Our new smokefree lists and maps are up! The ANR Foundation has updated its smokefree lists and maps showing municipalities and states with smokefree laws in effect as of January 8, 2019. Our lists and maps cover laws in the areas of clean air, e-cigarettes, marijuana, and tobacco sales in pharmacies.

1,513 municipalities in the U.S. now have 100% smokefree ordinances!

Where Marijuana Is Legal and Where Laws Prohibit Smoking or Vaping Marijuana

Check out our two newest maps, on the ever-popular topic of marijuana. This map provides an easy go-to source to see which states have legalized marijuana, while this one show which states and municipalities have laws that prohibit smoking and vaping marijuana in workplaces, restaurants, bars, and/or gambling facilities.

Please share our lists widely and let us know how these data, lists, and maps help you!

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