12, 2014

Senate Bill 109 would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. ... Senate Bill 100 speeds up CCDW licensing by a simple measure; allowing ...

E-cigarette ban for minors advances on unanimous vote
Omaha World-Herald - March 12, 2014

LINCOLN The Nebraska Legislature wants to make the "vaping" of electronic cigarettes for adults only. Lawmakers voted 38-0 Tuesday to advance to the ...

Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned In Public Spaces?
WBAL Radio - March 12, 2014

Should e-cigarettes be banned in public spaces? In Maryland, some lawmakers are proposing the ban. At the moment, the products cannot be sold to anyone ...

Salina commission approves 90-day ban on new vapor or hookah bars in city to study regulations
Greenfield Daily Reporter - March 12, 2014

Vapor bars wouldn't be affected by the ban because they use e-cigarettes. Sophy Kea, owner of Salina Vape, which opened last weekend, said he doesn't sell ...

Salina puts 90-day ban on vapor, hookah bars
Ventura County Star - March 12, 2014

No hookah lounges or vapor bars will be able to open in Salina for at least 90 days while city officials study regulations governing the businesses.

Waseca council looks to regulate the sale of e-cigarettes
Southernminn.com - March 12, 2014

While the debate is still on as to whether e-cigarettes are beneficial or a health risk, the Waseca City Council is considering an ordinance which would regulate their sale and use.

Isanti County Board approves less intrusive security measure
Isanti County News - March 12, 2014

Regulating e-cigs - Following an uneventful public hearing, board members approved an ordinance regulating minors from accessing e-cigarettes, just as any other tobacco product, at point of sale.

Oklahoma House Takes Up E-Cigs Regulation
Budget & Tax News - March 12, 2014

... Two bills would place some regulation of e-cig sales within the same broad title of state law as tobacco products, while fashioning regulatory limitations and some protections for the devices. Either of those could represent a slowing of the anti-e-cigarette juggernaut in Oklahoma over the past year, financed in large part by a state government agency.

Regulate e-cigarettes
Philly.com - March 12, 2014

Two bills are currently being proposed in City Council that relate to e-cigarette use in Philadelphia. The first seeks to prevent the sale of e-cigarette devices to minors, and the second would restrict the public spaces where a person could use the devices. Would you knowingly let your kid inhale an untested product? Think about it. You have more information about the potential health impact of your mascara than you do about that of your e-cigarette. The City Council bill clarifies that e-cigarettes should not be sold to kids under age 18. Since 2007, Philadelphia has had a highly successful public-smoking ban. We simply should not confuse the public by allowing e-cigarette vaping to pollute the air.

Yakima council rejects ban on e-cigs, tables transit talks
Yakima Herald-Republic - March 12, 2014

The Yakima City Council on Tuesday narrowly rejected a proposal to ban e-cigarettes in public places. The e-cigarette debate was the dominant issue of the ... The council voted 4-3 to oppose regulating the electronic vaporizers often used by smokers to replace tobacco cigarettes. They cited a lack of proof that the nicotine-infused liquid consumed and exhaled is dangerous. I just believe this is another unenforceable regulation over an otherwise legal activity, Councilman Bill Lover said before voting against the ordinance. He was joined by council members Micah Cawley, Kathy Coffey and Rick Ensey.

Yakima council rejects ban on e-cigarettes
Daily Astorian - March 12, 2014

The Yakima City Council voted down a proposal Tuesday night to ban e-cigarettes in public places. A measure to regulate electronic vaporizers failed on a 4-3 vote. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports (http://bit.ly/1qvHdK8) the majority said there was a lack of evidence that the nicotine-infused fumes are dangerous. The vaporizers are used by some smokers to replace tobacco.

Smokers' new e-cigarette option may get snuffed
The Seattle Times - March 12, 2014

Only it's more controversial because it hasn't been approved by the government and no one yet knows for certain whether vaping might cause some long-term ...

School districts, municipalities looking at e-cigarette policies
Beloit Daily News - March 12, 2014

A proposal to exempt e-cigarettes from the Wisconsin indoor smoking ban could allow the use of cigarettes indoors, However, the move may result in ...

Make sure e-cigarettes are safe
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - March 11, 2014

Christian Schneider's position to exempt e-cigarettes from the ban on public smoking is poorly considered ("Exempt e-cigarettes from ban," Crossroads, March 9). The column itself provides ample reason to ban these devices from public spaces. First, according to Schneider, an e-smoker "exhale(s) a harmless vapor that bears no resemblance to traditional cigarette smoke." Yet the column includes a photo of an e-smoker exhaling a large plume of what looks exactly like cigarette smoke into the public space that she may share with her fellow citizens. E-cigarettes contain carcinogens. Schneider considers this and concludes: "So what?" Given the scientific data available, there is no reason to assume that the vapor exhaled by an e-cigarette smoker is safe. For years, children suffered respiratory infections and asthma attacks and adults died from lung cancer caused by their exposure to secondhand smoke, while the tobacco industry said "so what?" To make the same mistake with e-cigarettes would be tragic. The current situation mirrors the early 20th century when Americans turned to "the then-presumably safer practice of smoking" (again Schneider's words), which produced an epidemic of lung cancer and chronic lung disease in the United States.

HIGHER ED: Best value educations, a potentially tobacco-free campus and enrollment goals
Pacific Northwest Inlander (blog) - March 11, 2014

Tobacco-free: Next week, the student government at WSU will ask students to vote on a campus-wide tobacco ban, which would prohibit any substance with tobacco including cigarettes, hookah, e-cigarettes, and chewing tobacco. The change would help the university to avoid the costs of designated smoking areas. (KLEW TV)

Farmington restaurant announces ban on e-cigs [VIDEO]
KOB.com - March 11, 2014

Three Rivers Brewery is a unique restaurant in the heart of downtown Farmington. This restaurant has their own rules and has added a new one to the list. Please put your E-cigarette away while you eat lunch, explains Three Rivers owner, Bob Beckley. I think it's a great idea, said Adriane Lewis, I'm not too familiar with the e-cigarettes, whether it gives off second hand smoke like a normal cigarette, but if it ...

KVCC Board of Trustees votes to ban tobacco use on campus
Mlive Kalamazoo - March 11, 2014

KALAMAZOO, MI The days of being able to light up at Kalamazoo Valley Community College are coming to an end. The community college's Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette use on campus at the end of this year. The ban would include chewing tobacco, as well as cigarettes, pipes, cigars and other smoking products. As of Jan. 1, 2015, people will only be able to smoke in personal vehicles on campus. As of January, more than 1,180 U.S. colleges and universities had gone smoke-free, with more than 800 of those banning all on-campus tobacco use. Other changes to the smoking policy will be coming sooner. As of April 1, e-cigarettes will be included in the campus' current tobacco-use policy, which prohibits smoking within 50 feet of entrances at the Texas Township Campus, except for three designated areas. There is also a smoking hut outside at the Texas Township Campus. Smoking at the Arcadia Commons Campus is currently permitted only outside the east entrance. That motion also passed unanimously.

State View: Be wary of industry support of e-cig bans
The Daily Telegram - March 11, 2014

The sellers of addictive substances will try to convince you otherwise, but theyre in the business of getting people hooked on their products. If they say they support legislation that would restrict that business, its wise to be skeptical. The debate here isn't whether states should restrict the use of e-cigarettes to adults nobody, at least publicly, opposes that but whether e-cigarettes should ...

Kansas health officials worry about e-cig dangers
KWCH - March 11, 2014

Vapor Trail E-cigs President Jason Reece disagrees. "The studies and research that I've seen is that it's no more harmful for you then caffeine," said Reece.

Newton aldermen considering new restrictions on nicotine sales
Wicked Local - March 11, 2014

City officials are considering a series of changes aimed at dramatically reducing teens access to certain tobacco and nicotine delivery products in Newton a prospect that has some storeowners concerned about their ability to stay in business. A proposed ordinance before the aldermanic Programs and Services Committee would raise the legal age to purchase tobacco, ban convenience stores from selling flavored tobacco and regulate electronic nicotine products, or e-cigarettes, in the same manner as tobacco. Flavored products including cigars, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes would be restricted to tobacco or e-cigarette retail stores. Approximately 40 stores in the city are currently licensed to sell nicotine products, but only two would fall under the retail exemption Vape Daddys and Newton Smoke Shop, both located on the same block of Watertown Street in Nonantum. Those retailers would be exempt, Zaleznik said, because they can restrict access for underage people something convenience stores cant do because of the variety of products they sell. Newton would be the first municipality in the state to restrict the sale of flavored products. The ban on flavored products wouldnt apply to menthol tobacco products.

DeKalb City Council sets temporary rules on e-cigs, teen clubs
Dekalb Daily Chronicle - March 11, 2014

DeKALB Electronic cigarette retailers and teen nightclub operators looking to move into the city of DeKalb will have to work within the limits of a temporary law. During their meeting Monday night, DeKalb aldermen approved an ordinance that will be in effect for 180 days, giving city officials time to draft permanent laws and licensing procedures to handle the businesses. After unanimously voting in favor of the first reading and waiving the second reading, aldermen unanimously approved the ordinance. ...

E-cigarettes also are banned on CTA property
ChicagoNow (blog) - March 11, 2014

In case you were wondering, e-cigarettes are banned on CTA buses, trains and other properties.
A CTA spokesperson confirmed this for me after an inquiry from Tattler reader John. He said he confronted a person smoking an e-cigarette on a bus: ...

County Considering Ban on Cigarettes, e-Cigs Too
Maui TV News (blog) - March 11, 2014

WAILUKU The Economic Development, Energy, Agriculture and Recreation Committee will meet this Friday, March 14, at 1:30 p.m. to consider a bill to ban tobacco use and products in county parks, including beaches, and a resolution relating to roadside stands and farmers markets, Committee Chair Don Guzman announced today. The bill would also prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices, or e-cigarettes, at county parks and recreational facilities.

Committee votes to ban new nicotine products for minors
9NEWS.com - March 11, 2014

DENVER The Marlboro Man and his old-school cigarette have been replaced by celebrities with e-cigarettes. The electronic smoker is tobacco-free but still contains nicotine. It's one of a number of tobacco and/or nicotine products that some state lawmakers say aren't clearly included in the law. "The field is changing in retail with these products," said Rep. Dave Young (D- Greeley). "And we now have products that maybe have nicotine in them that maybe aren't covered by the statues."

Seal Beach council restricts new smoke, e-cigarette shops
OCRegister - March 11, 2014

SEAL BEACH New smoke shops, including places that sell electronic cigarettes, will only be able to operate in commercial zones under an ordinance approved Monday. The City Council voted unanimously to update the citys zoning code and implement the restrictions.

East County Magazine - March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014 (San Diego) Citing health concerns, Supervisors today voted 3-1 to regulate electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. In addition, a proposal to ban these devices in all County buildings will be brought before the Council in May. Supervisor Bill Horn voted against the measure and Supervisor Ron Roberts was absent.

El Cajon regulates use, sales of e-cigarettes
U-T San Diego - March 11, 2014

EL CAJON While not snuffed out entirely, e-cigarettes took a hit at Tuesday's El Cajon City Council meeting when the council voted 4-1 to amend the Municipal Code so that regulations about usage and sale of the devices are the same as those that apply to tobacco and smoking. Additionally, a license to sell vapor products will now be required, as is currently the case with tobacco. Businesses that primarily sell electronic/vapor inhalation products also will need a conditional use permit, a requirement that now applies to smoke shops. Minors are prohibited from buying and using e-cigarettes and similar products.

E-cigarettes may be 'toxic,' UCR researchers say
Highlander Newspaper - March 11, 2014

UCR professor of cell biology Dr. Prue Talbot and her team discovered the chemicals used to refill electronic vapor cigarettes (e-cigarettes) may be more harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Her team discovered that electronic vapor requires a consumer to take deeper breaths which may potentially draw in harmful chemicals to fragile parts of the lungs, as opposed to a tobacco cigarette that burns on the other end, allowing the consumer less inhalation. Our earlier studies with electronic cigarette refill fluids showed that some of these products were toxic to both mouse neural stem cells, (and) human embryonic stem cells as well as to adult lung cells, she said in a UC press release

Can people smoke e-cigarettes on base?
Ventura County Star - March 11, 2014

Question: I have noticed the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes around the base. Is there an instruction or policy that describes the specifics on where people can use them on base? Answer: Thank you for allowing me to address what is an area of great interest. We do not have an instruction specific to Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) because higher-level instructions are clear. Tobacco use inside facilities controlled by the Department of the Navy is prohibited by SECNAVINST 5100.13E, Navy and Marine Corps Tobacco Policy. There are a few exceptions, such as personal housing units. The Food and Drug Administration classifies e-cigarettes as tobacco products, and as such they fall under this restriction. ...

US Senators Letter to the President Urging Administration to Finalize ...
Sierra Sun Times - March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014 - Washington, D.C. In a letter to President Obama, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and Ed Markey (D-MA) in urging the Administration to review and finalize regulations for tobacco products, which may include e-cigarettes and e-hookahs, without further delay. By Executive Order, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs has 90 days to complete review of regulations, with a possible extension of no more than 30 days. The agency has failed to meet this deadline.

E-cig maker files suit
Winston-Salem Journal - March 11, 2014

Lorillard Inc. and another North Carolina electronic-cigarette company are among 11 being sued by a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco Group Plc for patent infringement.

Johns Hopkins Expert on E-Cigarettes Available to Answer Questions
Newswise (press release) - March 11, 2014

With the use of electronic cigarettes increasing exponentially, M. Brad Drummond, M.D., M.H.S., an assistant professor of pulmonary and critical care medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, is available to discuss this new phenomenon. Dr. Drummond says parents and physicians need to be aware that e-cigarettes, while safer than traditional cigarettes, could be a gateway to a future nicotine addiction and that their ability to be used anywhere could lead to the renormalization of smoking at a time when smoking rates have declined. ...

E-cigarette explosion in Ammanford prompts more warnings from fire service chiefs
Southwales Evening Post - March 11, 2014

FIRE chiefs have again warned of the dangers of electronic cigarettes after one exploded, causing significant damage. Mid and West Wales Fire Service said the incident took place in Ammanford after an e-cigarette had been left to charge. They said the explosion caused significant damage to the surrounding area. The occupier of the property affected said: It went off like a firework and we were lucky that nobody was injured.

E-cigs heading for committees
Harrison Daily - March 11, 2014

The Harrison City Council will discuss in committees a proposed ordinance banning electronic cigarettes from public places where smoking is already banned.

Davis Takes Up E-Cigarettes at City Council Meeting
KFBK - March 11, 2014

They are touted as a way to quit smoking, but cities are showing no love for the e-cigarette. As sales of e-cigarettes are skyrocketing, cities are looking to expand ... According to the Sacramento Bee, Rancho Cordova is the latest city to label them as cigarettes and ban them accordingly from indoor, public places and so on. Roseville and Folsom are also looking at implementing the same types of bans and Davis will take up the issue of e-cigarettes at their city council meeting tonight.

LA City Council: Is the War Against E-Cigs About Lost of Tax ...
City Watch - March 11, 2014

Although electronic smoking devices are no more cigarettes than strollers are bicycles, the City of Los Angeles is moving to reclassify vaporizers as tobacco products that cannot be used indoors, at restaurants or in public parks. Mayor Eric Garcetti now has ten days to decide whether a product that contains no tobacco whatsoever should be regulated as a tobacco product.

Dr. Jandial: Unknown Science of E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]
KTLA-TV (Los Angeles, CA) - March 11, 2014

Surgeon and scientist Dr. Rahul Jandial joined us live to talk about the debate over the potential dangers of electronic cigarettes. Los Angeles recently joined a growing list of cities that have banned electronic cigarettes in most public places...

District 70 mulls e-cig ban
Pueblo Chieftain - March 11, 2014

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes continues to grow, local school districts are modifying their policies banning them from schools....

E-cigarettes: Florida lawmakers discuss banning e-cigs to minors
WPTV - March 11, 2014

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - State lawmakers are scheduled to talk about a bill Tuesday to ban electronic cigarettes from minors.

Lawmakers may ban e-cigarettes for minors
First Coast News - March 11, 2014

It would also be illegal to sell electronic cigarettes to minors. Those pushing for the bill say electronic cigarettes are an alternative to regular cigarettes and ...

Proposed ban on e-cigarettes in public places draws opposition
Southern Maryland Online - March 11, 2014

Maryland became the latest in a series of states struggling with how to regulate electronic cigarettes this past week when a bill aiming to ban them in public places was heard in a House committee.

Not so fast on e-cigarettes
Boston Globe - March 11, 2014

Electronic cigarette use is exploding among adolescents, and the latest evidence indicates this is not good. A study published last week in JAMA Pediatrics found youth e-cigarette users had higher odds of being tobacco smokers, progressing from experimentation to established smoking; were more likely to be heavier smokers; and were less likely to have quit smoking than smokers who did not also use e-cigarettes.

Industry support of e-cig bans deserves skepticism
Your Houston News - March 11, 2014

The sellers of addictive substances will try to convince you otherwise, but theyre in the business of getting people hooked on their products. If they say they support legislation that would restrict that business, its wise to be skeptical.

SE Council considers tobacco licensing, Snow Farm abatement
NUjournal - March 11, 2014

SLEEPY EYE - The Sleepy Eye City Council will consider the second reading of a tobacco licensing ordinance and a resolution for Snow Farm First Addition abatements at its meeting today...

Nebraska proposal to ban minors from using e-cigarettes ignites debate in Legislature
The Republic - March 11, 2014

LINCOLN, Nebraska A proposal to ban minors from using e-cigarettes has sparked a debate in the Nebraska Legislature. Lawmakers began debate Monday ...

School board to consider top school salaries
North Platte Bulletin - March 11, 2014

Among other business, the board will consider adding e-cigarettes to the tobacco products that are prohibited on school property, including parking lots.

Ban e-cig sales to kids (letter)
York Daily Record - March 11, 2014

Fortunately, some of our elected leaders in Harrisburg are concerned about teens getting their hands on electronic cigarettes, and Senate Bill 1055 would help ...

SD House grants final legislative approval to regulate e-cigarettes ...
The Republic - March 11, 2014

PIERRE, South Dakota The South Dakota House has passed a bill to regulate e-cigarettes. Representatives voted 60-10 in support of the measure.

VRE: e-cigarettes not allowed on trains
WUSA 9 - March 11, 2014

VRE officials let all riders know where they stand on e-cigarettes on Tuesday. In a statement, officials wrote: "Following the lead of other commuter agencies in America, our policy is to treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes products." They admitted that "The jury is still out on whether the vapor from e-cigarettes is actually harmful" but are encouraging riders to "exercise the same societal cautions as you do for combustible tobacco."

W.Va. lawmakers passed a variety of bills during 60-day legislative session
Greenfield Daily Reporter - March 11, 2014

Electronic cigarettes (HB 4237): outlaws the sale of vapor-based e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products to children under 18; covers toothpicks, ...

E-cigarettes: fresh air or smoke and mirrors?
West Hawaii Today - March 11, 2014

NEW YORK On the edge of the SoHo neighborhood downtown, The Henley Vaporium is an intimate hipster hangout with overstuffed chairs, exposed brick, friendly counter help but no booze.

Imperial Tobacco unit sparks e-cig dispute in patent suits
NorthJersey.com - March 11, 2014

An Imperial Tobacco Group Plc unit sued a Lorillard Inc. subsidiary, NJOY Inc., Vapor Corp. and eight other makers of electronic cigarettes in U.S. patent ...

Editorial: Planned regulations on e-cigarettes are overdue
The Times Herald - March 11, 2014

Could someone please send the Food and Drug Administration a copy of the latest study on teenagers and e-cigarettes? The agency obviously needs a push to come out with its overdue regulations.

The rise of e-cigarettes
Medical Xpress - March 11, 2014

The use of electronic cigarettes has grown rapidly across the United States, prompting questions about their safety and whether they serve as a gateway to conventional cigarettes or a means of kicking the habitor at least of sustaining a nicotine addiction without inhaling the carcinogens in smoke. His research group, Stanford Research Into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising, has been closely following the e-cigarette industry. He recently spoke with Paul ...

Poll: Should e-cigarettes be banned in all workplaces?
thejournal.ie - March 11, 2014

IRISH RAIL HAVE taken the decision to ban e-cigarettes on all train services and the DART. E-cigarettes are marketed as a way to help people stop smoking but they do contain nicotine and were recently banned for under-18s. But should Irish Rail's ban ...

Curbing E-Smoking Ads Won't Be Easy
Hartford Courant - March 10, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are promoted as a healthier alternative to tobacco. Maybe yes, maybe no, but they are certainly not benign. They contain highly addictive nicotine, for one thing, and they should never be used by minors.

The Official E-Cigarette of SXSW Tastes Like Crap
Motherboard - March 10, 2014

Lorillard, the number three tobacco company (of Newport cigarettes fame) ... The Vuse comes in two flavors, regular and menthol, with e-juice included so you ...

Mapco Express Adds More Exclusive E-Cigs
CSPnet.com - March 10, 2014

... with Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corp. with the expansion of Mapco's GreenStix ... GreenStix 500 Puff Disposable e-cigarette in tobacco and menthol flavors.

What's in e-cigarettes, and are they safe? A few issues to consider before you vape
Washington Post - March 10, 2014

E-cigarettes are marketed as a more socially acceptable alternative to smoking. But what exactly are users and the people around them breathing in? Are the cigarettes safe? And with kid- friendly flavors such as Cherry Crush, Peach Schnapps and Vivid Vanilla, who are they really being marketed to? Here are answers to some key questions about electronic cigarettes.

Yakima Council to Vote on eCigs and Transit Service
KAPP - March 10, 2014

City attorneys are asking for e-cigarettes to be banned in the same areas where smoking is not allowed -- such as schools, stores and restaurants. An e-cigarette ...

Ardmore roadway to close for construction
KXII-TV - March 10, 2014

DENISON,TX---A new city ordinance approved by the council Monday night will regulate on the use of electronic cigarettes in Denison.

Oregon Legislature approves budget, adjourns
KATU - March 10, 2014

Even an idea that started with widespread support, banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, fell apart. Lawmakers disagreed about whether they should also ban the use of so-called e-cigarettes in public buildings and workplaces.

Sauk Rapids Adds E-Cigs To City's Tobacco License Ordinance
WJON News - March 10, 2014

SAUK RAPIDS The Sauk Rapids city council has tightened the regulations on who is allowed to sell electronic cigarettes. City Attorney Adam Ripple says there was no licensing requirement for a business to sell e-cigs in the city limits.

Senator Carroll Gibson's legislative update
Alton Telegraph - March 10, 2014

Preventing youth access to nicotine, Senate Bill 109 passed. This would prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they are smokeless. But they still emit a vaporized form of nicotine to users that is reportedly addictive and unsafe for youth.

Is Santa Monica next to rein in e-cigs?
Santa Monica Daily Press - March 10, 2014

That's a fraction of the tobacco cigarette market roughly $100 billion per year but ... kids and believe they will encourage them to pick up tobacco cigarettes at some point. ... In liquor stores adults can purchase alcohol with cherry flavoring.

Berkeley City Council explores restriction of flavored tobacco sales near schools
Daily Californian - March 10, 2014

Following a proposal approved by Berkeley City Council last month, the city of Berkeley is looking into the possibility of restricting the sale of flavored tobacco near schools. At its Feb. 25 meeting, the council unanimously passed a recommendation that asks city staff to explore creating a 500-foot radius from schools in which stores would be banned from selling flavored tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigarillos and cigar wraps.

Bitcoin is beyond understanding, but e-cigs might be worth a try
Los Angeles Times - March 10, 2014

I feel out of the cultural loop these days, as I try to follow the news. I can't wrap my mind around bitcoins and I'm not sure what an e-cig is.

Devil's Advocate: Why there shouldn't be a ban on e-cigarettes
The Daily Titan - March 10, 2014

Last week, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban vaping anywhere that smoking is banned. This means e-cigarettes, including vaporizer pens, will not be allowed in bars, clubs, beaches, parks, restaurants and other places where smoking is prohibited.

Devil's Advocate: Los Angeles ban on vaporizers in public places protects children from the temptation
The Daily Titan - March 10, 2014

Over the past few years, the popularity of the e-cigarette, or vaporizer, has grown dramatically. E-cigarettes have been advertised and thought of as a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. However, growing concerns about this popular trend have arisen among the most popular cities in America, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Bill Murray's champagne hangover hack; LA e-cig ban upsets secret weed smokers
The Oregonian - March 10, 2014

Cotton Candy smoke: The recent ban on nicotine vaporizers in Los Angeles restaurants and bars has ticked off an unexpected demographic: folks who use e-cigs to secretly smoke weed in public. (LA Weekly)

Protesters fill capital steps with vapor
KGMI - March 10, 2014

OLYMPIA, Wash. A cloud of vapor filled the state capitol steps as protesters rallied against a proposed tax on e-cigarettes. The House is considering legislation ...

Hipster haven caters to the e-cigarette 'vaping' generation
Vancouver Sun - March 10, 2014

On the edge of the SoHo neighbourhood downtown, The Henley Vaporium is an intimate hipster hangout with overstuffed chairs, exposed brick, friendly counter help but no booze. Instead, the proprietors are peddling e-cigarettes, along with bottles of liquid nicotine ready to be plucked from behind a wooden bar and turned into flavourfulvapour for a lung hit with a kick that is intended to simulate traditional smoking. A hint of banana nut bread e-juice lingered in the air one recent afternoon as patrons gathered around a low table to chat and vape, or sidled up to the inviting bar for help from a knowledgeable vapologist.

Chuck Schumer goes after marketing of e-cigarettes to kids
New York Daily News - March 10, 2014

Worried that tobacco companies are marketing to children with flavored e-cigarettes, Sen. Chuck Schumer vowed to push legislation that would close loopholes in advertising laws.

Senator Schumer Pushing for Bill to Prohibit E-Cigarette Marketing among Kids
TopNews Arab Emirates - March 10, 2014

Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for a bill that aims at prohibiting advertising and promoting e-cigarettes in such a way that it attracts children.

Schumer rips e-cigarette makers
News 12 Westchester - March 10, 2014

TARRYTOWN - Sen. Chuck Schumer is taking aim at the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes. The democrat claims the products are being marketed to young children by offering bubble gum and cotton candy flavored varieties.

Proposed e-cigs ban for Neb. minors sparks debate
Yankton Daily Press - March 10, 2014

(AP) A proposal to ban minors from using e-cigarettes has sparked a debate ... He says if the e-cigarettes can help people break a smoking habit, they should ...

Could E-Cigarette Ban Come to the Mountain State?
WDTV - March 10, 2014

Electronic cigarettes seem to be everywhere today, but there may soon be a crackdown on where you can use these virtual pack of smokes. E-cigarettes are the new buzz among teens and have become a quick alternative for smokers. Many cities have already banned the use of them in restaurants, malls, parks, and our state may soon follow in their footsteps. Berkeley County is considering a proposal that would ban the use of e-cigarette devices from all public areas. So how would you feel if the policy was put into place here? Many people agree that the nicotine devices are harmful and addictive to all ages...

E-cigarettes may be exempt from smoking ban
UW Badger Herald - March 10, 2014

A bill would exempt electronic cigarettes from the statewide indoor smoking ban adopted in 2010, allowing people to smoke e-cigarettes in areas such as bars, restaurants and lodging establishments. Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, the bills author, said it is doubtful that the bill would be taken up before the end of this legislative session, but he predicted it would pass without much opposition in the next session, after this falls elections. ...

Chris Christie plans new tax rate for e-cigarettes with 2015 budget
Philly.com (blog) - March 10, 2014

Way back in 2010, New Jersey became one of the first states to enact a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public. Now, Chris Christie plans to continue the states history of early e-cigarette legislation adoption with a newly proposed tax on the devices as part of Jerseys 2015 budget plan.

DeKalb council to consider e-cigarettes, teen nightclubs
Dekalb Daily Chronicle - March 10, 2014

City of DeKalb aldermen will consider establishing a temporary law to deal with electronic cigarette retailers and teen nightclubs during their meeting Monday night. The city has a tobacco ordinance, but it doesnt have one to deal with electronic cigarettes, a battery-powered device that simulates tobacco smoking. The temporary ordinance deals with stores where e-cigarettes account for at least 20 percent of sales revenue or volume. City Attorney Dean Frieders said none of the retailers in the city of DeKalb who sell e-cigarettes fall anywhere near the 20 percent threshold, but city leaders want to have an ordinance in place in the event an e-cigarette shop decides to open in DeKalb.

E-cigarettes face restrictions as cities update smoking ordinances
Sacramento Bee - March 10, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, touted as a smokeless alternative to regular cigarettes, are coming under increased scrutiny as cities and counties consider applying the same restrictions to e-cigarettes as to their tobacco counterparts. At a workshop last week, the Rancho Cordova City Council was unanimous in directing staff members to treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes as they draft amendments to city code sections governing smoking.

Capitol Notes: Reminiscent of 1964 march, Kentuckians still travel to ...
KyForward.com - March 10, 2014

E-cigs resemble traditional cigarettes and use vapors or aerosols to deliver nicotine to users without the usual cigarette smoke. SB 109 was approved by the ...

OK House takes up regulations on e-cigs
Oklahoma Watchdog - March 10, 2014

Two of the bills would place some regulation of e-cig sales within the same broad title of state law as tobacco products, while fashioning regulatory limitations and some protections for the devices. Either of those could represent a slowing of the anti-e-cigarette juggernaut in Oklahoma over the past year, financed in large part by a state government agency. Most notable of the pending bills, perhaps, is House Bill 3104, by state Reps. Mike Jackson, R-Enid, and Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, which would ban youth sales of vapor products which may or may not contain nicotine. Jackson is speaker pro tem for the Republican majority in the House. ...

Fort Worth councilman wants to curb e-cigs for minors
Fort Worth Star Telegram - March 10, 2014

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns wants the city to curb the use of electronic cigarettes by minors, a growing, but some say dangerous, trend. ...

Fear The E-Hookah
New Haven Independent - March 10, 2014

Joe Camel lives on in rainbow-colored, fruit-flavored e-hookahs designed to lure kids into unhealthy habits, a U.S. senator warned in a visit to town. alarm about the dangers of e-hookahs, also known as vape pipes or hookah pens.

E-Cigarettes: The explosion of vaping is about to be regulated
Scope (blog) - March 10, 2014

E-cigarettes are about to get zapped. To date, across the globe, theyve been largely unregulated and their growth since they first came on the scene in 2007 has been exponential. Now, in the first big regulatory action that is sure to spur similar responses across the pond, the European Parliament approved rules last week to ban e-cigarette advertising in the 28 EU member nations beginning in mid-2016. The strong action also requires the products to carry graphic health warnings, be childproof and contain no more than 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter. Its expected that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will soon follow suit and the days of great independence for e-cigarettes will come to a crashing halt. A few U.S. cities, Los Angeles most recently, have banned e-cigarettes in public spaces...

E-cigarettes linked to higher smoking odds
Independent Online - March 10, 2014

Washington - E-cigarette use among US youths doubled in just one year, and those who tried the unregulated devices were more likely to smoke conventional cigarettes as well, a study said.

E-Cigarettes Aren't for Kids
Bloomberg View - March 10, 2014

Could someone please send the U.S. Food and Drug Administration a copy of the latest study on teenagers and e-cigarettes? The agency obviously needs a push to come out with its overdue regulations. Drawn from two surveys of tens of thousands of American middle-school and high-school students, the research found that adolescents who tried battery-powered nicotine vaporizers were more likely to smoke tobacco cigarettes. And if the kids were already regular smokers at the time they experimented with "vaping," they became less likely to quit. It's evidence, as the authors say, that e-cigarettes are "aggravating rather than ameliorating the tobacco epidemic among youths."

Dr. Oz: Vaping isn't a good swap for smoking
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - March 10, 2014

In its favor, this cloud of vapor doesn't contain the 60 known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke, and it may be a way to kick tobacco (it works for some folks). But as a general rule, putting anything besides relatively clean air into your lungs can lead to a roster of complications.

e-Nicotine Technology to Bring Electronic Nicotine Delivery Products to Market to Address Key Unmet Needs for Smokers and the Public Health Community
Products Have No Secondhand Vapor, Do not Look Like Cigarettes, Provide a Satisfying Nicotine Experience
The Herald (press release) - March 10, 2014

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. e-Nicotine Technology (eNT) today announced details regarding its family of products aimed at helping smokers as they transition off of combustible cigarettes. Having recently completed clinical trials in nearly 100 smokers and showing rapid (within 1-minute), dramatic (up to 83% reduction) and sustained smoking urge reduction, eNT is moving forward toward the launch of its family of state-of-the-art electronic nicotine delivery products. eNTs technology enables the development of products that do not look like cigarettes or e-cigarettes and emit no secondhand vapor, which prevents family members or the public from being exposed to the thick plumes of chemicals from existing e-cigarettes, giving users a satisfying and discreet nicotine experience anytime, anywhere.

Hillyer McKeown launches specialist HR and Employment Law Magazine
PR Web (press release) - March 10, 2014

Law firm Hillyer McKeown has announced the launch of a new free digital magazine covering the latest news and opinion on HR and employment law. This month's magazine features There is also an update on the regulation of e-cigarettes in the workplace, together with an overview of recent updates regarding TUPE.

State representative Pat Ownbey to run for re-election
KXII-TV - March 9, 2014

Ownbey is also the author of a bill to ban the use of e-cigarettes by minors and a bill to make prescription drugs subject to trafficking laws. This year's election will ...

The war on 'vaping' is misguided: Guest opinion
The Oregonian - March 9, 2014

Selling e-cigarettes to minors remains legal in Oregon after two competing bills recently died in committee. One, sponsored by Rep. Andy Olson, R-Albany, would have instituted a minimum age of 18 for buying them. A second, sponsored by Rep. Phil Barnhart, D-Eugene, sought additionally to extend the state's ban on smoking in workplaces, bars and restaurants to e-cigarettes. No responsible store owner sells e-cigarettes to teenagers, and no one opposed the sensible proposal restricting sales to minors. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually getting nostalgic for the original smoking ban debate. Advocates exaggerated the dangers of secondhand smoke, but ...

Opinion: Not 'e-lated' over feds' lack of e-cigarette regulation
NJ.com - March 9, 2014

A true story: A family physician colleague of mine recently opened the door to an examination room to find his 15-year-old patient smoking a cigarette. The boys mother hurriedly explained that it was OK because her son was just smoking one of her e-cigarettes to calm his nerves while waiting for the doctor. Forget the fact that this happened in New Jersey, where the use of electronic cigarettes is restricted the same as tobacco cigarettes. This scene illustrates why the Food and Drug Administration needs to take steps immediately to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco cigarettes. ...

Law banning 'e-cigarette' sales to children makes sense: Ohio Rep. Stephanie Kunze
The Plain Dealer - March 9, 2014

Technology also has noticeably expanded over the years. In recent years, we have seen a rise of electronic cigarettes, or more commonly known as e-cigarettes, battery-operated devices that create water vapor and simulate the act of smoking. As of last year, e-cigarettes accounted for only one-half of one percent of the $105 billion U.S. tobacco market, but their popularity is growing. Some analysts believe sales of electronic cigarettes will surpass traditional tobacco products within the next decade. ...

As 'vaping bars' thrive, jury remains out on e-cigarettes
Columbus Dispatch - March 9, 2014

The popularity of vaping bars appears to be growing in central Ohio along with calls for tighter governmental controls and concerns about possible health consequences ...

Law banning 'e-cigarette' sales to children is a "Trojan Horse:" Shelly Kiser, American Lung Associaton of Ohio
The Plain Dealer - March 9, 2014

Last month when I watched Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus puff away on e-cigarettes during the Golden Globes awards, I had a flash back to images from the 1940s when cigarettes were smoked everywhere and glamorous movie stars were used to promote them. As the mother of two teenagers, I was dismayed at the evidence that e-cigarette manufacturers are using the same tactics that were used decades ago to hook generations of kids on cigarettes. ...

Voting Rights, Gambling and Ballot Questions on Legislature's Agenda
WEKU - March 9, 2014

Smoking and e-cigarettes: The high-profile "smoke free" bill apparently was pushed off to future sessions when its chief House sponsor, Rep. Susan Westrom ...

Lighting up debate on e-smoking
Lompoc Record March 9, 2014

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, and where people can smoke 'em, the Santa Maria City Council may have stepped one toke over the line. Santa Maria isn't the first city to ban the electronic smokes, and it won't be the last. ... so eliminating them greatly reduces the risk of smoking-related cancers.

City to discuss vapor lounges, hookah bars
Salina.com - March 9, 2014

City to discuss vapor lounges, hookah bars. If you thought the issue of smoking in Salina was settled, think again. The Salina City Commission on Monday will discuss whether to put a temporary moratorium on the opening of so-called hookah bars or vapor lounges, so the city can draft rules governing them.

On e-cigarettes, many questions but few answers
Boston Globe - March 9, 2014

Maybe a friend or family member uses one. Or maybe youre using one yourself to try to kick a tobacco habit. Whatever your experience with electronic cigarettes, it seems that the battery-powered devices, which deliver a form of nicotine and mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes, are here to stay, according to Consumer Reports. Sales grew from about $500 million in 2012 to an estimated $1.5 billion in 2013. Thats a fraction of the cigarette market roughly $100 billion per year but reflects a 200 percent growth, in contrast to the steady decline in tobacco sales. In the meantime, some states and municipalities most recently New York City have enacted bans on e-cigarettes in public parks and indoor venues where cigarette smoking isnt allowed. You can find a list of local bans at no-smoke.org/pdf/ecigslaws.pdf.

E-cigarette bills ignite debate over regulation, sales
Battle Creek Enquirer - March 10, 2014

LANSING Banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to kids may seem like a no-brainer, yet Gov. Rick Snyders administration and a number of health advocacy groups oppose legislation that does just that. They say it doesnt go far enough. ...

ASA Bans Advert Associated with Birmingham City
FootballFanCast.com - March 10, 2014

The Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) dealt a significant blow to a prominent UK e-cigarette company by banning a recent advert that took advantage of the phrase kicks butt to advertise its products. The agency ruled that while Nicolites was within its rights to enter a sponsorship deal with the Birmingham City Football Club and advertise accordingly, the kicks butt campaign amounts to deceptive advertising. The ASA maintains the ad implies electronic cigarettes are a smoking cessation device. In their defence, Nicolites claims the campaign was nothing more than an effort to capitalise on its association with the popular football club. Nowhere in the advert does the company make explicit claims about smoking cessation. ...

E-cigs banned from DART and trains
Dublin People - March 10, 2014

IRISH Rail has confirmed that electronic cigarettes are now banned from all its DART and train services. The company says it made the decision following complaints from passengers, ...

Council leaders call for action on 'irresponsible' marketing of e ...
LocalGov - March 10, 2014

The 'irresponsible' marketing of e-cigarettes is undermining efforts to stop young ... (LGA) is calling for e-cigarette advertising that targets children to be banned, ...

Call for ban on e-cigarettes in public places
Scotsman - March 9, 2014

The British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland meeting in Clydebank will hear calls for greater regulation of the increasingly popular e-cigarettes amid fears ...

Council to include e-cigarettes in tobacco restrictions
Sierra Wave - March 9, 2014

What sounded like a good thing at first, has turned into a warning from health officials. Electronic or e-cigarettes are now thought to actually encourage smoking instead of help to stop the habit. The Town of Mammoth joined with many other cities in a vote to include e-cigarettes in the Towns tobacco restriction ordinance. Where you cant smoke, you cant smoke e-cigarettes either. ...

Seal Beach council may restrict e-cigarette, smoke shops
OCRegister - March 9, 2014

The City Council on Monday will consider restricting where new e-cigarette businesses and smoke shops can be located.

East County Magazine - March 9, 2014

In addition, Supervisors will also be discussing possible regulation of e-cigarettes. El Cajons City Council on Tuesday will hear a staff report and comments from the public on regulating electronic cigarettes and hookahs. The Council is expected to then direct the City manager to prepare amendments to broaden the Citys tobacco definition to allow regulation of these items, as well as a cost recovery program for licensing inspections of tobacco and smoke shops.

E-cigarettes gain fans, critics as 'vaping' spreads
Tuscaloosa News (subscription) - March 9, 2014

Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes), the devices that simulate the experience of smoking and deliver doses of nicotine to the user in an aerosol, range in size ...

Yolo County enters debate over e-cigarettes with Davis addressing possible ban
Daily Democrat March 9, 2014

Yolo County officials are among many throughout the state warning about electronic cigarettes, especially their marketing to kids. But others may wonder why the devices are being regulated. So far, there are minimal rules prohibiting e-cigarette use in Yolo County -- UC Davis bans them, as do others in the University of California system -- but that could soon change. The Davis council will be the first city to address e-cigarettes at its meeting Tuesday. If the council decides to move forward, the city's current ban on tobacco use in public places could include e-cigs. One of the reasons why Davis is considering this issue is there is "confusion about where smoking is allowed/prohibited" since currently e-cigarettes can be used where traditional cigarettes cannot, according to the council's agenda. The devices create a nicotine vapor that's inhaled although some have no nicotine. Confusion about where e-cigs can be used may also lead to Yolo County soon prohibiting use of the vapor devices in county buildings, according to Steve Jensen, coordinator for the Tobacco Education Program...

Tipoff: Was LA too much for Villaraigosa?
Los Angeles Daily News-by Rick Orlov - March 9, 2014

Councilman Mike Bonin noted he was once a two-pack-a-day smoker but gave up the habit some 20 years ago. He urged the council to explore some exemptions to the e-cig regulations. The question comes down to if someone is vaping, how does that affect me, Bonin said. The problem here is we are trying to prove a negative.

Yakima may ban e-cigarettes, pot vaporizers in public places
The Seattle Times - March 9, 2014

Yakima city officials will consider Tuesday banning electronic cigarettes from public places where smoking is currently banned. The proposed ordinance also includes marijuana vaporizers. The ordinance would require e-cigs to be used at least 25 feet from wherever smoking is banned, including parks and buildings that are open to the public. That is the same standard set for tobacco products.

Dozens rally in protest of e-cigarette tax
KOMO News - March 9, 2014

A cloud of vapor hovered over the Capitol's steps Saturday as protestors rallied against a proposed tax on e-cigarettes.

Editorial: E-cigarette nontax status contingent on FDA ruling
The Spokesman Review - March 8, 2014

As with marijuana, the state of Washington is facing another smoking issue that would be a lot easier to resolve if the federal government acted first.

Good week for Chevron, bad week for e-cigarettes
San Francisco Chronicle March 8, 2014

San Francisco might soon follow suit with proposed restrictions that treat e-cigs the same as tobacco.

Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association Sponsors IMPROOF Movement Presentation "Save Vape LA" Rally at Pershing Square in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 8 at 1:30 PM Featuring Herbert Gilbert, Inventor of the Electronic Cigarette
E-Cigarette Supporters and Civil Libertarians Rally to Preserve the Right to Vape in Los Angeles
EIN News (press release) - March 8, 2014

In response to the Los Angeles City Council's decision to ban vaping in public places, the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) will sponsor the Save Vape LA rally presented by the IMPROOF Movement. The rally will provide an opportunity for the community to support the right to use personal electronic vaporizing units (PEVUs) in public places throughout the City of Los Angeles. The event will include free t-shirts, keynote speakers and an opportunity to give a #IMPROOF testimonial at the media wall. ...

Ken Braun: Legitimate public health concerns, not public morality, should drive e-cigarette regulations
MLive.com - March 8, 2014

Legendary journalist H.L. Mencken was perhaps his generations greatest critic of the New Deal, government power, and meddlesome authority in all forms. He once defined puritanism as the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy. What he was speaking of is at work in the effort to treat so-called e-cigarettes the same as traditional tobacco products. Common sense would dictate something with no cancerous tobacco in it should not be reflexively regulated as such.

Michigan Senate votes to ban e-cigarette sales to minors ($$)
Manisteenews March 8, 2014

LANSING E-cigarettes, which have grown in popularity since the state imposed a ban on smoking cigarettes in restaurants, would be forbidden for minors under a pair of bills unanimously passed by the state Senate on Thursday. The bills would prohibit minors younger than 18 from buying or using e-cigarettes and keep retailers from selling ...

Key events this week in Central Minnesota
St. Cloud Times - March 8, 2014

E-CIG POLICY: The Sauk Rapids City Council will meet Monday to discuss expanding the citys tobacco license to address electronic smoking devices. The meeting is at 6 p.m. at City Hall. ...

E-cig bill shelved, leaving sponsor 'perplexed'
ksl.com - March 8, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY A bill to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes in Utah was shelved by a Senate committee Friday, leaving the state lawmaker behind the effort "perplexed." A pediatrician and others in the medical field testified of the harmful effects of nicotine, the susceptibility of adolescent brains to addiction and the "alarmingly high" rates at which youth use of e-cigarettes has increased particularly in Weber, Morgan and Davis counties. ...

Video: R.J. Reynolds Promotes 'Smart' E-Cigs at SXSW
Calls Its Vuse the 'World's Most Advanced' Electronic Cigarette
AdAge.com - March 8, 2014

Austin may not allow e-cigarette use indoors, but the city has still proved fertile territory for R.J. Reynolds' marketing push around its "smat" e-cig Vuse, which has a robust presence at SXSW.
The brand, which is set to hit stores in the middle of this year, is the official e-cigarette product at the film, music and interactive festival. (It was also an exhibitor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas two months ago.)

Will New City Bans Halt the Growth of the E-Cigarette Market in ...
Motley Fool - March 8, 2014

Los Angeles has now joined New York, Boston, Chicago, and several other cities in banning e-cigarettes from public places. Will this stunt the growth of the e-cigarette market, which Lorillard, Reynolds American, and Altria are dependent on?

Vapor Group, Inc, SPLI, Announces Changes in Merger Agreement ...
IT Business Net - March 8, 2014

All of its E-cigarettes consist of a long-life battery, a heating element, a cartridge ... flame, smoke from burning, ash, tar, noxious fumes or leftover "cigarette butts".

Reason TV Replay: E-Cigarettes: Second-hand Smoke, Vaping, and the Price of FDA Regulations [VIDEO]
Reason (blog) - March 8, 2014

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles city council joined a growing list of city governments that have banned e-cigarette use in parks, restaurants, and most workplaces. The decision came after a heated debate at the City Council that highlighted the backlash smokeless cigarettes have generated as their popularity grows. Inform yourself on the new smoking trend with this Reason TV documentary short. ...

E-Cigarettes present fire risk
UConn Daily Campus - March 7, 2014

Fires started by e-cigarettes have been increasing across the country and could do ... Although no fires at UConn have been started by e-cigarettes yet, smoke ...

Banning begins to attract downtown businesses
The Record Gazette - March 7, 2014

...Banning, being a long ways from Fullerton, was a prime location for the e-cigarette retailer, because “From Palm Springs to Yucaipa, there's no one else” selling ...

The 2014 Session Of The California Legislature
Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - March 7, 2014

Under state law, the sale of e-cigarettes to minors has been prohibited since ... there are at least two bills addressing the statewide use of e-cigarettes in the ...

Letters: LA's curbs on e-cigarettes
Los Angeles Times - March 7, 2014

It's good that the council voted to treat e-cigarettes just like tobacco, but Los Angeles remains far behind other cities in protecting nonsmoking apartment renters ...

San Francisco Poised to Severely Restrict E-Cigarettes
KQED (blog) - March 7, 2014

“The VA Medical Center recommended I try e-cigarettes to stop smoking,” Michael Barger said during public ... Long Beach then passed a stricter ordinance, also banning shops and “vaping” lounges. Richmond passed a ban in December. ...

Greater Clark seeks ban on electronic cigarettes
The Courier-Journal - March 7, 2014

The ban would include an array of new products that have grown in popularity recently. ... And while some argue the smoking devices aren't as dangerous as ... Kentucky and other states have enacted tobacco bans since the passage of the ...

St. Lawrence Receives $2500 Sports Grant
Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH - March 7, 2014

... law banning sale to, possession of e-cigarettes to minors. http://t.co/focIER1Xjv. 1h ... Kasich signed a bill Tuesday that bans the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

Senate Week in Review - March 7, 2014
SurfKY News - March 7, 2014

Among them, Senate Bill 109, which passed 36-2, would prohibit the sale of “electronic cigarettes” to minors. E-cigarettes are sometimes marketed as a safer ..

Proposed Md. Law Would Treat E-Cigs Like Traditional Tobacco
CBS Local - March 7, 2014

... alternative to traditional smoking, could eventually be banned in public meeting places, ... Miller was also instrumental in crafting legislation to ban the sale of ...

Suffolk official, deemed untruthful, to remain on leave
Boston Globe - March 7, 2014

Campatelli denied she smokes cigarettes. “I smoke electronic cigarettes,” she said. “Maybe I got a cup of coffee.” Corbett also questioned Campatelli's work ethic ...

Senate OKs banning e-cigarette sales to minors
Cadillac News (subscription) - March 7, 2014

Senate OKs banning e-cigarette sales to minors. LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Selling electronic cigarettes to minors would be prohibited under ... would give e-cigarettes special treatment and protect them from standard tobacco regulations.

Are regulations necessary for e-cigarettes?
New Hampshire Business Review - March 7, 2014

As tobacco smoking and sales continue to decline, the e-cig version of the gold rush ... Federal Cigar supports the ban on sales to minors, but believes the policy ...

Smoke in the Water
City Journal - March 7, 2014

Bloomberg's anti-smoking crusade included raising the legal purchasing age from ... the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act, to restrict ...

Kvetching Board for March 7, 2014
The Daily Tar Heel - March 7, 2014

However cool you think that smoking cigarettes made you look, e-cigarettes have the equal and opposite effect. Everybody always complains about Lenoir's ...

Consultant: Oklahoma has a chance to sensibly regulate e-cigarettes
The Oklahoman – March 7, 2014

Oklahoma is at the precipice of determining how to tax and regulate electronic cigarettes. Several bills filed at the Legislature would tax ...

Library aims to update its rules to better include new technology
Bend Bulletin - March 7, 2014

In Eugene, the public library is adding a few more to stay current, such as no e-cigarettes and putting “mobile devices” on the list of players whose volume must ...

Electronic cigarettes: The next big thing — to tax
Western Front - March 7, 2014

They're going to get those health effects [of smoking cigarettes] and end up in a ... Now, Washington lawmakers aren't looking to ban e-cigs — far from it — but ...

E-Cigarette Tax Hike in Washington State Moves Forward
NACS Online - March 7, 2014

OLYMPIA, WA — Washington state lawmakers have approved a 75% tax on electronic cigarettes, the Associated Press reports. The House Finance Committee ...

Yakima council to consider banning e-cigs, pot vaporizers in public
Yakima Herald-Republic - March 7, 2014

Marijuana use is now legal in Washington state, but not in public spaces. City Manager Tony O'Rourke said staff wanted to include marijuana vaporizers under ...

Bill Would Allow Use of E-Cigs in Wisconsin Restaurants and Bars
WUWM - March 7, 2014

In the past few years, more people have been skirting the state's indoor smoking ban by “vaping” – that's the term for dragging on electronic cigarettes.

Despite New Restrictions, E-Cigarette Shops See Growth Ahead
Mashable - March 7, 2014

But store owners are concerned that e-cigarette users will now have little incentive not to switch back to smoking. In New York City, for example, vaping will soon ...

How electronic cigarettes are becoming tech gadgets
SWNS - March 7, 2014

In some countries, such as the UK, where there is a public smoking ban in place, people were often offended by the fact that people are smoking indoors.

E-cigarettes: the battery may be the real problem
ConsumerAffairs - March 7, 2014

E-cigarettes are being pilloried as the "new phase of the nicotine epidemic," as a UC San Francisco report put it recently and perhaps they are. But besides the ...

If Smokers Vape, Does That Prove Vaping Causes Smoking?
Forbes - March 7, 2014

They add that their findings “call into question claims that e-cigarettes are effective as smoking cessation aids.” But as Boston University public health professor ...

The Great E Cigarette Debate: Who Says What?
The Economic Voice - March 7, 2014

His argument is that tobacco-free e cigarettes should not be seen as the enemy or treated with suspicion and contempt. They should be seen as a solution to the …

Wirral Council health chief calls for legal crackdown on e-cigs
Wirral Globe - March 7, 2014

The introduction of a tobacco control programme in Wirral has prompted a call for restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes. While Government and local authorities ...

E-cigarette believed to have caused student flat fire
Nottingham Post - March 7, 2014

An E-cigarette on charge is believed to have caused a fire in a city centre flat. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service received a call at 6.16am this morning to ...

Pharmacies that are stocking e-cigarettes have put careful thought ...
Chemist Druggist (blog) - March 7, 2014

Pharmacies that are stocking e-cigarettes have put careful thought into the impact on patients before reaping the commercial rewards, says Emma Weinbren...

Young Using E-Cigarettes Smoke Too, Study Finds
New York Times - March 6, 2014

Middle and high school students who used electronic cigarettes were more likely to smoke real cigarettes and less likely to quit than students who did not use the devices, a new study has found. They were also more likely to smoke heavily. But experts are divided about what the findings mean.

Despite study, expert says no proof e-cigarettes gateway to tobacco
Boston Herald - March 6, 2014

A new study that finds e-cigarettes might be encouraging teens to use conventional cigarettes is confirming the fears of public health officials, but one Boston expert says theres still no proof that e-cigarettes are the gateway to tobacco. The findings published today in JAMA Pediatrics show a link between vaping and smoking, but the study doesnt say whether e-cigarette use led to tobacco use or the other way around, noted Dr. Michael Siegel, a smoking prevention expert at Boston University School of Public Health. The greatest concern would be if these serve as a gateway to tobacco use, Siegel said. But theres no evidence that thats happening... Its very plausible kids who smoke are being attracted to electronic cigarettes possibly because they actually want to cut down and quit. Thats an equal possibility. ...

You are commenting on: The Department of Transportation (DOT) Proposed Rule: Smoking of Electronic Cigarettes on Aircraft
Regulations.gov - March 6, 2014

Vapor Corp., (VPCO) news: Vapor Corp.: A Pure Play On The ...
Seeking Alpha - March 6, 2014

Currently about 6% of all adults have tried vapor smoking, which is nearly ... While legislators banned tobacco cigarettes in public places across the nation, .... at retailers creates another important market inefficiency, as the FDA may ban ...

The great e-cig debate
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center News - March 6, 2014

Bricker said smoking cessation studies are going on in Europe, Australia and New ... childproof packaging and ban the advertisement of the product in 28 nations). ... Here in the US, New York has banned public e-cigarette use as have New ...

SIEGEL: Conclusion of New Glantz Study on Electronic Cigarettes is Junk Science
The Rest of the Story-Tobacco Analasys and Commentary (Michael Siegel blog) - March 6, 2014

...despite acknowledging that they cannot tell from their study whether e-cigarette use precedes smoking or whether smoking precedes e-cigarette use, they nonetheless draw the conclusion that e-cigarette use precedes smoking. In my view, there is only one ...

Despite study, expert says no proof e-cigarettes gateway to tobacco
Boston Herald - March 6, 2014

It's very plausible kids who smoke are being attracted to electronic cigarettes ... started regulating e-cigarettes in 2011, including banning their sale to minors.

Should E-Cigarettes Be Regulated? Study Finds Teens That Use E ...
International Business Times-by Roxanne Palmer - March 6, 2014

In 2011, teen smokers that used e-cigarettes were more likely to say they intended ... Just this week, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban e-cigarettes from ... New York has banned e-cigarette use within 100 feet of schools, and ... to reduce e-cigarette appeal to kids by banning flavored products and restrict marketing…

E-cigarette Industry Fires Up Lobbying Effort ($$)
National Law Journal - March 6, 2014

With federal officials eying regulations for electronic cigarettes, a major trade group for the e-cigarette industry has registered its first lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

LETTER: All but the weaker E-cigarettes will be subject to EU medicines regulation, like other nicotine products
Times Of London (uk) - March 6, 2014

Contrary to your report (Mar 4), e-cigarette companies will be able to continue to sell e-cigarettes above 20mg/ml concentration of nicotine, as long as they seek a medicines licence in the same way as nicotine gums and patches. Two UK companies already...

Editorial: Put heat on e-cigarettes and 'vaping'
The Seattle Times - March 6, 2014

Editorial: Put heat on e-cigarettes and 'vaping' ... are suddenly the cool kid on campus, with candy flavors, low prices and the trendy nickname of “vaping.”.

Chafee budget plan seeks to keep Rhode Island's share of gambling ...
The Providence Journal - March 6, 2014

Thursday's House Finance Committee also brought out scores of local convenience store owners opposed to Chafee's plan to subject electronic cigarettes to ...

E-cig bill clears state Senate panel
Mankato Free Press - March 6, 2014

Sheran, who also sponsored the original smoking ban bill in 2007, said polls show that ... The Mankato City Council banned e-cigs from indoor public places in ...

Rockford middle school students suspended for using E-cigarettes
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com - March 6, 2014

Shibler said smoking is still off limits in school and that even the tobacco-free kind fall under the district's nuisance policy. "Smoking has always made them ...

Lawmaker Talks About Bill To Stop E-Cig Sales To Minors
Fox17 - March 6, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (March 6, 2014) – As e-cigarettes continue to gain popularity in West Michigan, lawmakers are trying to make sure they're only being ...

Concord Currents: What's new and happening in Concord
Boston.com - March 6, 2014

These revisions are aimed at reducing youth access to tobacco and nicotine ... The Board of Health is also considering prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in all ...

Save LA Vape Rally
SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) - March 6, 2014

E-cigarettes will face increased regulations
Daily Trojan Online - March 6, 2014

Former and non-smokers alike, however, have found solace in e-cigarettes, ... to treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes — essentially banning their use in parks, ... “I don't see a good reason as to why this would be banned from public areas ... five states already include e-cigarettes in their anti-smoking bans, and New York ...

Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (UCSF) - March 6, 2014

It is the intent of the City Council, in enacting this Chapter, to encourage responsible tobacco retailing and to discourage violations of tobacco-related laws, especially those which prohibit or discourage the sale or distribution of tobacco and nicotine...

Are e-cigarettes a tobacco product? L.A. regulation called 'short-sighted.' ( video)
Christian Science Monitor - March 6, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to prohibit e-cigarettes wherever regular tobacco products are banned. Supporters of the e-cigarette industry say such laws are premature. ... Providing a glimpse of just how contentious this issue is, however, Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, an advocacy group based in Berkeley, Calif., is quick to rebut the industry position. E-cigarettes do not just emit “harmless water vapor,” she says. Secondhand e-cigarette aerosol, which she says is “incorrectly called vapor by the industry, contains nicotine, ultrafine particles and low levels of toxins that are known to cause cancer.” ...

E-Cigarette Advertising May Go Up in Smoke
Consumer Eagle - March 6, 2014

Alarmed by a booming e-cigarette industry and its bold marketing practices, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) last week proposed S. 2047, the “Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act,” a bill that would curb advertising of the product, especially to teens and young adults. ... That distinction has also allowed electronic cigarettes not to be classified with tobacco cigarettes for regulatory purposes, said Cynthia Hallett, executive director of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights. ... “It’s creating a new generation addicted to nicotine, because electronic cigarettes are designed to be appealing to youth and young adults,” Hallett said. The solution is to extend the tobacco cigarette restrictions to electronic cigarettes, she said. “Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine,” Hallett said. “They look like cigarettes and should be treated just like tobacco cigarettes. They are electronic cigarettes.”...

Nicolites signs e-cigarette pub deal with Enterprise Inns
Birmingham Post - March 6, 2014

Birmingham electronic cigarette manufacturer Nicolites has announced a deal with Enterprise Inns which will see the company's products sold at thousands of ...

Are e-cigarettes encouraging conventional cigarette smoking in ...
Medical News Today - March 6, 2014

Analyzing data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey, a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics debates whether e-cigarettes could be encouraging the use ...

Do workplace smoking bans apply to e-cigarettes?
Employee Benefit News - March 6, 2014

The move by Los Angeles City Council this week to ban electronic cigarettes from ... and that banning their use altogether eliminates the risk of complaints from ... of extending smoking bans to include e-cigarettes and how employers need to ...

Is the War Against E-Cigs About Loss of Tax Revenue?
PublicCEO.com - March 6, 2014

Although electronic smoking devices are no more cigarettes than strollers are bicycles, the City of Los Angeles is moving to reclassify vaporizers as tobacco ...

University of California study: e-cigs "new route" to nicotine addiction
ConsumerAffairs - March 6, 2014

Here's the latest chapter in the continuing debate over whether e-cigarettes are a cure or an affliction: a study from the University of California San Francisco that ...

E-Cigarettes Don't Discourage Smoking Among Teens
TIME - March 6, 2014

E-Cigarettes Become Increasingly Popular Amongst Smokers ... Most recently, Los Angeles extended its city-wide smoking ban to include e-cigarettes.

Teenage E-Cigarette Use Likely Gateway to Smoking
Businessweek - March 6, 2014

E-cigarettes facing municipal bans and scrutiny by U.S. regulators received a ... market them online and on TV, where traditional tobacco ads are banned, and ... the Los Angeles City Council voted to join New York and Chicago in banning the ...

E-Cigarette Use Doubles Among US Teens -- But What's The ...
Huffington Post - March 6, 2014

Los Angeles is the most recent city to ban the use of e-cigarettes (or "vaping") in ... addiction, and that e-cigarettes are essentially a gateway for teens to cigarette smoking. ... But if the nationwide trend of banning e-cigarette use in public places ...

Is Big Tobacco a barrier to e-cigs' entry? Bloomberg (Video)
Milwaukee Business Journal - March 6, 2014

Is Big Tobacco a barrier to e-cigs' entry? Bloomberg (Video). March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' Kenneth Shea examines the growth of e-cigarettes ...

Pierce County Herald - March 6, 2014

Both sides made strong arguments yesterday on whether smokers should be ... e-cigarettes from the state's public indoor smoking ban adopted in 2010. ... Several places, including Los Angeles, include e-cigarettes in their smoking bans.

Wisconsin Bill Would Exempt E-cigarettes from Ban
WSAW - March 6, 2014

The measure would effectively allow e-cigarette users to smoke where traditional smoking is banned. Wisconsin's statewide indoor smoking ban took effect in ...

Arguments for and against E-cigarettes in public buildings
WSAU - March 6, 2014

A Senate committee held a public hearing on a bill to exempt e-cigarettes from the state's public indoor smoking ban adopted in 2010. The bill's supporters said ...

State should ban electronic cigarette sales to minors
The Olympian - March 6, 2014

A woman exhales vapor from an electronic cigarette at The Vapor Spot vapor bar in Los Angeles, California March 4, 2014. The Los Angeles City Council voted ...

Questions linger over e-cigarettes
The Tennessean - March 6, 2014

If you want to use e-cigarettes at Vanderbilt University these days, you'll need to go to a designated smoking area. Last month, the second-largest private ...

E-CIGARETTES: Minn. lawmakers mull restrictions to cut kids' use
FOX 9 News - March 6, 2014

More and more people are using electronic cigarettes, but there are still many questions about just what is inside those vapors and whether the devices are safe ...

Banning e-cigarette sales to minors gets OK from Michigan Senate
MLive.com-by Brian Smith - March 6, 2014

LANSING -- A plan to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors got one step closer to being a reality Thursday as the Michigan Senate unanimously ...

E-cigarette ban on agenda for Thursday night's Harrison City ...
Harrison Daily - March 6, 2014

E-cigarette ban on agenda for Thursday night's Harrison City Council meeting ... if the city bans electronic cigarettes in all areas where smoking tobacco is already ... It also says that the use of e-cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited ...

LA City Council showboats on e-cigarettes — the wrong target ...
Los Angeles Daily News - March 6, 2014

The Food & Drug Administration has yet to determine whether e-cigarettes, the smoking cessation devices, are effective, dangerous or a little bit of each. But the ...

Los Angeles City Council Votes to Treat Much-Safer E-Cigarettes ...
Somewhat Reasonable - Heartland Institute (blog) - March 6, 2014

The science is very well developed on the dangers of smoking [tobacco ... “This ban will be directly responsible for some former smokers going back to smoking ...

New Ban Means E-Cigarettes Should Go Up in Smoke in LA
Newswise (press release) - March 6, 2014

“E-cigarettes have rapidly grown in popularity, yet there is much left to learn about their potential health impact and potential utility as a way to help smokers quit ...

Los Angeles Follows Trend, Bans E-Cigs
Counsel & Heal - March 6, 2014

Los Angeles' decision follows the popular nationwide trend of banning e-cigarettes from ... So far, Boston and Chicago have also decided to make smoking an ...

As for smoke-free shopping
Chico News & Review - March 6, 2014

A recent survey of local businesses found that many grocery stores are not in compliance with the city's smoke-free entryways law. In fall of 2012, the Chico City ...

Wakefield man to open E-cigarette shop in Melrose
Herald News – March 6, 2014

An electronic-cigarette store that is set to open in Melrose next month promises to provide customers with all their vaping needs - and offer a healthier substitute to smoking.

Bill would ban e-smoking in Md. bars, restaurants
WTOP - March 6, 2014

WASHINGTON -- One Maryland lawmaker wants to expand bans on smoking in bars and restaurants to electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as ...

Backlash to LA's E-Cig Ban
CSPnet.com - March 5, 2014

“Regarding banning the use of vapor products, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. believes ... should be allowed to use the product in places where smoking is banned.” While Smith said Reynolds would support bans in schools and childcare facilities, ...

Lawmaker Seeks To Restrict E-Cigarettes
WBAL Radio - March 5, 2014

Those who use electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes packed a House committee hearing room in Annapolis Wednesday, at a hearing on a bill to subject these ...

Los Angeles To Restrict E-Cigarette Use
Here And Now - March 5, 2014

Main reason government doesn't like e-cigs is that they haven't figured out ... I've been tobacco free since 1/10/14 and could not have done it without my e-cigs.

E-cigarette sales higher in Lake County than state
Lake County Record-Bee - March 5, 2014

LAKEPORT -- New data reveals that Lake County ranks higher than the state in percentage of stores that sell e-cigarettes. The finding is part of new data ...

Unhealthy Marketing To Kids
MyMotherLode.com - March 5, 2014

Forty percent of stores in Tuolumne County reported sell e-cigarettes and 90% of stores selling tobacco also sell chewing tobacco. The survey found that in ...

Public health officials express alarm over the sale of tobacco, e ...
Merced Sun-Star - March 5, 2014

Also alarming public health officials is the finding that e-cigarettes are widely available in Sacramento County retail outlets. More than 62 percent of the stores ...

Mammoth Town Council: MLTC salaries, e-cigs, and crime trends
Sierra Wave - March 5, 2014

...The salary for a Mammoth Town Council member equals $300 per month and has since the Town incorporated in 1984. In a report from the Town ...

Los Angeles Supports Ban on E-Cigarettes in Night Clubs ...
Franchise Herald - March 5, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council approved of a new ban on electronic cigarettes, ... Councilman Joe Buscaino spoke of a relative who, after years of smoking, ...

LA Bans E-Cigarette Use In Public Places, Following Nationwide ...
Huffington Post - March 5, 2014

The ban is expected to be signed into law by Mayor Eric Garcetti in a few days ... The 62-year-old councilman admitted that he had started smoking when he was ...

Will San Francisco's E-Cigarette Ban Extend To Marijuana Vaporizers?
San Francisco Weekly - March 5, 2014

With strict rules on cigarette smoking at ATMs and in front of bars, San Francisco is not a tobacco town -- but marijuana is getting special treatment at City Hall. San Francisco lawmakers are taking care to protect the rights of cannabis consumers, so

70% of LA area stores market junk food, tobacco and alcohol, survey says
Los Angeles Times - March 5, 2014

Public health officials Wednesday called a new survey that found 70% of stores in Los Angeles County market tobacco, alcohol and junk food to consumers troubling, especially given that many neighborhoods lack alternatives to make healthier choices. Mean

Survey finds e-cigarettes, tobacco products easily available to kids in Yolo County stores
Woodland (CA) Daily Democrat - March 5, 2014

Yolo County has more stores selling flavored tobacco products than other areas in the state, and more of these stores are near schools. These findings are part of a statewide survey on the availability and marketing of tobacco, alcohol and both unhealthy ...

E-cigs _ An altternative to smoking tobacco
Wellington Daily News - March 5, 2014

Electonic cigarettes are becoming a viable alternative to smoking tobacco. Lindsay Hatfield thought so, so much in fact she opened her own business selling ...

E-Cigs: Should They Be Used Indoors?
KLKN - March 5, 2014

Babcock says smoking E-cigarettes, or vaping, is becoming more and more ... that aims to prohibit minors from buying E-cigarettes as it is technically legal, but ...

E-cigarette bill receives public hearing
Madison.com - March 5, 2014

... and contain nicotine-laced vapor, from a current statewide indoor smoking ban. ... instituted in New York banning the devices “could seep inland,” according to ...

Doctors oppose e-cigarette bill; smokers in favor
Fond du Lac Reporter - March 5, 2014

A sampling of electronic cigarette supplies are seen in a shop in Oklahoma City. South Dakota lawmakers are considering a proposal that would ban the sale of ...

How Can I 'Talk to My Kids About Vaping' if I Don't Really Know ...
New York Times (blog) March 5, 2014

An e-cigarette might ring the same bells, but there is no such common consensus on a “vape pipe” or a hookah. There isn't even a consensus on whether or not ...

E-cigarettes up in smoke in some cities
WPDE - March 5, 2014

Another major U.S. city has joined the ranks of a few others in banning the use of ... "I would like to see no bans on vaping. I'd like to ... In January, Chicago banned the use of e-cigarettes in offices and indoor public places. Last December, New York City approved e-cigarettes to be included in the city's public smoking ban.

E-Cigarettes Are Bad Because They Look Like Cigarettes; E ...
Forbes - March 5, 2014

... its story about that city's brand-new ban on vaping in public, is that they look so much like the real thing that they could “make smoking socially acceptable after ...

Los Angeles E-Cigarettes Ban To Follow NYC: Will 'Vaping' Survive?
Medical Daily - March 5, 2014

If Mayor Eric Garcetti signs the law, Los Angeles will soon have a ban on ... steps of New York City and Chicago in banning e-cigarettes: On Tuesday, the Los Angeles ... NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a law that banned e-cigarettes indoors. ... New York City has fought to curb smoking in the city for the past decade.

My Word - March 5, 2014: E-cigarettes tell the same old stogie
NorthJersey.com - March 5, 2014

A battery-operated vaporizing element completed the design, making it portable, discrete and virtually smoke-free. In its current incarnation, the e-cigarette looks, ...

Hackensack bans smoking in public parks
NorthJersey.com - March 5, 2014

Smoking will no longer be permitted in city parks and recreation areas under an ordinance adopted Tuesday. The smoking ban covers cigars, cigarettes and pipes, as well as the "inhaling or exhaling of smoke or vapor from an electronic smoking device."

Doctor Wants Lawmakers to Classify E-Cigarettes as Tobacco
WILX-TV - March 5, 2014

Michigan's top doctor is calling on state lawmakers to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Legislation currently in the Senate would make it a crime to sell the devices to minors. But Dr. Matthew Davis, Chief Medical Executive with the Michigan Department of Community Health says the bi-partisan package of bills doesn't go far enough.

Effort underway to regulate e-cigarettes
WNMU-FM - March 5, 2014

LANSING, MI (AP)-- There is an effort afoot in Lansing to regulate smokeless electronic cigarettes and ban their sale to minors. But there is a difference of opinion on how to go about it.

Should Florida make e-cigarette sales to minors illegal?
Palm Beach Post (blog) - March 5, 2014

Some people electronic cigarettes, which have exploded in popularity over the past year, are something that we need to keep away from our kids. Debate has ...

LA City Council Votes To Ban Use Of E-Cigarettes In Public Places
The Consumerist - March 5, 2014

L.A.'s City Council voted yesterday to ban the use of e-cigarettes, or vaping in public places like restaurants, bars, nightclubs and elsewhere, after mulling over ...

E-Cigarette Ban: Los Angeles Moves to Prohibit Vapor Device
Newsmax.com - March 5, 2014

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are battery-powered, tobacco-free devices that allow users to inhale vapor produced from a heated, flavored nicotine juice ...

E-cigarette ban for Los Angeles
BBC News - March 5, 2014

Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in the city's restaurants, bars, nightclubs and public spaces.

Debate over new e-cigarette restrictions gets personal at LA City Hall [VIDEO]
Los Angeles Times - March 5, 2014

Frustrated by the lack of federal data on electronic cigarettes, the debate among Los Angeles City Council members Tuesday over whether to restrict their use quickly turned personal. Members of the council -- which ultimately voted to treat e-cigarettes just the same as regular cigarettes, banning their use in parks, restaurants and most workplaces -- recounted their own experiences and struggles with smoking, adding to a passionate debate at the hearing. Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, who pushed for the new restrictions, recalled his days breathing secondhand smoke as a waiter in a downtown restaurant. Martinez, who sided with O'Farrell, described her husband's unsuccessful battle to quit smoking. Five states and the District of Columbia have already included e-cigarettes in anti-smoking bans or moved to restrict where they can be used. Last year, New York City passed an ordinance applying traditional anti-smoking rules to e-cigarettes and Chicago recently moved to prohibit vaping in bars, restaurants and most indoor public places.

LA Now Live: Discuss new e-cigarette restrictions enacted in LA
Los Angeles Times - March 5, 2014

Join Times staff writer David Zahniser for a L.A. Now Live discussion at 1 p.m. today on the decision by city officials to treat e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes and ban their use in parks, restaurants and most workplaces.

Cities Take The Lead In Regulating Electronic Cigarettes
WMKY - March 5, 2014

Count Los Angeles as the latest big city to say no to electronic cigarettes. The City Council there voted unanimously on Tuesday to ban use of the devices, which release vaporized nicotine, in almost all public places, including bars, workplaces and beaches. If the mayor signs the ordinance, L.A. will follow New York and Chicago in restricting use of e-cigs, much as they do old-fashioned, smoke-producing cigarettes. San Francisco is considering a ban, too.

Los Angeles bans e-cigarettes in most public places [VIDEO]
CBS News - March 5, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday to ban electronic cigarettes, or "vaping," from most public areas, in line with the restrictions already in place on other tobacco products. "Although we believe the final decision was made in the absence of credible science, it was a more reasonable and sensible approach than the original proposal," the company said. "NJOY remains concerned, however, that banning e-cigarette use in public places could deter current tobacco smokers from using the products and thus disserves public health."

Los Angeles Bans Public Use of E-Cigarettes
Convenience Store Decisions - March 5, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday, March 4, to ban the use of electronic cigarettes from restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other public, Reuters ...

E-cigarettes banned in public places in Los Angeles
Fox 28 - March 5, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ban electronic cigarettes in some areas of the city. The unanimous vote made Tuesday changes city code to include ...

LA Bans E-Cigarettes In Public Places
The Inquisitr - March 5, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. According to the FDA, potential health hazards have not been fully studied.

Los Angeles Oks workplace ban on e-cigarette use
KRNV My News 4 - March 5, 2014

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles City Council has moved to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces and public areas. City News Service says ...

LA E-Cigarette Ban in Bars, Clubs Burns Some
LA Weekly - March 5, 2014

Following the L.A. City Council's decision yesterday to ban e-cigarettes at the same places where smoking is prohibited, including, clubs, bars and restaurants (not to mention parks, beaches, markets and many office buildings), some nightlife denizens are outraged.

Is the War Against E-Cigs About Loss of Tax Revenue?
Fox and Hounds Daily - March 5, 2014

Although electronic smoking devices are no more cigarettes than strollers are bicycles, the City of Los Angeles is moving to reclassify vaporizers as tobacco products that cannot be used indoors, at restaurants or in public parks. Mayor Eric Garcetti now has ten days to decide whether a product that contains no tobacco whatsoever should be regulated as a tobacco product.

L.A. City Council Approves Ban to All But Snuff Out E-Cigarettes
Slate Magazine (blog) - March 5, 2014

If the Los Angeles City Council gets its way, e-cigarettes will be banned from restaurants, bars, workplaces, parks, beaches and other public spaces. If signed ...

City Council extends smoking regulations to e-cigarettes
Santa Maria Times - March 5, 2014

The Santa Maria City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday to include e-cigarettes, or vapes, in its public smoking ban. The vote was unanimous and makes Santa Maria the second city between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara to explicitly define e-cigarettes in the same way as regular ones.

Los Angeles Extends Smoking Ban to E-Cigs
TIME (blog) - March 5, 2014

Los Angeles has become the the third major U.S. city, after New York and Chicago, to ban e-cigarettes from public spaces.

Foster City explores expanded smoking regulations
San Francisco Examiner - March 5, 2014

Foster City leaders are working to draft a new ordinance in the weeks ahead to broaden the definition of smoking and further restrict the places where lighting up is permitted. At a recent study session requested by the City Council, Foster City residents voiced concerns ranging from the negative effects of secondhand smoke to the impact legislation might have on personal liberties and private businesses in the area. Under the expanded initiative, all outdoor public places will likely be designated nonsmoking, as will a number of quasi-public outdoor spaces such as parking lots and sidewalks, including those in front of single-family homes and within privately owned, multiunit residential complexes. Electronic cigarettes and hookahs would be added to an expanded definition of smoking, which currently includes "any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, weed, plant or other combustible substance."

Los Angeles City Council Votes to Treat Much-Safer E-Cigarettes Just Like Dangerous Tobacco Cigarettes
National Center for Public Policy Research - March 5, 2014

Los Angeles, CA / Washington, D.C. - In a closer vote than expected, the Los Angeles City Council today voted not to carve out an exception for bars in that city's new ban on public vaping (the use of e-cigarettes, which emit smokeless vapor). National Center for Public Policy Research Risk Analysis Director Jeff Stier testified at the hearing, encouraging the council members not to vote to ban all public vaping in Los Angeles, including in bars, where children are banned....

Bedford Avenue E-Cigarette Lounge Wins Approval to Serve Beer and Wine
DNAinfo - March 5, 2014

CROWN HEIGHTS You may soon be able to have a glass of vino while you vape. The electronic cigarette lounge on Bedford Avenue may soon be able to serve beer and wine after the local community board's State Liquor Authority committee unanimously approved its license application Monday night.

Ohio Declares War on eCigarettes! Should They Be Banned?
1370 WSPD - March 5, 2014

Ohio Governor John Kasich yesterday signed the state's first bill opposing electronic cigarettes. The bill was designed to keep eCigs away from minors. Minors are now prohibited from obtaining, possessing, and using electronic cigarette products under the age of 18. Another controversial measure under the bill signed by Kasich is that eCigs are designated as "alternative nicotine products," rather than "tobacco-derived products." The Ohio State Medical Association is concerned this new category might exempt the products from taxation laws regulating tobacco.

Viewpoint: Tobacco, e-cigarettes the same in the House
The WSU Sign Post - March 5, 2014

E-cigarettes are a controversial topic across the country. Utah holds some of the strictest substance laws in the nation, and soon e-cigarettes will be lumped into that category. House Bill 112 looks to make e-cigarettes the same under the law. Changing the wording of the law from tobacco to tobacco products would include e-cigarette and e-cigarettes distributors in the legal obligations under typical smoke shops. This holds multiple outcomes for local business and community at large.

Lawmakers mulling steep tax hike on E-cigarettes
KVI-Radio - March 5, 2014

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity as more and more people look to quit their expensive and dangerous tobacco habits. Five years ago roughly 50,000 ...

House Finance panel OKs 75 percent tax for e-cigs
The Olympian - March 5, 2014

State lawmakers want to levy a 75 percent tax on electronic cigarettes, prompting opposition from a growing community of those who use the tobacco substitute.

WI Legislature Takes Up Question of Banning E-Cigarettes
Public News Service - March 5, 2014

BROOKFIELD, Wis. - A public hearing will be held at the State Capitol today on a bill by Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, that exempts e-cigarettes from Wisconsin's smoke-free air law.
Right now, they're not regulated, which Dona Wininsky, director of public policy and communications for the American Lung Association in Wisconsin, believes is wrong Grothman contends there is no harm from e-cigarettes and that no one is exposed to secondhand smoke from them. But according to Wininsky, it's unknown if they're safe...

Roswell Seeks Volunteers for Electronic Cigarette Study [VIDEO]
WGRZ-TV - March 5, 2014

Buffalo, NY - Researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute want to find out whether electronic cigarettes are safe, or just safer, than traditional cigarettes. They need your help. Researchers need 180 volunteers. You do not have to be a smoker to take part, and it will take an hour of your time for them to test nicotine levels in your system. No needles are involved. Researchers will ask you questions, take a urine sample, nasal swab and do a breath test.

5 Things to Know About E-Cigarettes
ABC News - March 5, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery operated nicotine inhalers that consist of a rechargeable lithium battery, a cartridge called a cartomizer and an LED that lights up at the ...

Is Big Tobacco a Barrier to E-Cigs' Entry? [VIDEO]
Bloomberg - March 5, 2014

March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Industries' Kenneth Shea examines the growth of e-cigarettes and how that plays into the future of big tobacco on Bloomberg ...

Will EU tobacco rules work?
NW Evening Mail - March 5, 2014

The new rules mean stronger e-cigarettes will be banned. ... regulation of e-cigs as medical products to be sold in pharmacies if they claim to help smokers quit, ...

The Moral Panic Over E-Cigarettes Intensifies. Chill Out, People.
Slate Magazine (blog) - March 5, 2014

It could be that further research will reveal that e-cigarettes are actually dangerous, but until then, it seems wise to slow our roll, especially since there is some, though anecdotal, evidence that e-cigarettes are helping real smokers get the monkey off their backs. Certainly, it's appropriate for the FDA to get into the business of regulating e-cigarettes to make sure they don't have a bunch of toxic and unnecessary chemicals in them, just as the FDA currently regulates other nicotine replacement products like gum and patches. But right now the panic over e-cigarettes seems to stem strictly from the fact that vaporizers, unlike patches or gum, are a way to get a nicotine fix that's actually fun. And fun, especially when experienced by Our Youth, is always something that makes the moral scolds shoot first and research later. ...

Survey finds consumers unsure about safety of e-cigarettes
Talking Retail - March 5, 2014

A new survey from Canadean Consumer has revealed that Britons are unsure about the safety of e-cigarettes and would like to see more restrictions on advertising and selling. Although e-cigarettes are labelled as safer alternative to traditional tobacco products and as an easy way to quit smoking, the survey found consumers were unconvinced about the safety claims. Only 35% believe e-cigarettes are safer than the normal ones, with the rest either unsure (44%) or disagree (21%). While those who smoke e-cigarettes perceive them to be safer (90%), the majority of smokers of normal cigarettes, dont (54%). Many still think that e-cigarettes contain toxins and harmful ingredients (56%) and believe these can lead to nicotine addiction (42%).

Lighting up: K West becomes first UK hotel to welcome e-cigarettes
BigHospitality.co.uk - March 5, 2014

The hotel hopes the provision of e-cigarettes will significantly reduce the 28,000 ... Our e-cigarettes leave no lingering smell behind and produce none of the ...

Farage video campaigns for UKIP donor's e-cigarettes
The Times (subscription) - March 5, 2014

Nigel Farage came under fire today for supporting electronic cigarettes after having taken tens of thousands of pounds from a manufacturer of the product. The UKIP leader has appeared in a YouTube video urging Brussels to drop plans to outlaw the tobacco substitute. He praised the remarkable products produced by smaller companies.

Nigel Farage hails e-cigarettes after manufacturer gave Ukip 25000
Daily Mail - March 5, 2014

Ukip leader Nigel Farage appeared in a video promoting remarkable e-cigarettes after his party received 25,000 from a British manufacturer of the alternatives to tobacco, it emerged today. In the 90-second film, smoker Mr Farage is seen puffing on a large refillable e-cigarette, declaring as a smoker, frankly I havent yet given up but I could do very easily...

The New Smoke: E-Cigarettes, by Other Names, Lure Young and Worry Experts
New York Times - March 4, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO Olivia Zacks, 17, recently took a drag of peach-flavored vapor from a device that most people would call an e-cigarette. But Ms. Zacks, a high school senior, does not call it that. In fact, she insists she has never even tried an e-cigarette. Like many teenagers, Ms. Zacks calls such products hookah pens or e-hookahs or vape pipes. These devices are part of a subgenre of the fast-growing e-cigarette market and are being shrewdly marketed to avoid the stigma associated with cigarettes of any kind.

Are e-cigs (aka 'vaping') the wolf in sheep's clothing?
KTAR.com - March 4, 2014

We seem to have rules, regulations and laws for everything and I wondered if it is really necessary to ban these from public places just like cigarettes? At first I thought no because the vapor does not seem to harm anyone in the vicinity. However, what I did not realize is that experts are divided on whether the vapors themselves contain dangerous chemicals that would harm the user and those around them. Not to mention that any delivery system containing nicotine can cause addiction. That is the argument being used in Minnesota and Los Angeles in the fight to ban e-cigs. Those against their use point out that there is not enough long-term research to adequately determine the safety of these and thus we should be proactive for once. I like the idea of being proactive yet its a fine line between that and being Big Brotherish.

E-Cigarette Use Getting Younger, More Expansive
CBS Local - March 4, 2014

A federal study found e-cigarette experimentation more than doubled among middle and high school students between 2011 and 2012 meaning nearly two million young people have tried them.

Kasich Signs Bill Banning E-Cigarette Sales To Minors
WCBE 90.5 FM - March 4, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill that aims to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of those under age 18.

Freeman Courier - March 4, 2014

The South Dakota Senate last week wisely passed a measure that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. There was strong support for the measure with a 31-4 vote to prohibit the sale of tobacco products, alternative nicotine and vapor products to minors. Hopefully the House will give it the same support and send it to Gov. Daugaard for his signature.

Treat e-cigarettes just like the real kind
San Francisco Chronicle - March 4, 2014

Outrageous as such a slogan may sound, today we may be facing a similar situation with e-cigarettes, the latest incarnation of "nicotine sticks" to hit the market.

LA bans e-cigarettes in parks, restaurants and workplaces
Los Angeles Times - March 4, 2014

E-cigarettes have been promoted as a safer alternative to cancer-causing tobacco products that can wean heavy smokers off their habit. But on Tuesday, Los Angeles officials joined a growing list of cities that treat e-cigarettes just the same as regular cigarettes, banning their use in parks, restaurants and most workplaces.

"Vaping" Banned in LA Bars and Restaurants [VIDEO]
MyFox Los Angeles - March 4, 2014

I can see how some feel there's something that smells about the Los Angeles City Council going on the crusade against water vapor. Yes, water vapor infused with nicotine but still, vapor that dissipates faster than you can say "Second-hand smoke." That's just it; it's not smoke. The vapor may be deceiving but it doesn't smell, doesn't stay in the air and hasn't been proven to carry all of the carcinogens that cigarettes do. That's because nothing is burning. Many of the toxins that damage lungs come from the smoke. If nicotine was the issue, the FDA last year would not have said that smokers who are trying to quit can safely use over the counter nicotine gum.

LA Council Passes E-Cig Restrictions
Los Angeles Business Journal - March 4, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday to ban smoking of electronic cigarettes at all public buildings and restaurants, as well as at parks, playgrounds, ...

LA City Council Unanimously Bans Vaping In Public Places
Forbes - March 4, 2014

As expected, the Los Angeles City Council today voted unanimously to ban vaping everywhere that smoking is banned, including indoor workplaces and outdoor locations such as parks, beaches, and restaurant patios. Although one of the main rationales for the ban is that children might confuse e-cigarettes with the real thing and mistakenly conclude that smoking is not so bad after all, an amendment that would have exempted bars and other establishments that are open only to adults was defeated by a vote of 8 to 6. In a generous concession, the city will allow people to vape in vaping lounges, in e-cigarette stores, and on stage for theatrical purposes....

E-cigarette exemption bill up for public hearing Tuesday
WHBL Sheboygan - March 4, 2014

MADISON, WI (WTAQ) - Should you be able to smoke electronic cigarettes while you're out for dinner? State lawmakers will explore that question Tuesday afternoon, when they hold a hearing on a bill to exempt e-cigarettes from the statewide indoor public smoking ban.

Vancouver School Board considers banning e-cigarettes
Globalnews.ca - March 4, 2014

School Board Chair Patti Bacchus says the Vancouver Coastal Health encouraged them to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes on school property.

E-cigarette skeptics unnecessarily alarmed by water vapor
Highlander Newspaper - March 4, 2014

So why is everyone freaking out about e-cigs when the chemicals allegedly found in them are so few you can count them on both hands? The dangers of the ...

Denison council approves e-cigarette ordinance
KXII-TV - March 4, 2014

DENISON,TX---A new city ordinance approved by the council Monday night will regulate on the use of electronic cigarettes in Denison. The City of Denison passed an ordinance that will prohibit smoking E-cigarettes in public areas or inside businesses at the owner's discretion. City officials say it's to make Denison a healthier place for residents to live, something Angie Sparkman, owner of "Wicked Vapors" disagrees with. The ordinance would also prohibit minors under the age of 18 to purchase e-cigs, something Sparkman says her store already does and that every vapor store should do.

Council divided on e-cigarette measure
Austin Herald - March 4, 2014

The Austin City Council is one step closer to an electronic cigarette moratorium prohibiting e-cigarette use in public places, but the council appears split on the issue. Council members voted 4-3 on the issue during their work session Monday night, with Mayor Tom Stiehm supporting the measure as Council Member Judy Enright was absent, which means the council will formally vote on a moratorium during its March 17 public meeting....

E-cigarette ban gets boost from Senate committee [VIDEO]
KARE - March 4, 2014

The latest stop for a bill that would include a ban on e-cigarettes in public places was the Senate's Health, Human Services and Housing committee. On Monday night, the committee voted in favor of the bill. It still has a long way to go on the legislative road, but another senate hearing is scheduled this week. ...

MN Lawmakers Debate E-Cigarettes
Valley News Live KVLY - March 4, 2014

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Are e-cigarettes the next public health menace or a safe alternative to the real thing? That question is at the core of a debate that is winding its way through the State Capitol. ...

White Cloud Announces The Opening Of Their New Facility
DigitalJournal.com - March 4, 2014

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla., March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is proud to announce the relocation to their new office and ...

IU chokes up with expanded smoking ban
We say: The University takes ban too far
Indiana Daily Student - March 4, 2014

Every day, members of the Editorial Board notice signs proudly promoting IU as a smoke-free campus, only to see the occasional clouds of cigarette smoke and ... That being said, the Editorial Board still believes the Universitys new policy banning e-cigarettes, hookahs, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff might be taking it too far.

L.A. City Council to vote on measure to restrict e-cigarette 'vaping'
Los Angeles Times March 4, 2014

The L.A. City Council is expected vote Tuesday on a proposal to treat e-cigarettes like conventional cigarettes and prohibit them in nearly every workplace and many outdoor spaces.
Lobbyists for the e-cigarette industry have been pushing back, and want to secure exemptions for establishments where "vaping" -- taking a drag of flavored nicotine vapor from an e-cigarette -- is increasingly popular.

Los Angeles City Council considers restrictions on e-cigarettes
Los Angeles Daily News - March 4, 2014

LOS ANGELES - E-cigarette use -- often called vaping -- would be banned at bars, nightclubs, restaurants and some other public areas under an ordinance to be taken up by the Los Angeles City Council today.

LA City Council To Consider E-Cigarette Restrictions In Public Areas
CBS Local - March 4, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday morning will consider an ordinance that would ban E-cigarette use at bars, nightclub, restaurants and other public areas. The ordinance would also restrict the sale and use of the device in smoking clubs to adults 18 and older. While some researchers have found e-cigarettes to be less harmful to smokers' heart function than regular tobacco cigarettes, studies have found the devices to ...

LA City Council to Vote on Public Use of E-Cigarettes
NBC Southern California - March 4, 2014

The City Council has already begun regulating e-cigarettes. In late 2013, the council unanimously approved a measure that regulated the sale of e-cigarettes, ...

LA Poised to Limit $1.5 Billion E-Cigarette Industry
Businessweek - March 4, 2014

Los Angeles is poised to join New York and Chicago in banning the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces, restaurants and many public areas, threatening the growth of an industry segment that reached $1.5 billion in sales last year.

S.F. Supervisor Eric Mar crafts plan to regulate e-cig use
San Francisco Chronicle - March 4, 2014

Thirty-one years ago, UCSF researcher Stanton Glantz helped push a San Francisco law to curb smoking in the workplace, pioneering legislation that set the stage for some of the strictest antitobacco laws in the nation. Now, he's hoping to expand those laws to electronic cigarettes.

Santa Maria City Council to consider electronic cigarette ban
KSBY San Luis Obispo News - March 4, 2014

The Santa Maria City Council will consider a proposal Tuesday night that bans the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces.

Los Angeles Looks To Join The Growing List Of Cities Banning Smoking E-Cigarettes Indoors
ThinkProgress - March 4, 2014

The Los Angeles City Council is expected to pass a sweeping electronic cigarette regulation bill on Tuesday that would treat the increasingly popular products like traditional tobacco, banning their use in bars, restaurants, workplaces, and designated public areas.

Row smouldering in Brussels over e-cigarettes
The Voice of Russia - March 4, 2014

A row is brewing in Europe over the regulation and legalisation of so called e-cigarettes. The European Parliament recently voted in support of a proposal to ban ...

E-cigarette television advertising to be investigated
British American Tobacco welcomes inquiry after commercial prompts over 1,100 complaints
The Guardian - March 4, 2014

The advertising watchdog's probe into the advertising of e-cigarettes has been welcomed by British American Tobacco (BAT), the biggest tobacco company to ...

Ban on strong e-cigarettes 'will cost lives'
The Times (subscription) - March 4, 2014

The impending ban on stronger electronic cigarettes could lead to 105,000 deaths a year, according to an economics consultancy.

As smokers go digital, what should employers do?
Wiltshire Business - March 4, 2014

Should they allow them to use e-cigarettes at their desks, or in the canteen? After all, e-cigarettes, which are battery-operated devices that emit doses of ...

EU Stricter on Tobacco Products - Analyst Blog
NASDAQ - March 3, 2014

The newEuropean Union (EU) Tobacco Products Directive is a revised ... The new rule has banned the sale of flavored cigarettes and roll-your-own-tobacco in EU ... both pictorial and text warnings on the cigarette packs to dissuade smokers.

E-cigs could 'renormalise' smoking
Irish Health - March 3, 2014

Anti-tobacco campaigner Professor Luke Clancy has warned that the unrestricted availability of electronic cigarettes could undermine the lifesaving achievements of the smoking ban by 'renormalising' smoking in society. Ireland celebrates the tenth anniversary of the ban on smoking in workplaces next month.

How they voted: Results from local government meetings
U-T San Diego - March 3, 2014

The Solana Beach City Council on Wednesday approved a conditional use permit for a craft beer bottle shop and tap room at 437 S. Highway 101; introduced an ordinance to include e-cigarettes in the definition of cigarettes so the devices are banned in places where smoking already is prohibited; and set a public hearing date for April 23 to consider a sewer charge increase.

SF considering tough restrictions on E-cigarettes
KTVU San Francisco - March 3, 2014

This common sense ordinance, as proposed, would allow smoking e-cigarettes in the same places that cigarettes are allowed, prohibit them where cigarettes ...

Legislation to ban underage e-cigarette use ready for House vote
Cowetaamerican - March 3, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY Legislation that would ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and set a penalty for such sales is available for a vote on the floor of the ...

San Francisco Ready To Crack Down on E-Cigarettes
NBC Bay Area - March 3, 2014

San Francisco lawmakers want to crack down on e-cigarettes, and place the near-ubiquitous tobacco vaporizers under the same set of laws that govern ...

SF Supervisor Wants E-Cigarettes Regulated Like Other Tobacco Products [AUDIO]
CBS Local - March 3, 2014

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar planned to introduce legislation Monday to regulate the use and sale of electronic-cigarettes in the city. The legislation would restrict the sale and use of e-cigarettes in the same way as other tobacco products, such as where they can be smoked and only sold to those 18 and over...

NJOY Raises More Than $70 Million
MarketWatch - March 3, 2014

NJOY, the world's leading independent electronic cigarette company, today announced that it has completed another successful private fundraising round attracting more than $70 million in capital. The round was led by Brookside Capital along with Morgan Stanley Investment Management, investing on behalf of mutual funds and other pooled vehicles for which it acts as investment adviser, GAM Technology Strategy and other institutional investors. The financing will be used to fund the companys marketing, international expansion and research and development initiatives, including clinical trials.

US Senators Call for E-Cigarettes Advertising Ban
NACS Online - March 3, 2014

WASHINGTON Last week U.S. Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, joined Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Edward J. Markey (D-MA) in introducing the Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act, a bill that seeks to prohibit the marketing of e-cigarettes to children and teens.

E-Cigarette Critics Worry New Ads Will Make 'Vaping' Cool For Kids [AUDIO]
NPR - March 3, 2014

Electronic cigarette makers are getting bold with their advertising, using provocative new print ads and on TV. But public health advocates say these images are luring kids to hook them on nicotine.

New Research Shows E-Cig Vapor Contains Similar Toxins to Outdoor Air and Human Breath
DigitalJournal.com - March 3, 2014

For the first time research comparing contaminants from secondhand e-cigarette vapor with those of human breath emissions and outdoor air of Los Angeles has just been released. City councils across the country are attempting to ban use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited. The reasoning behind most ordinances is that e-cigarette vapor contains "toxins and carcinogens". While one can't argue that fact, as studies have detected trace levels of volatile organic compounds and metallic particles in e-cig emissions, the truth is that no study has found a dangerous amount of contaminants in mainstream or passive vapor. Professor Igor Burstyn's study recently published on BioMed Central found VOC levels of secondhand vapor to approach no more than 7% of recommended and required exposure limits.

'Vaping' isn't as bad as smoking, but there are risks involved
News Sentinel - March 3, 2014

Q: My 16-year-old daughter is vaping. Have you heard of this?! How can I persuade her it's not a good idea? A: We had to do some research on this one! But after smoking out the info, we hope we can help you persuade your teen that using electronic cigarettes can have consequences. In its favor, this cloud of vapor doesn't contain the 60 known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke, and it may be a way to kick tobacco (it works for some folks). But as a general rule, putting anything besides relatively clean air into your lungs can lead to a roster of complications, depending on what's inhaled. If your daughter wants to feel hip, suggest nonpermanent, vegetable-based hair color (try red! blue!); you can live with that, and so can she, right? And for stress relief, suggest joining an after-school athletic program or doing yoga together. She'll learn how important it is to inhale without extra chemicals in every breath and appreciate how much you want to help....

Legislators discuss protecting Minnesota's clean indoor air and keeping our kids safe
Bills would include e-cigarettes in Freedom to Breathe Act and keep them out of kids' hands
PR Newswire (press release) - March 3, 2014

Today the Senate Health, Human Services and Housing Policy Committee passed Senate File 2027, which would expand protections under the Freedom to Breathe Act by prohibiting e-cigarette use where smoking is prohibited, require that e-cigarettes be placed behind the counter in stores and penalize retailers who sell to minors. The bill was authored by Senator Kathy Sheran (DFL-Mankato), who in 2007 was the chief author of the Freedom to Breathe Act, which eliminated smoking in bars and restaurants. "Seven years ago, we could not have anticipated technology that would allow people to get around the smoke-free law," Sen. Sheran told committee members. "This is a loophole that needs closing." A new poll from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota shows the law to be hugely popular with Minnesotans. Eighty-seven percent support the standard of clean indoor air that the law provides, and 79 percent support including e-cigarettes in existing smoke-free policies. Eighty-seven percent also support keeping e-cigarettes behind the counter so they are less visible and accessible to youth. ...

Supervisors propose regulations on electronic cigarettes
San Francisco Examiner - March 3, 2014

San Francisco supervisors plan to announce legislation this morning to regulate electronic cigarettes, increasingly popular particularly among teenagers, in the same way that The City regulates tobacco. The proposed ordinance, sponsored by Supervisor Eric Mar and co-authored by Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and Supervisor John Avalos, would amend The Citys health code to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes where smoking is not allowed, require a tobacco permit for selling e-cigarettes and prohibit the sale of the devices where the sale of tobacco is prohibited. E-cigarettes deliver lower levels of toxins than conventional cigarettes, but they still deliver some toxins, according to a report on e-cigarettes by UC San Francisco in December. The proposed ordinance seeks measures similar to those that have been instituted in Chicago, New York, Seattle, Boston and the nearby city of Richmond. The three supervisors, along with Tobacco Free Coalition members and UCSF researchers, will announce the legislation at 11 a.m. today at City Hall.

San Francisco Officials Propose Controversial Regulations On E-Cigarettes
The Inquisitr - March 3, 2014

Following in the footsteps of New Yorks former Mayor Bloomberg, San Francisco Supervisors plan to announce Monday morning a proposal to add e-cigarettes to restrictions already in place against tobacco smoking. The measure is at least partially motivated by concerns that teens are being targeted by companies, while the jury is out on the safety of e-cigarettes.

Council to discuss extending smoking bans to e-cigarettes
Devices are less harmful, but still pollute air, expert says
Santa Maria Times - March 3, 2014

The Santa Maria City Council will vote on an ordinance Tuesday to extend the same bans it currently has on smoking to include e-cigarettes. The ordinance, which includes several updates to the municipal code, would mean that e-cigarettes couldnt be smoked in enclosed public spaces, inside city buildings or within 20 feet of them. Some could argue no, theyre not (cigarettes) and so they could do that in the library and in the council chambers, and we prohibit smoking in those types of places, City Manager Rick Haydon said. He said that the move is meant to clarify the law in the face of developing technology and substances, including synthetic marijuana.

Santa Maria considering e-cigarette ban
Cal Coast News - March 3, 2014

The Central Coast may have a new trend-setting city in the implementation of smoking restrictions. On Tuesday, the Santa Maria City Council will consider adopting an e-cigarette ban. The city has already banned smoking in most public places, but the restrictions do not apply to e-cigarettes.

Berkeley Co. board considers expanding smoking ban
Huntington Herald Dispatch - March 3, 2014

The existing policy bans smoking in restaurants and enclosed public places, such as grocery stores, banks and business offices. In 2010, the board exempted ...

Reynolds American to Make Bid for Lorillard?
CSPnet.com - March 3, 2014

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Reynolds American Inc. may make a bid for Lorillard Inc., said RBC Capital Markets Inc. analyst Nik Modi, citing a report by The Financial Times blog FT Alphaville. Quoting knowledgeable sources, the blog said that Reynolds may offer "no more than $22 billion at first" in a bid for Lorillard. Greensboro, N.C.-based Lorillard, through its Lorillard Tobacco Co. subsidiary, is the third largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the United States. Lorillard, through its LOEC Inc. subsidiary, is also a leading U.S. e-cigarette company with its blu eCigs brand.

Morning Roundup: Wexner moves up billionaire list, CCAD students ...
Columbus Business First - March 3, 2014

E-cigarette firm expanding: With e-cigarettes growing in popularity, a Dayton-area company that makes nicotine vaporiser liquid is also setting up for a possible expansion, the Dayton Business Journal reports. NicQuid LLC is quadrupling its space, the paper said, and will dramatically grow its production lab. An executive told the paper they've "seen a massive growth in sales." In case you missed it, Grove City's Buckeye Vapors is doing pretty well these days too. To ban or not to ban: The Toledo Blade, meanwhile, looks at what e-cigarettes mean for Ohio's indoor smoking ban and for companies that ban employees from smoking. Most employers that ban smoking are choosing to ban vaping as well, the paper said.

New Weber health director Bennion tackles e-cigs, STDs, other issues
Standard-Examiner - March 3, 2014

OGDEN -- E-cigarette use rates by youth in Weber County have increased by 500 percent over the past two years. Gonorrhea cases jumped from 44 to 90 in 2013. Suicide is also a major public health problem in the state with an average of 402 deaths and 4,152 attempts each year. ...

Can Big Tobacco Grow Again?
Wall Street Journal (blog) - March 3, 2014

Last Friday afternoon, in a hotel lounge in Midtown Manhattan, I saw what one of the worlds biggest tobacco companies says could be central to its growth in the coming years. It wasnt a cigarette as we know itthose products, deadly for their users and detested by regulators and health experts, are destined for a long and inevitable decline. And it wasnt an electronic cigarette, the trendy new upstarts in the nicotine business. Instead, it was a hybrid of the twoa black, cigarette-shaped tube containing a battery and electronics. Into one end of the tube, users plug what looks like a miniature cigarette, a couple of inches long, paper filled with real tobacco. The user then puffs away, on what Marlboro-maker Philip Morris International Inc.PM 0.98% refers to as a reduced risk productcareful language to describe the devices that it hopes regulators will approve for sale in Europe, and eventually in the U.S. Reduced risk is the key word herethere is no such thing as a safe way to inhale nicotine, the company acknowledges. And health campaigners, who have spent decades battling the tobacco industry, worry that new, less risky products like e-cigarettes will act as a Trojan horse, getting a new generation addicted to nicotine. .

Glantz letter to LA City Council supporting their ordinance to include e-cigs in smokefree law
Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education March 3, 2014

I am writing to support pending legislation you are considering that would include e-cigarettes in Los Angeles' current smokefree ordinance. This is a sensible piece of legislation that mirrors what cities large and small are doing all over the country (and the world).

