Are you a teen or young adults concerned about tobacco marketing tactics? Take a stand to tell Big Tobacco to “butt out!”

Comment on your favorite blogs about standing up for smokefree air for everyone. Inform others of Big Tobacco’s targeted marketing tactics, such as bar promotion nights and sponsoring collegiate sports and social events sponsorships, to hook a new generation of cigarette users (40% of young adults are current smokers). Assert that you will not be one of their statistics.

Encourage a smokefree social scene. Encourage your favorite bar, club, and social hot spot to remove its ashtrays and tobacco industry coasters and posters, and to substitute them with 100% smokefree air. As a customer, subtly leave messages on receipts and cocktail napkins relating that, “The service and ambience were great, so it’s too bad my evening was ruined by the secondhand smoke.” Business owners and managers care what you think, so tell them.

Support local smokefree air campaigns. Youth and young adult smoking rates are significantly lower in areas with smokefree bars, restaurants, and workplaces. It’s hard for the tobacco companies to make their toxic product seem fashionable in smokefree settings. Contact us to locate a smokefree coalition near you.