Thumbs up for the best and thumbs down for the worst in smokefree policies this month.

Thumbs Up

To Disneyland theme parks, who have announced the elimination of smoking areas beginning May 1. Designated areas will be available outside the location entrances.

To Albany, CA, and Sacramento, CA, for taking a stand against tobacco industry targeting. Albany enacted an ordinance on April 15 to prohibit the sale of all flavored tobacco, including menthol cigarettes and flavored vaping products, and Sacramento passed the first reading of a similar ordinance on April 16.

To South Dakota for adding e-cigarettes to their state smokefree law, and to New Mexico for adopting their new law to close the workplace loophole, though it still leaves a gap in protections.

Thumbs Down

To San Francisco for rolling back their smokefree law protections to allow marijuana smoking at special events.

To Big Marijuana Industry influence and interference in Colorado as they push a bill for allowing smoking and vaping of marijuana statewide with very few guardrails for protecting nonsmokers’ rights.