Reynolds to market Vuse at SXSW
Winston-Salem Journal - March 3, 2014

Reynolds American Inc.s electronic cigarette subsidiary is pitching its Vuse product at the influential South by Southwest festival, adding another level to its marketing campaign.

Harm of e-cigarettes is overstated
SHSU Houstonian Online - March 3, 2014

"If everyone switched to electronic cigarettes, this would be the greatest health advance probably since vaccinations," drugs researcher David Nutt said in an interview with BBC Radio last month.

Catherine Lillington on E-cigarettes
Birmingham Mail - March 3, 2014

Their makers claim it is cheaper and healthier for smokers to take up vaping. And smokers are increasingly turning to e-cigarettes to beat the habit, with the ...

The EU sets new rules for e-cig users
Wigan Today - March 3, 2014

WIGAN officials are backing the European Parliaments ruling to ensure electronic cigarettes are widely available. MEPs, including Wigans representative Chris Davies, voted last week to ensure that e-cigarettes can be sold as freely as their tobacco alternatives. The European Parliament defeated proposals to classify e-cigs as medicines, potentially restricting their availability. Instead they insisted that e-cigs with a nicotine content of 20mg/l or less should be regarded simply as consumer products.

San Francisco supervisors to consider e-cigarette restrictions
abc7news.com - March 2, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A San Francisco supervisor is set to officially unveil a measure Monday that would put restrictions on the use and sale of e-cigarettes ...

Fire officials issue warning about e-cigarette dangers
Mail Tribune - March 2, 2014

Electronic cigarettes may be safer for the lungs of smokers than the standard leaf-burning variety, some people believe, but Medford fire officials want people to know they can still cause fires. E-cigs have caused minor fires at two Medford homes recently, Medford Fire-Rescue officials said.

The week that was
Minot Daily News - March 2, 2014

JOIN THE CROWD It appears Minot will become the latest city to ban the sales of electronic cigarettes to minors. The Minot City Council's Public Works and Safety Committee last week recommended the full council make it illegal to sell or provide e-cigarettes to minors and for minors to possess the devices. E-cigarettes do not fall under the definition of tobacco, and aren't regulated. Many local stores already restrict the sale of the devices to minors, and some legislators are considering changing state law to regulate e-cigarettes under existing laws for conventional tobacco cigarettes. Sounds to us like area stores are already restricting sales of the products to minors anyway, so making it official under a Minot ordinance shouldn't garner many complaints. The e-cigarettes are battery powered and still deliver a dose of nicotine to the user. Officially banning their sale to minors seems like a good idea, and we expect the full city council to follow the committee's recommendation....

An e-cigarette ban is the right path
Dallas Morning News (blog) - March 2, 2014

Your editorial suggesting holding off on banning e-cigarettes in public places contains an important contradiction. You state there is little if any scientific evidence indicating a second-hand smoke danger from e-cigarettes, but you also point out that e-cigarette smokers might be inhaling formaldehyde and an ingredient used in antifreeze. My question is, what happens when e-cigarette smokers near me exhale? Where do that formaldehyde and other chemicals go? I dont want to be forced to breathe it even if its odorless. I suggest that rather than an e-cigarette ban being premature, what is actually premature is allowing the public use of these items without further testing of the contents of the vapor and its effects on both the vaper and the innocent bystanders. I applaud the Frisco City Council for taking a proactive stance and restricting the use of e-cigarettes anywhere smoking is prohibited....

Editorial: Smoke Free
Financial Express March 2, 2014

Though e-cigarettes have been around for a few years now, their financial viability as a business is only now becoming apparent. This is evidenced from the ...

Just say 'yes' to regulating e-cigarettes
University at Buffalo The Spectrum - March 2, 2014

With the newest nicotine-delivery trend sweeping the nation, calls for common-sense regulation are both warranted and necessary. Last week, e-cigarette regulations burst upon the political stage of the western world. The European Parliament, representing the 28 European Union nations, approved tough new rules regulating the e-cigarette market. Following the move, Democrats in the U.S. Senate proposed a bill to ban marketing of e-cigarettes to minors.
The moves in Europe and the United States have sparked a conversation about the appropriate way to regulate the newest, en vogue way to get a nicotine fix. The vapor is considered a minor lung irritant, but conclusive science on the effects of using e-cigarettes is out. That void is filled with the claims of detractors who argue that e-cigarettes because they can so easily be used inside and do not impact others nearby increase nicotine use and are a gateway to smoking cigarettes.

Claudia Blackburn: Risks of e-cigarettes not fully known
Kansas City Star - March 2, 2014

These days, it's not uncommon to see people sucking on small devices, blowing out vapors as they go about their daily business. These nicotine-dispensing ... Neither are the benefits of using e-cigarettes over traditional products known. According to the World Health Organization, the efficacy of e-cigarettes for helping people to quit smoking has not been scientifically demonstrated.

Will American Governments Begin Banning E-Cigarettes?
The Almagest - March 2, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs have been controversial for some time now. While manufacturers claim that this nicotine delivery system, which lets users inhale nicotine via a kind of water vapour, is harmless to other people and is a good way for people who smoke regular cigarettes to feed their nicotine addiction in a less dangerous way, there are some parties out there who would like to see the e-cigarette banned....

VSB moves to ban e-cigarettes amid concern from VCH
News1130 - March 2, 2014

Vancouver Coastal Health is so concerned a rising number of kids are bringing electronic cigarettes to Vancouver schools, it has asked the Vancouver School Board to ban the alternative smokes...

Regulating Electronic Cigarettes
New York Times - March 1, 2014

European lawmakers last week adopted strong tobacco regulations that will increase government oversight of electronic cigarettes. The rules should serve as a model for the Food and Drug Administration, which has said that it also intends to regulate the nicotine-delivery devices. But health experts are rightly worried that these devices might make it easy for teenagers to develop an addiction to nicotine, which can be toxic at high doses and impairs brain development in children. Lab tests by the F.D.A. have also found that some electronic cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals that are used in antifreeze. Electronic cigarettes might be useful to some people who are addicted to nicotine and want an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But regulators still have a duty to make sure that these devices are not causing harm, especially to children.

E-cig Industry Braces for Impending Regulation
Motley Fool - March 1, 2014

Altria Group, Reynolds American, and Lorillard are preparing for strict regulation of the US e-cig market by branching out. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, have been one of the most disruptive technologies to hit the tobacco sector in recent years. The market for them has grown rapidly, and many smokers are now switching to the e-cig over traditional, more harmful cigarettes. This rise to fame within the smoking community has sent tobacco players such as Altria Group (NYSE: MO), Reynolds American (NYSE: RAI), and Lorillard (NYSE: LO) into a sort of e-cig arms race.

Should the government regulate eCigarettes?: Red/Blue America
The Patriot-News - March 1, 2014

Democrats in the U.S. Senate this week introduced a bill that would ban the marketing of electronic cigarettes to minors. "We cannot risk undoing decades of progress in reducing youth smoking by allowing e-cigarette makers to target our kids," said Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., one of the bill's co-sponsors.

The Legislature's e-cigarette tax showdown
A new bill in the Legislature wants to tax the mini vaporizers. Opponents say that would punish good behavior.
Crosscut - March 1, 2014

Are they 'God's work' or just another harmful tobacco product? Either way, Rep. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, has introduced a bill this session to tax electronic cigarettes similarly to tobacco cigarettes. Carlyle's bill would install a 95 percent "Other Tobacco Product Tax" on e-cigarette wholesalers and make it illegal for kids 18 and younger to use e-cigarettes.

Say what ?
The Spokesman Review (blog) - March 1, 2014

Kids may say the darnedest things, as Art Linkletter once insisted. But folks at legislative hearings can be a close second. This weeks best description came from an opponent of a plan to raise taxes on vaporized nicotine, or e-cigarettes. Vaping, as it is sometimes called, is a much better choice than smoking cigarettes, Anthony McMullen told the House Finance Committee. Its like going from licking dirt to eating cake, he said.

Berkeley Health Department considers indoor smoke out
Proposal includes ban on smoking in bars, private clubs, parks, fairs
Martinsburg Journal - March 1, 2014

MARTINSBURG - Nearly five years after declining to ban smoking in bars and private clubs, Berkeley County Health Department board members have again been asked to adopt a more restrictive indoor air quality policy. There's also another new component because, by definition, smoking would also include "the use of a hookah or an E-cigarette device which creates a vapor."

E-cigs draw attention of kids, officials
Wise County Messenger - March 1, 2014

Electronic-cigarettes, also called e-cigs, are battery-operated nicotine inhalers. The e-cig liquid comes in a dizzying array of flavors such as bubble gum, gingerbread, peanut butter cup, kettle corn and marshmallow. Only e-cig liquid that contains nicotine is illegal to sell to minors. But store owners can sell the electronic cigarette device and any of the flavors without nicotine to anybody if they choose. Several North Texas cities have banned the sale of electronic cigarette devices or accessories to minors. Flower Mounds city council approved a ban on Feb. 3, prohibiting minors from purchasing or possessing the devices and outlawing use of the product on any town property where smoking is prohibited. Lewisville, Rockwall and Murphy have all passed similar prohibitions. Last month, the Bridgeport school board looked at adopting a rule that would prevent e-cig use by anyone at all campuses....

Our View: E-cigarettes should not be marketed to kids
Modesto Bee - March 1, 2014

There is a growing debate about the health dangers of e-cigarettes, and whether they help smokers kick the habit or lead to more nicotine addiction. But it ought to be beyond dispute that the lookalike, feel-alike devices should not be marketed to children. Wednesday, Sen. Barbara Boxer of California and three other senators introduced a bill to ban ads and other marketing that targets kids and teens.

Wellesley now prohibits sale of tobacco, nicotine products to those under 21
Wicked Local Wellesley - March 1, 2014

If you're a Wellesley business that's been selling tobacco and nicotine-delivery products to customers under age 21, those days are almost over. On Feb. 20, the Wellesley Board of Health voted to amend one of its regulations. The regulation, "Restricting the Sale of Tobacco in the Town of Wellesley," has been expanded to include "nicotine delivery products." Nicotine products include the now-popular E-cigarettes. The Health Department regulations note that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "has concluded that nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin." The board also raised the minimum age a tobacco vendor can sell tobacco and nicotine products to a customer from 18 to age 21...

Policies on puffing ecigarettes at work or in public are cloudy
Toledo Blade - March 1, 2014

Just seven years since Ohios smoking ban went into effect, the thought of lighting up a cigarette at the office seems almost as foreign as the idea that drinking radioactive water once was thought to ease the pains of arthritis. But just as technology eventually trumped medical quackery, its now caught up with Americas smoking policies.

Lileks: Legislators huffing and puffing over e-cigarettes
Minneapolis Star Tribune - March 1, 2014

Prediction: If e-cigs are found to be relatively harmless, their use in public will still be regulated.

Hash oil new wrinkle for bar owners dealing with e-cigarettes in Weld County
Greeley Tribune - March 1, 2014

Many restaurants and bars in Weld County have banned the use of e-cigarettes, owners say, because despite being mostly odorless and smokeless, the water vapor given off by the e-cigarettes is disruptive to other customers. Just because theyre smokeless doesnt mean they dont affect the people around you, said Deb Nelson, owner of the LitL Bit Bar and Grill in Evans. But bothering other customers was only one reason LitL Bit Bar and Grill placed a ban on e-cigarettes recently. A customer was caught using an e-cigarette to smoke hash oil by installing a hash oil cartridge into the device. While many smokers use vapor cigarettes as an aid to quit tobacco, nearly all models of vapor cigarettes can be adapted to smoke hash oil or cannabis with little to no visible modification, said head grower Tucker Eldridge of Natures Herb and Wellness dispensary in Garden City. Hash oil cartridges used in e-cigarettes are popular among medicinal users because they do not have the smell, waste or odor associated with other methods of smoking marijuana, Eldridge said. Additionally, hash oil use in e-cigarettes is more popular with medicinal users than it is with recreational users due to the lower THC dosage. E-cigarette smokers can also purchase cartridges that allow them to smoke marijuana sold in dispensaries, he said. But Colorado law still prohibits their use in public. The marijuana law is very tricky, Nelson said.

E-cig sellers say no to warning labels
Danbury News Times - March 1, 2014

HARTFORD -- The General Assembly is poised to force electronic cigarette manufacturers to reveal what's in their products in an effort that reflects national concern over an increasingly popular smoking substitute. Lawmakers are considering two bills, one of which would require large labels on all electronic cigarette products. Another bill would prohibit sales to minors.

Other Florida bills of note
The News-Press - March 1, 2014

A Senate bill (SB 224) would prohibit the sale to minors of electronic cigarettes, trendy slim metal tubes that serve as an alternative to regular cigarettes...

Business Profile: Tasting bar hopes to smoke the competition
The Herald Bulletin - March 1, 2014

ANDERSON, Ind. Wade Wargny quit smoking five years ago now he wants to help others kick the habit. Wargny is the owner of E Liquid Lounge, 4318 S. Scatterfield Road, and sells a variety of products and accessories for electronic cigarettes. Its just water vapor, Wargny said of the puff of odorless fumes that are exhaled with an e-cigarette. It soothes the nicotine craving with no tar and no smoke, and it is a fifth the cost of cigarettes. We have flavors like tobacco to Skittles and everything in between, he said. Wargny said his full-service tasting bar, which is unique to the area, allows customers to try each of the e-liquid flavors used in the vaporizers before making a purchase.

Senate panel approves bill banning minors from buying or possessing e-cigarettes ($$)
The Messenger (subscription) - March 1, 2014

FRANKFORT No one under the age of 18 would be allowed to buy or possess electronic cigarettes under a bill a state Senate committee unanimously approved Thursday.

E-cigarette TV ad slammed as one of most offensive ever by ...
This is Money - March 1, 2014

Advertising watchdogs are launching an urgent inquiry into e-cigarette advertising after one sexually suggestive advert for the controversial product became the sixth most complained about TV ad of all time. ...

NJOY, E-Cigarette Maker, Receives Funding Valuing It at $1 Billion
New York Times February 28, 2014

Even as electronic cigarettes draw the scrutiny of regulators around the world, investors are seeing potential in the fledgling industry. This week, the electronic cigarette maker NJOY received a $70 million capital injection from a group of investors including Brookside Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Management, in the latest vote of confidence for a fast-growing industry. The company, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., boasts several entrepreneurial investors including Sean Parker, the co-founder of the now-defunct Napster, and Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal.

How to Plan Your Best Spring Break Trip Ever
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

we’re here to help. We’ve pulled together some of the best travel resources ... And, don’t forget to bring your blu eCigs® electronic cigarettes along for the trip! Since e-cigs only produce vapor they will give you more hotel options (since you won’t be

Why Almost All Non-Smokers Like the E-Cig
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

Then e-cigs came along and non-smokers rejoiced! Now they can sit in restaurants and on patios without even noticing their neighbor is puffing on an e-cig. Electronic cigarettes give off vapor instead of smoke so they don’t have the strong odor or annoyi

The First Annual blu Freedom Awards!
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

Best blu Vaping by a Former Intergalactic Princess Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) on “Today.” Though she appeared without her classic Star Wars braid buns, we think her blu makes an awesome stand-in light saber.

Freedom Friday: Want to protest potential vaping bans? Make sure you do it the right way.
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

Make sure you’re within your legal rights to stage a protest, and contact local government offices to determine if a permit is needed. (They’re sometimes required to avoid crowd and traffic problems.) Also, ensure that your fellow protesters are on the sa

blu Cigs: A Few Frequently Asked Questions
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

Our e-liquid is made in the U.S from U.S ingredients ... The tip of a blu electronic cigarette is blue in color to alleviate any concerns people may have that you are smoking a real cigarette in areas where traditional cigarettes are not typically allowe

Freedom Friday: Los Angeles is the Latest City to Consider a Ban on Public Vaping
blu Cigs (Lorillard) - February 28, 2014

You don’t have to call LA home to make your voice heard. ... Record a short video ... addressing lawmakers. Tell them why you oppose e-cig bans and why you use blu. ... Let’s take back our freedom, one city at a time.

Electronic Cigarettes
Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising (SRITA) - February 28, 2014

Electronic Cigarette Ad Gallery / Electronic Cigarettes Videos / E-Cigarette Flavors For Teens / Electronic Cigarette vs. Cigarettes

LETTER: FINN: Curbs on E-Cigarettes
New York Times - February 28, 2014

American Thoracic Society, as a member of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, supports an age restriction and government regulation of the sale of e-cigarettes, which in many states do not exist. Until more research is done, it is dangerous

Supersmoker e-cigarette that's also a phone. And an MP3 player
Fox News - February 28, 2014

The Supersmoker Bluetooth is the first electronic cigarette to play music and receives calls via Bluetooth. It's a concept that's sure to catch fire, said general ...

Vancouver School Board poised to ban electronic cigarettes
CBC.ca - February 28, 2014

The Vancouver School Board is recommending that students and teachers be banned from using electronic cigarettes on school property. Electronic cigarettes ...

Time to embrace — and regulate — e-cigarettes
National Post - February 28, 2014

Are electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) the answer to smokers' prayers or a major threat to progress in reducing smoking rates? Too much remains unknown to ...

E-cigarettes could save the government billions
National Post - February 28, 2014

If you want to understand what life is like for the Canadian entrepreneurs who are seeking to serve the growing demand for electronic cigarettes, consider me.

Electronic cigarettes may increase the appeal of smoking among young people, public health minister warns
Daily Record and Sunday Mail - February 28, 2014

..."The tobacco industry is heavily investing in e-cigarette companies. I am suspicious of this. "There is too much history to believe claims that such diversification is motivated by newfound philanthropy or a true belief in harm reduction. "The case for...

E-cigarettes raise ethical question for pharmacists
Pharmacy News - February 28, 2014

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has released a statement advising against the sale of e-cigarettes due to the limited rigorous peer reviewed studies to ...

First-time smokers choosing e-cigarettes
Scotsman - February 28, 2014

Sales of e-cigarettes have rocketed by 340 per cent over the past year as people opt to “start smoking” using the devices rather than tobacco, new figures have ...

E-cigarette sales rise 340% in a year - beating nicotine patches, lozenges and gum for the first time
The Mirror (UK) - February 28, 2014

The total was up from £44million in 2012 to £193million in 2013, while sales of the traditional quit-smoking aids increased by just 1.7% to £131million

Smokers nationwide are increasingly moving to e-cigarettes to kick ...
The Periscope Post - February 28, 2014

The E-cigarette sales ascend from 44 million pounds in 2012 to £ 193 million last year. There is concern that young people can take to 'vaping' as a less harmful ...

Strasbourg round-up: Tobacco products directive
TheParliament.com - February 28, 2014

This agreement has mishandled e-cigarettes regulation. By making it harder for smokers to get hold of e-cigarettes of the strength they require, this directive will ...

Dems “Protecting Children” from Cigarette Alternatives
Town Hall - February 28, 2014

The “Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act” would ... (FTC) to “determine what constitutes marketing e-cigarettes to children, and would ...

E-cigarettes, Red-Light cameras, and Concussions
Martinsville Daily - February 28, 2014

The Virginia Senate on Wednesday gave easy bipartisan final approval to bills regulating e-cigarettes, red-light cameras and concussions in youth sports.

Local officials worried about youth, e-cigs
KPIC News - February 28, 2014

"Preliminary testing has shown that e-cigarettes contain chemicals and toxins that ... "Because there's no regulation, youth can buy the electronic cigarette and ...

Eden Prairie approves moratorium on e-cigarette lounges
The Sun Current - February 28, 2014

The Eden Prairie City Council approved a moratorium banning electronic cigarette, or “e-cigarette,” lounges and hookah lounges, in addition to sampling of ...

Panel OKs bill to ban ecigarette sales to minors
kzim-am - February 28, 2014

A bill aimed at banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors has cleared a Kentucky Senate panel. The measure is sponsored by Republican Senator Paul ...

Explosive e-cigarette growth prompts vapor shop business boom ...
al.com - February 28, 2014

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Before he tried electronic cigarettes, it wasn't unusual to see Twickenham Vapor founder Bryan Bentley carrying both an asthma ...

The health risks of e-cigarettes? No one knows for sure, but experts ...
al.com (blog)-by Lee Roop - February 28, 2014

E-cigarettes are a multiple health challenge, according to an Alabama public health official. First and foremost, there's the question of whether they're physically ...

Smoked Out
Reason - February 28, 2014

In December, when the New York City Council voted to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in public places such as bars and restaurants, the ban's backers ...

E-cigarettes and kids
Sun-Sentinel - February 28, 2014

The e-cigarette is the biggest thing to happen to Big Tobacco since menthol. Of course, the tobacco companies protest that e-cigarettes aren't meant for kids, but ...

City may ban minors from having e-cigs
Gainesville Sun - February 27, 2014

Gainesville may soon follow the lead of Alachua County in restricting the use of electronic cigarettes, but with an added twist: The city would make it illegal for ...

Our View: E-cigarettes should not be marketed to kids
Merced Sun-Star - February 27, 2014

John Hartigan, right, proprietor of Vapeology LA, sits behind an array of electronic cigarettes at his store in Los Angeles. REED SAXON — The Associated Press ...

E-cigarette marketing must be geared away from youth
Daily Trojan Online - February 27, 2014

Though electronic cigarettes are a hot trend, one thing is for sure: They shouldn't be on the rise among youth. On Wednesday, five U.S. senators introduced ...

Lighting up: Lawmakers, businesses look to set limits on e-cigarette ...
WWMT-TV - February 27, 2014

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) -- The growing popularity of e-cigarettes is causing concern amongst lawmakers and businesses in west Michigan.

Jay Evensen: Beware the claims of e-cigarettes
Deseret News - February 27, 2014

...Washington needs to get involved. The FDA needs some serious research into the dangers of e-cigarettes, controls should be implemented, and someone back there needs to get them off our television sets...

An e-cigarette in Paris. Europe is moving faster than the US to ...
TIME - February 27, 2014

The electronic cigarette business has been something of a Wild West, unbound by regulation in many parts of the world as new manufacturers emerge to create ...

BAT plans second e-cigarette in 2015
Bloomberg News - February 27, 2014

...plans to introduce a second e- cigarette in 2015 after identifying failure to progress in non- tobacco products as one of the main risks for the business. A device that uses asthma inhaler technology to deliver a nicotine hit is also set to reach the ...

San Diego City Council moves forward with electronic cigarette ...
San Diego 6 - February 27, 2014

SAN DIEGO (CNS) - Members of the City Council's Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee Wednesday directed staff to develop regulations for ...

Bill to ban sale of electronic cigarettes to minors clears Kentucky ...
The Republic - February 27, 2014

FRANKFORT, Kentucky — A bill aimed at banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors has cleared a Kentucky Senate panel. The measure is sponsored ...

Beauregard schools consider relaxing dress code
Knoe.com - February 27, 2014

DERIDDER, La. (AP) - A policy review committee has voted to relax the Beauregard Parish school system's dress code and to ban electronic cigarettes and ...

E-cigarette regulation bill begins to move in Minnesota Legislature
WDAY - February 27, 2014

ST. PAUL, MN -- Electronic cigarettes would not be available to youths under a bill the Minnesota House is considering, but a provision that would have banned ...

From smoke to vapor, many are making the switch
Blair Enterprise Publishing - February 27, 2014

Amber Morrow and Kristy Johnson (vaping) have both tried e-cigarettes. Johnson a former smoker of a pack and half a day of conventional cigarettes has ...

Businesses choosing whether to allow e-cigarettes
Triangle Business Journal – February 27, 2014

a loophole of sorts for those wanting a nicotine fix in the age of smoking bans. North Carolina law currently defines e-cigarettes as a "vapor," and therefore it’s not classified as a tobacco product. This decision was made during …

E-cigarette worries
Minot Daily News - February 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes should be treated like tobacco when it comes to minors, Minot's STAMP Coalition told a city committee Wednesday. The Minot City Council's ...

VA poised to ban sales of "e-cigs" to minors
WFIR News Talk Radio - February 27, 2014

General-Assembly Virginia appears ready to extend the ban of underage tobacco sales to include “electronic cigarettes”, and health advocates applaud the ...

Proposal to Tax E-Cigarettes at 95% in Washington State Up for ...
Americans for Tax Reform - February 27, 2014

I write today in opposition to House Bill 2795, which would redefine vapor products like e-cigarettes as tobacco substitutes and impose a 95 percent tax on these ...

No e-cigs for former smoker Obama, White House says
Washington Times - February 27, 2014

Asked whether the president has ever tried the products, commonly known as e-cigarettes and presented as a much healthier alternative to traditional smokes, ...

RedBlueAmerica: Should the government regulate e-cigarettes?
February 27, 2014

Democrats in the U.S. Senate this week introduced a bill that would ban the marketing of electronic cigarettes to minors. "We cannot risk undoing decades of progress in reducing youth smoking by allowing e-cigarette makers to target our kid...

Sowing confusion among anti-smoking activists
National Post - February 27, 2014

“E-cigarettes have taken us back 50 years,” according to the headline over a commentary that National Jewish Health, a medical centre in Denver, recently paid ...

Debate: Should e-cigarettes have regulation immunity?
Newsday-by Ben Boychuk - February 27, 2014

Democrats in the U.S. Senate this week introduced a bill that would ban the marketing of electronic cigarettes to minors. "We cannot risk undoing decades of ...

Gavel to Gavel: E-cig regulations will develop
Journal Record (subscription) - February 27, 2014

Although e-cigarettes have some laudable benefits according to their proponents, they have not been welcomed by cities and states throughout the country.

Democrats introduce bill to 'protect children' from electronic cigarettes
Fox News - February 27, 2014

Despite their admission that the health implications of electronic cigarettes “are not yet clear,” Senators Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.), Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), Tom ...

Vapestick questions e-cigarette ad review as it readies £12m ...
Marketing Week - February 27, 2014

Victory Electronic Cigarettes' international president Michael Clapper has questioned some of the proposed new e-cigarette ad rules as its Vapestick brand ...

TOXIC: Dover pet owners warned of deadly e-cigarette liquid
Dover Express - February 27, 2014

...Ivy, a 14-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier, from Cornwall died hours from nicotine poisoning after biting into a re-fill bottle of an electronic cigarette and ...

E-cigarettes face ad clampdown
Marketing - February 27, 2014

Electronic cigarettes advertisers are set to be governed by new rules preventing brands from targeting children and indirectly promoting tobacco products.

SourceWire (press release) - February 27, 2014

Nicolites – the UK's favourite brand of e-cigarette – says it is fully committed to working alongside the European Parliament following yesterday's (Feb 26) vote ...

'Put it in my mouth': Are e-cigarette ads going too far?
Telegraph.co.uk - February 27, 2014

The advertisers don't imply any benefits to e-cigarettes whether its good, bad or ... to make vaping look cool and hark back to tobacco advertising from days gone ...

Users warn EU e-cigarette controls could cost lives
BBC News - February 27, 2014

Supporters say electronic cigarettes are saving thousands of lives, detractors believe they could be dangerous and are making smoking seem sexy.

Five things you need to know about electronic cigarettes
The Upcoming - February 27, 2014

By now, you probably know that one of the hottest gadgets on the tech market is the electronic cigarette, a replacement for traditional tobacco that allows for ...

E-cigarettes: Better or just as bad?
Independent Online - February 27, 2014

Cape Town - Whether it is rising cigarette prices or tightening smoking regulations, more people are turning to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) to kick the habit ...

The Neverending Debate About E-Cigs: Are They Dangerous Or Not?
Jewish Business News - February 27, 2014

The matter is today particularly discussed, till some more accurate scientific studies will clarify the argument. The earliest electronic cigarette was developed in ...

Michael Matheson: e-cigs could lead to smoking being normalised ...
Herald Scotland - February 27, 2014

E-cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016 under regulations to be introduced by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation ...

SCHLUGER: Pharmacies have been too quick to start selling e-cigarettes ($$)
Financial Times (uk) - February 26, 2014

Dorff Factor Five: Rhizome Hosts an E-Cigarette Conference
GalleristNY - February 26, 2014

It took longer than you might have expected for the concept of a robot phallus to emerge at Saturday's New Museum e-cigarette conference, but by the end of it ...

Beware the claims of e-cigarettes
Wicked Local - February 26, 2014

E-cigarettes have begun showing up everywhere from convenience stores to grocers. People can be seen using them on train platforms and other places where ...

Senate OKs bills on e-cigs, traffic cameras
Richmond Times Dispatch - February 26, 2014

Senate OKs bills on e-cigs, traffic cameras. The Virginia Senate on Wednesday gave easy bipartisan final approval to bills regulating e-cigarettes, red-light ...

Editorial: The e-cigarette problem
Dallas Morning News - February 26, 2014

For students, DISD policy bans “possessing, smoking or using tobacco or ... This newspaper supports the tobacco-smoking ban but feels an e-cigarette ban is ...

Minnesota Legislators try to clear confusion over e-cigarettes
Minneapolis Star Tribune - February 26, 2014

Minnesota Legislators try to clear confusion over e-cigarettes ... Opponents call electronic cigarettes the next public health menace, geared toward luring kids ...

Legislator wants e-cigarettes banned for minors
Bayoubuzz - February 26, 2014

NEW ORLEANS - A Louisiana lawmaker wants electronic cigarettes banned to minors in the upcoming legislative session. And while some say they are not a ...

Future of e-cigs uncertain
Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era - February 26, 2014

... using e-cigarettes in public places that already prohibit traditional smoking, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation.

San Diego Looks To Propose E-Cigarette Ordinance In Next 90 Days
KPBS - February 26, 2014

Members of the City Council's Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee Wednesday directed staff to develop regulations for electronic cigarettes in ...

Growing Trend: Marijuana in Electronic Cigarettes?
WJHG-TV - February 26, 2014

PANAMA CITY BEACH - With spring break here, locals are preparing for the possible arrival of a new drug trend. It involves the use of e-cigarettes to smoke ...

E-cigarette shop to open in Melrose
Wicked Local- Melrose - February 26, 2014

An electronic-cigarette store that is set to open in Melrose next month promises to provide customers with all their vaping needs — and offer a healthier ...

E-Cigarettes: Gateway Or Cure?
WBUR - February 26, 2014

Until just a few years ago, electronic cigarettes were relatively obscure. Now, they form a $1.7 billion industry that is steadily growing. But the e-cigarette has also ... Dr Michael Siegel, a Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University.... Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, a Democrat from Jamaica Plain and co-chairman of the legislature’s Public Health Committee...

How should policy makers react to the e-cigarette boom?
Medical News Today - February 26, 2014
California was the state that, in 1998, pioneered a public smoking ban that caught on not only in other states across the US, but also around the world. Today, Californian policy makers have weighed in on what is rapidly becoming the next great controversy in the tobacco industry: electronic cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarettes In The Workplace
Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - February 26, 2014
This week, a Los Angeles City Council panel endorsed restrictions on electronic cigarettes which would prohibit their use in a range of public spaces and most ...

Weighing the pros and cons of e-cigarettes
Evansville Courier & Press - February 26, 2014
E-cigs and vapors have ignited fierce debates over whether these devices are safe to use and have any smoking cessation benefits. Most health experts will ...

E-cigarette stores ignite in Catonsville
Baltimore Sun - February 26, 2014
The popularity of electronic smoking devices has prompted one Arbutus businessman to expand to Catonsville, even as two other entrepreneurs look to capitalize on the phenomenon in the area.
Two retired Baltimore City police officers, Rick Willard and Kevin Hoff, will open an electronic smoking store called Gypsy Vape on Saturday, March 1, at 5602 Baltimore National Pike, in the Charing Cross Shopping Center.

Hudson raises age to buy cigarettes to 21
MetroWest Daily News - February 26, 2014
HUDSON Beginning in July, 18-year-olds will no longer be able to buy cigarettes in town, as Hudson health officials Tuesday night approved raising the minimum purchase age for tobacco products to 21. The Board of Health also banned smoking in town-owned parks and playgrounds and voted to prohibit healthcare institutions, such as pharmacies, from selling tobacco products in town to help reduce the high percentage of cigarette smokers in town.

Poll: Minnesotans strongly support prohibiting e-cigarette use indoors
SYS-CON Media (press release) - February 26, 2014
MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A poll released today shows that a strong majority of Minnesotans (79 percent) support prohibiting e-cigarette use indoors in places where smoking is prohibited. Other regulations to prevent youth from using e-cigarettes are also overwhelmingly supported by Minnesotans.
Minn. Bills Would Treat E-Cigs as Standard Smokes
WDIO-TV - February 26, 2014
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The growing popularity of smokeless electronic cigarettes has Minnesota lawmakers weighing whether they should be regulated in similar fashion to traditional tobacco products.
House committee to hear bills proposing ban of e-cigarettes
Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews - February 26, 2014
Hearings are scheduled for Wednesday in front of the House Health and Human Services Committee to address the possible restriction of electronic cigarettes ...
City Considering Moratorium to Prohibit E-Cigarette Sales
Belleplaineherald - February 26, 2014
The Belle Plaine Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing shortly after 7 p.m. Monday, March 10 on a proposal to at least temporarily prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes and to prohibit the establishment of any tobacco products shop in Belle Plaine.

City prohibits sale of e-cigarettes to minors
ThisWeekNews - February 26, 2014
School trustees voted Tuesday night to ban e-cigarettes on Fort Worth school district property. The electronic vaporizing devices, also known as e-cigs, joined the list of prohibited conduct that includes weapons and abusive language. The policy revision bans electronic cigarettes or any electronic vaporizing devices of any kind from school district property. Superintendent Walter Dansby recommended the revision.

Senate Passes Measure To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes To Minors
KCSR - February 26, 2014
PIERRE, S.D. (ASSOCIATED PRESS) - The South Dakota Senate has passed a measure that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. E-cigarettes ...

E-cigarettes banned on Fort Worth school property
Fort Worth Star Telegram - February 26, 2014
The policy revision bans electronic cigarettes or any electronic vaporizing devices of any kind from school district property. Superintendent Walter Dansby ...

Yakima leaders to consider banning e-cigarette smoking in public
KIMA CBS 29 - February 26, 2014
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima's ban on tobacco use in public could be expanded to include e-cigarettes. City attorneys wrote up a plan to prohibit e-cigarettes in areas where smoking is not allowed. That includes schools, stores and restaurants.

