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Q: I stay in Hilton hotels while in New Jersey for work. I am staying at a smoke free hotel. Why then,  is the pungent odor of pot consuming the halls elevator and management gives very generic answers. It’s all about profits and they are not concerned with the health of guests.

A: Thanks for reaching out and speaking up. Let’s not trade one form of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure for another. Unlike Marriott, Hilton still doesn’t have a consistent brand-wide or portfolio-wide smokefree policy, so there could be inconsistency between Hilton properties for how they handle it without an overarching 100% smokefree policy to reference.

To be clear, marijuana secondhand smoke is a health hazard. There isn’t quite the same mountain of research yet as with secondhand tobacco smoke, but from what we do know, the risks can be significant, such as increased risk of heart disease.

New Research

Here is a study  just published about the high levels of fine particulates in cannabis smoke. This study found that PM2.5 emission rate of pre-rolled marijuana joints was found to be 3.5 TIMES the average emission rate of Marlboro tobacco cigarettes.

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Please continue to speak up for your right to breathe smokefree air in hotel guest surveys, in social media or consider staying at another brand if appropriate. Feel free to forward us any responses you might receive.