Prop 31 is on California’s ballot this fall to determine whether the state will end the sale of flavored tobacco products. Voters will be receiving ballots by mail in the coming weeks.

Voting Yes on Prop 31 will uphold the law to end the sale of most flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes and flavored vaping products. Voting No on Prop 31 will overturn the law and prevent it from going into effect.

The flavored tobacco law, SB793, was adopted by the legislature in August 2020. The day the law was signed, Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds tobacco companies started working to overturn this public health legislation. Enough signatures were gathered to put the issue on the ballot to try to overturn the law. 

Why is this happening?

Big tobacco Flavors Hook Kids

The tobacco industry knows that ending the sale of flavored tobacco will reduce tobacco sales and hurt their bottom line. This is typical expected bad behavior from tobacco companies as they try to protect their profits at the expense of the health of California’s kids and communities. Menthol and candy flavors play an essential role in addicting young people to nicotine and tobacco use. 

More than 260 cities and counties nationwide, including 133 in California, have taken action to restrict or end the sale of flavored tobacco products in their communities; more than 3 dozen of these local California laws were adopted after SB793 was passed.

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