Senators Introduce Bill to Limit E-Cigarette Marketing to Kids and Teens
Adweek - February 26, 2014
Worried that e-cigarettes are taking the same marketing path as conventional cigarettes, a group of Democratic senators introduced legislation today that would prohibit the marketing of them to children and teens "When it comes to the marketing of e-cigarettes to children and teens, it's 'Joe Camel' all over again," said Sen. Harkin. "It is troubling that manufacturers of e-cigarettes, some of whom also make traditional cigarettes, are attempting to establish a new generation of nicotine addicts through aggressive marketing that often uses cartoons and sponsorship of music festivals and sporting events." The Protecting Children from Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act would give the Federal Trade Commission the authority to determine what constitutes marketing e-cigarettes to children and would allow the FTC to work with states' attorneys general to enforce the ad ban.
Lobbyists Amp Up Efforts To Sell Washington On E-Cigarettes
NPR (blog) - February 26, 2014
A Washington-based drama with an implicit endorsement of "vaping" the practice of partaking in nicotine without burning tobacco? It could have been ripped directly from the playbook of lobbyists working Capitol Hill and Washington regulators on behalf of the estimated $1.7 billion-and-growing e-cigarette industry. Eric Criss of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Group (ECIG), laughs off the suggestion that his Florida-based organization, which recently opened a lobbying office in suburban Washington, orchestrated the House of Cards scene. "No, we did not have anything to do with that product placement," Criss says, or with the Golden Globe Awards gag last month where Julia Louis-Dreyfus ostentatiously puffed a blue-tipped e-cigarette. (Pro-"vaping" sites lit up with comments about the House of Cards moment since the show has become almost synonymous with product placement.)
Open Vape: The e-cigarette of legal pot
CNBC.com - February 26, 2014
Open Vape sells one of the fastest growing products in legal pot - the vape pen - similar to an e-cigarette but with marijuana oil. Chief Revenue Officer Todd ...
E-Cigarette Marketing Targets Kids with Candy Flavors
Legal Examiner - February 26, 2014
The debate over e-cigarettes continues to rage as researchers look at the pros of vaping, a possible reduction in tobacco consumption and the consuse by teens. What do the flavors mango, gummi bears and cotton candy have in common? They are some of the candy flavors being used by e-cigarette makers to lure in kids. The original rationale behind e-cigs was to create a product for people trying to stop smoking traditional tobacco products.  Not lure children into the smoking culture.
E-Cigarettes: What's the Story on Safety?
Public News Service - February 26, 2014
Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity, with celebrities in advertisements touting them as a safer alternative to smoking the real thing. But experts say there isn't According to Consumer Reports, sales of e-cigarettes hit $1.5 billion in 2013, nearly triple the previous year's total sales.
The pros and cons of e-cigarettes [VIDEO]
WKBT La Crosse - February 26, 2014
E-cigarettes can help people quit smoking, but they can also get others hooked on nicotine. Show Transcript Hide Transcript. E-cigarettes can help people quit ...

Cambodia cracks down on e-cigarettes, shisha
New Zealand Herald - February 26, 2014
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) Cambodia has banned the import, sale and promotion of e-cigarettes and shisha tobacco, a favorite of hookah-using smokers, a government agency said Wednesday.

European Parliament approves stricter tobacco regulations
Deutsche Welle - February 26, 2014

The European Parliament has approved legislation aimed at cutting back on cigarette use. The new law will allow graphic warning labels on packages and phase out menthol cigarettes. European Union governments will now draft a final approval on the reforms, expected to be approved March 14. The deal also includes regulations for E-cigarettes, such as allowing individual EU states to decide if they should be made available in pharmacies. The tobacco industry lobbied intensely against the new changes, with critics saying the regulations will limit consumer choice, encourage illegal trade in cigarettes, cost the government money and reduce jobs. However, EU lawmakers say the deal is designed to combat the "devastating effect" cigarettes have had on the bloc.
MEPs restrict child baiting tobacco products
EUobserver - February 26, 2014
The final compromise allows companies to sell electronic cigarettes as normal products without any medical oversight, unless they specifically advertise them as ...

Craze for E-cigarattes on the rise, Doctors unsure if these are less ...
Times of India - February 26, 2014
Though manufacturers claim that e-cigs are less harmful, health experts are not very sure. E-cigs mimic the traditional cigarette though these contain no tobacco.

Raunchy E-Cigarette Ad Banned Until After 11PM In The UK (Video)
Opposing Views - February 26, 2014
An advertisement for VIP Electronic Cigarettes was banned until after 11 p.m. in the United Kingdom, after more than 1,150 viewers complained about its overtly ...
Ban on e-cigarettes in buildings and grounds of Sussex hospitals
The Argus - February 26, 2014
Electronic cigarettes are being banned in hospitals because they look too much like the real thing. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is ...
Agenda: Ban on e-cigarettes at 2014 Games part of plan to stub out ...
Herald Scotland - February 26, 2014
In July the Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow and will be smoke-free. The restriction will include e-cigarettes. Many other organisations have also taken steps to remove the use of e-cigarettes indoors.

E-cigarettes could save the government billions
National Post - February 25, 2014
If you want to understand what life is like for the Canadian entrepreneurs who are seeking to serve the growing demand for electronic cigarettes, consider me.
Health Experts Concerned About E-Cigs Popularity With School Age ...
WJBF-TV - February 25, 2014
Peter Chugaev has been smoking for 45 years and for the past 15 he's been trying to quit. "You have a cup of coffee, you go on the deck, you have a cigarette," ...

LA Moves Forward On Proposal To Treat E-Cigs Like Regular Cigs
LAist - February 25, 2014
A Los Angeles City Council committee backed a proposed ordinance to ban e-cigarettes from "no-smoking" public places like bars and parks. The measure to ...
L.A. city council health committee votes to move forward on e ...
UPI.com - February 25, 2014
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- Los Angeles City Council health committee voted to advance a ban on electronic cigarettes that would put them under the same ...
LA City Council Committee Supports E-Cigarette Ban [VIDEO]
Annenberg TV News - February 25, 2014
E-cigarettes may soon be banned in public venues where tobacco-smoking is restricted if the Los Angeles City Council approves a new ordinance. The Arts ...
Vapor Lounges Would be Legal Under LA E-Cigarette Ban
LA Weekly - February 25, 2014
L.A. City Hall this week took another step toward an e-cigarette ban that would treat the devices like regular cigarettes, with vaping soon to be outlawed at parks, beaches, outdoor dining areas, farmer's markets and many offices. There will probably be one place where you can still spark up, though: Vapor lounges

Helpful or harmful? 5 On Your Side Investigators put E-cigarettes to the test [VIDEO]
NewsNet5.com - February 25, 2014
Suddenly, e-cigarettes seem to be everywhere. But so far, there is little regulation at the local, state or federal levels and little research has been done on the devices. Ohio House Bill 144, which bans minors from buying e-cigarettes, passed both legislative houses. A spokesperson for Ohio Governor John Kasich said the governor plans to sign the measure into law.

E Cigarettes May Be a Thing of the Past for Young Virginians
WVTF - February 25, 2014
Young people under the age of 18 would no longer be permitted to buy electronic cigarettes under legislation that's in its final stage at the General Assembly....

LA council panel backs limits on e-cigarettes
Los Angeles Times - February 25, 2014
A Los Angeles City Council panel on Monday endorsed an array of restrictions on e-cigarettes that would prohibit the vapor-emitting devices from being used in most workplaces and a number of public spaces. The proposed restrictions were backed by anti-smoking advocates, including the American Lung Assn. and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. Opponents included bar owners, e-cigarette makers and business leaders, who argued that there is insufficient research to justify the ordinance.

Los Angeles panel wants same rules for e-cigarettes, tobacco
Los Angeles Daily News February 25, 2014
With pressure from public-health officials and clean-air advocates, a city panel on Monday embraced a plan that would apply regulations in place for tobacco products to e-cigarettes. Jason Healy, president of blu e-Cigs, questioned the goal of the city action. I think they are going to end up selling more cigarettes, Healy said. If you have to get up and go outside to smoke an e-cigarette, and they are joining others who are smoking regular cigarettes, they might as well join with them. This is a recipe for relapse for smokers. We arent sure the ban has worked that well, so why support something like this?...

LA City Council Urges Regulation of E-Cigarettes
NACS Online - February 25, 2014
A Los Angeles city panel last week urged the FDA to regulate electronic cigarettes, banning them in the same locations where cigarettes are prohibited, the Los Angeles Daily News reports. The action is the latest by the council to try to regulate e-cigarettes. Last year, it voted to limit their sales to minors.
Los Angeles may be next to restrict e-cigs
ConsumerAffairs - February 25, 2014
There doesn't seem to be much middle ground on electronic cigarettes; people either love them or hate them. And those who hate them tend to be in positions of power. The Los Angeles city council is the latest to consider outlawing the gadgets. A pending ordinance would basically treat e-cigs as though they were traditional, tobacco-burning cigarettes, outlawing them in public places.
Los Angeles' e-Cig Debate: Guilt by Association?
PublicCEO.com - February 25, 2014
In Hollywood movie scripts, a narrative based on guilt by association might make a compelling story line.  But it is a lousy way to make policy and that is what the Los Angeles City Council is being asked to do regarding electronic cigarettes. As a former president of the American Lung Association, I have seen how e-cigarettes have become the subject of much confusion and misinformation, which has led to a classic case of guilt by association.
City Considers Ban on E-Cigs in Bars, Nightclubs, Restaurants
North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch - February 25, 2014
The Arts, Parks, Health, Aging and River Committee unanimously advanced a proposed ordinance that would restrict the use of e-cigarettes in Los Angeles.
Fremont, Hayward restrict e-cigarette sales, temporarily ban new vapor lounges
San Jose Mercury News - February 25, 2014
The opportunity for e-cigarette entrepreneurs to open new vapor bars and hookah lounges in Fremont and Hayward has gone up in smoke -- for now, anyway. Both East Bay cities temporarily banned new such businesses earlier this month, while allowing existing retailers to stay open pending further study of the trendy smoking products' health effects. Fremont's City Council added e-cigarettes to its list of prohibited smoking products on Feb. 11, Community Development Director Jeff Schwob said. It also placed a 45-day moratorium on new retailers and vapor bars, where customers use the smokeless devices.
After Regulations Imposed, LA Could Wholly Ban Use of E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]
NBC Southern California - February 25, 2014
The proposal to ban e-cigarettes in public was passed unanimously in committee Monday. Now, the controversial issue goes to a full city council vote.

E-Cigarette Bill Passes in Iowa House
KCAU - February 25, 2014

Despite some pushback from lawmakers, a ban on the sale of ECigarettes to ... flavored, nicotine free e cigarettes, claiming the products targeted children. The bill is supported by tobacco retailers and the Iowa Association of School Boards.

Scituate: Board of Health votes to ban e-cigarettes in public places
95.9 WATD-FM (blog) - February 25, 2014

The Scituate Board of Health voted Monday night to amend the towns regulations regarding the sale and purchase of tobacco products, including the popular electronic or E- cigarettes.

Lawmakers: No e-cigarettes for minors
Sioux Falls Argus Leader - February 25, 2014

PIERRE Electronic cigarettes should be treated like other tobacco products and ... Lederman's e-cigarette bill, SB181, had been delayed for weeks as he ... Vapor can be flavored like fruit and candy, which obviously has an appeal to youth ...

Utah Lawmakers May Toughen Regulation on E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]
KUTV 2News - February 25, 2014

A national debate on the effects of e-cigarettes is taking place at the Utah Legislature. Sable Walker, who manages Smoke Break in Salt Lake City, says e-cigarettes "have really helped so many people cut down. They're able to cut down their milligrams and quit this too."

Class Disputes Safety of E-Cigarettes
Courthouse News Service - February 25, 2014

An electronic cigarette maker uses deceptive advertising to persuade people that its products are harmless, though they include similar carcinogenic chemicals as traditional cigarettes, a Californian claims in a class action lawsuit. Eric McGovern claims that Njoy of Scottsdale, Ariz. avoids federal regulation of its cancer-causing products by stating on cartons that it is not a smoking cessation product. Yet it implies in its marketing that Njoy cigarettes help smokers quit, McGovern says in the lawsuit. Also named as a defendant is Sottera, a parent company that merged into Njoy in July in 2012, according to the complaint

How to deal with electronic cigarettes in the workplace
Phoenix Business Journal (blog) - February 25, 2014

The acceptance of electronic cigarettes has become a very hazy issue for most workers and their employers over the past few years. While traditional tobacco products have been deemed hazardous for quite some time, the jury is still out on the effects of e-cigarettes and the impact they have on smokers and their co-workers.

Vaporin Announces National Distribution Agreement With C-Store Distributors/Checkstand Program
MENAFN.COM - February 25, 2014

Vaporin, Inc. (otcqb:VAPO), a manufacturer, distributor andmarketer of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids used forthe delivery of nicotine, non-nicotine and cannabis-based products,today announced an agreement with C-Store Distributors ("C-Store")through their Checkstand Program for national distribution of theCompany's electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids.

More Vaping, More Smoking: The Implausible Case Against E-Cigarettes
Reason (blog) - February 25, 2014

A front-page story in yesterday's New York Times notes the divide within the anti-smoking movement on the merits of electronic cigarettes, as exemplified by the split between Boston University public health professor Michael Siegel and his former mentor, Stanton Glantz, director of the University of California at San Francisco's Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education.

The Uncertain Future Of E-Cigarettes In The Workplace
Law360 (subscription) - February 25, 2014

The popularity of electronic smoking (e-cigarettes or "vaping") is exploding, and may soon shake up many employers who will start deciding whether or not to ...

Vape life: welcome to the weird world of e-cig evangelists
The Verge, Molly Osberg - February 25, 2014

On Saturday night at a pink-lit bar in New York's Lower East Side, the musician Aaron David Ross took a moment away from DJing his own party to evangelize a bit. "Look," he said between vaporous pulls of a dual-coil atomizer, "I'm like the vegetarian that won't leave you alone. Cigarettes are terrible for you." Ross, who makes records under the name ADR and is one-half of the industrial duo Gatekeeper, held up his personal vaporizer.

Students and smoking: Stanford University ends tobacco sales
Christian Science Monitor - February 24, 2014

This latest tobacco ban comes as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, gain ... The rise in the use of e-cigarettes has sparked a debate between whether or not ... According to recent report published by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, at least 1,182 college campuses around the US have adopted a 100 percent smoke-free policies, nearly double the rate of smoke-free campuses in 2011. Of those 1,182 smoke-free campuses, 811 are completely tobacco-free.

City Council Panel Eyes Tougher Limits On E-Cigarette Use In Public
CBS Local - February 24, 2014

A City Council committee was expected to vote Monday on a proposal to sharply restrict the use of electronic cigarettes known as e-cigarettes in public areas in the city of Los Angeles. City Attorney Mike Feuer, City Councilmembers Mitch OFarrell, Paul Koretz, and Bernard Parks proposed the ordinance in December in response to the surging popularity of the devices, which use battery-powered metal cartridges to simulate the effect of smoking by heating nicotine-containing liquid into vapor.

VIDEO: Dr. Felix Cabrera Says E-Cigarettes Have Helped His ...
Pacific News Center - February 24, 2014

Guam - At least one local doctor is concerned about the message being sent regarding the negative effects of e-cigarettes, or vaping. Internal Medicine ...

AGE RESTRICTION: Bill Limits E-Cigarette Sales
whotv.com - February 24, 2014

A bill banning sales of e-cigarettes to minors is making its way to the Iowa Senate. Lawmakers across the country are looking at whether the e-cigarettes need ...

Gallot files bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors
Alexandria Town Talk - February 24, 2014

Sen. Rick Gallot, whose Senate District 29 includes parts of Rapides, Grant, Natchitoches and Winn parishes, has filed a bill to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 18 ...

SD Bill Would Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes To Minors
KDLT News - February 24, 2014

South Dakota lawmakers are considering a proposal that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that resemble traditional cigarettes. They heat a liquid solution, creating vapor that users inhale to get nicotine without ...

South Dakota bill would ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Rapid City Journal - February 24, 2014

The Senate State Affairs Committee will discuss a bill Monday that would add electronic cigarettes to a state law that already bans the sale of regular cigarettes ...

E-cigarette lobbyists face uphill battle against FDA regulations
Tech Times - February 24, 2014

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have been marketed by manufacturers as the healthier alternative to real cigarettes, and have received a rather warm welcome from individuals who have been trying to wean themselves from tobacco. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not happy. In the midst of the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, the Los Angeles City Council's Rules and Elections Committee believe that some ingredients in e-cigarettes are harmful to health, and have therefore pushed that the manufacture and distribution of e-cigarettes be regulated. In 2013, the council voted to prohibit sales of e-cigarettes to minors, and have since been exploring other locations and age groups from which the products can be banned

Tobacco companies shift more advertising to e-cigarettes
ConsumerAffairs - February 24, 2014

In 2012 Lorillard, the nation's third-largest tobacco company, acquired Blu, a brand of e-cigarettes that has experienced rapid growth from former smokers, who say e-cigarettes give them many of the pleasures of smoking, including a nicotine kick. The move was followed last year by Altria Group's release of its own e-cigarette brand, Mark Ten. A new study in the journal Tobacco Control looks at tobacco company advertising on the Internet and finds that their campaigns now focus for the most part on e-cigarettes, snus and cigars.

Wolves in sheep's clothing? Big Tobacco and its takeover of the e-cigarette market
Marketing - February 24, 2014

Will Big Tobacco's return to television screens "re-normalise" cigarettes or will suspicions about e-cigarettes destroy a vital tool in combating smoking, asks Matthew Chapman.

Don't stub out e-cigs, says Euro MP
Shields Gazette - February 24, 2014

NORTH East Euro MP Martin Callanan is asking electronic cigarette users across South Tyneside for their support in opposing a new EU law. On Wednesday the European Parliament will vot on the tobacco products directive, which is aimed at introducing measures to discourage younger people from smoking. These include a minimum pack size of 20 cigarettes, and large health warning labels.

Tobacco companies look to change industry with e-cigs
myfox8.com - February 24, 2014

Tobacco played a really big role in building the Triad and the communities around it. But companies like R.J. Reynolds and the Greensboro-based Lorillard are ...

Are e-cigarettes really safe?
abc13.com - February 24, 2014

It's not clear yet what the long-term effects of using e-cigarettes will be. And with enticing, tasty flavors, they could even serve as a step to tobacco smoking for ...

Hubbly bubbly not a safe alternative to cigarettes
Authint Mail - February 24, 2014

The introduction of electronic cigarettes has already stirred up a heated debate over the impact on peoples health in the long run, as they are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional cigarettes.

Who Needs Legislation? Dems Want To Extend Tobacco Settlement ...
Forbes - February 24, 2014

The state attorneys general who negotiated the $200 million Master Settlement Agreement with the tobacco industry took care of themselves, the leading cigarette manufacturers and the private attorneys who contributed so generously to their campaigns. But they left a rather large loophole that Democratic leaders in Congress want to close: E-cigarettes. Representatives Henry Waxman of California and Peter Welch of Vermont, along with Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, have sent letters to the AGs in their respective states asking them to fold e-cigarettes into the MSA as a way of keeping the electronic devices out of the hands of children. The letter focuses on the restrictions on advertising and marketing that the big tobacco companies agreed to under the settlement.

Aberdeen May Ban Kids From Using E-Cigarettes
KELOLAND TV - February 24, 2014

Kids who've been using electronic cigarettes in Aberdeen and other parts of the state may have to change that behavior. Aberdeen City Council members ...

Walmart Rolling Out Vapor Products In Oklahoma
News On 6 - February 24, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY - Mistic vapors will be sold at Wal-marts throughout the country later this year. But right now Oklahoma gets the vapes first, and the vapor community is not surprised. Vape shops are the primary locations to buy exactly what they're named after, E-cigarettes and vapors.

E-Cigarettes being tried in Sumner County Jail [VIDEO]
KAKE - February 24, 2014

Wichita, KAN. -- Sheriff Darren Chambers says he wants to give E-Cigarettes a try...
E-cigarettes won't get people to quit smoking: Letter
Los Angeles Daily News - February 24, 2014
There is no good alternative to smoking. As an ex-smoker, I can tell you that e-cigarettes do not help in quitting. The best way to quit is to never have started.

Poll: Should Florida ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors?
Sun-Sentinel - February 24, 2014

South Florida officials are urging legislators to impose a statewide ban on sales to minors. And they are responding, with bills expected to win approval in the upcoming legislative session. Should Florida ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors? ...

E-CIGARETTES: Fog surrounds regulation of growing industry
Press-Enterprise - February 23, 2014

The rising popularity of electronic cigarettes, introduced in the United States in 2007, has brought not only a fast proliferation of stores, but also alarm from school districts, health researchers and federal, state and local governments that are trying to size up how the handheld vaporizers fit in the universe of regulation. There are no government-agency standards or testing results for the devices or their components, or certification of the ingredients in the liquids water, flavorings and either vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol (also used in ice cream, toothpaste and cosmetics). Nor are there any standards for the amounts of nicotine they contain

Experts Weigh Difference of Tobacco and E-cigarette Effects
Headlines & Global News - February 23, 2014

Health experts weighed the difference of the effects between smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes. The discussion revolves on a belief that the latter is becoming a ...

Electronic Cigarettes And The Appearance Of Smoking
WBUR - February 23, 2014

We see symbols and their power at work in the recent controversy surrounding the effort to extend bans on smoking to the electronic cigarette. An e-cigarette is no more a cigarette than a chocolate cigarette is. But as with the case of toy guns this doesn't mean they are any less dangerous. Josh Moskowitz, who is director of the Center for Family and Community Health in the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley, where I work, and who is a member the committee that recently banned the use of e-cigarettes on campus, Should we ban e-cigarettes? Should we regulate them like tobacco products? I won't tell you what I think. (Not today!) It's probably out of our hands anyway. The prohibitionist bandwagon has a good head of steam. But the case is interesting because it invites us realize that when it comes to the facts sometimes appearance is as important as reality.

Legislators answer questions on wide array of topics at forum
Iowa City Press Citizen - February 23, 2014

At a forum Saturday in North Liberty, Iowa legislators spoke on topics ranging from education funding to a proposed e-cigarette ban to synthetic drugs.

Iowa legislators take first steps to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands ...
KTIV - February 23, 2014

"I polluted my wife and children's lungs for that long, exposing them to secondhand smoke, and I don't want to see my grand kids be exposed to the same ...

Cook County board moves e-cigarettes behind the counter
The Bugle - February 23, 2014

The Cook County Board voted to amend its smoking ordinance to include electronic cigarettes on Feb. 19. Commissioner Jeff Tobolski sponsored an amended ordinance that requires e-cigarettes to be stored securely and prohibits their sale to minors. After the vote, Tobolski said they come in all sorts of flavors bubblegum, cherry ... and they're being placed near the candy in stores...

Scituate: Vote pending on e-cigarettes
95.9 WATD-FM (blog) - February 23, 2014

Monday night, the Scituate Board of Health is expected to take a key vote on the future of e-cigarettes in town, with tougher regulations likely. Public health officials say the electronic cigarettes will probably fall under the same restrictions now governing regular cigarettes. Sales of individual cigars will likely be banned in favor of a mandate that they come in packs of at least four. Hookah bars would also be forbidden in Scituate...

Editorial: E-cigarettes struck down by UCA Board
Log Cabin Democrat - February 22, 2014

Another item amused us enough to at least bring attention to it: the possible banning of e-cigarettes and vaping on campus. Usually, a potential problem might have to reach epidemic levels before being considered ban-able, but in this case, UCA thought enough of it to give it the once over. So we let people know this was a possibility. ...

West Deptford residents debate proposed E-cigarette ban
Gloucester County Times - February 22, 2014

The township committee on Thursday introduced a smoking ordinance that would ban the use of tobacco products anywhere within 25 feet of a municipal building.

A Hot Debate Over E-Cigarettes as a Path to Tobacco, or From It
New York Times - February 22, 2014

Dr. Michael Siegel, a hard-charging public health researcher at Boston University, argues that e-cigarettes could be the beginning of the end of smoking in America. He sees them as a disruptive innovation that could make cigarettes obsolete, like the computer did to the typewriter. But his former teacher and mentor, Stanton A. Glantz, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, is convinced that e-cigarettes may erase the hard-won progress achieved over the last half-century in reducing smoking. He predicts that the modern gadgetry will be a glittering gateway to the deadly, old-fashioned habit for children, and that adult smokers will stay hooked longer now that they can get a nicotine fix at their desks.

Regulation of e-cigarettes sought
Tribune-Review - February 22, 2014

In September, 41 attorneys general, including Pennsylvania's Kathleen Kane, asked the Food and Drug Administration to follow through on its pledge to regulate electronic cigarettes, which were expected to reach $1.7 billion in sales in 2013. The FDA has said it will expand its jurisdiction over tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes, but has not yet issued regulatory rules.

FDA Seeks Regulating E-Cigarettes
The Almagest - February 22, 2014

The e-cigarettes first time came in the US for commercial sales in 2007. It is equipped with a battery charge to heat a coil that results with turning of a mixture of ...

Consumer Reports: Still many questions e-cigarettes
Hartford Courant - February 22, 2014

Maybe a friend or family member uses one. Or maybe you're using one yourself to try to kick a tobacco habit. Whatever your experience is with electronic ...

Anti-tobacco campaigners: what a bunch of Cnuts
Spiked - February 21, 2014

The controversy over TV advertising for e-cigs shows that tobacco-control ... a new advertising campaign for e-cigarettes from a subsidiary of tobacco giant, BAT.

Tenants Upset After E-Cigarettes Banned By Section 8 Housing
WHSV-TV3 Channel 3 - February 21, 2014

Tenants are blowing off steam, after receiving a notice sent out by the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority. It details its ban on smoking. ...

Tampa Bay's e-cigarette upstarts hope to smoke the competition
Tampa Bay (FL) Times - February 21, 2014

T.D. Bowen quit his insurance-agent job and cashed in his 401(k) to launch Moon Mountain Vapor, a custom-built laboratory for mixing the flavorful nicotine cocktails heated into vapor by e-cigarettes.

E-cig ban gains momentum in Florida Legislature
Bradenton Herald - February 21, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have often been described as a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes. But there are few studies exploring exactly what chemicals ...

Indy airport signs new eateries, considers nixing e-cigarettes
Indianapolis Business Journal - February 21, 2014

At its meeting Friday morning, the authority discussed a proposal to ban e-cigarettes, also known as vapor pens. It will be the subject of a public hearing March ...

Upper Arlington council postpones vote on e-cigarette rules
Columbus Dispatch - February 21, 2014

Enlarge Image Dispatch File Photo E-cigarettes look similar to cigarettes, but when the user inhales, the device heats up nicotine-infused liquid inside, releasing ...

Councilman wants to ban sales of e-cigs to minors in Philly
Newsworks.org - February 21, 2014

Councilman wants to ban sales of e-cigs to minors in Philly.... Sophran Sok demonstrates the use of an electronic vaping device at Exclusive ...

Lewisville area sees wave of restrictions involving e-cigarettes ...
Dallas Morning News - February 21, 2014

Lewisville resident Max Gaebler (left) inspects an e-cigarette product handed to him by Frank Malara, owner of The Vapor Zone. Malara's store specializes in ...

North Texas Town's Ban Raises Questions on Dangers of 'Vaping'
WOAI.com - February 21, 2014

A north Texas town has become the first in Texas to add the practice of 'vaping,' or using electronic cigarettes, to all of the places where smoking traditional ...

Editorial: Banning youths' use of e-cigarettes is right move
Huntington Herald Dispatch - February 21, 2014

This winter, legislatures in all three states have taken up bills that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 18 — treating them the same way ...

Boom in e-cigarette sales divides smoking campaigners
The Guardian - February 21, 2014

Scientists are worried that advertising e-cigarettes on TV means smoking as a recreational habit is being marketed to new generations. Photograph: Rex.

New Study Investigates Online Tobacco and E-cigarette Advertising
Sacramento Bee - February 21, 2014

The study, published in the peer review journal, Tobacco Control, is the first to conduct comprehensive surveillance of all tobacco and e-cigarette online ...

Going digital
Pan American Online - February 21, 2014

E-Cigarettes, or vaporizers, have quickly grabbed ahold of smokers and nonsmokers alike since being introduced to the U.S. in 2008. About 42.1 million people, ...

Altria pushes forward on electronic cigarette sales
Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch - February 20, 2014

it plans to start a national rollout of its MarkTen e-cigarette in the second quarter. The expansion of MarkTen follows the company’s recent test marketing of the product in Indiana and Arizona. It also follows Altria’s announcement on Feb. 3 that it woul

E-cigarette bans and propaganda are driven by cronyism, not public ...
Daily Caller - February 20, 2014

After passing through New York and Chicago, the e-cigarette ban-wagon is now ... known, would be banned not only indoors, but even outdoors in parks and beaches ... Paradoxically, its effect would be to consign ex-smokers to vape outside ...

VaporBrands International, Inc. Become Primary Sponsor for Toyota ...
EIN News (press release) - February 20, 2014

VaporBrands International, Inc., (OTC Pink: VAPR) and its e-cigarette brand, VAMP™, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with ThorSport Racing and ...

E-Cigarettes Are Smoking the Competition: Part 2
TheStreet.com - February 20, 2014

Yesterday I wrote about electronic cigarettes, commonly called e-cigarettes, which have grown in sales from virtually zero five years ago $1.5 billion in 2013.

Government War On E-Cigarettes Leaves Smokers Gagging
National Review Online (blog) - February 20, 2014

There are a lot of rumors out there about e-cigarettes. They are white sticks, they emit what looks like smoke, and people hold them like their papery peers.

Electronic cigarette use a concern for Air Force members
Parent Herald - February 20, 2014

Electronic cigarette use is becoming a concern for Air Force health care providers, as they are becoming a more popular alternative ...

Boots to stock Imperial Tobacco's e-cigarette
Financial Times - February 20, 2014

The decision is made in the same week that British American Tobacco launched a television advertising campaign for its e-cigarette Vype – the first time that a ...

School issues warning over use of E-cigarettes and Shisha pens
Bucks Free Press - February 20, 2014

A SCHOOL in Beaconsfield has written home to parents to express their concern that some of the school's students are using E-Cigarettes and 'Shisha' pens in ...

Stanford slow to ban sale of cigarettes on campus
The Stanford Daily - February 20, 2014

...1,182 colleges and universities were 100 percent smoke-free, according to a report by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation...

Aliso Viejo delays hearing on second e-cig shop
The Orange County Register – February 20, 2014

Electronic cigarettes come in various sizes, shapes and materials. ... The City Council approved a conditional use permit for E-Cig Vault on a 3-2 vote Jan. 8. ... The potential opening of another e-cigarette business in Aliso Viejo is put off – at ...

UPDATE: New policy prohibits use of e-cigarettes at Public Health ...
Pacific Daily News - February 20, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, a vapor based delivery system for nicotine inhaled directly into the lungs, are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

DPHSS Bans "Electronic Cigarettes" in ALL Public Health Facilities ...
Pacific News Center - February 20, 2014

Guam - The Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) announced today "Electronic Cigarettes" have been banned in all Public Health Facilities ...

Cook County passes measure to fine stores that sell e-cigarettes to ...
Wilmette Life - February 20, 2014

In this photo illustration, a smoker puffs on an e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are being touted as a safe alternative to traditional lighted tobacco products.

Bill would ban e-cigarette sales to minors in La.
The INDsider - February 20, 2014

(AP) — A Ruston lawmaker wants to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to ... It would add e-cigarettes and other "alternative nicotine products" to the list of items ...

Business brisk at first E-CIG STORE
Mankato Free Press - February 20, 2014

Anyone wanting to try electronic cigarettes will need to learn a new vocabulary that includes terms such as clearomizer head, RDA atomizer, mods, drip tip and ...

Poll results: E-cigarettes should be regulated, but many think they ...
The Post-Standard - February 20, 2014

The majority of voters in an online Syracuse.com informal poll say they believe electronic cigarettes are safe, although those who believe they are unsafe ...

Ohio to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but what about the money?
Watchdog.org - February 20, 2014

The Ohio Legislature has voted to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, but how the products are classified ... They are not now included in Ohio's smoking ban. ...

State officials want electronic cigarettes regulated
northwestohio.com - February 20, 2014

DeWine, and other state officials want all e-cigarette retailers in Ohio to have mandatory regulations. The Ohio State Legislature passed a bill that would prohibit ...

Exposing E-Cigarettes
WKRC - February 20, 2014

What is certain is that e-cigs are a new delivery system for nicotine, big business and compared to smoking everyday, less expensive. Exposing E-Cigarettes.

Proposed Florida law would ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
MiamiHerald - February 20, 2014

TALLAHASSEE -- As electronic cigarettes become increasingly trendy, state lawmakers are taking steps to keep the devices out of teenagers' hands.

E-Cigs Becoming More Popular in High Schools
WJHG-TV - February 20, 2014

PANAMA CITY- Since smoking is being banned in so many places, e-cigarettes are all the rage for people who still want to smoke in public.

Library may take action on e-cigarettes
Bismarck Tribune - February 20, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. --The Bismarck Public Library board of directors will consider a change to its policy to specify patrons cannot use e-cigarettes in the library.

House Bill 4115 stems from e-cigarettes concerns in Oregon
Oregon Daily Emerald - February 20, 2014

Oregon sohpomore Hayden Allen takes a drag off of a Blu e-cig to start his day. (Dominic Allen/Emerald). Posted by Jennifer Fleck on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 2:00 ...

Utah may be first to go after e-smokes
Salt Lake Tribune - February 20, 2014

Paul Ray, R-Clearfield's HB112 would create restrictions on e-cigarettes similar to tobacco regulations, prohibiting the sale of e-cigarettes without a license and ...

Electronic Cigarette Shops Spring Up in Twin Cities
Centralia Chronicle - February 20, 2014

At least four businesses completely devoted to the sale of e-cigarettes and vapor products have opened their doors in Centralia in recent months, two of which ...

Buzz Extra: E-cigarettes polarize reader base
Appleton Post Crescent - February 20, 2014

Should electronic cigarettes should be allowed in business establishments or banned? After seeing a sign prohibiting them at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand ...

E-cig industry on tenterhooks ahead of U.S. regulation
Reuters - February 20, 2014

In November and December, more than 35 organizations including e-cigarette companies, cigar and tobacco makers, trade associations, physician groups, lawyers, lobbyists and public health advocates trooped through the doors of the White House's Office of

Anti-tobacco campaigners: what a bunch of Cnuts
Spiked - February 20, 2014

The controversy over TV advertising for e-cigs shows that tobacco-control ... of current advertising regulations, which were created long before e-cigs turned the ...

Lawmakers OK ban on e-cigarette sales to kids
Sandusky Register - February 20, 2014

Ohio lawmakers have approved a bill that aims to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of those under age 18. The measure would prohibit minors from ...

E-cigs store to open on South Main
LimaOhio.com - February 20, 2014

Electronic cigarettes contain various levels of nicotine, from none at all to the highest level of 48 milligrams in one milliliter solution. Eggers said smokers start at ...

TONIGHT AT 11: Exposing E-Cigarettes
WKRC TV Cincinnati - February 20, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014, Paula Toti looks into the growing trend of e-cigarettes and how they're targeting your kids.TONIGHT AT 11: Exposing E-Cigarettes.

Councilman Greenlee proposes bill prohibiting e-cigarette sales to ...
Philly.com - February 20, 2014

Where former City Councilman Bill Green's move to ban the indoor use of electronic cigarettes is a preemptive step in the wrong direction, Councilman Bill ...

Protecting children at heart of E-cigarette bill
Deseret News-by Madeleine Brown - February 20, 2014

Members of Utah Vapers gather before attending a meeting concerning HB112 about electronic cigarettes at the Capitol in Salt Lake City, Wednesday, Feb.

Smoke, But No Fire
Volume One - February 20, 2014

Granted, electronic cigarettes – e-cigs, for short – have the potential to free smokers from one of the most deadly addictions humanity has ever encountered ...

Library Board Revises No-Smoking Policy
Sheridan Media (press release) - February 20, 2014

Electronic and battery-operated cigarettes are now banned from libraries in Sheridan County following action taken last night by the library board of trustees.

