Thumbs DOWN: to municipalities that don’t include e-cigarettes in their smokefree ordinances. Our sister organization, ANR, noted a news story from the University of Illinois: “Juuling legal inside Champaign bars.” Juul is an e-cigarette that is small and easy to conceal, so they’re particularly attractive for students.  Sadly, not including e-cigarettes in its smokefree ordinance is not an issue that’s unique to Champaign—or even to Illinois. Most communities in Illinois and many other states have not yet taken action to prohibit e-cigarette use in smokefree spaces. ANR encourages Champaign and other communities to include e-cigarettes in their smokefree ordinances. See which states and communities are leading the way by already taking action.

Thumbs UP: to The Music City Bar and Grill in Nashville, Tennessee, for going smokefree! We saw this mentioned in a tweet and wanted to share this great news. This decision is good for business and healthy for patrons, musicians, and staff!

Thumbs DOWN: to Live Casino & Hotel in Maryland for not considering secondhand smoke exposure as a health problem for their employees in a proposed enclosed patio gambling area where the featured table games will include blackjack, baccarat and roulette. In a Baltimore Sun article, the casino manager is quoted: “I think as adults we all have the ability to make reasonable decisions for ourselves. I’m personally not a smoker, but I don’t begrudge those that enjoy it.” It is interesting to note that MGM National Harbor, also in Maryland, and 100% smokefree, earned more revenue in 2017 than Live Casino.  Read story