Women are the gatekeepers and guardians of their communities. Now more than ever, women have the power to create positive change to make their communities healthy and smokefree.

Things you can do:

Get involved! Participate in a smokefree campaign. Smokefree environments not only protect all workers from secondhand smoke on the job, but also make it easier for smokers to quit. Contact us to locate a smokefree coalition near you.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or favorite women’s sports and/or health magazine, or editor of your favorite blog or podcast expressing your support for smokefree environments. If cigarette advertisements appear in the periodical or blog/podcast, encourage it to cease running them.

Take to your favorite social media to promote the cause of smokefree air! Let your friends and social circles know that secondhand smoke exposure is still a health threat for many women.

Vote! Elect candidates to public office who are supportive of smokefree air and have a history of supporting women’s health issues. Also, if a smokefree initiative is on the ballot, assist in signature gathering and help get out the vote.

Help us spread the word about smokefree air!  Donate to the ANR Foundation to support our educational efforts!