Proposed e-cigarette ban delayed for 60 days
KPLC-TV - February 19, 2014

A proposal to ban electronic cigarettes in public places was set to go before the Lake Charles City Council. And even though Councilman Dana Jackson felt like ...
Commissioner Tobolski celebrates ban on E-cigarettes to minors
Suburban Life Publications - February 19, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat nicotine, additives and water into vapor, which are then inhaled by the user, similar to cigarettes.

Candy flavored e-cigarettes may encourage young adults to smoke
Parent Herald - February 19, 2014

Compared to tobacco and actual cigarettes, e-cigarettes are dubbed a safer option for ... who have tried it say they've never really smoked an actual cigarette.

Government tells Air India to stop selling electronic cigarettes
British Medical Journal - February 19, 2014

The Indian Health Ministry has written to the civil aviation ministry complaining that the national carrier Air India is selling tobacco free electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, on board, through the discount booklet known as Air Bazaar, ...

E-cigarettes raise burning questions
YourWestValley.com - February 19, 2014

Whatever your experience is with electronic cigarettes, it seems that the battery-powered devices, which deliver a form of nicotine and mimic the feel of ...

GSK dips into e-cigarette ad rules
Medical Marketing and Media - February 19, 2014

GlaxoSmithKline wants Europe to treat electronic cigarettes like smoking-cessation products, which means no advertising, among other restrictions. Bloomberg ...

DODEA schools ban 'e-cigs,' with punishment up to expulsion
Stars and Stripes - February 19, 2014

Many electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, could be mistaken for a pen, while others might be confused for drug paraphernalia. The battery-powered devices, which ...

LA e-cigarette ban could hurt anti-smoking efforts: Guest commentary
Los Angeles Daily News - February 19, 2014

On the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General's Report linking smoking and cancer, tobacco-caused death and disability persists, killing more than ...

Beverly Hills makes move to regulate e-cigarettes the same as ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 19, 2014

BEVERLY HILLS, California — Beverly Hills has joined the list of cities moving to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco products. The City Council on ...

City Council Moves to Regulate E-Cigarettes
Patch.com - February 19, 2014

By treating e-cigarettes like regular tobacco products, they'll be banned from city parks and recreational facilities and outdoor dining areas and near tot lots and ...

Louisville seeks to curb e-cigs, hookahs, trans fats, expand outdoor ...
The Courier-Journal - February 19, 2014

Expand smoke-free zones outdoors to protect people from secondhand smoke. ... minors; curbing trans fats in local food; expanding outdoor smoke-free areas; ...

E-cigs to minors ban part of Mayor Fischer's health initiative
WDRB - February 19, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Mayor Greg Fischer revealed plans for a city ordinance that would ban the sale of e-cigs and Hookah products to minors, Feb. 19.

E-Cigarette Bill Passed By House Committee
WMKY - February 19, 2014

The Licensing and Occupations Committee in the Kentucky House has approved a bill classifying electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product and prohibiting their ...

Frisco Council bans e-cigarettes to minors and where smoking is ...
Community Impact Newspaper - February 19, 2014

Frisco City Council members voted unanimously Feb. 18 to ban e-cigarettes where smoking is banned. The approved ordinance also bans the sale of ...

Lubbock unlikely to follow Frisco on e-cig ban
MYfoxLUBBOCK.COM - February 19, 2014

The City of Frisco's City Council voted Tuesday night to regulate electronic cigarettes, and enforce a new law that will mirror the current smoking ordinance.

Ray's bill brings criminal penalties for underage e-cigarette sales
El Estandar - February 19, 2014

SALT LAKE CITY -- The use of electronic cigarettes among Utah youth has tripled over the last year, and a local lawmaker is running legislation he hopes will ...

ARP Elemetary Gets Demonstation on Dangers of Electronic ...
KGWN - February 19, 2014

Safe and Drug Free Communities spoke today at ARP Elementary to tell of the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes. Five years ago a new drug hit the market in ...

E-cigs may be cleaner, but not necessarily safer
The Weekender - February 19, 2014

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, vapor cigarettes, or vapes, are battery-operated products designed to deliver nicotine, flavor, and other ...

Altria To Launch MarkTen E-Cigarette Nationally
Wall Street Journal - February 19, 2014

Leading U.S. tobacco company Altria Group Inc. is diving fully into electronic cigarettes, which pose a small but growing competitive threat to traditional smokes. The maker of Marlboro cigarettes said Wednesday it plans to launch its MarkTen e-cigarette nationally starting in the second quarter after testing the product in Indiana and Arizona in recent months

Marlboro maker Altria boosts e-cigarette brand
USA TODAY - February 19, 2014

Don't look for the Marlboro Man, himself, to be puffing on electronic cigarettes any time soon. But the company that makes the iconic cigarette brand, Altria Group ...

Glaxo Memo Shows Drug Industry Lobbying on E-Cigarettes
Businessweek - February 19, 2014

GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) is pushing for more stringent regulation of electronic cigarettes, which compete with its Nicorette gum and other smoking cessation products, according to e-mails from a company executive. Europe should follow the lead of the U.K., which plans to require e-cigarettes to be licensed as medicines much the way other nicotine-replacement therapy products are, wrote Sophie Crousse, the Brussels-based vice president of European public affairs for Glaxos consumer health-care division

E-cigarettes that create a safer corrections environment
CorrectionsOne - February 19, 2014

Everyone in corrections wants to increase revenue, cut down on contraband, and keep inmate populations under control. Thats precisely what the CrossBar Electronic Cigarette proposes to do, and it has the technology to back up those big promises

American Heritage(TM) Sets Groundwork to Expand Internationally ...
Wall Street Journal - February 19, 2014

American Heritage believes in the benefits of electronic cigarettes in terms of harm reduction as it relates to both the smoker and the people around them.

Electronic cigarette use increasing among Airmen
Air Force Link - February 19, 2014

Electronic cigarette use is becoming a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, but the upward trend is becoming a concern for Air Force health care providers.

LETTER: Big Tobacco dupes Iowa House
Sioux City Journal - February 19, 2014

The bill I'm talking about creates a whole separate category under state law for electronic cigarettes. Basically the Iowa House just passed a bill that says a ...

Johnson County Health Officials Want Restrictions On E-Cigs
KCRG - February 19, 2014

The product should not be sold to anyone under the age of 18, and should not be used indoors, Beardsley said. It should model the smoke free air act, he said.

House Bill Aims to Restrict Sales of E-Cigarettes to Minors
WKU Public Radio - February 19, 2014

The House Licensing and Occupations Committee advanced legislation Wednesday that would make it illegal to sell electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18. Under House Bill 309, the devices would fall under the same rules as tobacco products. The bill is sponsored by Shively Democratic Rep. Joni Jenkins and now moves on to the full House for consideration

Louisville mayor supports ban on e-cigs to minors; curb passes state House committee
The Courier-Journal - February 19, 2014

Mayor Greg Fischer announced Wednesday that he plans to support a proposed ordinance to ban the sales of e-cigarettes and hookah products to children under 18 throughout the city.

City to look into e-cigarette regulations
Austin Herald - February 19, 2014

The Austin City Council will explore regulating electronic cigarettes after hearing during its work session Tuesday how little information there is on the alternative tobacco product. The council will learn more about local e-cigarette regulations and consider a moratorium on e-cigarette sales after listening to Karissa Studier, Mower Countys State Health Improvement Program coordinator, and Erin Simmons, from the American Lung Association We have an e-cigarette that has Hello Kitty on it, Simmons said.

ROONEY: E-cigs carry harmful side effects for smokers, nonsmokers
Daily Nebraskan - February 19, 2014

As I walk around the sidewalks of campus, I pass people smoking cigarettes. Lately, however, somethings different. This time its not a normal cigarette, its an electronic cigarette (e-cig, also known as a vaporizer cigarette), and this catches me off guard.

Your comments: Are e-cigarettes safe?
The Post-Standard - February 19, 2014

Syracuse.com readers react to a story on whether or not electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Council postpones e-cigarette legislation
ThisWeekNews - February 19, 2014

Upper Arlington City Council recently postponed consideration of a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors as a similar measure moves through the Ohio General Assembly. Poised to become the first community in the state to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to those under age 18, Upper Arlington officials decided, at least temporarily, to take a pause...

Oklahoma bill would set tax policy for 'vapor' products
KOCO Oklahoma City - February 19, 2014

Electronic cigarettes and other vapor products would continue to be subjected to sales taxes, and not tobacco excise taxes, under a bill approved by a Senate ...

Bill to keep e-cigarettes, 'vapor' products from being taxed like tobacco clears Senate panel
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 19, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY Electronic cigarettes and other vapor products would continue to be subjected to sales taxes, and not tobacco excise taxes, under a bill ...

Frisco Just Banned E-Cigarettes in Public Places, But Why?
Dallas Observer (blog) - February 19, 2014

Electronic cigarettes look like cigarettes. They supply nicotine like cigarettes. Users exhale a puffy cloud like cigarettes. So they must be cigarettes, right?...

North Texas town passes strict ordinance to regulate e-cigarettes
KHOU - February 19, 2014

FRISCO, Texas The city of Frisco took almost unprecedented action in banning the use of the electronic cigarettes where smoking is also prohibited.

Frisco Passes E-Cigarette Restrictions: City Council voted Tuesday night to pass the ordinance
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth - February 19, 2014

The Frisco City Council decided Tuesday to pass an ordinance on the use of electronic cigarettes within city limits. City Council voted to regulate the sale, possession and use of e-cigarettes by minors and ban the use of e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited. The amendment to the smoking ordinance would restrict the use of e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine to those age 18 and older. Additionally, those under the age of 18 would not be allowed to possess e-cigarettes or liquid nicotine. The city is also considering including adding restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes in public places such as restaurants and theaters...

Bill to Regulate E-Cigarettes Moves Forward
Utah Policy - February 19, 2014

The number of Utah kids who are using e-cigarettes is skyrocketing, according to the Utah Health Department. Thats the impetus behind Rep. Paul Rays bill to crack down on access to the devices by minors...

Uncertainty around e-cigarette marketing needs to be vapourised
Marketing Week - February 19, 2014

British American Tobacco returned to British TV screens for the first time in 20 years this week, with ads for its e-cigarette brand Vype. The company says it is spending a multi-million pound figure on the campaign, hoping to reach more than 70 per cent of adult smokers

E-cigs let Big Tobacco get creative with advertising
The Conversation - February 19, 2014

The worlds biggest tobacco companies are spending millions of dollars advertising e-cigarettes on UK television, as they seek to cash in on the growing trend.

BAT Rolls Out E-Cig Campaign
NACS Online - February 19, 2014

LONDON British American Tobaccos British e-cigarette Vype will get a massive digital, print and television marketing push, Advertising Age reports. BAT plans to roll out the electronic cigarette internationally soon.

E-Cigarettes May be More Dangerous Than First Thought Following Dog Death
Gizmodo UK - February 19, 2014

E-cigarettes are being marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking a standard cigarette, but it seems perhaps that the lethal potential of e-liquid cartridges is only now coming to light. A 14-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier belonging to Keith Sutton and Kim Williams of Redruth was found dead after ingesting just a tiny amount of e-liquid fluid, sparking concerns that curious children could fall foul of e-cig misuse with dangerous consequences. The dog, named Ivy, had an almost-immediate reaction to the solution (which contains nicotine alongside flavouring and diluents), frothing at the mouth, vomiting and suffering breathing difficulties before passing away. A warning really needs to go out that they are lethal," said 56-year-old Sutton.

North Mankato Holds Off on E-Cig Decision [VIDEO]
KEYC - February 18, 2014

NORTH MANKATO, Minn. - The city of North Mankato will hold off on addressing the electronic cigarette issue. The council took comments on including e-cigs to its indoor smoking ban, and debated on when the council may take up the issue, with a vote to table the issue until after the Minnesota State Legislature session was over failing 3-2…

LGBTQ community claims unfair targeting [VIDEO]
KIMT - February 18, 2014

Project Shift MN is a group from the Twin Cities who advocate for the LGBTQ community, and say they've been targeted by big tobacco through e-cigarettes.

Recent actions from North County school boards, councils
U-T San Diego - February 18, 2014

The Solana Beach City Council on Wednesday approved a memorandum of understanding for developing a Water Quality Improvement Plan for the San Dieguito Watershed Management Area; and directed staff to rewrite the citys smoking ordinance to include e-cigarettes.

SPECIAL REPORT: Teens using E-Cigs to smoke marijuana
KKCO-TV - February 18, 2014

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. E-Cigarettes or vapor pens are now being used as a drug delivery device. Teens are replacing the nicotine the devices are designed ...

City to consider restrictions on e-cigarettes
Gainesville Sun - February 18, 2014

Gainesville may follow Alachua County's lead in banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and their use in nonsmoking areas.

Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville decides to classify e ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 18, 2014

EDWARDSVILLE, Illinois Southern Illinois University's Edwardsville campus has decided to put electronic cigarettes in the same category as regular cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products.

North Mankato latest city to look at e-cig regulations; state rule ...
Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews - February 18, 2014

North Mankato will consider becoming the latest Minnesota city to regulate the use of electronic cigarettes at a Tuesday night hearing, the Mankato Free Press reports. At the same time, some lawmakers are gearing up for a push to subject the nicotine vapors to the same restrictions that apply to tobacco smoke under Minnesotas Clean Indoor Air Act. WCCO reports Rep. Phyllis Kahns bill would prohibit the use of e-cigarettes indoors in public places.

North Mankato Public Hearing Tonight on E-Cig Ban
KEYC - February 18, 2014

A public hearing will be held tonight to consider a ban on e-cigarette use and sales in one local city. The City of North Mankato is considering a similar ban on E-Cigarettes as what the City of Mankato passed in January...

Durham boasts first NH electronic cigarette store
UNH The New Hampshire - February 18, 2014

EliteVapor NH on 7 Jenkins Court is the first business of its kind in the entire state. The store, which held its grand opening on Oct. 12, 2013, offers electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as their primary business model. These items were once only available in New Hampshire as experimental products in tobacco, or novelty shops.

E-cigarette stores spread in CNY: Are they safe?
The Post-Standard - February 18, 2014

A controversial cigarette alternative - the electronic cigarette - is taking on a higher profile in Central New York with the opening of several stores that specialize in the product.

Vaping Bars Grow In Popularity In Central Ohio As Lawmakers Move to Restrict Sale of E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]
10TV - February 18, 2014

GROVE CITY, Ohio - A bill to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes and other "alternative nicotine products" to minors is on the Governor's desk, awaiting his signature. Last week, the State Senate passed a House bill that would fine violators $1,000.

Are E-Cigarettes Poised to Take Off? [VIDEO]
Wall Street Journal - February 18, 2014

The e-cigarette industry is poised to take off in a big way, but it still faces questions about regulations, classifications and competition. Kevin Frija, Vapor Corp

Still many questions about e-cigarettes
Worcester Telegram - February 18, 2014

Maybe a friend or family member uses one. Or maybe you're using one yourself to try to kick a tobacco habit. Whatever your experience is with electronic cigarettes, it seems that the battery-powered devices, which deliver a form of nicotine and mimic the feel of traditional cigarettes, are here to stay, according to Consumer Reports. Sales grew from about $500 million in 2012 to an estimated $1.5 billion in 2013. That's a fraction of the tobacco cigarette market roughly $100 billion per year but reflects a 200 percent growth, in contrast to the steady decline in tobacco cigarette sales

Vaping could be a trojan horse for real cigarettes
The Conversation - February 18, 2014

This was a device that produced vapour from tobacco without combustion. ... who had ever used an e-cigarette more than doubled between 2011-2012. ... Many also include flavourings like menthol a fact which has been criticised on the ...

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Announces Invisi-Vapor Cartridges
Broadway World - February 18, 2014

For times when customers do not want to draw unwanted attention to themselves, Invisi-Vapor is the solution. White Cloud's ultra-low vapor formula allows customers to use their e cigarette in places where being discreet is important, whilst still delivering the same amount of nicotine and flavor as using a standard ClearDraw cartridge

Should employers allow e-cigarettes in the workplace?
HR.BLR.com - February 18, 2014

With e-cigarettes suddenly in the news after recent bans by Chicago and New York City and the controversy over their use at the Golden Globe awards, employers may have questions about the use of e-cigarettes in their workplace and what changes to smoking policies and procedures they should have in place.

Supersmoker Club Launches the World's First e-Cigarette With ...
PR Newswire (press release) - February 18, 2014

Supersmoker Club introduces electronic cigarette with Bluetooth functionality that enables a person to receive calls or listen to music while smoking. E-cigs have gained huge popularity among smokers as they can now enjoy smoking without the harmful ingredients of a conventional cigarette. After manufacturing the first electronic cigarette in 2007, Supersmoker Club has now made headway by rolling out its latest product Supersmoker Bluetooth. This is a revolutionary product that not only allows the smokers to experience nicotine free puffs but also at the same time conveniently use it to receive incoming calls and listen to favorite music via Bluetooth. The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the product in the world.

What are e-cigarettes?
The Post-Standard - February 18, 2014

What are they? An electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette) is a battery-powered device which simulates tobacco smoking. How does it work? A user fills a small tank ...

When nicotine tastes like candy and is sold online, of course kids ...
Quartz - February 18, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are a good alternative for those unable to cut out nicotine, but fears are mounting that they could also represent a gateway vice for kids who ...

'Dangerous' e-cigarette nicotine capsule kills puppy
BBC Online - February 18, 2014

A puppy has died after chewing a nicotine capsule for an electronic cigarette. A vet in Cornwall worked through the night to save the 12-week-old terrier, but it died in the early hours. ...

E-cigarettes alert after battery fires lead to council inquiry
WalesOnline - February 18, 2014

Trading Standards officers are investigating two brands of e-cigarettes, ... The explosions have been branded alarming and all e-cigarettes users are now ...

E-cigarettes: the Big White Hope in a life-or-death fight with tobacco
Irish Times - February 18, 2014

A major switch by smokers to e-cigarettes would decrease death and disease, Prof Peter Hajek, professor of clinical psychology and director of the Wolfson ...

Warning given after e-cigarettes explode
Free Press Series - February 18, 2014

SOUTH Wales Fire and Rescue has issued a warning after responding to cases of exploding e-cigarettes. Fire crews recently attended two separate fires where the batteries from an e-cigarette had exploded and travelled up to two metres across the room before igniting the carpet. The occupiers were close at hand and the small fires were quickly extinguished by on-site staff.

Cigarette Ads (the E-Kind) Return to UK TV [VIDEO]
Bloomberg - February 18, 2014

Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson looks at the return of cigarette advertising in the U.K. (Source: Bloomberg).

BAT share price: Tobacco giant launches TV ad campaign
iNVEZZ - February 18, 2014

iNVEZZ.com, Tuesday, February 18: British American Tobacco Plc (LON:BATS) became the first tobacco company in decades to launch a TV commercial in the UK. Taking advantage of a regulatory loophole, the company last night aired a 30-second spot promoting its Vype brand of e-cigarettes. The tobacco giant had to make a subtle change to its slogan in order to avoid smoker references in the commercial...

Officials: Electronic cigarettes should be banned in public
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 18, 2014

GREENFIELD County officials say there should be a crackdown on electronic cigarettes, prohibiting them in public places just like any other traditional cigar, pipe or cigarette.

Study raises concern about 'third-hand smoke' from E-Cigarettes
kwgn.com - February 17, 2014

New research may have E-Cigarette users think twice about using the devices. A study by researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute shows the vapors from electronic cigarettes leave behind a potentially toxic residue known as third-hand smoke.

Candy Flavors Put E-Cigarettes On Kids' Menu [RADIO]
NPR (blog) - February 17, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are often billed as a safe way for smokers to try to kick their habit. But it's not just smokers who are getting their fix this way. According to published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 5 middle school students who've tried one say they've never smoked a "real" cigarette. And between 2011 and 2012, e-cigarettes doubled in popularity among middle and high school students.

Morning Break: E-Cigs for Kids? A $12 Million Medicare Fraud
MedPage Today - February 17, 2014

A lot of kids are buying candy-flavored e-cigarettes on sites like eBay, according to NPR.

CDC: More kids lighting up e-cigarettes
HLNtv.com - February 17, 2014

Bubble gum, cotton candy, watermelon, pineapple. These are all flavors of slushies and electronic cigarettes -- both of which, according to some research, ...

Cases of nicotine over-exposure from e-cigarettes on the rise
GazetteNET - February 17, 2014

With electronic cigarettes gaining popularity, officials nationwide are seeing more cases of people exposed to too much nicotine, not just from inhaling but by spilling or swallowing the liquid drug.

Vapor Cigarettes Seek to Take Bite out of Big Tobacco
Regional News - February 17, 2014

While not marketed as a way to quit smoking, many believe they can defeat that addiction, noting other benefits being that they don't burn tobacco (thus no ...

Minn. Lawmaker Proposing Statewide Restrictions On E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]
CBS Local - February 17, 2014

Communities from West Mankato to Rochester are considering or have put into effect limitations on where you can light up an e-cigarette. Now, a Minnesota legislator is now proposing a bill that would put e-cigarettes across under the same state-wide restrictions as cigarettes. The bill from DFL State Rep. Phyllis Kahn would limit the use of e-cigarettes under the Minnesota Clean Indoor Act...

Are e-cigarettes a safer alternative to smoking?
Daily Athenaeum February 17, 2014

Our generation has seen the way our country handles cigarette policies change pretty drastically. According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, 81.5 percent of the American population now live under a ban on smoking in workplaces, and/or restaurants and/or bars, by either a state, commonwealth or local law as of January 2014 Environmentally, e-cigs are less harmful than cigarettes. Vapor is not the same as smoke, and it is certainly better to throw away a cartridge than toss a cigarette butt onto the ground. We might not have all the facts just yet, but the evidence is pointing toward the idea that electronic cigarettes are a far better alternative than smoking real cigarettes.

SO MOVED: Beach Pedestrian Path Back Before Council
Gazette Newspapers - February 17, 2014

In other business, the council: Approved on first reading an ordinance requiring merchants selling e-cigarettes comply with the same regulations as those selling tobacco products.

SIUE policy says e-cigarettes same as tobacco
The Southern - February 17, 2014

EDWARDSVILLE Southern Illinois University's Edwardsville campus has decided to put electronic cigarettes in the same category as regular cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products.

To vape or not to vape: Local smokers offer thoughts on electronic cigarettes
Penn Live - February 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, we put out a call for submissions from electronic cigarette users ... Emily Moore, 26, Dillsburg: I use e-cigs as an alternative to tobacco smoking. ... Does the fact that these e-cigarettes come in flavors serve as a lure to minors?...

Sally Satel: How inhaling e-cigarettes could save your life
Allentown Morning Call - February 17, 2014

Should electronic cigarettes be regulated like tobacco products, emblazoned with warnings and subject to tight marketing restrictions? Those are among the questions before the Food and Drug Administration as it decides in the coming weeks how to handle the battery-powered cigarette mimics that have become a $1.5 billion business in the United States.

E-cigarette bills to be heard this week [VIDEO]
fox13now.com - February 17, 2014

The bill would regulate the juice in e-cigarettes, manufacturing processes, ban Internet sales and ... The federal government has yet to weigh in on e-cigarettes.

Safety of e-cigarettes needs to be studied more
Johnson City Press (subscription) - February 17, 2014

Perhaps Tennessee lawmakers should follow the lead of their counterparts in Ohio, who are moving passage of legislation to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of those under age 18. Tennessee legislators should also look to clarify the statewide public smoking ban by specifically including e-cigs in the measure.

The Buzz: Should e-cigs be allowed or banned?
Appleton Post Crescent February 17, 2014

One of the most arresting images from the Golden Globes broadcast last month was a glimpse of Julia Louis-Dreyfus smoking an e-cigarette, or electronic cigarette. The actress got a lot of grief for it for glamorizing the devices and she explained that it had just been part of a skit.

Gainesville experts debate on pros, cons of electronic cigarettes
The Independent Florida Alligator - February 17, 2014

One company, The Grab Bag Vapor Co., located on 407 NE 23rd Ave., specializes in making the battery-operated alternative to the traditional cigarette by using ...

Should e-cigarettes be allowed on campus?
IU Southeast Horizon - February 16, 2014

Smoking is banned on the IU Southeast campus and violators can be fined if caught. But what about e-cigarettes? According to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic ...

North Mankato to consider e-cig ban
Mankato Free Press - February 16, 2014

NORTH MANKATO — Following Mankato's move to treat electronic cigarettes like the smoldering sort, the North Mankato City Council will hold a public hearing ...

New Flora Vista business offers vitamins via vapors
Farmington Daily Times - February 16, 2014

FLORA VISTA — Electronic cigarettes have made news as an alternative to smoking, and now a local businessman hopes his newly opened business will allow ...

E-cigarettes can be gateway to tobacco, warns rival Glaxo
The Times (subscription) - February 16, 2014

The leaked correspondence from GlaxoSmithKline, whose nicotine patches, gums and lozenges are being undermined by the burgeoning e-cigarette market, ...

John Tung Foundation calls for tough e-cigarette control
Taipei Times - February 16, 2014

The anti-smoking John Tung Foundation said it is deeply worried about the refusal of health authorities to put e-cigarettes under the control of the Tobacco ...

Tobacco company ads back on UK TV after 20 years
Financial Times - February 16, 2014

E-cigarettes have grown from a prototype to a $3bn product category within a decade. Some analysts say e-cigarette usage could overtake tobacco in ...

Rep. Heaton speaks on recent bill banning the sale of e-cigarettes to ...
KTVO - February 15, 2014

..."I felt that adults should have the right to be able to use e-cigarettes. We have nicorette gum, and we have other aids that have nicotine in them to help people ...

Must be 18 to smoke e-cigarettes
Wooster Daily Record - February 15, 2014

The bill would define so-called e-cigarettes -- battery-powered devices that simulate smoking by producing a vapor that can be inhaled -- as alternative nicotine ...

Eau Claire Transit considers e-cig ban
Leader-Telegram - February 15, 2014

Electronic cigarettes soon may be banned on Eau Claire city buses and in the ... companies promote as an alternative to regular cigarettes, which are subject to ...

Bee Healthy: Electronic nicotine delivery devices safer than ...
Modesto Bee - February 15, 2014

Electronic nicotine delivery systems, also known as electronic cigarettes, electronic vaping devices or personal vaporizers, are plastic inhalers shaped like ...

Carlisle school bans e-cigarettes
News & Star - February 15, 2014

Trinity headteacher Alan Mottershead decided to ban the vapour cigarettes ... “We've had the smoking ban for six years now so an 11-year-old child is not used ...

State Health Department issues advisory for e-cigarettes
WATE-TV - February 14, 2014

KNOXVILLE (WATE) - The Tennessee Department of Health is warning the public about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes. This week officials issued a public ...

SATEL: How e-cigarettes could save lives
The Washington Post - February 14, 2014

We should make e-cigarettes accessible to smokers by eschewing hefty taxes, if we tax them at all, and offering free samples and starter kits. Those kits, which contain a battery, a charger and nicotine-liquid cartridges, typically run between $30 and $9

Uttoxeter firms banning e-cigs in the workplace
Uttoxeter News – February 14, 2014

MAJOR Uttoxeter employers have banned the use of electronic cigarettes in the workplace as debate rages on about the safety of the devices. JCB and ...

Fremont council issues moratorium on e-cigarette stores for 45 days
Fremont Bulletin-by Aliyah Mohammed - February 14, 2014

Fremont City Council has joined cities across the Bay Area in taking a stand on the use of e-cigarettes in public, by unanimously voting Tuesday to issue a ...

Pair jailed after threatening Burnley lodger with electronic cigarette in night raid
Burnley Citizen (uk) - February 14, 2014

A LODGER was threatened with what he thought was a nine-inch metal bar but what was, in fact, a large electronic cigarette when two men burst into a house in the middle of the night looking for a baby's dad, a court heard....

Headteacher warns of e-cig dangers
Milford Mercury - February 14, 2014

Milford Haven School headteacher Rod Francis has written to parents, raising concern that electronic cigarettes may encourage young people to start smoking.

Cook County commissioner seeks to outlaw electronic cigarettes
Oak Park Leaves - February 14, 2014

The amendment would also require that electronic cigarettes be sold from behind ... “E-cigarettes are continually being sold with new flavors and what was once ...

E-cigarettes take off in Minnesota — and so does fight over ...
MinnPost.com - February 14, 2014

These futuristic-looking cigarettes – better known as electronic-cigarettes or simply e-cigarettes – are gaining popularity across the country and particularly in ...

Santa Fe limits e-cigarettes
ABQ Journal - February 14, 2014

SANTA FE – Electronic cigarettes will be treated the same as real cigarettes in Santa Fe under new amendments to the city's tobacco sales and smoke-free ...

Bismarck bans sale of e-cigarettes to minors; Williston close to ...
The Tribune - February 14, 2014

BISMARCK, North Dakota — Bismarck is the latest city in North Dakota to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors, and Williston is likely not far behind.

E-Cig Ban For Minors Clears Legislature Despite Objections
WOSU Public Media - February 14, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new item on the market – they look like cigarettes, but don't produce smoke or ash. But they're also sparking debate on how they ...

Ohio Senate Approves Ban On Selling E-Cigs To Minors
WCBE 90.5 FM - February 14, 2014

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. Groups such as the Ohio State Medical Association have ...

Keep Ohio children away from e-cigarettes
Marietta Times - February 14, 2014

A bill working its way through the Ohio Legislature would ban sales of electronic cigarettes to minors. An Ohio Senate committee approved the measure Tuesday ...

Northeast Ohio officials praise CVS for removing tobacco products ...
News-Herald.com - February 14, 2014

Pharmacy mogul CVS recently announced plans to cut all tobacco sales by Oct. 1, ... Axing cigarette sales is just one component of CVS's aim for promoting ... While CVS hopes cutting tobacco sales will impede smokers from obtaining cigarettes, ... While Becker understands those concerns, he looks at the ban on tobacco ...

E-cigarettes: Longtime smoker kicks the habit and launches ...
Patriot-News - February 14, 2014

Electronic cigarette vaping device in use Keith Kepler of Susquehanna Township shows how to use an electronic cigarette vaping device. After smoking for 43 ...

E-cigarettes: A lone activist fights to protect them from regulation
The Patriot-News - February 14, 2014

Godshall, executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania, a non-profit group that has for several decades urged states and Washington to adopt rigorous ...

Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) news: Philip Morris International ...
Seeking Alpha - February 14, 2014

The recent technological advancement and innovation is changing traditional cigarette products and the recent trends shifting towards the adaption of E-cigs has ...

Revenue-Hungry Rhode Island Seeks 80% Tax on Lifesaving E-Cigarettes
The National Center for Public Policy Research - February 13, 2014

National Center Risk Analysis Division Director Jeff Stier is submitting testimony today to the Rhode Island legislature in opposition to a plan by Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee to impose an 80% tax on e-cigarettes. Chaffee believes that "electronic cigarette laws should mirror tobacco product laws."...

Elliot Maisel, Chairman and CEO of FIN Branding Group to Assume ...
IT Business Net - February 13, 2014

SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN -- (Marketwired) -- 02/13/14 -- Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation (OTCQB: ECIG) today announced that Elliot B. Maisel, ...

Delegates vote to ban e-cigarettes for minors
Charleston Daily Mail - February 13, 2014

The legislation would outlaw the sale of vapor-based e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products to children under 18. The bill covers toothpicks, ...

E-Cigarettes poisoning children
KFDA - February 13, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity because they are marketed as a safer ... spike in phone calls, about e-cigarette poisonings, are causing concern.

NBC4 Investigates: Hazards Of E-Cigarettes
NBC4i.com-by Denise Yost - February 13, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Electronic cigarettes have become a wildly popular alternative to smoking, but an NBC4 investigation has uncovered a hidden hazard in ...

New Mexico House approves ban on sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 13, 2014

SANTA FE, New Mexico — New Mexico would join more than 20 states in banning sales of e-cigarettes to minors under legislation unanimously approved ...

Iowa Legislature Tackling E-Cigarette Debate
KPTM-TV - February 13, 2014

COUNCIL BLUFFS (KPTM) - The debate is back. This time it's the legislature in Iowa talking about electronic cigarettes. Lawmakers gave up a thumbs up this ...

Miami moves to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
MiamiHerald.com - February 13, 2014

Miami would join other South Florida cities such as Weston and Sunrise that have outlawed the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. The measure would become law ...

Teens smoking highly potent 'dabs' or 'earwax' with e-cigarettes
KCRA Sacramento-by Claire Doan - February 13, 2014

A growing number of teenagers are smoking a highly potent form of marijuana – virtually undetected – with no smell and no way for anyone to know they're ...

Solana Beach City Council prohibits e-cigarette use
Del Mar Times - February 13, 2014

In a 4-0 vote, the City Council on Feb. 12 amended the city's existing smoking ordinance to include a ban on e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited.

SD Councilman Proposes Regulations on E-Cigarettes
Patch.org - February 13, 2014

Kersey proposed that the city of San Diego implement regulations to address the proliferation of electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as e-cigarettes. In a memo to the City Council's Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, of which...

Tobacco-free 'anti-smoking' a growing trend in West Covina
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - February 13, 2014

Ultramist Vape Shop in West Covina isn't just blowing smoke. The store offers a plethora of e-cigarettes, “vape” pens and 200 different flavors of E-liquid.

E-Cigarettes: A Rising Trend Among College Youth
COS The Campus - February 13, 2014

E-cigarette users may feel that they are different from traditional smokers. The college doesn't feel the same way. The new trend is known as “vaping” and by ...

Milpitas native selected for national fellowship to study e-cigarettes ...
Milpitas Post-by Aliyah Mohammed - February 13, 2014

Ahmad graduated from San Jose State in December, and will spend the next 18 months researching the use of hookah and e-cigarettes in and around the ...

Long Beach bans e-cigarette 'vaping' in public spaces
Long Beach Press-Telegram - February 12, 2014

The City Council voted 5-1 on Tuesday to add electronic cigarettes to the city tobacco ordinance, requiring sellers of the devices and derivatives to comply with ...

San Diego Councilman Mark Kersey
10News - February 13, 2014

The proposal, written by Councilman Mark Kersey, asks that e-cigarettes be regulated the same way as traditional cigarettes and restrict the use of e-cigarettes ...

Electronic Cigarettes U.S. Automated Filling, Assembly & Packaging
Sacramento Bee - February 13, 2014

Freedom Smokeless, a Southern California based producer of electronic cigarettes, proudly unveiled ...

Bay Area schools take on teens' e-cigarette use
San Jose Mercury News - February 13, 2014

As e-cigarettes become more popular with teens, Bay Area schools are ramping up their battle against the small electronic devices that deliver nicotine-laced ...

Miami Commissioners Consider Ban on E-Cigarette Sales to Minors
NBC 6 South Florida - February 13, 2014

City of Miami commissioners are considering an ordinance that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. The ordinance would make it illegal to sell ...

Liquid nicotine is a tobacco product
Sun-Sentinel - February 13, 2014

Thank you for your recent editorial on restricting sales of e-cigarettes to underage minors. There is a clear need for federal and state action on this issue, but ...

Cook County plan would put e-cigs behind counter
Chicago Tribune-by Hal Dardick - February 13, 2014

Sellers of electronic cigarettes in much of suburban Cook County would have to move them behind the counter just like ordinary smokes under new regulations ...

