Trainings, Workshops, & Technical Assistance

Our experts provide trainings, workshops, and technical assistance for public health professionals, coalition advocates, university/college administrators, tribal leaders, as well as housing providers and staff.

Hot Topics Include:
  • Secondhand Marijuana Smoke
  • E-Cigarettes in Smokefree Policies
  • Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing
  • Smokefree Outdoor Spaces (parks, beaches, etc.)
  • Smokefree Campuses (Colleges/Universities/Hospitals)
  • Tribal Commercial Tobacco-Free Policy
  • Smokefree Casinos: Engaging Casino and Gaming Employees
  • The Science of Secondhand and Thirdhand Smoke
  • Tobacco 101/ Smokefree 101
  • Social Justice and the Smokefree Movement
Skills Building Topics Include:
  • Using Storytelling to Promote Awareness
  • Leadership Development
  • Train-the-Trainer (build in-house expertise)
  • Building Coalitions and Supporters
  • Public Speaking (at hearings, for media interviews, etc.)
Smokefree Campaign Topics Include:
  • Advocacy vs. Education vs. Lobbying
  • How to Effectively Advance Smokefree and Tobacco-Free Policies
  • Determining Community Readiness (via assessments)
  • Discussing Dealbreaker Commitments
  • Talking to Legislators
  • Conducting Air Quality Measurements
  • Strategic Planning
  • Mock City Council Trainings

At Our Trainings

Photo of presenters at ANRF training
Photo of group at ANRF training
Photo of presenter at ANRF training

“Thank you for an incredible experience. I learned a tremendous amount at this training.”

– Heather, Training in Idaho, 2016

“I appreciate you (ANR/F) taking the time and having the presence to help me be clear about what support for smokefree policy and laws looks like.”

– Edy, Training in Alaska, 2016

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In-Person Trainings/Workshops

ANR Foundation provides engaging and interactive in-person trainings on a variety of smokefree air issues, which can be customized for your organization’s needs.


Webinars are ideally suited for shorter (1-2 hour) trainings on specific topics. Webinars are cost-effective alternatives to in-person trainings and can be done as single events or in a series.

Speaking Engagements

Experts with the ANR Foundation are available as keynote speakers and panelists at your next event or conference.

Please contact us for more information.