Music Venues Are Workplaces

When most people think about workplaces, they think of offices or retail establishments. Given the proliferation and popularity of smokefree restaurants, many may also include these dining establishments in their definition of a workplace.

But when we start to talk about bars, clubs, dancehalls, and other entertainment venues, including casinos and card rooms, most people do not think about those establishments as workplaces. The truth is that these are workplaces as well as public places – and secondhand smoke is just as hazardous in these environments as it is in an office building.

Music lovers have a special appreciation for their favorite artists. Engaging musicians into the smokefree workplace campaigns in music cities such as Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA brought fresh new voices to explain the real experiences of trying to sing or play in smoke-filled venues. Their stories put a human face to the smokefree issue. Several major music cities are not yet smokefree including Nashville and Memphis, TN. In addition, many entertainers perform in casinos, and major gaming and music cities such as Biloxi, MS, Atlantic City, NJ, and Las Vegas, NV – all of which are not yet smokefree.

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