So who should kids believe, the Legislature or a 'Dog with a Blog?'
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - February 13, 2014

The bill, House File 2109, prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under age 18. E-cigarettes are devices that heat liquid containing nicotine, forming ...

E-Cigarettes: Regulating a Changing Smoking Culture
Iowa Public Radio - February 13, 2014

Aliesha Kirby, one of Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes' store managers, said they've never sold their products to minors and many of their customers use ...

KY Governor Wants Tax on Electronic Cigarettes
Tristatehomepage.com - February 13, 2014

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear included a 20% tax on electronic cigarettes in his tax reform plan. The plan also asks for a 40 cent increase on each pack of ...

Generation V E-Cigarettes and Vape Bar aims to convert smokers to ...
Daily Nebraskan - February 13, 2014

In fact, Generation V E-Cigarettes and Vape Bar, located at 5540 South St., had the biggest day of sales the chain owner has ever seen. “We were packed,” ...

City moves to ban e-cigarettes for minors
Williston Daily Herald - February 13, 2014

The city of Williston is one step closer to preventing the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. On Tuesday, commissioners approved the first reading of ...

Bill to ban electronic cigarette sales to youth: How they voted
The Plain Dealer - February 13, 2014

In this Feb. 19, 2009 file photo, workers place partially assembled electronic cigarettes in a tray after testing their amber LED lights at the Ruyan factory in Tianjin ...

Ore. electronic cigarette bills will not get vote
KATU - February 13, 2014

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - A pair of bills that would have banned the sale of so-called electronic cigarettes to minors won't advance in this legislative session.

Vaping: Electronic cigarettes in smoke-free spots have potential to inflame
Penn Live-by David Wenner - February 13, 2014

The Giant Center and Hersheypark Arena are smoke-free. Electronic cigarettes are included in the ban on regular cigarettes, which are permitted only in ...

E-cigarettes remain unregulated by law amid mounting calls for ...
The Patriot-News - February 13, 2014

A Rutter's e-cigarette billboard in the York area stands along the northbound lanes of I-83 near the Market Street exit. The photo was taken last week.

Lots of snow, e-cigarettes, the Olympics, prom contest, RJ Harris ...
The Patriot-News-by Deb Kiner - February 13, 2014

PennLive's Ivey DeJesus continues her package this week on electronic cigarettes. It's a billion dollar industry but there is little research on the effects of them on ...

W.Va. House votes to ban e-cigarettes for minors
WTRF - February 13, 2014

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A proposal to keep minors from using electronic cigarettes has passed the West Virginia House of Delegates. The legislation would ...

E-cigs bill moves along in state Legislature
Martinsburg Journal - February 13, 2014

"When you smoke electronic cigarettes, it's basically like you're inhaling vaporized liquid nicotine," Lawrence said. "Marketers provide them in flavors so they are ..

FDA sees no legal basis to punish the sale of e-cigarettes
China Post - February 13, 2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said yesterday that there is no legal basis on which to punish people who sell electronic cigarettes ...

Another View: Feds' assessment of e-cigarettes is needed
Alexandria Town Talk - February 13, 2014

But e-cigarettes clearly are a healthier/less-dangerous alternative to regular ol' ... of e-cigarettes, if only to ensure that they are made automatically available to ...

E-Cig Startups Band Together as Big Tobacco Looms
Businessweek - February 13, 2014

The electronic-cigarette business only turned on its little blue lights within the last few years, and already there's consolidation afoot as big tobacco brands pour ...

Weak earnings end stocks' winning run
Philly.com - February 13, 2014

Lorillard dropped after the maker of Newport cigarettes said its profit fell as higher costs offset an increase in revenue from both traditional and electronic ...

Electronic cigarette “blew up” in front of Neath family
Southwales Evening Post - February 13, 2014

THERE was no smoke — only fireworks — when an electronic cigarette “blew up” in front of a Neath family. Keirran Francis claimed he watched in horror as the ...

Global Electronic Cigarettes Market - Forecasts to 2018
SYS-CON Media (press release) - February 13, 2014

About Research and Markets Research and Markets is the world's leading source for international market research reports and market data. We provide you with ...

Love is in the air, so is e-cigarettes
Daily News & Analysis - February 13, 2014

Despite a warning from the Ministry of Health against e-cigarette advertisements, the leading national airline carrier, Air India (AI) has decided to turn a blind eye.

E-cigarette importers, vendors could face fines for 'banned drug'
Focus Taiwan News Channel - February 13, 2014

Taipei, Feb. 13 (CNA) Embraced by smokers as a way to kick their bad habit gradually, electronic cigarettes are receiving less of a warm reaction from Taiwan's ...

Lorillard Disappoints With 4% EPS Gain
Investor's Business Daily - February 12, 2014

Its blu eCigs e-cigarette brand, the company added, continues to establish itself as the category leader, winning 48% market share in the quarter and 47% for the ...

Oregon legislation on e-cigarettes winds up in work group
The Oregonian - February 12, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that allow users to inhale a vapor mix consisting of nicotine, flavor additives and other chemicals. They do not contain ...

Council puts strict limits on e-cigarettes
Santa Fe New Mexican.com - February 12, 2014

The City Council approved two ordinances Wednesday that outlaw the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and also prohibit their use in bars, restaurants and ...

Adams approves new restrictions on sale of tobacco products
Berkshire Eagle - February 12, 2014

The use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco-related products in public spaces, ... from local store owners that restrictions on cigar sales were unnecessary. ... no pharmacy representatives voiced displeasure with the pharmacy ban proposal.

E-Cigarettes Cause Controversy in Iowa Legislature
KCAU - February 12, 2014

Because e-cigarettes are vapor and don't emit second hand smoke, companies that make them argue they're a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, and ...

Huntley to fine minors buying, possessing e-cigarettes
Chicago Daily Herald - February 12, 2014

The Huntley village board Thursday night is expected to approve changes to the village code restricting the sale of electronic cigarettes and other alternative ...

Brief: Dems want rules for e-cigarettes
Santa Monica Daily Press - February 12, 2014

William H. Sorrell urging them to classify electronic cigarettes as cigarettes under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) to prevent e-cigarette ...

Ban on sale of electronic cigarettes to minors passes Ohio Senate
Dayton Daily News - February 12, 2014

Research shows that high taxes and indoor smoking bans are the two most effective ... Ohio's voter-approved indoor smoking ban does not apply to e-cigarettes.

Delaware bill would ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Delmarva Now - February 12, 2014

Delaware could soon join more than two dozen other states that have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, saying there are too many unknown health risks posed by the trendy devices

House approves ban on sale of e-cigarettes to minors
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier - February 12, 2014

DES MOINES - Although some representatives quibbled with the definition and whether a ban on "Electronic Smoking Devices went far enough, the Iowa House voted 76-22 Tuesday to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Stop e-cigarette legislation (Editor's Inbox)
Mason City Globe Gazette - February 12, 2014

A key question any voter should ask when considering proposed legislation is who does this bill benefit? In the case of Iowa's e-cigarette bill the answer is the tobacco industry. Sure, on the surface the legislation seems to work against Big Tobacco. It supposedly just prevents minors from buying e-cigarettes. But look closer and you'll learn tobacco companies are snapping up e-cigarette makers in bulk. They're selling e-cigarettes like they used to sell traditional cigarettes with TV commercials, celebrity endorsements and fun fruity flavors. They're also introducing legislation nearly identical to the Iowa bill in states across the country. Do you think it's because they're suddenly concerned with public health? I seriously doubt it

House backs banning e-cigarettes for minors
Dubuque Telegraph Herald - February 12, 2014

Currently, there are no restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes in Iowa. ... not change the rules governing tobacco products and argued that once an e-cigarette lacks ... barring sales to minors, they also want e-cigarettes to be classed as tobacco ...

State should wait for feds on e-cigarettes
Muscatine Journal - February 12, 2014

Just about everyone (if not absolutely everyone) agrees that ingesting nicotine through the vapor provided by e-cigarettes is a significantly healthier (at least, ...

Measure sparks e-cigarette debate ($$)
Honolulu Star-Advertiser - February 12, 2014

Supporters of electronic smoking devices gathered at the Capitol on Tuesday for the third time in less than a week to oppose proposed measures that would highly tax, regulate or ban the increasingly popular products.

Editorial: E-cigarettes OK for adults, not children
Carlsbad Current Argus - February 12, 2014

In 2007, the New Mexico Legislature joined a growing list of states that banned smoking in almost all workplaces, including bars and restaurants. Rarely has a public health issue moved as quickly and decisively as the effort to protect workers from the adverse impacts of second-hand smoke. Seemingly overnight, smokers were banished to outside the building when needing to light up. It's probably no surprise that some enterprising entrepreneur looked to cash in on this new reality of American life, and so the e-cigarette was developed and rushed to market. The devices include a heating element to vaporize a liquid solution, often containing nicotine.

Bismarck bans e-cigarette sales to minors
Bismarck Tribune February 12, 2014

BISMARCK, N.D. --The Bismarck City Commission on Tuesday banned selling or providing e-cigarettes to people under the age of 18. The new law, approved 5-0, also prohibits minors from using and selling the product.

Proposed ban on e-cigarette sales to minors may be covered already
Medina County Gazette - February 12, 2014

The Ohio Senate is considering banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. But a local store owner said he doesnt know of anyone selling the devices to children. The worst thing you want to see is kids smoking, said Michaels Mini-Mart owner Mike Esber, who also serves as a Brunswick Hills Township trustee. Ive not heard of any stores selling these things to minors.

Ohio may be e-cigarette sales to minors
Hamilton Journal News (subscription) - February 12, 2014

The Ohio Senate may vote today on a measure to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. They have often been described as a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes. But there are few studies exploring exactly what chemicals are in them, ...

E-Cigs help smoke student cravings
The Globe - February 12, 2014

These three Point Park students are among 42.1 million smokers nationwide. Looking for a healthier alternative, they decided to trade in their traditional tobacco cigarettes and replace them with the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Associations online fact sheet says that e-cigarettes were first introduced to the American market in 2006 as a cessation to the use of tobacco smoking. There are multiple advantages smokers express after switching to e-cigarettes, including money. Electronic cigarettes are used in most cases to wean off of traditional tobacco products, according to Heather Capo, University coordinator of Student Health Services.

SGA smoking ban under evaluation
USD Volante Online - February 12, 2014

The University of South Dakota Student Government Association is evaluating the inclusion of e-cigarettes, hookah pens and vaporizers under the existing smoking ban, which went into effect Jan. 2013.

Davis County adopts state's first e-cigarette regulations
El Estandar - February 12, 2014

CLEARFIELD -- Rather than wait for state lawmakers to act, the Davis County Board of Health Tuesday adopted Utah's first e-cigarette regulations. The board took the action after Davis County Health Director Lewis R. Garrett gave the board the option of either approving the measure, or tabling the regulations in anticipation of e-cigarette regulation legislation being sponsored by Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clinton

What E-Cigs Mean for Tobacco-Happy Virginia
Bacon's Rebellion - February 12, 2014

E-cigs look like tobacco cigarettes and offer the same addictive kick of nicotine. But there's no smoke, just vapor made up of water, nicotine and flavorings from ...

E-cigarettes: Are manufacturers using flavors to lure minors to vape?
Patriot-News - February 12, 2014

To understand the concern that the marketing of electronic cigarettes might lure minors into a life of nicotine addiction, consider some of the flavors: cherry, bubble gum, cola, milk chocolate and sugar cookie. Currently, no federal or state law governs the sale of e-cigarettes. A bill in the state Senate would restrict the sale of the devices to people 18 and older.

E-cigarettes: Officials alarmed by reports that kids use them to inhale drugs
Penn Live - February 12, 2014

All have been used by resourceful minds to smoke marijuana. So its no surprise that law enforcement authorities and public health officials are increasingly concerned that electronic cigarette vaporizers have been added to the list.

E-Cigarettes: Nation Shrugs at 'Vaping' in Public
MedPage Today - February 11, 2014

Most people wouldn't mind electronic cigarette use near them, although approval of use in stores, restaurants, and other spaces covered by smoke-free laws came in lower, a national survey showed. Only a dozen states limit or ban e-cigarette use in public spaces, while less than one in five cities and towns with the stiffest smoke-free laws do so, according to the databases of the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. A few more are expected to join that list, like Chicago and New York City, but these are early days without any federal regulation. It's deja vu back to the '80s before public opinion started to shift against smoke exposure, noted Cynthia Hallett, MPH, executive director of that Berkley, Calif., nonprofit. It took a Surgeon General's report highlighting the health risks of second-hand smoke to nonsmokers to generate wide support for smoke-free laws, she explained. "We're back in that stage where [e-cigarettes] are still relatively new, the science is still being developed," she told MedPage Today. "I think that this survey right now reflects the fact that the public health community isn't out there with information about what's in the secondhand vapor."

Roswell Researchers Present Results of E-Cigarette Studies [VIDEO]
WGRZ-TV - February 12, 2014

Buffalo, NY - E-Cigarettes are now a billion dollar a year industry unregulated by the FDA. Roswell Park just completed two studies on e-cigarettes and the nicotine found in them.
One study looked at third-hand nicotine exposure. That is the residue left on surfaces after someone smokes inside. The other looked at whether the nicotine content listed on e-cigarette labels is accurate.

E-Cigarettes use not welcomed on Williamson County property [VIDEO]
KXAN.com - February 11, 2014

On Tuesday Williamson County's ban on using electronic cigarettes on county property went into effect. Commissioners approved an amendment to the county's ...

Tenn. Health Department issues warning on e-cigarettes
WBIR-TV - February 11, 2014

A new device is getting a new public health warning. The Tennessee Department of Health issued a health advisory Tuesday on electronic cigarettes.

Falcon Heights makes changes to tobacco-related ordinances
Lillie News - February 11, 2014

The Falcon Heights City Council approved two changes to the citys ordinance related to tobacco sales last month. The first change amends the language used to describe electronic smoking devices, such as e-cigarettes, and the second change makes it illegal for minors under the age of 18 to sell tobacco products and all electronic smoking devices. According to a press release issued by the city of Falcon Heights, the change in language used to describe electronic smoking devices is significant, because amending the previous language of nicotine or lobelia delivery device to electronic delivery devices makes the smoking devices subject to the same rules as all tobacco products

Louisiana bill would ban sales of e-cigarettes to children
The Times-Picayune - February 11, 2014

A Louisiana lawmaker is looking to limit access to and prohibit the sales of electronic cigarettes and other new nicotine alternatives to people under 18 years of age. Currently, state law only restricts children's use and purchase of traditional tobacco products. State Sen. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, has introduced legislation to restrict the use and sale of electronic cigarettes and other nicotine alternatives to children and ...

E-Cigarettes exempt from bill ban
Hawaii News Now - February 11, 2014

"For the here and now, all e-cigarettes are exempt from 2222. ... the sale of all flavored tobacco products in the state, like menthol cigarettes. Since all e-cigarette products are flavored, the bill would have served as an industry-wide ban.

E-Cigarette Legislation Moves Forward
Big Island Now - February 11, 2014

Opponents of Senate Bill 2495 also maintained that e-cigarettes have helped ... A bill that would have classified e-cigarettes as tobacco products subject to the ...

E-Cigarettes: Nation Shrugs at 'Vaping' in Public
MedPage Today - February 11, 2014

Most people wouldn't mind electronic cigarette use near them, although approval of use in stores, restaurants, and other spaces covered by smoke-free laws came in lower, a national survey showed. Only a dozen states limit or ban e-cigarette use in public spaces, while less than one in five cities and towns with the stiffest smoke-free laws do so, according to the databases of the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. A few more are expected to join that list, like Chicago and New York City, but these are early days without any federal regulation. It's deja vu back to the '80s before public opinion started to shift against smoke exposure, noted Cynthia Hallett, MPH, executive director of that Berkley, Calif., nonprofit. It took a Surgeon General's report highlighting the health risks of second-hand smoke to nonsmokers to generate wide support for smoke-free laws, she explained. "We're back in that stage where [e-cigarettes] are still relatively new, the science is still being developed," she told MedPage Today. "I think that this survey right now reflects the fact that the public health community isn't out there with information about what's in the secondhand vapor."

Council's Proposal to Include E-Cigarettes in Tobacco Ordinance ...
Long Beach Post - February 11, 2014

Tonight, Long Beach City Council will vote to approve the inclusion of electronic cigarettes in the City's tobacco laws, but it's not the idea of regulation that has ...

E-cigarette vapor bar open in Houghton [VIDEO]
ABC 10 News NOW - February 11, 2014

If youre driving down Shelden Avenue in downtown Houghton these days, check out the new shop that just opened up. Its called 906 Vapor and it is an e-cigarette lounge and vapor bar where people go to vape. So whats vaping? The smoke is actually a scented vapor that doesnt have the toxic chemicals that cigarette smoke has. 906 Vapor has quickly become a popular destination.

Debate ensues over No Smoking signs as applied to vaporizers [VIDEO]
fox4kc.com - February 11, 2014

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Government and state agencies are holding their breath until the Food and Drug Administration writes regulations for electronic cigarettes. But the debate on the use of electronic cigarettes hits a little closer to home for one Kansas City man. Last Tuesday, Prophet Beach said he was going about his normal routine. As seen in KCATA surveillance video, Beach boarded the bus near Armour and Troost, sat down and took puffs from an e-cigarette hanging on a lanyard around his neck. I wasnt smoking an actual cigarette. I wasnt doing anything illegal, Beach said...

E-cigs banned from Albany County-owned buildings
Spotlight News - February 11, 2014

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy holds up an executive order he signed Thursday, Feb. 6, banning the usage of electronic cigarettes in county owned .

Using electronic cigarettes for weight loss?
AZFamily - February 11, 2014

PHOENIX -- Could losing weight be as easy as smoking flavored electronic cigarettes? A Valley mom says it's her solution to trying to shed baby weight and ... My favorite flavor is blue raspberry; cotton candy is awesome, said Joel Vinson of Vape Escapes in Phoenix.

Businesses oppose bills proposing stiff taxes on e-smoking devices in the state
Maui News - February 11, 2014

HONOLULU - Hawaii lawmakers on Monday advanced bills that could heavily tax electronic smoking devices in the state. People who sell the devices, also called vaporizers or e-cigs, turned out to hearings Friday and Monday to oppose the bills (SB2495 and SB2496). They said the devices help people stop smoking cigarettes and that high taxes could put their shops out of business.

Lawmakers Consider Whether the Public Should Inhale .... or Not
Hawaii Reporter - February 11, 2014

Hawaii has among the highest cigarette taxes in the nation at 3 dollars and 20 ... an excise tax equal to eighty-five per cent of the wholesale price of any tobacco ... Bills to increase taxes on both cigarettes and e-cigarettes are advancing in the ...

Ohio bill would ban sales of e-cigarettes to kids
WRGT TV Fox 45 - February 11, 2014

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- An Ohio Senate panel has approved a measure to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. The bill aims to keep the products ...

Oregon Legislature to consider making e-cigarette sales to minors ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter - February 11, 2014

SALEM, Oregon The Legislature was considering two bills that aim to keep so-called electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors as they gain in popularity among Oregon teens.

Drs. Oz and Roizen: Trans-fat substitutes; quitting smoking
Denver Post - February 11, 2014

Stay away from smokers. If you have another smoker at home, establish firm rules: No smoking in the house. A new study finds that it will help you to quit, and the others, too. Avoid potentially harmful, unregulated, electronic cigs.

Could e-cigarettes be the solution you need to quit smoking?
Patriot-News - February 11, 2014

Has that product arrived in the form of the electronic cigarette? Jonathan Foulds, a scientist who researches tobacco and addiction at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, said he believes it might have. A few years ago, he surveyed more than 100 people who attended Phllly Vapefest 2011, a meeting of e-cigarette enthusiasts.

Electronic cigarettes alarm doctors, but vaping is probably safer than smoking
Patriot-News - February 11, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are igniting fear within the medical establishment, despite a shortage of scientific research on their medical effects. Its not totally unfounded. E-cigarettes do contain nicotine, which leads to tobacco addiction. That has made smoking the number one cause of preventable death. However, some experts concede vapor from e-cigarettes is safer than smoke from regular cigarettes, while others argue that they are breeding a new generation of addicts.
E-cigarettes are at least 90 percent less harmful, and maybe much less harmful than that, said Jonathan Foulds, who studies tobacco addiction at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Regarding the second-hand effects of e-cigarettes, Foulds said they are likely far less severe than those of regular cigarettes, although science has yet to provide definite answers. It might, he said, produce at least minor irritation for people with lung conditions such as asthma, and might be more harmful to someone with a heart condition.

The Olympics, the dog show, Shirley Temple, Student Section ...
The Patriot-News - February 11, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have become a billion dollar industry. They have stirred a debate about whether they are safe in public places and whether there are any ...

E-Cigarettes: Friend Or Foe
OpEdNews - February 11, 2014

Some categories of e-cigarettes are Rechargeable electronic cigarettes, Disposable electronic cigarettes, E-Go electronic cigarettes, Personal vaporisers, ...

Electronic Nicotine Inhalers (a.k.a. e-cigarettes): Worth a try?
Philly.com (blog) - February 11, 2014

It's been hard to avoid stories in the news about electronic cigarettesbattery-powered devices that in many cases look like regular cigarettes but instead ... As we await further evidence about the safety, benefits, and risks of e-cigarettes and the resolution of the regulation debates, one commentator reminds us of the old adage, buyers beware. Thats good advice.

The end is near for cigarette smoking in America?
Ottawa Citizen - February 11, 2014

Electronic cigarettes have often been described as a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes. But there are few studies exploring exactly what chemicals ...

How will FDA crack down on online e-cigarette sellers?
Daily News & Analysis - February 11, 2014

It has been two years since Akshay Chauhan (34) switched from normal cigarettes to smoking electronic cigarettes. In retrospect, the Malad resident thinks it was ...

Reynolds American 4Q profit more than doubles; smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes gain steam
Dallas Morning News - February 11, 2014

Reynolds American Inc.s fourth-quarter profit more than doubled as higher prices and lower legal expenses offset a decline in cigarette sales, and it benefited from an easy comparison with last year. Reynolds American and other tobacco companies are also focusing on cigarette alternatives such as snuff, chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes as tax hikes, smoking bans, health concerns and social stigma make the cigarette business tougher. Reynolds American also said it plans to significantly expand its Vuse-brand electronic cigarette outside of Colorado and Utah by the middle of 2014

Two-Thirds of Americans OK With E-Cig Use In Their Personal Space, Survey Finds
MarketWatch - February 11, 2014

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb 11, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63 percent) say they would not be bothered by someone using an electronic cigarette in close proximity, according to data released today in the 2014 American E-Cigarette Etiquette Survey conducted by Harris Interactive.

Annoyed when e-cigarette users 'light up' near you? It depends on where you are, new survey says
The Plain Dealer - February 11, 2014

Go ahead and admit it. At least once, you've given people the evil eye when you see a them with a cigarette in their hand and you're someplace where smoking is forbidden. Most of us - 63 percent, to be exact - are OK with someone firing up an electronic cigarette near us, according to a new national survey conducted by Harris Interactive - and paid for by an e-cigarette maker. The results of the 2014 American E-Cigarette Etiquette Survey were released today. But that acceptance changes depending on the venue.

Khloe Kardashian spotted smoking on dance floor before leaving ...
Daily Mail - February 11, 2014

Khloe's rep, however, told MailOnline exclusively, 'She doesnt smoke pot or cigarettes. It's a Hookah stick, which is tobacco free. Its called Phantom Smoke.

Nova Scotia eyes ban on e-cigarettes in public places
Canadian Safety Reporter - February 11, 2014

In some cases, Strang says e-cigarettes are being used by smokers to get around widespread smoking bans, allowing them to sustain their hand-to-mouth habit ...

FDA warns against sale of e-cigarettes with nicotine
Times of India - February 11, 2014

MUMBAI: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning against the use and sale of electronic-cigarettes that contain nicotine in the state.

Patients using electronic cigarettes at the Royal Free Hospital will be
Camden New Journal newspapers website - February 11, 2014

PATIENTS smoking electronic cigarettes in the Royal Free Hospital will be sent off with football-style red cards. Repeat users of the smokeless devices, a replacement for actual cigarettes, have been warned they could be denied treatment.

E-cigarettes ban plan given support
Shoreham Herald - February 11, 2014

HEALTH officials and a head teacher have lent their support to a proposed ban on selling 'increasingly popular' and 'unregulated' e-cigarettes to under-18s.

'Nicotine-Free' E-Cigs Still Deliver the Juice
Medpage Today February 10, 2014

The amount of nicotine in e-cigarette refill solutions doesn't always match what it says on the label, particularly if the label says nicotine-free, a study showed. All three solutions labeled as "nicotine-free" contained traceable amounts of the addictive substance, Skyler Reinhardt and Maciej Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD, both of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., reported at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco meeting in Seattle.

Officials Warn Parents of E-Cig Risks for Minors
fox8.com - February 10, 2014

And although the state of Ohio regulates the sale of traditional tobacco cigarettes to minors there is no such law regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes.

Editorial: E-cigs have not been proven safe
Journal Record (subscription) - February 10, 2014

The cigarette lobbyists now flooding the Oklahoma Capitol will argue that no one has proven e-cigarettes are dangerous. The problem is that no one has proven them safe, either, and that should be reason enough to restrict their sale and marketing in the same way we restrict tobacco products.

E-cigarettes raising concerns in local communities
Coon Rapids ECM Publishers - February 10, 2014

The proliferation of e-cigarettes is of concern to law enforcement and others ... Some people see e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking because the vapor ...

Hawaii eyes stiff taxes on e-smoking devices
Bellingham Herald - February 10, 2014

People who sell the devices, also called vaporizers or e-cigs, turned out to hearings Friday and Monday to oppose the bills (SB2495 and SB2496). They said the ...

MCSD warns students, parents about dangers of e-cigarettes
WRBL - February 10, 2014

COLUMBUS, GA - The Muscogee County School District is banning electronic cigarettes from all school property. Board members want parents to be aware of ...

Seminole school leaders to ban E-cigarettes on campuses
WFTV Orlando - February 10, 2014

Orange, Osceola and Volusia counties recently modified their policies to specifically ban the electronic cigarettes. Brevard County officials said vapor cigarettes ...

Town Council approves increased sewer fees Monday night
Meriden Record-Journal - February 10, 2014

Also during Monday nights meeting, the council unanimously passed ordinances restricting placement and advertisement of alcohol and tobacco products. Southingtons Town-Wide Effort to Promote Success proposed the new laws, arguing that they could help reduce underage drinking and smoking. One requires tobacco products, such as rolling papers, bongs, electronic cigarettes and pipes, to be placed behind counters in stores. The other ordinance requires every sign advertising happy hours to include that patrons must be at least 21 years of age and show identification. The laws will come into effect 21 days after publication.

End Of Cigarettes May Be On The Horizon: Changing Culture, Emptying Wallets, And Tightening Laws Cause Sharp Decline In Smokers
Medical Daily - February 10, 2014

Cigarette smoking has dominated the American landscape as a form of cultural expression for nearly all of the 20th century. Among those policies is the obvious standout: Smoking in public now borders on the impossible. No federal ban exists to push smokers al fresco when they light up, but so many states have already adopted some form of a ban that the de facto equivalent is rapidly approaching. California was the first state to enact a statewide ban, including all restaurants, bars, and non-hospitality workplaces, in 1995. And since then, bans have seeped into all but 14 states, according to figures from the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation. Some 81.5 percent of Americans are now protected from indoor smoking in at least one of the designated locations, and 49.1 percent are protected from all three.

Bay Area school districts rewrite tobacco policies to counter teen e-cigarette use
Contra Costa Times - February 10, 2014

The latest weapon in the tobacco wars is increasingly finding its way into the pockets and backpacks of students across the nation. The e-cigarette -- a James Bond-stealthy, technology-chic version of the traditional cigarette -- is often mistaken for an ink pen, but it is a battery-operated device that turns a liquid form of nicotine into an inhalable vapor.

Mount Prospect bans e-cigarettes for minors
Chicago Daily Herald - February 10, 2014

Mount Prospect officials this month enacted an ordinance barring the sale of electronic smoking devices to minors and prohibiting their possession by anyone under the age of 18. The village, however, did not ban adults from using them inside bars and restaurants.

Officials hope to educate on e-cigarettes
Wahpeton Daily News - February 10, 2014

The laws in the different states throughout the country also give challenges to regulating the e-cigarette product. In North Dakota, Mauch explained, there is no age restrictions on the products which she called a major gateway. North Dakota was proactive in another law, though, which bans using e-cigarettes inside all places that traditional tobacco products are not allowed. However, in other states, such as Minnesota, it can still be used inside such places. The fear is that its becoming a social norm again, Mauch said. So its like moving backwards. Currently, Mauch said the best thing she can do is educate the public about e-cigarettes.

Our guy taste-tests experimental smoking products
BrooklynPapers.com - February 10, 2014

If you can get past the disgusting name, the smoky undertones in this dessert-flavored juice hit home by replicating the sensation vaping is supposed to stand ...

New bills in the Statehouse cover heroin, e-cigarettes and business ...
WKSU News - February 10, 2014

On Tuesday, a Senate committee is scheduled to hold a hearing for a bill that would ban minors from buying and/or using alternative nicotine products. The bills sponsor, Republican Representative Stephanie Kunze of Hilliard, says she created this bill in order to take new products like e-cigarettes out of the hands of minors.

Treat 'vaping' like tobacco
State should ban use of e-cigarettes in public places
The Register-Guard - February 10, 2014

Few Oregonians, at least those of the adult variety, would dispute the need for state lawmakers to join 27 other states across the country in barring minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes. But a proposal to make the devices subject to Oregons indoor smoking ban is a tougher call. In Oregon, e-cigarettes are not subject to age or usage restrictions or, for that matter, the tobacco taxes that apply to traditional cigarettes (taxes are a subject for another day). While all of the people testifying at a House hearing last Wednesday supported banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, merchants and users of the devices strongly opposed a broader bill, sponsored by Rep. Phil Barnhart, D-Eugene, that would also ban the indoor use of the products in most public places and workplaces. But the most compelling argument is more subtle, and arises from the need to protect the integrity of the indoor smoking ban. Each smoke-free space has been hard-won, but once gained it enjoys strong support from a public that has come to value a haze-free environment. Allowing vapers to continue using their devices in public buildings, restaurants and the like would be a step backward, creating an atmosphere in which not only vaping is tolerated, but one in which smokers might seek to reassert their right to puff away in indoor public places. If research some day shows that secondhand vapor poses no risk, lawmakers could someday remove or modify a ban. But for now, the Legislature should not only bar minors from purchasing e-cigarettes, but also ban their use in public spaces.

Electronic cigarettes go from vague curiosity to billion-dollar industry [VIDEO]
The Patriot-News - February 10, 2014

Unless you know of someone who uses e-cigarettes or use them yourself you probably are under the impression that they have been banished to that ...

Valley inhales new vaping trend
Staunton News Leader - February 10, 2014

Under the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Act, e-cigarettes are not considered cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco. An e-cigarette ...

Are Controls on Cigarette Smoking A Rationing of Liberty?
Forbes - February 10, 2014

A restaurateur friend recently asked me about the merits of selling e-cigarettes at his restaurant in the hopes of displacing cigarette use there. His question prompted me to think about the relationship between government and tobacco. Back to my friends question: my answer was moot since the state liquor control board only permits licensees to sell items it has approved (such as regular cigarettes) and e-cigarettes are not yet approved. Predictable.

Preventing Teen Tobacco Use: An Interview With the FDA
Medscape - February 10, 2014

Although we do not currently regulate e-cigarettes, we are concerned that initiation of any nicotine-containing product by kids is harmful to public health, and we ...

E-cigarettes: new evidence on thirdhand smoke risk
Medical News Today - February 10, 2014

Scientists from the Roswell Cancer Park Institute in Buffalo, NY, have announced the findings of two studies respectively looking at evidence on "thirdhand" exposure to nicotine from e-cigarettes and the accuracy of e-cigarette product labels. Examining the issue of bystanders' exposure to nicotine from e-cigarettes, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RCPI) researchers studied the extent to which e-cigarettes left a nicotine residue on indoor surfaces. This residue is often referred to as thirdhand smoke. To do this, the scientists vaporized the contents of three different brands of e-cigarette inside a special chamber. The floors, walls, windows, wood and metal surfaces of the chamber were then individually checked for nicotine levels.
In three out of four of these experiments, the researchers found varying but significant increases in nicotine residue, with the floor and windows of the chamber retaining the highest amounts of residue.

IMD Companies, Inc., and ATM Enters Multi-Billion E-Cigarette ...
PR Newswire (press release) - February 10, 2014

IMD Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICBU) and Anything Technologies Media Inc. (OTC:EXMT) are pleased to announce that their joint subsidiary GreenLink Inc., is in the final stages for the re-launch of Legalpot4sale.com. The business strategy of GreenLink Inc. is to appeal to buyers of legal marijuana who want access to reliable marijuana information on products and services, which can be accessed on their devices including tablets and phones. Raffi Achkarian President of GreeenLink Inc., stated, " We are also well into the development of Virtualvaporbar.com.

Are e-cigarettes safer than other tobacco products? Lab tests find vapors contain traces of other metals
The Denver Channel - February 10, 2014

Talbot and her team at the University of California Riverside were among the first in the country to analyze e-cigarettes. Talbot tested two e-cigarette brands, Smoking Everywhere Platinum and Mistic, using a smoking machine and specialized microscope in her lab. The results of our first test found a potentially dangerous metal in the vapor.

Cases of nicotine overexposure from e-cigarettes on the rise
Kansas.com - February 10, 2014

Poison control centers nationwide reported 438 cases of nicotine exposure from electronic cigarettes in 2012, the latest year that had data available, according to the National Poison Data System. That was up from 256 cases in 2011. Almost half of the cases in each year involved children ages 5 and younger.

E-cigarette debate divides regulators and consumers
CMAJ - February 10, 2014

The move to regulate nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes has highlighted the lack of research about their health hazards, leading to a backlash from consumers who use the device as a nicotine-replacement therapy. Though some users think these e-cigarettes are a godsend, helping them quit or cut back on real cigarettes, the lack of research into their long-term effects is "a cause for concern," says Dr. Milan Khara, clinical director of the Tobacco Dependence Clinic at Vancouver Coastal Health Addiction Services in British Columbia

Nova Scotia eyes ban on e-cigarettes in public places amid debate
News1130 - February 10, 2014

The Non-Smokers' Rights Association is calling on Health Canada to strengthen its regulations in response to the growing demand for e-cigarettes in the ...

E-cigarette 'smoke' raises ire of health ministry
Peninsula On-line - February 10, 2014

New Delhi: The union health ministry has told the civil aviation ministry and Air India that the display of electronic cigarettes in some of its publications violates the law against tobacco advertising. Most e-cigarettes consist of battery-powered heating elements and replaceable ... companies to advertise and distribute e-cigarettes alongside other tobacco ...

Health Ministry angry with Air India's e-cigarette ads
India.Com Health - February 10, 2014

e-cigarette The union health ministry has told the civil aviation ministry and Air India that the display of electronic cigarettes in some of its publications violates ...

