Resources for Smokefree Tribal Casinos

ANRF Tribal Relations Consultant, Clinton Isham, has collaborated with Tribal leaders to share their perspective on the importance of smokefree air, particularly in casinos. The content has been captured in a video series for Tribal leaders and community members about the benefits of smokefree casinos, Tribal sovereignty, and COVID-19.

ANRF is also proud to announce our fifth collaborative webinar this year focusing on reopening Tribal casinos 100% smokefree. This conversation can be heard on Thursday, November 19 at 6:00pm MST: Navajo Nation’s KTNN radio will broadcast an audio recording of the webinar, and it will be made available to stream online.

Special guest speakers include Brian Christopher and Britt Carter with BC Slots, Missy Tracy with Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison, Clinton Isham with ANRF, and casino employees!

In addition to producing videos, ANRF has provided many tools and resources to help further the conversation requesting that Tribal leadership consider enacting permanent 100% smokefree policies for their casinos.

Webinars have proven to be an effective method in reaching Tribal members, public health advocates, and gaming industry personnel. ANRF initially partnered with national leadership in Tribal health initiatives for a webinar to begin addressing the issue of reopening Tribal casinos 100% smokefree. ANRF then collaborated with regional Tribal Epidemiology Centers to create unique webinars that speak to specific geographical areas. Thus far, we have held webinars for the Navajo Nation region, the Great Plains region, and the Southern Plains region. Our webinars provide tips and tools about going smokefree, which empower listeners to take action and to communicate with their elected officials about the importance of smokefree Tribal casinos.

See our archived webinars and more resources.

UPDATE  The KTNN forum is available here: