In conjunction with the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting, the ANR Foundation hosted a virtual awards ceremony on Monday, October 26 for our annual Smokefree Indoor Air Challenge and our special Voices for Smokefree Air awards. Fourteen awards were given to organizations and individuals who have made exceptional contributions to tobacco control policy-making.

The Smokefree Indoor Air Challenge award recognizes the state that enacts the most local smokefree provisions, including all workplaces, restaurants, and bars; the laws can be new smokefree laws or those that strengthen previously adopted laws. Local smokefree laws save lives and save money by preventing illness caused by secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace. This national award originated in 1998 as a way to acknowledge the importance of local policy-making to protect nonsmokers from the health hazards of secondhand smoke and building support for statewide smokefree protections.

The three states acknowledged are Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

In addition, we also recognize the state that adopts the most smokefree indoor air policies that include electronic smoking devices, frequently referred to as e-cigarettes. The three states to be acknowledged are Louisiana, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

Many smokefree municipalities and states expand their tobacco-related policy protections to include other spaces and to address the sale of tobacco. The ANR Foundation will also acknowledge the state that has adopted the most Smokefree Multi-Unit Housing municipal laws and the most that prohibit the Sale of Flavored Tobacco.

Voices for Smokefree Air

In order to change the social norm about smoking indoors or tobacco use in general, many partners and voices are needed. This year, we have a slate of amazing partners who are the recipient of our Voices for Smokefree Air award.

In recognition of advocates who are willing to lift their voices in relentless pursuit of smokefree air for everyone – no matter where they work. These individuals work outside the expected public health circles and instead use their talent and partnerships to elevate the conversation to a new audience and platform. By emphasizing the importance of these voices, we can highlight the stories of those who are most impacted by secondhand smoke and begin to close the gaps in smokefree protections to address persistent disparities.

Voices for Smokefree Air Awards:

Brian Christopher and Britt Carter, BC Slots; Jamie Kent, Musicians for a Smokefree Nashville; Lewis McTush, Entertainers Speaking Out.

Excellence in Smokefree Coalition Building Award: 

Indiana Tobacco Free Casinos Task Force

Smokefree Air Leadership Awards:

Southern Plains Tribal Health Board

Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board


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