March Madness is upon us, and now that the bracket is more or less confirmed for 2018, we here at ANRF have been busily researching how participating schools rate on tobacco-free and smokefree campus protections. When it comes to fitness competitions, everybody should know how one’s picks stack up on health, so we plan to share this information shortly.

Meanwhile, and as part of this process, we have made an interesting discovery worth sharing immediately: University of Pennsylvania updated its tobacco policy, effective October 1, 2017, and as such, is a slam-dunk for the next iteration of our Smokefree and Tobacco-Free Colleges and Universities List, as the very first 100% tobacco-free Ivy-League institution, university-wide!

To date, the ANR Foundation has identified many fully smokefree and tobacco-free community colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and other types of colleges and universities, institution-wide. However, while we have identified portions of Ivy League institutions that have gone 100% smokefree/tobacco-free, and have noted them on ANR Foundation’s Colleges List (e.g. Brown University’s Alpert Medical School, Harvard’s Kennedy School, etc.), none of the Ivy League’s tobacco policies of which ANR Foundation was previously aware provides for blanket smokefree/tobacco-free campus coverage across all property and schools controlled by an entire Ivy League university; Penn’s is the first such policy to do so.

Congratulations to the University of Pennsylvania! Penn’s policy is found here: