Thumbs up for the best and thumbs down for the worst in smokefree policies this month.

Thumbs Up

Vortex in ATL Goes Smokefree

Vortex in ATL Goes Smokefree

To lawmakers and ANR partners working in New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma, to to close gaps in statewide smokefree workplace laws this legislative session that had left people behind.  People need to breathe in bars, small workplaces and hotels too!

To the Vortex in Atlanta, a popular nightlife spot, for surveying their customers and going smokefree voluntarily, just days before the Superbowl Celebration. This spring the city council is taking up the issue. Follow Atlanta news here.

To MGM National Harbor for maintaining safety for customers and workers by remaining smokefree. Read more

We love smokefree casinos!

Thank you MGM!


Thumbs Down

To housing providers who haven’t taken action to protect residents from drifting secondhand smoke. The federal HUD rule requires a smokefree policy for all public housing properties, but the rule does not require Section 8 and other types of affordable housing to be smokefree. However,  housing authorities and private housing providers that accept Section 8 vouchers can choose to expand protections to bring smokefree air to these additional types of affordable properties. See this story from Yonkers for an example of  confusion around the HUD rule and residents who are not protected from secondhand smoke.

To Walgreens for still selling tobacco instead of making the healthier choice. Read more

To needless deaths from unsafe devices like this sad story in Texas. E-cigarette explosions are becoming too common and reinforce that these devices are unsafe. See our documentation of reported E-cigarette events: Dangers of E-cigarettes PDF