Are you starting a smokefree multi-unit housing project in your city or state?

Six types of materials listed below are key suggested resources to develop for educating housing providers and residents about the benefits of smokefree housing and how to make buildings smokefree.  You may not need to create your own resources if state or regional partners have already developed materials.  And if you do want to create resources, there’s no need to start from scratch. Below are just some of the many great examples of tools from around the country to encourage smokefree housing.

This is a smoke-free building, sample sign

The above materials can be stand-alone resources, or they can be combined into a Housing Provider Toolkit with the following additional materials. Additionally, some communities and states have chosen to compile the information into a more formal Housing Provider Guidebook.

Housing Provider Toolkit:

Fire safety fact sheet

Sample resident letters and flyers about making a smokefree policy change.

Sample lease language

Offer signs for buildings (and other promotional ideas, i.e. banner, lawn sign, website listing)

Enforcement advice (ANR Foundation) (ANR Foundation) (ME) (OR)


Housing Provider Guidebook: (CO) (MN)  (TX) (WA)

It’s very helpful to collect quotes from landlords, Housing Authority staff, and other housing providers about the benefits of having a smokefree building to include in outreach materials.

Suggestions about how to use resident survey data:

  • Press release highlighting residents’ desire for smokefree housing and the availability of resources about how to implement a smokefree building policy.
  • Promote data at media event, public rally, or health fair.
  • Add data to housing provider and resident fact sheets, public education ads.
  • Send postcards highlighting data to housing providers to encourage them to go smokefree, visit your website, call to get a Housing Provider Toolkit, and/or promote a housing provider education event.
  • Use data as an opportunity to contact housing providers and housing industry groups, offer to give presentations about benefits of smokefree buildings, or to host an educational booth at conferences.
  • Pitch articles to local/state/regional housing industry publications, i.e. Apartment Association or Housing Authority newsletters/blogs/magazines.

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