ANR Foundation was in attendance at (Global Gaming Expo) G2E when the unthinkable occurred.

October 2, 2017

Last night I arrived to Las Vegas to represent the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation at the Global Gaming Expo, the international conference and forum for the casino industry, and to advocate for safe, healthy, smokefree casino workplaces.

The shooting from Mandalay Bay on the unsuspecting music fans happened when I was between the airport and the hotel. It was unnerving and an enormous shock to me and everyone in the city. Despite its outsized reputation, Las Vegas is also like a small town where folks know one another. This event has affected many of our colleagues, family, and friends.

Our thoughts are with all the victims and loved ones of last night’s senseless tragedy, and we send our condolences to our friends and colleagues in Nevada. This will be a major pivot point for the gaming industry. We expect a huge focus and discussion about safety and prevention issues going forward amongst casino companies and in gaming communities.

There are many important issues for casinos to confront when it comes to health and physical safety risks to guests and staff. Not to diminish the tragedy that occurred last night, but there are other health and safety risks that could be easily remedied. Among these issues is the suffering by people who get sick or see their loved ones die from breathing secondhand smoke. These stories do not make headlines, but are still the grim reality for many employees in the gaming and hospitality industry and for their families.

Let’s remember that smokefree indoor air one of the simplest things we can do to save thousands of lives in casino workplaces and entertainment destinations. We have lost too many friends in the gaming industry to secondhand smoke over the years to not make this point.

Bronson Frick
Associate Director
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights / ANR Foundation