To protect the health and safety of our guests and performers, ANR Foundation is postponing our Smokefree Music Cities event scheduled for March 22nd.

We are working with the venue and our fabulous artists to find a new date later this year. We will refund those of you who purchased tickets, unless you would prefer we count these as donations to the ANR Foundation.

Secondhand Smoke and Public Health

COVID-19 reminds us that health prevention policies matter greatly. Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by coronavirus, including front-line healthcare workers.

Just as social distancing and handwashing help prevent the spread of disease, eliminating secondhand smoke is critical to prevent acute and chronic diseases, and saves lives by reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, and lung cancer by up to 30% at a population wide level.

Sadly, more than 100 Americans die every day from secondhand smoke exposure. This is a health risk we can eliminate by closing gaps in smokefree protections for all workplaces, public places, and multi-unit homes. Powerful corporate interests, including tobacco companies, want to enable indoor smoking in venues like bars, music venues, and casinos as a way to maximize smoking profits and keep people addicted to tobacco and other nicotine products.

Smokefree Music Cities Project Awareness

With your help we can ensure all entertainers, along with hospitality and casino workers, enjoy the same, healthy privileges of those who already breathe clean air on the job. You can help by letting lawmakers and businesses know you support smokefree air on your social media, through Letters to the Editor, making phone calls, and getting involved with smokefree coalitions in your area.

View testimonials from musicians about how smoky clubs and venues impact their performance and their health.


If you are inspired, please consider supporting our work to protect all workers by making a tax deductible contribution.