Thumbs Up  to Denver International Airport for going smokefree. See more

Thumbs Up  to Hawaii where lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban smoking and vaping on all University of Hawaii campuses. Senate Bill 134 would prohibit tobacco use, smoking and electronic smoking devices at every facility owned or operated by UH. Currently UH-Manoa and Kapiolani Community College are the only campuses that ban smoking completely. Read more

Thumbs Up to Maryland casinos for being 100% smokefree indoors AND growing profits. Here’s to gaming jobs, revenue, and entertainment without the toxic secondhand smoke. Inside a casino complex, it’s shared air for thousands of workers and visitors. Smokefree air saves lives. Read more

Thumbs Up to the Lebanon City School district in Ohio.  They are concerned about student health and safety, so when it comes to e-cigarette use, also known as vaping, there will now be consequences if used at school. They join many other school districts that have taken the same action. We don’t track individual school policies but we do hear of these policies being adopted. Read more

Thumbs Down to Las Vegas, Washington Dulles, and Atlanta airports for still allowing indoor smoking despite the proven health hazards of secondhand smoke to workers and passengers.