In 2009, Cynthia Hallett took her son to the movies and saw an e-cigarette vendor cart at the foot of the steps as they left the theater area. It prompted the beginning of our steadfast monitoring of this emerging health hazard. Fast forward to 2017 and e-cigs are famous for their puffy clouds of ‘vapor’ and exploding. Not only is the aerosol filled with toxins, but the devices have also proven to be very unsafe.

As we write, yet another injury has occurred. See our ‘Explosions File‘ for a list of the most recent explosions and injuries. The FDA has just released a page of safety tips and recommends reporting all incidents to them. Visit ANR’s e-cigarette page to find out just how dangerous the emissions from these products are.

Forth more information, visit both our electronic cigarette page, and the electronic cigarettes campaign from our sister organization, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.