Thumbs Up  Starting March 1, Yellowstone County, Montana, will be a “Clear Air Zone.” Using electronic smoking devices, such as e-cigarettes, will not be allowed in public buildings. Read more

Thumbs Up to the Tulare County Fairgrounds for clarifying that marijuana smoking would not be allowed inside fairgrounds buildings when it was brought to their attention that a January cannabis festival planned to allow indoor smoking in violation of California’s smokefree air and marijuana laws.

Thumbs Down to Las Vegas, Washington Dulles, and Atlanta airports for still allowing indoor smoking despite the proven health hazards of secondhand smoke to workers and passengers.

Thumbs Up to Solano County, California. Public health officials are celebrating that residents and visitors enjoy access to 115 smoke-free parks and 19 smokefree apartment complexes. [Ed. note: we hope for more smokefree apartments!]

Thumbs Up for the 10 year anniversary of the statewide smokefree laws in Maryland, Illinois, and Colorado. These public health successes protect the health of residents and workers every day in restaurants, bars, and casinos.