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A new worry for smokers' families: 'thirdhand smoke'
USA TODAY - April 17, 2017

A recent study in the journal Tobacco Control found high levels of nicotine on the hands of children of smokers, raising concerns about thirdhand smoke, a name given to the nicotine and chemical residue left behind from cigarette and cigar smoke that can cling to skin, hair, clothes, rugs and walls. This thin film can be picked up by touch or released back into the air when disturbed. … Officials have attempted to curb the threat of smoke exposure by implementing tobacco bans. Forty-one states and the District of Columbia have implemented local smoke-free laws, according to the lobbying group Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. …

Update needed for Smoke-Free Ordinance | Comment
The Courier-Journal - April 13, 2017

In Louisville, we have enjoyed a standard of clean, smoke-free indoor air for almost a decade. … In the years since our hospitality industry has thrived, and we've all been able to enjoy restaurants and entertainment venues without exposing our families to secondhand toxins. … Since 2008, however, new products - e-cigarettes and hookah - have come into widespread use. … Across the United States, 589 communities, 15 of them in Kentucky, include e-cigarettes, or both electronic cigarettes and hookah, under their smoke-free laws, according to the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy and Americans for Nonsmokers Rights. …

Survey suggests smoking ban ineffective
The Sun Star - April 13, 2017

… A recent study suggests that the university's smoking ban has prompted few smokers to change their habits. The study was devised by Kelvin Rogers, a communications major, who said he had the idea after a friend complained about the smoking ban "not doing anything." Rogers designed a survey asking students about the ban and how it has affected them. He surveyed 100 students-17 of whom were smokers … Of the 17 smokers who responded, 95 percent violate the ban and nearly two-thirds of them don't try to hide it when they do. Of the smokers, only five said they had ever been confronted for smoking and only one confrontation was initiated by a student. "The ban was hoping to be community enforced," Rogers said,"but that's clearly not happened." … UAF's smoking ban coincides with the popularity of similar bans around the U.S. Between Oct. 2010 and April 2017, the number of so-called "smoke free" campuses rose from 446 to 1,827, according to Americans for Nonsmoker's Rights. …

Truth Initiative and CVS Health Foundation Launch Program to Make Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Community Colleges Tobacco-Free
PR Newswire (press release) - April 13, 2017

Truth Initiative® and the CVS Health Foundation are joining together to work with students and administrators at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and community colleges across the country to advocate for, adopt and implement 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free campus policies. … Despite lower youth and young adult smoking rates overall, smoking on college campuses remains a problem in the U.S. Of the 102 federally recognized HBCUs in the country, less than half have smoke-free and/or tobacco-free campus policies. Of the 1,108 community colleges in the U.S., only 360 have 100 percent smoke-free policies in place1. … 1This is based on the Smokefree and Tobacco-Free U.S. and Tribal Colleges and Universities list the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation published on April 3, 2017.

Local students attend 'Kick Butts' rally
Daily Journal Online - April 1, 2017

According to McKnight, guest speakers at the rally included Michael Trapp, a Columbia, Missouri, councilman; Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Midwest ..

St. Louis Busch Stadium to open the season without chew
Bonner County Daily Bee - March 30, 2017

A collection of health organizations have joined forces to support the "Knock Tobacco Out of the Park" campaign to take tobacco out of baseball, including CTFK and the AHA, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. ...

Another Shore town bans smoking on the beach - which one's next? (blog) - March 30, 2017

According to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website, the following beach towns in New Jersey ban smoking: Belmar, Cape May Point, Lavallette, Long ...

Columbus Council makes changes to controversial smoking ban ordinance
Ledger-Enquirer - March 29, 2017

Overwhelmed with the task of crafting an ordinance that would ban smoking throughout the city, Columbus Council decided Tuesday to research the topic for another 60 days. ... During public comments, Onjewel Smith of the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights for the Southern United States asked councilors to reconsider the revisions. “We can’t with a good heart and a good conscience support an ordinance that has so many exemptions; that will still put people in harms way,” she said. “We really ask you to consider a strong ordinance, to go back to the model, to really remember who you started talking about this for, to protect the hard-working citizens of Columbus.” ...

Rockville can lead the way on smoke-free outdoor dining
Washington Post - March 24, 2017

… Ensuring smoke-free outdoor dining areas makes sense. That's why food retail establishments in our city, including Dawson's Market and World of Beer, already do it. That's why leading national health organizations, including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the March of Dimes, Maryland Group Against Smoker's Pollution and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, have endorsed the effort. And that's why the City Council should pass it and other municipalities in the metropolitan area should follow suit. …

Anti-smoking advocates question link between New Orleans ban ... - March 23, 2017

... That was the argument on Tuesday (March 22) from Caesars Entertainment, the global casino enterprise that owns Harrah's New Orleans Casino & Hotel. But Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO for Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, called those accusations "baseless."….Looking at revenues of other state casinos further hurt Caesar's Entertainment's case. "[O]ther casinos throughout the state of Louisiana that are not required to be smoke-free have also seen revenues fluctuate," Hallett wrote in an email. "Clearly declines in revenue are not related to the Smokefree law." ...

Letter to the Editor
Stevenson University - March 23, 2017

Of the total litter on highways, 40% is from cigarettes. (Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights, 2016). Cigarettes are not only bad for the individual using it but also is ...

Rockville to Hold Hearing on Smoking Ban for Outside Eating Areas
Rockville Patch - March 21, 2017

The Mayor and Council will hold a public hearing, Monday, March 27, on whether the City of Rockville should expand its smoking and vaping ban to include establishments with outdoor eating areas. … According to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation, 392 municipalities in the U.S. have rules for smoke-free outside dining; 233 of those also ...

UNL students show support for smoking ban
Lincoln Journal Star - March 16, 2017

A majority who voted in last week's student election indicated they wanted to end smoking on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. ... will join the more than 1,700 universities that have banned the use of smoke-producing tobacco on campus, according to Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. …

Columbus businesses, health advocates fired-up over proposed smoking ban [VIDEO]
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - March 16, 2017

A proposed city ordinance that would make Columbus a smoke-free city has fired up people on both sides of the debate. … Proponents were health advocates who highlighted the deleterious effects of second-hand smoke. That group included representatives from Breathe Easy Columbus, the American Heart Association and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights. …

From my Hide: A jewel of the south coast
South Coast Herald - March 5, 2017

… One negative to all of this, at a particularly pleasing view site we saw a number of cigarette filters ground into the sand. Now, the Americans for Non-smokers' Rights organisation has calculated that over three-quarters of a billion kilogrammes of cigarette filters end up in the environment every year, being the biggest single item of trash thrown away by us humans. The organisation also states that cigarette filters are definitely not biodegradable, in other words they are in that sand forever. …

Bill filed to make all state campuses, buildings tobacco-free - March 2, 2017

... over 1,700 U.S. college campuses are now 100 percent smoke-free, 1,400 of which are also tobacco-free. "We all know it: Tobacco kills. In fact, tobacco use ...

The Other Right-Wing Tidal Wave Sweeping America: Federal and State Preemption of Local Progressive Laws
Preemption allows corporations to boost their profits by suppressing local government power, community groups and citizens.
Alternet - February 25, 2017

… The report, "City Rights in an Era of Preemption," says 24 states have preempted local minimum wage increases; 17 have stopped paid sick or family leave; three have voided anti-discrimination protections for LGBT individuals; three have stopped laws aimed at home sharing (like AirBnB that has tightened affordable housing options); 37 have blocked local regulation of ride sharing (that compete with the more heavily licensed taxis); 17 have blocked municipal broadband (challenging telecom monopolies); and 42 have limited local taxation and spending. … To get back to your question, what's happening now and what's different. In each of the last four years, the threat of preemption has grown and the number of bills introduced has grown. There has been a lot of pushback, but it has not generally been within the political parties. It's generally been advocacy groups like Family Values @ Work, for example, or Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights working on local smoke-free ordinances, and dozens of other great organizations. There has been success in stopping preemption, but the pressure has grown. ….

Southeast regents to vote on tobacco-free policy for campus
Southeast Missourian - February 17, 2017

The Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents will vote today on a proposal that would bar faculty, staff, students and visitors from smoking or using any tobacco product or smoking devices campuswide. … As of early January, more than 1,700 college and university campuses nationwide were smoke-free, with 1,468 being 100 percent tobacco-free, according the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights organization website. …

Lawmakers Weigh Increasing Smoking Age To 21
CT News Junkie- - February 13, 2017

That's according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Heart ... the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights and ...

Kentucky receives poor grades in tobacco prevention program ...
Glasgow Daily Times - February 1, 2017

Tobacco use kills more than 480,000 Americans and costs the nation about $170 ... Johnson Foundation, Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights and Truth Initiative.

USC's anti-smoking policy marks progress
Daily Trojan Online - January 23, 2017

On Jan. 10, USC became a smoke-free campus. This policy shift resulted in a ban of all smokable tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs. … USC is one of about 1,700 campuses to go smoke-free and one of only 110 to completely ban smokable tobacco-based products, e-cigarettes and hookahs. …

Fitzgerald Wants Council To Extend County's Smoking Ban To Vaping [AUDIO]
90.5 WESA - January 18, 2017

Nearly 600 counties and municipalities across the nation have enacted restrictions on e-cigarettes and other forms of vaping in existing smoke-free public venues, according to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Allegheny County could soon join that list. Philadelphia is the only Pennsylvania municipality that has a local ordinance for smoke-free areas and it only prohibits vaping in restaurants. Allegheny County Council is now considering legislation proposed by County Executive Rich Fitzgerald that would extend the county's broad smoking ban to include vaping. … "Secondhand vaping can be just as dangerous as secondhand smoke," Fitzgerald said. …

USC establishes new smoke-free campus policy
Daily Trojan Online - January 11, 2017

On Tuesday, USC announced a new policy that establishes the University a smoke-free campus. The new policy, issued by Provost Michael Quick, prohibits smoking in "all indoor and outdoor facilities on university-owned and leased property," including the Health Sciences Campus and all sorority and fraternity houses recognized by the University. The newly instituted rule will apply to all smoking devices including hookahs and e-cigarettes. The new policy also added that "refusal by faculty, staff or students to comply with this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action." The previous policy allowed smoking on campus, except in indoor locations and other specific areas with no smoking signs. … With the new policy's implementation, USC joined more than 1,500 other colleges in the United States that prohibit smoking. …

Georgia bill proposes ban on smoking when person under 18 in vehicle
The Telegraph - January 5, 2017

A bill has been prefiled that would ban smoking in vehicles in Georgia when a person under 18 is present. … According to the Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights website, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah and Vermont have enacted similar legislation. The age varies of those present in the vehicle in which smoking is not allowed. …

Saint Xavier University Implements 100 Percent Tobacco-Free Campus
Chicago Tribune - January 4, 2017

Saint Xavier University (SXU) was awarded a $20,000 grant that will help the University advocate for, adopt, and implement a 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free initiative on SXU's Chicago and Orland Park campuses as part of the American Cancer Society and the CVS Health Foundation's Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative (TFGCI). … According to the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, only 1,427 college campuses are 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free and now SXU has joined this prestigious club ,,,