Did you know the ANR Foundation maintains multiple databases, including the Tobacco Control Laws Database© and the College Campus Tobacco Policy Database©? Accessing data from these databases can be available for a modest fee to researchers, universities, and public health organizations.

We are working with Alaska Tobacco Prevention and Control Program to develop a GIS map of tobacco control grantees, and we have created many maps for presentations at conferences. Most recently we produced a map of all communities and states with laws that restrict marijuana use for a conference in Oklahoma. We can easily provide data for analysis, maps, and info-graphics, among other uses. Contact Maggie Hopkins for more information on how ANR Foundation can provide specific data, lists, and maps, for your use.

The Laws Database contains laws on clean air, sales and distribution, youth access, advertising, excise taxes, conditional use permits, marijuana, e-cigarettes, tobacco-free pharmacies, policies on public/affordable and market rate multi-unit housing, laws that raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21, and more.

The Colleges Database contains links to electronic copies of more than 1,300 analyzed campus policy documents. Each policy is analyzed for 98 distinct variables. Campus demographic data are included and searchable, including: community colleges vs. four-year (and beyond) institutions, public vs. private, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), and other demographic data.