Have you ever wondered what helpful guidance there might be for you and your coalitions/teams working on smokefree ordinances and policies? Our sister organization, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, has a wealth of campaign resources, including factsheets, helpful tip-sheets, and model ordinances, all designed to support you to be successful with your local smokefree goals.

ANR’s Campaign Overview DOCUMENTS TO GUIDE YOU section has loads of campaign resources just waiting for your perusal. One document recently updated is the Champion Checklist. Every tobacco control policy effort needs at least one “champion” on the decision-making body that will collaborate beneficially with the coalition on the policy effort. But what might be required of potential champions? Use this checklist for setting clear expectations with your legislative champion thereby encouraging them to become even more involved and engaged in strong smokefree laws and policies.

If you ever need additional help and support, be sure to contact ANR for personal advice and assistance. We’re ready to assist!