Congratulations to the Moose Fraternity service organization for voting in favor of a smokefree indoor air policy at their recent convention. All Moose lodges will be smokefree by January 2020. This important step will improve health, save lives, and help make lodges more welcoming to a new generation of members.

According to Supreme Prelate Bruce Berger prior to the vote, “It is absolutely essential that our lodges go smokefree. It not only opens up a whole new pool of prospective members from young and old alike, but will help get families with children or grandchildren to become members of the greatest Fraternity in the world. The time is now to take action. The Supreme Council would greatly appreciate your support in taking this positive step to ensure a bright future for the Moose.” Read more from Scott D. Hart, Director General.

The Moose are allowing lodges to apply to their grant program to assist with clean up of thirdhand smoke and accommodation as lodges transition to smokefree.