ANR Foundation Partners with CityHealth

ANRF worked with our partners CityHealth to write a blog post in recognition of April being National Healthy Homes Month. The post raises awareness about how cities can support healthy housing policies that improve residents’ health and well-being, especially by expanding the availablity of smokefree multi-unit housing. May is National Asthma Awareness Month which is another opportune time to highlight the need for smokefree housing, since breathing secondhand smoke is a key asthma trigger for both children and adults. As stated in the blog post, everyone, regardless of housing circumstances, deserves to have a stable and healthy living environment, including the right to breathe smoke-free air at home. Residents of multi-unit housing shouldn’t have to suffer serious health risks from secondhand smoke drifting from neighbors’ units.

See the blog on CityHealth’s site.

More about our work with CityHealth here.

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