As we wrap up the year, we are happy that millions of people can celebrate the New Year in smokefree environmentsfrom Indianapolis to New Orleans. But for residents in many communities, secondhand smoke is still a major health hazard for a night out or for live music. Many performers we’ve talked to say that smokefree venues help them perform at the top of their game. Read testimonials from musicians and more at our Smokefree Music Cities Project.

Here are just some of the places where bars and other nightlife venues are not yet smokefree by law:

*We give a big thumbs up for the Free The Night campaign in Oklahoma, which is dedicated to supporting smokefree bars and clubs. Here are their recommendations for smokefree spots in Oklahoma City.

Where are you ringing in a smokefree new year?

Wherever you go to celebrate for New Year’s Eve, we thank you for speaking up for smokefree air. You can draw attention to venue owners and managers by sharing your experiences in your online travel reviews and social media. Tag us @ANR_smokefree on social media to tell us your #smokefreeNYE recommendations.

Have a fun and healthy New Year’s Eve!