Thumbs Up to Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for endorsing the Breathe Free Pennsylvania legislation that would bring smokefree air to PA’s bars, casinos, and fraternal organizations. Newsclip

Thumbs Up to Redwood City, CA for becoming the 41st community to enact a law for 100% smokefree multi-unit housing. Read More

Thumbs Up to the American Academy of Pediatrics for their media release about smokefree movies. ANR was in the mix as Cynthia Hallett, President and CEO, noted that the movie industry has had more than 25 years to address public health concerns about smoking in films. ANR produced its “Hollywood on Tobacco” documentary and held the first summit on smoking in movies in 1991. Read More

Thumbs Down to the APHA for holding their largest conference in Atlanta, a city that is not smokefree, even though the APHA agreed in 2004 that they would only hold meetings in smokefree cities. Read The Announcement from 2004

Thumbs Up to Ft. Worth, TX for finally taking a look at their policy of smoking in bars, and hopefully changing it to have a truly healthy city. Read More

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