All hotels and motels in California are required to be completely smokefree indoors.

Vaping and use of electronic smoking devices is no longer allowed inside smokefree venues in Illinois including workplaces, restaurants, bars, and casinos.  

As part of the January quarterly update to ANRF policy data resources, we want to share that California and Illinois are celebrating the start of 2024 with expanded smokefree air protections.

New laws went into effect on January 1st that require all California hotel/motel rooms to be 100% smokefree. In Illinois, the statewide smokefree air law now requires all workplaces and public places to be free of vaping product use. 

Congratulations to both states for taking action to close gaps and allow more people to breathe smokefree air on the job and in public spaces. Their action is a good reminder that even in states that have long-standing smokefree workplace laws, there are often still gaps to be addressed.

These states are following the trend of modernizing their smokefree laws. Statewide laws that predate the advent of e-cigarettes or allowed for outdated indoor smoking exemptions have an opportunity to follow the lead of California and Illinois by expanding their smokefree protections.

See how your state measures up, and the new California and Illinois laws reflected in the relevant lists and maps, at: