Here is some great information from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development:

June is National Healthy Homes Month—the perfect time to remember that a healthy home includes healthy air. Why air? Because the air inside your home can contain harmful pollutants that put you and your family at risk. Keep in mind that health effects resulting from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be experienced soon after exposure or sometimes not until years later (like with secondhand smoke!). Improving your home’s indoor air quality is important to your health and the health of your loved ones. Step 1: don’t smoke inside your home!

The quality of your indoor air is an important factor of healthy living. Recognizing that people spend most of their time inside, National Healthy Homes Month introduces concepts and tips for keeping homes healthy and safe.

Healthy homes need healthy indoor air. These three strategies will help you improve your home’s IAQ:

  1. Source Control—Stop pollutants where they start. For example, adjust emissions from gas stoves and eliminate sources of mold and moisture.
  2. Improved Ventilation—Turn on kitchen fans when cooking and bathroom fans when showering.
  3. Air Filters—Change the filter on your heating/cooling system as recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Improve your home’s air quality by using “green” cleaning products, not smoking indoors, having your home tested for radon, or upgrading your heating and cooling systems to be more energy efficient and cleaner, among other steps.

Here’s a resource that can help you improve your home’s IAQ:

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