Thumbs Down to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for working to repeal the landmark law that protects youth and vulnerable communities from the predatory marketing of flavored tobacco products. The law was unanimously adopted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors but thanks to tobacco industry interference, it will now go to the ballot to attempt repeal. Newsclip

Thumbs Up to a SUNY Geneseo student for speaking out. Her reaction to her campus not having a smoking policy: “Avoiding secondhand smoke is almost impossible

Thumbs Up to Cowboys, a popular music and dance venue, just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. Cowboys is going smokefree through its own policy. Although not covered by Lafayette’s new law, it was a big factor in helping them take this step. So get your zydeco on and help Cowboys celebrate their new smokefree policy – for the health of musicians and live music fans alike!

Thumbs Down to Indiana University for not enforcing its campus smoking policy. Read More

Thumbs Down to Philip Morris International for making a big PR splash with their announcement that it will fund scientific research designed to “eliminate the use of smoked tobacco around the globe.” PMI registered the “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World” as a U.S. charitable organization and pledged $1 billion, with the aim of making grants on “how to best achieve a smoke-free world and advance the field of tobacco harm reduction.” PMI co-opting public health terms like “smokefree air” is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. PMI wants the world (and perhaps potential jury pools) to think they’ve turned over a new tobacco leaf, so to speak, but they still knowingly target, addict, and kill, their customers for profit. Read More

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