Smokefree Business Checklist

  • Gather Stakeholders: Hold a virtual meeting or phone call with key managers and staff to discuss plans to implement a smokefree policy change. Explain how the change will impact the business routine and how staff and customers can comply with the new policy. Share smoking cessation resources, like your state’s quitline, to help employees who may want to use this opportunity to cut back or quit smoking.
  • Set the Policy: Only 100% smokefree indoor policies can truly protect the health and safety of employees and patrons. Determine where smoking will be allowed for staff or customers that choose to do so. Set a distance away from doors, windows, and air intake units where smoking will be allowed to ensure secondhand smoke doesn’t infiltrate back into the building.
  • Select a Date: Choose a date on the calendar that smoking and vaping will no longer be allowed indoors.
  • Communicate the Change: Announce to all employees and customers that you have now adopted a smokefree policy for the health of everyone. Social media is a great way to reach your audience and provide an outlet for questions.
  • Prepare the Space: Remove all ashtrays and remove the residue left behind by thirdhand smoke which includes cleaning walls, ceilings, and carpets and replacing HVAC filters. Consider removing, swapping out or cleaning draperies and upholstery. It’s a perfect time to freshen your look!
  • Prepare your Employees: To help ensure policy compliance, train staff on the new policy and the protocol for handling customers who have questions or are not following the policy. Help them prepare what to say to customers who are smoking.
  • Post signage: The vast majority of U.S. adults are nonsmokers which eases enforcement with the policy. Just like removing ashtrays, posting signs indicates that the establishment is smokefree and helps to let everyone know how to comply.
  • Enjoy the benefits! Celebrate and encourage everyone to come enjoy the new, safer, and healthier smokefree environment.

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