It’s Time to Go Back to School!

Whatever that looks like in your respective world…welcome back! While we are keeping our campus communities that have been affected by this pandemic in our thoughts, we continue our daily mission to promote healthy, smokefree environments for everyone. Be on the lookout for more recent news and the latest resources as you continue to adjust to the new-normal Fall semester. Be sure to look for the ANR Foundation’s tools and resources as you consider reopening smokefree, or better yet, as a tobacco-free college campus.

Legislators urge the CDC to offer guidance for colleges to go tobacco-free

A recent article in the University Business magazine, “The Push To Have Colleges Be Tobacco-Free This Fall,” is creating some buzz about tobacco-free campuses. It mentions the Tobacco Free Generation College Initiative (TFGCI) and also links to the ANRF model policies and tips for going smokefree.

Now is an ideal time to advocate for a strong tobacco-free campus policy to protect the health and safety of the entire campus community.  Smoking, vaping, and exposure to secondhand smoke and aerosols can increase risks associated with COVID-19 transmission. Removing face coverings to smoke or vape indoors undermines the proven benefit of face coverings and increases the risk of transmitting or inhaling COVID-19 via infectious respiratory droplets, uncovered coughs, and increased touching of faces. There are currently more than 2,500 smokefree campuses, of which 2,076 are tobacco-free. Check out our July 1, 2020 Smokefree and Tobacco-Free Campus list to see if your school makes the grade.