E-cigarettes in the workplace - no smoke without fire
Shoosmiths legal updates - February 10, 2014

The charity, Action on Smoking and Health, estimates that 1.3 million people are currently using electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) in the UK.

The Week Ahead in Pulmonology: E-Cigs in the Air
MedPage Today - February 9, 2014

This week in pulmonology watch for: Do electronic cigarette users really know what they're getting based on labels? There's new data on nicotine content consistency What are the prospects for "vaping" in public? Attitudes that could influence smoke-free laws.

E-cigs' startups on fire as tobacco companies prepare to buy
New York Post February 9, 2014

E-cigarette startups are on fire this year. Big tobacco companies are ready to inhale these innovative private companies and venture capitalists are coughing up big money of their own to get in on the ...

We should discourage use of e-cigarettes
Brazosport Facts (subscription) - February 9, 2014

This week, CVS pharmacies announced they no longer will carry tobacco products as of October of this year. The paradox of providing health care services and ...

Hendricks County vapor shop pitches e-cigarettes as tobacco ...
Indianapolis Star - February 9, 2014

It's a relatively new method skyrocketing in popularity the Centers for Disease Control reported last year that one in five smokers had tried "e-cigarettes," along ...

Law changes would regulate e-cigarettes in Long Beach
Long Beach Press-Telegram - February 9, 2014

Electronic cigarettes may be folded into the embrace of city law this week. The City Council will vote Tuesday on changes to the municipal code requiring electronic cigarettes and vapor devices to comply with Long Beachs tobacco ordinance, prohibiting their use in no-smoking areas.

No smoke? That doesn't make e-cigarettes safe
Pueblo Chieftain - February 9, 2014

The big tobacco industry has found another way to keep people addicted to nicotine: They market their new products as a replacement to smoking and tobacco. E-cigarettes and vapors allow tobacco users to get their nicotine fix in potential places that were previously off-limits. People are using the products in stores, workplaces, airports, classrooms, doctors waiting rooms, etc. Why are we so concerned? Some businesses allow vapor use indoors and the inhalation and exhalation of the vapor creates a public health concern for users and bystanders who are exposed to the plume of vapor.

Beware fine print in e-cigarette legislation
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - February 9, 2014

The state legislatures rush to pass an e-cigarette bill should give Iowa voters pause. Why? Well, because the bill isnt what it seems. The way the bill is written, it doesnt just prohibit minors from buying e-cigarettes something everyone agrees is a good idea but does so in a way that creates numerous loopholes and exemptions in our states tobacco laws, specifically for e-cigarettes.

Our View: State should wait till feds weigh in on e-cigarettes
Iowa City Press Citizen - February 8, 2014

When it comes to the controversial question of how the state of Iowa should regulate e-cigarettes, there already are a few key points of common ground: Just about everyone (if not absolutely everyone) agrees that ingesting nicotine through the vapor provided by e-cigarettes is a significantly healthier (at least, less-dangerous) activity than ingesting nicotine through the combination of tobacco smoke, chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes.

Jim Nowlan: The argument for allowing e-cigarettes
Kankakee Daily Journal - February 8, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pushed through his city council, a prohibition of "smoking" electronic or e-cigarettes in any public spaces that ban ...

Birmingham firm Nicolites in talks to have e-cigarettes classed as ...
Birmingham Post - February 8, 2014

A Birmingham firm is a step closer to seeing its e-cigarettes classified as medicines a move that could see the firm supplying the devices for NHS prescriptions.

E-cigarettes under fire by critics
KSHB - February 7, 2014

(KGTV) - Suddenly, e-cigarettes seem to be everywhere and so far, there is no regulation - at the local, state or federal levels. There are a growing number of ...

Bill Banning E-Cigarettes Passes Third Senate Committee
WGCU News - February 7, 2014

A bill that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under age eighteen unanimously passed its third Senate committee on Thursday. The bill aims to ...

Treating the Sales of E-Cigs like Traditional Cigs
WJHG-TV - February 7, 2014

There has yet to be federal regulation on the e cigs because they don't contain tobacco. Minors can purchase the cartridges and flavored nicotine juices as they ...

E-cigs can cloud teen's judgments
Muscatine Journal - February 7, 2014

MUSCATINE, Iowa — While electronic cigarettes and other flavored vapor products are on Iowa lawmakers' minds right now, they don't seem to be clouding too ...

Statewide smoking ban would include e-cigarette use
The Messenger (subscription) - February 7, 2014

Statewide smoking ban would include e-cigarette use.

DN Editorial: No butts about it
Philly.com - February 7, 2014

DURING the last decade, local, state and federal governments have sought to make smoking inconvenient by restricting where and when people can light up.

Smoke break: what tobacco-free drug stores mean for e-cigarettes
The Verge - February 7, 2014

With public smoking bans on the rise, brands have shifted to a "total tobacco" strategy, pushing snuff, snus, nicotine lozenges, and e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarette Makers Seize On CVS' Decision To Stop Selling ...
ThinkProgress-by Sy Mukherjee - February 7, 2014

On Wednesday, CVS made history by becoming the first major U.S. pharmacy chain to agree to stop selling all tobacco products in its stores. And e-cigarette ...

Smokio links e-cigarette to mobile app
Telecompaper (subscription) - February 7, 2014

French firm start-up company Smokio has developed the world's first electronic cigarette that comunicates with a mobile app to give smokers precise statistics ...

E-cigarettes: workplace divided on how to respond (UK)
The Lawyer - February 7, 2014

'Some of our employees have started to use e-cigarettes at their desks and while some line managers do not mind this, others want to stamp it out. What can we ...

Unveiling of New Natural-Flavored e-Cigarette Ignites mCig's Stock ...
MarketWatch - February 7, 2014

... with the excitement surrounding e-cigarettes is spurring innovation and new product ... Australian vaporizer and e-cigarette maker mCig Inc.'s (otcqb:MCIG) stock ... "At this stage, it would be foolish to compete head on with the major tobacco ...

'Vaping': An Alternative To Tobacco, What We Know And What We ...
Fox17 - February 6, 2014

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Feb. 6, 2014) – Electronic cigarettes are an industry billed as an alternative to smoking in an increasingly smoke-free world. But as the ...

A Former Surgeon General Lends His Support to E-Cigarettes
Science - February 6, 2014

He became convinced that e-cigarettes—which release a nicotine vapor but no tobacco-derived toxins—offer a viable way to reduce the harm of smoking.

Poison control: E-cigs causing nicotine poisoning in kids
KPHO Phoenix - February 6, 2014

E-cigarettes have grown in popularity during the past few years, marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco products. But, if you're not careful, those ...

Virginia House votes to ban e-cigarettes in schools
The Virginian-Pilot - February 6, 2014

Kaye Kory, D-Fairfax County, directs school boards to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes on school property, on buses and at school-sponsored activities.

E-Cigarette Concerns
PA home - February 6, 2014

The fad of electronic cigarettes started back in 2007 . ... Some physicians also question if the vapors produced by the electronic cigarette are safe to breathe in.

BOR emphasizes health benefit in tobacco ban
Technique (Georgia Tech) - February 6, 2014

When the Georgia Board of Regents meets next week, the Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campus policy that was introduced last month to the on Personnel and Benefits Committee will likely be brought before the full board.
Lawmakers Want E-Cig Sales to Minors to go Up in Smoke
Capitol News Service - February 6, 2014

Lawmakers want to make the sales of the fake cigarettes to minors go up in smoke. ... helped dozens of customers quit tobacco by still allowing them to inhale nicotine. ... wants to make sure isn't sold to minors, just like a traditional cigarette.

Fate of tobacco, e-cigarettes remains cloudy
The Collegian - February 6, 2014

Although California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White and the Academic Senate proposed a CSU-wide smoking ban last year, Fresno State has yet ...

E-cigarettes gaining popularity
CBS42 - February 6, 2014

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – If it looks like a cigarette and smells like a cigarette, it actually might not be a cigarette. Thousands of people across the country are ...

STATE AFFAIRS: E-cigarettes a breath of fresh air?
MyWebTimes.com - February 6, 2014

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pushed through his city council a prohibition of “smoking” electronic or e-cigarettes in any public spaces that ban ...

Huntley moves to penalize minors for electronic cigarette possession
Northwest Herald - February 6, 2014

HUNTLEY – Teenagers caught with an electronic cigarette in Huntley could now face up to $500 in fines, under an ordinance amendment that Village Board ...

Lawmakers Advance Ban On E-Cigarette Sales To Minors
KUNM - February 6, 2014

State lawmakers advanced a bill Thursday evening that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. The federal government allows the sale of ...

Senate panel OKs banning e-cigarettes for minors
Santa Fe New Mexican.com - February 6, 2014

A proposal to ban electronic cigarettes for minors has cleared an early hurdle in the Legislature. The Senate Public Affairs unanimously approved a proposal ...

Nitzkin on Oregon's proposed e-cigarette ban
R Street - February 6, 2014

The smoke exhaled by the smoker contributes relatively little to this pollution. E-cigarettes have no side-stream smoke…Banning e-cigarettes in no-smoking ...

Statesman Journal: E-cigarettes Subject Of Two Bills
Statesman Journal - February 6, 2014

Legislators on Wednesday heard testimony regarding two competing bills restricting the use and sale of e-cigarettes. House Bill 4115 would prohibit the sale of ...

LETTER: Smokefree law should cover e-cigs, too
La Crosse Tribune - February 6, 2014

State Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, wants to exempt e-cigarettes from the state smokefree air law and permit their use indoors. He reasons that the ...

E-Cigs: Confusion And Candy Flavors
DoorCountyDailyNews.com - February 6, 2014

There is a lot of confusion about so-called e-cigs and other new-tech electronic smoking devices. While some claim they are effective at helping smokers quit, ...

Students in Colorado are now using vapor pens to smoke marijuana ...
Daily Mail - February 6, 2014

Students have found a new way to sneak marijuana into schools by using vapor ... Since Colorado legalized the drug, school administrators have had to fight ...

Democratic lawmakers push to ban e-cigs at Capitol
Washington Times - February 6, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are being touted as the tobacco-free way for smokers to indulge their habits in public places without offending anyone — but not all on ...

UIUC smoking ban takes effect
Prospectus - February 6, 2014

According to U of I's website on the smoking ban policy, there were many reasons that ... The smoke-free campus committees also banned the use of electronic ...

Shop offers alternative to cigarettes
Clinton Herald - February 6, 2014

CLINTON — Having a quick cigarette break has taken on a whole new meaning in ... woman is doing her part to join the growing trend of electronic cigarettes.

Legislators focus on e-cigarettes
UI The Daily Iowan - February 6, 2014

No, these aren't flavors of candy but rather those produced by electronic cigarette — or e-cigarette — companies, in attempts to appeal to prospective consumers ...

The Boom of E-Cigarettes: Are They a Safe Alternative to Smoking?
1011now - February 6, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Root beer, bubble gum, watermelon. Pick your flavor of e-juice. You can't drink it, but you can vape it. Electronic cigarettes are the new trend in ...

McCoy bans e-cigarettes on county property
Albany Times Union - February 6, 2014

ALBANY - Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy banned the use of e-cigarettes on county property. McCoy said the ban was necessary because of the ...

Register-Guard: Lawmakers Study E-Cigarettes
OPB News - February 6, 2014

Facing little opposition, Oregon lawmakers appear set to bar minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes this session, as 27 other states already have done.

Pennsylvania Docs Take on E-Cigarettes
WTAJ - February 6, 2014

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - Pennsylvania doctors are applauding the decision by CVS to stop selling tobacco, but they're saying, let's go further.

Effort to License E-Cigs Runs Into Online Opposition
Utah Policy - February 6, 2014

Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, says if you go online and read comments about his HB112, the control of so-called e-cigarettes, one may believe Ray wants to ...

Why We Must Regulate E-Cigarettes
Huffington Post (blog) - February 6, 2014

The other night, I was half listening to the Golden Globes when I glanced up to see actress Julie Louis Dreyfus -- comedienne of Elaine, Christine and more ...

CVS Move to Ditch Tobacco Shifts Focus to E-Cigs
TIME Magazine - February 6, 2014

“It is also significant that CVS does not sell e-cigarettes and will not sell them until the FDA provides some ‘guidance,’” Glantz wrote on his blog. “This is another responsible act, since not a single e-cigarette company has submitted an application to

E-Cigarettes: Time to Regulate?
Medscape - February 6, 2014

Everyone should be aware of the unequivocal facts that smoking tobacco cigarettes is a leading cause of several serious medical diseases; that nicotine is a ...

Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) news: 2 Tobacco Companies ...
Seeking Alpha - February 6, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity as they have come as a boon to smokers looking to quit smoking. The device, E-Cig, was first introduced by a ..

Electronic cigarettes deserve same regulation as tobacco
Central Florida Future - February 6, 2014

Electronic cigarettes deserve same regulation as tobacco ... Companies throughout the globe began marketing their filtered cigarettes as a “safer” way to smoke.

Vapor and Mirrors: Are E-Cigarettes Masquerading as a Safer ...
Monthly Prescribing Reference - February 6, 2014

Would you like your electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) to be flavored like cherry, chocolate—or menthol? With nicotine—or without?1. Battery-powered ...

E-Cigarettes: A $1.5 Billion Industry Braces for FDA Regulation
Businessweek - February 6, 2014

The first time J. Andries Verleur tried an e-cigarette in 2008, he burned his lip and accidentally inhaled the nicotine fluid. “It was one of the worst products I ever ...

Walk out off misguided e-cigarette regulation
Health and Beauty News (blog) - February 6, 2014

E-cigarettes are considered most healthy and better form of smoking. The virtual concept of smoking can control the impact of real smoking. Many smokers have ...

Investigation reveals e-cigarette smokers may inhale metal
kjrh.com - February 6, 2014

E-cigarettes seem to be emerging everywhere, and so far, there is no regulation at the federal and most local and state levels. In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist ...

Consumer Reports examines safety of e-cigarettes
KGO-TV - February 6, 2014

If you're trying to kick your cigarette habit, you may be considering e-cigarettes as an alternative. But what are you really inhaling? And more importantly, are ...

Authorities warn on dangers of e-cigarettes
The Advocate - February 6, 2014

POTENTIALLY FATAL: An e-cigarette, there is a lack of evidence on their safety and efficacy. Some have enough nicotine to cause serious illness, or even death ...

Health ministry says sale of e-cigarettes in Air India flights ...
Financial Express - February 6, 2014

The ministry of health has written to Air India objecting to the sale of e-cigarettes in its flights. The ministry says the sale through Air India's discount booklets, ...

Gutfeld: The stupidity of banning e-cigarettes
Fox News - February 5, 2014

They want to ban e-cigarettes at the Capitol. Yes, they feel that e-cigs are no different than regular smokes. Notice how I said "feel" and not "think. Yet they admit ...

To vape or not to vape – how should employers deal with e ...
Lexology (registration) - February 5, 2014

The fact that it is a vapour that is inhaled rather than smoked has led to the verb 'vaping' being adopted to describe their use, instead of ...

CVS move won’t slow e-cigarette sales
CBS MarketWatch - February 5, 2014

. “It used to be only a select few locations would carry e-cigarettes, and they would generally be more specialized shops,” says Haynes. “Now it would be more surprising if you didn’t find e-cigs anywhere that traditional cigarettes are sold.”

Two bills on e-cigarettes competing in House committee
Statesman Journal - February 5, 2014

Electronic cigarette demonstration: Sara Muzechenko explains why she uses electronic cigarettes and she shows how to use them.

Del. Lawmakers Want to Ban E-Cigarettes for Minors
WBOC TV 16 - February 5, 2014

DELMAR, Del.- Electronic cigarettes are smokeless, come in different colors and in Delaware can be bought by people under the age of 18. But some state ...

ASUM votes for more hours for executive positions
Montana Kaimin – February 5, 2014

...ASUM also passed a resolution encouraging the University Center Board to repeal its current ban on electronic cigarettes, and discourages any other efforts to ban electronic cigarettes across campus until further research has been documented. ASUM also made the decision to strike language from the resolution which stated that ASUM fully endorses and supports UM’s Tobacco-Free Campus Policy...

Vape stores opening in northern Nevada
KRNV My News 4 - February 5, 2014

Vape stand stands for vapor, which is emitted from e-cigarettes that are filled with different flavored solutions and levels of nicotine. ...

Ohio State's ban of e-cigarettes sparks disagreement
OSU - The Lantern – February 5, 2014

...Risko said he bought an e-cigarette to quit smoking cigarettes. ... campus smoking bans, and the University of Minnesota has a smoking ban set to take effect July 1. ... and the university is currently determining if e-cigarettes should be banned ...

Iowa Democrats fail in attempt to legally define e-cigarettes as tobacco
Watchdog.org - February 5, 2014

Things got testy in the commerce committee as members of the Iowa House of Representatives discussed an amendment to a bill regulating e-cigarettes. The amendment, introduced by Rep. Chris Hall, D-Sioux City, would have defined e-cigarettes as tobacco products, even though the devices contain no tobacco.

New tobacco regulations approved in Franklin
Milford Daily News - February 5, 2014

FRANKLIN Smoking will no longer be allowed at private membership clubs after April 1, when new Board of Health tobacco regulations go into effect. Despite opposition from the Franklin Rod & Gun Club, the board adopted the regulation on Tuesday as well as several more restricting the sale of tobacco products in town. Beginning April 1, stores, under the regulations, wont be able to sell blunt wraps flavored tobacco rolling papers and four packs of cigars priced under $2.50, aimed at curbing the number of teenage smokers in town. In addition, people will be banned from smoking electronic cigarettes, known as "vaping," at any municipal building or town-owned park and recreation area.

E-cigarette bill draws flak, but vote in Ohio Senate is near
Columbus Dispatch - February 5, 2014

An electronic-cigarette bill that has drawn concern from anti-smoking groups, doctors and an Ohio State University professor is likely to see a Senate committee vote next week.

E-cigarettes: raising concerns in local communities
East Central Minnesota Post Review - February 5, 2014

Some people see e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to smoking because the vapor ... than Chisago County and banned the use of e-cigarettes in all public areas.

County restricts sales, use of e-cigs
Corvallis Gazette Times - February 5, 2014

Among other things, the new language adds electronic cigarettes to the list of tobacco products that can't be used at work, in restaurants or other enclosed ...

Oregon lawmakers consider banning indoor use of e-cigarettes ...
The Oregonian - February 5, 2014

Also known as "e-cigarettes," most electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco. Instead, a lithium battery heats a liquid nicotine solution, which creates a vapor ...

Doctor to OR lawmakers: Ban e-cigs for minors, but don't restrict ...
Town Hall - February 5, 2014

While the American Lung Association and other health groups lobby lawmakers to hold off on legislation that would ban minors from e-cigarettes, one doctor on the outskirts of the debate says go ahead just dont restrict where adults can use them. Joel Nitzkin, a physician who owns a private consulting firm, will testify before the Oregon House Committee on Human Services and Housing at 3 p.m. Wednesday in favor of restricting so-called vapes from minors (he actually recommends upping the age from 18 to 21 to keep them out of high schools), but against legislation that would ban e-cigs anywhere cigarettes are banned. Nitzkin, who is supported by the free-market, Washington D.C.-based think tank The R-Street Institute, told Northwest Watchdog hes worried that banning e-cigarettes will send the message to smokers that theyre just as bad as cigarettes, possibly preventing them from switching to a safer alternative.

Electronic cigarette advert banned
Aol Money - February 5, 2014

A poster for a brand of electronic cigarettes has been banned after a watchdog raised concerns about its similarity with a major stop smoking campaign.

E-cigarette ignites debate, sales, in Winnipeg
CTV News - February 5, 2014

The e-juice inside the e-cigarettes contain water, flavoring and sometime nicotine. ... However, e-cigarettes are unregulated and not yet proven safe by Health ...

E-cigs now banned on Williamson County property
KXAN.com - February 5, 2014

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) The use of electronic cigarettes on county property has been banned in Williamson County after commissioners approved an amendment to their tobacco-free campus policy.

Miami-Dade bans electronic cigarettes inside county buildings
MiamiHerald.com - February 5, 2014

Electronic cigarettes will no longer be welcome inside Miami-Dade County and Jackson Health System buildings. County commissioners unanimously signed off Tuesday on a measure prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in indoor workplaces. The ban includes buildings overseen by the Public Health Trust that oversees Jackson hospital.

Democrats Call for Ban on E-Cigarettes on Capitol
RealClearPolitics - February 5, 2014

Several senators and a congressman want electronic cigarettes banned on the U.S. Capitol grounds. In a letter sent yesterday to the House Office Building Commission and the Senate Committee on Rules, Sens. Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Sherrod Brown, Ed Markey, Tom Harkin and Barbara Boxer, along with retiring Rep. Henry Waxman, said that e-cigarettes should be treated the same way as cigarettes. The latter are currently banned at the Capitol, nearby office buildings, and within 25 feet of the entrance of those buildings.

Dems push to ban e-cigs on Capitol grounds
The Hill (blog) - February 5, 2014

Seven Democratic lawmakers are pushing to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on the grounds of the Capitol complex as part of a wider campaign against them.

Demonizing E-Cigarettes Is Not Evidence-based
Science 2.0 - February 5, 2014

We subsidize nicotine patches but regulators are increasingly interested in banning electronic cigarettes. Such misguided legislation, not backed by sound data, ...

Parents should urge children to not use e-cigarettes ($$)
Daily News - Galveston County - February 5, 2014

E-cigarettes are easy to buy but can hook children on nicotine. Parents may try electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. Teens may try them because ...

Another Reason Why Waxman Won't Be Missed
National Review Online (blog) - February 5, 2014

Henry Waxman of California wrote that e-cigarettes should be treated the same ... broadcast for glamorizing e-cigarettes and encouraging young fans to begin ...

Dangers of e-cigarettes, what's really in the vapor?
WXYZ - February 4, 2014

Some say there is also tin and or copper in the smoke, and if you are around someone smoking e-cigarettes you are breathing in ultra fine particles and nicotine.

E-cigarettes should be regulated like regular tobacco products
StateHornet.com - February 4, 2014

Electronic Cigarettes are bad because it is still smoking. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine and create a smoke-like vapor, not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The lack of this regulation allows these ...

Will e-cigarettes help Big Tobacco become Big Marijuana, too?
Quartz - February 4, 2014

Altria, the company behind Marlboro, deepened its push into the market for electronic cigarettes this week when its Nu-Mark subsidiary paid $110 million to buy ...

No Smoking! Vape pens, e-cigarettes substituted
Jamaica Observer - February 4, 2014

KINGSTON, Jamaica With the implementation of a smoking ban in Jamaica there has been a significant increase in the use of electronic cigarettes, also ...

Iowa lawmakers take another stab at e-cigarette bill
Sioux City Journal - February 4, 2014

DES MOINES | Critics who say a bill banning the sale of e-cigarettes to minors doesn't go far enough said they'll take another stab at the measure as it moves to ...

Hidden bacteria living in electronic cigarettes, FOX23 investigates [VIDEO]
KOKI FOX 23 - February 4, 2014

There's been a lot of discussion about the safety of the vapor from e-cigarettes, but FOX23 decided to investigate the germs that may be on the actual electronic ... FOX23 found three willing participants to allow us to swab the outside of their e-sig [sic]. We took it to Tulsa Universitys lab where they cultured it and found a surprising answer to our question, "what bacteria lies on an electronic cigarette." Dr. Mohammed Fakhry at the TU lab told FOX23, two of the three were really full of a good number of bacteria species and also some fungi. Dr. Mohammed Fakhry showed me the two cultures that didn't fare so well Its expected to have microbes, pretty much everywhere but it is the number that is worrisome. At least the appearance would tell me that there are about three or four different types of bacteria strains, said Mohammed. We do want to mention that because the number of electronic cigarettes that we tested was so small, the results cannot be 100 percent statistically accurate. Even though its not extensive research, Fakhry says the presence of yeast, mold and bacteria sends a message. It's a good reminder that you have to clean them out because it is high numbers, even regular non-pathogenic bacteria in large numbers you don't know what they can do, said Fakhry

Time to stub out misguided e-cigarette regulation
EurekAlert (press release) - February 4, 2014

Los Angeles, London (February 04, 2014). Smokers are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes as a means to reduce the health impacts of their addiction. But legislators around the world are far from unified in their approaches to regulating e-cigarettes. Misguided legislation based on concerns that are not backed by sound data may have unintended consequences for public health, experts say. With smoking behind almost six million premature deaths each year, a lot is at stake in the current round of regulation changes.

Over-Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes Potentially Harmful
Nature World News - February 4, 2014

As e-cigarettes cut into tobacco's market share, experts are worried that new regulations are putting corporate interests in front of public health. In an article appearing in the Therapeutic Advances in Chronic Disease, communication, legal and public health experts Daniela Saitta, Giancarlo Antonio Ferro and Riccardo Polosa from the University of Catania, Italy, argue that fear over the growing popularity of the electronic cigarette could lead to policy implementations that have unintended consequences.

Legislation to ban e-cigarettes for under 18s to apply to Wales
WalesOnline - February 4, 2014

It has been argued that e-cigarettes can help people to stop smoking, as users inhale vaporised liquid nicotine rather than the toxic substances found in tobacco, ...

E-cigarettes ban for under-18s to apply to Wales
BBC News - February 4, 2014

But Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford told AMs that e-cigarettes were a "gateway product" and "we do not want our young people to be able to use them to ...

Flower Mound approves ban on e-cigarettes for minors
Dallas Morning News - February 4, 2014

Flower Mound on Monday approved a ban on selling electronic vaping devices or electronic cigarettes to minors. The ordinance amendments also prohibit minors from purchasing or possessing the devices and bans their use on town property where smoking is prohibited. Lewisville, Rockwall and Murphy have also banned e-cigarette sales to minors.

York 'vapers' make the switch from cigarettes
York Dispatch - February 4, 2014

An increasingly popular substitute for cigarette smoking, vaping is the act of smoking electronic cigarettes aka personal vaporizers, or PVs which vaporize ...

Restrictions, studies of devices vary
ThisWeekNews - February 4, 2014

It can sometimes be seen in restaurants, taverns and other public places: the flash of a vivid blue light, a swift puff and an exhalation, the vapor dissipating into thin air. Or so it seems. In modern parlance, its called vaping. The use of e-cigarettes is a growing and some say, disturbing trend that could set the stage for the next big public-health battle nationwide. Its an industry thats largely unregulated, giving teens virtually unlimited access to nicotine products, some public-health advocates argue. Unlike traditional cigarettes and similar tobacco products, e-cigarettes, or smokeless cigarettes, are not banned by Ohio law in public and private places, leaving it up to businesses and governmental agencies to set their own policies. Anita Keller, owner of Hungry Soul Cafe in downtown Columbus, is an e-cigarette user in her own restaurant and doesnt discourage patrons from doing the same. So far, she sees it as a non-issue.

Lake Charles councilman proposes electronic cigarette ordinance [VIDEO]
KPLC-TV - February 4, 2014

Lake Charles, LA (AP) - There is a proposal by a Lake Charles city councilman to regulate electronic cigarettes. But without trusted research from the FDA or CDC, councilman Dana Jackson thinks there needs to be regulations on who can get their hands on them and where they can be used.

Proposal could regulate sale of e-cigs
Central Kentucky News - February 4, 2014

The fourth week of the 60-day legislative session is in the books, and while we await action on the budget bill several proposals were filed this past week for consideration. One bill is House Bill 267 which proposed to ban the sale of so-called e-cigarettes to anyone 18 and younger in Kentucky. The legislation if passed would simply add e-cigarettes to current rules and regulations covering the sale of other tobacco products, which are already banned from sale to minors. E-cigarettes are different than tobacco cigarettes in that they use water vapor, but some manufacturers include nicotine in the liquid mix for their product.

Bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors advances in Iowa Legislature
The Gazette - February 4, 2014

Legislation banning the sale of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes to minors as approved 22-1 by an Iowa House committee 22-1 Monday, but faces an uncertain future despite what its sponsor called its relatively simple nature.

Barrington e-cigarette shop takes pride in helping customers quit smoking
Barrington Courier-Review - February 4, 2014

After electronic cigarettes helped Mike Jacobson kick a 32-year smoking habit, he decided to open a business to help others do the same. Vapor Works, which moved into Barringtons Market Square shopping center three months ago, has already helped numerous area residents quit smoking, the Wauconda resident said with pride.

New shop brings 'vaping' to Nogales ($$)
Nogales International - February 4, 2014

An e-cigarette shop opened its doors in Nogales, offering local residents the chance to join a nationwide trend of vaping. On Thursday afternoon, Nogales ...

Valley doctors seeing more kids swallow e-cigs' poisoneous liquid nicotine
KTAR.com - February 4, 2014

PHOENIX -- Valley doctors are expressing concern about electronic cigarettes. E-cigs use water vapor instead of smoke to deliver nicotine, and many people think they're healthier than regular cigarettes. But at the Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center, doctors are worried that people, especially children, are swallowing the liquid nicotine. "Many of them come with refills that don't come in child proof containers," said Dr. Frank Lovecchio. "The refills are typically very tasty, with flavors such as chocolate and vanilla. Flavors that tend to appeal to a younger user."

Business offers safe alternative to smoking
Branson Tri-Lakes news - February 3, 2014

The family owned and operated business specializes in electronic cigarettes, or puffys as they call them, and a wide variety juices for the devices. They also ...

Some Oregon lawmakers plan to keep minors from buying e-cigs
KATU - February 3, 2014

A state lawmaker is working to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors this session. ... years, but told KATU he's adamant about keeping kids away from smoking.

County to consider more smoking restrictions
Corvallis Gazette Times - February 3, 2014

The Benton County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing Tuesday to consider changes to the county code that would place further restrictions on the use and sale of tobacco. It also would outlaw the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and prohibit the use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking currently is banned. Smoking also would be barred inside retail tobacco shops.

Clearing the Air: Employers Should Consider Their Policies on Smoking in the Workplace to Keep Pace with the Rising Use of E-Cigarettes
The National Law Review - February 3, 2014

The growing popularity of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, has sparked a new dilemma for employers who will have to decide how to address their use at work. The number of users of e-cigarettes, which became readily available in 2006, has ballooned dramatically in recent years, forcing employers to decide what place, if any, vaping has in the workplace. E-cigarettes are tobacco-free, battery-operated devices that mimic cigarettes by turning nicotine, flavor, and other chemicals into an aerosol that is inhaled by users. E-cigarettes emit a smoke-like vapor upon exhaling, and most are manufactured to look just like conventional cigarettes or cigars. Some even resemble every day, workplace items like pens and USB memory sticks. No federal law regulates where they can be smoked, and no state has completely banned e-cigarettes. This is partly due to the fact that most smoke free laws were enacted before e-cigarettes were on the market. Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting tobacco cigarettes in the workplace, but only three New Jersey, Utah, and North Dakota have added e-cigarettes to those laws. Most U.S. cities have not addressed the issue of e-cigarettes, and except in a few locations, use of e-cigarettes is not specifically prohibited under the same laws or ordinances that ban tobacco smoking.

Safety of e-cigarette vapors questioned
Business First of Buffalo (blog) - February 3, 2014

But this weekends game included for the second consecutive year an ad for NJOY King, an electronic cigarette, with a theme of friends helping friends. The response has been mixed from health advocates. While some say inhaling vapors or vaping is safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, others insist quitting entirely is the healthiest course of action. And it turns out vaping also exposes non-users to nicotine in the same way secondhand smoke affects those who spend time around smokers, though at much lower levels. Thats according to research by Maciej Goniewicz, an assistant professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institutes Department of Health Behavior, published by the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. Goniewicz and his team studied vapor from three different brands of e-cigarettes, as well as secondhand smoke exposure of vapors and tobacco smoke generated by dual users. The results showed the e-cigarettes emit nicotine at levels of about 10 times less than conventional tobacco cigarettes, though they did not emit substantial amounts of carbon monoxide and toxic volatile organic compounds.

Altria Expands in E-Cigarettes With Green Smoke
Wall Street Journal - February 3, 2014

America's dominant tobacco company is getting serious about electronic cigarettes. The deal also indicates Altria is no longer comfortable relying solely on MarkTen, its own e-cigarette brand currently being sold in test states Indiana and Arizona ...

More E-Cigarettes in the Hands of Big Tobacco
Wall Street Journal (blog) - February 3, 2014

The market for e-cigarettes has been the domain of dozens of small, scrappy upstarts in recent years, but with predictions that new kinds of smoke-free products could overtake conventional tobacco within a decade, it wont stay that way for long. The big tobacco companies are now all active in the electronic business, with Lorillard, maker of the Newport cigarette brand, owning blu, the e-cigarette market leader.

Altria pushes into e-cig market
Winston-Salem Journal - February 3, 2014

Altria Group Inc. is spending $110 million in cash to accelerate its push into the electronic cigarette category. In April 2012, Lorillard Inc. made the first e-cig splash for the Big 3 tobacco manufacturers by spending $135 million to buy blu E-Cigs of Charlotte. Blu E-Cigs ...

E-Cigarettes under the microscope
KOMO News - February 3, 2014

Are e-cigarettes really safe? Like in the early days of tobacco cigarettes, it just not clear yet what the long-term effects of using those products will be. Another concern-many come in enticing flavors, with names such as Peach Schnapps, Cherry Crush, and Vivid Vanilla. And because e-cigarettes do contain nicotine, they may lead young people to step up to cigarette smoking. Consumer Reports' advice is don't start with e-cigarettes just for fun. And if you're trying to quit smoking, stick with approved and better-studied methods, including nicotine gum, patches, and counseling.

Are e-cigarettes safe to use? New research shows metals found in vapor of electronic cigarettes [VIDEO]
ABC15.com (KNXV-TV) - February 3, 2014

But, the tiny devices haven't been on the market long enough to have any long-term health studies conducted on the very vapor they send straight into the lungs of its users. So, the ABC15 Investigators wanted to take a closer look at the contents of this vapor. They enlisted the help of a lab to test the vapor youre breathing in each time you use an e-cigarette. COPPER, NICKEL AND TIN FOUND I would say e-cigarettes are the cigarettes of the 21 st century, according to scientist Dr. Prue Talbot. She and her team at the University of California Riverside are among the first in the country to analyze the vapor in e-cigarettes. The ABC15 Investigators had her team test two brands of e-cigarettes using a smoking machine and a specialized microscope. The first test was for Smoking Everywhere Platinum. It showed metals.
"There is quite a bit of tin. Most of this material is composed of tin," said Dr. Talbot. "There is also some oxygen, some copper and some nickel." Smoking Everywhere Platinum had so much metal in the vapor that it created pellets. "I think the fact there is significant amount of tin in these pellets is important. This means the people using this product are going to be inhaling the tin," said Dr. Talbot. The doctor continue to say that inhaling tin directly or even second-hand can be dangerous. "Nanoparticles in general can be toxic," she said. "In the case of e-cigarettes, the nanoparticles would tend to go deeper into the respiratory system." "These particles are so very small they go from your lungs straight into your blood stream, and carry the toxic chemicals into your blood, and then appear in various organs," said Dr. Glantz. The research team has tested many brands of e-cigarettes, and each one had a different result. But, keep in mind, each brand is manufactured differently. For example, the second brand we had the lab test, Mistic, had no tin in the vapo