U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database©

The ANR Foundation contains the only national repository of state and local tobacco-related ordinances and regulations in the United States. Our U.S. Tobacco Control Laws Database© serves as a key resource for researchers and media outlets which use our data to document trends and research the effectiveness of tobacco-related legislation.

There are more than 17,500 laws in the current collection in more than 5,500 places. Throughout the year, ANR Foundation staff creates numerous lists, charts, and maps to illustrate the trend toward smokefree air. These lists represent only a small percentage of the data available in our Database, which also includes data on sales and distribution, youth access, excise taxes, conditional use permits, and advertising. Only laws that are personally reviewed and analyzed by ANR Foundation staff using standardized criteria and 100% smokefree definitions are included in ANR Foundation’s smokefree lists.

The Tobacco Control Laws data have been used in at least 565 peer-reviewed journal articles, studies, and/or reports, and in multiple NCI monographs and Surgeon Generals’ Reports.  We are also the home of the only national database of smokefree and tobacco-free college campus policies.

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We can also provide specialized runs of the data for research or other projects, generally on a fee-for-service basis.  Researchers interested in learning more about what our Database has to offer should read this PDF document and then contact us for help!

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Your contribution to support the Tobacco Control Laws Database will help us to keep the lists and maps on this page available free of charge, scan and preserve original copies of laws, and maintain daily operations of the Database.

Smokefree Lists and Maps

Our lists and maps cover laws in the areas of clean air, e-cigarettes, marijuana, and tobacco sales in pharmacies.

Check out the model ordinances, policies, guidelines, and other materials available from our sister organization, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.

U.S. College Campus Tobacco Policies Database©

The U.S. College Campus Tobacco Policies Database© is a proprietary policy surveillance tool created by the ANR Foundation for the systematic collection and analysis of current policies governing smokefree and tobacco-free college campuses within the continental United States and territories, including adjacent American Indian and Alaska Native sovereign tribal entities. It was designed to be a comprehensive collection of policy data for the analysis of national trends, in order to evaluate the impact of policy provisions on health and/or tobacco use trends and help to strategically identify campuses without strong policies that might benefit from proactive outreach and technical assistance to become 100% smokefree and tobacco-free.

tobacco-free colleges map

Today, the national database is a unique resource in the field of tobacco control, and unique in the field of public health generally, with 103 distinct fields analyzed for each campus policy. The data are also linked to electronic copies of more than 1,300 analyzed campus policy documents. Campus demographic data are included and searchable, including: community colleges vs. four-year (and beyond) institutions; public vs. private; HBCU; and other demographic data. The data is already in use by advocates, partners, and researchers. As the database continues to grow, it is expected that fields will be added to the database to track more specific information of interest in the field.

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