Yesterday, a truly overwhelming 80.5% of voters said No to Prop C. Thank you, San Francisco voters, for seeing through Juul’s deceptive, $18 million dollar campaign to re-write the rules to benefit their bottom line at the expense of kids and our community’s health.

This campaign is a reminder that our communities and states have the power to fight back against Juul and Big Tobacco when community members are educated and organized. The successful defeat of Prop C will encourage other municipalities and states to take action to put public health ahead of tobacco industry profits.

San Francisco’s law will go into effect in January, ending the sale of vaping products, including nicotine pods, e-liquids, and other electronic smoking devices, that have not been authorized for sale by the Food and Drug Administration.

As City Attorney Dennis Herrera said yesterday, “San Francisco voters are too smart to be fooled by Juul. Juul is Big Tobacco, and it’s using a classic ploy from the Big Tobacco playbook to try and hook another generation of kids on nicotine. Voters saw right through Juul’s deception.”

ANR, our sister organization, is proud to be part of such an important campaign and is thankful to everyone involved in the SF Kids vs Big Tobacco coalition, who worked tirelessly to educate the community about how Juul was trying to deceptively undo years of progress on protecting our young people from a lifetime of nicotine addiction.